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    * Resumé
    * Troof or Lie??
    * AFP's Book of Lies -
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * More shite on Tiktok Flogging JYY Crap -
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire":LOL:
    * The ex-Husband Squad - fighting back against the Gorgon
    * The Saaarrrfff Affrikka Incident -
    * Getting at the Exes Plus The Escapees
    * Those Poor Kids & "Cruelly Mum-Shamed" & #Bunty Gate
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy - "Pimp My Child"
    * More Animals Brought In To Die
    * Trampy Towers aka The Shitty Shack
    * Law Breaking & Bankruptcy
    * The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her
    * Surgeries & Crap Tattoos -
    * "Ownli Nans" -:ROFLMAO:

    26.6.23 - OK So is it guesting at Glastonbury?
    The Comments are BRUTAL!
    Comment of the day on her insta... "Lets talk about how your gash could host Glastonbury 5 times over "🤣 🤣 🤣
    Twitter are not on the #Be Kind bandwagon over AFP's Book of Lies (y)
    Nor are Instasham https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230627-115059-png.2268667/
    28.6.23 - its not slowing down either
    Comments on the article about KH allegedly "kissing" AFP :sick:
    * 'Was it grab a grannie night ??
    * Was there a power cut?'


    It'll be pleased to see to see this one:ROFLMAO:


    Seksi Foters -
    27.6.23 - look at the distorted leg!! :ROFLMAO:
    The Inflammable-Clothed Super-Cunt :ROFLMAO:
    1.7.23 - "I'm a little teapot, short and stout....................." :ROFLMAO:


    The hairband would be cute on a five year old, not this raddled old crone.
    3.7.23 - www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22899750/katie-price-reveals-glam-hair-transformation-jordan/ LOL; They are taking the piss surely :)

    Resumé -
    How many times has she "attempted to take her own life" now? How many "downward spirals" have there been? How many "abortions / miscarriages"? How many South African rapists were there or was she just assaulted? It seems to be changing daily & it's soooo confusing 🙄🤷
    Someone, anyone please tell me how & why absolutely anybody at all is putting this utter bullshit in the public domain? Make it make sense 🤯
    ‼Idea....shall we write a book? It will contain all the inconsistencies & we'll prove the lies. We can call the book
    "Skanky - our opinion aka Der Troof Innit!"

    Troof or Lie?

    https://youtu.be/Zpcy4Qbwe5U more LIES!

    - More old lies - the true sign of a LIAR is the constant rubbing of the nose Look at her go!
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-price-kicked-loose-women-7937399 Troof
    and then Her Version of it https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22840534/katie-price-breaks-silence-loose-women/ Lie
    https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230628_130903_chrome-jpg.2270949/ "Illest" OMFG!!
    :ROFLMAO: It just gets better dunnit?? :ROFLMAO: "Fresh?................" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: About as fresh as that dog turd on the stairs. She always claims to have had a new start, new me, had therapy but it's all bollocks and ITV know it, hence, reading between the very obvious lines in today's comment from her about loose women here ... Kipper asked to go back and ITV said NO ... she is so finished !!! FINALLY 🎉🎉🎉
    Lewse Wimmin - before they made it Persona Non-Grata. Whingeing aout AFP's terminality again, the trouble is that theres evidence to support this was all faked for the camera (ie a text to "a mate" asking if it was convincing enough)

    Sinkboy Cole. The One # 3497 😴 -
    1.7.23 - Yes its confirmation (again) of exactly what everybody already knew about this pair of assholes. The Split (yet again) was a LIE.
    Why do they even bother because NOBODY CARES :ROFLMAO:
    It looks like he's got the sickbag at the ready though :sick:🤮

    AFP's Book of Lies -
    * So then, picking through the bones of the Book of Lies is it not very strange that everyone who knew AFP whilst living in Patcham when KFP was supposedly 'molested' didn't actually know anything about it? The other girls who were apparently with her haven't come forward to confirm this really did happen. :poop:
    * Bearing in mind this garbage is supposed to be about AFP rather than the skanky tramp, will AFP say anything about her marriage to Ray Infield? They divorced in 1982 & AFP was already knocking bones with Mr PP Fencing who was working for Ray at the time, although AFP was by this time too busy socialising ;) with the 10 year younger Mr PPF. Skank & brother Daniel were still young kids so when AFP married PPF, KFP would have been 10. Think the pattern was the same as KFP is now with Jett & Bunny, the kids left to their own devices while AFP & PFP enjoyed their hectic social lives. Sound familiar? :poop:
    * Will AFP mention that KFP did some part time work in her aunts fabric shop in Hove. Will she mention that aunt had to speak to AFP about KFP dipping her hand in the till & being asked to leave? Nope, that won't be mentioned. :poop:
    * What about mentioning too why KFP told everyone that her brother Daniel was 'Ripping her off' when he worked on her fan club & accounting. :poop:
    * What about covering why she made PPF's mum & dad's lives a misery treating them like servants, then theres son Daniel's wife & family too. Could AFP perhaps state why she doesn't like them either? :poop:
    * This crap thus far has just been a 'crucify jobbie' on the ex husband Peter & try to make out KFP is bordering on sainthood & not the dreadful person we all know her to be because actually Peter is to blame for it all. :poop: https://youtu.be/F_YTKL3xLKc
    It'll be interesting to read what other lies will be disclosed because this is not even a case of 'sour grapes', it's a sustained campaign of cruel, spiteful & evil pack of lies from the Skank Clan, but why be surprised? AFP is a nasty harridan & the word harridan completely sums her up - meaning :a strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman. ie "a bullying old harridan" Guess who takes after it's mother?? :poop:
    * Noted that on the 23rd June when talking about what was the root cause of Katies problems it says "Katie was 6 years old when molested (NOT RAPED )in a park" yet on the 25th June when talking about Dane Bowers the story has changed again so that in fact "Katie was 7 years old when molested (NOT RAPED) in a park". Someone needs to check what they have all ready said before opening their gob again:poop:
    * https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9413859/Katie-Price-recalls-raped-park-aged-7-says-male-figures-let-down.html
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22795555/katie-price-mum-amy-mental-health/ Sez the skank /-
    'He took indecent photographs that I thought were innocent at the time. I was 12. He made me do pictures where I was sticking my tongue out. They looked young and girly but to him it is sexual. He used to make these milkshakes. 'I never took one because I didn't like it. The police when they came around.. that's what he did he made the girls drink them and he drugged them.' These being the randy old goats AFP happily left her precious skanky kid with to go and spend the Moddlin' fee in Brighton - yeah anuvva grate Muvva - check this excerpt from one of the thing's crappy autobiographies - it says it all :poop:


    Oh and the faux outrage over this too- ''I was 12. He made me do pictures where I was sticking my tongue out.''
    So that's bad is it KP? If so why is she letting Bunty do the same things at 8? Bunty is doing things with her mouth on youtube NOW Kipper, not 30 years ago, now you turd! Just read that exact bit "Llttle girl in high heels and lipstick" - clearly skank knows it's wrong or she is sick like they are and seeing this there are surely NO excuses now because no matter what went on in her childhood she is supposed to be the adult now. If she puts Bunny in that same situation it is WRONG! :poop:
    * How can someone ADVERTISE the fact that she never evolves, carrying on like this for 30 years, acting like a pathetic 15 year old? ‘I’m strong and indipendihnt innit’..no love…according to your tales you’re a desperate attention seeking insecure old twat who never learns from past mistakes, instead repeats them for 30 FUCKING YEARS! :poop: It meets a bloke & immediately is ‘in love’ with The One whom it immediately sees in a wedding suit, it needs constant reassurance that they really ARE the one, they always have the world's largest dick BUT apparently they ALL play away from her Illustrious Self. If this is true…would you not ONCE question why EVERY MAN YOU MEET WOULD RATHER FUCK SOMEONE ELSE??? Oh no, they’re ALL boring, abusive, sexual deviants, shit people, and their dick miraculously shrivels in size and therefore they must be stalked and harassed to within an inch of their lives by everyone around skank, hence rinse, repeat for 30 years. What a bastard waste of oxygen! But none of it is Her Fawlt is it? :poop:
    * As to AFP, nobody need look any further for reasons (for reasons) nor wonder how or why skank got to be so evil because its all here in AFP's nasty little Book of Lies. AFP is the most vicious, vindictive, jealous woman and does not deserve any of those those grandkids. Has anyone even heard her talking about Danny's kids.. (He's got twins ....❤❤is that not special enough???) She hates his wife too and is nasty to her. How can a grandmothmother behave like this or is it a case of Money Maketh the Granny?. All those little children should be treated fairly, together and loved the same.. but she's too selfish to see to any of the others & now with Harvey being away in school most of the time what does Amy actually do with the others? Nothing aside slag off their brilliant caring dads and jealously hate their other lovely grandparents. Evil to the core 🤬😈🤬 :poop:
    * 27.6.2023 - It's Alex's turn now for a slagging from the poisonous old gorgon. Strange really in that skank has an Order against her for doing this but rather conveniently this old boot can do it instead :unsure:
    * and another completely ludicrous one - Kieron touched-her-up apparently!!! :ROFLMAO:
    "AMY PRICE thought she had seen it all when it came to her daughter’s relationships with toxic men – until Katie’s sex-obsessed husband Kieran Hayler tried it on with HER. And she was gobsmacked when another of her Katie’s fellas – cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid – stripped off during a family dinner.
    "Amy, 70, who calls her daughter Kate, (has a fatal lung condition and, faced with the prospect of death), she has decided to break her silence (for moiney of course!) In an exclusive extract from her new book, serialised in The Sun, she reveals the truth about glamour girl Katie’s men – and how she kept getting her heart broken.
    TWELVE weeks after her split from Peter Andre in 2009, Kate was telling me about a man who her gym trainer had introduced her to.
    Kate was on the rebound from Pete. But she was desperate for love and attention and — as usual — not giving herself time to see things clearly. She had been dating Alex Reid for a few weeks when I first met him in a park near where she lived in Woldingham, Surrey. It wasn’t a particularly warm day but all of a sudden, Alex took his top off and just laid down on the grass. A couple of months later, he came round to our house with Kate for dinner with family and friends. Halfway through, he took his top off and sat there while everyone looked at him agog. I first saw his female alter ego when I attended a photoshoot for Kate’s book, Standing Out.
    The idea for the press launch was that four men would dress up as caricatures of Kate.
    Alex, dressed in a skimpy gold outfit, seemed to be enjoying the event. His voice became soft and girly, and he announced his name was Roxanne. Kate jetted off to marry Alex in Las Vegas in 2010, just seven months after meeting him. After the wedding, reality set in. Once or twice, the nannies complained they found Alex’s topless exhibitionism uncomfortable around the house, but things escalated when they said that he had been using Harvey’s hormone medication Genotropin. Alex has since said he injected himself by accident, thinking the medicine was his own. In 2011, after just two years, Kate told Alex to leave but he said his marriage status entitled him to stay.While Kate’s lawyers were deciding how to evict him, they drew up an agreement which dictated that he was not allowed to enter her bedroom and a guard was told to sleep outside. (LOL)
    Often, Kate’s partners don’t seem to be real people. To me, some just want free holidays and more followers on Instagram. She seems to feel compelled to give them material objects as a way of making them love her. I think Kate has always suffered from a lack of confidence and a fear of being alone and that’s why she rushes headlong into relationships. (LOL)
    The divorce from Alex really made me realise that Kate was getting into a pattern of eat, sleep, marry, repeat. It started with a very public relationship with the rugby player Danny Cipriani.
    * Then came the Argentinian model and TV presenter Leandro Penna, who she separated from in 2012 after two years.
    Leo moved to the UK to be with Kate. He tried to get work in the UK but because of the language barrier he wasn’t successful. (
    No he fucked off because he couldn't stand the shite any longer). In the end, he appeared — like all her partners — in her reality show and got paid for it. Leo and Kate found it hard to communicate and they started rowing — sometimes over Google Translate, due to the language barrier (Just how does "Yew fuckin' cunt"? translate?) Kate and Leo spent Valentine’s Day 2012 in Prague and he proposed to her with a pink, heart-shaped ring surrounded by diamonds. Unfortunately, the ring did not fit and Kate never wore it. LIES - there is evidence of it wearing this ring.
    Kate’s jeweller Bill Foreman had made the ring and he contacted Kate in June to say that the invoice was still outstanding. Kate was paying for everything.
    (AFP says that the language barrier was the Ishoo beteen them - he has said she “isn’t right in the head” which sounds like the actual truth.)
    * About a month after Leo had left, Kate was introduced to a man called Kieran Hayler by her friends. Kate said he was a plasterer and a stripper. We discovered Kieran wasn’t a plasterer — he was just a plasterer’s mate. He was a stripper, though.
    Therapist concluded Kieran had sex addiction I wasn’t so convinced about his reliability or independence, so I presented him with a confidentiality agreement. To be fair, he signed it without complaint. (
    So proof of what we've always suspected - its AFP with the gagging orders to sign) On Christmas Day 2012, Kate told me that Kieran had proposed and she had accepted. “Not again,” I thought. A month later, Kate excitedly informed me that I was going to have the opportunity to meet Kieran’s mum Wendy outside WH Smith at Heathrow for a flight to the Bahamas, where Kate and Kieran would tie the knot.
    At the wedding, Kate’s best friend Jane Pountney had suddenly bloomed. She had hair extensions, her teeth were whitened, she wore false eyelashes and nails, she had lost a lot of weight and she was wearing a short dress of the kind that Kate would often wear.
    In April 2014, Kate was in the early stages of Pregnancy with Kieran’s second child. She went on holiday with Kieran, Jane, her husband Derrick and all the children to Cape Verde. They hadn’t been there long when I received a desperate call in the middle of the night from Kate, who was crying because she had caught Kieran and Jane kissing on the beach. She said she lost her temper and hit Jane and then ran away with both Jane and Kieran chasing her, denying what had happened.
    (Different to her book versions of this sordid tale though)
    Kieran started having therapy. The therapist’s conclusion was that he had a sex addiction and Kieran accepted he needed help.
    His infidelity continued with another friend of Kate’s, Chrissy Thomas. Other friends of Kate told her about sexual texts they had received from Kieran. Even Kate’s PA received one, but she just ignored it. Once, after we had been for a meal at Kate’s house, Kieran and I kissed goodbye cheek on cheek and he “accidentally” kissed me on my lips. :LOL: Later, I had a text from him saying, “That was nice”. I was shocked and tried to ignore it. :ROFLMAO:
    Talk about double standards. Will she mention in the book, her husband Mr PP Fencing was up in court on a 'rape' charge, by fiddling with a supposed 'friend' of AFP whilst she was throwing-up beside a car. Taking your top off in a park, isn't anywhere NEAR what Mr PP did. Plus, AFP must think she's some sort of 'catch' if she is deluded enough to believe Kieran fancied that old wrinkled thing:p
    * In 2014 Kate bought another house. Kieran engaged a firm of builders and we watched the beautiful Arts and Crafts house turn into a tacky grey glitter palace. (
    But this is skanky's still -chosen decor AFP, its not Kieron's. What does AFP reckon to the decrepit state of the place now along with Barbie's glued to the walls?)
    * There were two turkeys called Roast and Dinner.I noticed it had an alarming number of animals. At one time there must have been 100 chickens and there were eggs everywhere.
    Kieran the builder had decided to become Kieran the farmer, (
    His fault you see, not skanky) so there were pigs, peacocks, lambs, llamas and two turkeys, one called Roast and one called Dinner.Kieran tried to pretend he was a country squire so he needed to dress the part with a waxed jacket, flat cap and boots. Kate had to finance Kieran’s hobbies, so the invitation to appear on Celebrity Big Brother in January 2015 came at the right time. Afterwards she renewed her vows and I was speechless when Kate called Kieran up on stage and summarised everything that had happened — including him sleeping with her best friend.
    Kate had stopped coming down to see me regularly and, when she did, she was fidgety or wanted to sleep (
    thats the drugs luv). I went to her house in August 2015 to find her looking absolutely terrible. She told me that she had discovered Kieran had been having another affair, this time with the nanny. Then I discovered Kate’s behaviour was related to depression and the fact she had started taking cocaine — and Kieran was involved with it too. Kate is not an addict — it was a coping mechanism. :ROFLMAO:
    Before Kieran finally moved out, he was taking their kids Jett and Bunny to school and he met a mum at the school gates called Michelle Penticost. They started an affair which seems to have lasted.
    (Heres the text skanky sent MP that resulted in the restraining order - the abuse she denies sending naturally)
    Here's MP's response to the latest old shite from AFP Cuntlung https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230627-065445-png.2268316/

    "I feel lucky Kate has survived and is still with us. (Nobody else does luv!) :ROFLMAO:
    In June 2020 she met used car dealer Carl Woods, and he moved in with her. An early morning phone call came in late August 2021, from Carl’s dad, saying that he’d been arrested, but assuring me that his son would never hit anyone. Kate’s agent Kirsty told me Kate had been to hospital and the police had been called. Kate admitted that Carl had pushed her while trying to grab her phone off her, but she said he didn’t hit her. I have no respect for Carl. I have to stand by what I believe, and I believe that Carl knows and accepts this. All I want is for Kate to be happy............................."
    Accept it AFP - it will NEVER be "happy" :ROFLMAO:
    * No mention of why the police didn't actually charge assault if Carl pushed her......possibly because they were both fighting ( as we've suspected all along). No-one "jumped on her head" or battered her and no mystery man there stealing her ring then? :unsure:
    * Do you think the ghost writer loathed Iron Lung and Skank? She must have had to spend quite a lot of time with this vile pair so will have seen their true colours and heard them discussing how to dress up their lies. The writing style is so tongue in cheek, eg Alex taking off his shirt is seen as Bad, but she must have known about the Nokia up the chuff in a car, feet on the dashboard, sitting next to a man and being photographed by another, the hairy minge being exposed in South Africa the then-present nips being licked by a drag queen in a crowded club etc etc ad infinitum. The writer would have seen and known all of this therefore she made Amy's words sound sweet as saccharine and as completely absurd as she could whilst pandering to Amy and Skank's vanity, knowing they wouldn't see the encoded take-downs. :ROFLMAO: And of course The Sun adding-in their own bits to tip this garbage ever-closer to the edge (y)
    28.6.23 - Who would have thought that old iron lung would be the one to bring down the Skank?! In the event its not SB, not itself or anybody else she miught blame - its her own bloody mother :ROFLMAO: !!!!! Cheers Terminal! 🥂 Not only have you made everything ten times worse for your daughter but no man will dare to go near her now! Oh well! 🤣
    *And out comes Saaaarrrrfff Affrikka Wape Twarmer for another version of LIES - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22836065/katie-price-sexually-assaulted/amp/
    * https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22835317/katie-price-mother-amy-plastic-surgery-dangerous-reason/ Its Pete's Fault naturally :)
    * 'She had always been vulnerable, and fame had only opened up the floodgates for any Tom, Dick or Harry who wanted a million Instagram followers and his own fashion range to infiltrate our family.'' Who'd want to join that bunch of hillbillies?? Putting her foot in it again. Men are always the enemy. KP and the Pwice clan will never welcome them. How controlling of Amy to see the men as marrying The Family not just KP!
    27.6.23 - "Sexually Assaulted" in this version - not waped /www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22836065/katie-price-sexually-assaulted/
    * And still no mention of the fiendish Boyson! He must hold some really good crap on The Hillbillies or he would have been ripped to shreds by now :ROFLMAO:
    * AFP's mother now - make of this what you will..................


    * Oh yeah AFP Heres you denouncing all skank's surgery and feigning innocence - whats all this then eh?? You've never had plastic surgery, Botox or Fillers? You know you have. How many face lifts? Even now, having to take large amounts of steroids daily, following the 'secret' lung transplant, you're still having Botox & fillers (presumably NOT using the person who your husband shagged & went to court for rape!). That's why you look the way you do, in the photo's for the 'Book of Lies', looking like a bloated hamster, with too much food in it's cheek pouches. AND ... SFP, 2 boob jobs & replacement teeth. Such a bloody hypocrites. Oh and heres the skank's comment about women in their mid-40s having surgery haha! Mutton speaking now :)
    "Frankly I don't think older women should have it done," Jordan says. "It makes them just look like mutton dressed as lamb." https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Jordan+mum+has+a+facelift%3B+AMY%2C+48%2C+PAYS+pounds+7%2C000+AND+LOSES+15...-a076097145
    * Heres the excuses for skanky's surgery addiction :ROFLMAO: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-prices-mum-says-stars-30341845
    1.7.23 - Fathers 4 Justice have added AFP Cuntlung onto their hit-list Woo hoo!! :ROFLMAO:

    1.7.23 - Ulrika Johnson has piped-up as regards AFP and skank's surgery obsession. The last time she said anything the skank blew a gasket & sent the Flying Monkeys in :)
    "AFTER I was hauled over the coals by her fans for suggesting she may have an unhealthy addiction to plastic surgery, Katie Price’s own mother Amy has now confessed she worries she might end up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein. (Might? It already has!!)
    At the heart of the new book she has written is a mother who has witnessed her daughter on a rollercoaster of toxic relationships, drug-taking and volatility. I would never deny I have done more than roll my eyes at some of Katie’s antics over the years but more often than not, it’s come from a place of concern and bewilderment at a woman who leads life at high speed and, at times, fails to take responsibility for her actions.
    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wanted to get hold of her and have a serious talk about how she needs help to get her life back on track. But someone has to want help in the first place. Hopefully, Amy is the woman who can offer her that.:LOL:
    But I know from my own maternal experience that sometimes we’re just forced to stand on the sidelines and watch."

    Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap -
    28.6.23 - More carpet cleaning grifted https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21250058/katie-price-biggest-boob-job-mucky-mansion-makeover/amp/
    29.6.23 - Presumably he's been grifted to fix the 'ot tub although I'm sure it would have got him to fix lots of other busted-up stuff and dangling electric cabling whilst held captive there. Just look what he got for his time & money though - a grotty photo with it and her idea of an advertisment! :ROFLMAO: What a mug!
    What a MUG!!! But wait - she promised him publicity and the media has responded accordingly - he's in the Nationals with his advert for fixing her shitty 'ot tub! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22891150/katie-price-filthy-hot-tub-at-mucky-mansion/

    More shite on Tiktok Flogging JYY Crap -
    28.6.23 - Heres the Inflammable Super Cunt back flogging her crap, so having been removed from Her Own Tiktok up pops Bunty on Mummy's selling sesh for JYY crap. Just look at this!!!
    *"Bunty read out 'Mum, someone said Kill Bunny' KP says 'don't worry about it, what did mummy tell you, ignore people.'
    And this one - the look skank gave when Bunty mentioned Love Island 🤣🤣🤣 She death stared her and then said "You don’t watch it bunny!" Hardly appropriate viewing for an 8 year old is it???
    * It seems the kids are taking Mummy's books to school to read (age group 8-9) but the school declined the offer saying they are inappropriate So the PTB genuinely think its appropriate to return those kids to her care ? I thought schools & SS had safeguarding?
    * She used to ‘work’ in a fabric shop, no hun, you used to nick from there…
    * it keeps saying the fragrant AFP "suffers from IPF" No, she frickin well does not any more as she's got new lungs (unfortunately).
    * it cannot remember the colours of this dreadful clothing either, struggling with different shades of pink, it cannot pronounce "Teal, drawstring nor popular" nor it's own name either. It seems it cannot remember colours at all any more when it's struggling with a couple of shades of pink, can't pronounce "Teal" and getting words wrong all over the place :LOL: :LOL:
    * It has just admitted that it has no knickers on but is happy to get changed in front of the children and Ms JYY - but if Alex takes his top off in front of anybody it's all kinds of wrong. :sick:
    * The Moddle with 25 years of experience has to be continually told to step back from the camera so the audience can see the grotty trousers properly :LOL:
    * She's slagging off the kids school now because the school said Kippers childrens books are "inappropriate" ie full of shite. Bunny just said she hates school. "Your school sucks" it screeches
    * It forgot to make Bunty's lunch so apparently it's making a healthy pack up and dropping it off at school to ensure Bunny actually gets something to eat! Yeah right That'll be a cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps from the petrol station then.
    * And this as regards AFP's Book of Lies! Skank just said - "Serialisation of the book - what's in papers is calmer - what's in the book - you will be shocked! " :unsure:
    * MM - show not been axed apparently:LOL:
    * I do surgery - what's the big deal, some people drink, they smoke. Skank is Dr. Urugsand Booze's best customer of course
    * This is so inappropriate to have Bunny read the comments. And Jett is also reading.
    *Liverpool at Christmas doing her panto :ROFLMAO:
    *Bunny and Jett off to the bath themselves before Love Island - they still have not had their dinner. Another takeaway probably.
    * Doesnt work with Chloe Ferry, but we are nuts and both bonkers
    Harvey is at college in Cheltenham , see him all the time and face time him every day - of course she does!
    * " Why can't people be nice?" :unsure: :unsure: :ROFLMAO: Take your own advice skank and tell yer Muvva as well
    * It doesn't smoke and always gets up early to take the kids to school...." of course you do luv! The state of it must be down to the DRUGS then eh skank?
    * "Bunny's sassy and Jett well he's at home with me all the time as he hasn't been to school - but I can't say why! I've had a lot to deal with recently with my kids....."
    * Got to get the kids ready for school, so she has to get up early.
    *Won't go back on Loose Women as a panelist but perhaps as a guest:LOL: Dream on!
    *Doing another book, more perfume :ROFLMAO::poop:
    * Panto and is the witch (how apt!)
    *Another series of MM :poop:
    * Back on YouTube, but lots to deal with the kids
    * "All the kids are doing really well, Princess drives me mad, and her birthday in 2 days, Bunny is driving me mad". What possible reason can there be for Jett to be out of education for 7 months though eh skank?? :mad: She apparently 'can't mention why' Jett's not going to school but does say that he's not going... (repeatedly to the entire public). She's trying to keep the original lie going that 'someone' is being investigated or that 'someone' traumatised Jett as she stated on the 6th of December. Of course if she carries on hinting that Jett is "traumatised" all her idiots will keep believing Kieran 'did something' even though Kieran has been cleared of the original reason Jett was supposedly" traumatised". Same with him being absent from school, the fact he is off school proves to the idiots that Kieran obviously 'did something'. God forbid one of the possibilities is that KP has 'done something' and that something is her being a highly manipulative person who would keep a child off school for 7 months for her own nefarious purposes It's coming up to 3 months now for Kipper's last allegation, the gun possession, to be dealt with by police. How long can the Jett lies go on after that one being shelved? She'll need to find another allegation quickly
    * and Bunty's IG name??? Bunny hayler (I am lesbian) :mad:
    * Oooops- let the cat-out-of-the-bag! A slip of tongue, an admission that AFP's shite book is about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    ”My mum’s book that she’s done about Meeeee”…oh dear blown it Skank, so its not AFP’s story then 🤦🏽‍♀️😂https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2269/2269769-8a2c5a3f511c6feefce28fa20ad95c33.mp4
    * "Ooh my boobs look massive in that what am I gonna do about that" :LOL:
    * So KP wants to class herself as an "Influencer" now, especially when she was previously slating that kind of work, just like she did with the OF initially. :LOL: Desperate times seek desperate measures eh skank??
    * Going to do masterclasses again - yes those super-successful Plasterclasses in grotty back-end "salons" in grim backstreets or factory estates :ROFLMAO:
    29.6.23 - and some more TT flogging the JYBother garbage, also it has Bunty reading the comments for her - note here the reference to Bunty's TT that has been removed :) https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2271/2271680-3d644680473781d40de7022e27bc8947.mp4
    A couple of people have asked 'is your hair real' 'what about bankruptcy?' and 'are you still banned from driving?'. All carefully IGNORED naturally :)
    *and more bullshit incoming on TT :- Now calling someone a knob-end as they said she was plastic!
    *Going to London for a Meeting (hopefully to grovel after the Bankruptcy lot)
    *Then filming for her new show - like hell she is!! :ROFLMAO: Then back on TT after 8pm - how nice.....................
    * First memory of her step dad PFP was jumping on him in a bed. Classy :LOL:
    * Apparently she can count on 2 hands who she has slept with....😂 Righty-ho!
    including the hands of the Household Cavalry too and thats only this month since SB left - but anyway, this is more than ten and doesn't include everyone, more especially those she shagged and cannot remember because she'd been on the razzle with Dr.Ugsand Booze (or they're not worth blabbing about for $$$£££s) Why Granny, what BIG hands you have!!
    A more comprehensive list (maybe didn't "sleep" with everyone) - Not in any particular order.
    Jeff Bloch from the stables when she was 15 said she lost her virginity to him at 16, said he was abusive and she had a miscarriage (although her Stepdad got money out of him for an op after the miscarriage??)
    Gary Bolingbroke, left him for Teddy, accused him of being abusive
    Teddy Sheringham says they were in bed together but nothing happened
    John Scales
    Warren Furman
    (engaged) cheated on him with Ralph
    Ralf Schumacher (says they didn't sleep together)
    Dane Bowers (had an abortion while 6 months pregnant) tried to commit suicide by taking pills kept going back to Ralph
    Anthony Lowther
    Dwight Yorke
    Gareth Gates
    took his virginity when he was 17 while she was 6 months pregnant with H:sick:
    Dane Guiden
    Edward Tollemache
    Matt Peacock
    cheated on him 4 times
    Scott Sullivan * gives Andre a BJ in the hotel after their stint on Celeb on the promise of more and goes home to ditch Scott.
    Peter Andre (M 2005-2009). Miscarriage in 2006. Post natal depression after Junior, took drugs, said she wanted to kill herself driving into a wall. Said she had a miscarriage, but it was another abortion. Cheated on him with Andrew Gould and 2 others
    Some Gladiator Bloke
    Andrew Gould
    riding instructor
    Andre Pinto (he said they had 3 sessions in the sack) before she ditched him for Alex
    Alex Reid (M 2010-2012) he won a revenge p0rn case against her.
    Leandro Penna cheated on him with John Arne Riise and his mate - (see their mention further down)
    David Sebastian, Myleene Klaas' ex
    John Arne Riise (Mr X)
    Those 2 German blokes in Majorca
    who she spent the night with. I love coke rap
    Simon Cowell (she said they had fun in his bed)
    Frank Lampard said she had intermate moments (ie a BJ)
    Danny Cipriani
    Joe Hart (rumour)
    Gavin Henson
    Kieran Hayler
    (M 2013-2021) cheated on him with Shane Duffy, KH also found Dele Alli facetiming her. (Miscarriage) and called KH mentally abusive, said she took drugs and was on Valium. Cheated on KH at least 7 times.
    Shane Duffy (rumour)
    Fernando Rickksen -
    another footballer but it vehemently denies this one strangely
    Kris Boyson (Miscarriage) cheated on him with AA & CD
    Alex Adderson - ran home to Mummy who was'nt amused by his dalliance with the skank
    Charles Drury (He claimed Katie was sexting other men, some married, while she was with him) CD said she was a drug user
    Louis Casper Dunweber - Valentine's 2020
    Leon Esfahani (while with Kris Boyson)
    Stuart Tomlinson
    Carl Woods
    (2020-present MUG). Cheated on him with Polo Egg
    Jamie Morrison aka Polo Egg, plus another (hence why he stomped off to Vegas)
    Don't forget Tampon Egg, her mate's boyfriend
    Wigan Egg - allegedly some footballer who obviously Won The Bet with his team mates! :ROFLMAO:
    and theres the Mysterious Bloke she refers to as Mr X - Skank also shagged that guy in her kitchen. She couldn't remember and had to look at CCTV at the Shitty Shack to find out. He was the friend of the business man (Riise) she was also shagging so that's two more to the list. 🤣
    Doubtless there are many more - but she ain't a Slag yer knaaa............. :ROFLMAO:
    30.6.23 - The Daily Star have picked-up on skank's total lack of mathematical abilities as regards The Legover List :LOL:
    AND THIS TOO! Classy.................... So SS you think this is acceptable behaviour for a Muvva-of-Fiyve" do you, shouting this out on SM thence into the tabloids??
    "In the 10 minute long clip, mother-of-five Katie shares all manner of highly personal details as fans quizzed her about her sex life, and what she wants from a man...And it seems the star is happy to explain that she enjoys orgies with friends, and will engage in sex in a room full of people as her insatiable sex drive takes her anywhere but the bedroom." Right. So it "enjoys orgies" but when K (or any other of Her Properties) looks elsewhere for sex thats a hanging offence? Double standards methinks:unsure:
    Heres One That Got Away though - he was immune to skank's "charms" :ROFLMAO:

    Its back again flogging more crap for JYY -
    *She's forgotten the colours again but just before was lecturing Jayda saying "Yes, thanks I know the trousers inside and out....what are the colours?":rolleyes:
    *Also getting peeved cos someone asked 'Is this your new career?'. Yes it is apparently and it's great and she's happy doing this in her kitchen at home. :LOL:
    * And she used the c word plus her shouting at the kids at the top of her voice!!! 😳
    * " Is it my own brand? (JYY) No, but I do it with Jeyda" 🙄
    * "I love the sound of my voice " "These are the grey - no they are not they're the light grey............."
    * Princess will be here soon............................'Ill be a GILF - :sick: " 'A Gilf - like my mum ' she said. :sick: :sick:
    * Bunny has Kipper's shorts on and her foot is bleeding from the hot tub. Mummy is not bovverred
    * 'I am what I am - who cares?'
    * 'I have three sewing machines, and I used to make Harvey's clothes'. Now back grifting for them - Have UpYours dumped her?
    * She's on about the effing 'wonderwebb' again but she doesnt own an iron. How does she use Wonderweb then? :unsure:
    * Scratching her hair like shes got fleas. :ROFLMAO:
    *'I dont iron anything and don't have time to take stuff to the dry cleaners'
    * 7am for a shoot for more JYY stuff - 7:30 am she will be live and she has an appointment at 9am.
    * Always a drama in my life, horses are fine.
    And to sign off she is singing FFS :eek:
    2.7.23 - back on TT flogging the crap trousers again. Cooking the disgusting Carbonara, screeching at the kids, changing the trousers (minus underwear) in front of them as they try to eat their delicious supper :sick: Oh and P's biyfriend is there too - perhaps he's going to be asked to go tampon fishing later on?
    *Still keeps getting the colours wrong
    *Now she’s just mucked up the order…Jeyda said next 20 orders they will choose random 5 for double up, then she said 10
    *Apparently owns her own house. £2.5m :LOL: No luv, the banks and mortgage holders OWN IT, not you!
    *Slagging off Pete yet again. Find out why she doesn’t like him in her mum’s book 😒😴 That’s nice for Princess to hear ain’t it mother of the year?.
    * Someone asked if she's still in love with Pete- she shouted in front of P her bf and B "Owwwwmyyygoooodddddd no I don't love Pete andre not at all!" Looked pissed off then kept tutting and rolling her eyes when people kept commenting again, then said" God will pepowl stop talking about Pete !" Pretty rich when she's the one most guilty of NOT leaving the bloke alone!!! :ROFLMAO: Or maybe she should tell her own mother to stop talking about him then!
    * Still got mayo down her cargos, not washed them - and the cargos she had on last night, she dropped dinner down them too - the filthy slob 🤢🤦🏻‍♀️
    * She can’t take any criticism, telling people to piss off. :LOL:
    * Keeps interrupting Jeyda to talk about herself, so she has to keep repeating stuff. Wrongly mostly
    * It has ADHD 🙄 - its not on the ❄ (apparently) :ROFLMAO::poop: Someone asked if she’s on the gear? 🤣 nah it’s just her personality and ADHD :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * She's on something though - she keeps singing and shouting and just making an absolute tit of herself. Her "singing career" is coming back !
    * It's shouting 'Oy OY Sailor Oy Oy!' 'Sorry I've got a personality!' 'Loooove it' 🥴
    Keeps going on about her nipples - to prove she has some?
    * Keeps sniffing and wiping her nose on her hand. Shouting loud as fuck and said she" Ain’t eating anyfink" when she dished up that pasta muck. I say "dished up" - she just passed the whole saucepan to one of the kids 🤷🏼‍♀️ couldn’t even be arsed to do that properly.
    * Progressed on to telling people to "Fuck off now!". Now I wonder where H gets his linguistic skills from eh?
    * Its filming a new Shitty Shack Show - allegedly! :LOL:
    *Just said Jett is in therapy, no school for 9 months and then starts screaming 'Oooooh you cold nearly see my mingey'. Keeps “almost” flashing the camera. She’s done that a couple of times now.
    She is screaming at the top of her voice!
    * Kicked off the live for exposing herself
    *Screaming at P. Princess has got to take her pill!? “To keep her safe
    She's shouting it's good P is on the pill!! She didn't just say it once, she repeated it about 5 times and got Princess to come downstairs and then say 'look P doesn't care'.
    * The place is a chaotic shit pit. Flies buzzing around her so you just know the place is a dump and stinks 🤢 Who’s watching the kids? It’s a free for all. It’s no wonder P is hanging around there a lot lately, I bet it’s a lot more strict at her real home with Pete. And I’m not suggesting anything untoward about boyfriends etc. just that I know how much it would appeal to hang around somewhere like that compared to a proper home with responsible adults and rules at that age. That’s the only reason Princess is on the scene in my opinion. The dog Colin is eating biscuits and throwing up ffs 😩 what a mess.
    * Its back on Live - She can’t keep her hands from her pants bearing in mind she’s already said she’s wearing no underwear
    * Singing "Barbie Girl" about her extensions falling out
    * Noo Bissniss Opps - Bringing out hairbands like the one she is wearing from Claire's Accessories (and that is along with sunglasses and bedding she has also mentioned tonight) And all this from a BANKRUPT???
    * Some people re asking questions about Cole but she's ignoring all of those
    * She's farting on Live now "We all shit, fart and piss....". Cheers for the info skank :sick:
    and don't forget you can wear these crappy tops as a dress downtcha knaaaa! :ROFLMAO:
    Three hours later its still flogging those trousers to death adding in more gems like this:-
    * now she's worried the ceiling will fall in on her! Says there's a leak and needs a plumber asap - cue grifting a plumber now!
    * More crap from the ever-flapping gob.
    She was going on about a load of shite. But she mentioned jett was being home schooled and hadn't seen kieran for 9 months 'but there's reasons for that, and appreciates prayers for him'
    She said bunny was going school but then just before she came off the live said she needed to wake the kids up 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️. Said the kitchen ceiling might come in on her as there was a leak or something, so was asking about a plumber! (So the burglars have been back to leave the taps on again then?)
    Said she needed an eyebrow tattooist as she needs her doing again, and admitted they were like 'caterpillars'
    Erm, kept going on about her drinking glass and it was from 'tesco or sainsburys'
    She told us she was due on her period any day now and she's defo not pregnant, showed us her stomach and then had a rant about there's no need to 'act her age, she's just got personality' 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire":LOL:
    26.6.23 -It looks like her using Jett's name on youtube to film more bullshit has FAILED! No doubt they were deluged with complaints :) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22813984/katie-prices-kids-youtube/
    The Podcasts look doomed too :ROFLMAO: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-price-fans-warn-give-27184326

    29.6.23 - and here we go with The Podcast everyone's been waiting for WOO HOO! Sadly its the same old crap as it shows on the rest of it's tedious SMs but minus flogging the cheap and nasty nylon clothing, but here you go - you'll get the gist of it :)
    It sounds like she recorded it in a car (very professional) plus overacting like crazy & hyper - you would sttruggle to keep listening after 2 minutes
    * Cooking is up first, she’s not great at cooking, she was hard done by on Masterchef as the best ones were in her week :poop:
    * She’s an on the go Mum:poop:
    * Thats the trouble living in the country, no one delivers here… it virtually orders takeaway delivery every night 🤷🏽‍♀️
    * When she goes food shopping ends up being distracted and spends loads on candles etc, buys stuff she don’t need:LOL:
    * She’s into crime and serial killers :LOL::poop:
    * Edna pipes up 🤓 - she goes to art galleries & Skank thinks it’s all boring. Skank says Edna likes all that ‘old history’ stuff:p
    * Both like oysters though 🤦 Fascinating..................
    * "Mad, bonkers and nuts on and off the camera ain’t I Edna"? 🤪
    * Edna had a lot of stick at school about Skank. AND?????? 😂
    * Andre strict with P’s education, Skank isn’t, tells her she ain’t gonna be a scientist so why stress about grades ? Edna says you can’t say that 🤦🏽‍♀️ - That says it all really :poop:
    * Called a slag in clubs when young cos girls are bitches - it’s why she hangs around with guys 🤦🏽‍♀️ :ROFLMAO: :poop:
    * Waffle about growing up in the media, getting her toys out, she was outrageous, all changed when she had Harv’ and people realised she’s a good mum 🤦🏽‍♀️ :ROFLMAO::poop:
    * Edna has no idea how to date anymore, Skank says it’s a nightmare. :ROFLMAO:
    *Edna says Skanks IG feed is full of tits, arses and inspirational quotes, as that’s what the algorithm thinks Skank is interested in.
    * Skanks not a lesbian, but looks at girls a lot but not in a sexual way, she looks at them to see if they work out. And she does? If thats the case why does she resemble Spongebob Squarepants and rely on surgery?? Plus what about her recent venomous comments about SB's Veeegus legover then?? :poop::ROFLMAO:
    * Edna has a thing about Alex Curran…Skank thinks she’s stunning as well
    *Skanky doesn’t think she’s good looking,its ridiculous papers compare her now with when she’s 20 - but skank thinks she still looks 20 let alone "good looking"!!!! 🤣:poop:
    * Skank wants Edna’s eyebrows. Start chatting nonsense about having different Dads, really boring
    * Edna has Mum’s feet, Edna has bunions, Skank had perfect feet until the scar 😂:poop:
    * Edna says Skank turning into Mum, getting narky just like Mum. The excerpts of AFP's Book of Lies proves that
    * Edna gets annoyed about Skank always being late, bitching about podcast shoot and Skank arseing around.
    * Chat about photoshoots….Skank says she’s been “in this photoshoot game more times than…..well more times” :poop:
    *10 minutes of rubbish about hair, makeup and shoots.
    * It forgot to make Bunty's lunch so apparently it's making a healthy pack up and dropping it off at school to ensure Bunty actually gets something to eat! Yeah right. That'll be a cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps from the petrol station then.
    * Don’t ever tell her how to model. However Jeyda constantly has to tell the ignorant old boot to "Move back" when moddlin' the JYBother shite on TT when its only interest is getting the norks fully onscreen not the crappy nylon trousers :poop:
    * Playboy shoot talk next. Skank well chuffed it was American Playboy. Skank didn’t do centrefold, no opening her legs, shut her bits, she didn’t do that. (Troof is they didn't want her LOL) Speaking about posing for playboy, how she showed her 'bit but not with her legs open. SFP laughing about how AFP always called it a bit, 'go and wash your bit". Skanky saying thats what she tells Bunny to do :sick:
    * Misconception - she’s not a slag, not into one night stands,😂🤣🤣🤣 Edna is worse she alleges & Edna denies this 🤓. Skank says blokes have to work to get her in bed, she’s not easy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fecking liar!
    * No one invites her to parties, so she’s stopped doing her parties as she’s fed up with her being the one who hosts parties.
    * Boring chat about Mum and Dad, not worth reporting on
    Drum roll…..End of every episode there’s gonna be “Life advice with The Price”…send your questions in for this very exciting feature…. 🤣🤣🤣 "How do I avoid justice liyk wot yew doo?" 😂😂😂:poop:
    Ends with “I LOVE ITTTTTT” and Harv will be coming on soon 🤦🏽‍♀️
    One desparing listener said "That was 💩, in fact that was the worst most boring mundane podcast I have ever heard, just me me me as expected, and that me me me is f*cking dull, just a rehash of all the old bollocks it publishes online everywhere and in its tawdry "books". Does edna the ` amish hamster ` say anything other than URRMMMMMMM ?? Watching the short clip on IG Pwiccceee is squawking a load of bollocks as per and amish is just "Urmmm eeerrr ummm eeerrr ummmm yeah, uurrrmmmm"
    Heres another quote from someone who wasted 30 minutes of their life on this garbage -
    "Spotify , just done 30 minutes of it whilst dog walking . Jesus wept.
    It’s two wittering chimps yakking about absolutely nothing . There is no form , no structure , no humour nor witty observations although they both seem to find each other funny, they like oysters ,um …. Edna has horrible feet . She got teased about Skank at school . Women hate Skank . Skank has told P not to worry about her GCSEs because they’re not worth worrying about & she’s not going to be a scientist. Um Edna rescued a plant out of a skip outside her flat , Skank only likes plastic ones , presumably because she bears an uncanny resemblance to one , um Edna’s degree is in “ Old History” which is , apparently a hilarious term , um Skank doesn’t believe a shoot lasts from 9-6 and will be late because why shouldn’t she ,um , can’t really remember what she cooked on Masterchef , um wallpaper , um tiny skirts, um nightclubs, um good mother . "
    All fascinating stuff eh?
    This crap is not going to last 😁🥳
    The Best Bit was actually "The End":p
    3.7.23 - sales on last night's TT debaclé - She came back on for another live after getting kicked off around 9pm. She’s been going for 30 mins and sold 74 pairs of those slinky trousers just before signing off making just under £900. Not bad for 1/2hrs ‘work’ but I didn’t see how much they’d sold just before her other live kicked her off and that had been going on for nearly 1.5hrs. That’s just sales for those baggy trousers by the way, not counting other stuff that might be selling like the vest tops. This must clearly be lucrative enough for them to keep doing it ; I do hope the bankruptcy lot are watching :)

    The Ex-Husband Squad - Fighting Back Against The Gorgons -
    Back in 2018 Fathers 4 Justice labelled skanky as a "Crummy Mummy" and it copped the hump over it instructing another batch of stuffed-shirts to put the frighteners on them & demand they retract this statement or she'd sue them. Basically F4J told them to piss-off in no uncertain terms yet the skank never did sue them LOL!! Just look at the topics the thing demanded apologies for though - all rather familiar are they not? And the best thing of all is that F4J have taken up arms on behalf of Kieron against it now! Woo Hoo!

    27.6.23 - Alex fights back!

    Heres Pete being "controlling" again, ie protecting his daughter's best interests, unlike the "mother" thing.
    28.6.23 - Here come F4J after the miserable hide of the old gorgon AFP! Woo Hoo! https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230627_153309_facebook-jpg.2269413/
    29.6.23 - another dig at Peter being strict with J&P. This is what it said to P - nice mother eh?

    The Saaarrrfff Affrikka Incident -
    It's back with another version, courtesy of AFP's Book of Lies.
    28.6.23 - "The incident occurred in March 2018 when Katie was with her kids Junior and Princess, now 18 and 15, in South Africa filmed the reality show, My Crazy Life, and ended up being car-jacked. Amy recalls: “Following a safari trip, which everyone had enjoyed, the production company decided to try to cross the border into Swaziland at a time of day that wasn’t safe, along a road that wasn’t safe.“They were attacked by four robbers. One of the men put his hands down Kate’s trousers and sexually assaulted her before touching her all over and hitting her hard. Junior, Princess and a crew member were being attacked in the back seat by another robber and everyone was screaming for help." See previous Wikis for the full Lie Fest. Note here that its being attributed to being "assaulted" not "waped" - So not "waped" by the eleventy billion Saarff Afrikkanns then? FGS they still can't even get the story straight when only in September last year skank said six men now it's one, then heres AFP blaming the film production company but skank blamed ITV - & if j and p had been attacked as Amy states, I guarantee Pete would have got them home not carry on as if nothing happened

    This is The Day After The Horrific Incident - all thoroughly traumtised by the experience as you can see
    But look! TWO different versions taken from the same pile of shite! In this version its "Wape" as opposed to the Sun's version of "assaulted".
    One of the earlier contemporary reports of The Saaarrrfff Afffrikka Incident - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5946585/katie-price-and-two-of-her-kids-carjacked-in-south-africa-with-cash-jewellery-and-laptops-worth-tens-of-thousands-snatched/ NB. reported as theft /mugging- no rape & assault here

    Those Poor Kids & "Cruelly Mum-Shamed" & #Bunty Gate -
    28.6.23 - Bunty's tiktok account has finally been closed down! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22845407/katie-prices-daughter-bunny-banned-tiktok/

    Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy - "Pimp My Child"
    27.6.23 - Out with the Harvey stuff right on-cue. This is CGI - not "drawing" - but note the hint about "Mummy and Carl Woods" in there.

    29.6.23 - H is destined to be dragged out forr the scintillating podcasts now; It'll be so nice to hear him shouting "Fucking cunt" online

    More Animals Brought In To Die -
    29.6.23 - Guinea pigs now.https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22857800/katie-price-bought-more-pets-death-dog-petition/

    Trampy Towers aka The Shitty Shack -
    29.6.23 - more garbage about the paranormal at the dump. The only maligant spirit in that place is skanky itself
    And there it is... The story of the talking candle. I wonder if you can buy them on Temu or Wish...?
    "I've got pictures of a guy going through the mirror. I videoed it all. And me talking to a candle flame and it responding. I'm telling you. My whole life is nuts. I've had my friends in tears when I've brought up stuff about them that I didn't know by talking to the candle." (nb: I've had my 'friends'(?!!) in tears... Yes, Skanky, probably because they can't believe the bullshit that comes out of your scabby gob....) No doubt its The Candle who submits all her shite to the media as well

    Surgeries & Crap Tattoos -
    29.6.23 - https://www.orissapost.com/katie-price-wants-her-implants-when-shes-gone/ Yawn......zzzzzzzzzzzzz 😴
    https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-price-says-doesnt-think-30350297 Correctamundo Doris! Have you been to Specsavers at last??

    "Ownli Nans" -
    29.6.23 - More gruesome images to pay-per-view on OF. What does it actually look like these days? Just look at this face on it, filtered to fook

    30.6.23 - As if yesterday's photos weren't enough...................... to get you running to the toilet 🤮 BARF
    Look at this gruesome selection:eek: There's little funnier than a middle-aged woman writhing round on the floor simpering with her arse implants hanging.