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Rules are boring I know, but hopefully the below will explain the rules we have at tattle as having and understanding them are important for a good community.

Don't attempt to moderate, tone police or tell people what they can post

example said:
I don't think anyone should talk about XXX here
example said:
I'm all for a bit of gossip, but you've gone too far
Everyone has a different line of what is acceptable on a gossip forum. However it gets in a right mess if people start dictating to others their own rules.

Hit report if you think someone has crossed a line and let us deal with it and don't respond to it. If you can't get on with a user click to ignore all of their posts.

Saying "I'm not moderating" but going on to try to moderate is still moderating šŸ˜†

Keep it on Tattle and no trolling

Trolling is contacting someone in their feed in order to upset them.

Keep all messages on Tattle. Any poster bragging about sending unpleasant messages to an influencer or their followers will be banned. This is trolling and would discredit the whole site and it's posters if we allowed it.

People coming on Tattle trying to disrupt here are the definition of trolls and will be removed.

Posting about moderation on a main thread

example said:
Why was my post deleted?
example said:
I'm back after I got banned for a few days!! What did I miss?
example said:
do not tag a moderator, there's a report function explain why I was given points?! Other people have...
If you want to complain about moderation post it in forum business or email admin. It just derails a main thread if you complain there.

No one ever likes being moderated, we don't like doing it. But it's needed at times. The alternative of a totally unmoderated free for all would be a very unpleasant place.

Sadly people can be quite misleading after having posting privileges temporarily revoked or a post deleted. This disrupts a thread when someone complains with a half-truth and as members don't know the full picture it's understandably easy to be outraged when you're not in possession of all of the facts. People making up stuff to antagonise tattle mods when we work so hard to keep the site running is totally unacceptable.

Arguments are often deleted (both sides of it) because it disrupts a thread, that isn't to say the moderator disagrees with the post. Like parking tickets I'm sure everyone feels they've been wronged at some time but it isn't moderators Vs members. All moderators are members here that love the site and only ever want to create a good community.

The worst is when someone has a totally inconsequential offtopic post removed like announcing they're ignoring a user, it's removed to keep the thread from being a mess and someone posts about being deleted acting as if something nefarious is happening. That will likely get a ban as it's so disruptive and disingenuous to smear mods like that.

example said:
Guys I was reported! I can't believe it, obviously XXX and YYY are reporting us!
When someone is reported the moderators will deal with it appropriately. We only ever have the objective of making the forum run well for everyone. Of course if a false report is filed nothing will happen.

Promoting small accounts / your own accounts / different sites

example said:
Is anybody following XXX they're hilarious (and xxx is a small account )
example said:
Check out the discord/fb group/whatsapp group I just created
Tattle is somewhere to talk about large-ish accounts, not somewhere to build a following.

Lots do join here to promote their own account and this is against the rules because quite honestly these people are often as bad as the ones they are critical of. People get addicted to the endorphin hit of likes and follows. It's easy to say how virtuous you are when you're a nobody looking for attention. This would almost certainly change if they became a somebody. Also these small accounts often end up trolling and it reflects badly on tattle if they gained their following from here.

Small accounts are also often used to try to doxx tattlers that watch their stories. It's in everyone's benefit to ignore them (and giving cryptic clues is worse than just naming the account and definitely still breaks this rule!) and not give them the publicity they want.

If it's a small account hit report. It's in the whole communities benefit to not mention/promote them.

Tattle isn't going anywhere and it's strictly against the rules promoting your own private group or similar and spreading fomo.

Discouraging people from reporting

Reporting is not a bad thing, it's vital for a good community that thrives.

People should not hesitate to report if they are concerned with a message, the moderators will then look into it appropriately. We take reports seriously and often get into lengthy discussions to decide.

Vague posting or asking for private messages

If you've got something to say then say it or say nothing. Vague messages offering some people private information that lead to pages of "ooh send me a PM hun" lead to a cliquey and unwelcoming atmosphere so are not allowed.

Everything on tattle is public - there are lots of people trying to discredit the site so we keep everything public so that the threads can speak for themselves.

Arguing with members

Tattle isn't somewhere for flame wars. If you don't agree with someone then use the kind of language you would to someone in real life to agree to respectfully disagree.

No hateful or abusive messages

Messages that are hateful, abusive or threatening are strictly against the rules.

Asking where users are

If someone has decided not to post let them get on with it. Otherwise it leads to all the @XxX don't leave, @XxX come back, @XxX I miss your posts which end up clogging the thread and often leads to people doing it on purpose for attention.

Unlike other large forums tattle isn't ban happy. But if people continually ignore warnings we will be left with no other option but to ban. The alternative of an unmoderated forum where anyone could do anything would not be a site that most would want to be a part of. Avoid speculating if someone has been banned as it's very unfair on mods as we have difficult decisions to make and members are not privy to all that may have happened.

Keep messages post watershed broadcast TV safe

No explicit or extreme content is to be posted.

Announcing you're leaving / flouncing

If you wish to leave tattle please don't announce it. It only derails the thread and honestly 98% of people that do this remain on the site either with that account or a create a new one.

If you want to take a break from tattle do so without announcing it or use the links in the top to delete your account.

Mean comments about children

Are not acceptable on tattle.


Don't ask for or share information that could compromise someone's privacy. Even if an influencer themselves has been careless and it's easy to find we take privacy very seriously as this is a public forum and it's against the rules to repeat it here/post steps to find it.

Cryptic or saying without naming

It shouldn't need to be said but if you're not allowed to post links to rightmove, you're also not allowed to say "search for x amount in X area with X bedrooms and find it for X. It makes no difference.

Or if you're not allowed to talk about an account for safety reasons you're also not allowed to talk about the account calling it Voldemort or "the account that shall not be named", if you're not allowed to talk about something dont.

Posts that add nothing

Posting to say great post or just clapping isn't needed as you can hit a react button to love/like/laugh.

Posting to follow a thread ("parking here" or "marking my place") isn't needed and adds spammy messages, hit the watch button for updates.

Posting to say "what have I missed" is not allowed as every thread would be a mess if people posted every other page wanting a summary. You can go back and read the thread or read the most liked posts easily.

Hidden and shortened links

Posting shortened links is not allowed as it's not clear where it goes to and it allows the person that set it up to get (very vague and not outing) stats on users (like cities and browser). Please report if you see something that looks suspicious like

Complaning about other tattle threads

It gets disruptive with vague complaints about other tattle threads. If you see a post on a thread you think crosses the line hit report and let us deal with it.

General forum posting

This is a forum so chat room style messages are to be avoided. Keep it somewhat ontopic and interesting.

This is of course not a list of every single type of post that isn't allowed, if something falls under disruptive or damaging it will be removed.

Knowingly breaking the rules or repeating the same rule breach after being warned will result in an instant permanent ban.


Hope that all makes sense

If you've been given a warning it'll no doubt be because of one of the above.

The warning text should give information about what it was for. We don't tend to go into detail anymore as honestly it didn't help anything as many wouldn't accept they were deemed to have broken the rules even when explained in detail. This is a gossip forum, not life or death. We don't want to ever delete or ban anyone but if someone keeps breaking the rules we're left with little else we can do. :)
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So you've had a post deleted? Well that sucks. No one likes having their post deleted and we don't like doing it.

However as tattle has long running threads and attracts a fair bit of drama it's sometimes needed. Don't take it personally, anything is done only for the good of the community.

The main reasons posts are deleted:
  • Off topic arguments, best to remove these as they derail a thread and ruin it for everyone.
  • A reply to a troll, best to zap the conversation all together else it encourages more to troll.
  • Taking something off tattle like trolling someone in their feed, even if it wasn't you repeating their messages here could be seen to encourage that person to troll so we tend to zap otherwise it could quickly get into harassment territory.
  • Attempting to moderate, it's our main rule not to try and control the discussion and tell people what is off limits. Even if we agree with what you say attempts to moderate will be deleted - it would be a mess if we didn't
  • Complaining about moderation, it just derails a main thread. If a post broke our rules we will delete it. See above for the rules.
  • Short chat like messages not adding anything "good post", "wow this thread is moving fast" or "totally agree" as reactions often do the same and the threads are busy enough without messages that don't add anything.
Tattle isn't like Instagram/Facebook/Reddit/twitter where comments are threaded and presented by an algorithm so one or two people can easily ruin a thread for hundreds. Mods try to stop that from happening

That said we're not perfect and moderating here is very challenging and frustrating at times, if you really think something has been deleted by mistake and it's important do email me.

And no, your post wasn't deleted because (insert name of influencer) reported it. We would only ever delete a post if it broke our rules.

Posting to complain that you've had a post deleted only disrupts threads and risks a ban.
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