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    Welcome to the Sarah's Day wiki. This wiki exists to document Sarah's scandals and lies so other people may see the truth of who she really is.

    The wiki now has two pages. You can now find the Deep Dive section on page 2.

    Who is Sarah's Day?

    Sarah's Day is the brand of Sarah Stevenson, an Australian wellness, health and fitness influencer and YouTuber.

    Why is Sarah problematic?

    Sarah is problematic for a number of reasons.

    • Her brand is centered around a healthy lifestyle but has extremely disordered eating and exercising habits.
    • She doesn't eat breakfast, rarely eats lunch, admits she binges and has alluded to having an eating disorder.
    • Regularly over exercises and has meltdowns when she can’t workout.
    • On top of going to the gym and pilates classes 5 times a week, doing boxing with her PT twice a week, she also has a gym, pilates room with a reformer and a sauna at home.
    • Despite all of this she claims she got her abs through her diet, supplements she's sponsored by and her ebooks.
    • She's anti western medicine and advocates against it.
    • She's a self-proclaimed holistic person but gets lip fillers and botox.
    • Regularly uses filters and edits herself to look thinner.
    • Sells fitness ebooks, including one for Pregnancy, a cooking app and is working on a cookbook despite having no qualifications to do so.
    • Held onto $400k AUD in bushfire donations for more than two weeks before finally donating it due to backlash.
    • Destroyed a small Aussie business by accusing them of scamming her, causing her stans to harass the brand. All because Sarah failed to notice they refunded her order. She never apologised.
    • Glamourises hustle culture, even at the expense of her children, marriage, mental and physical health.
    • Deletes comments and blocks people who post criticism on her platforms.
    • Is a pathological liar and will lie about the most random things.
    • Wildly exaggerates time, ie: 5 days = over a week and 9 days = two weeks in Sezzy Time™

    Top 5 Controversies

    There’s a lot more than 5 but these are the worst of the worst

    • 2020 Australian bushfire donation scandal (Deep Dive article on page 2)
    • Cultural appropriation and silencing BIPOC
    • Baited a miscarriage when she was considering a termination with M
    • Claims she cured her CIN3 by boosting her immunity
    • Marketed ebook 3 to people with potential eating disorders


    A list of projects Sarah has said she's working on, most of which she's abandoned:

    House tour vlog - 2020 2021 2022 2023?
    Sarah planned to do a house tour once the reno project was completed back in 2020, and then once she had finished F's bedroom (2021), and then once her new curtains had arrived (2022). No info since.

    Second home/content house reno - 2026+
    Sarah and Kurt recently purchased a 3.8mil property that they plan to knock down and rebuild into a content creation house. Sarah expects the build to last at least three years.

    New Sarah's Day podcast - 2023?
    Sarah is launching her own solo podcast after retiring The Health Code and The Health Code Daily podcasts she ran with Kurt. Name, content and launch date unknown.

    Two new cookbooks - 2023?
    On 18th May 2023 Sarah said in a cookbook update that she had two more cookbooks in the works, in addition to Sunee Side Up. On 22nd June 2023 she released a mini digital recipe book called Nourish Me, which is possibly one of the two books she mentioned.

    Postpartum fitness ebook - ?
    Sarah is working on a postpartum fitness ebook with FlowWoman, a part two to the pregnancy fitness ebook they've already made.

    7 Days of Healthy Habits & Self Care series - ?
    Sarah started this 7 day series on 5th July 2023. She'd planned to upload a short video everyday with a new self care or healthy habit tip. She uploaded Days 1 - 4 and then suddenly stopped. A week after not posting anything she addressed the lack of videos by saying mum life got in the way, never said the 7 days would be consecutive, and that she still planed to finish the remaining three videos but she didn't know when.

    Rumoured projects:

    A list of rumoured projects that either Sarah has hinted at, Tattle has found info about, or someone has given us the tea on, that may or may not be true. Take this list with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, but if it ends up being true, you read it here first!

    A postpartum fitness ebook with FlowWomen
    Confirmed 26/05/23. See above.

    A BLW ebook
    Sarah has hinted at releasing her 'extensive research' in baby led weaning.

    Kids clothing line
    This rumour was posted by a long time Tattle member on a Reddit post (now deleted) in 2021 / 2022, who has always been reliable in the tea they posted.

    Kid's/F's cooking channel
    Sarah has hinted at doing this since 2022. He will probably be front and center in her new cooking series.

    Timeline & Latest Dramas

    Click on the links for more info and screenshots (work in progress)
    Links open in same tab


    • 4 Dec - Pregnancy Tests

    A box of pregnancy tests and tampons were spotted on the counter in Sarah's vlog before she casually moved them out of frame. Since she kept the footage of them in the vlog (instead of re-filming that segment) it can be assumed their inclusion was on purpose and she's deliberately trying to bait pregnancy speculation again.

    • 20 Nov - Stolen sunglasses update
    Sarah uploaded a new photo which showed her wearing Prada sunglasses. Fans thought she had gotten the stolen pair back but Sarah revealed she had bought a new pair instead and would be filming a "life update" about the situation soon.

    • 17 Nov - Tone deaf - Israel / Hamas war
    Sarah releases her cookbook isn't able to be shipped to Israel and asks how to send presents to children in Israel and Palestine.

    • 14 Nov - "Racist" comments
    Sarah made a curried egg wrap for F's lunchbox and said he would be the "smelly curried egg boy" at school. A fan DM'd her and said her words were "borderline racist", which caused Sarah to go on a rant on her stories. She insisted she only meant the eggs which is why she said "smelly egg boy", deliberately ignoring the curried part.

    During the rant Sarah said she knew there would be articles written about her and, unsurprisingly, there were. Both the Daily Mail and covered the topic with near identical articles.

    • 12 Nov - Kurt liking bikini photos on IG
    Tattlers have spotted Kurt liking lots of bikini pictures of various different models/influencers on Instagram using his KJTilse business account. He has since un-liked several after it was discussed on the forum but Tattlers have since found others. 1, 2, 3

    • 9 Nov - Sunee App closing down
    Sarah announced she was closing down Sunee. She baited the announcement with a tearful thumbnail and a cryptic caption "Saying Goodbye" that lead many fans to believe she was quitting Youtube and commented their disappointment on her IG. While Tattlers have been predicting the end of the app for months now, the official announcement took her fans by surprise.

    The Sunee website states that people will have time to screenshot their favourite recipes but many commented to say recipes were deleted soon after the announcement and they didn't get chance. People with outstanding subscriptions need to contact support to be issued a refund.

    • 31 Oct - Stolen sunglasses saga
    Sarah had her Prada sunglasses stolen while she was at the post office. She left them unattended on the counter while she went to get M who had run off and someone stole them. The theft was caught on camera and Sarah wanted to take a picture of the thief to show to her local followers so they could help identify her and hunt her down. Fortunately, Sarah wasn't allowed to do this. The next day Sarah reported the theft to the police.

    Two weeks later, the police posted an appeal to their Facebook page, which included pictures of the thief (likely the ones Sarah saw at the post office). Sarah could now share the photos since they've been made public but she's not talked about the topic since.

    • 20 Aug - Cookbook name and cover "reveal"
    Sarah revealed the name and cover design of the cookbook. It is the same name and cover design she "accidentally" showed on her stories back in March.

    • 14 Aug - Cookbook update
    Sarah announced she had paid the deposit for the paper stock. The cookbook is being printed on "the most beautiful, rustic, woodfree, matt finish paper". She now hopes for it to be released by Christmas.

    • 13 Aug - Stressing over Bali or Fiji
    Sarah was stressed over trying to chose between Bali or Fiji for their luxury family holiday in two month's time. She ended up choosing Fiji, blaming M having a poor gut due to antibiotics as the reason not to go to Bali.

    • 31 Jul - Officially Stopped Breastfeeding
    Casually mentioned on her stories that she officially stopped breastfeeding two weeks ago (around mid-July).

    • 23 Jul - Another example of Sarah not using social media on Sundays
    This is the second Sunday in a row she has posted on Instagram since claiming she doesn't post on Sundays. She also posted the Sunday before when M was admitted to hospital again.

    • 16 Jul - Admits to getting lip filler
    Someone commented on the photo dump post saying it looks like Sarah has new lips and she replied saying she got hyaluronic filler.

    • 16 Jul - Sunday
    Posts a photo dump of her weekend and uploads five story slides on Sunday despite previously claiming she doesn't go on social media on Sundays.

    • 15 Jul - Esmi mispronunciation
    Sarah uploaded an advert for Esmi and in the comments someone asked how to pronounce the name of the brand. Esmi responded with "Es-may", not "Es-mee". Sarah then sheepishly addressed it on her stories to say how embarrassed she was for mispronuncing it all these years and why didn't anyone tell her.

    • 14 Jul - Cookbook Update
    Sarah gave a brief update on the cookbook status on her stories. She said the cookbook is now "out of her hands" and should be printed "basically any second" and to stay tuned for a launch date.

    • 14 Jul - Addressing the 7 Days Of Series
    Sarah finally addressed the fact she stopped posting the remaining three days of the series. The reason she stopped was because she's been too busy playing with her kids and being hands on so she hasn't had time to make content. This is ignoring the fact she still had time to upload a vlog, film a GRWM ahead of her cameo in Brenton's YouTube series and create an Esmi advert. She still plans to finish it. One day.

    • 10 Jul - Doesn't do social media on Sundays
    On Sunday 9th Sarah fails to upload Day 4 of the 7 Days of Healthy Habits series. She instead uploads it on Monday 10th. When asked why she didn't post it the day before Sarah replies saying she doesn't go on social media on Sundays.

    This is a far as she gets with the series as she doesn't upload any more.

    • 6 - 8 Jul - Day 1 - 3
    Sarah launches her 7 Days Of series. She uploads Day 1, 2 & 3 on Thu, Fri & Sat respectively.

    • 5 Jul - M is home / 7 Days Of Series
    M is home from hospital. He had rotavirus.

    Sarah announces her 7 Days Of series because she's had a rough week and needs a reset.

    • 3 Jul - Romanticising M's hospital stay
    Sarah posts a video to her stories from M's hospital room with the caption "a little skincare to romantisize this...not-so romantic experience" [1, 2, 3]. She then uploads a wordy grid post featuring 8 photos of M sick and in hospital to explain what was happening.

    • 2 Jul - M back in hospital
    M was taken back to hospital after presenting with severe dehydration. He is kept in for three nights. Sarah claimed he was put on "high flow fluids" and antibiotics.

    • 29 Jun - M in hospital
    M was admitted to hospital after he had a febrile seizure. Sarah claimed he stopped breathing and needed CPR until the ambulance arrived. He was discharged later that night.

    • 22 Jun - Nourish Me Recipe Book
    For the end of financial year sale Sarah released a mini recipe PDF called Nourish Me. You could get this free with the purchase of any of her ebooks that were on sale, or you could buy it direct for A$9.99.

    Nourish Me is apparently a collection of Sunee's top 10 most popular recipes. These recipes are:
    Golden Pineapple Smoothie
    Afternoon HIIT Smoothie
    Shreddy Mango & Chicken Salad

    Sunee Sausage Rolls
    Simple Prawn & Chorizo Paella
    Tuna & Chilli Spaghetti
    Naked Snickie Bars
    Sarah's Chewy Choc Chip Cookies
    Bouncy Apple Cake With Lemon Drizzle

    Five of these recipes are currently on the Free Recipes sections of both Sarah's Day and Sunee websites, while a 6th recipe is shown in a video on the Sunee IG account.

    Sarah only advertised this recipe book on her Sarah's Day platform, she didn't post about it on Sunee, despite these being Sunee recipes. This is likely because Sunee subscribers will already have these recipes on the app and/or will know they are free on her website. Instead, Sarah targeted her Sarah's Day fans who aren't Sunee customers and wouldn't know they could get 6 of the 10 recipes for free.

    • 21 Jun - Eating Lunch Contradictions & Lies
    Sarah uploaded a "Bad Habits" vlog. One of her bad habits is skipping lunch (FWIW she has always skipped lunch). She'll eat breakfast and then snack on protein or muesli bars and the kid's leftovers for the rest of the day. In the vlog she then eats an apple for lunch instead of a bar and considers it progress.

    Two days later she uploaded a chaotic TikTok and rambled on about how she can't understand people who forget to eat lunch because she never, NEVER forgets lunch. She makes lunch for the boys and herself, and then eats the leftovers of the boy's lunch.

    This is a stark contradiction to the Bad Habits vlog and two comments on the TikTok called her out on it [1, 2]. She replied to both agreeing that all she does is graze on muesli bars and her kids leftovers, confirming that what she said about making herself lunch was a lie.

    • 14 Jun - Cookbook
    She's STILL editing the cookbook. Has pushed back the potential release date to Oct/Nov 2023. She's confirmed the cookbook has 129 pages, has been checked by a nutritionist, dietician, two proof readers and a copy writer, but is still finding errors.

    • 29 May - Lip fillers
    Said she last got lip filler a few months ago. This would have been for the activewear photoshoot when she was still actively breastfeeding M.

    • 19 May - Cooking Series and Rebrand
    Sarah uploaded the first episode in her new cooking series on YouTube, which also featured a new filming/editing style. Cooking content, mummy vlogging and a new, relaxed style of video appears to be her latest rebrand attempt.

    • 18 May - Two new cookbooks
    During the cookbook update she said she had two other cookbooks in the works.

    • 18 May - Cookbook update
    Sarah finally gave an update on the cookbook. It is now completely finished. She had "just got off the phone" with the distributor, Booktopia, who just needed to know numbers, which she will confirm this week. The new launch date is broadly given as October.

    • 18 May - Rebranding Sarah's Day
    Sarah uploaded a new photo to Instagram with a caption that said she was rebranding Sarah's Day. The photo is her new profile picture. The outfit is the same as she wore in the photoshoot for her new podcast she did back in February.

    • 16 May - More engagement tactics giveaways announced
    After announcing the winner of the Mother's Day giveaway Sarah announced she loved it so much she'll be doing a giveaway every second or third vlog for the rest of 2023. All people have to do to enter these future giveaways is be subscribed to her YouTube channel and comment on her vlogs.

    • 14 May - Cookbook
    The cookbook, Sunee Side Up, was due to finally be released today but Sarah hasn't mentioned the project since 13 March.

    • 11 May - Giveaway vlog
    Uploaded the Mother's Day giveaway vlog. The giveaway started from when the vlog went live and ends Tuesday 16th May, two days after Mother's Day. The giveaway is worldwide so if the winner lives in the states or Europe, they wouldn't potentially get their Mother's Day prizes for several weeks after. This is another example of a last minute idea. As it's being targeted to mums and Mother's Day, the giveaway should have been done weeks ago.

    • 8 May - F cooking
    Uploaded a video of F cooking on his own. It was clearly scripted and he constantly looked off camera before speaking, indicating he was being coached what to say by his parents despite them trying to edit it out.

    • 5 May - Mother's Day giveaway
    Sarah announced wanted to do her own giveaway on her YT for Mother's Day as she's only ever done them in partnership with brands. Proceeds to list the three brands she's partnered with who's products, not her own, will be gifted to the winner. She is also only shipping one of the prizes herself, the other two will be shipped directly from the brand.

    • 1 May - Wedding Anniversary
    Sarah and Kurt's two year wedding anniversary. Kurt posted a video compilation of the wedding footage and wrote in the caption "Happy 2nd Anniversary to my one true love!"

    Meanwhile, Sarah complained on her stories about getting no sleep because M is a poor sleeper and uploaded a sponsored coffee cup post. The next day Sarah briefly acknowledged the day by showing the flowers Kurt had bought her, that were still laying on the kitchen counter in their wrapper and not in any water.

    • 13-14 Mar - Life Changing News Baiting
    Sarah said on her stories that she had some life changing news to share and was going to reveal all in a vlog. She didn't give any hints, only that she was hesitant to share the news but is doing so because everyone would find out anyway. She said the vlog was due to go live that night, but later said it would be delayed until the next day. This is a classic Sarah tactic: hype up a vlog or an announcement and then delay it so people constantly check her socials for the reveal. During this time she posted an advert for her upcoming activewear launch.

    It was speculated on not only Tattle, but on Reddit and the Outspoken Podcast Facebook group that the news was going to be a second house or a holiday house. Tattle discovered both Sarah and Kurt's Pinterest accounts a long time ago and noticed more recently that both had boards for a Tilse Getaway Home. So it's been speculated they would be buying a second property for a while now.

    As expected the announcement was they have bought a holiday house. Their weekend away in Terrigal a few weeks ago was so they could go and bid on an auction for a house/plot of land in the area. Sarah won the auction and they plan to demolish the existing house and build their own from scratch. This house will be their second home/holiday home/content creation and set location house that they intend to rent out. It'll probably also be an AirBnB.

    Buying a second (third with the warehouse, fourth if they still have the apartment*) property is hardly "life changing" and Sarah is accused of exaggerating and baiting the news to increase engagement. At the end of the vlog she says there's more life updates to come, further baiting for future vlogs. You can read a Daily Mail article about it here.

    (*They tried to sell the apartment ahead of the move into the warehouse and it sat unsold for a while. It's unclear if it ever sold)

    • 4 - 13 Feb - Rug Gate
    • 4 Feb
    Sarah advertised an old rug for sale on her stories. She claimed it was "basically brand new" as it was only used for "a week or so" in Fox's big boy room but he didn't like the pink on it, insinuating they stopped using it. She links a photo of it from the brand's website showing it cost $849AUD brand new saying to "name your price". It was sold within the hour for an undisclosed amount.

    The drama is that she's had the rug for at least three years. There's a picture on her IG from April 2020 of her using it in her office at the apartment. In a vlog from Jan 2022 Sarah points out the rug in Fox's big boy room and said Kurt hates it and wants her to sell it. In the Christmas 2022 vlog we see the rug is discarded in the pool house (along with another rug) next to where Kurt is building Sarah's infrared sauna. So the rug has clearly been used and was not properly stored when it wasn't. On top of that, one of the hosts from Outspoken the Podcast (who covered this drama in an episode released Feb 5) wrote in their Facebook group that they remember Sarah buying a load of Moroccan style rugs for secondhand. So Sarah potentially sold a used secondhand rug for nearly full price (but this is just speculation).

    • 11 Feb
    The Daily Mail posted another article about Sarah, this time about the rug drama.

    • 13 Feb
    The Daily Mail covered this saga further by making a TikTok about it. This prompted Sarah to stitch their video to address the situation, something she rarely does, and to try to defend herself. However, she only dug herself a deeper hole by saying her "interpretation of 'basically brand new' is like good as new, or like immaculate condition." The rug was neither of those things.

    Sarah then made another TikTok to say the DM should call her by her married name, even though she still hasn't changed her name yet.
    • 2 Feb - Photoshop call out
    The Daily Mail Australia posted an article on Sarah getting called out for photohopping herself. [Read the article here]

    • 29 Jan - Sarah's new podcast
    Sarah announces on her stories that she'll be taking over the reigns reins of The Health Code podcast and going solo as Kurt is no longer interested in doing it. She asks for her follower's opinions on what she should call it if she were to change the name.

    • 27 Jan - 10 Feb - Kurt breaks his back
    Kurt posts a photo of him in a hospital bed saying he's fractured two vertebrae doing ju-jitsu. He said he's in good spirits and grateful he can walk. The next morning (28th) Sarah uploads a reel to Instagram to give everyone an update. After waffling on she eventually says she's waiting for an update on when she can bring him home, that he can't walk, and that it doesn't just rain in her family, it hurricanes. She later posts a photo of Kurt at home laying flat in the breastfeeding chair that they've renamed "Kurt's Recovery Chair". She says he'll probably talk about things "one day", as if it's too traumatic to talk about right now. Kurt actually posts an update on his stories the next day (29th). He explains how it happened, that it'll take six weeks to heal and that he'll need physio. He also said he can't lift anything, including M. Then on Feb 1st he's on his stories going for a walk to the beach with Fox. This isn't problematic in itself as walking and light exercise is probably advised for his injury, it's the fact Sarah said he couldn't walk just days before and now he's walking down to the beach with no issues. He also appears to go back to work shortly after.

    The next time they give an update is while on holiday (10th). Sarah shares a series of stories of Kurt showing his x-ray scan, with him sarcastically saying "You want proof my back is broken people." and goes on to call everyone "dumb dumbs" which Fox repeats over and over. Kurt says he's officially a cm shorter now, which Sarah scoffs at and says he isn't. He says the reason he's walking around is because the compression is not impeding on his spinal cord. He's in pain, but not too much and is off the pain meds. Sarah jokes to him that "people see you in the background and they're like 'Conspiracy! It's not actually broken!' but no it is, he can still walk though." The only reason people have been questioning it is because Sarah said he couldn't walk. So when they see him up and about and going back to work days later they are naturally confused. It's good his back appears to be ok but they both suck for letting people fear the worse for engagement.

    • 12 Jan - Instagram vs Reality
    The difference between an edited and posed mirror selfie vs how she actually looked on her stories.

    • 11 Jan - Photoshop
    Posted a post-pilates class selfie with visibly pixelated legs and exaggerated hips/cinched waist.

    Previous years under spoiler tags to condense the wiki.


    • 5 Dec - Lies vs Truth
    A Tattle post breaking down a series of lies Sarah said in her stories today.

    23 Nov - Lies and Sezzy Time™ part 2
    Addressed the size of her lips by saying they're just big due to wind burn and not fillers because she's breast feeding and can't get them right now. Goes on to say she last got lip filler just before her wedding, which she said was two years ago. She got married in May 2021, making it just 18 months ago.

    23 Nov - Lies and Sezzy Time™
    Said on her stories that Kurt had been away for 10 days on both the Melbourne trip previously, and this current one to Fraser Island with their church group. In actual fact he was only gone 7 days during the Melbourne trip (his team were gone 9 days but he flew back home for 2 days as Sarah was struggling with the kids), and has only been away 7 days on this latest trip as well as he left on the 16th.

    21 Nov - Lying about fake tanning
    Appeared in a White Fox Reel looking deeply tanned. When asked what fake tanner she uses Sarah says it's just her natural skin colour.

    20 Nov - Put M in potential danger
    Left M in the pram by the side of the road, turned her back on him and seemingly forgot he existed while she storied with F in the boot of the car. Post with a clip of the stories in question (might need to check the other screenshots to see where the pram is as you can barely see it behind her).

    16 Nov - Lying about Kurt's trip
    Kurt left for a work/fishing trip to Fraser Island with a large group of guys from their church, including Sarah's dad. Sarah said they were going away to celebrate her dad's 60th birthday. Not only is her dad's birthday in September but he also turned 60 in 2021 (she bought him the Aston Martin Vantage as a present).

    13 Nov - Sezzy Time™ strikes again
    Posted some throwback photos from when she was about to give birth to M, saying she was almost two weeks past her due date at this time. She was 40+5 and gave birth at 40+6. She was 6 days past, not almost 14.

    12 Nov - Waved a knife in M's face
    Uploaded a video to TikTok and IG to demonstrate how she cuts up a pear with a knife, which she did very close to M's face, so close he even flinches a few times. In the comments Sarah replied to concerned fans by saying it's just the camera angle and she wasn't actually that close at all.

    4 Nov - Photoshop
    Posted a selfie in her new activewear where she is looking extremely lean and on par with when she was self-confessed underweight. She's photoshopped her legs to look longer and leaner because in other pictures and video we know they don't look like this.

    3 Nov - Fat shamed M
    Sarah fat shamed M for feeding during the night by saying he could stand to drop those because look at the size of him. It's not the first time she's commented on his size, and is why she nicknames him Mally Moo and Moo Moo, and has even dressed him up as a cow.

    3 Nov - Single parenting
    Sarah said on her stories that mum's whose partners are away all the time (army etc) have it easier than her because they're used to it, whereas she's used to having Kurt present so she struggles when he's away.

    29 Oct - Sezzy Time™
    Said Kurt was away in Melbourne for two weeks when he was only gone for 7 days (his team were gone for 9 days but he flew home for 2 days in the middle because Sarah was struggling with the kids). Kurt posted on IG that they (his team) were gone for 9 days, yet Sarah still maintained it was two weeks on IG and in the vlog.

    24 Oct - ED behaviour (hearsay)
    Someone on the Reddit sub said their friend attended a wedding of a mutual friend with Sarah. They claim Sarah only ate her own food that she brought with her in a Tupperware instead of eating the provided food.

    11 Oct - End of collab with La’Bang Body
    La’Bang Body announced the end of their collaboration with Sarah. All of the Sarah’s Day range was up to 70% off until stocks last. Sarah has yet to acknowledge the split.

    It's not publicly known if the contract came to a natural end or if something happened behind the scenes. However, LB liked numerous comments celebrating the end of the collaboration, including derogatory comments about Sarah, as well as one suggesting she lied about owning Pitty Party. La'Bang has since unliked these comments.

    In a post on the Outspoken Podcast Community Facebook group calling La'Bang out for their unprofessional behaviour in liking those comments, someone defended LB by saying they wouldn't condemn LB if they knew what Sarah had done to them and the amount of money she had cost them. The thread was later deleted, presumably by the group mods, who usually delete negative discussions about Sarah.

    26 Sep - Posted her daily routine (that's not everyday and very flexible which is the opposite of a routine) which highlights how little work she does, and finally confirmed in the comments that F goes to daycare.

    14 Sep - Ad Breach - Esmi shampoo

    5 Sep - Sunee 20% off for spring
    After encouraging people to sign up for Sunee all throughout August for the birthday competition, she then launched the Spring into Sunee campaign where you got 20% off each month of the three month subscription for first time subscribers.

    She also launched the campaign five days after the start of the meteorological spring, suggesting this was a last minute idea.

    31 Aug - Sarah’s 30th birthday
    After hyping up her birthday all month, Sarah’s birthday passes quietly. Even Kurt fails to post anything on his stories or a grid post to wish her happy birthday.

    20 Aug - Uploaded a bikini mirror selfie with a text here. The giveaway is the direction of the strips down the back of the shirt next to her waist, which are vertical in other pictures.

    • 2 Aug - Sezzy's Ultimate Birthday Giveaway
    The "giveaway" was first mentioned at the end of a vlog uploaded Friday 29th July. Here Sarah says it's in partnership with Tropeaka, is the biggest giveaway she's ever done, the prize is worth a lot of money and to be entered into the draw you must be subscribed to both Sunee and the Body Bloom delivery service.

    The competition officially launched four days later on 2 August, with it being promoted on Sarah's Day, Sunee and Tropeaka Instagram accounts. The promotor is Tropeaka. The competition will run (Promotional Period) from 12am AEST 1 August 2022 - 11:59pm AEST 31 August 2022, and the prize will be drawn within 2 weeks of the End Date, on 9 September 2022 at 1pm AEST. The winner will have 3 months from the draw date to claim the prize. The winner has to use the prize within 1 year of being declared the winner.

    - Prize: The prize is advertised as being: "A one-night, 2-bedroom stay for you and your bestie at a 5-Star hotel in your closest city, wherever in the world you live, along with premium car hire*, a luxury spa treatment, pilates*, dinner, brunch and $1000 AUD spending money for you and $1000 AUD spending money for your bestie!"

    - How To Enter: "To enter and be eligible, Entrants must, during the Promotional Period, either:
    Option 1: Subscribe & Save to either Body Bloom ($57 AUD) or Fit Protein ($41 AUD) via a subscription in the month of August
    Option 2: Become a paid Subscriber to the Sunee App ($48 AUD) in the month of August
    Subscribing to both options will give you a bonus entry, therefore making it three entries."

    All three Instagram accounts say existing subscribers to either option are automatically entered into the draw, yet this is not stated anywhere in the T&Cs. It explicitly states during the Promotional Period.

    -Scam: This "giveaway" is a scam because you must spend money to be entered into the draw. The minimum an entrant must pay to enter the draw is $41 AUD, while being encouraged to spend at least $89 AUD for a bonus third entry. Those who subscribe to Sunee are also locked into a three month subscription which can't be cancelled. The definition of a giveaway is something that is provided for free. The T&Cs state this competition is a game of chance making this a lottery and not a giveaway.

    • 6 Jul - Sarah said Mal is constantly getting sick because he was given antibiotics during his last hospital stay and they have ruined his gut microbiome. Claims his doctors agree with her.

    • 4 Jul - Sarah claims she’s at the gym for the first time in ages, forgetting she was there a week ago when she told us she was struggling after having covid. She’s using the stairmaster with ankle weights and calls it a “chill session”.

    • 20 Jun - 4 Jul - Wellness Week
    -Wellness Week began Monday, June 20. In the IG post advertising it Sarah states in the caption it will last for two weeks. Then on Monday, June 27 she posted a pre-filmed video saying she was extending WW for another week.
    - Wellness Week included 20% off her ebooks, free activity bingo, free fill your cup journal and “free” meal plans that required a subscription to Sunee to fully access. She also offered one month free for Sunee, but you had to sign up to the minimum three month subscription first.
    - Sarah said she’d be posting wellness inspired content every day during WW. She posted a What I Eat In A Day vlog, two adverts for White Fox, one with a 30% discount code, a partnered giveaway with Esmi Skin Minerals, a Tropeaka advert with a 15% discount code, a 30 minute Pilates workout video advertising her Sezzy Timer app, another Tropeaka advert, this time with a 10% discount code, a Sunee ad, and finally an ebook ad.
    - Wellness Week was used to disguise the end of the financial year sales, hence the numerous adverts and discount codes and no actual wellness content.

    • 26 - 30 Jun - Kurt leaves for a week (actually just 4 nights) for work, leaving Sarah with the two kids for the first time. She says she’ll be one her own but her mum and sister Em (who's heavily pregnant) will help. Later in the vlog we learn her mum stayed the first night and that Em stayed for the next three nights so they could deal with Fox and Mal and Sarah could get some sleep.

    • 12 - 25 Jun - Covid Saga
    12 Jun - Everyone in the Tilse house is sick with flu symptoms. Despite this Kurt took Fox to a play date as Sarah “couldn’t cope with his energy”. Later that day Sarah tests positive for covid-19. Begins iso.
    13 Jun - Sarah backtracks and says Kurt and Fox are not sick. They aren't socially distancing.
    14 Jun - Sarah and Malakai both have a fever.
    15 Jun - Mal tests positive for covid.
    16 Jun - Kurt tests positive for covid.
    17 - 18 Jun - Sarah and Mal feeling better.
    19 Jun - Sarah starts throwing up, thinks it’s a stomach flu instead of a covid symptom despite being in iso. Fox is asymptomatic. Kurt quite sick and was sleeping in Sarah’s bedroom “just in case”. She doesn’t explain what this means.
    20 Jun - Sarah’s isolation is finished. Start of Wellness Week.
    21 Jun - Fox now has symptoms but is testing negative. She had already said he was asymptomatic, suggesting he was positive but showing no symptoms.
    24 Jun - Mal still unwell. No mention of Kurt or Fox.
    25 Jun - Sarah now saying she got over covid “a few weeks ago” but is struggling physically at the gym and fears long covid.
    No further health update on Kurt, Fox or Mal.

    • 3 Jun - Three days after Mal was discharged from hospital after he apparently stopped breathing the Tilse family went on holiday with friends.

    • 28 May - 1 Jun - Malakai in hospital
    Sarah's infant son is taken to hospital after Sarah ignored initial warning signs of him "turning blue". Sarah decided to take him to the zoo instead, where his condition deteriorated on the way and was rushed to hospital.
    - Subsequently, she put everything on Instagram (stories) images of him in a vulnerable state. Began explaining that doctors have no idea what is going on with him.
    - The next day she explains that he had 2 more episodes of mottled skin colour, so they need to stay for more testing.
    - She proceeded to make an ad for Body Bloom, saying she is constipated and hasn't been to the toilet in over 24 hours and that her "Gluten Intolerance" may be back. Making over 10 stories about this. When Mal was to be transferred to a children’s hospital for specialized tests she had a panic attack over the thought of a shared room. They get a private room but she then complains she “can’t shower” because it’s a communal shower.
    - Mal was discharged after 4 nights in hospital (not a week as she claims) and Sarah would “explain all” in a vlog. This “explanation” was an afterthought at the very end of said vlog - Mal just had a cold.
    - This is another perfect example of Sarah exploiting her vulnerable child's health for Instagram engagement and content and to make money. She also has a disturbing way of making a situation involving her child's health about herself.

    • 17 May - On The Health Code Daily podcast Ep.143: How do you manage conflict?, Kurt talks about how Sarah gets angry at little things, saves them all up and then unleashes it all at once at him and every time she does that he feels attacked. His solution is to try and remove himself from the situation because, in his experience, whenever he “fights back” and tries to “defend” himself it makes the situation worse.

    • May - Struggling mum narrative
    Sarah was left to do the bedtime routine for both children for the first time in the 9 weeks since Malakai was born and she ended up having a breakdown. Fox wasn’t the problem, Malakai was. She said all three of them ended up in her bed crying until Kurt came home at 11pm after he was held up at work. Sarah said she blew up at him as soon as he got home because he wasn’t there to help her. The next morning Sarah had another breakdown because she missed her pilates class due to feeding Malakai. Two days later she talked about how she’s struggling to balance mum and work life, while storying from a park and getting takeaway lunch. She said she was vlogging these days but is anxious about how it’ll be received.

    • 15 May - Yoga controversy
    Replied to a comment on an IG post that the practise and foundation of yoga doesn’t align with her personal values or beliefs despite practising it for years, follows numerous yoga accounts on IG, has many vlogs dedicated to it, has released an activewear set called Vinyasa, and uses a custom made Sarah’s Day Meraki yoga mat, a brand that is promoting the new pregnancy ebook as their mats are featured. Sarah has also claimed she met Kurt at a yoga retreat (though rumour has it they actually met on Tinder). This comment has since been deleted.

    • 12 May - Bounce Back drama
    The Health Code IG posted the posed and edited white bikini picture of Sarah to advertise their latest podcast episode, Ep.139: Sezzy’s Top Tips To ‘Bounce Back’ After Pregnancy. The post received a lot of backlash which at first resulted in the standard block and delete, but later the entire post was deleted and an apology post was made instead. In this apology Sarah and Kurt agree that “bounce back” culture is toxic and has no place in 2022, that the episode itself was not at all about bouncing back despite the title, say in future they’ll personally cross check all titles and social media posts before they go live - insinuating that it was a member of their team that came up with it and not them. Finally, they say they’ve removed the episode from Spotify.

    This apology was insincere for several reasons. First, Sarah has been talking about bouncing back since 1 week postpartum when she posted that picture in her jeans. Second, they absolutely knew what the title of the episode was called because they discussed it in the opening segment. Sarah says, “Now, before you send me hate, this title is called How I Bounced Back.” She says she racked her brain for a better title to which Kurt says “I don’t care if it’s too sensitive.” So this part of the “apology” is a blatant lie. Lastly, they said they removed the episode but all they’ve done is rename it to Sezzy’s Top Tips: Caring For Your Body Postpartum and edited some sections out.

    The drama was covered by the Outspoken the Podcast which accused Sarah of being disingenuous on the topic and that the episode was a soft launch to introduce the new pregnancy fitness ebook she’s releasing with her physio. They also call out the fake apology post, especially the part where they say bounce back culture has no place in 2022 and go on to play an excerpt from the original episode of Kurt mocking people who find the topic offensive and labels them “too sensitive”. They also call out the fact the apology post didn’t actually apologise for anything and that they only issued it to save face with Spotify. The episode was released May 16 and is well worth a listen as they cover how toxic both Sarah and Kurt are about diet culture in general.

    • 22 Apr - Claimed at the end of the long awaited and baited Fox’s haircut vlog that she doesn’t use her children as content. Sarah's IG feed after said vlog.

    • Mar - Shared a selfie of herself 1 week postpartum showing off the fact she was back in her pre-pregnancy jeans.

    • Mar - Throughout much of her latest pregnancy Sarah complained most days that she couldn't workout, or even walk or hold a blender some days, due to the pain of her SPD. However, since giving birth she's now adamant she worked out consistently throughout the pregnancy. The narrative change is likely due to the new pregnancy and postpartum exercise ebook she'll be releasing soon in partnership with her women's health physio.

    • 18 Mar - Admitted she was gifted a new pram from Redsbaby when she had F, but she "didn't really care about it", left it outside and it got ruined. So Redsbaby gifted her a second pram after she had M.

    • 14 Mar - Gave birth to second child, Malakai Koa Tilse, on 14th March (40+6 - sooo early!). Sarah claims no one came close to guessing his name and that no one noticed when Fox said it on her stories on 3rd Jan (we did). While many thought it might be Micah, both Malakai/Malachi and Koa were first mentioned 4th Jan after she shared a Spotify playlist called MKT, likely as a distraction to ebook backlash.

    • 8 Mar - Made jokes that she forced Kurt to have sex with her five time to bring on labour with F. [1, 2, 3]

    • Mar - While Sarah has yet to publicly address the third ebook, she has responded to an Ad Standards complaint. Sarah claims that "issues like this" happen because she has haters who like to twist her words simply because they don't like her. "It's exhausting trying to make my haters happy." She also makes a thinly veiled threat to get her lawyers involved. The complaint was unfortunately dismissed.

    • Feb - In episode 78 of The Health Code Daily podcast they talk about supplements and admit they will get in hot water for this topic. Kurt says that a lot of the supplements he's taking at the moment are to try and prevent him from "getting sick from a particular virus that's going around". He says he's not a doctor but has done his own research. Says the "vid" is such a touchy topic and that the doctor on the Joe Rogan podcast is being "absolutely demonised". Sarah chimes in to say if they did an actual episode on *whispers* "the virus", she'll get a SWAT team at her house, she'll be scared and Kurt says they'll lose their platforms.

    • Feb - Went on a 4 minute rant on her stories about Fox's sleeping situation. In summary, Fox is having issues sleeping, "I not even gonna call it a sleep regression, he's almost 3, grow up." He keeps waking them up in the middle of the night saying he's scared which she proceeds to mock and accuses him of lying. Is annoyed she has to get up to attend to a CHILD when she's potentially days away from doing it for a newborn. Had a dig at Kurt for not handling it and says Fox's bed is ruining the aesthetic of her room.

    • Feb - Still hasn't addressed, or even acknowledged the existence of, the ED promoting ebook.

    • Jan - Released Sweat it Limitless. Sweat it Limitless is the third and final progression of the 'Sweat it' series. Sarah claims this ebook contains the workouts she "personally designed and completed" in the run up to her wedding for her 'wed shred' body. To announce the release Sarah posted a Reel to Instagram.

    The ebook and the advertisement of it is problematic for a number of reasons. One, it was released on Jan 1st, promoting toxic diet culture. Two, Sarah has no qualifications in health and fitness. Three, Sarah had been working with a Personal Trainer for at least 6 months to prepare for the Fitness Retreat and her wedding, which she is failing to declare. Her PT even took the credit for Sarah's peach butt on her wedding day. Sarah hasn't mentioned or credited her PT at all. Four, the text in the Reel itself is targeting people with an unhealthy mindset to food and exercise. While Sarah goes on to say she no longer has this mindset, found balance and listens to her body, this is a voice over with no text/subtitles. Despite everything she says in the Reel the caption for the post reads "In 8 weeks you’ll have 8 weeks of excuses or 8 weeks of sweat & progress!!" This is a contradictory and potentially harmful message. Are you listening to you body by not working out for one day or are you making excuses? This ebook is also supposed to be the hardest and most intense of the three programs, which, considering Sarah lost her period while making the first "beginner" ebook, is alarming.

    Initial criticism on Sarah's IG was deleted so people went to places like Facebook and Reddit to discuss it. Sarah left one negative post up, which she had replied to. Three days later it has almost 900 likes. Since then other platforms are starting to speak up and directly call Sarah out. [IG 1, 2, 3] [YT video]. The Outspoken Podcast is planning to talk about this in an upcoming episode. Despite growing criticism Sarah is yet to address the situation.


    • Dec - Admitted on a recent Health Code Daily podcast (Ep. 35) to regularly having sex while Fox is in the same room. They joked about this one time he woke up in the middle of them 'doing the dirty' and said "Daddy", to which Kurt responded with, "Yes, call me Daddy," thinking it was Sarah 🤢

    • Dec - Announces she's releasing a 24 week pregnancy fitness guide in collaboration with her physiotherapist.

    • Dec - Baited a medical emergency on her stories but said we'd have to wait for the vlog to find out what's wrong. She did state her and the baby were ok. It was just Braxton Hicks.

    • Dec - The Health Code posted "To a guy, does it matter if a girl is a virgin?" to their IG to promote their latest podcast episode. The post received a lot of backlash (200+ comments) which are surprisingly still up [1]. THC defended the topic by saying the question was submitted anonymously by a Coder, and when asked to address the comments, Sarah said to listen to the episode for their response (as if they had responded to the comments in the episode beforehand).

    • Dec - Malibu Boats gifts Fox a life jacket which Sarah posted to her stories but then deleted. Kurt kept his stories up. They went for another speedboat trip with friends and Fox wore his vest.

    • Nov - Went on a speedboat trip and no one wore life jackets, including Fox. [1, 2] Both Sarah and Kurt deleted their stories within 10 minutes and the company who owns the boat deleted comments and blocked people calling them out. Sarah was also seen driving the boat which isn't allowed without a boating license, which she unlikely has.

    • Sep - Was spotted having a picnic with friends the day before lockdown was lifted - only the vaccinated were allowed at the time. Neither Sarah or Kurt posted to their stories, but Brenton and their Pastor, James, did before deleting.

    • Sep - PCOS Drama - After announcing in a vlog she conceived baby #2 first try loads of people commented about her PCOS diagnosis. Sarah responded by saying she was misdiagnosed and that doctors are too quick to label women with fertility issues. For more information on her PCOS journey, check out the Deep Dive section below.

    • Sep - eBook Sale Scam + Pregnancy Announcement: On 20 Sep Sarah announced she was starting an 8 week challenge for her ebook. To encourage people to do it she offered a 20% discount on both ebooks and promised to do the challenge each day with them. She completed day 1 of the challenge but on day 2 she announced her pregnancy and therefore wouldn't be doing the challenge. People spent money thinking they'd be doing the 8 weeks with her but Sarah knew beforehand she she wouldn't be doing it as she was already 16w pregnant. The challenge was never mentioned again.

    • Aug - Delicate Family Matter + MC Baiting
    • Aug - In trouble for not declaring ads
    • Jun onwards - Pregnancy Baiting

    • Jun - Pink Ticket giveaway failure. Sarah and WF offered a 30% discount on Sarah's active wear collections and all purchases were in with a chance to win a Pink Ticket. Winners of a Pink Ticket won entry to a WF event in Sydney in July. Two out of the three winners were announced but nothing more was ever said. The event is thought to have been cancelled due to the pandemic, and as this was a clause in the T&Cs, WF do not have to follow through with the competition. It was never mentioned again.

    • Jun - Sunee App Review Scam
    • Jun - Traveled to Byron, got sick, didn’t test for covid until they got home
    • Apr - Admits to getting lip fillers - gaslights fans - [1, 2, 3]
    • Jan - Sunee App launched with numerous errors and spelling mistakes


    • Dec - Posted a bible verse alluding to God protecting people from covid but non believers (the wicked) would die
    • Dec - OTT Fake Tan or Blackface?
    • Nov - Ruined small business Sabi & Soul
    • Sep - Yidaki Scandal - Bought Kurt a Yidaki for Father’s Day
    • Jun - Tokenistic BLM + Black Out Tuesday posts
    • May - Cultural Appropriation Scandal & silencing BIPOC
    • Mar - Posted about boosting immunity to protect you from getting Covid-19
    • Feb - Went to Tasmania for Kurt’s brother’s wedding - bitched about his family
    • Feb - Fragile Baby Bird Incident
    • Jan - Australian Bushfire Donation Scam


    • Dec - Hawaiian Airlines Meltdown
    • Nov - $1 Bushfire Donation Backlash
    • Mar - Ignored dr’s advice to induce Fox - put him in danger in order to have a natural delivery


    • Jul - Says she cured her CIN3 by boosting her immunity


    • Dec - Blames CIN3 on bad immunity due to evil antibiotics from staph infection and gut parasite
    • Sep - Staph infection / Spider bit saga
    • Jul - Bali trip - gut parasite drama

    Past Actions and Problematic Behaviors

    • Promotes and encourages disordered eating habits; shames family, friends and fans who do not eat according to her self-proclaimed 'healthy' lifestyle. Frequently fat shames Kurt, has called him a whale and said he now has a dad bod because he's no longer a "rig" in her opinion.

    • Restricted her diet and over-exercised during her first pregnancy, risking her baby's health (Fox stopped growing towards the end of her pregnancy) and shamed other mothers who didn't do the same (they just sit around all day and eat doughnuts).

    • Lies about her postpartum journey with Fox. She had a difficult birth which resulted in a stage 1 prolapse. She was told not to exercise for at least 8 weeks after giving birth. She claims she didn't exercise for 7-8 weeks but this isn't true. She had been back to the gym 3 times before Fox was 6 weeks old and she caused her prolapse to worsen to stage 2.

    • Claims to be gluten, dairy and soy intolerant to avoid eating these foods. She regularly demonizes these foods and even created a cooking app promoting the abstination of these foods.

    • Imposes a restricted diet on her child without having been to a doctor for testing. She also regularly feeds him smoothies with protein powders, despite it being bad for children, as well as other random supplements no child should need.

    • Plagiarizes designs from other brands, including Cotton On, Lilybod, Slinkii, The Beauty Chef, P.E. Nation.

    • Rarely discloses ads, despite most of her content being adverts for something. Sarah only tags or names a brand if she's getting something out of it. Otherwise she 'forgets' who the brand is when someone asks. This is terribly misleading to her followers who think she sincerely uses this stuff because she is real and raw.

    • Claims to be a natural blonde, even when her hair was in foils getting bleached at the hairdressers.

    • Claimed in the past to have olive skin because she's naturally tan but is actually white and gets fake tanned.

    • Regularly gets lip fillers and botox injections yet claims her appearance is due to Body Bloom, her Tropeaka powders and whichever skincare brand she's advertising at the time.

    • Claims she always listens to her body but regularly works out when unmotivated, tired, injured or sick. (She squatted a PB during the fitness retreat despite having a bad knee she could barely walk on and was strapped up by a physio beforehand because she had FOMO).

    • Tells us every day how long it's been since she last worked out.

    • Brags about how balanced her life is on staged IG grid pictures but will then say on her stories how stressed, busy and unbalanced her life is.

    • Shares inappropriate images of her son (bath photos, peeing on head photo, etc.) even when we have sent her information about how these pictures can be embedded onto more nefarious sites.

    • Appropriated from BIPOC three times (Gypsy sunglasses, coloured braids, Yidaki incidents). Then instead of learning and growing from the experience she silenced, deleted and blocked people from these groups, thus whitewashing the entire discussion by not letting their voices be heard. Then proceeded to flip the script and cry because she feels attacked and victimized *again* because people were trying to *politely* explain to her that her actions are offensive and considered appropriation. In the case of the braids, she undermined her forced apology by liking comments saying 'it's just hair' and others saying people complaining are being ridiculous, indicating her true feelings on the matter. She wasn't sorry.

    • She has released fitness, diet and medical advice without ANY qualifications in any of those areas.
    She always says she is doing research when she shares advice. But never discloses her sources. In one story she admitted to deleting them when she is done. That is not research. That is Google. And giving herself that fake science halo is a problem. It makes her sound believable and knowledgeable even though she has no back up for her claims. She also gets out of any blame by saying she's just telling people what worked for her, despite knowing she's an influencer with a large following who will copy what she says and does without question.

    • Made her dog urinate and defecate on a plastic rug on their balcony because they couldn't be bothered to walk her regularly and then proceeded to not clean said rug on a daily basis. They also complained it always smelt like fish yet never kept it clean.

    • She filmed, teased and monetized her grandmother's passing!

    • She filmed, teased and monetized her unborn son's potential disability.

    • Exhibits controlling behaviour towards Kurt. She's admitted to “checking in” on him when he's gone surfing on his own, met up with his friends, or was working on the house renovations without her. She claims she gets "FOMO" and has to join him.

    • Exhibits manipulative behaviour to both Kurt and her fans.

    • Claims she now has a good relationship with food and training in comparison to some years back when she was "the most shredded". However, even back then she claimed she felt "balanced" and happy. She has never truly acknowledged that she has had an eating disorder because then she would have to question her current behaviour (restricting, posing, editing). She admitted in a video she lost her period and was miserable from undereating/overtraining. Then used the photos from this time to promote her ebook workout ‘after shots’.

    • Promotes homophobic behavior
    • When Kurt freaked out about wearing a skirt in her one of her vlogs
    • When they posted a photo of Kurt playing Scrabble with the word 'fa**ot'
    • When Kurt talks about Fox grabbing his penis and goes on to call himself violated and then asks if this makes Fox gay on a Health Code podcast episode
    • The church Kurt and Sarah belong to are openly homophobic. (I would link the church's manifesto but it's honestly disgusting and no one needs to read it).

    • Deletes Comments & Blocks People
    Sarah mass deletes comments on her socials that question, disagree, criticise or otherwise say something that doesn't offer adoration, validation or praise. She heavily censors her socials to appear as though no one questions her and that all of her fans adore her. She will also block people for posting such comments, even paying customers of Sunee. She is also known for blocking people who don't even follow her simply because they've liked a negative comment about her on another page and will block them on multiple platforms and accounts - i.e: The Health Code, Sunee, Kurt's account, TikTok etc

    • Covid
    • Refused to self-isolate at the beginning of covid and flouted the rules daily, going for walks, the gym, coffee runs, hair salon, and picking up a surfboard for Fox when advised to stay at home.
    • Traveled from a hotspot during a surge in covid cases, and then proceeded to complain the entire time because she had to tolerate Kurt's "boring" family. Not for one second acknowledging that everyone in the world does not have the ability to see their loved ones for fear or infecting them.
    • Went to get a facial while she was feeling congested and had a sore throat during the pandemic.
    • Saw an elderly family member in their nursing home (with all the family) for their birthday during the pandemic.
    • Posted a Bible verse suggesting she would be spared from covid because of her faith and that the wicked (non Christians) would die.
    • Traveled to Byron for an activewear photoshoot despite being advised not to travel by the government, and despite being in contact with her sister and Fox who were both sick with covid-like symptoms the day before. There was no social distancing on set, no masks, the whole crew got sick but they all still went out for dinner. Both Sarah and Kurt had covid-like symptoms while away but didn't do a covid test until days after they got home.
    • They've regularly ignored local lockdown rules. i.e: only one person per household should go out for shopping or takeaways but all three of them would go out or Kurt would take Fox when he should have stayed at home with Sarah.
    • Filmed Fox licking a lamp post, a climbing frame at the park and the window on a plane during the pandemic.
    • Still worked out of their flat/office along with other members of the team when under stay/work from home orders.
    • Photographed at a picnic with their friends before the lockdown was lifted for those who are vaccinated. When called out for it the photo was taken down and any comments asking about it were deleted.
    • On October 10th lockdown was lifted for people who are vaccinated in Australia. Sarah has yet to acknowledge this has happened, causing people to further suspect she's not vaccinated. She hasn't even said she's looking forward to seeing friends or family at last indicating she's been seeing them throughout lockdown.
    • Doxxes people to her 1mil followers
    She doxxes people whose DM's or comments she doesn't agree with. (Doxxing is when you reveal private information about someone online. In this example that information is a person's account name that is advertised to her 1mil followers). Sarah does this to "name and shame", to use her own words. This results in her more hardcore followers harrassing the person who was doxxed, usually to the point of account deletion. Often these stans don't stop at the commenter but also find their friends, family and even their employer to harass them as well. Sarah doesn't see anything wrong with this.

    • Eating Disorder
    • Sarah has a very bad relationship with food and has a warped view of what health and fitness is.
    • She exhibits orthorexia traits.
    • She has admitted to almost developing an eating disorder back in 2015.
    • Self-diagnosed food intolerances to avoid eating certain foods.
    • Drinks most of her calories in the form of smoothies.
    • These smoothies only consist of ice, water, protein powder and half a banana.
    • First meal of the day is often mid afternoon and only after she's worked out.
    • Claims to have a huge appetite but will then show a small plate or bowl of food. We also rarely see her actually eating.
    • Drinks Body Bloom every morning in order to poop. She once drank some during a photoshoot to make her poop and get rid of her bloating, alluding to it having a laxative effect.
    • Constantly body checking in the form of showing off how defined her abs are, posing her body in awkward positions to create a thigh gap or to pop her booty, always makes sure to have a collarbone on display.
    • She constantly tells us she's a size XS in all of her clothes.
    • Believes she is meant to be a small human.
    • Is not happy unless she is shredded - i.e: has visible abs.
    • Photoshops her body - thigh gap, slimmer arms, slimmer legs, more defined abs etc.
    • Shames others for eating foods she avoids.
    • Created a cooking app as a way of justifying her restrictive eating habits.
    • Classes exercising as training.
    • Trains multiple times a day, every day.
    • These extra workouts are often called "sneaky" - a sneaky play on the reformer, a sneaky run, a sneaky walk, a sneaky weight session etc. They are only sneaky when she's already worked out that day but wants to justify working out again.
    • Shamed pregnant women for "sitting around and eating doughnuts" all day when she was pregnant with Fox because she was still active.
    • "Does anyone actually sit during the day?" Yes, she said this.
    • Has a fear of gaining weight, even in pregnancy. Is already obsessing over her size with baby number 2 and she's only 17 weeks.
    • She restricted her diet and continued to train into late pregnancy with Fox and caused him to stop growing. Doctors wanted to induce her but she refused because she was determined to have a natural birth.
    • She's already restricting her diet this second pregnancy and is becoming extremely thin in the face.
    • Does a 'Project Comeback' every few months. Her next one will be once she's had baby number 2.
    • Said Fox ruined her body because her abs separated during pregnancy.
    • Developed a stage 1 prolapse after giving birth which she made worse (stage 2) by ignoring doctor's advice on when to return to exercising.
    • Claims she doesn't follow fad diets but has "tried them all" - keto, paleo, carb-cycling, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, in a bid to get shredded.
    • Lost her period for 10 months due to undereating and overtraining while making her first ebook.
    • Claims she doesn't count calories or track macros but uses MyFitnessPal and has the app on the front page of her phone.
    • Says she never weighs herself but recently said she wished she weighed under 50kgs (while 16 weeks pregnant) and has been spotted weighing herself before and after gym sessions.
    • Says she has binge sessions (likely due to her restricting).


    This section is all about Sarah's, and Kurt's, businesses.

    Sarah's Day

    Sarah's Day is Sarah's primary business and the brand that launched her successful career as a social media influencer. She began her career as a holistic health and fitness Instagrammer in February 2013, and started her YouTube channel in August 2013. This early content was all about her trying to cure her hormonal acne and balance her hormones, sharing what she was eating, doing body checks and frequent “Project Comebacks”.

    Since having children her content has naturally changed and they have become the focus of her brand, despite her constantly saying her kids aren't content. She dropped the "holistic" title (especially after she admitted to getting lip fillers), and has now explored several brand pivots as her Instagram follower numbers dropped during 2022. Health, fitness, wellness, food, Christian, mummy vlogger, lifestyle. Now she just does a mix of everything.

    Registered Businesses
    List of ABN registered businesses owned by Sarah in relation to Sarah's Day.
    • Sarah Stevenson
    ABN: 87 361 168 653
    ABN Status: Active from 17 Aug 2015
    Entity Type: Individual/Sole Trader
    GST: Not currently registered for GST (cancelled 01 Oct 2018)
    Main business location: NSW 2233

    Businesses under this name:
    Sarahs Day
    Status: Cancelled
    Registration date: 28 Apr 2017
    Renewal date: N/A
    Cancelled date: 18 Feb 2021
    • Sarah’s Day Pty Limited
    ABN: 55 620 321 422
    ABN Status: Active from 07 Jul 2017
    Entity Type: Australian Private Company
    GST: Not currently registered for GST (cancelled 02 Oct 2020)
    Main business location: NSW 2233
    Not entitled to receive tax deductible gifts
    • The Trustee for the Sarah Stevenson Trust
    ABN: 67 696 380 190
    ABN Status: Active from 10 Jul 2017
    Entity Type: Discretionary Trading Trust
    GST: Registered from 10 Jul 2017
    Main business location: NSW 2233

    Businesses under this name:
    Organisational representative(s): Sarah’s Day Pty Limited
    Registration date: 16 Jan 2020
    Renewal date: 16 Jan 2026
    Cancelled date: N/A


    She has registered two business entities under the Sunee name. One is attatched to The Trustee for the Sarah Stevenson Trust, created in Jan 2020, with the representitives being Sarah's Day Pty Limited (see above). The second is Sunee Pty Limited, which was created in Apr 2020. Both are currently active.
    • Sunee Pty Limited
    ABN: 50 640 285 561
    ABN Status: Active from 14 Apr 2020
    Entity Type: Australian Private Company
    GST: Registered from 14 Apr 2020
    Main business location: NSW 2230

    Sunee, pronounced “sunny”, is the brand name for Sarah’s cooking and lifestyle app, website, Instagram account, and soon to be released cookbook, Sunee Side Up.

    The brand started as her "secret project" in 2019, which became her "cooking project" in 2020.

    Sunee App

    • In September 2020, it was discovered that a newly created company called “SUNEE PTY LTD” was connected to another business entity called The Sarah Stevenson Trustee.
    • Users realized that a trademark claim was not filed for the new business until July of 2020, despite Sarah making promises that her “cooking project” would be released in early 2020.

    • The app was launched 1 January 2021. While it was met with a lot of hype from her fans, it was released with numerous errors and spelling mistakes.
    • Ads for her project seem like last minute videos using her son for cuteness, they show no App content or her cooking anything from the app.

    Subscription Plans
    • Early versions of the website claimed that the app would cost $9.99AUD/month to access, or $94AUD for a year-long subscription. However, when the app launched, the price had climbed to just under $120AUD/year with no month-by-month subscription options.
    • With a monthly model out the window, would-be users can only subscribe in 3 month, 6 month, or annual increments. No prorated discount will be offered for attempting to cancel early. There are also conflicting statements in various parts of the website about whether or not the subscription auto-renews. (Citation needed.)

    Terms of Use

    The Sunee Team
    • As of launch day, the team consisted of Sarah, a nutritionist named Dee Zibara, and naturopath Hayden Keys.
    • The recipes have only been approved by a nutritionist (who appears to be antivax) and her naturopath.
    • She claims there is also a dietician involved, but they only write articles and have nothing to do with the recipes.

    • The preview of the website is full of spelling errors and some recipes are labeled vegan/ nut free even though they are not.
    • The research used for the articles is not quoted or linked anywhere and one article was already deleted because entire parahraphs were copies word for word.
    • After the first week only 4 recipes were added, while two disappeared after people commented on their Insta page questioning if the quantities were correct.
    • One of the new recipes was a vegan cheesecake (which was spelled Cheescake) that calls for 6 cups of cashew nuts and results in 600cals per slice. Someone commented on her insta and after she posted a comment saying "I'm thin and we don't believe in counting calories" the comment and a follow up were deleted.

    Sunee Side Up Cookbook

    Sarah has been working on a cookbook since 2021. It will be called Sunee Side Up by Sarah's Day and will be a physical book that she is self publishing. It will be available worldwide and will be distributed by Booktopia. There will be 133 recipes, most of which are already on the Sunee App. It will have 129 pages.

    Launch Date:

    The launch date has been pushed back and changed several times. The latest date has fluctuated between November and by Christmas.

    March 2022
    August 2022
    Christmas 2022
    14th May 2023
    October 2023
    November 2023

    Christmas 2023

    Development Timeline:




    The Health Code

    The Health Code is Sarah and Kurt's podcast.

    In Jan 2023, Sarah announced that Kurt no longer wanted to do the podcast so she is launching her own podcast with different branding. It's unknown if they are retiring The Health Code completely, or will use it for something else, but the podcast is no more.

    House of Groms

    House of Groms is Kurt's media business, previously KJTilse Media. They operate out of their warehouse in Kurnell, the House of Groms Studio, which they hope to hire out to clients.

    In 2023 Sarah purchased a 3.4mil property north of Sydney that she plans to knock down and rebuild as a content creation house they hope to hire out as a location property. Presumably, this will be an extension of the House of Groms studio.

    Speculation: Sarah and Kurt have Pinterest boards for this second house which they've called Casa Tilse. Perhaps this new propetry will feature a similar name - Casa Groms?

    List of random/pick me claims

    Below is a list of weird pick me claims Sarah has made about herself.

    • Has a high pain tolerance (yet also said she tried to knock herself out during labour with F by banging her head against a wall due to the pain)
    • Is a minimalist as a mother but is materialistic for herself (she thought this was a flex)
    • Has a "naturally hyper curved back"
    • Pregnancy has cured her gluten intolerance
    • Pregnancy makes her indestructible (ie: she can now eat "junk food")
    • God made her to birth babies
    • She always wears an XS
    • Is meant to be a smol human
    • Has a baby sized head - hats are always too big
    • Has petite ballerina hands and feet
    Naturally red lips
    • Has nipples like steel raspberries that are perfect for breastfeeding
    • Naturally mousy brown hair
    • Naturally light blonde hair
    • Super long eyelashes
    • Had a difficult labour with F because she was too fit
    • She felt labour pain more intensely than other women due to having strong abs
    • Is above average at English
    • Has the world's fastest metabolism
    • Has naturally olive skin (stopped claiming this after Bondi Sands dropped her in 2020)
    • Could have been a professional ballerina
    • Could have been a professional gymnast
    • Could have been a professional swimmer
    • When choosing a bath and toilet for the new house she said she was too skinny for them and made a show of "falling in" the toilet
    • Claimed to be 1/4 French but this was debunked after a genealogist Tattler researched her family tree. She's not French and doesn't have French ancestors (they're English like many white Australians).

    Health Problems & Food Intolerances

    Sarah was a self proclaimed holistic* health princess and fitness guru. She hates conventional doctors and demonises western medicine, preferring to treat medical conditions holistically with her naturopath instead. For someone who is apparently extremely fit and healthy, she sure does have a lot of health issues and tends to get sick a lot.

    *Dropped the holistic title from her branding in 2021

    • Got covid despite believing they wouldn't get it because they were young, fit and healthy
    • PCOS - now claims doctors lied to her (see the Deep Dive section on Sarahs Day 2)
    • Stage 2 prolapse - exercised to hard too soon after F's birth and caused her prolapse to go from stage 1 to stage 2 (now back to stage 1 (Oct 2021))
    • CIN3 - claims she cured it by boosting her immune system
    • Perioral Dermatitis
    • SIBO - briefly alluded to also having SIBO after Kurt was diagnosed
    • Stomach parasite after trip to Bali
    • Staph infection & Cellulitis (thought it was a spider bite) - tried to cure with honey, made it worse
    • Amenorrhea
    • Hormonal acne

    • Gluten intolerant - eating gluten puts her in hospital (now cured since having Fox).
    • Lactose intolerant - back tracked several times on this claim
    • Soy intolerant - but can eat tofu and other soy products
    • Allergic to an ingredient in bubble bath
    • Allergic to mango - causes a rash but eats them anyway

    Her aversion to western medicine extends to her husband, Kurt and her kids.

    • Before Kurt was diagnosed with SIBO by her naturopath, she confessed to sneaking slippery elm and diatomaceous earth into his smoothies
    • When F got a UTI, she refused him antibiotics in favour of treating it naturally first. After two weeks of suffering she finally gave him the antibiotics but complained they would ruin his gut health.
    • Has claimed F is gluten and lactose intolerant as he had a "bad" nappy once after eating some.
    • When F had acid reflux as a baby she took him to a chiropractor instead of a doctor.
    • When F developed a fever and was unresponsive she prayed over him instead of calling an ambulance (luckily Kurt was more clear headed than her)

    • It is believed Sarah and Kurt are anti-vax as they've never spoken of getting F vaccinated, delete comments and block people who ask, follow anti-vax accounts, are friends with vocal anti-vaxxers and have refused to talk about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

    They also didn't acknowledge Australia coming out of lockdown for those who were vaxxed, or made any reference to finally being able to visit friends and family, go back to church, the gym, hair salons, restaurants etc. Since lockdown ended Sarah made excuses not to go out (weather was too bad, she's too busy etc) when it's probably because she couldn't due to not being vaccinated.