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    Mrs. Hinch aka Sophie Rose Hinchliffe, aged 34, (16 February 1990) is a saleswoman who had a successful sales career in Romford London. She started an Instagram account, sought out and then signed to the biggest social media influencer agency in Europe to put her in contact with brands and earn tens of thousands per post. She is now worth an estimated £ 2.5 million.
    Sophie is married to Jamie (James) Hinchliffe, aged 45, (28 October 1978) (but looks 31 according to his blind fans) they met when they both worked in sales at a recruitment company in central Romford London.
    The Hinchliffe's lavish marriage took place at Gosfield Hall on 17 August 2018.
    Later on, in Dec 2018 they had a 10-day honeymoon at the Kuramathi resort in the Maldives, travelling business class with her Minky & a bottle of Zoflora. (just to do an ££ad)
    Prior to all this, in July 2017, they had an engagement moon holiday at a luxury resort in the Seychelles.
    Their son Ronnie James George Hinchliffe was born on 20 June 2019.
    Their son Lennie Alan James Hinchliffe was born on 22 May 2021.
    They both believe that Ronnie and Lennie rhyme and in fact, Jamie is indeed short for James.
    However, the 1st born member of the big uns is the pooch Henry Hinchliffe, aged 8 (01 June 2015) but looks and probably feels 12, he is so spoilt he has his own bedroom and IG page which proudly boasts an impressive 268k followers.

    They live in Maldon, Essex. Their previous home was a 4-bedroom, 1 en-suite, 1 family bath, 1 cloakroom, detached house.
    In Oct 2021 they purchased a 5-bedroom, 3 en-suite, 1 family bath, 2 cloakrooms, detached property with a 1.7 acre garden that she dubbed ''Hinch Farm.''
    After ripping out perfectly decent fixtures they moved in 9 or so months later.


    • We are not dismissive of the children or the dog, we want nothing but the best for them.
    • We are not dismissive of true mental health struggles, only the lies.
    Read threads 500 & 600 and this wiki for the real Mrs Hinch.

    Also, the media section has a huge selection of pictures showing her true face etc. It's above in the top bar (or click here)

    Sophie and Stacey not talking.
    At this moment in time, Soph and her best bud appear not to be communicating that frequently on each other posts.
    No one is sure if this is intended or accidental. No one is sure if they are indeed friends at all.
    This is mentioned in every single thread, so here it is.
    We don't know and don't care.

    Is she Pregnant?
    This is also mentioned in every thread.
    How do we know and again we don't care.

    How it all really started - Soph took another Instagrammer's idea and ran with it - Minky.
    She initially created a few different IG pages to gain followers, make-up, hair-dressing, etc but the one that won was the cleaning page.

    It has been noted that she posts a pic/video of the children/Henry/Alpacas when she has 1, inadvertently caused a fuss or 2, when she wants to post an #ad.
    She also posts troll pics/videos when she wants the sympathy of her ''huns'' which is normally when she has either caught up on Tattle or after 1 or 2.

    Not moderating but just stating that you can still watch her stories if you unfollow her.

    Her sister and niece live in the old house.

    She is signed with the agency YMU.
    A statement in a national paper about them “Honesty and integrity are core values for YMU’s whole business, defining everything we do.

    To make an ASA complaint - Go to
    On the top row, press the Make a Complaint tab. Press continue. Fill in the steps.
    You will need:
    Information about the ad, including where and when you saw it.
    If possible, a photo, video or screenshot of the ad.
    If the content you are complaining about is time-limited e.g. Instagram Stories, if possible, please provide us with a recording – e.g. a screen recording using a smartphone – that captures the content in full, including any audio.
    Some guidelines.

    She announced to the world that she was Autistic at the same time as Ronnie. So to not give her the attention as it makes it all about her and not Ronnie.
    @Danielle0120 spotted a typo on a reel.
    Guess who's acoustic They meant autistic. So from this day forward, Sophie shall be ✨️✨️ acoustic ✨️✨️ xoxoxoxox

    Notable moments

    Voice Notes Thread 151 post 244.
    May 1 2020 she left a fan some voice notes but it was later speculated it was a set up by a fakester.

    Ron when he was small - We were not concerned that Ron chose to wear a bib. Sophie thinks we were though.

    AWOL - Her last post (Kawasaki Disease) was on April 24th 2024, she has thus not posted since then. However, she is still online liking and unfollowing accounts. Deleted a lot of grid posts a few days prior though.
    08/05/24 - Posted to say that her dad - Alan - had passed away in his sleep on 25/04/24. RIP. Thread 696 was locked as per the rules.

    Jamie and work - Q&A time. Qs about more babies, Ronnie starting school etc, 1 Q was about Jamie and work.
    She didn't answer the Q directly, appeared teary and defensive and then turned it into why shouldn't men help out in this day & age, but admitted he looks after the children and her, as well as her mother and sister helping out.
    She could not do this job without Jamie. She's a needy wife.

    Delusional - J-dawg was involved in a charity football match with other nobodies. The only information about the event was given out via Jamie's page. A Tattler posted a question sent to her asking why she had not shared this as well and the reply ''I was there with him, I couldn't share too much as it may have been overcrowded for the smaller club to take more people in'', She's cray cray.

    Sophie 6 toes - it was noticed by a tattler on a fan tag post that she may have 6 toes.

    New book - a fan-based FB page descended into chaos on 04/01/23 all thanks to Freda Fiddle Fingers aka her mum. A comment was posted that her new book was overpriced at £12.99 and then someone else posted another comment so Freda defended her with a rather curt response. A few confused replies followed. She asked a poster if they were leaving the group due to having no interest in Sofa. Posted back to someone that they had been eating shite. another about piles. A direct message was sent saying ''hope someone insults your child, get well'' which later on was swiftly deleted.
    It appeared no one was sure what this bat-crazy loon was barking on about until Freda pointed out she was Sofas minder mum. Posts later she said it was only done in defence and then she started deleting posts.
    05/01/23. The entire FB page has now been deleted and for some reason, delusional Fiddles, bless her 'art also changed her profile picture, maybe in the hope no one knows it's her! She then changed her name to just Freda Barker.
    It was then noticed that Freda has 2 FB accounts with the same profile picture on them. @Little Miss Annie stated that there is a reason behind this, it can be claimed a faker has 1 of them and they were the one posting.
    Book Signings - 3 dates in Feb for the signings. Lakeside, Manchester and Glasgow. No selfies and only 1 picture allowed, which is taken by the staff. You have to buy the book to get to see her.

    CenterParcs 27/03/23 - After a day or 2 away with no posting from her at all (or her tag mate J-dog) she was finally found from a fan tag. She was spotted in CP again (went there at the start of the New Year and she also went to Switzerland for her birthday skiing). They returned on 28/03 and she posted a few pictures stating ''I really needed to get up and get away''. Paid for, she insisted to a poster. One pic of them showed a blurred-out Fiddle in the background, as usual, the niece was there.
    Later she started upping her engagement by answering nearly every one of the posts including one from a bot. One poster said you couldn't book the activities that quickly, so Sofa responded to this and her rabid huns, like normal, piled on.
    31/03/23 - After a few more days off she posted late on a woe-is-me message, which was plagiarised as normal. Discussions onTattle as to what is happening with her.
    Dad is in hospital.
    - She posted a picture of a bottle of M&S apple juice in what looked like a hospital room, Discussions of who was in the hospital and the need to share this as it might be her dad. Then a pic of Lennie feeding the alpacas, a pic of her buying watches for the boys and a video of Lennie falling asleep in his car chair. The quote was plagiarised again.
    02/04/23 - Posted a pic of a pancake which was deemed to be from The Pancake House at CP and with her saying eat what you like.
    03/04/23 - Came on to ''blether'' about things, she explained that her dad was indeed in hospital, and her nan was too after a fall. She also to the indignation of tattle announced they were having an assessment involving Ronnie. Then she went on for a few more minutes about her ''job'','' career'', and the new furs animals arriving.
    - Her last post was on Wed the 7th, with Thursday off as usual. Then on Sat the 10th she was (maybe) spotted at Jamie's friend Alex’s wedding, (maybe) using an assumed name as hers was nowhere to be seen. Jamie was on the top table and she was a bridesmaid (maybe) but apparently, they left at 9 pm. On Sunday the 11th she picked up another rescue hen.
    Ron is in hospital.
    Late evening, she posted that Ron was in the hospital. The post headed ‘'so sorry for the radio silence over the last week’' suggested this was the reason why she had been MIA.
    It has been reported in the press about Ron being in the hospital.
    So she likes to use her family’s illness to gain sympathy and engagement, but moans about her privacy.
    13/06/23 - Posted a picture of Ronnie attached to a drip. No dignity for the poor lad while he is obviously ill.
    14/06/23 - Posted a quote ''during the worst time of your life you see the true colours'' then deleted it.
    18/06/23 - Father's Day. No posts apart from Jamie showing off a card and wanting ''his big boy home''. All from the hospital room it appears.
    Kawasaki Disease.
    - Posted. It appears Ron has had Kawasaki Disease. Even his heart scan is mentioned in the comments for attention. But she has never felt fear like it so she screams into a blanket in the toilet. But it's good as it's all about her.
    20/06/23 - Posted a video of Ron with his hastily bought thoughtfully picked Colin cake.
    21/06/23 - Posted a 15-sec story video by Societi_uk_kd.
    22/06/23 - An ''all about me'' post, fear not she will be doing a Q&A to talk about herself KD. Jamie took over the tag team posting - Ron on another ride on toy.
    Back to normal, posting the animals. children and ads.
    - It has been mentioned on Tattle that she hasn't acknowledged Jamie's role during Ron's illness. Well, she was spotted in Ipswich later that night at a 90s night and then boom, a post about Jamie being her rock. She'd been to a hen night (Tanya?), but only after cancelling it though and then she danced her worries away. During the day they went strawberry picking and she made some cheese string/wrap thingie.
    25/06/23 - Posted showing off an £86 Hello Petal kit. Then showed off the new featherless chicken she got on the 11th, called Pringle. Was spotted in the wild yesterday at the hen do, so she posted up a pic of her dressed as Spice Girl Mel B. She forgot to edit out her real foot on the picture when changing her feet size though. oops
    09/07/23 - Tanya’s wedding.
    10/07/23 - On the 3 weeks anniversary of Ron leaving the hospital she posted a picture of Ron in the bed and her asleep. This went down like a lead balloon on Tattle.
    - Facebook page MHMMDI (Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It) is talking about changing the name as she is no longer relevant to the page. She no longer cleaning or doing hacks, 88% voted to change the name. Still talking about it days later.
    July Holiday.
    - Went on holiday - is this a pre-record? Tried to get even more engagement by posting about Ronnie's heart scan, he is now in the clear. Left the likes up though.
    17/07/23 - Gaynor posted that the boys were like hell on the plane. Later on posted a reply to said story about the flight, she was mum shamed and this got her into the Daily Mail. Found a Lidl, posted about the cleaning aisle and met some huns - same as last year.
    31/07/23 - During a Q&A she admitted her mum was there but flew her 15-year-old niece out the 2nd week.
    - Sophie spends a whopping £1,030,00 on a new 'Rapunzel' style 24" weave, which, she claims wasn't gifted.
    04/08/23 - Alluding to her followers that she has traits like Ronnie, maybe ND, but she hasn't confirmed it.
    Day to day.
    - Her mum helped her wash, the old-fashioned way, a dirty outside light pendant. Her mum was still there when she made her nacho crap thing. Posted her own inspirational quote that was plagiarised. Then deleted it as per usual.
    28/08/23 - Bought an apple tray/fruit barskett from Amazzonn. Shark b/h code for the £££s. Went out to a pub. Took her outdoor washing in, Amazzoon airer, what a shock. Showed the world Jamie's underwear. What are these? Bragged about her expensive leggings.
    29/08/23 - Went to HB with her mother, videoing herself driving while talking. New laundry scent to promote there. Ran up and down the aisle like a loon and went on the tannoy. Got a haul.
    30/08/23 - Shark ad again. Dia bit of dry dusting. 2 ads to earn her money from. A new laundry scent and a POPSA ad.
    31/08/23 - HB haul of tat, bragging about her 2 downstairs loos. Late night cleaning to YouTube again.
    01/09/23 - Day off.
    02/09/23 - Nothing posted apart from some gofundme pages for sick children. AND apparently, the children are getting private swimming lessons. Posted on someone else page.
    03/09/23 - Day off again. but then posted a goodnight post about Ron starting school on Wed and she was a mess already. However, the truth presumably is that Ron is attending the local ''village'' private primary school costing her £££s in fees per term, that's likely why she's in a mess.
    04/09/23 - Day off.
    05/09/23 - Back with the same old crap, camels, chickens and the children. Popsa again. Toms picked, yeah ok. Her Hinch jar was found so she cleaned the dishwasher. A tour of her front porch and garden fake flowers and all, Jamie being chased by the children - just for the gram.
    06/09/23 - Took the 2nd born to school and posted a sad-arsed filtered pic of her being glum, sat in the passenger seat, asking ''is it 3 pm yet''. A story later on with her filming in Lon's room, being smutty about a toadstool.
    11/10/23 - 8.33 am, snogged the dog on the bedroom floor. Gigi Hadid plagiarised quote at 5 pm.
    then AWOL.
    16/10/23 - Henry howling on the sofa., In HB with her cleaning products pratting about with the workers.
    17/10/23 - Couple clean with J-dawg.
    18/10/23 - Tried to get a discount code for her huns from Dryrobe.
    19/10/23 - Thursday off.
    20/10/23 - Freshun up Friday with J-dawg again.
    21/10/23 - 4 am woe is me post and then nothing all day.
    22/10/23 - Was in the Lake District but she wasn't really, as it was a pre-record from the 13th.
    23/10/23 - Morning moan then cleaning. Outside with the chucks in her Dryrobe coat. Halloween craft tat with the twins.
    24/10/23 - HB haul. Henry dressed as a ghost.
    25/10/23 - Another moan post. Rest of the day off.
    26/10/23 - Thursday off.
    27/10/23 - Cooking burning pastry sausages. putting icing on biscuits.
    28/10/23 - Pics of Soph on J-dawgs birthday. then nothing.
    29/10/23 - Nothing.

    She is constantly saying they are toddlers. Ron is 4.
    Also dresses them in the same clothing as if they are twins.

    Plagiarism again - 11/10/23 - Posted about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Most of Tattle were shocked that she had mentioned the conflict, some were sceptical that she even wrote it and indeed it turned out some of the words were taken from a Gigi Hadid statement.

    ASA - has had rulings issued on 2 occasions for flouting the rules about prominent advertising on Instagram. Numerous newspaper outlets have posted about this (the links are archived so you don't give the paper the click)
    15/03/2023 - Mirror article. The ASA rulings. 1st - Using Tesco homeware and meals. 2nd - Using her notebook.
    06/06/2019 - BBC article. Not labelling P&G products.
    Copies for the ASA webpage.

    BBQ scandal - Covidiot.
    28/04/2020 Breaking lockdown rules by having a family BBQ - reported in The Sun newspaper, she has never denied/confirmed it.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the article.

    Home account - To her loyal fans she is now a home account, she has changed direction from being a cleaning account, (not that she has cleaned anything in the last few months), which made her millions and is now doing up her mansion. Shrewd woman.

    Molly Mae - 24/01 Sophie posted a 'stunning' comment on a MM post. 3 days later someone followed it with a comment about one of her Tesco candles costing £34, then a day later MH responded to this comment, wishing her a Happy New Year n all that, which was deleted a day or two later. The OG poster then keep going, this enraged MH's army and it rapidly turned vile, e.g the army was saying they were going to report her to social services, calling her autistic. and again. It is still there giving MM engagement and is currently at 704 replies.

    120 secs - Saturday she showed off Henry’s washroom. Tattle commented that Henry looked huge and was rather concerned about the health of the poor dog.
    Sunday 01/05/22 she was spotted out in the wild at an antique fair (car boot) with Lennie. Mum and Abie, no Ronnie or Jamie. Then late on Sunday evening, she posted the footage – until she read here that she’d been spotted was she going to? Also, she inserted Ronnie at a ball pool; apparently, there wasn’t one at the fair, it looked like it was at a place called Monkey Puzzle in Maldon.
    Then she left a quote about the fact she only posts 120 secs snippets of her life. Adding that during the other secs of the day that aren't seen, those that post on IG may also have additional issues i.e mental health problems etc so unfollow if you can't be kind.
    She mentions anxiety, mental health etc. because then it looks like Tattle are really trolling HER.
    16/05/22 - Whined again over her 120 sec day.
    05/04/23 - It's now 5 minutes a day everyone sees.

    IACGMOOH - During an Ant and Dec live IG post people were suggesting future contestants, a deluded hun must have mentioned her name so Hinch then proceeded to leave desperate cringy messages. ''If they'll have me but I can't eat Alpaca. Can I be the camp cleaner?'' Again sprouting ''I'll happily clean the dunny but I can't eat Alpaca. I can't believe they said my name. I can't cope I'm shaking. (Ant's stepdaughter Daisy responded to that with ''maybe seek medical help). Can I bring in some Zoflora?'' Later on, Rita came on girl fanning about the encounter and swore. Was wine involved, as it was rather late?

    32nd birthday - At this moment in time energy, food & petrol prices have skyrocketed. People are having to choose between heating or eating,
    So what did Soph and Jamie do, they trot off to London to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre. and then they proceed to stay at The Pan Pacific Hotel costing £5225 a night. Posted a pic stating she didn't realise it had its own private lobby, however, she also failed to mention it had a private butler. Took only black clothing and dirty trainers.
    Relatable as always. She did a dirty delete mins later.

    33rd birthday - They flew to Switzerland (without the children) on Monday 20/02/23. Stated she will update the fannies when she returns but over the next few days J-dawg spent all his waking moments filming her & only her and uploading it to the gram. Rita made an appearance at a posh restaurant, spitting at Jamie across the table. There was no evidence of any skiing done at all unless she has indeed done some and this will be storied when they return.

    25/01/23 - Went to see Dirty Dancing again, with her cling-on niece, sister and Get Well Mad Ma. Didn't let on that it was a PR event as numerous other c*nts were going.

    Alton Towers for Lonnies 1st birthday - the weekend of 21/05/22 a minibus was hired to go somewhere. Tattle rightly guessed days before that it was CBeebies at AT. She was spotted in the wild with Fiddles & clingon the babysitters and later on, the kids were also spotted having tantrums. A montage was posted that night. Sunday out and about with more tagged sheep pics & Inch filmed Len in the swimming pool, which is apparently against the rules. CoolMom spilt some lukewarm tea i.e the room was booked under a pseudonym. That night - after reading Tattle - she had to get in a pity post all about her having to deal with screaming children all alone.

    Ask my bank - during the new kitchen & hole in the wall debacle, Tattle was discussing what was free/#gifted etc, she then went on a Gretal rant saying 'ask my builder, ask my bank, ask anyone, I paid for the lot' Then said: “I could have had a full new kitchen gifted but I didn’t”.

    Barg - Will happily wear and do a swipe up for eBay dresses, she has been seen and pictured in designer goods but claims to “love a barg” - yes, loves a 'barg', to make money from her army who provide her with her goods. Most recently wore a £187 dress for Ronnie 1st birthday, while he wore a Peter Rabbit waistcoat and old tight shorts.
    Liquid Talc - spent £14.95 on liquid talc for Ronnie but could have purchased some from her fav shop HB for 99p.

    Book - Sold a ‘Little Book of Lists’ aka £12 for a blank notebook.

    Charity - uses charities for her own gain she promotes them once and then that’s forgotten about. Example. Lied about donating to a donkey sanctuary.

    Coccyx – 18 March 2020. Fell down the stairs and hurt her coccyx, to top it off because she screamed Henry pooed on the floor. How tattle laughed. However, she was still gallivanting about a day later. It was a miracle.

    Cookies - She tempts people with a swipe up for something crappy, without letting anyone know that when you swipe up, a cookie is placed on your device which means for up to 30 days or so she gets a commission on *whatever* you buy from that site - even if you are not buying the thing you originally swiped up for (she’s not the only influencer to do this but she never puts ‘affiliated link’ on any of these sneaky little swipe ups).
    **** If you have clicked then remember to clear your cache. ****
    Affiliated link explanation.

    Costs - 30/10/2020 she had a moan on her personal IG account about an article published in The Sun newspaper that detailed her £35k+ house renovation costs, apparently this was all lies and why don't they ask her.

    Deflection - on 19/03/2021. Stacey Solomon & Joe Swash announced a house move to a beautiful cottage in the country with land, so the next morning Sophie had a rage and went on a jealous deflection aimed at tattle. A moaning pic was posted, then a Troll pic saying that she had randomly found it on her day off. Bear in mind she hasn't read here since 2019, so she had either been sent it or does indeed read Tattle. Anyway, the picture she posted was from March 5th and it had been altered to include the name, Mrs Grinch. No more activity during the day from her since that post, so it was speculated she wanted time out and be jealous of SS. Hinch group.

    Dishwasher tablet - 10 Jun 2020, she did a fake argument with Jamie to show whether or not to soak a burnt dish or just pop it in the dishwasher (it turned out to be an #ad as numerous other IG accounts were having the same scripted argument).
    Ahh, now that's why earlier in the evening she went to the trouble of cooking her speciality of burnt nachos and raw onions smothered in a whole bottle of chilli sauce. Recipe.
    Then nearly 2 years later she said you can soak the dish. Strange. see below.

    Tone-deaf millionaire - posted 5 tips because she likes them, 1 included saving £2 a day for Christmas, this tip went down like a lead balloon amongst the Tattlers. Another tip was soaking a pan with a dishwasher tablet (see above), and another was just using washing up liquid & water to clean your windows, Why? When she uses numerous products and gets paid to advertise them. - the post was deleted soon after.
    Pumpkins - 2022. Picked loads at a local farm, not sure if this was an #ad or not, Jamie insisted it wasn't, anyway she did a reel and popped them all at the front door. Over 100 it seemed. She's not doing it again next year unless bbf helps though.

    Emma mattress - On 29/07/22 Sophie posted that EmmaSleepUK had gifted her a mattress (possible an ad as well) and on the last pic she wrote that she was going to give Henry the expensive mattress for his bedroom. This went down like a lead balloon on here and within a short time, the post was deleted and replaced. Many Tattlers DMed Emma and got similar responses more or less saying that as a company they gifted to many causes but any feedback would be passed to the relevant department. However, on IG they eventually turned off the comments.
    Later in the evening deflection mode came out, aka as Jamie, he slyly (I bet with permission) posted her playing the recorder sitting on the sofa at house no1.
    She then at house no 2 seemingly jet-washed a bench which was photographed months earlier with the same mark.
    Then the day after she moved in she posted again about the dog's room. Dirty delete.

    Eversmart - was paid for advertising an energy company called Eversmart., she earned commission off of everyone that signed with them, and I'd suspect a heavy discount. Turns out the company was run by cowboys, went bust and as always were never mentioned again.

    Gifted - gifted products possible in exchange for an IG mention, Spacetidy's followers increased when they gifted her the understairs cupboard/drawers. "She's just trying to make a living" though guys. another spacetidy pic.

    Home Truths - A former tattle member called @TruthBeToldSophATB reported that she knows Sophie Hinchliffe, and therefore wrote a few facts about her and her family. Some of them are sensitive so they are not listed here. Posts can be viewed by searching the above name.
    (From Freda) Sophie's half-sister, 3 years older is called Samantha (she is married to Jamie and they have a daughter called Abie aka clingy niece).
    (From Alan) Has 2 other half-sisters, 3 and 6 years older, called Rachel & Sheryl. These 2 sisters and their children are never mentioned or acknowledged, either on IG or in heand r books.
    Jamie's parents are John & Lorraine, his sister is Annick.
    How they met.
    Numerous members have stated that yes, as per the book, she did indeed work for Jamie in Romford London, but what is not in the book is that he was in a long term relationship at this time, she was also dating and they had an office affair. She then left to go do hairdressing hair extensions. Was she forced out?

    Dec 2021 - The day @fannysjohnny teased us all with a picture of a bloke and a picture of Ronnie, Apparently Freda may have played away again and Sofa is not Al's - allegedly. Linky.

    Jugs - on 16/03/2021 the whole family visited a local garden centre to buy more tat things for the garden. She posted a video of Ronnie touching the breast of a woman statue, Jamie said 'Unbelievable' then 'why don't you go back for the other jug'. Ronnie is at the moment not even 2 so knows no better.

    JusRol foodbank run - After featuring queasy ready roll pastry creations on her stories almost daily, she received a large gift of pastry products from Jus-Rol. Hinch received some backlash about her excited reaction to this gift so she subsequently uploaded a ‘Blair Witch Project’ feel IG story of her throwing random food (mug shots and loose nappies) into a bag for life & the gifted cooler bag and frantically driving around Maldon trying to find a food bank at 7 pm.
    When questioned why during a pandemic they were gifting food to millionaires the company (JusRol) later admitted that on this occasion they'd ‘gifted too much’.
    Free pastry videos. Free pastry picture. Picture of the items she donated to the food bank. Where is the nearest foodbank? Shall I leave the bag? Found somewhere.

    Katie in Scotland - Dec 2021 - While she still had a broken toe she popped to see her super fan, a disabled girl living in Glasgow. A picture taken showed her with no right foot. pics
    The funniest part was her other superfan, who lives in Paisley (Cleaning with Mario) was getting excited as he anticipated a visit from her. A no-show from Hinch so he went into a rage. View his tattle page (thread 51 and 52) for a laugh. lol

    Laundry range - released a limited edition laundry detergent & conditioner called Rose Wonderland with P&G. At 1st it was exclusively sold in HB, who released it before she posted, then it was heavily discounted & flogged elsewhere. On 08/09/2020 (maybe) she secretly went (with Ma) to an HB store to stack some of the bottles on a shelf, posed and then placed signed stickers on some bottles for her Hinchers to find. This was during the pandemic and she was pregnant with CC2 (not yet revealed).
    Many Hinchers later reported that it stained their clothing or practically had no scent. Newspaper article.
    Sept 2022 - Released a new range of laundry products - numerous products in the scent of Frosted Eucalyptus. Many of the sheep were going crazy to buy loads of the stuff or waiting for payday to get hold of it.
    On SM some people have pointed out that Eucalyptus is toxic to animals and can cause seizures in epileptic people.
    March 2023 - The latest range is a home and fabric Spring collection called Country Garden. In the scent of pink Tulip and white Jasmine.
    Sept 2023 - Released Frosted Rose Wonderland. In the scent of Rose with white flowers. Same as her 1st collection but with a modern twist.

    Luxury - In May 2020 after tidying a portion of her wardrobe she received a message which said: “I think your wardrobe would have been much better than this if I am honest with you.”, after this DM she posted a rant saying “if you don’t like my wardrobe, stop looking at it." As per usual this got her into the papers.
    - She has always maintained she doesn't possess luxury clothing etc, but Tattle knows better as every now and again she is spotted with her expensive purchases i.e. Louis Vuitton trainers, LV handbag, LV belt, Chloe handbag and Celine sunglasses. but this isn't intended as she doesn't want her followers to see them.
    - In her memoir on 01/10/2020, she did describe the moment she purchased a Louis Vuitton bag, belt and purse, no dates were provided though.
    - On 23/11/2020 she finally showed the world THE LV handbag, the handles were being cleaned.
    - Wore LV trainers in the garden while on a visit to SS's mansion in April 2021.
    - Wore a Hermes scarf while flouncing around in the Alpaca shed. So relatable!

    Originality - Fails to credit sources. Soph has taken other Instagrammer's ideas and ran with them e.g Minky. Allegedly, Sophie stole her decor ideas off her sister-in-law Annick i.e. grey interior, hob on the stovetop etc. It appears also that her fans think she invented hacks, but they are as old as time. pic
    Children's names. It also appears that even her choice of the children's names is not original. One of her mates has 2 boys called Ronnie and Lennie.
    Copying - Lennie’s room, copied the space tidy wardrobes off Olivia Bowen

    Picking up poo - On Tuesday 13/07/21 Inch posted Ronnie picking up poo. They explained he likes to help but isn't allowed to pick up the real stuff, so they purchased him some fake poo so he can 'help' them pick it up and put it in his little bin, apparently it's just a game to him.
    On Friday Ronnie was again picking up his fake poo pieces for the gram. Jamie responded to someone's DM by stating it was only 'tend poo'. he knows the difference and will make a fantastic husband.
    And again on Sat, but this time Jamie thought it would be funny to throw it at Ronnie. What the hell.

    Pregnancy announcement 2 - On 24/12/2020 Soph went into a 'deep rest.' and returned 01/01/2021 (with her Pregnancy announcement). During this period she was supposedly hosting her own Christmas Day dinner.
    While on the zoom call she asked her parents a question. To name the 'celebrity' Essex couple that was expecting a baby? Her dad didn't have a clue. Lol

    Puppet - Tattle puppet! We take great amusement in saying, she’s not done x in a while, or where’s x item that she used to love? And lo and behold it will appear hours or days later. Tattle says jump, Soph says how high? She gets all her best content from us if that makes sense. But she hasn't read Tattle since 2019 so can't possibly gather content from here.

    Rita - Now she has Alpacas her alter ego is Rita, an alpaca filter. Has rants spitting at the screen, after showing the camels roaming around the kitchen again, trapped in as their usual route was blocked by the Christmas tree a follower posted that it was discussing and she was a cleaner, she claimed - as the alpaca - she wasn't disgusting or a cleaner. How true

    Selfcare - in her stories, she shows the numerous make-up and hygiene products that she uses i.e. Dove, Garnier, The Ordinary range etc, but more expensive products have been seen around the house i.e Jo Malone and Liz Earle etc.
    During the COVID19 lockdown, various influencers made self-care baskets for the local NHS staff/care-workers, however, one day she made herself one, during the story it was remarked on a few products had been taken out and not reviewed, notably expensive products.

    Selling - was gifted a dining table from Barker and Stonehouse and someone caught Freda trying to flog the table on Shpock. More recently an Instagram account spotted a seagrass dog she’d gifted to Sophie in 2018 (a gift which went unacknowledged) on display in Ma Barker's house. Selling site.

    Solomon-Swash wedding - It is not known at this time if Soph was a bridesmaid at the wedding of the century, but she made it appear that she was. The silly moo even tried to create attention by posting twice on the SS wedding pic comments and obviously had to make it all about her, 1 post was swiftly deleted afterwards though. Soph doesn't normally post on her Thursday cleaner day but had to up SS and thus posted a shite reel about a wonky bathroom ladder and a wedding pic pretending she didn't realise SS was posting.
    She has since posted a video of her at the wedding and she was indeed a bridesmaid. SSS has also posted pics of all the bridesmaids.
    Comments - A tattler @Rosie_and_Jim posted that her sister-in-law had made a comment under this post and that Soph had DMed her to be kind. When the S-i-l replied Soph told her to ''leave her alone'' even though it was she who initiated it.

    Shoppers - In his past stories Jamie has referred to her viewers as 'shoppers ', it is certainly possible that a lot of her fans suffer from mental health illnesses i.e. OCD or anxiety etc and this can relate to having financial problems, so to refer to them as 'shoppers' is very insulting, immature. and not funny at all. and again.

    Something brewing - 27 May 2020. Soph posted that she felt hurt & confused and that there were fake people about, previous threads had a mate spilling the tea and Tattle saying that she had plastic surgery done so it was assumed it was because of this. Jamie then went on a walk later that night and posted Sophie's kindness is mistaken for weakness blah blah. Never got to the source of their rants or what went down in the Hinch household.

    Trolls - on 26/03/2021 after a day of boring Q&A's she went out with a bang and posted a crying story about Tattle trolls that she had filmed earlier in the week, she didn't want to post it but did. However, it did show that she was filming in Henry's bed under the countertop.

    Wales - Went to South Wales with Stacey Solomon to film a BBC show called Sort Your Life Out. She was worried about the trip, with no mention of leaving her 2 small children. Went to film, came home for the night then pissed off again. Later she posted a few videos of her actually cleaning and messing around with SSS. One video was very memorable as the cow ate her hair.

    Unsafe - Using cleaning products in an unsafe way, and not addressing when she changes her practices. E.g. Lenor on the soft furnishings (takes away their fire-retardant properties) and diluted Zoflora on everything (flammable). She doesn’t do this anymore but has never told her hinchers not to (from the Hinch groups on Facebook it’s clear they still do it- and burn Zoflora in their wax melters).
    Mixing chemicals - The day after a woman sadly died by mixing cleaning products, Hinch uploaded a video of her cleaning and the track was ' How do I breathe'. Called out by another Instagrammer.
    Another newspaper report about the dangers of mixing chemicals.

    Tea - Tattle member @Little Miss Annie decided to - allegedly - spill some tea.
    A lot of what Tattle has been saying was confirmed. Friendship with Solomon. Lots here inc DEFRA have called. Bots and her feet.

    Some of the above links have been deleted but some comments are there still.
    Definitely not but now you mention Solomon, let’s just say it’s not the bestie's image they portray on Insta in real life 😂 Keeping up appearances for the money!
    Yes, Sam has her old house. I’m sure that’s no surprise 😂
    I can also confirm the following (didn’t want to over-post earlier so held off saying about it but f**k it! People need to know facts).
    • DEFRA have visited the faux farm and they are monitoring her. • Newspapers are paid to avoid negative stories.
    • She has a gardener and someone who takes care of the alpacas. • She does have a burner phone. • She is not a size 5. • She does drink alcohol.
    • She did not write that book. • Her account has been red-flagged by Instagram, ASA and another company which unfortunately I can’t name.
    • She did not design any of her Tesco range. Like the book, she gave keywords, ticked boxes and just authorised the products.
    • She had her old house valued just before she moved. • She did not have privacy or any safety issues when living at her old house.
    • She regularly parks in disabled bays. • She has begged for freebies from a lot of companies and then proceeded to block them when they say no to her.
    Some of those I’m sure you already know but I’ve seen the proof and you guys are bang on about it. She's a bigger fraud than anyone realises.

    Deceptions/lies, Dramas and Criticisms


    2019 - She hasn’t been on here since 2019 but occasionally when trying for engagement shows troll messages that are obviously from Tattle or sent from herself or her mother as they have no IG account attached.

    Name - Sophie does not have a middle name, she added Rose in her teens.

    Hinch Farm - When she announced on New Year's Day that they were moving the video did state that they had already purchased the property, but the date was not forthcoming. When it was discussed here that the dates didn't tally and because she had received a bit of backlash on MHMMDI & in the papers she started showing videos/pictures of the rooms/grounds etc, some with and some without the date she'd recorded them. In her posts, she is still asking for opinions on the choice of colours for the house etc but it seems due to the timelines we suspect they have already been done.
    The completion was 26 October 2021

    Jamie's delete
    - 08/04/2022 deleted a picture of Lennie in the pram. Why?

    Anxiety - Has awful anxiety and mental health problems so to speak, but will also divulge personal information about her whereabouts, partake in TV & radio interviews and will go along to photoshoots.
    Meeting fans, she doesn't look or sound anxious. Picture. Photoshoot. Many faces. Hen do. More hen do. Party time.

    ASA - Has got into trouble numerous times with the ASA regarding undisclosed ads. She is the worst for not labelling stuff as gifted etc or writing it really small in her stories/in white on a light background. She isn’t clear about her earnings on eBay swipe-ups and affiliate links. Basically, she’ll do anything to avoid disclosing properly. We got to £40,000 of gifted items and gave up counting.
    04/04/2022, it seems she received a letter from ASA after Tattle complained to them about ads dated 7 Jan, 27 Jan, 27 Jan and 1 Feb, the email is confidential so only parts were posted here. (See page 2 as well on trolls).
    ASA - 15/03/2023. Numerous complaints were sent and emails received from ASA relating to her own notebook and Tesco homeware. Appeared in the papers.
    Bits picked out re her Tesco contract

    Astroturf - BBF SS had astroturf in her old house, it was discussed here that Hinch would want some as their grass was disgusting. She was trying desperately not to video/pic the garden, Even going as far as to ask for advice on looking after the grass as Henry messed it up and stated the doors were filthy, but clearly, she had filtered them. @HinchesSousChef was adamant she was hiding the astroturf installation. It was eventually revealed. She even bought some for her parent's garden. How generous of her.
    2024 - She showed off a small portion of the back garden that she has fenced off and astroturfed for the boys.

    Audi - Spent Jamie’s birthday in an Audi dealership but claimed not to have bought anything. Posted a picture on her personal private Instagram of the house at Christmas with Range Rover and new Audi in the drive, but this went private when called out about it on here.

    Bibs - In Dec 2019 she washed one of Ron's baby bibs then showed the result. She failed to mention that it was a completely different bib. She then went on to blame Jamie for her deception.

    Bots - Buys followers by the bucketload! Gets a steady few thousand a day, even when completely inactive!
    Bum stretcher& cumslut, among others, were our particular favourites. Sadly these 2 great followers have now been deleted and undoubtedly been blocked from viewing her.
    examples. examples. examples. some very obvious ones,

    Brad the kitchen fitter. He has designed the kitchen and utility for the new house under his own IG, fitting kitchens for only z listers it seems, bradleyreevesdesign, she claims she met him randomly last year in a shop (he worked for Howdens then). However, he fitted the old kitchen in Feb 2020 - making that 2 years.

    Broken toe - Dec 3 2021 - In the night snapped her little toe in half, ended up in A&E and was administered Oramorph (some Tattlers stated that this was bolloxs)
    The next day she went to Virgin Radio to do an interview with Chris Evans wearing 1 shoe and a slipper. Then, even though she had hardly slept, she and her bodyguard Inch popped out to Borough Market to reminisce about working in London (btw they didn't it was Romford). Then flew to Scotland to see Katie. pics see thread 465 for more.

    Delusional followers. Apart from the many many bots she has, she also has many many sad f*ckers for followers, that claim to love her and love her children as their own. They obviously go on the defensive if they spot a troll or she sets them loose and presumably they would set themselves on fire if she asked. Creepy.

    Dresses - states she doesn't wear dresses during summer due to her blood disorder that gives her bruises, well previous posts in summer and google beg to differ.

    Fish - RIP fiscch, it seems she has disposed of them. Confirmed on 14/04/2021 that they are now living with fish people as they are dog people.

    GHD Lies - Can't remember her own lies. Stated that at age 13 she had to go to a friend's house to straighten her hair, Then when gifted a pair of GHD's she stated her parents gave her a pair aged 13. Which is it Soph?

    Hairdresser - Is Mrs Hinch a former hairdresser as she is always bleating on about it, either in her 'books or in her stories? At Tattle we think she is not, as her LinkedIn bio suggests otherwise (hunted down by @SunshineRae). Sophie has in fact only ever managed to complete an extensions course and only then cut the hair of an odd mate/family member from the spare room/makeup/hair room. During the 1st lockdown of 2020, she cut Jamie's hair so badly it was ridiculed in The Sun. hairbysophierose.

    Hens - she is getting 3 ex-battery chickens and the coop is being installed. The site giving the hens states that the coop has to be installed and photographic evidence provided before getting the hens but a tattle poster said she already has them. Is this info from the poster to be trusted? All to start with a P. The hens have arrived. Pam, Pat and Peg.
    24/09/23 - Got 4 more hens, she is to call them after the Spice Girls.

    Holiday - Sept 2020. Went on a 3rd summer holiday in the U.K. posting only photos of herself, Jamie, Ronnie and the dog and appearing to say goodbye to Ma Baker in Essex. Whilst on holiday she was seen by Hinchers with her mother and neice in tow who left a comment on a grid post about it. On return from holiday, Ma Barker left a grid post comment that the holiday was lovely. Hinch deleted all trace of these comments (including Ma's) re the family joining her on holiday but eventually admitted she had arranged for her parents to stay nearby. The holiday rental was a 9-bed country house in Winborne, Dorset, that sleeps 20 people, complete with a swimming pool & hot tub, the weekly price ranging from £2950 - £5250. Picking apples. Henry had his own bed still.

    Home range - 12/04/2021 she finally showed off her Tesco homeware range. She stated that she delayed talking about the release as the time wasn't right due to Covid and the wait was for the shops to open up.
    But before the release, she'd already gifted many 'Instagrammers' the products so they could talk about them, and her Hinchers were also posting pics of their hauls.
    However from 27/01/2021 while talking about the homeware was out of bounds, she was shrewdly posing them around the house, albeit with no # ads. Reported to ASA.
    Most of the homeware range are copies of what she already bought from eBay or copies of other brands, but with her Hinch brand on them e.g. collapsable drawer caddies and no-slip reed defusers and a lot pricier.
    Since the launch, a lot of 'not so good' reviews have been left on Tesco's page.
    Newspaper article. Jan date. Not so good reviews.
    2022 - Another launch of her Tesco range which consisted of garden furniture, accessories etc, these were rather expensive to purchase and the followers only got them when they were reduced to clear.
    Bragging - In 2022 when the UK is in the midst of a cost of living crisis she decided to start bragging about her gifted items and unnecessary renovations for her large house.

    Iconic make-up range - she is known for using filters on her stories, but since 2022 a new law has been implemented banning the use of filters while promoting skincare products or cosmetics. On 26 March 2022 she posted an ad for Iconic blatantly using a filter. It was noticed during the application of the make-up and also that the filter made her neck grow. Posters were angry by this, so complaints were made to both Iconic & ASA. Iconic insisted that no filter was used as it’s not named on her story. A previous time using a filter on Iconic products.
    04 April 2022 it was noticed that Iconic were no longer following Sophie on IG.

    Doesn't eat Meat - 07/06/23 - After Pam, the hen died she stated she doesn't eat meat and hasn't for 7 months. Tattle provided plenty of proof. Namely, all the things to has attempted to ''cook.''
    Meat again - Nov 2023. She still isn't eating meat.
    Rarely eats eggs - In an Asda mag interview she stated '''now that I have rescue hens I don't tend to eat eggs''.

    Nails - her timelines are often off, as in her videos/pictures which show her nails have changed. Either different ones (stick-on or acrylics) or none at all. Sometimes it happens on the same day and sometimes within a few days.

    P&G new packaging - stated that she helped design the cardboard packaging for the Fairy pods. No, she didn't it seems. She also edited the post to hide the eco-packaging line.

    Pergola - Asked the fan/bots for their opinion for the end shape of the pergola rafters, An eagle-eyed tattle spotted they were already up.

    Poundland - On 06/04/2022 posted a haul, during the story Tattle commented that she seemed surprised by the contents, even though she had purchased it. On the PL webpage, it was noted that the same goods were on as 'Mrs Hinch’s favourites'. PL was contacted and they said she had purchased the items.
    It appears odd that as her name of 'Mrs Hinch' is trademarked Sophie will be aware of anybody using it. To top it off as if it wasn't an AD Jamie posted the haul as well.
    Numerous other Instagrammers had received Poundland PR gift parcels so why not state these were gifts/PR?
    ASA was informed.

    Pre-records - Pre-records videos and reuses a lot of her content. She’s not a superwoman after all. She actually does very little cleaning.
    Soup or Porridge picture. Cleaning the bedroom. Recycling videos. Same grid pic but different dates. Baby nursery video reuse. biccies
    Niece singing Christmas songs to Ronnie on 30 March 2022. Umm ok.
    Building the orangery - Soph sat on a digger on 3 April 2022 digging the Orangery foundations, then on 8 April 2022 Ronnie and the WWs were miraculously able to run across it.
    The Range - 20/04/22 posted a video of her shopping in The Range supposedly just with Ronnie, she showed some tat and then sniffed the new Daffodil & Vanilla scent stating her mum will luvv ittt.
    However, a few days previous on 14/04/22 a tattler saw her out in the wild with the children & Jamie, she was wearing the same top & sporting the same haystack hairstyle. Also, the front store sign showed they were still selling Easter products (Easter Sunday was on 17/04/22)
    So obviously a pre-record and not alone.
    Day out at the Promenade Park 07/06/21 - Filmed cleaning and packing the car to go out for the day. Posted later on what she had done during the day. It was then proven that this was a pre-record as she had gone to The Prom steam fair which was there at the weekend, so she cried troll.

    Renovation - Mysterious home renovations that have very confusing timelines. Aka the kitchen drive-thru window revamp which she claimed to have an idea about, find a builder, design the kitchen and have it built (whilst on holiday in DLP) within about a week.
    The same happened not too long ago re her garden renovations - posted a story about her ideas Friday morning, her landscapers messed up and posted a picture of the finished job on IG on Saturday morning, so then she had to do a rush job on the reveal - forced her to admit the work had actually started the day before she ‘had an idea’ - ignoring the fact that lots of building materials are hard to get hold of at the moment.

    Teeth - on her Hits radio interview on 09/10/2020 @9.20, one of the presenters asked a question regarding her white teeth, Hinch stated it was because ''I don't drink coffee or red wine, I don't have then whitened or anything, or maybe it's the light''. Well, she has had them straightened and whitened.


    Crimpit - Sophie got a new gadget & storied her making a toastie, the company then said due to her 'cooking' with it their website had crashed as the sheep were trying to buy it. Hinch effect.
    However, Tattle pointed out that she only started following this company a few days earlier. posters also stated that another IGer called just_a_day_of_kay had posted a story using this gadget and a lot of her followers had purchased it, but she wasn't given any recognition only Sophie. When her fans posted this on the IG page she was blocked.
    Later on, the Crimpit company still used another of Kay's recipes on their page but removed the comments. Today she storied throwing away the Crimpit and using a normal toastie machine lol

    Dangerous - July 2020, she placed under her loo room sink a wooden shoe rack that held, among other things, a wax melter and toilet rolls. The post was deleted soon after.

    Doll's house - Purchased a doll's house from Facebook to clean up and give to Ronnie for Christmas. Proceeded to add small furniture and Sylvanian families. This sent Tattle into overdrive so a few reported her as these items shouldn't be given to under 4's. Some Tattlers received a response from the company stating that they were to contact her. The doll's house wasn't seen to be given to Ronnie at Christmas either, as they had buggered off to Northumberland for the Holidays.
    It was mentioned that there were a few houses for sale in the area that were similar to the dolls house, so it was speculated that maybe it was to be used as the reveal for the new house on either Christmas Day or New Years Day, just like her pregnancy reveal last year.

    Dr H. On 21/04/2021 Soph posted a grid rant (mostly copied from an article by psychologist Dr Rebecca Hershberg @littlehousecalls) complaining that people were comparing Ronnie with other children and sending her passive-aggressive messages about him being/or not being on her stories, his hair length, speaking and counting ability. She did reply to a Hincher, proclaiming that Ronnie was an only child and that as he's had no interaction during the lockdown, then this was a factor. Then as usual received a few questionable arse lick comments from some of her adoring fans. It was surmised she did this due to SS revealing her ITS collection on IG that caters for all sizes of women.
    On 22/04/2020, the author, Dr H, asked in the comments section that she would like to be credited. On 23/04/2020 she still hadn't credited Dr H adequately, but instead directed fans to go check out her article.
    Dr Hershberg then posted a video on her IG page about the fiasco.
    Direction pic to grid post. Rant. Why. Quality followers. SS ITS range. Plagiarism. Original. Called out. Newspaper boohoo. Authors IG page. There's more. Go check. Dr H video.
    Stealing quotes again from S.C Lourie.
    Again from Bianca Sparacino, rainbowsalt on IG.
    Again by an unknown author going around IG & Facebook, but similar to an Anne Lamott quote.
    Again by Tiffany Moule.
    Again on a couple of pictures.
    Quote. Pic.
    Actor/writer Noel Clarke off Twitter.
    Again, unknown.
    Paul O'Grady death. Used his husband's tribute.
    Again, words are taken from a statement on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
    Gigi Hadid

    Come on Eileen - Saturday - Hinch posted a pic of Ronnie with a message about his struggles etc. It was noted that the original quote was from Eileen Lamb @theautismcafe in the US who is is a published author and has an autistic child. She was notified about the quote so posted asking Hinch to give credit, this wasn't forecoming until a bitchy response on Sunday stating she had received the words from a friend, but this was then deleted. Eileen was forewarned that her Army would descend on her but she wasn't bothered and was stubborn enough and would indeed send her a cease and desist letter.
    Monday - Hinch wants the cropped pic removed off her IG but Eileen wants an apology first.

    All the above must be lies as she posted 'I always credit quotes, always have done'.

    - Using/featuring gifted products in her stories and grid posts but not giving credit to the sender.
    Easter 2020. Bunny. Posted a grid picture of Ronnie & Henry in a Tepee. The dog was front and centre. The bunny used was gifted but she failed to mention this.
    Cake - 01/06/2020. Henry received a dog birthday cake from @Bonbonpooch. The company called her out about it and Hinch messaged them to get them to back down. Some more.
    Toy set - 06/10/2020. she posted a story of Ronnie playing with a toy baby, bottle & dummy set, tagging the business called @boostoyshop_poundbury, The company then posted that they had #gifted these products, shortly afterwards the company removed the '#gifted part. Did she ask them to remove it?
    Easter 2021. Jumper. A story was posted of Ronnie, as usual, wearing a personalised jumper. It transpired the jumper was gifted and the sender was a bit disappointed that it was not tagged. Hinch then posted on the IG page she was going to pay for it but did not realise who had sent it, even though Ronnie had been gifted some items previously. The jumper sender removed all her posts.
    Easter 2023. Hamper. She storied that she had got Easter hampers as she was too busy to organise anything. These hampers were in fact gifted and as usual, she did not declare this. The next day the IG owner deleted the #gifted part and Hinch said she had now paid for them.
    Easter 2024 -13 March, Hinch showed off a small business share that did Easter eggs - thepartybox2023 again - no indication of them being gifted or paid for. The huns raced over and apparently, 4000 orders were placed for eggs that cost £32.00. 31 March partybox posted a rant on their account that she had 1500 orders to fulfil, some orders were missing or late due to so many orders and RM deliveries so don't be nasty and blame her.

    Hack - a 'hack' involving Zoflora, i.e pouring boiling water into a glass jug to try the scent, resulted in the company issuing a warning. They confirmed the product should not be mixed with boiling water because the results of that have not been tested. Several newspapers reported on this and she is now seen to be promoting another product rather than Zoflora.
    But she has not and will not promote a cleaning product without using it or understanding it fully, and she loves learning about cleaning products. Ok, Soph.

    Hens - She has re-homed 3 ex-battery hens from the British Hens Welfare Trust. On 13/08/22 she posted that the coop was up and ready for the hens but someone posted on Tattle that she already had the hens. This fact didn't go down well here so the trust was contacted. On 16/08/22 she posted her goodnight post with Henry in the coop and one of the hens. The Trust commented but failed to mention that Henry should not have been there. Tattle members again contacted BHWT and they maintained that the dog & the hens were not left unattended as she was there taking the pic.
    Defying DEFRA - Maldon is currently in an Asian flu zone, She is defying the rules i.e. the hens aren’t covered, feeding them scraps from a non-vegan kitchen, letting Henry, Ronnie in his slippers, and her sister into the pen.

    Hob - 10/03/2021. She sat Ronnie on the hob while making an Easter egg cheesecake. Very responsible parenting.

    Irresponsible - June 2020. When Ronnie was a baby she allowed him to play with a packet of nappy sacks, numerous tattlers were concerned about this as there had been instances where babies had died due to suffocation with plastic bags.

    Pregnancy 2 - the Hinch thread occasionally has the odd poster speculating that Soph is pregnant and then all are disproved by Hinch via a story/picture of her slender frame. On 05/07/2020 a tattle member screenshot a Facebook post saying Soph's nail technician Tracy had commented that 'she' was wearing loose tops. (assumption it was Hinch and she was pregnant).
    On 20/07/2020 someone screenshotted another Facebook post relating to Inch's mad dash to obtain the morning-after pill and him causing a scene in the pharmacy when he wasn't allowed it. screenshots.
    Then on 01/01/2021 she announced her pregnancy but was rather cryptic about the due date. The date was avoided as she probably believed she'd be papped again, the same as when she had Ronnie lol. However, during the year she was hiding her bump
    On 17/02/2021 they then revealed, by the cutting of a cake, that they were having another boy (Ronnie was not present which was odd and saddening).
    BUT BUT BUT, they also did a confetti bomb reveal on the same day, acting surprised (posted on Jamie's IG).
    Now which one came 1st and why 2? Their acting skills came in handy there then!
    On 16/05/2021 she went on maternity leave and the baby arrived on 22/05/2021.
    Lennie has the middle name of James - the same as Ronnie - because this is the official name of Jamie, it IS on his birth certificate you know. He wanted both boys to be named after him, you see.
    Oh, last but no means least, apparently Ronnie and Lennie rhyme.
    Thick as mince the pair of them.
    (while she was pregnant the baby was named CC2 = cash cow 2)

    Roof cleaning - April 12th, 2023. She storied that she was getting her roof power washed by a company called neptunewindowcleaning and she had paid. Well, every day she storied the roof cleaning until the reveal on April 24th.
    It was commented on that why all the stories of the washing if in fact, it weren't gifted as she normally isn't this gracious in free publicity.

    Reversed - on 12/03/2021 she posted a video of Ronnie assisting her in dressing an Easter tree with decorations It was noticed by many members (@TomTitLane posted a copy) that the video had been reversed to show Ron putting on bunny ears when actually he was taking them off. This reversal made the video look weird and prompted questions of why did she do this. The suggestions were to demonstrate that Ronnie has better fine motor skills than is the case.

    Sink - 31/03/2021 she proceeded to clean her kitchen sink by unscrewing the plug waste, then washing it with a load of cif cleaner. She then posted it on her reel. Numerous people commented on the reel that they had done this 'hack' and the sink had either flooded underneath or they were unable to connect the waste back on, many stated they had to call a plumber out to fix it. She then posted that she had found it on Tiktok, a few hours later the reel was deleted. The Sun posted about it later.

    Tabs - She’s a P&G partner but stores her washing tabs unsafely under her sink by removing the safety lid, and she has a crawling baby. Hence why they got Vogue Williams to do the click-clack fairy safety ad instead.

    TheAutismCafe plagiarism - Hinch posted a story alluding to Ron's difficulties with speech. A keen eyed poster recognised the wording and alerted the original poster @theautismcafe of the plagiarism. TheAutismCafe then called her out both on stories and a grid post. The army did not materialise beyond a few weak defensive comments. Hinch, despite posting stories and other online activity, chose to wait until the following morning to make a reply which was then deleted within the hour. A tattler forwarded the comment via DM and another poster copied and pasted Hinch's reply back into the comments. Two days later, Eileen (TAC) shared a DM from Hinch and her response on her stories.

    Vase - She also doesn’t have a vase of flowers on her hob anymore (fire risk!) Tyne & Wear fire service called her out on it, but again she never addressed it. We joke that’s the reason she had her kitchen redone - she got a new hob but the vase of flowers disappeared.


    Stealing quotes again from S.C Lourie.
    Again from Bianca Sparacino, rainbowsalt on IG.
    Again by an unknown author going around IG & Facebook, but similar to an Anne Lamott quote.
    Again by Tiffany Moule.
    Again on a couple of pictures.
    Quote. Pic.
    Actor/writer Noel Clarke off Twitter.
    Again, unknown.
    Paul O'Grady death. Used his husband's tribute.
    Again, words are taken from a statement on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
    Gigi Hadid


    Autism -20/12/23 After 2 days AWOL she posted in the evening that someone had asked her if Ronnie was autistic. She answered yes, but then turned it into all about her as well - she was also autistic. After the diagnosis earlier this year, they decided to keep it private to come to terms with it. Tattle was unsettled by her telling the world about Ron and that she also had a diagnosis. She has been drip-feeding the huns for ages with posts about things Ron did, she did etc. Now they are autistic is a book planned?

    Privacy - Stories her life on IG but then whines that she has no privacy ie moved due to security issues etc.

    1950's - an article published in The Sun stated that Mrs Hinch's 1940s style and passion for women who clean made the reporter feel pretty uncomfortable and made her feel like a failure.

    Alpacas - banged on for years about wanting to own some - 3 in fact - since she bought the new place she has now got some and has been building a shed for them at Hinch Farm Sanitarium. Tattlers that are/know farmers/have horses etc state that the shed/field area is not big enough for them and that it is cruel to have them, seeing as she couldn't look after the fish. Pic. Pic. Alpaca shed journey videos.
    They are now roaming around the rest of the garden and eventually, she may let them in the house.
    Is allowing them to run near Ronnie or appear to chase him.

    Begging - On 26/04/2020, mid-lockdown, when people were losing their jobs and their loved ones Sophie posted a vision board aka beggy board of things she wanted and holidays she’d like. It was deleted on 12/05/2020 possibly due to Tattles reactions. Some of these things have been gifted or bought since.
    Items in the board.
    America, Arsenal, Australia, Baking, Beach Hut, Bike Ride, Camping, Canal Boat, Charity, Concerts, Disney, Family Villa, Finland, Grand Prix, Hot tub, Lapland, Legoland, Log Cabin, Motorhome, Mrs Hinch Range, Home Collection, Safari, Seahut, Skydive, South Africa. Strawberry Picking. Theatre.

    BLM - it was noticed by @Not fussed that her BLM (Black Lives Matter) grid post from 02/06/2020 had been deleted on 23/11/2020. Then on 25/11/2020, it was noticed by @Stacie101 that it was back up again. Seeing Hinch hasn't read Tattle since 2019 then that is one big coincidence.

    Bonding - While pregnant she posted a story about bonding squares which heavily implied her baby was at risk of being born premature and staying in the NICU. This struck a chord as being insensitive to those who have actually been through the NICU process themselves and were left traumatised by the experience. . On the back of that were comments from other mums who had lost their babies and a lot were deleted or blocked, she actually said one woman's deceased baby would live on through her baby..

    Bonding Squares are knitted in pairs. One square is placed with a premature baby and another is worn against the mum’s skin, then the squares are swapped around every 12 hours or every time mum visits. Many Neonatal Units are now using them. They help with the bonding of a premature baby in an incubator and the baby’s mum. The baby can smell mum’s scent even when she isn’t there or wasn’t able to get him out of his incubator, and then when she goes home she can still smell the baby’s scent on the square, which is a big comfort. Not only this, but many mums find that it really helps with expressing breast milk. Keeping the scent of the baby close by triggers the hormones needed to produce and express milk, which is very important as breastfeeding can be difficult for mothers with premature babies.

    Bullying - Tries to promote an image of no bullying and being kind on her platform but on her personal IG account, she has a mean attitude.
    She posted an insulting picture relating to the singer Tulisa but later said it isn't isn't trolling, it's just having a laugh.
    Posted a story of seeing someone that is now larger in size than what she is now, they had body-shamed her in the past so they can now kiss her size 8 arse.
    However her mask slips occasionally and she posts a woe is me/ranting/crying pictures/videos as Gretal/Gaynor or herself - aimed at the trolls i.e. Tattle - on her Mrs Hinch IG page. Often these get her in the papers.

    Chemicals - Using a ridiculous amount of chemicals/doesn’t give a toss about the environment. Thinks that if she washes at 30 then that makes it okay to do a wash with only 2/3 items.
    Animal testing - P&G states that their range of products is not tested on animals, yes they may not be in the UK, but they are still elsewhere. They do test on animals but only for products sold in China, technically products sold in the UK are tested on animals but only if that product is also sold in China, but animal testing does not form part of the UK production line.
    Eco - Claims to use, every now and again, eco-friendly products, but the following article shows her numerous must-haves and some are most definitely not eco-friendly or even necessary.
    09/03/22 - Was paid by P&G to state that washing at 20c is just as good as at 40c, she then turned the dial to 30c but really the washer was on a 4hr cycle which appeared to be at 50c which was hidden by a caption.
    16/05/22 - filmed cleaning her grubby washer drawer, then washed 4 cloths on a 4 hr cycle which again appeared to be at 50c.
    Trying to be eco - Posted that she saves the water from her condensing dryer to water the plants and uses the lint to mop up sills. She has a stash of it.
    Stashes of stuff at the old house - Had a wardrobe in the garage, which she called Narnia, which was filled with numerous freebie cleaning products, she even has a lockup somewhere. Also has baskets filled with products in her landing cupboard as well as the kitchen sink cupboard.
    Inhaler - Someone in the household uses an inhaler, so limiting the use of chemicals should be a priority. Obviously, this is no concern to her as - see below.
    P&G Range - She has brought out, over the last few years, 3 sets of limited edition p&g products that coordinate, ie laundry wash, conditioner, and boosters.

    Conceiving - she has stated in her 'memoir' that the plan was to start a family as soon as they were married, and when this didn't happen straight away she panicked.
    Well, this snippet of information was rather shocking to some Tattle members who were struggling to conceive themselves etc. as the dates meant Ronnie was born within 10 months of the marriage.

    Cot bumpers - Ronnie had cot bumpers in his cot which caused concerns among members. She must have read here, as eventually, she went to lengths to hide the fact that they were there, but occasionally they were spied. So she was not overly concerned about her baby's safety.

    Doxxing - She never shares the identities of her Hinchers when sharing their stories, but will share ‘trolls’ then steps back to allow the barmy army to attack on her behalf. This has happened many times. She also likes to reply to people on insta crying troll, deleting her comments a few seconds after, leaving the army to finish off.
    - an Instagram user suffering with her mental health received death threats from Hinchers because she posts on insta about life after Mrs Hinch.
    - a woman made a comment on a Facebook post that Ronnie had a big head (it was an uncalled-for comment relating to a baby but nether the less an opinion was voiced.) Then someone that loves Hinch screenshot it and sent it to her. Hinch then posted it on her Insta, with the girl's name and told her army to do with that 'what they will'. Oh, they did. They sought out the person and seriously trolled her to the point she deleted her FB. Turns out she suffered badly with MH, so to have messages wishing death on her kids and how they should be taken away really affected her. Meanwhile, Hinch deleted the post from her Insta once she knew her work was done and let her army tear the woman to shreds.
    Pic and Do with this as you please. Hincher reaction. More reactions.
    - another Instagrammer - The Organised Mum - who did not follow Sophie got hounded by Hinch's fans after posting a poll about the dangers of mixing cleaning products.
    Video and pic.

    Gastric band and Eating Disorder - Sophie took out a loan and had a gastric band fitted when aged 21 stating she lost 6 stones, but it failed years later and caused her complications. Very thin pic.
    Speculation. If she does indeed have an ED it's not her fault, She has said that she had to be kept in hospital when pregnant with Ronnie and implied that the hospital trip was down to her blood condition, but Tattle member @Shadyessex said it was actually because she wasn't eating anything due to struggling with weight gain, the only way she'd eat was by eating smarties by organising them into colour groups (which we did see her do a lot on her stories)
    However, while she was in the hospital, sick as a dog, sorting the Smarties into colours with her Minky next to her on the hospital blanket, she was doing brand deals with the Smarties company while wanting sympathy for being hospitalised

    JSP - on 18/11/2020 she appeared on Loose Women., Janet Street-Porter had read her book, then asked her a question ''although a lot of products are the same, you promote one over the other and get paid to do it''. Before she answered SS jumped in for some reason to defend her and JSP shot her down. Soph didn't answer the question anyway, got defensive, and among other things said she hasn't changed since day 1 and money doesn't impress her.
    Clipped JSP. Full LW.

    Looking after the children - It's been mentioned on threads that she is never alone with the children. Even when they just had Ronnie, Jamie or her mum were either seen/heard in the house or she was at her parent's/they were babysitting.
    During this time Jamie was initially on long paternity leave from his sales manager job, but I suppose that isn't true anymore. Now that Lennie is here she has posted that she indeed does have help Has help. Full version and more Q&A's

    Majorca holiday 2022 - Stated she loves her freckles so much. It was noted that if she luvs these freckles that much, then why does she always wear foundation and heavily filter her videos & pictures. Many posters commented that it was very irresponsible for her to say that 'they were kisses from the sun' when it looked like she had sun damage and that the statement could cause confusion to her followers regarding a responsible sun routine.

    Mental health - Claims to support numerous mental health charities, she has shown no evidence of this online or is it anonymous?

    Michelle - Michelle Ogundehin (Magazine Editor and TV presenter of Interior Design Masters) bought Mrs Hinch’s book to see what the fuss is about and has called her out for using so many toxic products in the home. And was blocked. More from Michelle.
    Newspaper article.

    PND again - Since her 'maternity leave' with CC2 she has hardly posted (Jamie has gallantly taken over the reins for her) apart from the occasional grid post/pic/video of her holding Lennie and eye-fucking herself.
    However, what was evident from a lot of these postings was her need to express that she was 'struggling' 'finding it hard' etc. What? She does not go out to work, she has an unemployed husband at home 247, and a mother who lives within spitting distance. Posters have asked for her to enlighten on this further or shut up.
    Pic. Pic. Pic. Pic.
    Later on, she posted a pic of her with Jamie appearing not 'struggling'. Whatever.

    PND - On the Stacey Solomon podcast interview with the Hinchs – Jamie said when Sophie was pregnant he had been directed by a workmate to read up on PND so he’d know what signs to look out for, but the You mag says she told him to read up on PND after they’d had Ron.

    PND - In the You magazine interview she claims that her first 8 weeks with Ronnie were the hardest and that’s when her “pnd” was noticed. However, she spent the first few months of Ronnie’s life in luxurious holiday cottages whilst her house was being extended and she stayed off the gram. She then proceeded to post a photo saying how magical and amazing it was.. Quite contradictory to what she claimed in her interview.
    You magazine. Hot tub. Pic. Renovations while away. Newspaper article about her time away.

    Safeguarding - Despite warnings and cautions about safeguarding, posts naked pictures of her baby in the bath. As long as she can sell a bath toy! Oh, that’s another one - promoted some dodgy bath toy company recently. People’s orders either didn’t turn up or were broken.
    She has also been posting daily stories of her filming Ronnie from across the other side of the kitchen, hand feeding the dog slices of chicken and putting his hands straight into the dog's bowl while the dog's head is down, and into the dog's mouth. She also allows him to approach the sleeping dog to stroke him and put his face onto the dog’s face while a biscuit was on the floor between them.

    Shameless - she often tags/posts other 'blue tick' IG accounts to get accolades/credits from her 'fans' or from the account she has tagged.
    Recently she has received Tattle criticism for being a 'piggybacker' and a 'grief tourist' based on her postings of a celebrity couple's ill baby. The posts are not appropriate at the moment and one was considered to be inaccurate owing to the flowering of the plant, so seemingly it was posted to boost her engagement.
    On 24/04/2021 the baby passed away. ❤
    On 25/04 Hinch posted a respectful message but then, later on, she went to disrespectful for posting a picture of the baby on the above flower planter, making it look like a gravestone. She didn't stop there though, as again on 26/04 posted another message all aimed at how hurt she was etc.
    All for the engagement again!!
    Grief tourist
    30/03/22 - commented on a post of the wife of Tom Parker (The Wanted) about his death, she then started following her that day. Tattle wasn't aware she was a fan or had followed Tom while he was ill.
    However, she was a fan of The Foo Fighters but made no mention of the death of Taylor Hawkins.
    20/05/22 - weeks after Dame Deborah James posted that she was receiving end-of-life care for bowel cancer Sophie finally acknowledged this. It was mentioned that she only posted due to Deborah launching an In The Style clothing collection.
    20/05/22 - She then posted about her regular viewing on IG of nicknacklou, a lady with secondary breast cancer. 1st-time Tattle has heard about this.
    29/06/22 - Straight after a family beach pic she posted a pic about the death of Dame Deborah James.
    29/03/23 - On the death of Paul O'Grady she posted a picture and a quote, this was itself plagiarized from Paul's husband.

    Back to her threads

    Link back to her threads
    1st ever thread. Cleaning mad Essex woman.


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