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    What she shows as ads or not

    April 2024
    04 - HB @AD from 29th March.
    03 - Joyofclean@AD

    March 2024.
    29 - HB haul with @AD
    27 - Look Fantastic @AD
    22 - Joyofclean @AD
    21 - Garnier @AD
    20 - NOTHS @AD
    19 - Showed off her Avamay wax melt hoard.
    08 - Joyofclean @AD
    06 - Her new scent @AD

    February 2024.
    27 - NOTHS @AD
    26 - Raved about a Minky tea towel and linked them.
    17 - Maybelline @AD
    09 - HB haul and tag.
    07 - NOTHS @AD
    06 - Maybelline @AD
    02 - B&M haul with @

    January 2024.
    30 - Look Fantastic @AD
    26 - Kawasaki disease and Avamay tag
    25 - HB haul and Joyofclean@AD
    23 - Desenio @AD
    21 - Joyofclean @AD
    19 - B&M haul with @
    14 - Joyofclean @AD
    13 - Iconic @AD
    12 - Joyofclean @AD
    10 - Joyofclean @AD
    08 - Home Sense haul no @
    07 - Joyofclean @AD
    05 - Spectrumcollectio with @ but maybe not an ad
    03 - Joyofclean @AD

    December 2023.
    15 - Desenio @ad
    11 - HB haul with @
    08 - Sky@AD
    06 - POPSA @AD
    05 - NOTHS @AD
    02 - POPSA @AD
    01 - Iconic @AD

    November 2023.
    28 - Ninja @ad and Shark.
    27 - Maybelline@ad available from Amazon@ad.
    24 - Garnier @ad (and possibly 2 undeclared small business ads with @)
    22 - NOTHS@ad.
    20 - Iconic@ad.
    18 - Ninja @ad. Desenio @ad.
    16 - Joyofclean@ad and her own range.
    15 - Desenio @ad.
    13 - POPSA @ad. Shark @ad.
    08 - POPSA @ad.
    07 - NOTHS @ad. Her collection, a post with AD. Undeclared POPSA ad.
    03 - Her collection #ad. Undeclared POPSA ad.
    01 - NOTHS @ad.

    October 2023.
    24 - HB haul.
    22 - HB #ad in the Lake District. but filmed the 13th.
    20 - Iconic #ad.
    18 - Joyofclean #ad.
    17 - Sky #ad.
    10 - Maybelline #ad, Amazon link.
    06 - Advertised Avamay wax melt, not sure if paid.
    04 - Pink stuff, scrub daddy, minky, zoflora, shark, Amazon- no ads.
    01 - Garnier #ad and shows off Amazon tat.

    Sept 2023.
    30 - Desenio #ad and Ninja #ad. Uses the Shark no ad.
    28 - Joyofclean at London.
    27 - Joyofclean #ad and at a @B&M store.
    26 - Desenio prints & code. Shows off Amazon slicer again.
    22 - Joyofclean.
    21 - Showed off Amazon chicken sign.
    18 - Her own range. Shows off Amazon slicer.
    17 - Cleaning her Shark vacuum - not put as an #ad.
    16 - Cleaning her Shark handheld - not put as an #ad.
    15 - Joyofclean. Her range.
    13 - Joyofclean event. Sample of her new scent. Joyofclean.
    12 - Shark handheld and Flash spray - no #ads. Scrubdaddy.
    11 - Shark handheld - no #ad.
    10 - Shows off Marigold cloff.
    09 - Amazon parasol.
    08 - Iconic London. Amazon yoghurt pot. Joyofclean. Her range.
    06 - Her book in the background.
    05 - Popsa books again.

    Aug 2023.
    31 - HB haul.
    30 - Scrubdaddy, no #ad. Shark handheld code. Joyofclean. Popsa.
    29 - Joyofclean at HB.
    28 - Amazon apple chopping board. Shark handheld code. Shows off Amazon clothes airer.
    27 - Her nacho recipe in the Ninja airfryer, no #ad.
    25 - Her range. Flash and viakal.
    24 - Ninja airfryer, no #ad.
    22 - Ninja airfryer.
    15 - Joyofclean.
    02 - Ninja airfryer code. Her range.
    01 - Maybelline and Amazonuk #ad. Her range. Ninja and Shark.


    by @Andioooop
    Alpaca spitting
    Jerking her head back


    Hinch media piccies.


    Always starts off in earnest but then some days she can't be arsed.

    Elf on The Shelf 2023

    Day 01 - Arrived in a basket in the hall. David left presents outside on the magic indoor/then outdoor hall rug.
    Day 02 - David Elf on the tree with loads of Heinz tins. (climbing the tree with Minestrone)
    Day 05 - David pooing in the toilet.
    Day 06 - David was pushed down the stairs by another toy.
    Day 08 - David in the washing machine.
    Day 11 - Made the bed with personalised bedding.
    Day 12 - David made some treat bags for Ron's classmates.
    Day 15 - New Crocs with sweets in them.
    Day 17 - Hinching.

    Elf on The Shelf 2022

    Day 1 - Under the playroom tree that needs decorating.
    Day 2 - Shoes in tin foil.
    Day 3 - On a rope across the orangery saying Ron - tidy the playroom/share toys with Lennie. Len had to pat Henry gently/share toys with big brother Ron.
    Day 5 - She forgot so did a montarge of 2020 EOTS.
    Day 8 - The Grinch came.
    Day 17 - Pooing in the toilet.
    Day 21 - In an egg box with crayons in an old washing pod box.

    Elf on The Shelf 2021

    Day 1 - In the old house, through the letterbox.
    Day 6 - Made breakfast.
    Day 7 - Wrapped up Jamie's flip-flops.
    Day 10 - Elf climbed to the worktop and left some treats.
    Day 11 - Left some Oreos with toothpaste.
    Day 15 - Chalked on the window.

    Elf on The Shelf 2020

    Managed 19 days. woohoo.
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11,14,15,16,17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24.

    So true

    A poem by @Cady1954
    And God.
    One day when God was resting an idea sprung to mind.
    He thought 'I'll make a species to baffle all Mankind'.
    I'll start with just one brain cell that's more than they will need.
    They won't have much vocabulary and have no urge to read.
    Now these special people need a world just of their own.
    So I will make a place for them so they are not alone.
    I will call it 'Instagram 'where all these species meet.
    They will worship nobodies and fall beneath their feet.
    The species will at all times defend and fight off foe.
    Whoever dares to question to 'Blockland' they will go!
    They'll worship little children that they have never seen.
    And beg for recognition from the latest Insta Queen.
    But they will have some rules, that they must not disobey.
    The houses that they live in must be 50 shades of grey.
    They are allowed some colour a hint or two of white.
    And crystal chandeliers to brighten up the night.
    Their children must be named after wines or superstars.
    Like Chardonnay, Deniro, Beyonce, Bruno Mars.
    So God was quite contented with the species that he made.
    But there was only one thing that made him feel afraid.
    There was a danger lurking for these poor brainless sheep.
    A danger oh so deadly that robbed him of his sleep.
    He felt a sense of doom an approaching certain battle.
    With the educated, erudite inhabitants of Tattle.

    A description of a cult/manipulator from @Moobiemoo

    Agree it’s a full con and a bloody cult.
    Worshipping a woman who gets paid to show you things to buy is not normal.
    The manipulation involved is pretty mind-blowing.
    1. First curate a lifestyle that is neither daring nor extraordinary and very common and fashionable, but just slightly out of reach and unobtainable. Not too much, just enough. Slowly slowly things are added in, all aspirational items that you/they '‘have always wanted'’ and couldn’t have before.
    2. Next create a relatable non-provable issue, like anxiety and mental health and a backstory of A Hard Life. Not too hard and unrealistic, but just challenging enough that it will resonate with people. Feeling awkward, lack of confidence - those are your prime market shoppers. People who don’t have strong identities of their own
    3. Befriend everyone, make them think you nurture them and want the best for them. She’s created a huge year 6 playground online, with everyone wanting to be part of the world she has created, to stroke her hair and be invited to her sleepover. Show them just enough of Your life to hook them in every day, but not too much. You will create a noisy circle around you that help you batter off all that pesky criticism
    4. Upsell upsell upsell. Start throwing in bigger ticket items and more of them once you have Hooked them with smaller things, but don’t go full reality of your cash increase. This will allow you to enjoy some of your more luxurious items. Don’t bother people with any in-depth real-life problems or waste time on them, if you remind people you are rich and they are poor, they won’t buy from you. Keep reminding people about how relatable you are and how hard you had it, and they will believe you deserve it more than they do
    5. Distraction. The thing she does best. Prerecorded stories, half-truths and troll cries to deflect away from things she wants to do that could be seen as crass or unrelatable
    6. Overcompensate with thanks to your fans. You wouldn’t be where you are without them and they are now part of your brand even though they do not benefit from it. Make them believe that all you do is give back to them and work for them, when in fact you do not give anything back. Hook them in by replying to some comments and screenshot messages so they keep engaging hoping you will reply to them one day
    7. Disappear sometimes to make everyone worry and want you to come back
    8. Release a sob story
    9. Now you have landed much bigger brand deals, start distancing yourself from all this investing time into the fans and make celebrity friends instead
    10. You are now invincible. The sob story, troll cries and noisy army continue to deflect negativity away from you. Bask in your cash and enjoy it, take a lot of time off

    Games to play

    Tattle bingo numbers by @bosskaren70


    Masterchef wannabe - As Mrs Hinch, she used to only be able to cook 2 meals either rancid sweet chilli nachos or Jamie’s pond water casserole. However, on her personal IG account as Sophie Rose Hinchiffe she is a decent cook, posting past images of homemade lasagne & risotto. An example of 'cooking' for Ron. Sausage casserole. HM Risotto. example
    DLP - During a trip to DLP, she packed millions of Ella’s kitchen pouches for Ron but almost overnight remodelled herself as a baby-weaning sensation, cooking from scratch every day (and obviously ripping off recipes and not giving credit).

    Spaghetti hoop, spinach, egg "pie"
    View attachment 290918
    View attachment 290923
    Chicken Soup Pie
    View attachment 290920
    Cheesestring Shepherd's Pie
    View attachment 290922
    Crumbled Muffin with Carrot Sticks
    View attachment 483213
    Iced Cakes with Crêpe paper
    View attachment 483221
    Cheesecake in an Easter Egg
    View attachment 483215
    Cheerio Cupcakes
    View attachment 497966
    View attachment 497967
    View attachment 497968

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