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    'Mrs Hinch'

    Company House records 11781414, incorporated 22 Jan 2019.
    She holds 95% of the shares and Jamie 5% of the shares.

    Trademarks of her brand 'Mrs Hinch'

    1 UK00003337545. Filing date 11/08/2018, Owner(s) name(s) Jamie Hinchliffe and Sophie Barker. Class 3 = Cleaning agents for household purposes. Mark text is Mrs Hinch
    2 UK00003337012. Filing date 07/09/2018. Owner name Sophie Barker. Class 3 = Cleaning agents for household purposes. Mark text is #hincharmy
    3 UK00003338112. Filing date 12/09/2018. Owner name Jamie Hinchliffe. Class 25 = Clothing for men, women and children. Mark text is #hincharmy
    4 UK00003461980. Filing date 28/01/2020. Owner name Mrs Hinch Ltd. Numerous classes.
    5 UK00918191378. Filing date 03/02/2020. Owner name Mrs Hinch Ltd. Numerous classes.
    6 UK00918192782. Filing date 05/02/2020. Owner name Mrs Hinch Ltd. Numerous classes.

    Classes include everything from cleaning agents for household purposes. Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations. Food for babies; DVDs; podcasts Apparatus, devices and articles for nursing infants Clothing; footwear to Communication by online blogs and many more.

    Trolling the Trolls

    Hasn't read here since 2019 but constantly trolls Tattle. Like a moth to a flame, she keeps coming back.

    Posted then deleted a pic. (related to her having a top of the range Range Rover and a non-existent Audi, which was J's birthday present).
    Changes words in songs to include the word troll..
    Pastry trolls.
    Jamie in his underwear.
    Stressed without ya. 3 million followers
    Who is this morning's quote aimed at? Stealing joy.
    While cleaning the debris from a bath bomb (the next day so not the cleaning sensation she makes out to be) assumed the trolls would think it was her pubes.

    Signed up
    2019. Signed up to post on Tattle - Soph on Tattle Was it really her or just a deluded fan?

    Troll,Trolls they are all Trolls

    01/05/22 - Was spotted out in the wild, posted the video late at night so was she going to post it? Anyway, Tattle had earlier been discussing Henry's weight and every time that happens she rants. 120 secs of her day is only on IG, the other times they may have MH, anxiety etc so she wants people to stop being nasty, 'It's nice just to be nice' Ok hun.

    03 April 2021 - After a day of bragging about her 'farm', showing off the renovations and doing ads, she shared a post in the evening stating that out of the 100% of her followers 1%. i.e Tattle. watch her every move and pull her or her family apart.
    04 April 2021, it seems a lot of the 1% (us) received an email in response to an ASA complaint. Is this why she is on radio silence today and hasn't been on IG apart from going to softplay and posing for a pic.

    30 May 2020 - After posting about someone she trusted hurting her - see page 1 'something brewing' - she had a strop and time off, didn't tell her army and they went into meltdown. When she returned she replied to a comment on her page and had a rant.

    Missgreedyhome - This Instagrammer has taken a break due to allegedly trolling, Hinchy wrote this on her page.

    Huneyzz - Posted a troll video and the real Soph came out, she said 'Trolls watching this huneyzz, get a life'.

    UK Lockdown

    Restrictions - 16/03/2020 the UK went into a national lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic, from 23/06/2020 restrictions were eased and people were allowed to work/shop etc but still comply with social distancing rules, wear masks, not to travel unnecessarily. This however didn't affect Soph and her family as they had continued as normal, including having a BBQ on 28/04/2020.
    - from 17/10/2020 further restrictions for some parts of the country meant they had to adhere to new tier Covid19 measures; this meant Essex was in tier 2, so mixing in households was banned. Soph and her family had a pre- lockdown meal of a Chinese banquet but then continued going out and about as normal even though she said she wasn't feeling very well..
    - From 05/11/2020 the UK had another lockdown for 4 weeks. Soph again still continued as normal, i.e. shopping with Jamie and Ron when 1 person shopping was recommended. On this occasion, she bought non-essential items which were shown in a haul later that night.
    The UK was expecting a 5-day break from tier restrictions so Christmas could be spent with family etc, but this was quashed and restrictions were still in place.
    - 06/01/2021 Boris Johnson announced a 3rd national lockdown expected to end 15/02/2021. This meant, again, stay at home, all schools were closed - except for children of key workers - and advised only to leave the house once a day for exercise, essentials etc.
    On 09/01/2021 she posted a video saying that they were out for a drive to see if they could find 'secret houses' and asked if her followers did this. Bear in mind she is currently pregnant and may have had Ronnie in the car. This is very irresponsible.

    A list has been compiled from memory by @mgh727 and added by others.
    • Lockdown BBQs well before Boris said we could meet outside in the garden.
    • 20/06/2020 Ronnie’s birthday party with more than 6 people.
    • 06/07/2020 Photoshoot at her home for her book. Alluded she had done her own make-up but the MUA at the London shoot let slip he had done it.
    • 02/08/2020 Day out on the rowing boat with trace and her kids. Ron had no life jacket on.
    • 08/08/2020 Spotted in Poundland with Jamie buying tat. Revealed the haul the next day after reading here.
    • 11/08/2020 Holiday to Kent and stayed in a barn. until 14th.
    • 15/08/2020 Day out on the canal with Inch.
    • 17/08/2020 2nd Wedding anniversary. Boat trip. Stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in London for £700 a night with spa treatments.
    • 20/08/2020 Photoshoot in London with Ma in the background wearing a face mask, so we know was shot during the pandemic.
    • 26/08/2020 Film in the garden with Stace, more than 6 people inc. the niece, possibly Ma Barker and Sam (worm clip)🐛
    • 28/08/2020 Zoo visit with Stace and Swash to feed the lions. Got a VIP experience while the park wasn't taking bookings.
    • 30/08/2020 Hugging photo with mum on Maldon prom (no social distancing!!)
    • 06/09/2020 Day trip to Walton on the Haze and purchased a beach shed - had a rage after she rec'd a DM about her long black evening dress, and then showed her legs which got into the paper.
    • 08/09/2020 Went to HB with Ma when her product launched.
    • 20/09/2020 (around) Holiday to Winborne, Dorset with the entire family. Price ranging from £2950 - £5250.
    • 20/09/2020 (around) Petting zoo trip in Dorset.
    • 20/09/2020 (around) Model village in Dorset.
    • 11/10/2020 Ronnie started baby ballers. (Took pictures of Ron, including other children which BB denied she had)
    • 12/10/2020 Woke up with flu symptoms.
    • 16/10/2020 Chinese with Ma and Big Sis before Tier 2 was implemented to Essex, that definitely wasn’t socially distanced.
    • 17/10/2020 Day trip to Freeport designer village in Braintree which is out of the area. A big no-no.
    • 21/10/2020 Soft play.
    • 28/10/2020 Not wearing a mask in public at the shopping centre and in the lift on Jamie’s birthday.
    • 30/10/2020 Day trip for Halloween to Audley End.
    • 30/11/2020 (shown) Xmas photo picture and (shown 02/01/2021) a photo shot of her new pregnancy with CC2 in the house (same photographer so assuming taken on the same date).
    • 04/12/2020 Ronnie went to soft play. Ma went with them, this time she has covid symptoms.
    • 10/12/2020 Lapland UK.
    • Countless unnecessary purchases via the mediums of Boohoo, eBay, Amazon, Shein, Missguided and PLT just to name a few when the government said “only spend money on essentials!!”
    • Countless meals in pubs and restaurants too which is allowed but again, if you claim you’re so scared, why would you risk it??
    • Countless trips to Home Bargains and B&M,
    • Continued to take Ronnie to supermarkets when the R rate is rising.
    • Claims to have cancelled the hotel for Jamie’s birthday but the fact she had a weekend off seems far too suspicious.
    • Went out into public after Chris Evans said on his radio she had Covid19 symptoms, so they wouldn’t be filming a podcast.
    • New pergola. Which was revealed early so she had to post quickly.
    • Superhero birthday party with SS and Pickle. ***See below***

    BBQ scandal - Covidiot - Breaking lockdown rules by having a family bbq - reported in The Sun newspaper 28/04/2020 but she has never denied/confirmed it.

    . 06/07/2020 She broke the rules when shooting the front cover at home for her memoir, by having her hair and makeup done professionally when close contact services like MUAs weren’t yet okay to work, but maintained she had done her makeup herself. She tried to mislead followers by releasing these photos and showing behind the scenes videos on the day (20/08/2020) she was having ANOTHER promotional photoshoot for her memoir/mag article when the guidelines had changed.

    C19 Symptoms & charity bin - while the world is suffering from COVID19 she posted she was feeling ill from 'flu' like symptoms, later on, rather than stay indoors, she ventured out to a local clothing charity bin. Even though most charities ask for the donations to be bagged she videoed herself putting the clothes in one by one, Worse still the collection was suspended.

    Door - the Christmas decorations went up outside and she then posted that 2020 was the year 'we stayed home.'. Don't think so as during the 2nd lockdown she went out more times than the bin.

    Superhero *** - Tattle first talks about a superhero party seen written down on a Hinch weekly list on 06/10/2020. On 14/10 SS reveals on the radio they have already had the party. Then on 21/10, they both post a pampers nappy joint #ad campaign meet up at Castle Hinch. They then change their stories, Hinch said the party was 29/09/2020, Solomon says early Sept. Pampers then claim they met up prior to the restrictions so which date is it?. No social distancing adhered to whatsoever during this met up, they even posted a picture of their heads together which was swiftly deleted. She then posted a deflective troll pic.
    Deleted pic. Hinch Sept date? SS early Sept date. Hinch 29/09. Pampers date. Troll pic.

    NHS claps - Her Thursday 8 pm ' Clap for the NHS' videos were totally disingenuous, and disrespectful in terms of content with Jamie and Sophie shouting unnecessarily and making it all about them (kissing and hugging). They also only ever clapped in the back garden when all their other neighbours were presumably out the front, and then were found to be pre-recorded when the garden clock showed the time to be pre 8 o'clock.
    NHS clapping videos 30/04/2020.
    NHS clapping videos 23/04/2020.
    Some pictures from 09/04/2020.
    Some pictures from 02/04/2020.
    NHS clapping videos 02/04/2020.
    Her saying 'do what you did before'.

    Ronnies 1st birthday 20 June 2020 - Hosted a birthday party for Ronnie. As per guidelines it had to be outdoors and only 6 others to attend, so they hired a gazebo. However, the food was all set up inside despite restrictions not allowing it. She prepared hard curly dry ham sandwiches, crushed Oreos into cones, poured cheese ball crisps out the day before and presented a huge cheeseboard to eat. Ron got a Peter Rabbit birthday cake to feed 500 people.
    Her phone went into the drawer for the day but that evening she posted some videos that showed most of the cake was gone but she'd cut the slices 1mm thick, so obviously had more than 6 people there, she dressed Ronnie in a pair of really tight small shorts, while she flounced about in a £187 dress. The grid picture was of just her and Ronnie, no Jamie, poor bloke.
    She and Jamie then had a car crash IG live, she appeared to be drunk or something, Jamie on the other hand was funny.
    A neighbour calling herself Jenna posted on IG to state there were indeed over 30 people there and was blocked, she then joined Tattle. After many toing and froing posts, she was proved to be a faker.


    Tips and Hacks.
    It has been repeatedly mentioned that when she first started out a lot of her tips were cheap, dangerous or foolish i.e Zoflora on a mattress, Zoflora & bicarb shake 'n' vac etc.
    However, due to her many followers (bots), her popularity has now increased and she has therefore made a lot of money from her brand partners so she does not mention these tips/hacks at all and definitely has not told her followers to stop using them.

    @fluffty20 contribution.
    She started this account nearly 4 years ago (March 2018) which means that in just three years.
    • She has got married and been on honeymoon.
    • Got pregnant and had a baby. (within 10 months of the marriage)
    • Had the entire house extended and redecorated. (after the birth)
    • Went to Disneyland.
    • Had the entire garden renovated.
    • Lived through 12 months of a global pandemic.
    • Got pregnant again and has given birth for a second time.
    • Bought a 1.5 million pound house. (Oct 2021)
    Was using the moniker "Mrs Hinch" long before they actually got married.
    • She had 5,000 followers 10 days before the wedding.
    • 45,000 followers 10 days after the wedding.
    • 100,000 within a month.
    • 1 million within two months, Oct 2018.
    • 2 million March 2019.
    • 3 million Jan 2020.
    • 4 million 2021.

    Running list of pointless/wasteful purchases

    Wasteful - Fads and phases.
    Is notorious for collecting and buying things - i.e through B&M, Poundland and HB hauls (probably but not posted as #ads) - never uses or mentions them again and more likely throws them away.
    She also regularly goes to the garden centre to buy large quantities of pots, seeds and plants then they are later replaced with something else.

    Often never seen again, so now probably in the local council recycling site.
    • A professional cleaning trolley she called Polly. (pic). (video of where she got the idea).
    • A piano stool, she doesn't play or have a piano. (video).
    • Stairgate (maybe) and an extender bar. Video. (had bespoke ones made)
    • Wooden toddler walker. Pic.
    • Bathroom shelf, discarded at the tip. Purchased. Discarded.
    • Large wooden box of coloured pens. (pic).
    • Child locks on the kitchen doors and coffee table corner protectors.
    • Concrete stone steppers she made. (pic) (another pic).
    • Her second fridge (I mean it appeared sub a handful of times since the new kitchen).
    • Wonder slicer from eBay. (pic).
    • Dot to dot book from eBay. (pic).
    • Bird picnic table from her uncle. (pic).
    • Bird feeder tray with glass nut holders. (pic).
    • Mrs Hinch tracksuit loungewear. (pic)
    • Jamie's dartboard.
    • Sewing machine, full sewing kit and materials to make items. Purchased while pregnant with Ronnie.
    • Bought a large number of bath bombs and face masks, only shown a few times.
    • A tamagotchi Video.

    Gifted expensive items

    Despite being a millionaire she regularly accepts expensive items from brands. Often a cash payment is also received in addition to the free item.
    • Garage floor.
    • Fireplace RRP £1000.
    • Loft ladder.
    • Carpets (stairs and the whole of the first floor) - Carpetright Harbour Beach Ocean £36.99㎡.
    • Amtico Flooring (the whole of the ground floor) - Valley Oak £34.99㎡ (one of the cheaper online quotes v's John Lewis £55㎡).
    • New doors throughout (minimum 8) - £199.00 each.
    • Sofa's - 4 seater (£1599.00), 3 seater (£1599.00), Armchair (£999.00).
    • Baby Changing Unit - £950.00.
    • Nursery wardrobe - £1499.00.
    • Nursery cot bed - £1499.00.
    • Nursery Rocking Armchair - £949.00.
    • Makeup table - £1049.00.
    • Dining Table & Chairs - £1191.00.
    • Living Room Rug - £769.00.
    • Ronnie Toy Box - £1195.00.
    • Wallpaper - Master bedroom (£20/roll), Henry room (£15/roll), Guest room (£15/roll), Old make up room (£15/roll), Old living room which was then redecorated the same & then including the extended area (£15/roll).
    Even with the subtotal at over £40,000 of gifted merchandise, Tattle member @SunshineRae will not stop counting!
    A link to Ronnies nursery costs. Nursery costs

    More money than sense

    A beach hut - went on a day trip (with her mum as usual) to Walton on the Maze. Stayed in a beach hut and then declared she was looking at purchasing one.

    Alpacas - 3 which may or may not have cost £16k.

    Lennie's nursery - Rather than recycle Ronnie's nursery furniture, she spent nearly £9000 on new furniture etc. This seems a rather relatable and sustainable choice for a 2nd baby boy's nursery - not.
    (Costs again added up by @SunshineRae)

    Ronnie's mural - In Ronnie's bedroom at the new house an artist spent over 4 weeks painting a mural of a farm scene, this will have cost over 7k.

    Toy car - Even though the sign nearby stated not to do so Jamie filmed Ronnie in a toy store sitting in a toy car. Anyway, the next day he was asked if he had purchased said car, and he replied no, but he did buy this one. It appeared that Ronnie was driving it very well but it was a remote-controlled car. Not 4 weeks earlier Ronnie had received a £180 digger for his birthday. Where is that now, was it a prop?

    Made by Dad

    Homemade crap made by master carpenter Al.

    For Ronnie's bedroom/bathroom.

    Washbasin stand - 05/03/2022 Made from scaffold boards.
    Tractor book storage - 01/03/2022 Made from apple crates.
    Bedside tables - 27/02/2022 Made from apple crates.
    Farmers market - 12/02/2022 Made from apple crates.

    For Lennie's bedroom/bathroom.

    Shelves - 31/03/22 Made from scaffolding boards.

    For Henry's washroom.

    Shelf & worktop - 30/04/2022 Made from scaffolding boards.

    Abbreviations, terms and phrases

    Onslow - A term used in reference to Jamie due to the uncanny likeness with the character Onslow from British comedy series ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. Onslow is described as “an overweight and unemployed man who earns his money through betting on horses, spends his time drinking beer, eating crisps and smoking cigarettes, and watching television” by the KUA Fandom. Jamie too, is unemployed and earns his money through his wife’s “influencer” status, spends his time drinking Lucozade Sport, munching on grazing table spreads and watching “his” team, Arsenal, play football on TV. Both men share a love of wearing white ‘wife beater’ vests all year round. He also now goes by Kanye Vest, Vestlife.. etc etc.

    DM your Dad - This is a phrase quoted from one of Hinch’s staunchest fans known as (DTL). Hinch appeared on the Chris Evans Virgin Radio show on 26th November 2019 and came under lots of criticism on their subsequent Instagram post. DTL called for these comments to be removed and for the “trolls” to be blocked, manically tagging all Virgin related companies and going so far as tagging Virgin owner Richard Branson’s daughter, Holly and asking her to 'DM you dad' to help get this actioned. They also threatened to “…never fly with you again unless you block these trolls asap.” Other threats included tagging @Jesus with the caption “can you give the trolls some plaques 🙌 they 🙌 deserve 🙌 it.”
    This was later translated to mean “plagues."

    For new members.
    • Kate to the party, nusty people, duty heart, cruncky snacks and #bekond (originally kond) are typos from Hinchers so Tattle is using them. We were also called fat hens once.
    • ATV = all the vest = Jamie wearing vests and she uses ATB (all the best).
    • I’m thank you = what she said to Phil Scofield on her This Morning interview.
    • Jamie = Inch (this is why he is called Inch), Janine (see below) Onslow (see above), Tom Hardy (Sophie states that fans think he looks like TH), Vestlife and Kanye Vest (as he always seems to wear vests)
    • Zoph's mum = MadMaYahoo, Freda, Ma Barker, Fredafiddlefingers.
    • Zoph's dad = Weeping Al.
    • Henry = His Lardship, Lardsome, fat bastard, chicken strip.
    • Sam = Mamfa. Sophie's half-sister.
    • Abie = Cling-on. Sams's daughter.
    • Trace = her nail technician bff, who lived in the loft at her old house.
    • Plip and Plop = Flip and Flop the fisccch (as this is the sound they’ll make when they head down the toilet along with their 10+ children who are currently unnamed)....... RIP fish as they are no more.
    • Raymond, Rodney & Roy = The 3 alpacas at the 'tend 'farm', They are known here as the Wooly Wankers or WW's.
    • Nigel - is someone who works at the ASA.
    • House No1 = The old house is known as Castle Greyskull or Guantanamo Grey.
    • House No2 = The new one is Liars Lodge.

    TV and Radio appearances


    This Morning, Youtube. 17/09/2018.
    This Morning. Youtube. 03/08/2019.
    Chris Evans Radio show. Youtube. 26/11/2019.
    This Morning. Youtube. 01/10/2020.
    Chris Evans Radio show, 8 to 8.30 am from 15m.45s, 02/10/2020.
    Ryan Tubridy, Ireland Radio. 05/10/2020. Expired. So no longer available. Found the interview here.
    Heart Radio (her video) 05/10/2020.
    Heart Radio 05/10/2020.
    Hits radio 09/10/2020.
    Planet Radio Youtube 13/10/2020.
    Clipped video of Loose Women with Janet Street-Porter 18/11/2020.
    Loose Women. YouTube. 18/11/2020.
    Rylan BBC Radio 2 show 05/12/2020 - available until 03/01/2021.
    Jennifer Zamparelli Show on RTE 2FM - comes in from 11.00 to 21.00. 08/12/2020. Not sure if it expires.
    Dunelm - she has appeared at a Dunelm's Christmas interiors event as a special guest. She had a Q&A session where she recommends her top 5 products, says her best career moment so far and more. Doesn't appear anxious at all on this video.


    Apparently, Jamie has also been as fame-hungry as the wife. @kittykat9994 found a newspaper article in the DailyStar about his time in a reality show.
    Fash FC - He starred in a weekly UK television programme, a reality/documentary show following ex-professional footballer John Fashanu, managing a team of amateur players in a Sunday League. The show was launched in September 2003 and was broadcast throughout the 2003–2004 football season on Bravo.
    During one episode he dressed up as a woman called Janine (at 21mins) this nickname has stuck in the thread. This moment in his life has also been omitted from any interviews. It was posted in the press and the couple have not mentioned it at all.

    Habit - Jamie's gambling habit (at 28.03) is also revealed on this show, it has been speculated about on the threads. but not proven until now. (Jamie was seen been screamed at by a pregnant Soph, then dragged out of a William Hills betting shop)

    If you nose you nose - On viewing the above show it did highlight the fact that since the show ended, it appears that Jamie has had cosmetic surgery, namely a rhinoplasty and maybe teeth work. Before. After.

    Missing show - He appeared on the ITV Tipping Point show but this missing episode mysteriously can not be located anywhere. Luckily @Hinchawakening tracked it down and it can now be viewed in all its glory on Youtube.

    Linkedin - Jamie's Linkedin screenshots. and again.

    Salesperson of the year - pic (thread 77)


    They have recorded some Podcasts together, available on many platforms. e.g. Audible, Apple.

    Taken from the site.
    All The Best (& Worst) with Mr and Mrs Hinch By Heart
    Join Sophie and Jamie as they give exclusive access behind the doors of Hinch House! You'll hear all the juicy bits that don't make it to Instagram, as they talk through everything from the first day they met through to getting married and having a baby. The pair aren't pulling any punches as they talk openly about their struggles including mental health, becoming parents and juggling a demanding work/life balance. Ever wondered why Sophie started cleaning in the first place? Or what Jamie thought of Sophie when their eyes first met? Or the most inappropriate things Sophie has ever been sent to her insta account? Answers to these questions and many more in this exclusive podcast series with Mr. & Mrs Hinch. Thank you to our sponsor, Peanut. Peanut is an app connecting women throughout all stages of motherhood. Whether you’re a mother, pregnant, or trying to conceive, the app provides access to a community who are there to listen, share information and offer valuable advice. To download the app for free, head to You can get in touch with Sophie and Jamie on Instagram: @mrshinchhome @mrhinchhome
    One of the newspaper articles.
    Miscellaneous Podcasts
    Interview with her.


    1 - Hinch Yourself Happy. 2019. (with a ghostwriter)
    2 - The Mrs Hinch Activity Journal. 2019.
    3 - Mrs Hinch: The Little Book of Lists. 2020.
    4 - A Memoir, This Is Me. 2020. (with a ghostwriter)
    5 - Mrs Hinch: Life in Lists. 2021.
    6 - A Memoir, This Is Me. 2022 (The only change is an extra chapter & additional photos).

    A Blog review of her 1st book.

    In print

    In November 2021 Sophie was included in Private Eye. This couldn’t have been any more perfect if it had been written by @Bunnykins

    One of her interviews - 27 Sept 2020. Talks a load of bolloxs.
    The Street Journal

    Newspaper criticism regarding Tattle, Mrs Hinch thread mentioned.
    Daily mail achieve article dated 18/1/2022
    Limegoss Article.

    Who she has promoted

    Most of these are very regular ads.
    Some are seen occasionally, some are seen then ditched, some have not been seen before and possibly won't be again.
    Once in a while, a company gets in touch, so she then promotes them possibly for a fee.
    Her charges are below.
    It was confirmed in September 2020 by a company that approached Gleam to partner with Mrs Hinch that she charges 24k plus VAT for her Instagram stories.

    So if you do not want to line her bank account then avoid the following brands or shops.
    • Joyofclean.
    • P&G.
    • Her own laundry detergent & conditioner. (P&G)
    • Pampers.
    • Scrub daddy.
    • Shark.
    • Minky.
    • F&F.
    • Her own Hinch products with Tesco.
    • Next?
    • Desenio prints.
    • Garnier.
    • Very.
    • Sky.
    • B&M.
    • Home Bargains.
    • Sph2onge.
    • The Pink Stuff and Elbow Grease.
    • AvaMay Aromas.
    • Poundland.
    • Popsa.
    • Smarties?
    • Robinsons Ribena?
    • Zoflora have confirmed they do not work with her - she did stop using it for a while when called out when doing the hot water hack. (went into a strop)

    Just for laughs


    by @Andioooop
    Alpaca spitting
    Jerking her head back


    Hinch media piccies.

    So true

    A poem by @Cady1954
    And God.
    One day when God was resting an idea sprung to mind.
    He thought 'I'll make a species to baffle all Mankind'.
    I'll start with just one brain cell that's more than they will need.
    They won't have much vocabulary and have no urge to read.
    Now these special people need a world just of their own.
    So I will make a place for them so they are not alone.
    I will call it 'Instagram 'where all these species meet.
    They will worship nobodies and fall beneath their feet.
    The species will at all times defend and fight off foe.
    Whoever dares to question to 'Blockland' they will go!
    They'll worship little children that they have never seen.
    And beg for recognition from the latest Insta Queen.
    But they will have some rules, that they must not disobey.
    The houses that they live in must be 50 shades of grey.
    They are allowed some colour a hint or two of white.
    And crystal chandeliers to brighten up the night.
    Their children must be named after wines or superstars.
    Like Chardonnay, Deniro, Beyonce, Bruno Mars.
    So God was quite contented with the species that he made.
    But there was only one thing that made him feel afraid.
    There was a danger lurking for these poor brainless sheep.
    A danger oh so deadly that robbed him of his sleep.
    He felt a sense of doom an approaching certain battle.
    With the educated, erudite inhabitants of Tattle.

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    The threads only go so far back so for ease added on thread links
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