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  • We’ve got ourselves a wiki to store helpful info shared by posters previously! Don’t let it stop you asking related questions - it’s just to be a little help.

    first up… hospital bags courtesy of @calmyourritas
    Couple of big baggy tops, something to throw on to go home in, couple of nighties (button up if you plan on bf), massive pants, flip flops, bra (I just lived in the primark crop ones), snacks, long phone charger, water bottle, breast pads, LOADS of maternity pads, standard toiletries for a night away, a dark coloured towel

    Other things I’m glad I had were
    Pillow from home
    Handheld fan - so good for labour and when I had a headache afterwards
    The Robinson squash drops - I hate plain water
    Headphones - to watch Netflix in peace
    Eye mask - lights are super bright
    Plastic bag - to put dirty washing in
    Peri bottle - good to wash down there with stitches and soreness
    Lip balm - gas and air makes your lips super dry
    Flannel - scrubbed everything off post labour and binned
    Hair bobbles!

    I took nipple cream I didn’t use as didn’t bf in the end and the disposable pants which I tried and hated.

    ETA by others: ear plugs, sleep mask, long (2m+) charging cable, hand cream

    For baby:
    Baby wise I took newborn and 0-3 clothes and the bigger ones absolutely drowned her (she was 7lb 1).
    Put baby’s first outfit in a separate bag so your OH can grab it quickly when needed (with a nappy, vest, sleepsuit and hat.)
    Nappies, wipes (or cotton wool) and nappy bags.
    Pre made formula with teets if needed
    A few muslins and couple of spare hats

    Employment laws around pregnancy, you can find information about this on the government website:

    Forms you need

    NHS exemption form -
    if this isn’t given to you it’s available at your GP surgery. You can get fined if you’re claiming free prescriptions and this hasn’t been completed.

    MATB1: usually from your midwife, seemingly randomly issued anywhere between 16 and 25 weeks depending on your trust. Needs to go to your employer so they can sort your maternity pay.

    Car Seat Insurance
    Car seats can be expensive, if you’ve paid out a pretty penny for yours you’re going to want to make sure that you’re properly covered for its replacement. Not all car insurance covers the full cost of replacement, some only cover a fraction of the cost. It’s worth looking at who provides full indemnity on car seats before you take out cover. Sainsbury’s does provide full indemnity, worth doing your research and reading the boring small print!