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    Stacey Chanelle Clare Solomon (born 4 October 1989) is an English singer and television personality.
    In 2009, she finished in third place on the 6th series of The X Factor and gained a number one single in the UK when her fellow finalists released a cover of "You are not alone"
    In 2010 she won the 10th season of "I'm a Celebrity....... Get me out of here".
    In September 2016, she began appearing as a panellist on Loose Women.
    She has been dating the former Eastender actor Joseph Adam Swash (born 20 January 1982) since 2015 (in 2008 he won the 8th season of "I'm a Celebrity....... Get me out of here").
    July 2022. Stacey and Joe got married. The legal part was performed elsewhere and the blessing was performed by their Rabbi in the garden of 'Pickle Cottage'.

    On 21 March 2008, with Dean Cox, she gave birth to Zachary Harrison.
    On 5 May 2012, with Aaron Barham, she gave birth to her second son Leighton Leonardo.
    On 23 May 2019, with Joe Swash, she gave birth to her third son Rex Toby Francis Solomon-Swash.
    On 4 October 2021, with Joe Swash, she gave birth to her fourth child, daughter Rose Opal Esme Solomon-Swash.
    The birth was so quick that she ended up having a home birth at Pickle Cottage on her own birthday.
    On 12 February 2023, with Joe Swash, she gave birth to her 5th child, daughter Belle Solomon-Swash. Another home birth.

    Her annoying elder sister is Jemma Brent née Solomon, aka on Instagram as 'The Label Lady' (she has her own thread (not rave) on Tattle.) The Label Lady.
    Her clingy/creepy father David Solomon runs a photography business. He even took her near-naked pregnant photos. pic. pic. pic. pic.
    Dad & sister are mentioned regularly and appear on Stacey's page. It seems they ride on Stacey's coattails.
    Bizarrely her mum Fiona, and brother Matthew are hardly ever mentioned at all.
    Stacey herself is from a blended family.
    7 altogether, consisting of a step-sister (Samantha). 2 step-brothers, Jemma, Stacey, a brother (Matthew) and a half-brother (Josh). Newspaper article


    Annexe boys - Zac & Leighton sleep in the annexe. Yes, they are in a separate building altogether, No, not in the main house. (see below)
    No pics of Harry on her IG. Harry isn't shown on her IG as his mum doesn't allow it, and it's complicated.
    Stacey's teeth. She had new veneers fitted when her real teeth were ruined while pregnant with Leighton.
    Steve O - Dated Jackass star Steve O for a few months in 2015. Mirror link
    Pickle Cottage - The new house is not called Pickle Cottage.
    Pregnancy speculations - Every day a newbie or whatever posts'' is she pregnant/Stacey is pregnant'' - well until SSS announces it then no, she is not. Assume she's had a few daim bars if she appears bloated.
    Well, this statement didn't bode well, during 2022 she wasn't bloated but concealing another Solomon-Swash.


    Rex - Aka, Mick Hucknall Junior/Child of the Corn/Golden Child/Cash Cow.
    Rose - Aka, Roess as Stacey believes her initials spell Roses. She is the Golden child now.
    Stacey - Aka, Skanky/The Skank/Stinky.

    Worth and fees

    2020. The estimated fee for a Loose Women appearance is £3000.
    2021. Her current estimated worth is £3.5million.

    Controversies, Criticisms, Dramas and Lies

    Mandy - Is she the nanny/housekeeper or whatever?


    Annexe - It looks like Zac and Leighton (and Harry) have bedrooms in the annexe (the study in the annexe), which is a separate building and a few metres away from the main house. Pic
    Renovation video. House and Annexe.
    A mention in a newspaper. Tattle and 'the annexe boys'. Here achieved

    Covid - During the Covid19 lockdown Stacey, her sister and the extended family met up regularly at each other homes when Gov guidelines forbid it to do so. They claimed it was for babysitting purposes and they were all in 'bubbles'. These guidelines were blatantly manipulated by all the families as it was not necessary to have babysitters during these times.
    Her dad even caught covid and she never mentioned it. Mug

    Harry - Stacey is not allowed to show Harry on her Instagram, allegedly he stays over during the week and some weekends when Joe hasn't taken him fishing.
    Even though he isn't shown in her stories he is sometimes included in photoshoots and appears on Joe's IG stories (& Stacey's clingy dad) when out fishing. But more often than not his name doesn't get mentioned at all, albeit more as an afterthought when she realised that Tattle has noticed the omission.
    However, it has been pointed out that Harry does have his own IG page and often talks about his father during live stories. So is his privacy an issue or not? #Harrygate.

    Hygiene - Stacey is unclean. Stacey admitted on Loose Women that she rarely washes. Is often seen in the same clothes for days on end and rarely washes her hair.
    Walked around with something attached to her backside. made it look like it was poo. Her sister filmed it and posted it on her business page.


    Abu Dhabi holiday April 2023 - Stayed at Jumeirah Saadiyat island. A gifted holiday and as usual waited until she returned home before she added on #ad.

    Turkey holiday Aug 2023 - 10 days away in Turkey, private villa with a pool. A few ads - dove etc. - then she comes home. She then posts that it was arranged through a travel agency that gives discounts. She posts Q&As with ads on them. Blacklash commences. Tabloids state - via YMU - the price was £4k altogether but the truth was it was more like £4k per person. Posts a snidey story - unfollow or just mute me - She then posted other recommendations from the travel agency, and the TA posted a holiday like SSS, but they then Deleted it as it was not the same holiday. Goes quiet after she returns, her phone allegedly won't charge. Then as normal deflection time. Posts a montage of Zach - to thank him for babysitting - her dad was there so why get the teenager to babysit? Posts her new - but not available until September - homeware range with Asda. Begs her ''friends'' to vote for her at the NTA awards. Posts that she hurt herself falling off the treadmill etc. Joe bleats in the press she's burnt out but admits she provides a lot of financial freedom and security for the family by doing what she does.

    Adequately put by poster @TattelDoDonkey Print the truth for once...
    Another top-notch post by @cantstandinfluencers Don’t begrudge them a holiday…

    Dad went as well - David Solomon posted that he was on a quietish break and would reveal the destination when home. He posted a few pics that gave the game away. He was there with Stacey and her crew.
    He has also benefited from this travel agency, 3 free holidays. A cruise and with SSS - Abu Dhabi and Turkey.
    Straight after Turkey jetted to America to travel with his son Josh.

    The Queen - SSS has previously stated on Loose Women that she does not agree with the Royal Family. so when Queen Elizabeth II died on 08/09/2022, SSS posted a tribute that included the words ''Thank You Ma'am'', this was quickly Deleted and replaced by just the picture of the Queen. These posts were deemed extremely hypocritical by many on Tattle.

    Parenting - Stacey posts many stories about Rex which often shows him to be either dirty, his clothes filthy or his nappy very full. She also films Rex appearing very boisterous (he is a toddler) but not getting disciplined. she thinks it's amusing.
    It is often commented upon here that he is the favourite child and the IG money maker.
    Often leaves rose sleeping on the edge of the coffee table in a thin basket.
    She posted a montage where Rose was asleep on the floor beneath a chair that Rex was climbing on but reposted the story with Rose cut out just half an hour later.
    Let her brand new 'rescue' puppy climb over Rose to get in his favourite spot but it was ok as Stacey let 'Wilma' know she was there and watching.
    Favourite child - Rex is not the fav child anymore, Rose is here so he's out of the picture.
    Woodstove - In the old house on one story he was filmed hiding behind the woodstove.
    Log burner - This time the fire was lit. Joe had Rex standing on the vacuum and was pushing him around near it.
    Meet up- 29/04/2020, a garden meet up with Sophie Hinchliffe at Pickle Cottage, on one story Rex was seen eating broken biscuit mixture directly from a bowl, which was then made into a cheesecake to be served later that afternoon.

    Smoking - In 2012 Stacey received criticism for being photographed smoking while pregnant with Leighton, she went on the UK TV show 'This Morning' to discuss the matter. She later admitted it was wrong but said the criticism received was a little harsh. Also, Foxy Bingo axed her from the shortlist for the 'Celebrity Mum of the Year' award and from the judging panel for their Foxy Mum Of The Year award.
    Still smoking? Iceland backed her. Pics.
    2011. Won the celebrity mum of the year award, but in 2012 she was stripped of the award by the sponsors Foxy due to her being caught smoking while pregnant.
    31/01/23 - Tattle member @Asparagus123 found online that SSS was still smoking. Apparently, at Jemma's wedding in 2018, she was photographed smoking so her mum Fiona went to the Independent Press Standards Organisation and complained. The mail online removed all pictures apart from one of SSS.

    After their wedding - Joe appeared on Steph's packed lunch, he said that after the wedding for 2 weeks, it felt like they had lost a child. This statement was rather ill thought out and rather insensitive as apparently before they had conceived Rose Stacey disclosed that she'd had a few miscarriages. This video was also broadcast during child loss awareness week.
    Baby skeleton - Stacey's video of a baby skeleton for Halloween, was also broadcast during child loss awareness week.


    ASA - 2020. Told off by ASA for misleading ads on her IG page.

    Basket - Easter 2021. Stacey and her sister held an Easter Egg hunt at Pickle Cottage. Previously SS had made some baskets and shown only 3 (for her children), a picture was then posted before the event of the 3 already made baskets and a 4th, with Harry's name on it. This basket was seen in the boot of Jemma's car and was holding all her Easter Egg hunt goodies.
    Was this basket used as Harry had been forgotten about?

    Camper van - Stacey claimed they had to get rid of their car when Joe "surprised" her with a new campervan, that she hates.
    SS they didn't have one. She had an influence on the interior. More. Newspaper.

    Cut lip - Rex had an 'accident', Stacey came in her stories and said that Rex had temporary stitches near his lip after an accident but he needed to go back to the hospital to have permanent stitches. Whilst telling this story she laughed manically and said that Joe couldn't cope with the injury and was traumatised. They went to the hospital but were sent home to come back later that evening. Stacey took a fake plant, pillow, blanket, formula, baby bottles and baby food pouches (Rex is 2), along with other various bits of crap to the hospital.
    On the day of the operation 15/06/21, Stacey watched a film, had a baked potato and at least 3 times advertised products from the room. She showed no concern for Rex who was in the operating theatre. They were discharged later that day and Stacey let him run across the garden (after having surgery) towards the Wendy house that she has ruined. Stacey went to work the next day.
    A while later, after he initially returned home, Rex was taken back in the hospital for the night as his temperature had risen.
    WE do not know how the 'accident' happened and we haven't seen Rex's lip., for someone who shares everything she's keeping this quiet.

    Foreskin - April 2021, admitted on her TV show that she has kept her son's foreskin. The article mentioned sons so not totally sure if it's just Zac's or Leighton's as well. #foreskingate.

    Kitchen - When Stacey installed a new kitchen she stated the old one was to be given away to someone who needs it. Not long after it was seen to be up for sale on her dad's Facebook page, which was swiftly deleted. The Mirror newspaper posted about her giving it away. The Sun posted about her Dad trying to sell it and she did not respond when asked for comments.

    Party - 06/10/2020. on a Hinch thread, Tattle talks about a superhero party written down on a Hinch weekly list. On 14/10/2020 SS reveals on the radio they have already had the party. Then on 21/10/2020, they both posted a Pampers nappy joint #ad campaign meet-up at Castle Hinch. They then give different dates, Hinch said the party was 29/09/2020, Solomon says early Sept. Pampers then claimed they met up prior to the restrictions so which date is it? No social distancing was adhered to whatsoever during this meet-up, they even posted a picture of their heads together which was swiftly deleted.
    Deleted pic. Hinch Sept date? SS early Sept date. Hinch 29/09. Pampers date.

    Pregnancy 2021 - For months - like the Hinch thread - new and regular posters were constantly speculating that SS was pregnant, mainly due to her odd behaviour i.e. always tired and eating tinned fruits. On 09/06/2021 #pregnancygate was finally put to rest and SS announced that, after a few miscarriages, they were expecting a baby.
    - on 02/07/2021 announced they were having a girl. She then posted a grid picture with the 3 boys declaring “What on earth is a sister? Not sure what that means as both Harry & Leighton have a sister.
    Pregnancy 2022 - She was sneakily hiding her stomach area, wearing baggy clothes to disguise it, which gave rise that she was pregnant, then she'd confusingly appear slim again. A wedding pic in July showed her with a bulge. Were the bridesmaids told? A Halloween pic showed her slim, so at this point, no one was sure. Then a December 2022 bed-making video showed her with a bulging stomach. Speculation arose that she was pregnant again and not just a mum tum. On 16/12/2022 when she was filming SYLO with Sophie Hinchliffe she jumped onto her back. Then boom on 28/12/22 she announced she was pregnant and is due in a month.

    Racist Dad - July 11 2021. Joe, Harry, Lee Brent and David Solomon were on a weekend away watching the UEFA European Football Championship football final between England and Italy. DS angered a few posters by seemingly posting racist IG pictures of the players.

    Rats - Their old house is still up for sale and some Tattlers reported that they had seen a TikTok story of a rat in the utility area. The estate agent was showing around a potential buyer and saw the rat.
    Killerandcurepestcontrol - it now appears to have been deleted on TikTok, Facebook and IG.

    Wedding - July 2022. The wedding took place but the exact date and the formalities are not forthcoming yet as it was so secret. Friends and businesses involved did post some details but these were hastily deleted. All that is known at this time is that they had a legal wedding somewhere and then a garden blessing. After days of silence, pics were released on Thursday 29/07/22.
    Also, her fans were arguing online about her address and that the wedding had definitely not taken place as SS hadn't posted about it.


    Disney Land Paris - After the wedding, SSS & JS had no plans to do anything as they have always worked during the school summer holidays so decided to stay at home with all the children. After 5 weeks or so Z & L then went to their dad's. Literally, the day after the sticker sister posted that she was going to DLP and it was remarked on that Rex was seen in a video of hers. Rex was in other pics as well. SS did post that night acting as if she was in her bed with Rex and no favourite child.
    It seems Joe and Roess may not have gone but Stacey has remained silent and not mentioned anything about this trip.

    Holidays - Posted she has only been on two holidays abroad in the last three years. Ummm - Paris, Euro Disney x 2, Dubai, Austria, Greece.


    April 2022
    - A small wedding dress business flew in from NI to fit her for her wedding dress, to say the least, this in itself is not eco-friendly.
    However, while this was happening she stated Joe was away and due back the next day.
    But the business spoilt this deception by showing a picture that they took with Joe that day, conveniently for Stacey this was rapidly deleted and Stacey continued with the lie the next morning by showing Joe home.

    July 2022 - Stacey and Joe are having their wedding at 'Pickle Cottage' but did not want to get a license for an actual wedding there and will be having a legal ceremony elsewhere.
    They got tables and chairs gifted from Ikea which will be gifted to 'charity' after they have been used.
    Stacey was using pre-records to try and hide the date of the wedding but it looks to be confirmed that it happened on 24th July 2022 with Joe's supposed best man Ricky Rayment posting a story in his wedding suit which shows Pickle Cottage in the background


    - Maintains she got a new puppy from a rescue place but it appears she purchased it.

    Teddy - When Theo died she got another puppy, this one was from a rescue place and she said she had got him within 24 hrs of choosing him. Even though these places do not give dogs to families with young children the puppy was allowed to be homed with them. The charity stated this was not the case, Stacey was vetted for suitability and it had taken a while.

    Mitzy - When Stacey moved from the old house she did not take the cat. It was discussed here so when she caught up on Tattle she maintained that Mitzy was left with the neighbours as he was too old to be taken. At the new house, she fed took in a neighbour's stray though! Paper.

    Ok Stacey, whatever

    Pool guy - Timelines April 2021, He cleaned and sorted out the pool. While filling they realised it was leaking, it needed fixing and she wanted a shallow walk pool added on for Rex. Another company came but they didn’t do this and left it looking like a building site. She updated people but gave the impression it was the pool guy.
    Sept 2021, he asked her to state it wasn't him but didn't so he did a story explaining it. IG thepOOLguyml
    Jan 2022, she finally mentioned it wasn’t the pool guy who didn't fix it and she was looking forward to him coming back when the pool is indeed fixed.
    April 2022, People in again to finish tiling it, the poor pool guy cleaner had to again state on his TikTok that he wasn't the builder that left it in a state.

    Skeleton dog - Seemingly left the Halloween decoration of a dog in the woodland walk. After Theo passed away a picture was posted and her fans commented on the fact it was Theo's ghost.

    Sand - During Covid, she filled the bathroom with sand. Stated she'd ordered a bag but a ton came instead. Got her into the paper.


    2022 - Tap to Tidy at Pickle Cottage.
    2021 - Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World.
    2020 - Happily Imperfect: Living Life Your Own Way.
    2016 - Walk the Line: A Celebritease Novel (Best Things in Life 2).
    2015 - Walk on by: A Celebritease Novel (Best Things in Life 1).
    2011 - Stacey: My Story So Far.

    TV appearances and products

    In 2010 she won the 10th season of "I'm a Celebrity....... Get me out of here".

    In September 2016, she began appearing as a panellist on Loose Women.

    Has appeared on Channel 4's show Gogglebox with Joe Swash in the Celebrity editions.

    She launched a children's clothing collection range exclusively for Primark in 2020.

    In the Style clothing collection launched on April 27 2021.

    Has her own BBC show called "Sort Your Life Out" which aired on April 5th 2021, In the show, Stacey is joined by organiser extraordinaire Dilly Carter, carpenter Robert Bent, and cleaning fanatic Iwan Carrington.
    In 2022 the show was nominated for a BAFTA but didn't win.

    26/01/23 - Announced that in the summer she will be recording a C4 show called 'Bricking It' with Reece Witherspoon's production company.

    16/08/23 - Announced a homeware range with George Asda, available from September 2023.

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