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    Abbreviations, terms and phrases

    Onslow - A term used in reference to Jamie due to the uncanny likeness with the character Onslow from British comedy series ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. Onslow is described as “an overweight and unemployed man who earns his money through betting on horses, spends his time drinking beer, eating crisps and smoking cigarettes, and watching television” by the KUA Fandom. Jamie too is unemployed and earns his money through his wife’s “influencer” status, spends his time drinking Lucozade Sport, munching on grazing table spreads and watching “his” team, Arsenal, play football on TV. Both men share a love of wearing white ‘wife beater’ vests all year round. He also now goes by Kanye Vest, Vestlife.. etc etc.

    DM your Dad - This is a phrase quoted from one of Hinch’s staunchest fans known as (DTL). Hinch appeared on the Chris Evans Virgin Radio show on 26th November 2019 and came under lots of criticism in their subsequent Instagram post. DTL called for these comments to be removed and for the “trolls” to be blocked, manically tagging all Virgin related companies and going so far as tagging Virgin owner Richard Branson’s daughter, Holly and asking her to 'DM you dad' to help get this actioned. They also threatened to “…never fly with you again unless you block these trolls asap.” Other threats included tagging @Jesus with the caption “can you give the trolls some plaques 🙌 they 🙌 deserve 🙌 it.”
    This was later translated to mean “plagues."

    For new members.
    • Chief’s kiss, a typo response from a hun.
    • Kate to the party (late). nusty people (nasty). duty heart. cruncky snacks (also includes blessed be). arsenal holes (arseholes). terwatts (twats). butter (bitter). bugger (bigger). amamzing (amazing) and #bekond (originally kond) are typos from Hinchers so Tattle is using them. We were also called fat hens once.
    • ATV = all the vest = Jamie wears vests and she uses ATB (all the best).
    • I’m thank you = what we thought she said to Phil Scofield in her This Morning interview.
    • Inch (this is why he is called Inch), Janine (see below) Onslow (see above), Tom Hardy (Sophie states that fans think he looks like TH), Vestlife and Kanye Vest (as he always seems to wear vests) = Jamie.
    • Fredafiddlefingers, MadMaYahoo, Ma Barker, = Freda, Zoph's mum.
    • Weeping Al, Geppeto = Alan, Zoph's dad.
    • His Lardship, Lardsome, fat bastard, chicken strip. = Henry.
    • Mamfa = Sam, Sophie's half-sister. Her husband is also called Jamie.
    • Cling-on = Abie, Sam's daughter.
    • Trace = her nail technician bff, who lived in the loft at her old house.
    • Plip and Plop = Flip and Flop the fisccch (as this is the sound they’ll make when they head down the toilet along with their 10+ children who are currently unnamed)....... RIP fish as they are no more.
    • Wooly Wankers or WW's = The 3 alpacas at the 'tend 'farm', Raymond, Rodney & Roy.
    • Nigel - is someone who works at the ASA.
    • House No1 = The old house is known as Castle Greyskull or Guantanamo Grey.
    • House No2 = The new one is Liars Lodge or NotaFarm.


    Swimming lessons @Nicnak21 posted that someone's Aunt was teaching them to swim.

    What the f**k moments

    Cypress - Launched ''her'' new laundry product and pronounced cypress as sea press.
    Cleaning - Is unable to clean the house when the children are home.
    Spitting - Videoing herself as Rita, an Alpaca filter. She posted then Jamie posted from his view.
    Bath - Posted Jamie bathing the boys in the bath, nothing seen but rather inappropriate and vile behaviour which invades children's privacy.
    Really - After days of bragging, getting freebies and catching up on Tattle she tried to be relatable. Then followed it with an #ad.
    Alpacas - 29/04/22 Talking to them weirdly. Also, she often puts weird captions onto stories as if they are talking to the dog.
    Recording - Turned out the video was one she'd recorded on Tuesday and then uploaded on Friday.
    2nd fridge - Dec 2019 purchased a fridge for the garage to store her Xmas overspill, then extra storage going forward. So excited
    2nd kitchen - Made another kitchen in the garage area, and used her 1st ever sink from the Greyskull house that she had kept.
    30th - After her 30th birthday meal at Hinch castle, all her kids left her house bearing gifts of half-used cleaning products.
    £12.99 - That's how much it was to meet her. Included the book as well. She cancelled the rest of the tour as she was with child.
    BBQ - During the 1st lockdown used a George Foreman grill as an outdoor bbq practically every morning and night.
    Being cryptic - Goodnight post after SS showed her new puppy off. What is she talking about?
    Again - Another cryptic post. Good and bad. What is wrong with her lately.
    Bingo - Went to bingo with SS & LL, to get attention onto her she accidentally on purpose threw the counters onto the table.
    Birds - Labelled a candle jar as a birdbath and put small glass jars filled with nuts on the bird table.
    Blanket - Stole a blanket from the plane coming back from the honeymoon. Got called out, claimed was giving it back but kept it.
    Car seat - A clip on the straps which maybe illegal. (European car seats, by regulation, require that the child be removed in a single motion)
    Cold sores - Constantly has cold sores, Tattle speculates she is having lip fillers and this is her excuse not to show her face. 13/04/23. but awkwardly showed her face on the 16th with no cold sores. 22/08/23.
    Copying - stole a quote from a Tattle member's post and used it as her own.
    Creep - Jamie often posts pictures and videos of Sophie, which makes him come across as a pervy dirty old man. Pic. yeah, she is.
    Desk - for her office, said her dad was making her one, but it was on her to-do list to buy, she got a £275 small ladder desk.
    Dirty mouth - On their wedding anniversary break Jamie was joking with her, she told him to f*uck off.
    Dreams - Every now and again she posts that Jamie has cheated on her in her dreams, they all end with her flicking the bird.
    Fake sand - Rather than buy Ronnie real sand she used crushed cheerios. Not cheap I should think.
    Favourite child - Going by her posts on Ron & Len's 1st birthdays, it's apparent that Len is the favourite (and the videos she posts)
    Fish lino - Had fish lino put down in the corner of the children's playroom.
    Filter on the dog - Is known for using filters, but is now using it on the dog.
    Flour - Copied YouTube’s Blippi - she and Ron threw flour all over the Range Rover.
    Freda in the pool - Fredafiddlefingers looking sheepish when filmed touching Jamie's back in a swimming pool.
    Games night - JH filmed the niece without her consent. SH said 'deldo' he said 'dildo' repeating it a few times, not sure why.
    Day after. JH came onto his IG and said dildo again. Her candle was in full view, so advertising that for her without an #ad.
    Garage - Freebie flooring for her to use the space above the garage as her HQ.
    Garden - Walking around the large garden feeling overwhelmed.
    Gifted mattress for the dog - Emma gifted her a mattress (and an ad) so she posted that the dog can decide which room and mattress he wants. Dirty delete. Then the day after she moved in she posted again about the dog's room. Dirty delete.
    Glo worm Lennie - A 'fans' picture was posted of the boys. Len looked like a glo worm and Ron looked like Danny DeVito.
    Gifts - Wrote that she was wrapping Ron's Xmas gifts 'from 'Mummy and Jamie'.
    Giveaway - 18/05/23. Went to Manchester for a LF meeting. Got tons of luxury products. Day after she stated she would give them away. Asked for the huns addresses. 20/05 posted that she'd given them to a woman she met last year.
    Harvest festival - As a 1st-time mum, she wasn't aware of what it was. Got the whole lot off the list. Then was trolled.
    Hair extensions - 04/08/23 - Sophie spends a whopping £1,030,00 on a new 'Rapunzel' style 24" weave, which, she claims wasn't gifted.
    Hens - She is getting 3 ex-battery chickens. All start with a P. Coop is being installed.
    Hens - 14/08/22. They are here, Pam, Pat and Peg.
    Hens - 21/04/23. Told IG that Pam had died, however, she had not been seen for ages so when did she die? This got her in the Daily Mail, archived.
    Hens - 25/06/23. After Pam died she finally got another one to make up the number 3 she likes - another ex-battery hen called Pringle. Bless it, it has no feathers.
    Hens - it appears, allegedly, that she only has 2 now. Pringle and Peggy. Where is Pat? She was there 25/06.
    Hens - 24/09/23. Got 4 more hens, she is to call them after the Spice Girls.
    Hens - 03/11/23. Finally admits that Pat died months ago, she was put to sleep.
    Henry - She loves the dog so much. On the bedroom floor. Kissing him again.
    Henry's bathrobe - Henry received a #gifted bathrobe. Never to be seen again.
    Henry sleeping - Sleep howling like a cow.
    Jamie smoking - June 2019 while on holiday sunning in a mansion. Is he or isn't he? Is it his breath. Anyhoo June 2019. Jamie smoking?
    Jigsaw puzzle - 2023 Was given a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle from Mamfa, which you can get for dementia sufferers.
    Lewis Capaldi - 2019 - Gave him shout-outs on her page and since then believes she may have boosted his career. Said on 1 post "I hope my platform can help get you the recognition you deserve" Then deleted it later.
    Mamma - Lovezz her mamma that much she takes her old hanky to bed, which is smothered in her perfume.
    Mat leave - 16/05/2021. Stated she was taking maternity leave from her 'career' on IG.
    Mattress snow - Made a dry mixture of Zoflora & bicarb for the mattresses, then vacuumed it off. Also used it on the rugs.
    Minky - Took the Minky to the theatre and on honeymoon - 'hinched' a perfectly clean bath just to ££ad it
    Mother is just as nasty - Freda and Sam wade in on Facebook when things look bad for Sofa, they trash talk the lucky people.
    Moss - Using a glue gun, put fake moss into a bowl for her coffee table and then proclaimed “The air feels clearer already”.
    Naked? - On her personal IG account Sophie posted a pic of Jamie exercising, it looked like he was naked.
    Orla - Purchased an outdoor olive plant (called Orla.) for indoors and a fake one for the perGoala.
    Oven - Admitted on Rylan's radio show that she hadn't cleaned the oven yet.
    Pissy - Using the #ad Shark Hand-held to vacuum the toilet pissy floor and then using it on the kitchen worktops.
    Pumpkins - Went to a local farm without Ron, took Len, Fiddle and Mamfa though. Picked shedloads of pumpkins for her displays.
    Rabbits - She had 2, which she said were her ‘babies’ then when Henry came along the rabbits were never to be seen again.
    Rack - Purchased a small wooden clothes rack, and put it on the wall in Henry's room as she hasn't a utility or a laundry room.
    Radiators - There are 2 radiators in the dog's washroom.
    Robinsons - For months took to carrying a squash bottle around, saying it was hers only. Hoping for a collab but gave up eventually.
    Ronni e - Made some wooden plaques but made it look like she had spelt Ronnie with an extra space. Ronni e
    Saddo - Is/was constantly tagging famous people on IG to get a response. Michael Bolton, Maria Kondo, Lee from Blue, Mollie Mae.
    Sealant - To cover up pink mould she used sealant on the grout rather than a normal product.
    She enjoyed cleaning – 2018. On mumsnet, leave her alone and she doesn't buy followers. She enjoys cleaning (not now though).
    Snow globe - Has a really weird way of shaking a snow globe.
    Spelling - Labelling mustard as 'musturd' and turmeric as tumeric'
    Spider - Hitting herself in the face because she saw a spider.
    Stalking - Driving around Maldon Village and sitting outside houses wondering if they are Hinchers.
    Sticks - Went out a few times during the 1st lockdown to collect pissy sticks to make wall art. (Purchased from eBay?) Heart. R. H.
    Superglue - Mar 2020 lockdown her nail fell off, so she stuck it back on with Gorilla superglue. Later it was mysteriously off again.
    Taking pictures - Liked to take pictures of her clean areas as it made her smile (2020)
    Tekkers - Jaydog posted a pic of Sofa multi-tasking (feeding, stroking & rocking), 40+ & getting down with the kidzzz. Perlezze.
    Thick as sh*t - Wondered where lakes started and ended.
    Tik Tok - She tried to make it on Tik Tok but failed. A look at me moment.
    Tumble drier sheets - Used to soak them in Zoflora and put them all around the house
    Weird - Wanted to speak to a beautiful girl watching her stories but was too scared to do it.
    Whoo hoo ooo - While on the above anniversary break, Jamie said 'I love you' she replied ' Whoo hoo ooo'.
    Why delete - Thursday, early morning she posted a video of her filling in holes with a credit card, then deleted it.

    Fake as f*ck

    Late in paying - On FaceBook a poster commented that they had to chase her for payment and the Hinch effect doesn't work.
    Lonnie's 2nd birthday - Was bleating on about party anxiety, where to put the coats, where can everyone park, and whether she should make some adult rose canapes. 21/05/23 - SSS's sister posted that she'd been to the party. Seems she'd hire a wedding place venue to host it. Rivenhall Oaks in Witham.
    22/05/23 - Was spotted out in the wild at Marsh Farm, been moody towards Jamie, not interacting much with the boys, angrily brushing sand off Ron, and always on her phone.
    23/05/23 - Came on IG and recounted a moment before the birthday bash. Her electricity failed and she had to climb the gate.
    23/05/23 - Posted about Marsh Farm but didn't let on when it was filmed.
    Bots - Buys lots of bots and bots and bots and bots and bots and bots
    Baftas - Claimed to have turned down an invite, she and Inch were to be seated next to Brad Pitt.
    Drinking - State they don't drink alcohol, and again, wasted bubbles. Is this alcohol?
    Durex - Came on to say what shade of paint she had just used, said Durex, meant Dulux, which of course got her into the papers.
    Filters - uses so many filters that nobody is sure of the real face of Sophie Hinchliffe. Pic. different.
    Friends - mentions her 'kids' regularly but her book ''Hinch Yourself Happy'' states she didn't have any. She does here.
    Garden furniture - From her book. Apparently, a man just turned up at the house with furniture. Jamie took it to the tip.
    Gleam - She claimed that a friend put out feelers, but then Gleam sought her out. Which is it? Gleam insisted she didn't even know what an influencer was when she started, she was that authentic.
    Height - States she is 5 feet 9 but then sometimes she admits she's 5 feet 10.
    Feet - It appears she has size 5/6. Her smaller mum can apparently wear them as well.
    Feet - 25/06/23 - Was spotted in the wild the day before, at the hen do, so she posted up a pic of her dressed as Spice Girl Mel B. She forgot to edit out her real foot on the picture when changing her feet size though. oops
    Jamie's pants - While filming in the bedroom, spied Jamie's pants. As if she didn't realise they were there. Great actress, not.
    Like count - She has hidden her IG like count and posted the reason why. Hidden likes.
    Mallorca holiday June 2022 - Dramatically dropped to her knees after Ronnie said 'I love you Mummy'. Stayed in a 5k villa that sleeps 12. Mum and Dad Barker spotted as usual with them while the Hinchliffe parents babysat the 'farm'. She shrunk in height when taking a family pic without Ronnie. Sun-kissed.
    Manic clean - Freshen up Friday clean in the lounge. Rather manic, either fake or she needs her head testing.
    Meat - Since having the chickens stated that she has not eaten meat for 7 months.
    Nappy - Wiped Lennie's pissy nappy over her face because she was tired. Fake or real either way odd behaviour
    Neck rolls - used photoshop to smooth out Jamie's neck rolls Pic. Real.
    Jamie photoshopped. Likes to filter herself so why not photoshop Jamie as well.
    Only Fans - Posted a reply on another Instagrammers Q & A's. Not so virtuous or insecure now Soph. Hunnay.
    Selfridges - Deserved to have a Pretty Woman moment, felt awkward, didn't like the way she was looked at so bought loads of items.
    Sexy movie - feigned modesty while watching a movie - Not such a prude in RL seeing how she met Jamie
    Singing - While singing to Beyonce she looked manic.
    Singing again - While on a friend's hen do she mimed to a Christina Aguilera song, her huns thought it was her, they told her she was great and should go on the masked Singer or duet with SSS. She had to admit she was singing along with CA.
    Talc - After a shower J went to kiss her neck and got a mouthful of talc, S found this hilarious. "does anyone else use talc guyyysss or is it just me omg"
    Tomato - Picked a tomato. from Ron's veg patch, looked like it came from the supermarket, did she plant any there though?
    Tramp - eating spaghetti hoops from a jug because it’s quick.
    Tramp again - Dusted using Jamie's underwear because she left them lying around.
    Vanishing tricks - A security light is seen when updating a door, then days later while cleaning the room it wasn't there. pics
    Village - Wrote in her book that she was from the village of Maldon.
    What - 'I think the reason why I get upset so quickly is because I would never do the things people do to hurt me, to hurt them'. pic.
    Xmas card - Received a Xmas card from a hincher, but it looked suspiciously like she'd written it. Pic.
    Stacey Solomon friendship - Is it real or were they put together by their agencies? Tattle believes it is fake. SS is known as Trollomon on the MH thread, as on some of her posts she is definitely throwing shade at Soph. They often get together to get into the paper or if Tattle says they aren't real friends. Later on, after the latest get together she wrote a weird woe is me post.
    Vegetarian - Announced on 7 June 2023 she hasn't eaten meat for 7 months. Only eats fish and seafood. So a pescatarian then! It appears that she had done this since getting the chickens.
    Pictures showing her cooking meals etc with meat were produced for this timeline.

    Rants galore

    Hissy fit - Has rants about Jamie's flip-flops being left all over the house, but leaves her slippers everywhere.
    All about Henry.
    Gaynor rant
    - Rec'd a message. about Henner's weight & told them to f*ck off.
    But But But - Likes to feed him like a baby. Feeding Henry. Also feeds him supper as otherwise, he refuses to go to bed.
    Human - Received a message that Henry is too human, Gaynor sticks up 2 fingers.
    Safe spots -Aggressively videoed that Henry has safe spots to take himself out when needed. However, his bed was 1 spot, there seemed to be a gate in the way, so that was out for him. She also constantly disturbed him when he was alone.
    Weight - 24/01/20. Gretal had a rant when Henry's weight was mentioned, stating 'Everyone puts on a little weight over Christmas'.

    All about Ronnie

    Autistic - 20/12/23 - Ronnie (and her) are autistic.
    Bedroom - Posted a pic of Ron's bedroom to show he is indeed in a proper bed, then deleted it moments later.
    Captions - Changed her captions because Tattle discussed her allowing Ron to touch Henry while he was alone/sleeping etc.
    Confused - Allowed Ronnie to go into the cupboard then shouted at him for getting a doggie treat for Henry. Face seen
    Cupboard - Ronnie shuts himself in the cupboard. Does this really happen? video.
    Dummy - Claims Ronnie has never had a dummy. Well, there is photo evidence on her page so why lie.
    Gloves - Photoshopped red gloves on Ronnie when outdoors in the garden.
    Grow slow - Grid post about Ronnie. She amended it after reading a response saying to change it to read “grow in your own time” rather than grow slow. However. she didn't change her Facebook post.
    In the bath - Was always posting pictures of Ronnie in the bath. Eventually, she stopped.
    Life jackets - Day out on the rowing boat with Trace and her kids. Ron had no life jacket on. In fact, none of them was wearing one.
    Mashed potato head - On Ronnie's 1st birthday a local restaurant showcased their creation of Ronnie. Freaky as hell.
    Potty training 24/08/2021. Took Ron's privacy, which doesn't exist, to a whole new level by posting a video of him on the toilet.
    Toilet - She then followed it with a picture of his head in the bowl. How revolting of her.
    Re-posted - She quickly deleted the video of Ronnie on the toilet but a firm that supplied the toilet steps posted it on their IG.
    Advice - A 'fan' then asked for tips on potty training, Gaynor posted loads of made-up horrible rubbish relating to Ronnie.
    Privacy - Then stated that Henry had stolen 'her' privacy. OMG, what an idiot.
    Playhouse - Photoshopped the name 'Ronnie' to the playhouse, as it was not there the day after.
    Ronnie's Fan Page - Delusional fans have even made Ron his own fan page. Strange.
    Ronnie - Tattlers found a pic of Ron on a man's IG page and talked about it. She read here and messaged the guy to remove it.
    Ronnie Painting - Allowed Ron to paint and get messy. It turned out to be for a P&G ad and the clothes looked new after washing.
    Sensory board - used Minkies, sponges etc Ron aged 10mths, couldn't use it correctly as she'd glued them onto a cardboard lid.
    There - Did she dub 'there' in this video to show Ronnie speaking.
    Did she dub in 'there' on the above video, as a few months later she posted another video of Ronnie clearly saying 'there'? Quite bizarre as the day before she stated 'he doesn't answer us quite yet', this story was possible due to the issue the day before, see plagiarism.
    Therapy - For months made out that Ronnie could speak, she even said on Vicky Pattison's podcast that 'Ronnie comes in and starts screaming wheels on the bus'. She then, out of the blue, posted that he has 'invisible speech needs.'. They won’t label him, but a diagnosis is okay. Later, admitted he was having speech therapy.
    Also, she constantly classes him as naughty. Why lie about your adorable son's needs. Mirror. Speech therapy, Naughty again
    Routine - Not a criticism, just posting this. States Ronnie has a routine (apart from the times she is out with SS or he is at Fiddles etc) Why post about a toddler's bedtime? Nobody (only the obsessed fans and bots) needs to see this. What is she implying?
    Morning rant - Gretal came on to complain about Ronnie waking her up too early.

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