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  • * Resumé of the past week
    * Find a Bandwagon and Jump Aboard! Woo Hoo
    * Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl
    * The Original Slapgate & Slapgate II the Sequel - (including Troofgate!)
    * "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One mk 3498
    * Fwends abandoning ship now - woo hoo!
    * Tampongate!
    * "Isss mee mentawl 'elf innit"
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire" :LOL:
    * Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries et
    * "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    * Getting at the Exes & The Escapees
    * Twollz
    * Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs
    * Those Poor Kids
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy
    * How or WHY Even?
    * Dressed to Kill - LOL
    * Bankruptcy Case, Deflect Mode in Operation - Using AFP's Transplant Story, Harvey, Sole Parent etc etc
    * Court Cases & Law Breaking
    * "Iss awl abaaaht Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee innit!"
    * Lies, Lies and More Lies (including the Saaaarrrrff Affrikka Set)
    * "Slamming & Swiping" - beycors thass wot she duzz innit!
    * 'Olidays!! Woo Hoo!!
    * The Broken Trotters
    * Ownly Fans (for blind, deaf mugs)
    * Animal Victims - take note RSPCA!! :mad:
    * Trampy Towers - aka the Mucky Manshun
    * The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her
    * Moooosik!
    * Playboy!!
    * Fan Zone - yes there are a couple left that have yet to be locked up!
    This one has to stay
    and thats actually "C U Next Tuesday" skanky :)
    The Chamber of Horrors -
    Thats supposed to be a sexy pout in case you are wondering
    Basically it's seedy life consists of a few factors ie :- Tampaxgate, Lampgate, Slapgate I & II, Shitegate and Cuntgate
    And in case you are wondering where her name originated, heres your answer
    SKANK | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary
    https://dictionary.cambridge.org › dictionary › skank

    an unpleasant person, especially a woman who has sex with a lot of different people
    https://youtu.be/ee6KMgCFdwI :ROFLMAO:
    The Grim Reality of It (minus 3000 layers of industrial strength filters). These are the photos she doesn't want to be escaping

    Resumé of the Past Week Or So -
    Its paddling away under the water like a duck with a concrete arse trying to keep afloat. The past week has gifted this little lot:-
    a. Tampon pulling
    b. New Egg, then no Egg
    c. Screeching MILF at a 20 year old Rapper (who wanted nothing to do with Prices howler growler)
    d. "Wearing" a shit stained, see-through body stocking. Junior (NOT) luv’ing it, He doesn’t like seeing his mothers comedy tits, gash and shit stained, cock hammered grinner on full display?
    e. Only Fans and Minging Grans sale at 75% off
    f. Signed and Soiled underwear for sale. Scratch and sniff with a Pricey whiff
    g. A shit new tattoo
    h. and another excrutiating "interview" with her tame journo matey - details further down :)
    i. Hinting that it's pregnant again.........................yawn.......................zzzzz; About as likely as a snowball in hell
    j. Another Comeback - in Panto next Christmas, in her "plans", also her fabberlus singul is being released too
    k. Denying her and SB are back together despite having been outed by Bunty
    l. Proposing a 21st birthday party for H at a nightclub (exhibiting him again), Barney themed with lots of train sets to be grifted. The idea has been put Out There hoping some mug will come up trumps to offer it all for freebies to her, at which she intends to sell tickets to this farce!
    m. scrounging and grifting like theres no tomorrow - or maybe there isn't A Tomorrow seeing as BH is looming?
    n. Bankruptcy Hearing looming large - WOO HOO!

    The desperation is now palpable from Manky Skanky. Hoping for a big bag of coke and watching it going up in smoke.

    Oh and the Weapons Grade Filters get an outing with this one but only skanky looks like ET's new paramour. As for Edna suddenly materialising after being MIA for weeks, I actually had to screenshot the photo & zoom in , I just thought it was some random Noo BFF picked up since Ruby ditched her over Tampongate! Not only is Edna filtered into a totally different person she appears to have lost 3 stone too, but thats because she’s using the Gemma Collins filter 😁 meooww

    To which "The Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing" as usual, however this time "The Fans" are revolting (yes we already know that!) BUT it seems they're calling it out on this latest crap it's posted! One even said this to skanky "I can understand you using a filter but Princess doesn't need it, she's beautiful." :ROFLMAO: www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21123639/katie-price-fans-are-all-

    Find a Bandwagon & Jump Aboard - WOO HOO! -
    Well yes indeedy skanky! You have done such an excellent job getting H's obesity under control that I'm sure your assistance would be most welcome :ROFLMAO::mad: This is just another litle item towards her "Ize Nice ME innit" bit for Court
    26.1.23 - dragging out the anti-troll lark again - not bad considering she is the World's Biggest Troll who uses fake accounts to bully and harrass her Exes and their wives/partners
    27.1.23 - its found a new target to use for deflection having trawled through the bilges of the internet to find someone almost as appalling as she is. She's already posted urging her Flying Monkeys into action against this stupid woman but this is all part of Deflect Mode to make herself look better in front of the Judges at the BH in a matter of weeks time. "See me! I'm nice! Look 'ow I've tried to 'elp dat big fat kid and dis wun anawl........................."

    Plus, take note of what Madame Anti-Twoll 'Arvey's Law had to say to K&M about of their baby son. "Disabled or DEAD" were her words, as told by Michelle who is the target of skanky's worst venom & that's what this nasty creature wished on an unborn child. Yet no one holds her to account - she's in no position to criticise nor accuse anybody else when she is THE WORST TWOLL THERE EVER WAS! Here it provides an example of online trolling at its finest ... she could hit the report button on TIKTOK but no ... she makes a public attack on someone urging her Flying Monkeys into action, the only reason seems to be that she is taking her temper out on them because she was banned for some of her posts "an dat ain't wite issit?"
    Exactly why does KP have any credibility in which to criticise someone elses words and actions when she's done the foulest things and said the most vile abusive things throughout her miserable life? The holier than thou attitude shows how deluded she is but then she is also absolutely desperate for any sort of Positive Vibes with her BH around the next corner

    A couple of years back when Boyson finally had enough of her shagging anything with a pulse behind his back when he was at home looking after Her Kids, he escaped then to find a brief romance with Bianca Gascoigne. The skank was livid because seeing he'd moved on, thus she decided she wanted him back on leash & began her campaign of bombarding him with texts & phone calls - she even got P to message him via her SMs. Anyway on one of her access days with P she got one of her Flying Monkeys to drive her to Boyson's house intent on having a go at him (and Bianca undoubtedly), but what she had'nt bargained on was the CCTV running as she tried to climb in the front window to get her hands on the pair inside. She denied it all vehemently like she always does until Boyson said he had the entire thing on CCTV showing what she'd said (screeched) and done that he'd happily share with the world unless she "went away" pronto, to which she responded with this heavily doctored rubbish that she reckons PROVES she did no such thing LOL Nobody believes her of course but Boyson is said to have told her that unless she pissed-off forthwith & got off his case then he'd be revealing a helluva lot more than a bit of CCTV of her being a cunt as usual. Touché :ROFLMAO:
    30.1.23 - Oh the hypocracy of it! Heres that lot at Born Anxious crowing about having the wondrous skanky on board Their Cause against Trolling, seemingly quite oblivious the FACT skanky is the Biggest Twoll Ever! MUGS!!!

    Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl -
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21165279/katie-price-addresses-carl-woods-rumours/ Denying they are still together when the entire world knows otherwise, proven thanks to Bunty grassing them up the other day! Why do they think anybody gives a frig when actually these two asshats DESERVE each other and all the misery it https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21179382/katie-price-carl-woods-done/entails?
    30.1.23 - more of this Will-They-Won't-They? crap :poop: Who actually cares???? Is he bringing a lorry load of tampons with him as a gift? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21204133/katie-price-hint-back-carl-woods/
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21209095/katie-price-reunites-carl-woods-moved-in/ - tell us something we didn't know!!
    2.2.23 - Hinting about "future husband" AGAIN! Does she really delude herself into thinking that SB or anybody else is actually going to marry her? :ROFLMAO: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21241435/katie-price-cryptic-post-carl-woods/
    * This is the guy who w@nks in sinks and dresses as Barney.
    * Who enables her sh!t and lies she uses to destroy life after life because she wants revenge. (Especially her own children's MH)
    * Who is nothing but a glorified chauffeur and Pregnancy test carrier.
    * Who gave up his friends and a life of his own in pursuit of a Blue Tick.
    * Who wears adult designer baby-grows when out.
    * Allowed her to mutilate his teeth for glow in the dark, brilliant white tictacs.
    * Who stood by when she let dog after dog die. :mad::mad::mad:
    * Who has been complicit in all her scams and storylines.
    * Who allowed her to label him as a woman beater (tbf that one is most likely true)
    *Who allows her to play the media games with so much fakeness.
    Yes he's achieved such a lot since he hitched his wagon to the skank when the stupid cretin ought to have baled-out and run long ago (as his father has obviously pleaded with him to do and been ignored)
    3.2.23 - more old rubbish being trawled out. He's NEVER been off the scene, just kept out of camera range, indeed until Bunty grassed on him a few weeks ago that he was "Upstairs asleep" when skank was proclaiming herself as "Singul". What sort of a dick is he when its actively recruiting Noo Eggs whilst he's hiding in the attic at Trampy Towers? No wonder his father is pissed-off!
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11709235/Carl-Woods-fuels-rumours-hes-secretly-rekindled-romance-ex-fianc-Katie-Price.html Yawn......................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Fwends Abandoning Ship Now - woo hoo!
    14.1.23 - Last week skanky's latest Best Fwend Ruby suddenly posted on her SMs that their friendship was OVER despite them being thick as thieves on some seedy Night Out as recently the 22nd December. One might wonder what on earth could have happenned in such a short space of time to destroy this eternal friendship - well here you go. Its a classic skank move.
    Katie got Ruby's boyfriend to "finger" her in the bedroom upstairs at Trampy Towers whilst Ruby was downstairs presumably with the kids, (she was pissed as usual with those poor kids), however Ruby must have been mighty suspicious of her lovely "friend" so left her phone on the side......recording........ so she has it all on video. The Skank is heard on the video saying “I have a tampon in my wet pussy, can you use your fingers to get it out” and then you can hear her moaning as he does it 🙈 (No doubt pissed and coked out of her head by way of a change plus she had the children downstairs whilst all this smut was going on). Naturally Ruby called her out but lying skanky denied it so Ruby called her bluff, sent her the recording then it had to admit everything to Carl as Ruby had told him too 😂 This also shows in effect that she's been with Carl all along despite all her protests of "Weeee's finnishd!"
    She told Carl it wasn’t sexual of course, it was desperation presumably that "forced" her to ask this guy (her best mate's boyfriend) to find her tampon lost in the Chasm of Doom 😂😂🤢 Like you do - where to even start with this? Only skanky could try and talk her way out of this one, however if she was so desperate for help with this gruesome task WHY did she not ask Ruby - her Best Mate - or SB seeing as he's still on the scene and he's dropped into the Black Hole of 'Orsham more times than he'd care to remember? 🤣
    They were both drunk (as if thats any excuse) and you can hear Katie trying it on a lot earlier in the video, plus Ruby said she had caught Katie with her legs on him a few times flirting so she set her phone up as she was suspicious something would happen. And there you have it - skanky by name, skanky by nature.
    Thus another BFF bites the dust

    PS Ruby - I hope you have elbowed this arsehole boyfriend & sell the story and video to the media as well :)
    Ruby commenting on skanky's next lot of scribbles.

    20.1.23 - Skanky mentions in that latest terrible "interview" that this bloke "Took advantage of her fandango............." Make of that what you will :ROFLMAO:
    22.1.23 - A quote a few days ago on MUA Fern's IG Story after being approached to do some freebie plastering, saying words to the effect of "No I'm not available for free, for a job you're making money on!" Maybe this has a lot to do with the fact Fern and Ruby happen to be BFFs themselves? LOL Just wondering if it had anything to do with skanky's OK shoot announcing the revival of AFP after her op and cranking up the publicity machine for sympathy ahead of BH in a few short weeks? :)
    1.2.23 - This one is back though; They obviously need each other for shite "storylines", hence why they're back gumsucking each other again. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11697985/Katie-Price-Danielle-Lloyd-end-feud-damning-documentary.html?ico=topics_pagination_mobile
    Headline should read, "pair of desperate washed up old sIags want attention". Hardly newsworthy because in fact nobody fucking cares 🥴 Or maybe it's just an excuse for The Fail to list all her troubles for a bit of sympathy? 🤔
    1.2.23 - not only is it haemorraghing Fwends but her followers are disappearing too at an alarming rate (for her) The answer is simple - BUY SOME MORE! BH take note !

    7.2.23 - Oops there goes anuvva wun! They're dropping like skittles :)




    Found it! Woo Hoo!!!!

    "Iss Me Mentawl 'Elf Innit!"

    21.1.23 - Bringing out this old chestnut ready for the BH # via https://android.com
    22.1.23 - "Rare Interview"????????????????????????? FFS its been on TWO in the past week! This is all about ramping-up the Sympathy in readiness of the BH of course
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11660081/Katie-Price-discusses-contemplating-suicide-rare-TV-interview.html; Irrespective of that rubbish its a known fact as to suicide that those who are stricken with suicidal thoughts do not talk about it to anybody let alone an audience of ten idiots, instead they more often Do The Deed without lauding it to anybody who will listen then expect sympathy by the bucketload. She also tried the "Ize gunna kermit sewercide" bit on Dane Bowers when he ditched her years ago so its nothing new whatsoever.
    Basically KP is blaming her MH on….
    * The Police (Slapgate, all her driving offences, restraining orders etc)
    * SS for taking Her Kids in the first place, even though she has "stolen" J&B back from their father
    *The media who LIE about her constantly (despite it being HER planting their rubbish to begin with)
    * The paps (even when its her arranging for them to capture her in her gawjussniss)
    * Her ex’s and partners or anybody who has ever left her for their own sanity
    * Friends who have "betrayed her" - (think Tampongate)
    * Everyone in the world apart from herself….😡
    ADHD (the latest in her long line of assumed Syndromes) doesn't make you stop partners from working, harass people, drive drunk, attack people, belittle people and take their kids. This is more like it

    "Iss awl abaaahht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Innit!"
    18.1.23 - here it is striding through Manchester airport (note those Browkern Trotters are perfectly OK) en route to have the ghastly P tattoo done. Here we have a video done by some US "celeb" over in UK to do some shows but just watch and listen to his input! LOL https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/1895/1895886-058130a19b4b7f7927745a53938e3c01.mp4
    21.1.23 - heres one we haven't seen for a while that'll be strung out until after the BH when it'll be a "tragic miscarriage" on top of everything else them wicked twolz 'ave dun ter MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    25.1.23 - it has taken up the habit of announcing announcements now like it is somehow Important or matters one diddly-shit!

    What could it possibly be though?
    *The last one, was that she was selling her knickers!
    *Launching her noo perfume?
    * Designer, personally signed moon boots, high heels and crocs?
    * Her sister is designing a range of glasses to sell on KPM?
    * She is going into business with her sister to design baby clothes, 2nd thoughts scrap that one.
    * She will be doing photoshoots bringing her calendars back (not topless this time as she's lost her nipples)?
    * She is launching a sportwear branded outfit, as she exercises everyday :ROFLMAO:
    * Launching a range of pink fluffy handcuffs with matching sliders?
    * She has been studying to become a tattoo artist to ink 'Jordan' after she has administered the lip fillers she has also been studying to do?
    * She going to donate all the proceeds from KPM to charity :ROFLMAO: Donate all her debts more like - all £3.5 million of them!
    * She's raffling off her used hair extensions and wigs (again)
    * She's currently hard at work with her Sharpie pen (other brands available) or crayons to write her next autobiography, which will only be exclusively available, personally signed through KPM
    * She's designing her own pink sofa range?
    *Aaaaaand ` ADULT incontinence pants ` - we know already she isn't house trained 😣

    Maybe she'll try this again because she'd damned-well fit in brilliantly amongst all the freeloaders and degenerates in Westminster
    27.1.23 - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/katie-price/article-11683099/Katie-Price-dreams-falling-love-split-Carl-Woods.html :ROFLMAO: Her Dream = someone else's Nightmare :ROFLMAO:
    Taken from an old interview but it remains true to this day (apart from her now being completely boracic lint now!) LOL
    However, she proudly confessed to The Telegraph: ‘Put it this way: I am a rich chav. You couldn’t get any more chav than me. I’m the only person in Britain to own a bespoke pink Land Rover with crystals on it, and I love it. I’m a chav but I’m just lucky that I’ve got money with it.’

    Lies Lies Lies - Going back to her supposed SRN "training" aged 17 at a care home. What's this rubbish about her sitting with people whilst they died and laying out the bodies?! I doubt she did that all by herself after being there 5 minutes. And the stuff with feeling powerful by withholding sex from the first boyfriend - she did the same to Pete, in their show she was blowing hot and cold with him pushing him away and then coming onto him :sick:
    How did she fit in work in old people’s home when she was living in a car with a boyfriend, working in AFP’s sister fabric shop ( where she allegedly stole cash)? AFP taking her here, there, and everywhere showing her boobs to anyone to get famous as a page 3 model & shagging every bloke she she got acquainted with🤮 Just a compulsive LIAR. Always was & will be. She’s a ‘Tom Pepper’, the liar who was evicted from hell - or just a "Tom"
    28.1.23 - Hold on! What do we have here then? Could this be another little number being test-run by her (undercover) or one of her Flying Monkeys as in the rubbish about Kieron they put Out There in readiness for the BH, ie another reason why she's such a fucking nutjob??

    Slamming & Swiping - becorse thass wot she duzz innit
    22.1.23 - Katona's turn for some bitchery from the skank
    26.1.23 - heres an excerpt from a revuiew on Amazon for that bollockfest "Harvey and MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"published last year, featuring in bins and charity shops across the country now. Whilst this person stupidly believes skanky either "cares" or loves her son they do make some very salient points in this nonsense.
    " 3.0 out of 5 stars Not just about “Harvey and Me” Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 November 2021 Verified Purchase
    I have just finished reading Harvey and me and I have mixed feelings........My mixed feelings are about Katie…….There were parts of the book that she used to continually takes swipes at Dwight, Pete and to a less extent Kieran.
    She switches between saying she wished Dwight was in Harvey’s life and that "the door will always be open" to saying she doesn’t want him in their lives and that Harvey “doesn’t have a Dad” It seems like Katie and Dwight both blame each other for Dwight not being part of Harvey’s life as Dwight said in his biography (that was published in 2009) that Katie made life difficult for him to see Harvey but that he “loved him from the moment he set eyes on him”. Who knows who to believe? They can’t both be telling the truth. Katie goes on to take another swipe at Dwight by saying she heard “he almost faced bankruptcy” and that “it’s really sad if that’s the case because he had so much money” - In my opinion that is irrelevant to the “Harvey and Me” story and also hypocritical as she is bankrupt.
    In the “Father Figures” chapter she states Pete and Kieran “didn’t have any meaningful contact with Harvey once our marriage ended” (She ensured that they didn't) Then the contradictions then start rolling in because she said “Pete bonded with Harvey instantly” and “Pete was great with him, but I just felt like he was mine and I wanted to do everything for him. I felt guilty if I ever left him with Pete” (yeah righty-ho!) but that once their relationship became serious he did look after Harvey (by himself) and they had an amazing relationship. Then she states “I can’t really blame Pete or Kieran for being absent, because even Dwight doesn’t play a part in his life”
    I know that the relationships are complicated but I had metaphorical whiplash reading the book because it’s clear Katie doesn’t know what she wants or thinks.
    (She's a compulsive LIAR, thats why!) Towards the end of the book Katie’s Mum Amy takes over and writes about her relationship with Harvey. It is clear that Katie and Amy have done everything for Harvey (AFP maybe but certainly not his "mother") but shockingly Amy blames Pete for Dwight not having any contact with Harvey!
    Amy writes “Dwight and Pete never got on. Pete said he wanted to adopt Harvey and Dwight was shocked by that. I think this is one of the main reasons Dwight didn’t visit Harvey because he felt uncomfortable around Pete” No wonder Pete is threatening legal action again on the back of the claims in the book!
    Overall I think the book should have stuck more to telling Harvey’s story instead of being used as a weapon for Katie to bash Dwight and Pete with (
    again - as all her autobiographies have already done that) The final chapter in the book is about what happens next for Harvey now that he is away at college and the hopes Katie has for his future. She said she wrote the book to “give Harvey a voice” and to raise awareness about disabilities. To some extent she did that but in true Katie Price style it has enabled her to take a swipe at her ex’s again (which is exactly what this vehicle was ghost-written to do)
    Since the book went to press Katie has been arrested again for driving a vehicle without a licence and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol - she has clearly been through a lot with her Mum being terminally ill, and money and relationship troubles. I hope she gets the help she needs, because one thing that is clear from the book is that Harvey needs her."
    H has thrived being away from her, the trouble is that whenever she can spare the time for him or needs to use him for some publicity she undoes ALL the progress the college have made.
    4.2.23 - the response to the "swipe" at Katona recently - like anybody really cares!

    Scrounging & Grifting plus Flogging Crap

    Hideous Tattoos - 18.1.23 - More revolting tattoos in progress hence the race to Manchester yesterday. Its highly doubtful she'll be paying for these ghastly scribbles so heres where this BS belongs :) Please note.... "Kipper has new tattoos on her poorly broken trotters which are so painful that she'll need at least eleven months of therapy before she can ever walk again..." says Sun journalist (aged 5).

    The tattooist's own SMs are full of comments like this though :-
    "Scared of needles…no money…feet so badly injured she can’t walk…mugging off people left, right and centre for freebies…as a professional I would prefer to keep my reputation intact and wouldn’t go anywhere near her but each to their own" :ROFLMAO:
    Sooo its missed the school run to and from again to rush off to Manchester for Tattoos! Way to go muvva of the year.
    Turns out 'my world' is another tramp stamp - not the children she stole from their father, I mean you gotta get your priorities right - look after and do hands on care of your kids or another tattoo? Thats simple! You pick the one that gets the most coverage, you know, "Rocking a soft palette of make up whilst wearing the tresses poker straight" oh and another delightful JYY trackie. Yeh, that's the one to go for.
    More shit about it's tattoos, all 7 hours worth of it. Meanwhile where are J&B whilst Mother Dearest is away in Manchester being scribbled on despite her abject terror of needles? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21092846/katie-price-instagram-tattoo-tattoo-fixers-jay/
    However it seems she has'nt entirely forgotten about her children because one of these ghastly tattoos is a portrait of Princess - the rest are to follow apparently Thats nice for the girl though.......................... https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21097991/katie-price-princess-tattoo-seven-hours/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=sunmaintwitter&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1674135394-2
    and look at these comments :ROFLMAO: https://tattle.life/attachments/f42b6efd-6aa6-47ad-a39e-d0dc8211f8e2-jpeg.1897484/

    23.1.23 - Desperate to crib-in some cash its been going through acres of garbage stored at Trampy Towers (ie flung all over the floors in 8 of the spare bedrooms more like, not "stored"); Heres the latest scam - "autographed" crap being sold at a premium to her cretinous 'fans'. It started with framed old underwear that it'll add a "cheeky message" to for an exorbitant cost and now all this junk
    Old books and videos. Also there are a lot of bottles of her Werld-faaymuss perfooms joining the carboot sale chez skank - autographed of course - word has it Putin has bought them all because he is stockpiling chemical weapons and has heard these tinctures are LETHAL
    23.1.23 - Some more hideous tatts apparently, this time some gaff in Gloucestershire; So whatever happened to the Top-of-the-League Geezer in Manchester then eh?
    Cancelled at the last minute
    24.1.23 - Here we go again with the Jumble Sale of Junk ahead of the BH, this time its hideous, naff-looking trainers. I wonder if she washed all the pus out of them from her septic trotters? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21140548/katie-price-dirty-trainers-bankruptcy/
    24.1.23 - doing the ad she's obliged to do for the grifted sofa


    26.1.23 - following this lot on Insta now which usually means she's aftrer a freebie. Quite how she will manage to wear these she's bookmarked on those lyfe-fretninly-injurrd-feyt is another question she will never provide an answer to
    26.1.23 - with Valentine's Day oncoming here comes some shite to buy from her. Your bloke must really hate you to send such a thing with her ugly fizzog plastered all over it

    28.1.23 - She's scrounged another load of stuff for H from that lot at UpYours clothing to see H through the winter months & that means she can happily bin H's benefits allowance to spend on MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE instead, (considering she contributes NOTHING to his boarding at Star and his other needs re supplied through his Trust Fund, IF any of it remains of course). PS. didn't it say in one of those crap interviews last week that H still weighs 28 stone, in which case WHERE has he lost this weight from she was banging-on about??

    1.2.23 - more crap on Deeplop. Why the hell would you buy multiples of exactly the same item anyway or are they scrounged? Ah yes! Aren't these the shoes skank was advertising and trying to get freebies for P a few months ago? It seems they sent skank a few freebies for P and herself and now she's flogging them at the full price!! - What a freeloading scamming cunt. 🤬
    Skank's life is one great big scam. From its false tits, to its broken trotters, wigs and nails. The only thing not false about the wretched fucker is its rancid personality.
    1.2.23 - scrounging carpet cleaning now although it has to be said the bloke was probably what she was more interested in seeing as he's young, has his own teeth for the moment and has a pulse. Did he get the Tampon Fishing Offer?

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21250058/katie-price-biggest-boob-job-mucky-mansion-makeover/ how this garbage is "News" is beyond a joke - the headline ought to be "Desperate old tramp scrounges a carpet cleaner"
    Flogging JYY crap again - people asking if each item comes with the stains already in place, plus these comments
    5.2.23 - Remember how she's flogging all manner of trashy unwashed "Mingerie" (from anybody else it would be Lingerie of course)? Remember how it was going to make her a fortune to stave off reposession etc?? Oh really? :ROFLMAO:
    https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/peacock-auctioneers/catalogue-id-whpav11498/lot-6c76357e-d99d-4aaf-96b0-af9d01386911 This epic item SOLD for £4 at auction :ROFLMAO:(y)
    7.2.23 - and now selling her crap at discount prices. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-offers-discounts-flogs-29150463#comments-wrapper

    Scams & Bizzniss Oppertewnities, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire" :LOL: -
    13.1.23 - Here we go then, the first shonky deal of the year which is another of her crappy make-up bullshit outings with the added extra of a few syrups (compliments of Yoooneek Stryups), so-called VIPs guesting (probably Harvey being dragged out), A GLASS of Prosecco and the Goodie Bags containing trash she's scrounged off any mug willing to donate a few bits of old tat. Only £50 a ticket too!!!! BARGAIN! I hope its more successful than the last lot were but then what are the chances it will even turn up anyway because it bunked-out of many of the last batch at the last minute citing all manner of excuses.? Did she ever refund the mugs who bought her crappy tickets anyway?
    Its not going down very well on it's own Instagram though LOL

    14.1.23 - not sure if this is an oldie or made-up for the recent events, but nevertheless.....................:ROFLMAO:

    14.1.23 -Bearing in mind recent events as regards fingers in certain places, check out the reply right at the bottom to skanky's post about her being a Speshul Gesst at Yooooneeek's Masterclass; Bloody brilliant :)


    20.1.23 - and as anticipated, Priceywoods (her bizniss enterprize with Sinkboy) goes down the kharzi, no doubt wiping off countless loans she took from it. How many of her companies is that now??
    20.1.23 - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11654345/Katie-Price-reveals-plans-sell-old-underwear-350.html
    Flogging it's old underwear along with framed "lipstick kisses" :sick:
    * Note - The article says KP has set a business to sell memorabilia. Thought she couldn’t set up a business as a bankrupt, especially in view of Priceywoods going down the kharzi yesterday?
    Still flogging away on the Life Coaching rubbish too

    23.1.23 - heres the latest BS, getting itself Out There touting for Panto Season in November with a 60k wage for being completely SHIT, however with any luck it'll be in prison then this will never happen in a millionty years!
    Several roles spring to mind though - what about Widow Skanky? Pus in moonboots? Dick Titsweighatonne? Mother Moose? "Oh yes she is, OH NO SHE ISNT !! It's behind you!! Just like your career" :ROFLMAO: but in any case look at this review from the last time it fancied itself as an Aktriss, let alone in Pantomime!!
    Any berk that employs it for their panto this coming Christmas season needs their head examining
    Yet theres no doubt that this yet another make believe job to prove to the BH that she's on top of everything so they don't need to repo Trampy Towers. This just goes onto the list with her travel show or her reality show on OFs, she's a qualified lifecoach, a trained paramedic, a registered nurse, carer agency owner, singer, author, actress, model, reality star, tv presenter, radio host, businesswoman, charity fundraiser, aesthetic beautician, wedding planner, equestrian olympian.... :rolleyes: (the list is endless) Its interesting to note the article quoting from 'a source' (SFP), saying "Her 'businesses' PLURAL. As a *BANKRUPT, surely it's illegal for her to be trading any businesses?. * nb:- Priceywoods went down the kharzi last week, the latest in a long line of her failures

    27.1.23 - More crap. She mentions this on Forage's shitty show et voilà!https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/21179192/katie-price-new-business-bankruptcy/
    The Comeback - how apt is this then, especially considering the festoon of Herpes Simplex all over her gob? :ROFLMAO:

    8.2.23 - a little reminder about another of her bizniss ventures - KP Ekwestryan that sells all that lurid, static nylon riding wear in horrid colours to spook any horse.
    This one is also going down the kharzi like all the others but perhaps it ought to be reminded here that in fact this dodgy little outfit paid out a "£10k business loan to somebody". Wonder who that could have been eh? https://tattle.life/attachments/chrome_screenshot_1675798531903-png.1943120/

    Getting at the Exes & The Escapees -
    This little number reared its ugly head - her lambasting in print one of the long ago Exes in one of her crappy tomes (they all appear at some stage of course in her grubby Bitch-a-Thons) https://www.thefreelibrary.com/WHY+I+JILTED+JORDAN%3B+She+FOUR-timed+me%2C+says+her+heartbroken+toyboy...-a092206347
    In this rubbish it even says "You are lucky to be with me" all the while slinging a legover her former manager amongst many others, but that's her all over. Anyone should be honoured to be in her presence. Her ego knows no bounds.
    Oldies here but can you see The Theme running through these two campaigns?

    Twollz -
    Obviously everyone making comments instantly becomes either a Twoll or a Hun. It looks like the Twollz Legions are growing apace - this lot from Insta after the hilarious outing to the Boxing Recruitment Drive :)
    "Not sure why the fascination with her, nor why the media keeps giving her air time. She's going to turn into England's Madonna.
    I remember seeing her in a club in Brighton right at the start of her career and she was a natural beauty! I’m not a fan of her look now though.
    Was her op sponsored? Thought she was broke…
    The scarring must be horrendous.
    What a mess…why do they do it.
    She's past her expiry date!!
    Can someone please explain this lip and teeth thing to me. I'm seeing it about on normal women in the street and it always looks, at best odd. Do people honestly like that look?
    I understand wanting a boob job I've wanted one due to being almost flat chested but this is beyond ridiculous
    She is point & laugh worthy.
    I thought she was broke, but she always seems to have money to spend on them and holidays
    What an abhorrent mess.
    I prefer a woman's smile.
    Plastic, but not fantastic
    How has she not run out of viable skin
    Gopping bit of kit
    But what’s happened to her face?
    If she fell in the sea, would she float?
    She has damaged herself. It's sad to see
    Not for me, old workings
    Mutton dressed as offal.
    Ewh yuk gross what's wrong with this person
    Ye gods!
    Horrendous. As a person and to look at. I just do not understand why women go fake like this.
    Sorry, my GAF meter is broken. I'm reading Zero Fvcks given at the moment.
    She was such a pretty girl when she was younger
    She should do some thing about her face
    She's a vacuous narcissistic oxygen thief.
    Rough as f@ck
    What’s wrong with her mouth?
    This thing should just have zips fitted. Dumbest thing alive.
    This will kill her eventually. Just like Joan Rivers died on the operating table during her umpteenth surgery.Thank god her kids have other loving family members that will take care of them, I've no doubt she loves her kids but not enough to stop this and put them before herself
    Boobs too big but her face looks worse!
    Katie P needs bigger boobs? Oh my keep her away from open flames
    She is so vulgar
    Fkn freak should be in jail
    The Gurn on that first photo.....What an ugly woman….she used to be so beautiful. Now look at the state of her…..great advert against plastic surgery.
    Where does she get her money from? All these people are just lunatics. They need mental health support".

    17.1.23 - "Hitting back at trolls" AGAIN! Yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Anyone who doesn't follow her narrative is immediately A Troll of course https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21069060/katie-price-hits-back-trolls-mum-shamed-harvey/
    Just a little reminder about this thing that shreiks "Twoll!" at everybody else when in fact it is The Worst Of Them All. Emily Atack has been victimised by it, she Skanky slagged her off saying she "Had a smelly fanny and boyfriends said she smelt of fish", then threatened to fly to IACGMOOH in Australia to 'sort her out'. She is the biggest bully and troll out there who has long-established form for this behaviour on multiple occasions with a lot of different people.
    7.2.23 - Oh no dem twolz is attit agen! Methinks The Sun print this rubbish with tongues firmly-locked-in-cheeks

    Getting at the Exes -
    Going back to when it targeted Gareth Gates as a naieve 17 year old when she was expecting Harvey but still doinking him, even going so far as to "joke" about GG's penis banging on H's head :sick: "Katie was my first real relationship" he admitted, it lasted 3 months and then he broke up with her. In true skank stylie she went and showed the world all his private text messages and dished the dirt. Her words resonate "Fuck you Gareth, what are you so ashamed of? We were together for 3 months!" - a lifetime for her! She then set about destroying him because He Left Her and NOBODY can do that and get out intact.
    Taken from her vile tomes of BS & Lies



    The Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs! -
    14.1.23 -

    So, we have the following known Kipper egg attempts ...
    1 Rasputin Egg ... denied it
    2 Polo Egg ... confirmed by Carol but he legged-it screaming as soon as she wanted to reel him in to be "Official"
    3 Love Island Egg ... denied it
    4 Olympic Egg ... 'just friends'
    5 Tampon Egg ... caught on film
    6 (C)Rapper Egg - ran home to his Mummy when it homed-in on him

    New Egg Box on order from Amazon - this may last a week or two

    Now, back to 2010 when Peter finally had enough of it, theres this bit of gossip on an other site which would explain a lot ;)

    16.1.23 - draped across some lad young enough to be her son at that crappy Boxing do whilst screeching "The MILF is here!"
    It looks like he escaped without being Recruited though - fortunately for him - but does'nt he look about 12 years old, younger than Her Son who was at this crappy event watching his "mother" behave like an OLD alleycat?
    Is baby boi going in the egg box? 🤣🤣
    16.1.22 - tik tok coverage of this event with an over-excited teen who would have been Recruited had she not been totally engrossed in her phone - but unfortunately for him later on it sings at him!
    19.1.23 - New Recruit?? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21088851/katie-price-close-to-tik-tok-reality-star/amp/
    The Child Catcher is in action :)
    She can wear that tasteful outfit again to really WOW the little laddies then net them. Job done!
    19.1.23 - Countdown to this Noo Egg vanishing across the horizon now he's been outed LOL

    Calls himself the MILF Destroyer too - what a saddo :) - but if theres any destroying to be done mate you'll be on the receiving end of it like all those that have gone before you, ie chewed up and spat out in gobs like it does to any bloke it snares
    And BTW, that MILF Destroyer thing, does that not imply that he's using the skank for some publicity (albeit sleazy publicity) rather than wanting to be The One mk 3499? Actually he sounds charming enough to be Perfick for der skank when you bear this lot in mind too - it makes you wonder how their paths came to cross huh? ;)❄ :)


    Oh and he's a "knocker" too just like skank https://tattle.life/attachments/screen-shot-2023-01-19-at-11-42-45-png.1894243/
    2.2.23 - So following on from Polo Egg, Scaffolding Egg, Diving Egg and (C)Rapper Egg we get Carpet Cleaner Egg 🥚 woo hoo!

    Those Poor kids -
    15.1.23 - Junior looks thrilled to have Mummy there showing off her plastics does he not? Particularly so in view of Tampongate
    And it looks like the little ones were dumped on the dogsitter (SB) so skanky could go on the pull at der bocksin
    20.1.23 - here we are then on Tiktok using Bunny to flog her barf bums and assorted crap to idiots with more money than sense.

    PLUS it appears that Jett is going to be held back a year at school because he is presumably behind his year group educationally. So keeping him off school since November will really have helped him eh Skanky??? Not that she cares because when this info inadvertantly slipped out during her sales campaign for Barf Bums, skanky, aka Mother of the Year, LAUGHED! Where are the SS? Why are they not removing those children from this thing????:mad:
    24.1.23 - "Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. My name is Bunny - Katie Price's daughter," she joked."
    www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21133962/katie-price-daughter-reveals-banned-tiktok/ Using B again.
    "Katie asked her to tell everyone what she wants to show on her channel - and she revealed she wants to make ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. the child not have knowledge of such things as skank is shoving at her at her tender age!!
    27.1.23 - out comes Jett for an airing accompanied by this load of BS
    "My precious little boy Jett is dealing with so much at the moment and it’s times like this when I make him feel safe loved and protected and help him get through everything ❤ I love him so much our bond is incredible ❤❤" Not bad when its her who has torn his life to ribbons to begin with:mad:

    Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 07.51.24.png

    * He's so precious to her that she ripped him away from a loving home where he was nurtured and cared for wonderfully, to a home of chaos just for her own spiteful reasons.
    * So precious to her, she takes him out of school (rumoured to be going back a year) for whatever reasons, where previously if he was struggling at school this was being addressed by K and the school, yes so precious his education and mental health appears to be suffering due to the actions of this ‘mother’.
    * So precious he is now in the presence of a ‘man’ who’ve we’ve been told he’s scared of, and in the photos/videos I’ve seen show a child who appears to be uncomfortable around him.
    * So precious that his father appears to have no access to the child he has raised whilst Ms Precious partied hard chasing men and her lost youth over the past few years as that was more important to her at the time than custody of her children - denying access to the man who has always looked out for the best interests of that child.
    Skank f*ck off with your "precious BS" because that child is suffering under your ‘care’, you have no idea how to parent, no idea how to deal with a child struggling at school, lets hope and pray that this situation is resolved very soon and he is taken from your clutches and returned to his previous safe environment where any issues he has will be addressed. 🙏🏾
    The only thing precious to skank is itself and how it can manipulate situations for it's own Machiavellian aims.
    Do f*ck off with the precious Skank. :mad:
    7.2.23 -
    Says skank - when she is the worst offender of all! Doing her smutty OF with the kids around, enocouraging Bunty into her sordid realm is most certainly "protecting" kids "Under HER Watch" innit?

    Using Harvey for Publicity & Sympathy -
    13.1.23 - yes she's pimped Harvey out to this bunch of rag merchants in an attempt to extract some dosh out of Dragons Den on telly. UpTheir Clothing (under a different name) are pitching for cash on the tv show Dragon's Den using a big photo of H & skank as their "Brand Ambassadors" LOL Good luck with that then :ROFLMAO: https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/dragons-den/
    Note - some mug gave them £150k which will suffice for a bung to the bankruptcy lot to forestall her hearing or perhaps get her anuvva 'oliday. I think we all know which option is most likely ;)
    Another example of inappropriate behaviour around Harvey

    This being the most recent example, her naked in bed alongside her 20 year old son who is likely to also be naked :sick:

    Oh and here it justifying itself regarding H versus "The Trolls" - taken from her shitty interview two days ago
    "Harvey is a big baby. At college they are not allowed to cuddle and touch him or anything. When he’s here, he just wants to hold my hand, stroke my hair, give me kisses. I don’t care what anyone says, they can think what they like."
    Yeah that sounds perfectly acceptable behaviour with a 20 year old with whom you cavort around naked, irrespective of his disabilities. The College don't allow it so why does she think its OK?? :(
    20.1.23 - Trying to make out she gives a monkey's about H raiding the fridge and again labelling him as a "Baby" :(
    Harvey's 21st birthday in May - word has it that it will be flogging tickets to Harvey’s 21st! Surely somewhere quiet with trains and frogs with HIS friends there? NO skanky has her own ideas! Pretty sure though the other parents won’t be letting their kids go to a nightclub as per the dumps she took him to last year as a sideshow attraction, but of course theres always SB gatecrashing the event by dressing as Barney so he can get in un-noticed. They'll probably be officially back together after the BH anyway,
    21.1.23 - It did not take the Sun long to latch onto the fact she intends to earn money from H's 21st birthday at some grotty club :) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/21116827/katie-price-money-harvey-21st/
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/21075032/katie-price-harvey-documentary-kate-garraway-nta/ Exactly HOW or WHY does this rubbish merit a THIRD show?
    Remember too that this is the self-same Caring Mother that when H was being rushed to hospital on his birthday she staged pictures with backgrid and sold the story before H even got loaded into the ambulance, then having him just out of hospital fucked off on holiday leaving H with her hairdresser mate at the salon! Yes a real devoted "mother" is this one
    6.2.23 - just underlining what a grate muvver she is to this disabled kid anawl, reminding the BH lot of how marvellous she is as a Singul Parint innit https://tattle.life/attachments/bf8cd293-8bae-4d67-adc6-714d0158ffe9-png.1938098/
    and some more of her garbage

    How or WHY Even? -
    14.1.23 - Somehow the stuffed shirts & muppets at Cambridge Univ have invited it to a "debate" (but somehow I think she has mishead that word, you know being how seksi she is they're bound to be Hot for her!) However this is not the first time because she's been to Oxford Uni before dispensing her wealth of knowledge, for example :-

    https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/cambridge-union-releases-termcard-with-john-bercow-katie-pr-9294406/ - Presumeably skanky is the Joke Guest?
    16.1.23 - its currently woo-hooing "an interview" on some shite radio station with one of her grovelling defenders Anna Kennedy regarding Harvey, an outing which came at every opportune moment bearing in mind it needs all the positive feedback it can get before the BH hits it in the mush finally. Heres the tally thus far:-
    :poop: Going to train to be a paramedic (again) The NHS are desperate but they're not going to hire a coked up Evil Knieval with giant bazookas and glow-in-the-dark Teef who keeps getting driving bans to drive the ambulances when there are normal people applying!
    :poop: I haven't got a carer for Harvey (it has THREE & a housekeeper allegedly)
    :poop: Life changing feet injuries - plenty of evidence to the contrary to be found
    :poop: I have adhd (to add to the PTSD and everything else)
    :poop: Every single topic re H she changes to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    :poop: It says if Harvey comes home full time she would put him in the annexe because he is too messy 🙄
    (pulling things out of bins) because of his Prader Willi and smashing things up. FFS her place is a kharzi without H doing a thing to it and besides which with luck the house will be a distant memory for it :)
    :poop: Underlining "Ive got to go and do the school run now.................." Funny but she's still banned from the school premises under that restraining order so does that mean SB is doing it?
    :poop: H is still 28st.
    :poop: H is 21 this year & apparently "Harvey wants to celebrate in a nightclub." Righty-ho he does - is she going to pimp him out again like last year's shameful exhibits at grotty Nightclubs for a fee?
    :poop: Its still going on about being criticised for being naked in bed with Harvey.
    :poop: Repeating the statement saying she hopes Harvey dies before her.
    :poop: "Can't complete forms"? It managed these OK

    :poop: Says its intending to open a Carers Agency (due to her expertise in this area presumably), also theres mention of her Life Coaching skills (bought for a tenner online), "I've only been in the Pwiowy TWICE" - a fucking LIE! and how her weekly "therapy" has been so amaaaazing to the degree she wants to start a Therapy Agency too!
    :poop: Oh and Phil & Grant were over-inflated two weeks ago
    Basically this bollockfest is a trial-run for the Bankruptcy Hearing so she can hone her skills in lying

    Bankruptcy Case Ongoing - Deflect Mode in Full Operation now - on countdown to the Big Day!!

    Do not imagine that th his Bankruptcy business is anything new because its been sailing-too-close-to-the-wind for a decade alreadyhttps://www.theargus.co.uk/news/6752662.jordan-in-bankruptcy-claim/
    18.1.23 - here it is at Manchester airport yesterday touting Christian Dior Handbag worth £2700! Bankruptcy is a profitable occupation n'est pas?? https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230118-055821_chrome-jpg.1891154/
    21.1.23 - That latest interview will give the Bankruptcy lot a heap of stuff to launch at the thing though so roll on February :)
    For example, the "kidnapping and ransom threats" got an airing in that pathetic "interview" with her mate Dolan, all of which which is old news (aka LIES), but why bring that up now? Is it for sympathy or the fact it might get evicted and have to move into a smaller house - perish the very idea of it!!? You can imagine the headline now - "Katie Forced to Move Kids Into a Small House Because of Kidnap & Ransom Threats" ie.not The Troof - more like "Fucking Grifting Cunt Finally Gets Evicted" WOO HOO!
    22.1.23 - www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21074156/katie-price-never-run-again-life-changing-accident/
    Heres another little number for the Sympathy Selection
    25.1.23 - The Sun again highlighting her cash-grab ahead of BANKRUPTCY. Woo Hoo!!
    Just remember this little quote from it
    "Bankruptcy’s just, like, a word. But I don’t let it affect me, because I know the truth."
    ie she doesn't give a shit about those whose lives she destroyed with her debts because they don't matter at all, in any case she wouldn't even know what The Truth on anything is being the repugnant LIAR that it is :mad:
    Going back a few years it was apopleptic with rage when the makers of "Stinking by Katie Price" went bankrupt owing HER money, and yet here it is today dismissing its own GIGANTIC debts as "Nothing........................ go join the queue" Yes she actually said that! Strange eh?
    29.1.23 - the Daily Mirror have highlighted this little number in readiness of her BH in a weeks time :)
    1.2.23 - Just a little note regarding her bankruptcy. She might think she's been mighty clever hiding funds away in dodgy accounts and in AFP's Mattress Fund or under SB or his father's dodgy companies however the Court can and will investigate the possibility of people stashing funds away for the bankrupt; Check this out:-
    On the insolvency register it says her discharge is suspended indefinitely until the fulfilment of conditions as specified in the Order made by the court and effective from 18 Nov 2020. As we know she has not complied with any of the conditions laid down by the Court last time so her thinking she's got this covered may well not be the outcome she's expecting. WOO HOO!
    And this, hot-off-the-press - "the status of her insolvency case has been updated to "Discharge Suspended Indefinitely".
    The website explains the status as: "Under the provisions of section 279(3) of the Insolvency Act 1986 the court may suspend the running of the period during which a person remains bankrupt on the application of the OR, if the court is satisfied that the bankrupt is failing to comply with his obligations under part IX of the Act.

    The update on Katie's case also states: "Order suspending bankrupt’s discharge under Section 279(3) of the Insolvency Act 1986 until the fulfilment of conditions as specified in the Order made by the Court and effective from 18 November 2020."

    The government site explains: "Where a bankrupt is not complying with the requirements of bankruptcy legislation the official receiver (or trustee) may still apply to court for the running of his/her automatic discharge to be suspended. This means that the bankrupt will remain an undischarged bankrupt for a longer period of time."

    A bankrupt person is usually under the order for 12 months, although it can last longer. "

    2.2.23 - Over the past few days SB's Daddy has been posting some very pointed comments on his Insta about "Psychos, Schizos and Liars" and how they should just butt-out and leave his delightful son alone. Now I wonder who he could possibly be pointing a finger at?
    * The courts will see she has been in this Industry since she was 17 (so she keeps banging on about) so she knows full well about accounts, tax, having an accountant. She has stated several times recently, she is ready and knows where every penny is going..

    3.2.23 - word has it that skank is planning to offer 150/200k payment to secure the ownership of Trampy Towers, to keep it in her name. ''Talking to someone in 'the know', not sure whether skank is just thick, being advised badly, lying or something fishy or could be a mixture of them all but she appears to have 150-200K to hand over (to keep the house) & then come to a separate arrangement with Trustee's! She says the money is from her OF's earnings (Can't believe that either; Another LIE) ! However she's confident (take that as arrogant/cocky) that everything is ok for next Thursday. Well, I don't know much about bankruptcy, but I don't believe SHE can dictate how any money she hands over is used, (if she hands over a large amount of cash, ) & that doing so will suspend the mortgage company from going for repossession which is also a BIG sod all to any other creditors plus the Tax office I believe would be out to get some cash from her immediately. She's asked for the BH to be private, no press or open court.
    NB: Price
    didn’t keep up those payments last time so was made bankrupt. She then had the last BH delayed on her promise to pay 12k a month plus she paid a lump sum - she has not paid

    So where has this latest lump sum of money suddenly come from? Surely HM Taxman would have first dibs on money anyway yet if she's had such large amounts of cash knocking about why leave it till the 11th hour to pay? Oh and it's demanding a closed hearing too. Not long to go now eh Skank - are we bricking it? 😀
    It's probably hoping it'll get a let-off like last time

    Old story, she has never had self control
    Here we go - coundown to BH on Thursday!
    5.2.23 - First out of the pack, out comes the Harvey card
    and now the animals are being used

    7.2.23 - Heres the Mentawl 'Elf Card, both Hers (of course) and now the kids as a byword. She forgets its Her thats caused all the kid's stress
    And yes, she is trying to buy her ADHD diagnosis by posting pathetic memes, you know, because as she said on the Anna K interview, she "hates celebs who jump on the ‘label’ bandwagon" 🙄🙄🙄
    Utter hypocrisy at its finest. I am beginning to think Price is actually mad. How can she believe she can take the moral high ground on this? Do things apply to everyone except her? The fucking front of this creature though when theres the Physical Abuse such as Slapgate where your kids -allegedly- saw Cole smack you across the face? And then he wasn’t allowed to be near her kids, is that the kind of physical abuse you mean skank? I genuinely don’t know how she has the gall to post things like this and then "forget" that after she decided that slapgate didn’t really happen the way she implied at first then she brought the children back into “The Ones” presence as soon as she could. This is the very same “The One” whom her sister and mother will have nothing to do with since that alleged event yet it all oddly coincided with Slapgate and it’s aftermath. That little number has never been explained, however it’s ok for the kids to be there with him now, also ok for for her to get wasted in front of them then have a massive rammy with “The One” and completely traumatise them over and over again. "But not on your watch.............." We believe you. :mad:
    and some more of her shit.

    It says this yet forgets that recently it was joking on a live Tiktok about "Showing her bristols" to which Bunty replied that she wanted to be on OF as well. Yep thats protecting kids on "Your Watch" innit?
    Kieron strikes back, bless him. This is exactly what she's doing to him.

    8.2.23 - Off 'orse-riding looking a fucking fright in her KP Ekwestryan shite. Note the Liyfe-Fretninly-Inhurrd-Feyt are not proving to be a problem as it hoiks itself up onto Wallis

    Court Cases & Law Breaking -
    Found on SMs - notes on its driving "abilities"

    Just a little reminder of it's criminal tally thus far
    8.2.23 -off 'orse-riding but it seems it's riding on a neighbour's private property. Not that she'll have their permission to ride on their land seeing as they avoid her and have nothing whatsoever to do with her, in fact they've probably been victims of her either financially or personally., likely BOTH.

    Dressed to Kill - LOL
    15.1.23 - heres how it turns up for a Boxing Match! Hilarious!

    Just check it out. Look at the stains on the leggings, those ghastly boots on her Liyfe-Fretninly-Injurrd-Feyt, duct tape crosses over her non-existant nipples stuck on wrong place simply because shes forgotten where they should be, she's doing her famous moddlin' move awl us supermoddles duzz ie the ol' Pointy Toe thing, the gnarled hands held up to hold wig on, half cut on voddy and/or powdery substances , gurning a seksi expression for a too pissed/drugged up to care attitude and all done in the presence of her mortified son! She wouldn't give shit either since she'll have already binned her fee for this fiasco SO eat your hearts out women and young ladies, kipper is what every hot blooded man wants - a tits and tampon temptress 😂
    Video of The Main Event with it turning up dressed like some sort of a fetish clown, off it's current face by the look of it then snatching the microphone to screech down it (or even worse SING). Thankfully most of it was drowned-out by the arena M/C. Also its doing those ridiculous V signs everywhere thinking it makes her relevant and/or sexy (wrong on both counts) but please note how ratty her barnet is where from the back you can see all the joins
    https://youtu.be/e_0Cr7Mlk6A. All in all she will see this fiasco as a triumph naturally
    Check out the delightful view of it's backdoor, by far and away the worst of the three images the Mirror showed :ROFLMAO:
    So classy :ROFLMAO:
    16.1.23 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21057607/katie-price-partied-out-ksi-fight/
    and this too. Its offering to fight someone in this episode but then coke and booze tends to bring out the best in it without fail. Announces to the camera "The MILF is here!!!" Caught later on draped across some young bloke aged about 20 she's after predating - no shame that he's the same age as her own son!!

    The Broken Trotters, Her Liyfe-Fretninly-Injurrd-Feyt -
    15.1.23 - Check out the footwear on those Liyfe-Fretninly-Injurrd-Feyt. Only last week it was stomping about in it's Speshul Boots and bloodied dressings due to the horrific agony of her damaged trotters. Amazing innit?
    18.1.23 - as of today it has flown to Manchester (on a broomstick no doubt) for another batch of hideous tattoos, this time on it's leg, so considering it allegedly had surgery just over a week ago theres now some mug doing another load of scribbles on her? Right..................
    In a recent "interview" the story has changed (like all her tall stories do) The Trotters now have this updated story - it was always just a wall and now its become an underground car park:LOL: being mentioned 🙄 Heres the latest version of it so take note because it'll no doubt change again soon :) www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21074156/katie-price-never-run-again-life-changing-accident/

    The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her -
    The trouble with TV is that they don't let you pile on 3000 layers of filters so you get gruesome images like this from the stills
    She needs a good dousing in leather restoration cream
    19.1.23 - Somehow the media appear to have assumed it was off on anuvva 'oliday when spotted at Manchester Airport because actually it was simply flying there to get some more hideous scribbles done on its distorted body having run-out of tattoo artistes to grift-over in the South of England. Nevertheless its a big TKU to the Sun for highlighting yet another trip for the Bankrupt One :)
    "14th Trip of the Year" & "All smiles........................."
    19.1.23 - another crappy "interview" with the no-mark Mark Dolan on a TV station nobody has ever heard of let alone listened to. (He's a mate of hers apparently which explains why he keeps "interviewing it plus he also gave SB the same gig last year) To save anyone the bother of listening to it's bollocks, heres the script for ALL it's interviews :-
    " Nevah underestimate the Pwicey. I ve had my knockers (oo'er missus )but I’m still strong. People love to hate me, bring it on! I love my kids, they’re my world................ my exes have used me for fame. The Pricey is back (yet again) & this year is going to be the best yet, I have so many new projects...................... l don’t need a man, just look at my tits (but only on Only Grans)........................."
    No mention of anything about BANKRUPTCY though - cannot imagine why :)
    20.1.23 - read the BS blurb from her chum Mark Dolan about it's appearance on his shit radio show.
    "Whether you love or hate her, one thing for sure, she is one of the most recognisable figures in Britain.
    We are very excited to announce that reality star and controversial global TV figure, Katie Price is breaking her silence on the Mark Dolan show at 10pm tomorrow evening, with us on GB News. This will be her first interview in two years.
    Katie is putting the past behind her and talking about what the future holds, her mental health journey and being the positive role model that she is today.
    After shooting to fame in 1996, Price has become a household name following her appearances in popular shows such as I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, Celebrity Big Brother and others.
    She has starred in her own reality TV show Katie Price: My Crazy Life. Plus, her novel, Angel topped The Sunday Times bestseller list.
    There is a reason why Katie is so successful, and this is just a taste of her successful business ventures.
    What's Katie been up to over the past two years? You will find out from 10pm on Friday evening with Mark Dolan and what the future holds for the prominent media figure.
    You will learn why she is adored by many and how she has remained, over the course of four decades, as one the most talked out British female figures in the entertainment industry to date.
    Katie Price on Mark Dolan Tonight. First interview in two years. WORLD EXCLUSIVE on GB News from 10pm."

    How can this fool get things so wrong? Is he another escapee from the Recruitment Campaign long ago??
    The most interesting thing was said by Dolan after the interview had finished. "And now back to reality", in other words Kipper has usual, has been talking out of her arse again. :LOL:
    As opposed to this version :) -
    :poop: Whether you love or hate her, one thing for sure, she is one of the most recognisable figures in Britain. - Hardly, with the filters in operation
    :poop:We are very excited to announce that reality star and controversial global TV figure, Katie Price is breaking her silence on the Mark Dolan show at 10pm tomorrow evening, with us on GB News. This will be her first interview in two years. Utter bollocks - she has been on TV in the last two years
    :poop: Katie is putting the past behind her (She can't, she posts throwback pictures every day)
    :poop: and talking about what the future holds, (Jail)
    :poop: her fabricated mental health journey and being the positive role model that she is today. Positive fucking role model - I'd rather have the reputation of Putin
    :poop: After shooting to fame in 1996, Price has become a household name following her appearances in popular shows such as I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, Celebrity Big Brother and others. (Can't be arsed to do the research as she is only on as a favour - probably got dirt on the presenter)
    :poop: She has starred (That's pushing it a bit)in her own reality TV show Katie Price: My Crazy Life. Plus, her novel (ghostwritten) Angel topped The Sunday Times bestseller list.
    :poop: There is a reason why Katie is so successful, and this is just a taste of her successful business ventures. What's Katie been up to over the past two years? (Crashing cars, off her tits, harassing and breaking restraining orders, parading like a dirty old tart on street corners, abusing her ex-partners, getting her tits done threemillionthbillion times, 2435 holidays, getting questionable tattoos, committing fraud, emotionally abusing her children, dressing like a tart, killing animals. and being a cunt)
    :poop: You will find out from 10pm on Friday evening with Mark Dolan and what the future holds for the prominent media figure. Jail? Please god jail and if not living in shitty temporary accommodation in Brighton.
    :poop: You will learn why she is adored by many (Last count 66)and how she has remained, over the course of four decades, as one the most talked out British female figures in the entertainment industry to date. Excuse me, only talked about as one of the worst humans to ever grace this earth
    :poop: Katie Price on Mark Dolan Tonight. First interview in two years. WORLD EXCLUSIVE on GB News. Errrrm what about her "appearances" on Steph's Crapped Lunch & Auntie Lorraine's show then??
    :poop:And no mention of being a life coach in the future….she forgot that one! And then she made a list of all the ventures she is going to undertake, but it was just a list of everything she has done already! Who will buy her calendars (people don’t even use them anymore & who wants one with images that'll scare the fuck out of you every time you look at the thing)? She was obviously dreaming throughout that love fest from Mark Dolan. Man, she must have something big on someone up high in the media for everyone to big her up all the time with no one challenging her reality, or is it that producers know she'd attend the opening of an envelope for a fee so when they cannot fill a spot on a show its straight on the phone to skanky?
    :poop: I don't know why I'm still here". No Katie, neither do we!!!!!
    :poop: "I'm inspiring" no you're not
    "she looks younger…." f*ck off….."Quite down to earth" ….f*ck off again
    The Browkern Trotterz - she "jumped over a bush" story and "lucky to be alive................ I can never run again " Another new version of this ridiculous tale
    "Life-changing experience. She can never run again (but can horseride). In a wheelchair for 10 months -. Of course she was! Is that why it was seen totterring about in high heels & dancing within weeks of this tragic event and managing to go on 'oliday countless times?
    :poop: "
    Therapy every week! She never attacks anyone on social media..................." Oh the irony of it all :)
    Notice when Dolan asked about what was her most traumatic events that have happened, she didn't mention the "sexual assaults or the Saaaarrrrrfff Affrikka Rapes Ordeal" although when he's now asked about her feet accident, you can tell she's thinking back, trying to remember, to deflect for a second to think what she's stated previously. She's such a liar,
    :poop: "Family comes first. Sorted out Harvey, kids have to be quiet (so still up at gone 10pm on a school night). No luv, it remains Awl Abaaaahhht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as it always has been.
    Now onto looking after H on her own, she’s "his slave" - Really? so what about all his Carers??
    She's saying how the media are cruel to her and are affecting her mental health, she's slagging the media off, she's dug her grave now, oh here we go begging the journalists for a break. AGAIN!
    :poop: "The English media are the worst, I'm not a bad person..................... I have good heart. I surrounded myself with people who take advantage" :ROFLMAO::poop:
    :poop: Now slagging off the media, "99% is untrue these days, put her down, draining her, they are cruel to her, she’s a good person, people take advantage of her kindness" haha Bloody lies
    :poop: Not a word about AFP because that would detract from MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, however theres this garbage " She wants more kids and there's a surprise on C4 about this"
    :poop: BBC doing Harvey AGAIN - WHY even? - and there will be mm3 (depending if she still has the dump of course). Its also doing OFs for all 61 subscribers. "I pick and choose TV offers. No manager , do it all myself" Righty-ho skank
    :ROFLMAO: Presumably referring to Tampongate, "Her pals man was taking advantage of her fandango"...is that what she meant to say?
    :poop: "She has trained to be a registered nurse. She's not money orientated but likes pink cars. People get greedy around her
    She never discusses money. BH is not end of world. Glad she is in bankruptcy, everything in her life is in place but don't have fights as lawyers get the money". Of course they do! All total BULLSHIT
    :poop: "Bankruptcy is good for her", she’s happy, everything is in place, she knows she’s back, wants H to celebrate his birthday in a nightclub ‘Barney’ themed (for which she will sell tickets)
    :poop: Never discusses money but then talks about money non-stop?
    :poop: She will have more plastic surgery. 2120cc boobs already = 2 kilos per breast BUT it will only show boobs on OF. Oh no! How will the world manage??
    :poop: What do you want from future? "I want comeback as hit rock bottom and tried to commit suicide. Wants perfume, makeup, calendars etc but no manager so doing it herself". Nothing about love life so obsv been told not to say about sb. And another autobiography to document all this crap undoubtedly
    :poop: "I trained to be a registered nurse". When did that happen eh? Mwahahahahaahaha Is that so she can get access to the drugs cupboard. Bloody lunatics are taking over the asylum with that one!
    Oh really? What about all the stuff you've done to K & M along with snatching the children away from their Home to live in that dump with you eh? Its always someone else's fault innit??
    It mentioned 3 or 4 suicide occasions, one was after Pete said he wanted to split, one was when she caught Kieran cheating, said she wanted to drown in the sea, then there's this one when she said something like she just wanted to drive into a wall but thoughts of the kids stopped her. She allegedly tried it before too with Dane Bowers by supposedly an overdose when he broke up with her but then she called him to tell him hoping he would get back with her. Around the time of Slapgate she said she 'gave herself black eyes' (to which she then changed the narrative to state she'd painted on those bruises with make-up to extract some money out of The Sun about her terrible Ordeal) and it has also stated she tried to hang herself. So if this rubbish is to believed she self harms, presumably when she had the kids? Surely she's a danger to herself and others then which begs the question Why the hell do the SS think she is a suitable person to look after two young children and a mentally-disabled adult?
    :poop: Talking about itself AGAIN, this time The Plastics that have recently been topped-up in a garage forecourt somewhere.
    "These boobs are actually the freakiest I've ever been. They are 2120cc but the thing is, in the daytime when you see me people can't understand why I've had them done because I never show them unless it's for Only Fans, but I do it for myself not for the jobs.
    Did you catch the lie in that? ’I never show them unless its for Only Fans. But, I do it for myself not the jobs. :ROFLMAO:

    There was so much shit coming out of her mouth it is clear her next big holiday is to Dubai as she'd be an expert portapotty then really earn herself a good few quid. This was an absolute crock of arse licking bullshit with her little chum who blew so much smoke up her disgusting arse it was vomit inducing. NOTHING more than pure and utter mind numbing boring bullshit and lies.
    Its getting crucified in the comments though :)
    GB News who aired this crap are getting shredded on their own sms -
    26.1.23 - yes its secured another "interview" with Farage this time over at GB News somehow despite the pasting they got over the last episode of crap. Whose gonads does she have her claws stuck into over there then eh? It'll undoubtedly be the same old rubbish as last time with a few extras from where she cannot remember the lies she spouted last week with that Dolan geezer

    26.1.23 - number 3 in three weeks of bollocks with skanky, the second batch within days from the amateurs at GB News but this time with Farage leering at it's giant plastics that hog the screen on their own. She’s pulling out every grift in the book for quick cash before BH. The desperation is palpable, so here we go then :-
    Talking Pints with a Ten-Pinter - https://youtu.be/X7Hxf7rRsXc
    :poop: Me, me, me….🙄🙄🙄
    :poop: She's "done the lot", apart from paid her bills
    :poop: Slagging off the media 🙄 now comes her petition….
    :poop: She obviously knows what the questions are beforehand because she said that she's "racing through the questions".... All scripted courtesy of Edna
    :poop: She said she's not that famous (being coy for Nige), but apparently "the kids like Harvey these days"...... & now onto the victim hood, "People put her down and the petition" :poop: She can't even get H's supposed Syndrome right - she said he had "Prad Willies"
    :poop: Same old words as usual. She’s on Edna's script.
    :poop: She can be "Professional and Sensible". Total bullplop :ROFLMAO:
    :poop: "I'm not doing this for myself......." Feckin LYING cunt!
    :poop: "An Entrepreneur" WTAF….oooh bankruptcy - she considers this "handy" 😡😡😡😡
    :poop: "Ize got 52 books!" - "The dramas I have had lately, and now I am making a comeback".
    And heres the Best One "Its quite handy to be in a bankruptcy". I hope the BH lot see this! PLUS it didn't write a single word of any of her books! She did a vague story idea and then had a ghost writer try to turn her spiteful rantings into something resembling English and that applies to her fiction, her kids' books and her so-called autobiographies.
    :poop: Here we go with slagging off the Exes again "Iss awl dere fawlt innit.................." Edna's script has been activated into Super-Poor-Me-Mode, ie. crap husbands, "I'm making a comeback", mentioning grant and phil, now onto OF. Also states that the BBC gave their blessing to her showing off her norks on OF - presumably because she's such a bankable "star" on the BEEB? :ROFLMAO:
    :poop: Flogging her OFs, no nudes…. (just as well luv since you cannot compete with the young pretty girls on there :) LOL)
    :poop: Its been doing an Online driving course today!!! Like that will stop a drugged-up, drunken arsehole eh? Slagging off the judge now who banned her - Judge Amanda will be delighted :) Says she's been banned from driving for not getting the post in the bock - not because she's an utter menace on the road "The reason I've been banned? Never get my post........... judge had it in for me." Even Nige dug her out of that one! "Why don't you just give up driving,"he says. As to her drunk driving- Nigel said he doesn't want her back on the roads! She then swerved all her other driving misdemeanours which he actually asked her about. :poop: Lying about not getting all her post "because she lives in the country"...? FFS..... She's hardly living in the Outback... Loved the way she said the judge has got it in for her.... Her? A criminal. Surely not. Does she forget the bit about how she overturned her car and had to be pulled out of it? Speeding tickets come in the post, not DUIs!
    :poop: Onto the Liyfe-Fretninly-Injurrd-Feyt now, ie ME, Me, Me…
    💩 "Poor MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" More victimhood, "I've had to pay people money!" What a terrible thing!
    :poop: Lots of pointless waffle from it; " 'Blah blah, oh my god...... d'you know what right...... actually........ obviously....' I've never heard anyone use so many words and say so little.
    :poop: Still training to be a paramedic! Also mentions how she did her SRN training years ago :ROFLMAO: She insisted she was training to be registered nurse under the Project 2000. Well that's a total lie as that's a university based course, she wouldn't have had the qualifications to even be accepted onto this course, plus she said in her book her training was in old folks home for a few months before she left to be a"Star" Proof that she did not do the Project 2000 course because she's too fick to have the entry qualifications

    :poop: Calling itself a MILF whilst eyeing up the Potential Eggs in the regal surroundings of Three Bridges Football Club.
    :poop: 'I'm a caring person' :ROFLMAO: What a load of utter pathological lying shite!
    :poop: She's massively slagging off the media again forgetting that they're her bread and butter. Carry on skanky!!
    :poop: "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME NIGEL????" His eyes never left Phil & Grant............ but it added "Don't worry, you're not going to be my next husband - I'm done with that,"
    :poop: "Still looking for lurrrve" What about SB then who is still on the scene?
    :poop: It mentions earlier about "Not getting her post..................." then says about Bunty finding a letter addressed to Jordan Trading. She said to Bunty -"Its like Only Fans " & then discussed OFs with an 8 year old!
    As to this letter for Jordan Trading… she does get her post then! - but only selective stuff - not bailiff letters, court letters nor demands for money of course :)
    It did not like that last question - just look at the face on it :ROFLMAO:

    Forage's Farce has not done it any favours though because she began the rhetoric reasonably calm with Only one large sniff and a look of disgust at one point. Then she got hyper and it was all defensive, poor me me me, screeching like a W00H00-ing banshee! Most of the audience politely clapped but a few sat there with arms folded with faces like thunder. Loved it when NF asked it about the many driving offences and the audience collectively went 'YAY!' :ROFLMAO: Yeah Nigel, isn’t she funny! A National Treasure! When she gets around to killing someone, which she will do when she’s laced and in a car in the wee hours of the morning, going to score coke or to climb through her ex partners window, or maybe tipping her car over again, then you can have have her back on your show to leer at Phil & Grant again
    Heres a comment from the DM regarding skanky's "kindness"

    29.1.23 - skanky did not make-the-cut in The Sun's Fabulous magazine birthday edition. I cannot imagine why..............

    Oh yes I can - its because they did not want a leather-faced old hag with plastic tits in their special edition, much less the fact she has really pissed them off over Slapgate LOL
    31.1.23 - Nice one The Sun! Undermining her money-grubbing enterprise on OF by showing these revolting images of it resplendent in red plastic (like a fat Saveloy sausage). Now her 61 OF subscribers need not pay any more to see them :ROFLMAO:
    Notice the face is filtered into a strange yellow smudge but the difference in size of Phil & Grant is morbidly apparent. She'll be off for some more surgery to sort that out shortly which I bet will co-incide directly with the BH hearing on the 9th February - a perfick excuse innit!
    4.2.23 - this taken from the comments on another of her shit "stories" in the DM; It might explain a lot....................

    Only Nans Fans -
    18.1.23 - Really? In that case why is is promoting this crap with a 75% off deal? Ah its a Blue Monday Sale- on a Tuesday
    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-branded-top-earner-28227106 :ROFLMAO:
    20.1.23 - Earning Million of £s pêr week eh? Not with 60-odd subscribers she ain't unless they are paying her 30k each a week!
    "In an X-rated video shared to the account's 66 followers at the time of writing, she said: 'Hey guys, so this is my new little adventure I'm doing." Only 66 saddos subscribed LOL
    21.1.23 - taken from the legendary GB News interview -
    "the 44-year-old admitted: “I absolutely love getting my kit off which is why I do OnlyFans. When OnlyFans came along I was bit like ‘urgh’ because of the porn side because you can go as far as you like on it but you don’t have to do that. I have realised I am quite happy doing what I did before, underwear, swimwear and behind the scenes content that people don’t see on social media and I absolutely love it so much and I am good at it.” :ROFLMAO::poop: This behind-the-scenes nonsense has been known to include a viewing of the inside of her refrigerator - "Woo Hoo Chips and Spam!!!"

    Animal Victims - take not RSPCA!
    19.1.23 - so coming only a matter of weeks after Sharon the Chi was killed on the dual carriageway outside Trampy Towers, it has replaced her with another one. Colin. One wonders how long he will last until he escapes to end up dead? Shocking that the RSPCA NEVER does a thing about this vile woman :(

    26.1.23 - confirmation that it has at least TWO horses at Trampy Towers

    6.2.23 - now frightening dogs with her nakedness. BARFhttps://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-goes-topless-intimate-29145758
    Just a small reminder about this thing's reputation with pets; This groom is also one that had H desposited on her so it could go out on the razzle https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1183390/Scheming-cold-interested-Former-groom-reveals-truth-Katie-Price-cameras-off.html

    Trampy Towers -
    Hopefully the poor bloody place will be removed from its grasp next week, nevertheless Horsham Council have finally got entirely pissed off with it's ignoring them as regards using the place as Arfur Daley's Yard with SB's collection of old bangers that were stored there for months on end (some probably still are), thus we finally get this! Go get her Horsham BC!
    Whilst they're at it perhaps they'd like to look into the small matter of the broken septic system thats been spewing filth into the water table for YEARS? (Details in previous wikis) However, this does mean we are on countdown to the "I tole yers peepul woz spyin on me wiv dem drownes an' stuff, spoylin' me privvasy innit! Ize a viktime ere..................." This lot sunshine is what happens when you don't comply with the rules then ignore whats going on - its called consequences :)
    Well looky-here 'Orsham BC! The place is still like Arfur Daley's yard!!

    Moosik! - Heres what one commenter had to say about it's singing in a rather more harsh approach, posting: “If you've ever wondered what a cat in a Nutribullet sounds like, stick loose women on and listen to Katie Price ‘singing’.”
    25.1.23 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21163926/katie-price-x-factor-single/ Here we go AGAIN folks, relaunching its glittering singing career for the umpteenth time showcasing her gawjus voice (ie drowning out silly Skarlitt who let the moose burst into her aspirations of Bein' a Singa Innit) Still, they might flog a few copies because Birdscarer Season is not far off :)

    Fan Zone - yes there are still a couple loose in the community -
    Somehow I don't think this one will qualify for the Recruitment for Noo Eggs Campaign:poop:
    21.1.23 - This is the US "comedian" who saw it at Manchester airport and had no idea WHO or What it was. Now he's Superfan apparently

    Sadly for skank there will be no "using" this bloke for publicity in the US because - Guess What! - she has been denied visas to get back in to the US whereas SB has been accepted. No more "Geyting Marryed in Las Veeeguss" vids Let’s hope they stand their ground. :)
    Heres another one of her drones https://www.instagram.com/katiepricerules/?hl=en

    Sink boy sink boy where the fuck are you?
    What dodgy dealings are to both up to?
    Us Tattlers are too clever to be conned by that witch
    We know you are still Skanky’s bitch

    You say Las Vegas is your second home
    Looks like you be going on your own
    The US will keep your grandma out
    Got no room for a drunk driving, cocaine snorting, old trout

    You think you’ve won, but Tattle has your measure
    Oh how we laugh at your face of leather.
    Sink boy calls you his bag of heat.
    You’re a horrid person we don’t want to meet.
    A predator, and a tampon terror
    Surely you’ll never get a new fella.
    Bankruptcy is looming, a jail sentence perhaps
    Its time to be punished for all your mishaps
    You think your untouchable, Teflon Tits is your name
    But the judge is wised up, and it’s the end of your game WOO HOO!

    Do us a favour, retire from this life
    Look after your kids and try to be nice.