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  • So here we go then - Skanky's growing Wiki collection hits page 6.
    Camera filters on overdrive. This must be the flab & wrinkle reduction filter getting another airing. Just classy eh?

    As opposed to the unfiltered REAL version of it :ROFLMAO::eek: How apt her posing in front of the pig arks though

    and another unfiltered one that got past her filters somehow, this one marking AFP's miraculous 70th birthday (seeing as she's been on her Last Christmas for ten years at least)

    https://tattle.life/attachments/0_kpjpeg-jpg.1662666/ Go Compare! https://tattle.life/attachments/incollage_20221019_185157937-jpg.1662667/
    Back to Turkey again?

    Here it is on yet another begged freebie out scaring the clients at a Shocktober event. Well at least they say its skanky but the only thing that looks like the thing is the fact it's wearing those revolting plastic leggings again
    Oct 2022

    Desperately flogging her crap to the idiots Oct 27 22

    These idiots need to get themselves to Specsavers immediately - "Dewy complexion" FFS!
    Skanky - the Corporal Klinger of 'Orsham. Klinger was wearing all skanky's favourite clothing even back then in the 1970s and he was far seksyer than skank is too

    Queensland Australia is ready in case some muppet should accidentally offer it a Visa to visit them :)

    One ridiculous ****** idolising another one
    14.11.22 - more gruesome images of it "setting pulses racing" in the Sun. Pwwwaaahhahahahahahaha :ROFLMAO: The only way that would set pulses racing would be with a defribrillator, otherwise NAH!

    and this crap too; Who cares what those hideous blue Sharpie scrawls are supposed to represent anyway? She's a MESS and not even a lukewarm either :)https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/17916013/katie-price-tattoo-meanings/
    Look at the state of them LOL -https://tattle.life/attachments/1732196/
    One look at this thing and the bloke gets a flattie :)

    Still thinking it can "sing" -
    21.10.22 - back in The Studio recording some cat chorus with another no-mark reality tv failure. Heres skanky caterwauling on a previous occasion so don't go thinking anything else will be any different this time -autotune or not
    "X Factor Legend" duetting wiv skanky.............................. - they're taking the piss on all counts with this one LOL
    Its not the first time she's tried to attach herself to an aspiring "singer" though - nothing came of this either LOL

    Does "Buying" her own recording studio mean she purchased a programme for her laptop?
    But look! This is the last time it went on a promotional tour touting An Album of it's Gratist 'Its, completely arseholed and unable to sit upright let alone stand! I can't see Sinkboy tolerating this like Boyson did

    23.10.22 - yep they're a couple of superstars these two :ROFLMAO:
    Get ready to stuff your ears with Camembert because here it is! Skanky's wunnerful voyce in dat Smashit Chwissmas singul
    An FB comment on it's wunnerful voyse https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20221027_232337-jpg.1683736/

    "Iss me noo awlburm innit!" https://tattle.life/attachments/1712855/
    Preview of der noo awlburm wiv dat Skarlyt :-

    21.11.22 - oddly enough Skarlitt appears to have removed every single trace of her amaaaaazin' friendship with skanky from her SMs. Has she realised she's being scammed??? lol

    Scrounging and grifting -
    This time its a Hallow'een outfit for Junior. "Mummy has really pulled it out of the bag" eh? So what does Mummy do? Ah she rings up this idiot to scrounge/beg for something.
    This is possibly the same idiot who ran-up the NTA skirt for her when the previous mugs refused to hand over to her, au gratis, the frock she'd ordered from them .

    3.11.22 - more scrounged stuff, this time another yet new sofa for Trampy Towers. The one she has is only about a year old surely, but not to worry about that though because the last one be joining all the rest of her discarded sofas on the driveway outside Trampy Towers. One might ask WHY she does not donate any of them to 'Orsham Matters since she has told the world what wonderful work they do seeing as she did her CS there (occasionally)?

    4.11.22 - it has grifted sum noo eyelashis for the imminent trip to Thailand

    22.11.22 - Yes its that time of year folks! Time to start grifting the Christmas decs (seeing as she sold all hers and H's on Deeplop last Spring)

    The morons who persist in giving it TV shows that nobody with a brain will watch - EVER!
    19.10.22 - step forward C4 giving it another series of bullshit. This rubbish is supposed to be about Trampy Towers but has been re-jigged to talk about its "relationship" with Biffa SB - hopefully they'll get some footage of him lamping it one again :)

    A rather good parody of it's appearance on This Morning -https://youtu.be/dVfM8oeqwhM
    19.11.22 - more old shit here then https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/katie-prices-chaotic-life-rise-27651468

    Talking About It Does Not Make It So -
    I'm a Celeb - she thought she was going to be BEGGED to reappear on there but sadly her reputation precedes her these days https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-snubbed-im-celeb-26956838
    Even all those years ago, before it became universally despised, John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten had the full measure of it.
    It was at the IACGMOH closing party that AFP physically attacked Johnny with a bottle for being horrid to her darling skanky and got herself barred from the event, sent back to her room LOL
    19.10.22 - more old shit. Another catalogue of lies they're hoping to sell to the idiots at C4
    and this :- "teasing" a return to IACGMOH seeing as she's only around the corner from The Jungle, currently contaminating Thailand with it's seedy presence. Are they REALLY that desperate?? :ROFLMAO:
    17.11.22 - Innit amaaaazin' how IACGMOH becomes "Boring" this year? Could it perhaps be because they refused to have her on the show? :unsure:
    * Note! If your are "bored" with it then don't watch it. Don't you have Number One Records to make in your own personal Studio or something?

    Find a Bandwagon and Jump Aboard Woo-Hooing! -
    3.11.22 - having had some WAG pop up to claim her diagnosis with ADHD in the past few days, guess who is now claiming to have same? Yep skanky of course. We all know already she's a fucking nutjob without wasting more time with the Pwiowy colouring books, the ##########'s, her stickmen drawings of herself wearing a crown (lol) or any of the rest of her crap & lies - but nevertheless it is mighty marvellous timing with all the legal ishoos oncoming too. "Youse carnt chuck me owt beycors me mentawl 'elf sez I's got ADHD anawl....................."

    14.11.22 - Expect a lot of Bandwagon-Jumping when it gets announced that AFP has had her lung transplant (surprising quickly truth be told) :unsure:
    22.11.22 - a bit more deflection in view of The Dumping today. Out comes H for a bit of useage

    Blatent Lies -
    30.10.22 - "Meeee an' bunny baykd dis cayke innit......................" OF COURSE YOU DID !!!! :LOL::eek:
    Heres a whopper for you -

    Bankruptcy -
    Heres a cool £2.5 million the taxman can ask her about then :) https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-branded-top-earner-28227106
    24.10.22 - perhaps all her debtors would be interested to know HER HOUSE in Essicks is up for sale at £475k?

    Court Cases -
    12.10.22 - trouble brewing at Trampy Towers over the collection of old jalopies belonging to SB's "Lukshurry Carz Biznizz". This first blew up a few months ago but it seems skanky has not bothered to respond so it steps up gear :) GO Horsham BC!!


    It could also be said that they're using the place as a scrap yard with all that crap lying about
    Jalopies currently "stored" at Trampy Towers - is it any wonder the council think she's using the place as a car-lot?
    13.10.22 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20084213/katie-price-council-row-mucky-mansion-car-lot-carl/


    Laws do not apply to these grifters apparently -
    18.10.22 - heres Sinkboy trolling about in an untaxed vehicle. How come the police rarely catch these assholes breaking the Law time and again or when they do they get off lightly?https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20148307/katie-prices-fiance-carl-fine-untaxed-car-mucky-mansion/ They have also been known to use Harvey's Blue Badge to park wherever they like.

    Driving skills aka Offences -
    https://youtu.be/KxidyiWN39o This person clearly knows skanky LOL

    Sink Boy aka The One (possibly) and The Wedding :ROFLMAO:
    He achieved the NTAs this year having been uninvited the previous occasion - yet he looks miserable as sin for all that. Yes you have really arrived at Zlebdom Sinky! :)
    Note the 50 zillionty pahnd ring has been brought out for the occasion too
    17.10.22 - here we go again - on the scrounge for a Weddin' Dwess!
    Ha ha he ain't goinna marry you skanky no matter how many times you get some mug to create a horrible gown for the occasion :)
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/20129469/katie-price-hints-married-wedding-engagement-ring/ She seems to think people CARE! Got news for ya skanks - NOBODY gives a frig :)
    18.10.22 - back to dropping collossal HINTS again, this along with casually remarking on Insta about applying for US visas.
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-hints-set-marry-28264064 Maybe they want to finish that thrilling video from last time "How to get married in Veeeeegus"??
    But for all the solidarity of Their Great Love (for themselves, singularly), it seems The Fairmli has actually stuck to their guns over SB being allowed back into their fold because he most certainly is NOT back in their Good Books! Here we are at Terminally Ill AFP's 70th birthday lunch, all the gang together EXCEPT for SB. Not invited END OF :)
    26.10.22 - here we go again! It looks like The Dream Is Over - again! Its hinting about a New Egg in more regurgitated vomit
    Despite all this rubbish SB is hanging on like a clinker on a sheep's arse
    7.11.22 - according to the source (that'll be SFP), The Wedding is OFF again. Can't they find any mugs in the media to pay for it this time around?? https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-price-carl-wedding-rows-28407858
    8.11.22 -Rinse and repeat.................... This wedding has been on and off more often than skanky's drawers on a night out!
    Just a reminder as to the real character of Sinkboy - the bloke who hits women (even skanky)
    and his response? -

    14.11.22 - one can feel a real sense of foreboding going on here, after all look what happened last time it contacted Boyson (see Slapgate); She probably thinks that by being all Nicey Nicey that the fool Boyson will eventually beg her to return to him and SB will join the ranks of The Discarded. LOL https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-price-carl-kris-28468377
    14.11.22 - this has surfaced as regards SB. Is he on borrowed time on the Romance of the Century?

    Slapgate - this remains an unsolved mystery so just a little reminder. These are comments left on the FB page of Little Canfield (the poor place that had these arseholes in their midst when it all kicked-off), but isn't it interesting to see one remark concerning the "innocent" person who never retailiated let alone contributed AT ALL to the fracas, she who was apparently watching telly when the vicious assault came out of nowhere - now it seems she WAS actually fully involved and the kids witnessed everything !


    It's All Over - again! - this time for keeps apparently!
    22.11.22 - yes he's discovered she's been slinging a flabby leg over Anuvva Egg whilst pretending to be at AFP's for her Community Service and at 'Orse Events! Haha! Anyone could have told you this Sinkboy :ROFLMAO: Why did you think you would be any different to the legions of victims that have gone before you?
    Or is it though? Perhaps this is just another catalogue of LIES from this pair of freeloaders to crib-in some cash for Christmas and anuvva 'oliday??
    AND its apparent that J & B were present AGAIN at their latest set-to! Kieron you need to put a stop to dat fing having open access to the kids, lake her see them at a contact centre with all the other Unsuitable Parents monitored by the SS - she cannot be trusted let alone the endless line of dickheads paraded in front of the Kids as "Yer Noo Daddy Innit"
    All the pictures on her Ista of her "broken nails" seem to be an indicator of what went on in front of J&B YET AGAIN :mad:
    23.11.22 - Like SB gives a shit about her - he was'nt interested BEFORE they split up LOL

    Out with the trump card again - Domestic Violence!
    22.11.22 - yes here we go again with Slapgate the Sequel................ possibly LOL
    * "Edit, to quote the newspaper article "A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "We responded to a report of a domestic incident. Officers attended to conduct a welfare check. Enquiries are ongoing and there is no further information at this stage." this was reportedly at 9pm last night but no further developments as yet.
    AND - worst of all it seems the children were there AGAIN when they kicked off on it! Peter and Kieron have got to put a stop to it having the kids or make it see them at a special centre for Useless "parents". How often does this have to happen??

    Step up to the oché - or should that be the guillotine? Introducing Noo Egg!
    22.11.22 - Heres the allegéd Noo Edishun of der Wun, he who Sinky has just found out about. LOL It seems he's as big a player of females as he is at Polo so good luck with getting him to walk you up the aisle skanks! LOL
    Perhaps Sinky ought to have taken notice of Tattlers then he might have been able to discover his Dolly's sleazy activities a long time ago and GOT OUT? What a berk
    Here you are Noo Egg - first job for you is a trip to Turkey to get The Teef installed like all the rest have had as soon as you join the ranks of The One. They suit you :ROFLMAO:
    Whilst you are there perhaps they could get you a wig to bring that forehead down a bit or you could use one of skank's from her collection?

    Drugs and Booze -neither of which she has Ishoos with according to her LOL -
    6.11.22 - so here we are on the latest 'oliday in Thailand and (what a surprise!), its been spotted off-its-latest-face staggering about arseholed as usual!

    Trampy Towers aka The Mucky Mansion -
    16.10.22 -https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-cleans-up-3million-28248368 - what they mean is that the numpties at C4 are paying to clear up The Hovel for her :(
    They'll need this by the skip-full for Trampy Towers and another skip for all the dogshit shovelled off the floors
    28.10.22 - Trampy Towers has been targeted AGAIN by the burglars however this time they have nicked her post box and her "parcel box" to steal the aforesaid contents! These are the Letterbox burglars targeting her now so was it the Mexicans or perhaps there is a turf war going on in 'Orsham between them and the Saaarrrfff Afrikkans who are both out to get her? No doubt it was a box of dymunds they nicked - again.....................
    19.11.22 - still pushing the narraive that she actually "owns" the place rather than the assorted mortgage holders and countless creditors. Heres its hinting that she's getting yet another crap show from C4 in which they're going to tart up the collection of rusty old shipping containers for her, thise which are currently filled with all her crap collection. LOL.
    * Note the Sun's use of the word "AXED" in context of the crap manifestation it calls a Show. No more tarting the place up pretending she's doing the work, that any of it is Her Ideas or that she's paying for any it and that C4 were keen to change the foormat to make it All About Meeeeeeeee instead of Trampy Towers itself - all gone down the kharzi and straight out onto the gardens with the rest of the shite :) Its about bloody time (y)

    "Iss Me Mentawl 'Elf innit!"
    Caused by the Exes mostly but the paparazzi & the Media are also to blame for her being a nutjob and here nicely summarised by one of our Tattlers :)
    " Would that be the same paparazzi, that she hates ( but cant breathe without )? The same with ` pete ya cunt ` ... Keiron ... Michelle .... ` the ` horse trainer Andrew ` tut tut ` plus a loooooooong line of bedmates, their girlfriends, their wives ... which included Charles "KP nuts" Drury, who she cheated on Kris with, going on a snorting holiday to Turkey " sniff sniff " ..... the group of German strangers she spent the night with, while screeching ` she luvs coke ` ..... the Mexican thieves ( who couldnt deal with the mess and cleaned up the mucky mansion but wiped their feet before leaving ) .... the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6? South African car jackers ( bear with me, it changes with the weather ) ... the pervy photographers ` whom amy fucking pwicceee ` would leave her with as a young teen .... her bruvver who stole from her .... her creepy stepfather, who tried to rape a woman on the beach ..... not forgetting that 25ft drop in Turkey, where her trotters ` allegedly ` got broken .... no 35ft ... nope 40ft .. wall at the hotel, nope the car park, nope again .. land of legends ( that never happened🤥🤥 ) .... Im sure there's much more ...... who ALL caused her ` twwwwaaaama and ptsd ` 🤷‍♀️ ` twwwwigers ... twwwwigers! ` everywhere🤨" YUP its dem twiggers again ###############
    2.11.22 - Stark, staring bonkers..............................
    Sexy? WTF????????????

    I dunno about her self-diagnosed PTSD rubbish nor any of the other trendy bullcrap she has attributed to herself via the Pwiory Colouring Books, but THIS is absolutely skanky!!

    3.11.22 - Here we go with the next instalment of BS as regards it's Mentawl 'Elf! Yes it now has ADHD!
    Note the new addition of the word "probably" to this nonsense meaning there is NO CHANCE whatsoever it has ADHD, indeed its just another trendy bandwagon to leap onto to use with all it's legal cases that are incoming over the next few months. Incidentally, it spouted this load of bullshit then fucked-off on it's 12th 'Oliday of the year on another "Work Trip" in Thailand, that is more hideous tattoos, the thing posing its plastic norks in revolting beachwear and Sinkboy wanking-up a storm on the hotel decking again. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11385235/Katie-Price-reveals-probably-undiagnosed-ADHD.html
    Sharing a posting from a fellow Tattler that kinda says it all :ROFLMAO:
    "this just in from our reporter Juanita Minge
    Its obviously been whiling away the hours online researching useful Syndromes to use in the oncoming Bankruptcy hearings because look what ADHD brings forth! Its Perfickt innit! No wonder she "probably" has ADHD now!

    A Sociopath - This is more like it -

    The world woke up this morning to the shocking news that top glamour model, reality star, to name only two of her talents, has been diagnosed with C.U.N.T
    Katie, 57, had this to say "Oh my God, sew eyve ownlee bin dyhanosed wiv C.U.N.T aint eye? Pete you cunt. Eye sore ashtags an hevryfing an dats when eye went mentil Keeeerun you wanka. Eye wanna fank owl me fans, Brenda what works at da chippy an Creepy Kev what follows me rand da gardin centa four owl der support"
    Katie, 63, has "arksed four pryvassy" until she can think of something else make further statements.
    C.U.N.T stands for Completely Unlikeable Narcissistic Twat and as of yet, there is no cure, but symptoms can be relieved by 75 holidays in any one year.

    We reached out to Katie's reps for a further comment but she doesn't have any no one was available."
    16.11.22 - it seems the PTSD needs an airing so here we go again

    Nevertheless, heres proof that It is losing the plot - ie It is completely garritty!!
    15.11.22 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/20429294/katie-price-see-through-raincoat-thailand-carl-woods/ Bless him! Sinky is taking his decrepit old Granny out for a walk in the rain out in Thailand. The media are reporting this BS as if the arseholes are still out there but they've snuck back to UK days ago.

    The Broken Trotters -
    Just to remind the world about her hideous "ordeal" off we go with some more LIES, ie these "broken and bent feet" have not stopped it staggerring about in high heeled Balenciaga Crocs nor any or the other unsuitable-for-critically-injured feet jobbies that it buys for itself (or grifts); The Speshul Boots have also vanished again
    Its also boasting about going on a "sking 'oliday" (sic) with Sinkboy so quite how she'll cope with the broken trotters in heavy ski boots is anybody's guess. ;)
    6.11.22 - the boots are back in Bankok! No doubt to grift them a flight upgrade due to her disabiities
    15.11.22 - Just to remind everyone of the terrible pain and trauma it endures on a daily basis due to the Liyfe-Fretninly-Injurrd_Feyt.
    Also, demonstrating admirably that it IS an illiterate oaf regardless of anything it states to the contrary
    16.11.22 - "A nasty foot accident...................." FFS it stubbed it's toe! Theres it's mother wired up to Life Support after her op and the Star are banging-on about it stubbing it's gnarled toe on the bed! https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-left-bruised-after-28495242

    Selling off crap to the Braindeads -
    Yes this one is off and running again which means she's found herself another MUG to sift through the contents of the floors at Trampy to find garbage to flog onwards for a bit of 'oliday cash. I wonder if the handbags still contain the special Free Gift of a used tampon as they have done previously?
    28.10.22 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20256324/katie-price-selling-used-creased-pyjamas-depop/
    19.11.22 - Back again promoting crap products in it's Line with another Noo Face and Noo Hair. Not bad for a bankrupt supposedly forbidden to be involved with the promotion of garbage, particularly when it announces that all this rubbish is "Hers"

    Scams aka "Bizznizz Oppertewnities" -
    Heres the latest crap from "Stinking by Katie Price".
    An expensive version of Shake and Vac Just use Baking Powder rather than waste money on this rubbish
    29.10.22 -More crap being bandied about to flog to the braindeads https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/business/poppys-norfolk-supplying-scented-by-katie-price-9349204; Does this stupid specimen think skanky is going to PAY her???
    (86) Katie Price #214 SB, SB, wherefore art my post bock? Same place as your sunblock | Page 47 | Tattle Life
    6.11.22 - allegedly Sinkboy's latest scam but you can bet she's involved somewhere along the line
    8.11.22 - unable to screw any more tv shows out of the TV companies plus the news the renovation piffle at Trampy Towers is NOT getting another series, the latest idea from it is to create their own on OF so dedicated "fans" can pay their subscriptions to view exciting stuff like the contents of her fridge! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11399659/Katie-Price-announces-new-reality-television-venture-launches-OnlyFans-channel.html
    This will also bomb like all the rest have :)

    "Yeah an nun of dis shite iss my fawlt evver!"
    20.11.22 - post some inane rubbish to blame everybody and everything for stuff that she is solely responsible for. Why exactly does she "deserve" anything I wonder?? Absolute bollocks, all of it :(https://tattle.life/attachments/1743870/

    The Media Sticking It To Her -https://tattle.life/attachments/f425a41a-4024-4b70-a3f4-f0ff5fc80157-jpeg.1657260/
    28/10.22 - Are the media noting the USE of Harvey at long last? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20254752/katie-prices-harvey-swears-carl-woods-binges-burgers/
    31.10.22 - this article also contains a few 'digs' at it :)https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20278317/katie-price-11th-holiday-luxury-resort-billionaires/
    3.11.22 - theres a few snarky "digs" at it contained in this article regarding it's latest gruesome offerings on it's OF
    4.11.22 - Heres The Sun highlighting skanky getting involved again, sticking her oar on to make a fuss when its perfectly obvious to ANYBODY that Peter was joking with his daughter. Thus skanky dives in like the wonderful, caring, fully-involved "parent" that she is............................ https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.3.0-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-215-got-me-some-shoes-from-that-chanel-my-fwends-all-said-hell.34864%2Fpage-7&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F20307910%2Fkatie-price-peter-andre-princess%2F&xs=1&xtz=-60&xuuid=7fa1e6757a687ffb4186a72b620b0f9f&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    Let's see Pete's response :)
    7.11.22 - they're back in Thailand again and SB is filming more indecent images for his faithful 'fans' just like he did on their last visit with Slymi Rhymi in tow. The Thai authorities DO NOT want this type of smut - they have very heavy penalties for people breaking their indecency laws - Sink Wank filmed his seedy efforts last time and has promised more of same on this trip BUT this time the Sun has FINALLY stopped brown-nosing skanky & sinky's sordid escapades thus we get this little number :ROFLMAO:
    Let's hope someone at the Thai Embassy is a Sun reader who tips off the authorities in Bankok. WOO HOO!
    10.11.22 - BLAM! Another one from The Sun who are really sticking it to her in subtle ways that she will never see, like when they hide "digs" within another inane article about the thing :) She really pissed off the wrong ones when she blamed Slapgate on them :ROFLMAO: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20374343/inside-katie-price-thailand-holiday-bankruptcy/
    11.11.22 - well it looks like the baiting has paid-off because The Sun's latest article has provoked the Beast into action - it's taken the bait and is off and running on the line LOL!
    https://tattle.life/attachments/1720546/ https://tattle.life/attachments/1720547/
    Does it actually mean in that last quotation that SHE personally has'nt given them the story therefore it has to be LIES? Sorry luv but all your BS amounts to is a fucking-great stack of LIES so The Sun really doesn't have to try hard on that score :) They're coming for you at long last :) It seems this bullshit all concerns AFP being in hospital for a lung transplant which skanky fucked off to Thailand again regardless.
    14.11.22 - despite a deluge of grovelling shit in the Mirror the replies on their forums to her BS remain the same. Even the ones from bunnyboiler remain same old bollocks from that fool as they ever are.

    The Green-eyed Monster of Jealousy -
    12.10.22 - It got the hump when it spotted this woman who purports to be her double then promptly told all of it's "fans" that people should book The Real Thing instead - HER! REAL??? There is nothing real about this one apart from the sheer vileness of it yet why would anybody see being skanky's double as a career anyway?
    Oct 2022 - it thinks by editing Peter out of photos with the children means he's really gone and won't inconvenience her any more. Dream-on doris! Those kids look more like their Father than they do you no matter how much you insist P is "Me mini-Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-price-cuts-peter-picture-28330454

    More Surgeries and Useless Procedures -
    Choosing the next set of norks since it must be overdue some new ones by now, but just look how stretched and distorted that sweatshirt is through being hauled across Phil and Grant

    An old one but appropriate. Its the fault of the Children and the media that her ropey barnet is falling out in clumps so she cadges some Tweetment - its not to do with all the peroxide, colours, straightening, curling, nor the ton of hefty great Extensions it has nailed in on a seemingly weekly basis

    19.10.22 - more filth pumped-into it's ugly fizzog. Its getting more and more frequent with these freebie visits trying to fill in the canyons and ravines on its face. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20162794/katie-price-plumped-pout-lips-botox/
    Who are these "fans" who apparently all say the same thing? https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.3.0-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-212-attention-seeking-pig-wore-a-wig-to-a-gig-and-absolutely-nobody-gave-a-fig.34361%2Fpage-42&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F20166911%2Fkatie-price-fans-same-thing-lip-fillers%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=5886444815279981f421562f8af6a4b3&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    7.11.22 - Back in Thailand again trying to grift some more surgery for itself.
    This is the all-time classic rebuttal to it's demands for another freebie
    "Katie was told she was "too beautiful" for surgery....................." Hahahahahahahahahaha:ROFLMAO:
    Whoever told it this needs to report to Specsavers Bankok branch immediately!

    11.11.22- so this must be the same place that told skanky it was "Too beautiful" for more surgery, or rather AFP refused to give her any money from the Secret Stash to fund more carvery and the clinic refused her a freebie! Look at the state of it though! Its hard to tell the difference where the ghastly scrounged bikini ends and the hideous blue scribbles begin :)
    19.11.22 - another new face; Change the outside as much as you like skanky because the foetid cesspit inside remains the same.
    21.11.22 - well SB has managed to flog one shitty "story" to the media, this garbage about him begging it to pack up the surgeries :ROFLMAO: Like der fing is gonna stop regardless of him AND as if he really gives a shit anyway? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:😜
    22.11.22 - Just look at the state of it! (y):ROFLMAO:https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=660346165676165

    Animals doomed to suffer at it's hands -
    As of October 2022, it currently has FIVE Chihuahuas plus Blade. Word has it that the Chis are caged 95% of the time and only dragged out for it to slobber over them for photos and poor darling Blade is probably shut in a shed, but as to who looks after these poor souls when it is away on yet anuvva 'oliday or whatever is anybody's guess. The house is also knee-deep in dogshit again
    2.11.22 - On 'oliday AGAIN yet it manages to "lose" one of the dogs (or rather the dog tried to escape from it), but sadly the dog was given back to the thing because it was so "devastated" :( How come in all the time it has had poor Captain the thing has NOT managed to change the microchip details to her own rather than the breeder? She cannot even manage to do that for Her Belovéd Pets it seems :mad:

    'Olidays, of which there are always many -
    18.10.22 - hinting about Visas for the USA
    29.10.22 - banging-on about a ski-trip to France now
    30.10.22 - another little break from her hectic business schedule, this time the Millionaire's Row 'oliday resort of Sandbanks. I bet they've loved having the scabby old chav on their doorstep https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20278317/katie-price-11th-holiday-luxury-resort-billionaires/
    3.11.22 - rumoured to be heading back to Thailand shortly. Ermmmm is there not yet another legal proceeding due in the next few weeks? https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.3.0-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-215-got-me-some-shoes-from-that-chanel-my-fwends-all-said-hell.34864%2Fpage-6&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F20309122%2Fkatie-price-boasts-thailand-12th-holiday-year-bankruptcy%2F&xs=1&xtz=-60&xuuid=8769c88da3e99492b8faac3a9a3f66cf&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    4.11.22 - Yes the assholes are now in Thailand, as are the Speshul Boots!
    Speshul boots or not, it has been asking online whether to buy the pink or black skyscraper heels - or both?
    8.11.22 - its going to the Full Moon party apparently; Thousands of teenagers along with this ropey old has-been screeching its head off at the rising moon. Luvly :)

    13.11.22 - now it seems that the saintly AFP underwent a lung transplant this past Monday, the skank being in full knowledge of this still went on it's 'olidays with SB and Slymi. So much for being devoted to her Mother when she trots off on her broken trotters to Thailand in the full knowledge her mother is about to undergo major surgery, (but not as important a surgery as having more pointless stuff done to itself obviously).
    21.11.22 - more grotesque images of it doing Pointy Toe with Slymi and Sinky out in Thailand recently. Who cares luv??

    More surgery - and it ain't skanky this time -yes AFP has had her lung transplant two years after joining the waiting list! Now begins the catalogue of "Poor me's" & "I wuz devistaytid I cudnt get dere in tiyme...................." and all manner of LIES considering she would have fucked off to Thailand regardless of KNOWING her mother was going into hospital for major surgery :( Cue more fawning interviews with that silly cow Lorraine also :( Is this "event" it was referring to some weeks ago when it casually mentioned something was going to happen that "would make people love MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE again.......", ie. " Kate has something up her sleeve which she's certain will endear her to the British public and win her support." ?

    The Exes who have escaped from it now under intense persecution -
    31.10.22 - Nice one Alex!
    This is going to trigger it all over the place haha!! #######################################################
    I wonder if it EVER paid this sum into Harvey's Trust Fund or if she knocked him too?https://m.independent.ie/woman/celeb-news/katie-price-publicaly-apologises-to-peter-andre-after-he-sues-her-for-defamation-26798057.html
    5.11.22 - still sniping at Boyson, indirectly letting him know she's still there waiting for him to beg her to return to him! She'd chuck this bint to the sharks as soon as look at her if Boyson gave her the go-aheadhttps://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-price-sends-surprising-message-28415013
    Going back to when it was on IACGMOH years ago, heres what it had to say about the Exes of the time (there have been many more since then of course)https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2922686/Katie-Price-admits-s-dreading-public-reaction-cruel-insults-ex-partners-Danny-Cipriani-Peter-Andre-Celebrity-Big-Brother.html

    Victims and Escapees - Continuing the list from Wiki V -

    Those Poor Children -
    18.10.22 - baiting Kieron with more shit on tiktok using Bunny :mad:
    30.10.22 - more Shit-Tok involving Bunny caked in make-up allegedly "stealing her phone to post garbage videos"; Of course she did luv! Oh and this nonsense about them "baking a cake". Take a tip skanky, next time you want to pretend to have been baking with the kids make sure you move the shop's box out of the camera view, OK?
    3.10.22 - those fans are all saying the same thing again! This time its how B is her Mini-Me which is bizarre when the girl looks like her father :) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20279489/katie-price-video-daughter-bunny-dancing-carl-woods/
    2.11.22 - it's now Bunny's turn to be her mini-me so "All the fans say the same thing.............." AGAIN! All three of them sharing a joint brain-cell are saying the self-same thing apparently, so has skanky given up on trying to enforce the notion that Princess looks anything like her at all and is trying to get her hooks into the next one in line? Its a repeat of a previous shit story by the looks of it too https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20279489/katie-price-video-daughter-bunny-dancing-carl-woods/
    3.11.22 - Now it's trying to make out she's bovvered about P's GCSE studies and that she's "not consulted" about any of this stuff. Nobody believes you luv :)

    1.11.22 - Using J & B this time by sticking them up on Wallis to take foters - no riding hats or anything!! Will her fans all say the same thing about this? Something like "WTF are you doing you stupid old cow???"
    and telling the media that B is "slow". Some Muvva eh? https://closeronline.co.uk/celebrity/news/katie-price-drops-baby-bombshell-bunny-slow-premature/
    8.11.22 -https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20357914/katie-prices-ex-bans-kids-for-new-reality-show/
    Like that will stop it using the children in pursuit of MUNNEY!
    16.11.22 - the "World's Most Excellent Mother" proving what a shite parent she really is
    18.11.22 - Wheel out J & B for a "Fun night out wiv Mummy an' Crawl".https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20464713/katie-price-reveals-new-hair-style-carl-woodt/
    19.11.22 - trying desperately to convince The World that P is her "Mini-Me" but failing miserably. That girl is a fair skinned & fair haired version of Her Father which must really bite The Beast, but hey!, get her to pull stupid faces like you and that automatically makes her into "Mini-Me" dunnit? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/katie-price/article-11447323/Katie-Price-44-shares-pouty-selfie-lookalike-daughter-Princess-15.html
    One BIG DIFFERENCE between the two is that skanky is photoshopped to hell-and-back whereas P is not :)
    22.11.22 - Get some more mileage out of P and why not indeed! https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-shares-snap-daughter-28547861

    Using Harvey - www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20075493/katie-price-takes-son-harvey-pumpkin-picking-halloween-carl/
    12.10.22 - She obviously scored a freebie with this outing otherwise do you imagine for ONE MINUTE she'd pay to do this? She probably took barrowloads if they were FREE :(
    13.10.22 - showing what a brilyunt Mummy wot she iz innit. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11315073/Beaming-Katie-Price-walks-hand-hand-son-Harvey-leave-National-Television-Awards.html
    28.10.22 - Lost two stone! My Arse he has!:ROFLMAO: Lost it then put it straight back after a day with Mummy because Mummy's Treat is stuffing him with cake to keep him managable during her access visit.

    1.11.22 - So here we have it sticking J & B up on Wallis for photos without even a riding hat! I wonder if her fans all say the same thing, like they always do?

    An older example but it demonstrates how she coaches H into saying things to assist her narrative; The same also applies to his constant swearing - he learnt it from her and she encourages it because she finds it hilariously amusing.

    The Lovely Entourage of Fairmli and equally scuzzy 'fwends'-
    This was PFP's doing. This is someone speaking out against the bullies' hypocracy after they'd stupidly watched the shitfest Twarma & Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to see PFP 'cwying" over skank's mentawl 'elf when he'd done exactly the same thing to an elderly widow.

    19.10.22 - Un-Fwended by Katona on scial media! I wonder what skank has said or done?? :LOL:
    31.10.22 - just in time for Hallow'een up pops another nutter (no doubt another barmpot she trawled in when doing her Tweetments at der Pwiowy), only this one predicts amazing wealth for the skank in early 2023. Amazing DEBT maybe but wealth???? LOL

    Find a Bandwagon & Jump Aboard! -
    An oldie but it demonstrates exactly how her magnanimous gestures are EMPTY - they mean nothing to her apart from publicising herself as always. This of course was supposed to be done to raise money for the Lung charity because AFP is still terminally ill after what- ten years? The reality of it was that she did about ten yards before dumping the ridiculous costume & giving up in a huff then buggerred off to the nearest pub with AFP for a skinfull and a box of fags.

    The NTA's - 13.10.22
    It is self-assured enough to be thinking its in with a cat-in-hell's chance at this but of course, shy little, traumatised Katie will not want the media to take her photo on the red carpet tonight, especially by those pesky paps who gave her PTSD and triggers ####, or was that PA, or EA, KH, MP, AR, KB, DW, DB or the 6 SA r4pists, or the guy in the park when she was 6, I mean 7, the photographer when she was 12 (or 13) or everyone who has ripped her off, the trolls, the haters, all the driving offences which weren't her fault, the 5, I mean 4, no it was deffo 3 kidnap attempts, the Sun, the Daily Mail, the police, the judges, solicitors, her creditors, Loose Women, Jade Goody, Jodie Marsh, Jane Poutney, her mum for getting ill, the delivery driver who killed her dog, the MM robbers, the Glasgow hotel robbers, the MM, the alcohol she doesn't drink, or the drugs she never takes, her overseas plastic surgeons, the 20ft wall at the Land of Legends, all her bankrupt/dissolved companies, her ex managers and agents and finally 'the one' SB..... We shall see ;)
    Its already screeeching and Woo-Hooing https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11312197/Katie-Price-son-Harvey-head-National-Television-Awards.html
    Trying desperately to be her own daughter now - look at the extensions crimped and curled to resemble Princess. The outfit is pretty subdued by her (low) standards - theres too much fabric in it for a start, but then she is with Sinkboy on this occasion, he who disapproves of her dressing like the tart she actually is.

    The boots get a trip to the NTAs as well

    Theres the proof that the boots are for sympathy seeing as it can walk over uneven ground pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with pumpkins and now can put her full weight on one foot while kicking the other foot into the air whilst screeching "Woo Hoo!"
    14.10.22 - heres her lapdogs at the Daily Fail grovelling about after her as usual. Funny how they seem to think its only enduring a life-fretninly injurry to ONE TROTTER hence one boot under the Hallow'een frock, BUT it appears that
    "KATIE missed out on the award" - not Harvey,
    with KATIE being robbed by Kate Garraway AGAIN! :LOL:(y)
    Miss Trunchbull in a wig and a sparkly frock
    Heres how to "celebrate" weight loss skanky-style! Give vastly obese lad a stack of chips and a gigantic burger followed by a calorie-riddled heart attack on a plate dessert; Way to go skanky!

    Chucking vile accusations about -
    12.10.22 - filming more crap at the local garden centre skanky openly accuses a man of filming HER and of being a paedophile! That term is something she rather likes using seeing as its exactly what she levelled at Kieron not so long ago so let's hope the bloke was a journalist who will use the outburst and her accusations that he filmed himself to SUE THE PLASTIC ARSE OFF IT!
    Launching accusations at some bloke shopping- and all for the benefit of her camera crew! Note use of "Me Mentawl 'Elf" and more importantly the accusations that said man is filming children (rather like the accusations she levelled against Kieron some months ago.)

    Christmas is coming and the skank is getting fat, Please stick your money in the old bag's hat!
    Specifically its time to crank-up the scrounging to get the kid's christmas gifts in plus some new decs and Stuff For Meeeeee!
    We'll start with this for H seeing as Mummy flogged all H's froggy decs and his special tree last spring - watch out for it :)

    Only Fans - aka Only Freaks -
    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-branded-top-earner-28227106 Yeah righty-ho :ROFLMAO::poop:
    2.11.22 - more photographic LIES to lure mugs onto her OF

    In case you are wondering what in God's name that blue splodge is on its highly filtered gut in this photo, it is allegedly A Horse.
    7.11.22 - how many weirdos are going to pay 29$ for this gruesome spectacle?

    19.11.22 - 69$ to view it's latest "hot" new sensational video on OF, ie a one minute video of it in the shower (a rarity in itself) wagging it's plastic arse at the camera! Woo hoo! A right bargain for pervs of the world to wank over, I don't think LOL
    https://tattle.life/attachments/31af7841-11a3-4c10-9b4b-29071cf07124-jpeg.1741172/ I wonder how man subscribers this bore-fest will tempt??

    It's "Fashun Sense" - yeah righty-ho! -
    15.11.22 - plastic ponchos are de rigeur dontcha know! Oh and theres knob-head with his Man Bun and hairband too (Is he not about 20 years too late for this "fashun" statement? https://metro.co.uk/2022/11/15/katie-price-ready-for-all-weathers-in-excellent-plastic-poncho-17762914/?ito=newsnow-feed :ROFLMAO:
    These will remain eternally with us - skanky at it's best

    Rocking the "Granny on Holiday in Scarborough" Look