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  • Here we go then - Page Three! How apt! :)
    Thankyou to Poem Generator for this epic Ode
    Rhyming Couplet Ideas by Kakky
    See the going of the Cole,
    I think he's angry with his little pole.

    He finds it hard to see the sink,
    Overshadowed by the fat brink.

    Who is that sewing near his Dolly?
    Makes a dress for Cole the wally.

    She is but a volatile slag,
    Reviled as she holds a scruffy straw bag.

    Her green car looks like slime,
    It needs no gas, it runs on her partner in crime.

    She's not alone she brings a wig,
    20 dogs and lots of swig.

    The dog likes to chew her gaudy Croc shoes,
    Her grotesque face is always in the news.

    Cole shudders at her putrid azz,
    He wants to leave but she wants the keypads.

    She's so faymus Madame Tussaud's made up a model of her using all the crap lying around in their the basement

    🎶One woman went to ho, went to ho in a meadow.
    One old woman, five "husbands", 4395 The Ones, and her six dead dogs went to ho in a meadow… "🎵
    Its bunnyboiler again but what a fantastic retort :)

    Heres her Theme Tune too - apologies to Bob Marley for comparing his epic choon wiv der skank itself
    Crap acting too - https://tattle.life/attachments/shark-mp4.1297935/
    The public filtered image
    versus, The Troof



    Look at the state of it! June 2022 as "Matron of Honour" at SFP's wedding. LOL
    Carrying her spare head around now!

    "Look at me! I'm desperate!!" 25.6.22 -
    Note that she's got Darth Vader's hat on again

    Blokes - of which there are many - A different category to the idiots that went and married it though
    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-prices-ex-fame-hungry-26981524 The little wind-up merchant on that pathetic Celeb MMA nonsense is aggravating SB and Boyson with this little number - yes Robbie is craftily pitching these idiots against each other LOL
    Going back a couple of years to when Charlie Drury was banging the skank, that is before he escaped to be swiftly captured by Lozza as her Babyfather x 2. We have this little number featuring the fledgling Green Eyed Monster on the warpath :)
    Another one that Got Away, bollckus-intactus https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220619-124624_samsung-internet-jpg.1354526/

    In Yer Dreams Skanky! - another one that Got Away! Bet she wishes she could have sunk her talons into this one though
    There cannot have been much of a "relationship" because all SC's exes seem to score a darned nice house out of him and she got NOWT - not even a garden shed.
    Heres why her musical "career" went down the kharzi; She can't sing, hence why she's ordering the flunkeys to "Turn der mossic up fer Cwist's sayke", to cover her caterwauling. https://youtu.be/xL3nzj-oExg
    Indeed - nothing ever matrerialised about this farce either, just like "The Wedding " LOL
    And another load of weapons-grade bullshit! https://www.irishmirror.ie/showbiz/celebrity-news/katie-prices-beau-carl-woods-24009913
    and this steaming pile too https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/18684878/carl-woods-katie-price-car-g-wagon-lambo/
    17.6.22 - she is going to be furious about this too https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/peter-andres-kids-junior-princess-27163865
    19.6.22 - still trying to convince herself that she can actually sing (on the day Junior hits No.1) Any talent the lad has is nothing to do with you skanky Katie Price shows off her real singing voice as she belts off songs in hotel car park and says she’s ‘gone nuts’ | The Sun

    Lies, Untruths & Porky Pies
    24.6.22 - the mugs at OK bought this crap. There was no other place for it but amongst the Lies, Untruths and Porky Pies section although her entire "defence" in Court today really ought to be filed here too :(

    3.7.22 - or is true? Some sounds feasible other bits not so yet Trampy Towers can expect a huge influx of burglars searchng for the safe conbtaining her illicit millions https://tattle.life/attachments/718279f5-2e18-440f-aa73-6b4ad9ba6d22-jpeg.1388372/

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18599845/katie-price-shows-off-new-lipo-curves-catsuit/ - yep its the Gemma Collins' Instant Overnight 3 Stone Weight Loss Programme. Yeah righty-ho! LOL
    The zeppelins arrive ten minutes before the rest of it does although you could hear it from ten miles distant https://tattle.life/attachments/7e7a1d59-9c05-47fb-ba90-0f6183ddbdea-jpeg.1281716/
    26.5.22 - Heres a media outlet that has actually come out and told The Troof about it! Brilliant journalism - none of this arse-licking BS we get every single day from the usual suspects 👍
    27.5.22 - it was a cracking day for skanky's CV Just look at this lot haha :)
    Hold on a minute, is this skanky or her alter-image Dog the Bounty Hunter?

    Even in her own Insta account skankys is copping it at last - have people finally realised she's a Wrong 'Un?
    "Buy my crap before I’m being sent to prison, and I’ll also not declare any money to the bankruptcy court!
    *Buy my crap I’m skint
    *Why do people buy of this women who lacks a moral compass in everything she does. Such a poor example of a role model for her children and the younger generation. The women lacks class and is what’s wrong with the world today!
    *Aren’t you in prison yet?
    *She is up for sentencing on the 24th @ Lewis Crown Court. She should have her suspended sentence activated as she committed a further offence, but Katie has a track record of manipulating the system to her own gain.
    *Oi, kebab flaps, nobody is buying your tat. Can't wait to see you do a bit of time. How's sink boy and his toxic jizz?

    *A shit rolled in Glitter looks more dazzling in the saddle! Although you don't
    look that different
    17.6.22 -
    Over-photoshopping and over-filtering create The Case of the Vanishing Nose, however its perfectly feasible that indeed she has no nose left anyway due to her Columbian habits à la Westbrook. This dog has no nose! How does it smell then? Fucking awful! :ROFLMAO:
    22.6.22 - Edna's wedding so skanks is being Muvver of der Yeer with J&B (under supervision from AFP). She 'Loves it!" of course, the pens, the paper & EVERYTHING however it appears AFP does NOT love it quite as much right at the end there. Thats the sign of a well-and-truly-pissed-off person who's had enough of skanky's endless bullshit https://tattle.life/data/video/1360/1360247-838e647bdf7312876b8390b9d5350884.mp4

    The Media -
    A branch of the Media NOT fawning after it!! www.thesteepletimes.com/movers-shakers/restraining-katie-price/
    And watching it all unravel hopefully:)
    17.6.22 -
    This is what happens when you try to blame The Media for your own lies, ie biting off the hand that feeds you
    20.6.22 - even her sycophantic old cronies off Loose Wimmin are coming to their sense as regards the skankmonster at last. Carole McGiffin -

    The Case of the Missing Nose - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18948328/katie-price-missing-nose-filtered/
    21.6.22 - the Sun are gunning for it now by telling the world skanks is begging Edna to overturn her decision to NOT invite ol' Biffa to her and 'Arry's Weddin this week. The reason was given initially as 'Arry does not like SB" yet its more like nobody wanted the asshat there because tolerating skanky is more than enough already, but anyway SB has been univited since the beginning of this shitshow due to Punchgate and the implications he did indeed biff skanks one and now with him being allegedly "cleared of hitting it" skanks is demanding he now be present to see her ruin her sister's wedding day. The problem actually is that he has NOT been Cleared of anything, its simply a case of the police were unable to proceed with the evidence they already had because The Victim refused to co-operate with them and say "E 'it meeeee!" Therefore he is NOT "cleared" at all is he? :)

    Too old and Past it - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-gets-bad-rep-27143555 - WHY Alexander, WHY?????? Does she hold dirt on you too that forces you to spout this garbage?
    She needs to accept she's exceeded her sell-by date and GROW UP!
    23.6.22 - Only for those with a strong stomach. This is a "Sexy photoshoot" for her OF - apparently - BUT she released the offensive images on her sister's wedding day FFS because she had to make it all about "Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

    Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures! -

    20.6.22 - Will it be "forced" to miss Edna's wedding by being incarcerated? I reckon Edna is kinda hoping they'll chuck it in the slammer so it cannot wreck her Big Day as it most certainly will given the opportunityhttps://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-could-miss-being-27282727

    Hotel Priory - this dates back to 2018 but she's still using it as her Get Out of Jail Free card, in fact she is surely due another visit for Ferappy seeing as she's got plenty of dates with Mi'lud scheduled

    The Current "The One" aka Sink Boy
    10.5.22 - Be judged by the company you keep matey - you are fucked basically :)
    NORMAL????? As in Norman Bates perhaps??
    17.5.22 - so the Only (pervy) Fans not doing quite as well as you'd expected eh Sinkboy? :ROFLMAO:https://tattle.life/attachments/sinkboy-jpg.1273019
    18.5.22 - so then, TOTALLY as predicted, he has bottled it on the Celeb MMA fiasco and will now surely withdraw his presence due to "an injury". Robbie is gonna luv this :ROFLMAO: Hands up if you are surprised / shocked by this bombshell?? Hmmmm didn't think so somehow............................
    They are tears of relief BTW :)
    22.5.22 - today is it's 44th birthday, the loudly proclaimed day it was supposed to be tying-the-knot with SB to live 'appily evva afta in Veeegas in the mansion she is going to buy with her OF proceeds - and yet NOTHING? No balloon arch, 2000 cupcakes with pink icing or ten thousand other naff gifts? Now I wonder why eh?? Could it be SB doesn't give a shit?? ;) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10841835/Katie-Price-celebrates-turning-44-beams-selfie-fianc-Carl-Woods.html
    26.5.22 - she is still deluding herself into thinking he's going to marry her LOL

    Punchgate - the odious Sinkboy is due in court over this farce shortly. This brings up an entire plethora of questions, biggest of all being why the hell is he still with the sort of creature that can approach the media to "sell 'er stawry" like this and then attempt to backtrack with his baloney?

    14.6.22 - Case dropped - no doubt skanky refused to co-operate
    Back in February just after The Main Event this is what SB posted about his innercints in the entire matter and laying the blame for it firmly elsewhere, ie skanks and her cronies; And yet despite all this the imbecile is still with it? He must be totally desperate to hang onto his Zleb status https://tattle.life/attachments/1c759320-bc3a-489e-aaee-7e8320deb546-jpeg.1343701/
    We are still waiting for his "Black-and White Proof" to emerge too - all 93 pages of it which I presume to mean that NOBODY has bought his seedy story as yet?

    13.6.22 - it looks like Sinkboy has the same Midas Touch as the old boot itself - he's got away with this little number! What a complete and utter waste of police time and resources, its a total joke yet an absolute stonking example of good 'ol British Justice at it's finest. The scumbags will see this as an absolute vindication of everything they do now of course, especially when we undoubtedly see the old Ho walk away smirking from her next Court appearance later this week.
    PS what SB seems to have not twigged is that actually he has NOT been cleared of belting the skank one as he thinks he has, in fact its more to do with the lack of evidence seeing as the old bag refused to co-operate with the police over it. Let's just wait till next time skanks old luv because there WILL be a Next Time, the occasion when you go running to the police screeching about "Anuvva attak fer naw reeysun..................." and they don't believe you (as if they did anyway!) :)
    21.6.22 - SB has posted this trying to shift the blame onto "Sumwun else.................." for the entire shitshow of "I wuz attakd fer no reysun an' luk at me broose innit" This must be the Black and White Proof then?

    22.6.22 - not even skanks could "force" Edna's husband to change his mind about banning SB from her wedding because he loathes him to which I bet she tried bloody hard to for Edna to do it! Poor ol' SB is unable to get himself into the country's worst chav-fest because even those degenerates don't want him there haha https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18958681/katie-price-sister-sophie-ban-carl-woods/
    Also she accused SB of 'Coercive Control' over her during the Punchgate episode, well take a look at this dating back to 2009 in Alex Reid days. So who exactly is the Coercive Controller then eh?
    '''Fuming Jordan was made to look foolish last night after her cagefight boyfriend filmed a SECOND batch of naked love shots with a stunning brunette actress.
    Sunday People 6 Sep 2009 -UPDATED 15:42, 26 Feb 2013
    Katie was so furious when she saw the first set of pictures from the movie two weeks ago that she phoned producers and demanded to see what had been filmed so far. She wanted to prove to her management and lawyers that Alex's claims that he had kept pants on during the filming were true.
    Film bosses sent Jordan a version of the movie which featured no footage of him naked.
    But Jordan was subsequently alerted to the fact that Alex may have been involved in further sexual scenes with Yvette at the historic Clock House mansion in Capel, Surrey, which she had not seen.
    'We can reveal Katie became so concerned about the nature of the movie that she phoned the producers again and announced: "I've made up my mind - he's not coming back unless things change.''

    30.6.22 - back with this old crap about Behbeys. About as much chance as a snowball in hell...................https://www.irishmirror.ie/showbiz/celebrity-news/carl-woods-desperate-baby-katie-27367097
    Another massive hypocrite! Slags off Kerry Kationa for exhibiting her lady parts on OF qnd yet what is he doing now? Oh yeah he's doing a special deal of 5$ to see him showing his ringpiece! https://tattle.life/attachments/1386033/

    The Escapees, they who married it but got away with their balls intact-
    22.5.22 - celebrating it's own birthday (and congratulating itself earlier too) by slagging off the ex-husbands YET AGAIN
    Yawn..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😴https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18648555/katie-price-cryptic-post-swipe-famous-exes/
    15.6.22 - slagging off the exes yet again yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzz https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-brands-ex-husbands-27238016; Funny how all her ex-husbands move on from the nightmare existence with her to have happy, fulfilled relationships/marriages.....................
    This is how Charles Drury repaid her wonderfullness during their 'relationship' LOL https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/12643830/katie-pirce-ex-charles-drury-sings-drug-use-debut-single/amp/
    He's now entangled with another one just like skanks who is churning out babies in a bid to keep him.
    This is an oldie, this bloke was the reason Peter finally had enough of skanky's shit and departed, yet shortly afterwards he too ran away as fast as he could to escape from it's deadly talons. I wonder if he realises how fortunate he was to escape with his goolies intact?
    Back to 2018 with AFP slating the Exes & blaming them for EVERYTHING her seedy oàffspring has brought on itself

    And another one laying-into Alex Reid https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2431292/Katie-Prices-ex-Alex-Reid-admits-accidentally-injecting-stepson-Harveys-growth-hormones.html

    Skanky's Driving Ishoos -
    17.5.22 - yes it is banned for the foreseeable future yet it is being ferried about everywhere (ie the Plasterclasses) by it's braindead grifting Besties, none of whom seem to care about it never wearing a seatbelt, plus can you imagine anything more distracting to the driver than having this thing screeching in yer earhole the entire journey? On top of that the idiot driver is looking at their phone and replying to their inane rubbish! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18597483/katie-price-singing-voice/ Where are the Police again??
    23.5.22 - heres another Court case for this week whilst still under a driving ban. This was apparently 11 days before she turned the BMW over pissed and drugged and again she is also denying this was her doing too. Its the Phantom Menace again folks :) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18655609/katie-price-court-fresh-driving-charge-bmw/
    24.5.22 - It did not turn up for Court yet it looks like its got off lightly AGAIN https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/breaking-katie-price-avoid-jail-27048862
    25.5.22 - Smiling Katie Price reveals her real, SHORT hair as she swerves jail again over speeding charge (thesun.co.uk) Maybe they re forbidden to comment about it skipping prison AGAIN so hide their comments in dross like this?
    BUT, it appears she has'nt swerved this one after all (like she does with vehicles) - adjourned until July 5th when hopefully they'll wipe the floor with her at last :) https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-appear-court-2-27059601

    Heres her shameful tally of driving offences so far and they will not be the last either. Skanky has been in court 16 times for driving offences alone, and banned 6 times in 10 years, yet somehow has yet to earn a custodial punishment. Would any ordinary person get away with this???
    5.7.22 - This one was hushed-up. It was committed around the time of the mystery driver incident wheres it has refused to name the person allegedly using her vehicle to race about Sussex. This case due in Court today but as to whether it will be there is debatable seeing as it is supposédly "filming" (porn) in Thailand
    and heres today's one but no mention of the speeding charge thats just emerged
    and she's got off this one as well FFS! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/katie-price-news-latest-speeding-b2115906.html What a fucking joke UK "justice" is!

    And with an attitude like this is it any wonder its an habitual criminal?www.thescottishsun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/4836808/katie-price-slams-two-year-driving-ban-as-obscene-and-says-police-pull-her-over-for-nothing/
    24.6.22 - just listen to this lot from it! https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/20232948.live-katie-price-appear-court-sentencing/?ref=rss&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

    Court Cases - yep this topic will run-and-run all the while it has breath in its plastic body
    25.5.22 - Breaking the Restraining Order - the plea hearing for her breaking the restraining order placed on it for the abuse of MP. Her second appearance at a different Court in the same week no less :)
    Just LOVING the attention! Look at her geriatric "protection" blokes for a start or is that because younger blokes will not take the assignment for fear of becoming the next The One, like it or not? LOL

    AND it pleaded GUILTY - this must be The First Time EVER for the skank! Woo Hoo!
    Its not a happy bunny either, just look at the face on it even though it's got its own in-house paparazzi there
    Hard to believe it had it's hair done for the occasion :)
    25.5.22 - The Walk of Shame? Nah this is because if you want pictures of it these days you gotta PAY for them, ie the chronically bad ones on OF https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/katieprice/video-2694377/Video-Katie-Price-hides-Carl-Woods-leaves-Lewes-Crown-Court.html
    27.5.22 - they've obviously given up & let it off the community service because there is NO WAY it has completed the 80 hours it was given - more like 8 hours! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10860901/Katie-Price-flashes-smile-picking-groceries-completes-community-service.html
    15.6.22 - after today's hissyfit slagging off the exes YET AGAIN, Kieron responds; How he keeps his temper we'll never know so perhaps its as well he has representation now to deal with It https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18896953/katie-price-kieran-hayler-hits-back-money-grabbing/
    23.6.22 - Completely confident it won't be seeing prison bars after tomorrow's sentencing appearance in Court, so confident that it is off on anuvva 'oliday friday afternoon with a bagfull of blagged bikinis and ol' Happy Chops SB in tow. Wouldn't it be totally fantastic if the Judge revokes her passport and gives her an electonic tag though :ROFLMAO:
    24.6.22 - The Big Day when she faces Judge Mooney again for Breaching the Restraining Order. Hoping she finally gets her arse nailed to the floor https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-61813593.amp
    and its not starting very well hahaha! Heres hoping it'll show such contempt to the judge and he'll annihilate it's gross ego with at least a tag meaning NO 'Olidays :) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18988483/katie-price-court-sentencing-text-michelle-penticost/amp/
    So then; Acknowledging that it actually does have a dick (which is more than can be said of SB)

    The Nation waits with bated breath for justuce at last on this habitual CRIMINAL :)
    Quote from The Victim of skank's vile campaign given to Court "

    Sussex News and Pictures

    Michelle Penticost said she felt threatened and intimidated and the text had a devastating effect on her mental wellbeing.
    Michelle says she's worried 'Katie will attack me'
    Michelle Penticost has said the incident has had a detrimental affect on her wellbeing. She continued: "The language used has made me scared. I worry and am scared she will attack me. I thought that having a restraining order would make me feel safe. Penticost added that she is worried for her son.
    11:12 AM · 24 juin 2022" Now who is thats constantly banging-on about it's "Mentawl 'elf an wewl beeein"? Ah yes, the very item dishing it out to the woman raising her kids! Oh and a mention of a history of disobedience! They've finally twigged it! :)
    Awwwwwww bless! - she has admitted herself to Hotel Priory twice though for all the fucking difference that makes, but she does still have the colouring books and pens they gave her
    Here we go with the Maternal Shite - remember this is the woman who chose Biffa Sinkboy OVER her children hence why she has very limited access to them. "If she feels she is being criticised as a mother, she gets emotionally upset. On many occasions she has had to restrain. The therapy she is undergoing is concentrating on that. Lewes Crown Court heard #katieprice
    11:21 AM · 24 juin 2022" :ROFLMAO: Therapy? Oh they mean the colouring books and pens!
    Fetch the Bullshit Meter for this quote - " She has shown the clearest signs of remorse and accepts its an indirect breach ". Really? When was this eh? Outside the Court half an hour ago perhaps when it launched into one at the photographers?
    "It is a 'one-off' says Mr Hamblin her defence; this offence is a "one-off" and there is a chance of rehabilitation"he said. Does that count for all the other times she's hurled abuse at all her ex-husbands and the families they've rebuilt whilst fending skanky off? "One off" & "Chance of rehabilitation...................." OMFG!
    And this little number "The guilty plea is 'an apology to Michelle' What a joke!
    Mr Hamblin has said Katie's guilty plea is an apology - more specifically, "an apology to Ms Penticost". Like fuck it is, until next time it throws a Jealous Wobbly seeing how happy her kids are in a proper family that excludes HER! This will continue all the while there is breath in it's disfigured carcass.
    Now predictably out comes The Harvey Card- the same lad she exploits whenever she needs him to earn a few quid

    Judge Mooney steps in - let's hope he's not having any of this bullshit from it! "This offence was committed out of anger. The message you sent was highly offensive and inflammatory,” and yet this is it! What a complete and utter joke this is -
    Walks free 18 month community order 170 hours community service £1500 costs. What possible point is there in this travesty when it doesn't pay it's fines nor attend CS because it interrupts it's 'olidays? Here we go with the Smug Fest now
    Where the hell was The Prosecution in this farce? Were they actually there in Court or what????
    BUT the Sun added this little number, a pointed reminder to the fact she's not out-of-the-woods just yet, although how can anybody have faith in British Justice after this latest fiasco?
    On a video a reporter tries to question skanky & SB as they pile into their car
    "I noticed this exchange if you listen to the video Madcatbimbo posted of them walking away from court.... there's a reporter who says To Cole;
    'Come on, you must be quite happy with that result
    Carl, you look happy, anything to say to Michelle, and what you put her through?
    She says she’s scared to leave the house and she suffers anxiety because of you Katie, come on are you going to apologise to her now?"
    As a grim faced KP slams the door into Cole’s car he says...... ‘Congratulations’.
    And there you have it.
    25.6.22 -

    and another 'dig'

    Kieron and Michelle have every right to be thoroughly pissed-off with this pathetic result too
    The Sun are gunning for it now - check out the Get Out of Jail Free Cards they've put over her revolting photos
    From her local rag - they must be pretty pissed-off being associated with it by now https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/20234410.katie-price-court-the-day-circus-came-lewes/
    A bit of self-aggrandiousment from her despicable legal lot - https://westgate-chambers.co.uk/katie-price-avoids-prison/
    so how are they going to excuse her this then? 27.6.22 -https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19013282/katie-price-reported-police-message-kieran-hayers-fiancee/amp/
    27.6.22 - Comment from The Argus, the local paper to Lewes Crown Court after hearing of Kieron's next step towards shutting it up. I wonder if this was the journo who tried to question the assholes outside Court that day?

    An example of what Kieron and his family have to put up with from the Skank Coalition, just look at how they've abused his Mother! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6020193/Katie-Price-ignites-FURIOUS-row-ex-Kieran-Haylers-mum-Wendy.html
    28.6.22 - 'trying to reach out to Michelle........................." They make it sound like she was looking for help or forgiveness - don't they even read their own rubbish??? https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-price-breaks-silence-over-24343182 and this too. Its apparently a "cosy display" :sick: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10961517/Katie-Price-Carl-Woods-sport-matching-pink-MTV-T-shirts-touch-Thailand.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead

    The next Court case for speeding - doubtless she will be too busy "filming" shite in Thailand to return for this one which means yet another conviction, a ridiculous fine alongside some more CS to add to the ever-extending list. Lucky ol' Horsham matters will be seeing it on the odd occasion for decades at this rate https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10950031/Katie-Price-set-fresh-court-appearance-two-weeks-TENTH-driving-charge.html
    5.7.22 - with any luck the Thai authorities will have a nice space for the pair of scumbags at the Bankok Hilton and do what British Justice has FAILED to do only too often https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19087582/katie-price-fiance-carl-woods-onlyfans-thailand/

    Bankruptcy (again!) - this must be imminent because out comes this old chestnut like it always does, ie how she's "weeeely twyin' ter sort dis ahhht" by flogging more of her accumulated crap. Of course she is.................... she doesn't give a frig about the lives she's destroyed with her greed and avarice
    Dating back to 2019 this shows her utter contempt for what she's done yet blaming the Exes for it all;
    Its an Oldie but it shows the complete and utter contempt it holds for the people it has ripped-off over the years
    9.6.22 - are they taking the piss or what? Clearly they have no idea that she's actually boracic lint living off free meals and scrounged stuff https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-176-as-a-title-its-worth-a-punt-cmon-loverboy-put-your-toe-in-me-jeremy-hunt.30673%2F&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcaknowledge.com%2Fkatie-price-net-worth%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=fdfb87c6c0fb4083a801e82a4a879be0&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    9.6.22 - more old shit in OK magazine then underlining that Being Bankrupt does not matter one single iots to this vile specimen
    22.6.22 - Looks like the next date for it's Bankruptcy hearing is scheduled for 23 Feb 2023; She'll be praying for Covid to return to side step it again :( https://rb.gy/m9stra
    Just in case you are in any doubt that it is BANKRUPT - check this out

    It's D-Day for skanks! - 7.6.22 - she's got an rendezvous in front of the Bankruptcy Judge in London at long last!! (y)
    But she did get a mention in the Hull Daily Mirror - WOO HOO! https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/celebs-tv/katie-price-back-court-over-7174695
    NOPE - let down yet again by British Justice Just whose gonads does she twist in those gnarled hands to keep getting away with all this eh? https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-175-playing-happy-families-on-insta-and-twitter-in-reality-life-has-gone-down-the-titter.30564%2Fpage-28%23post-10134502&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.ie%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F8911477%2Fbankrupt-katie-price-arrives-court-debt%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=28d968a3306492b38354cb6177471242&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    but this is interesting dontcha think? It could explain a lot of her evading "Justice" on too many fronts

    21.6.22 - Here we go again YET ANOTHER POSTPONEMENT of this effing fiasco. HOW and WHY does this thing keep getting away with it eh???? Whose nadgers does it hold in it's claw-like talons? 🤬
    25.6.22 - following on the debaclé yesterday, here it is showing off another Designer 'andbag. Not bad for a bankrupt eh?
    A quote from Heat magazine some time ago detailing how it wastes it's money - no doubt its grown even worse these days
    According to this article, "the former glamour model — whose £2million rural home stands decrepit and unkempt — continues to splash the cash at an alarming rate on such, with her expenses including £1,500 on twice-weekly manicures and pedicures.

    The TV personality is also said to fork out £11,000 on a sizeable team of staff to help keep things ticking over at her Sussex mansion, reportedly employing two nannies, a housekeeper, a stable hand and a gardener.The star, who is said to spend £500 a month on age-reversing treatments, is also said to be shelling out an eye-watering £2,000 just to keep her grand abode warm."

    Among the other expenses reportedly on the mother-of-five's monthly list are £1,000 on maintaining her hairstyles, £800 for massages every other day, £800 for a makeup artist to keep her looking glam and £400 on facial
    s. So all those Beauty Treatments have been a raging success have they not? :ROFLMAO:
    30.6.22 - Buying crap by the tonnage; Not bad for someone who is boracic lint eh?

    Surgeries and Assorted Botch-Jobs - Plus Other Stuff Supposed to Make Her "Beautiful" - LOL; They're all dismal failures btw
    21.6.22 - more botox and fillers, however she's now taking SB whenever she goes for some more free adaptations, hence why he's now got custard-coloured hair and the face of a startled rabbit. Article also contains more sly digs from The Sun :)

    20.6.22 - having some more muck injected into it's distorted face Its not bad for somebody who allegedly has a paranoia about needles and is simply terrified by seeing them - presumably it has to be OK when its Botox or tattoo needles though

    4.7.22 - The Mysterious Case of the Shape-Shifting Belly-Button. Maybe its gone to look for her raspberries that have also vanished?

    The Mucky Mansion farce
    9.5.22 - yes C4 have really lost their marbles because they've only gone & bought another series of bullshit about skanky's "Fammerly 'ome, yer knaw, doin' it up fer 'er and der kidz innit................" - even though the last lot was a ratings disaster for them.
    10.5.22 - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-prices-mucky-mansion-now-26851673 - ie RUINED; The article is a poorly-written heap of nonsense and lies spouted by skanky
    12.5.22 - Of course she is! If she does it'll be used mostly for her sordid OF photos, just like she 'uses' the bedroom she designated for Princess for her sleazy pictures with imitation flowers shoved up her foof

    The Life-Freteninly-Injurrd Feyt -
    Bearing in mind that the "accident" at Land of Legends in Turkey was going to leave her crippled forever, she would never walk unaided again and her trotters are a mass of plates, screws and scar tissue - et voilà! Just the latest photo of it totterring around in ludicrous shoes - 17.5.22
    The only time you will see it in flatties or bandages is the week before a Court appearance
    15.6.22 - the ol' trotters must be OK now seeing as it is tottering about on these hilariously ghastly efforts.

    Cruella de Skank - the animal killer
    These creatures were lucky to escape with their lives when she ordered Kieron to sell them off. They got away unlike so many others who died at it's hands
    Just a reminder - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18675513/katie-price-petition-ban-owning-dogs-20k-signatures/
    PETA have finally stepped up! https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220525-104934_chrome-jpg.1292718/
    26.5.22 - how strange that after TWO YEARS the petition to the RSPCA has suddenly been picked up by the media. It seems they are after her guts for garters AT BLOODY LAST!
    Just a note from an anonymous source as regards to It as a child - everything was in place decades ago
    "We lived in Patcham where she was growing up. She was a spiteful little girl. Climbed into trees to take out birds eggs & smash them. Her language was atrocious."
    She gets rid of pets as fast as she did her kids, they however are the lucky ones to escape from the clutches of Cruella de Skank; Not all escape with their lives, as per poor little Rolo but imagine being told by PETA to stop having more pets? You'd think she'd get the idea by now....... https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/12207067/katie-price-peta-after-third-dog-dies-accident/
    18.6.22 - showing off more puppies taking them out on a long car jouney around the country as she plys her trade in those crap Plasterclasses. Basically they've spent the hottest day of the year in carrying boxes wearing ridiculous "outfits" for her amusement. :( FFS https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18927134/katie-price-make-up-masterclass-dog-heatwave/
    21.6.22 - It's got FIVE dogs now hence a new petition. How can it look after five dgs when its never At Home anyway?
    29.6.22 - OK so whats the betting Mommy Dearest will scrounge another poor little waif as bribery to keep Princess visiting her and piss her father off?
    1.7.22 - Peter Andre takes a swipe at ex Katie Price as he tells Princess ‘dogs aren’t just for 6 months’ | The Sun So you can make a pretty shrewd bet that skanky will be scrounging another puppy "for Princess" just so she can say "I's dun dat fer me dawter wen dat c*** won't evun let 'er 'ave a dog!" Its only ever about point-scoring of course, not the care and well-being of the animals :(
    Peter Andre takes a swipe at ex Katie Price as he tells Princess ‘dogs aren’t just for 6 months’ | The Sun

    Occasionally some total cretin decides to offer it a slot on a TV show - so here we go
    Saintly Lorraine is the usual guilty party but last year it was this lot who thought it was a good idea until she pulled out citing a variety of lame excuses, she binned the fee and legged it. The host was less-than-impressed with either her or her behaviour (to say the least LOL)
    "Katie Price's first episode of SAS: Who Dares Wins was one fraught with emotion and high tensions.
    Hard man Ant Middleton branded "Number Three" Katie "a f*****g clown", told her to "shut the f*** up" and "buck [her] f*****g ideas up."
    Another member for her Fan Club then??
    Don't forget last year's Celebrity Masterchef debaclé either when it produced a rubbery, undercooked steak with greasy chips
    and no it didn't win obviously :) www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/breaking-katie-price-celebrity-masterchef-24857300

    13.5.22 - so there it was putting itself Out There to return to the jungle as a triumphant ex-winner of I'm a Celeb! WRONG!
    They've sensibly turned it down because its not the sort of person they want on a "Family Show", ie its actually someone with a cesspit gob who shouts all the time, who does not participate or share, someone who sells sleazy photos to perverts online and who is universally despised. No Jungle japes for you skanky love so no new rucksack either :ROFLMAO: /www.thesun.co.uk/tv/18554978/katie-price-snubbed-im-a-celebrity-bosses/
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10813289/Katie-Price-SNUBBED-Im-Celebritys-Stars-special-shes-not-suitable-family-show.html Skanky will be spittin' fevvas out there on her latest 'oliday in Portugal however this is absolutely classic, a comment left on the Daily Fail as regards skanky's rejection for IACGMOH
    "Scu mmy ch av
    Poor H will have to dragged out to male up for lost
    Andre will be campaigning for a place,
    fake news
    Hope not, not that I watch it but it's a travesty giving that awful woman exposure!!
    Her fella w *Nks into sinks
    She shouldnt be on TV full stop!
    Wont watch it if she does. Dhr should be in jail
    My god she was gorgeous! She had work, but just enough, why do people never know when to stop
    see squlnty eyed w00ds has g0ne back t0 the 0ld h0le
    Thank goodness for that - she would have been a right turn off
    She shouldn't be on any TV show again- she's not a nice person
    At last they are noticing
    Plus shes vile and completely classless
    Not wanted
    No one wants to listen to her!!! Good decision.
    She looks like a different person in every other picture.
    Not even Loose Woman want her. At least ITV have some sense! Shame C4 and BBC didn't give her the snub over the recent shows they have aired.
    finally consquences for her actions.
    Great news - she's no longer a celebrity.
    The only place KP is suitable is a prison cell.
    Great news - she's not a celebrity any more.

    She's just tacky why does she think anyone would be interested in her " Most excellent :)
    Obviously this was NOT bunnyboiler :ROFLMAO:

    Speaking of which, this is going to send her into Mars Orbit seething with rage and jealousy. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10864043/Peter-Andre-confirms-reality-TV-returning-screens-10-years.html AND he took part in the Jubilee Parade in London! She'll go bananas!!!

    25.6.22 - according to skank the BBC are giving her a Travel Show because she's such a well-reknowned expert on the subject. I bet they saw this and realised they must bring this sort of quality to The Masses (yeah righty-ho) -however your little gag has not worked skanks because we'll believe it when we see it on Sunday night primetime, rather like your "Getting Married in Las Veegass" one :)
    and here it is boasting about the Beeb offering her a show :ROFLMAO:

    27.6.22 - having yesterday put word "out there" on the interwebs that she's doing a Travel Show for the beeb (yeah haha of course she is!), the dumb ass media have picked up on it. https://www.mediamole.co.uk/entertainment/showbiz/news/katie-price-announces-new-travel-show_488783.html

    "Isss me Mentawl 'elf innit!" -
    This also merits an entry to the Diversion Tactics Department too -11.5.22

    So then, here we have The Place it always brings out as it's Get Out of Jail Free Card where it visits maybe for an hour (or has a photoshoot outside pointing to the sign), tells the media its in a "Residential", gets the letter from the shrink and goes back off on 'oliday or doing some shite grifting for money but somehow manages to complete an arduous ten minutes of online treatment or gaily doing a bit of colouring-in on a pathetic exercise book. Et voilà, then this appears in the media today................. well well well
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10814929/Is-Priory-fit-purpose-Mail-dossier-exposes-deeply-worrying-pattern-mental-health-clinic.html?adobe_mc=TS%3D1652482185 It only confirms what we have suspected since this farce with skanky surfaced with 'her mentawl 'elf
    19.5.22 - there must be a Court Case in the offing because look whats popped up "Dis is 'ow I's deelin' wiv me Mental 'Elf innit!"
    - yes it was the surprise speeding court date thats she'd kept schtum about - see Driving Offences above
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18616730/katie-price-amazing-progress-ptsd-new-chapter/ - utter BS
    25.5.22 - So much for the "Amazin' progress" on her Mental 'elf because out it comes being profferred by her brief as the excuse for her appalling behaviour towards her ex-husband and his partner (the ones doing a fantastic job raising skanky's children). It has pleaded Guilty finally, sentencing July 5th hence why this bullshit is being bandied about with gay abandon.

    Oh and totterring about in those high heeled-pointy cowboy boots on her Life-Threateningly Injured Feet too!
    To compound a really shit day for skanky SB got a parking ticket which I expect she'll try to claim was someone else illegally parking his car :)
    27.5.22 - Yes anybody with their own Real Mental Health Issues need only get themselves to Horsham Matters because they've achieved what Hotel Priory was unable to do in all her sessions there - they're cured her!

    15.6.22 - continuing the charade that she's allegedly 'avin tweetmint fer 'er mentawl elf at der Pwiorwy. Yuh righty-ho! Apparently when she was supposed to be inside getting this tweetmint the pair of them were still driving about Roehampton, BUT then this is the same creature who attributed her Amazing Recovery from lunacy to the Horsham Matters Charity where she was obliged to "work" at as part of her DD rehab community service. Who needs Hotel Priory when Horsham Matters perform miracles???

    19.6.22 - attaching itself to the sad story of Caroline Flack AGAIN, thus making it "All About Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" again. Every time she repeats this pile of steaming horse-dung her ordeal gets worse & worse, changing with every single version.
    . Oh and heres who will be blamed for her terrible ordeal to begin withhttps://www.relishproductions.com/
    Accusing the Media again
    25.6.22 - and here we go again. Anybody who criticises it automatically becomes A Troll - and this from The World's biggest acknowledged TROLL, Her Scabbyness itself! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18996554/katie-price-trolled-prison-judge-sentencing-disgusting/

    Off in Über-Bitch Mode-
    An oldie yes but it shows what der fing is really like when someone takes something of Hers before she's finished destroying it herself. https://closeronline.co.uk/celebrity/news/katie-price-admits-wants-jane-pountney-die-id-happy-woman/
    This is an oldie but by God the skank-monster was truly foul even then. UGH
    23.5.22 - https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220523-060326_instagram-jpg.1287163/ Perhaps don't be too smug skanky because you know JM was SB's secret pash before he got trawled in by you. And now she's available again ;)

    Ever classy though - https://tattle.life/attachments/4-jpg.1340487/

    "Isss dem twolz agen" & the Harvey's Law rubbish -
    Now I wonder who this might have been knowing how much skanky hates Dr. Emily and with her history for it? I was cruelly trolled six years ago and it STILL haunts me now, says Peter Andre’s wife Emily (thesun.co.uk)
    14.6.22 - https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220614-110642_chrome-jpg.1342070/ Bleating about dem twolz again but what's this? Oh yes It is back in Court shortly for doing precisely that to MP and Kieron so
    pots n kettles.png

    15.6.22 - Pots 'n Kettles time! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18896953/katie-price-kieran-hayler-hits-back-money-grabbing/
    5.7.22 - Someone is trolling her (allegedly) hurling all sorts of barmy nonsense about to the degree it has stepped forward to decry the monster taking the piss out of her. Or is it a Twoll? It could easily be her own alter-ego that emerges when it's off it's plastic face on whatever ❄🍹 - the one that likes to go out driving looking for friends at 6am :)

    "Oh pooor MEEEEEE!" To cover a multitude of her Sins -
    25.5.22 - the aftermath of her Court case disasters starts the cascade of "Poor ME"s to try to change public opinion of her. Too late Doris - you is up shit-creek without a paddle :)
    2.6.22 - Let's make Junior's potential career All About MEEEEEEEEE as well!

    More Money-Grubbing Scams and Flogging Crap-
    Heres the latest idea from it following on from getting awl spirrytuwalfrom after using the local funeral director's who were ferrying it around poor Scotland; Its going to sell Chav Coffins now! :LOL: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/4635055/katie-price-blinged-up-coffins-crystals/amp/
    16.5.22 -https://tattle.life/attachments/61244c5c-88d2-4c6e-94a1-1b9e4afe9627-jpeg.1268806/ another one to scam people
    The Sun absolutely LOVES that phrase "Fans are all saying the same thing blah blah blah......................." about everything this munter does. No actually its NOT "her fans" that say that (they're all braindead cretins), this is the rest of the universe saying it to this pair of weapons grade C***s.
    17.2.22 - scrounging the services of a farrier now they're back at Trampy Towers because of course the previous livery would have dealt with all that stuff. By all means apply but don't expect to be paid for your services, in fact you can join the ever-extending List of Debtors instead :)

    19.5.22 - Flogging the hideous cheap old crap she's wearing to the Plasterclasses; I can't wait to see these on the boulevards of St; Tropez this summer https://tattle.life/attachments/12234125-aef6-42de-a4d2-f9d2ce1b0213-png.1278320/
    OMFG! Not sure if its the idea of it actually bathing or the collection of utter crap in this Weekend Bag its flogging - just wow!
    https://tattle.life/attachments/baginbath-mp4.1287228/ Like it says though - "Woo hoo" :(
    3.6.22 - using the Jubilee to flog some 'orse crap;

    6.6.22 - Doing the Seksi Pose wearing something akin to dishrags or stuff swiped from the collections bin at Horsham Matters. Couldn't they even be bothered to iron the thing first? (I thought first of that ghastly trackie but then her face would benefit from a blast from a steam iron on her wrinkles) https://jyy.london/collections/katieprice
    9.6.22 - hours after the abortive Bankruptcy case to tout these cheap rags for her mates at JYY Chavwear. Also doing the Seksi Pointy-toe thing AGAIN!
    13.6.22 - having earlier today put out a Scrounging post for odd-sized bikinis to stuff it's hideously deformed body into, check out the retort it's posted. Iss dem Twolz again innit! Proof enough that she reads Tattle :)
    16.6.22 - flogging cheap and nasty leggings for riding via KP Ekwestryan. The last thing you need when riding are trousers that disintegrate surely?? https://tattle.life/attachments/44850709-21c8-462d-8735-323d3551399f-png.1346931/
    18.6.22 -it looks like even Edna's hen-do was a scrounged freebie

    30.6.22 - Lucky old Bucks! Like she gives two fucks! The equestrian community will be delighted to have her nylon chavwear on sale and the prospect if it showing up too

    Giving it's opinions whether wanted or not -
    15.5.22 - Its been blathering-on about Eurovision because of course it somehow got to represent the UK once-upon-a-time when there was absolutely nobody else willing to do it We all know it fancies itself as an extremely talented singer due to the fantastic "music" it keeps inflicting on the world periodically that never gets anywhere (apart from the recycling bin), and as a former contestant its been giving opinions on this event. Sadly for skanky she has a voice like a Cross-Channel ferry in a fogbank, nevertheless we have this little reminder compliments of The Sun LOL
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/former-eurovision-wannabe-katie-price-26968977 WOO HOO!
    15.5.22 - and another one, this time hitching it's wagon onto another current storyline bleating about 'My fwend' Sarah Harding - not giving a shit about the fact this same trial has slaughtered her ex-husband and father of TWO of her own children! Says it all does it not? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10817139/Katie-Price-fumes-late-friend-Sarah-Hardings-mentioned-Wagatha-Christie-case.html
    15.6.22 - lets make this "All About Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too!"

    Massive Hypocrite Alert - From two years ago but demonstrates admirably her double-standards when she's screeching at some ludicrous youtube someone made wanting the death penalty brought back for Twolz, and here she is today facing the music over Twolling MP and her ex-husband, not to mention the Andres, Alex Reid etc etc..............
    A few of her Gems :-




    The Diversions Department - "Keep me outta nick by any excuse going!"
    https://closeronline.co.uk/celebrity/news/katie-price-baby-fears/ Out with this old chestnut again then! -10.5.22
    11.5.22 - taking the lies up a gear now; Is she getting C4 to create this for her in the next lot of shite they've stupidly commissioned? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/18535815/katie-price-Pregnancy-hint-nursery-mucky-mansion/

    An Oldie but a Goody - interview with Frank Skinner when she announced she was pregnant with H. The Skanky we see now was already visible even back then
    Jordan (AKA Katie Price) interview with Frank Skinner – Series 5 Episode 6 – 5 July 2020 - almost 22 years ago
    Frank Skinner asks KP if she is happy – she replies, "Well no it wasn’t planned". She then goes on to describe the things people say about her in the tabloid press – "freak of nature, out to party, do anything for publicity". She admits to having several boob jobs already, the most recent and third one to correct the shape of her breasts. She then goes on to say that she won't be breastfeeding – she has had enough done to them, "let alone to have something sucking off them". (Maternal instincts already in place)
    She then talks about the three weeks she spent with Hugh Heffner and says it was one of the best experiences of her life although alludes to finding it strange that young girls would tell HH that they were in love with him. Frank says that it all looks really hollow and ‘orrible and staring into the gates of hell.
    FS asks is it showing yet (the baby presumably) – KP says "I hope not".
    FS - "It’s a hell of a skirt"
    KP – "Can you see my knickers?" (She was wearing knickers???)
    FS – "I can tell the sex of the baby in a minute".
    Frank then tells her that at the moment, she is the most fancied woman in Britain and she could pull any bloke and she replied “I won't be anymore , I’ve got baggage to come with me now” (Oh the irony of it seeing it all these years on going from one The One to the next)
    Frank asks “Contraception, have you heard of that?” and once again, as the typical narcissist, she replied, “It's not my fault they don’t pull out................” (Strangely the audience reacts in a way that would allude to them being shocked/surprised/disappointed), then FS asks, what about AIDS and stuff like that.
    KP – "I don’t like to sleep with them straight away – Mum says if you make them wait then you know that they will respect you, I don’t know why I am saying that as none of them seem to respect me. I like to see a future with them and not going to wear protection for the rest of your lives or relationship................"
    FS - "How long do you make them wait?"
    KP - " Long enough, it depends cos I’m always gagging for it anyway. About a month".
    FS – "Are you happy ?"
    KP – "No I’m not at the moment ‘cos of all this stress with what’s gone on the past few days – at the moment I am the most unhappiest person ever, but I’m trying to be brave."

    Frank Skinner then goes onto say he finds it a bit worrying because “to me you seen like quite a fragile person. The idea of you on your own with a kid seems like a bit of a shame. Do you think you are going to cope all right?" –
    KP - "Oh come on there are worse people out there than me. Get the violins out."
    FS - "Are you looking for love?" (Still looking after all these years and will be forever more)
    KP – “That’s all I want, I am quite an insecure person, you know, everyone wants to be loved, and I’ve got love to give but I’ll admit my barriers are always up, because I’ve been hurt so many times, it's hard to trust that person”
    The Real Skanky was right there all the time, all those years ago

    11.5.22 - The campaign to DIVERT is in full-swing now with this garbage. Why "intervene" now when they've let it do whatever it wanted in the past without a whimper? Ah yes its the "Poor, misunderstood wonderful Katie" BS https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-family-stage-baby-26924969#

    17.5.22 - out with the IVF bullshit again https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-169-four-gay-friends-take-granny-to-sea-and-its-a-no-from-itv.30035%2Fpage-29&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F18593372%2Fkatie-price-ivf-baby-carl-woods%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=304e6317fe3842a425d251c04e21bfaa&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D

    25.5.22 - expect this to go ballistic after today's adjournment for sentencing as regards the Textgate case against it. There will be diversionary tactics abounding - "Amaaaaazin' Muvva of five including a special needs child", Harvey who cannot exist wivvout her (apart from the fact she's probably seen him 5 times this year and one of them was selling him as a sideshow at some grotty club), The Terminally Ill Mother, The Mini-Me's, Me Mentawl 'Elf.................................... yes it will ALL be Out There!!
    27.5.22 - Check this one out! How community Service is the making of her................. "iss fantarstik".................. "gonna keep doing it even though I don't have to."................. bollocks! This is a major DIVERT from what she's done and is still doing FGS :(


    6.6.22 - here we go then, the full reason for this show of family unity with the "Fans who all say the same thing......" apparently. Yes The Family Bandwagon goes into full operation because skanks is in Court tomorrow regarding her Bankruptcy in front of a Judge who has seen her previously too, so we get old BS like this shitshow shoved in our faces. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18799056/katie-price-family-photo-missing-people/
    6.6.22 - and out with this one too showing what an excellent "Mother" she is in readiness for the Bankruptcy hearing https://youtu.be/dYrLiw-lsu4
    9.6.22 - more old BS from The Sun, hell they can't even get it's age right these days or is that merely to piss the rest if us off? Either way you gotta laugh - "Tiny shorts" - how can they be Tiny Shorts when they contain that gigantic plastic arse she had nailed on in Turkey? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18833046/katie-price-legs-tiny-shorts-jail/
    10.6.22 - Diversions now in Full Operative Mode with the sentencing due in Court shortly; Out comes AFP for an airing
    19.6.22 - This one also belongs here because her sentencing appearance at Court is due this week

    21.6.22 - out comes Harvey for an airing, you know, it's Court again on Friday so she needs to ramp up the Sympathy Vote a little more https://tattle.life/attachments/19985161-9578-4e66-92f2-eb7ec6fb0f29-png.1359856/
    23.6.22 - back to Court tomorrow for sentencing so out comes a photo of "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and the terminally ill AFP, both filtered to beyond and back again as a nice little diversionary tactic; Also pictures of Harvey shown

    23.6.22 - a full splurge in The Sun who it seems bought the shitshow wedding photos. Here we have it "worried about going to prison tomorrow" yet another article on there states she basically doesn't give a shit because she's off on 'oliday tomorrow and is confident she'll escape justice YET AGAIN. Which is it then Sun?

    28.6.22 - Out with the photos of H plus one of AFP & SFP. Maybe she's bricking-it over some new info that is rumoured to be emerging tomorrow? Into Deflect Mode pronto!!

    More 'olidays - the continuation;
    Not bad for someone in debt for millions of £s when its on 'oliday at least every 6 weeks. Dragging H out for the freakshow at that grotty club must have paid for this excursion
    13.5.22 - Portugal this time.

    "Fifth 'oliday of the year" Already!
    Nice 'dig' from the Sun though :)
    and the Mirror https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-sucks-down-oysters-26962875
    20.5.22 - heres the next one in the offing, thinly disguised as a Plasterclass in Ibiza in July. This will of course be designated as a "Work Trip" so cue her trying to relive her youth spent falling out of clubs off-her-face again

    6.6.22 - looks like er and SB have planning anuvva 'oliday after the "stress" of the past couple of weeks. Not confirmed yet because she's hiding under the radar for some bizarre reason but why else follow a restaurant in Mykonos? Will she head straight off out on her private jet after pleading poverty at the Bankruptcy hearing in London tomorrow https://tattle.life/attachments/79a7b34f-8b3f-468b-9398-93f90cb64edd-png.1322439/
    21.6.22 - Looks like the scumbags are planning to jet-off on anuvva 'oliday since she's sure she will walk out of Court safe and sound on Friday which explain the smugness of it. Wouldn't it be tragic if (hopefully) the Judge clips it's wings by putting an electronic tag on the Thing thus rendering her plans to dodge the bad publicity null & void? Fingers crossed
    and confirmation of it planning to be off out of the country as soon as the Judge lets it off scott free AGAIN! This comes from some mug who has decorated a hat for the thing thinking he'll get tons of business by association, unfortunately he has just destroyed any chance of flogging any more 'ats because who the hell wants an 'at like 'ers eh??
    25.6.22 - scuttling off abroad for another 'oliday but posting this as a wind-up no doubt because they're so clever and witty. What fool is going to commission this pair of assholes to make a travel show for them anyway? In fact its probably more crap like the "How To Get Married In Las Veeegas" show that strangely has never been shown https://tattle.life/attachments/28897876-c7ad-4b93-8979-4c10bc256f0b-jpeg.1369045/
    27.6.22 - looks like the scumbags are back in Turkey again. They were posing alongside Turkish Airlines Business Class check-in yet were seen actually checking in on ECONOMY class LOL; Nope they were playing games because they've arrived in Thailand again - lucky ol' Thailand!!
    27.6.22 - And heres the start of the grotesque 'oliday photo gallery Here it is , looking like its trying to lure in some punters https://tattle.life/attachments/fb3db97b-a949-42af-b28d-815c46105772-png.1373629/
    and those hideous shoes are out again on the broken trotters
    what a bloody state!
    30.6.22 - buying more crap in Thailand whilst wearing a load of it.

    and this one too "budget" 'olidays; Gone are the jet-setting days for a hairdo in the USA :ROFLMAO:

    3.7.22 - Freakshow time, it's displaying its "assets" again BARF :sick: If these are ones Backgrid has gone through with Filter Central on overload, just imagine what the originals look like. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19076738/katie-price-bikini-body-beach-thailand/amp/ https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot-172-png.1388917/

    Flogging crap and scrounging stuff on a daily basis -
    11.5.22 - More ropey hair extensions. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18522642/katie-price-instagram-hair-transformation-extensions-bald/ Does anybody else get new ones every-other-week??
    13.6.22 - scrounging bikinis now for it's next 'oliday. Where does a distorted freak find clothing to fit anyway?

    And they'll have to be freebies naturally - can't pay won't pay as usual
    Later on here comes the reply from it. https://tattle.life/attachments/44eff631-4b85-4264-a65f-82530a47f013-png.1340127/
    Like she'll PAY for anything anyway and if she does it'll be with Harvey's bank card.
    15.6.22 - scrounging again, lashes etc etc. She reckons she'll pay for the services too so I guess she's getting a bit touchy over being called out as a scrounger

    24.6.22 - it is even flogging the video footage of it's own sister's wedding, filmed by the crew she contracted (I doubt they'll get paid though) Who is actually deserate enough to pay to see the non-entity SFP's bloody wedding anyway & besides which she will have ensure that the focus remains solely on her instead of The Bride throughout?

    The World Famous Plasterclasses! -
    11.5.22 - doesn't this make you just NEED to blow £80 on a ticket to see it being replastered then spend another tenner on a photo with it? No? Actually truth is that nobody is "Wowed" luv & thats precisely why you are struggling to sell your poxy tickets to this rancid series of cruddy events
    As well as this garbage a week later, still banging on about a "Busty display" now following on from yesterday's "Pouty" display. FGS! The few people there were female so quite why they'd be interested in a "Busty display" is baffling
    18.5.22 - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10826145/Katie-Price-turns-heads-neon-print-ord-leaves-80-ticket-make-masterclass.html
    https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/katie-prices-makeup-masterclass-bradford-23986087 - how can she possibly be making money at these shite events given her entourage, travelling expenses etc? The publicity she's getting will do it no favours either but on she goes imagining its all a massive success (in her dreams)
    https://tattle.life/attachments/1274158/Lucky old Bradford! Here it is entering the venue with an audience of perhaps 6 brain-deads waiting for it - how can this possibly be a money-spinner? Its gotta be some sort of a shonky tax dodge somewhere along the line, but anyways - check out those horrible high-heeled Crocs - on the life-threateningly injured feet that she'll never walk on again...............................
    15th July the World Faymuss Plasterclasses hit Iybeeefa!

    22.5.22 - Ireland. Packing 'em in eh skanks?? Later on there appear to have been about ten people who may or may not have paid for the privilege although they could have been all the "Security" hired especially to protect skanky from the minions baying to see her in the plastic. This is all one massive Tax Dodge of course

    Spend £80 to look at this? Ewwwwwwwwwwwww And then you HEAR it too? OMG! But just look at the state of it with the ratty wiggy thing, it's paint-rollered eyebrows and the crow's feet that have been Polyfillered in, basecoated then re-plastered

    I'll put this here as in" Spot the Difference", before three wheelbarrowsfull of make-up and after with filters on to the umpteenth degree

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/fears-katie-prices-80-make-24012558 - oh dear what a tragedy! LOL
    1.6.22 - Here we go then, the first cancellation! Don't go expecting a refund if you wasted £80 on this shitfest either

    It doesn't even possess the decency to say why she cancelled, or is it because the Dubliners did not buy any tickets for her shit demo???
    2.6.22 - still touting the Plasterclasses even though its facing a prison term. The arrogance of it is simply breathtakinghttps://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/brazen-katie-price-schedules-more-27128338
    16.6.22 - running late yet again and all for a paltry £880 which will not even cover expenses. This crap has got to be some sort of a scam https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/dedicated-katie-price-fans-wait-24247202
    17.6.22 - pissed-off "fans" abandon the plasterclass :) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18916239/katie-price-fans-walk-out-make-up-masterclass/
    and what a treat they missed! Just look at the state of it here three inches deep in plaster to fill the cracks, coated with Ronseal's shed paint plus the paint-rollered eyebrows and the blowfish lips.

    Take a look at the supposéd £20s worth of crap in the Goodie Bag! Its not as if she actually paid for any of it either - it was all scrounged https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/inside-katie-price-goodie-bag-24252763

    16.6.22 -Look at the hoardes of "fans" queuing in the terrible heat to meet it, cue the security staff, roped off areas, police riot squad on standby................... Oh hang on though.................... there were approximately TEN fools waiting :ROFLMAO:
    18.6.22 - a few more 'digs' appearing in there :) https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/katie-price-shows-up-leicester-7221789
    This was it arriving in Birmingham. She's gone all-out to impress the hoards of "fans" scrabbling to see her (yeah haha!) & the media were positively scrambling iver each other for photos of it - NOT! Here you see the shambling, rancid old has-been in its true glory along with the blob-body and it's manky hair, shuffling along in it's slippers. Woo hoo!

    Those poor kids -
    No doubt it is cackling about this seeing as she's said exactly the same thing about Peter (like she says about ALL her exes)

    Heres the disgraceful visit to the Crapapulco in 'Alifax where skanky sold her son as a sideshow freak to the baying mob. Poor H doesn't understand any of it does he? BUT look at the unfiltered images of skanky though, particularly her collossal gut thats NOT a baybey - its kebabs and pies scrounged from any fool willing to gift it & deliver it :(
    18.5.22 - J & B are obliged to visit "mother" (under supervision) - don't they look like they Luv It Woo Hoo?? Don't think so
    https://tattle.life/attachments/1277834/ Once you adjust your ears taking into account the gob just look how sad those children appear to be being utilised for Mummy's Insta and fed crap (minus cutlery). Even TWO HOURS with her is too much
    20.5.22 - So in reality instead of ordering a crap takeaway like she would normally she decides to "cook" for the kids, all pre-prepped, oven ready rubbish chucked on a plate then hurled in front of the children. Such great effort and care taken by this epic Mother for the kids she's only allowed near under supervision for two hours a week! https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-price-under-fire-over-24008433
    1.6.22 - She will have had to do this via Messenger considering she doesn't have open access, or could it be they just don't want to see her? Ye reap as ye sow skanky. The children have their Dads so her being locked up won't make a happ'eth of difference to them https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-174-skanky-is-always-in-the-dock-while-sbs-dangler-is-a-laughing-stock.30417%2Fpage-13&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcloseronline.co.uk%2Fcelebrity%2Fnews%2Fkatie-price-terrified-kids-prison%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=35bdfab952edece90fb89f29d4a2658c&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    2.6.22 - Elbowing it's way onto Junior's bandwagon now to make it All About MEEEEEE!.

    It cannot resist mentioning that she's been "Kept out of your musical journey" but WTF does she know about Moosic anyway? We have heard it caterwauling thanks very much!
    4.6.22 - Jubilee party at AFP's place. Proof enough then that she is only able to see the children in the company of her mother WITHOUT SB in tow! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18774983/katie-price-junior-princess-jett-bunny-queen-jubilee/
    13.6.22 - Junior's birthday but "Let's Make It ALL About MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" as usual. She's be spitting feathers that the Andre's have given Junior a car though LOL https://tattle.life/attachments/a7f01838-4070-4161-8a3e-766a46d5fb3a-png.1339719/
    17.6.22 - despite not attending Junior's event (ie because she's Banned), here she is implying that she and Peter are "United" supporting their son. As if she'll be allowed any input whatsoever eh? LOL Dream on Doris!
    17.6.22 - using B & J as her excuse for why she did not attend J's event she puts out more crap photos of B coated in plasterwork, pouting like Mini-Me. These "fans" are not fans - they are ordinary people who worry ahout what this slag does to those children whenever she gets her claws on them https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-178-twenty-two-woo-hoo-buddy-or-captain-havent-a-clue-sink-boys-free-now-spill-the-tea.30857%2Fpage-15&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.birminghammail.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fshowbiz-tv%2Fkatie-price-under-fire-fans-24248252&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=008587b23fe18d4f7c867766a8fbb731&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    18.6.22 - Its not only skanky -the world's bestest mother - using the kids for their own benefit, here we have her revolting little pal Fern the foul-mouthed plasterer (MUA) actively using photos of Princess with her face resurfaced to make her look exactly like everybody else in the pictures.

    29.6.22 - out comes Princess for useage now by the MUA who has trowelled-on four inches of plaster onto a 15 year old FGS to turn her into a freakshow like the "mother". And NO - apart from her colouring Princess actually looks like her Father, not YOU skanky :) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19034390/katie-price-daughter-princess-looks-like-mum-makeup/
    30.6.22 - so thats another of the kid's birthdays missed then - what a surprise. Its Princess this time who gets the barrage of photos of herself with Mummy shoving herself to the forefront, because of course Mommy Dearest is living it up (haha) on anuvva 'oliday; Whats the betting P scores a bagfull of knock-off crap as her 'gift' from Mummy? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19047459/katie-price-fans-birthday-tribute-princess-thailand/

    Harvey Needs His Own Heading- because he's all she has to USE now -
    On oldie but relevant nevertheless because here it is using H, training him to say things that there is NO WAY he'd say without her prompting him to do it,. It is particularly devious as DY has played no part in the lad's life so this is just another "dig" from Mother of the Year https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/katieprice/video-2077302/Video-Katie-Prices-son-Harvey-tells-father-Dwight-York-loves-him.html
    https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220519-210012_samsung-internet-jpg.1279283/ - another crappy club where H is wheeled out with his train-set and Lego so drunks can fall over themselves for photos with him. The circus freakshow hits Portsmouth :(
    Prompting H and putting words into his mouth (things she has trained him to say on cue). The occasions she spends "training him" are probably the only input she has but then ultimately she will benefit from it financially and thats the ultimate goal
    23.5.22 - now Facetiming H during one of her Plasterclasses, you know, a Bonus Feature for her 'Fans'. Or is it simply using the lad yet again to make money?? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18642374/katie-price-harvey-compliment-makeover/
    "Yeah but yer gotta mayk it awl abaht ME innit!" https://video-cdg2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t42.1790-2/275454254_695100751633784_5670778300476267382_n.mp4?_nc_cat=104&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=985c63&efg=eyJybHIiOjUyNywicmxhIjo2NjYsInZlbmNvZGVfdGFnIjoic3ZlX3NkIn0%3D&_nc_ohc=jBFtdjMR8dAAX8zc9dF&rl=527&vabr=293&_nc_ht=video-cdg2-1.xx&edm=AIbDutUEAAAA&oh=00_AT_4qq27AKZOFaMhn64ntQlZrhvKA0j42bbZWMrnhGa-6Q&oe=628DE66B
    25.5.22 - taken from more shite using Harvey to self-publicise. This is a cracker where it's waffling-on about his residential home, where " The mum-of-five showed fans new snaps of him in the supermarket and revealed he's also being taught the right foods to buy. " Surely this Muvva-of-the-Year would have been teaching her son this from when he was small rather than leave it for someone else to do when he is 20 years old? Nah not skanky - its someone else's job as always - she'll just stick him in a chair with an 8 portion carrot cake and a family sized bag of crisps to shut him up
    27.5.22 - Out comes Harvey for Mummy Dearest's next moneyspinner ie. the 'oliday fund"
    27.5.22 - Harvey's 20th birthday but don't bother about that, let's make it all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yes self-praise aplenty and she's done it all on her own dontcha know (except for AFP, countless Nannies, ex-husbands and the vast amount of random blokes that cruised through her over that 20 year period and now the decent folks at his care home. Actually the only person that mattered was H's father who she never allowed near him). Yep all her own work as anticipated :(https://tattle.life/attachments/87340044-7085-4784-8b8d-32af77d0c8b8-png.1297663/

    Incoming Bullshit Alert 🔴 https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-wishes-son-harvey-27079870

    Even using filters on H to make him more acceptable to her finer tastes. :(

    28.5.22 - The Mail are quick off the mark as regards her using filters on H. www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10863599/Katie-Price-comes-fire-accused-editing-airbrushing-snap-son.html Heres a cracking comment from someone left on the Mirror's page regarding this
    "5 HRS AGO
    Still peddling the myth that Katie's redeeming quality is that she is a committed, attentive mother.
    We see more of them, esp Harv whenever she makes an appearance in a legal setting. Cynical and manipulative action to sway opinion, attract pity and get off the latest hook.
    Katie hasn't faced adequate punishment for her offending. At best she has been inconvenienced but no incentive to change.
    In fact the opposite has occurred, she has been able to offend repeatedly and be treated with remarkable leniency.
    The last judge said Katie behaved as if she was above the law. Hand down a sentence that makes it clear that she is not.
    Invading the lad's privacy again, this time photographing him asleep

    Quote of the Century from It regarding Harvey 29.5.22 - "I had 20 amazing years with it just being me and Harvey, with me being his absolute constant person in his life and never letting him down". Pretty incredible since H spent his younger years with AFP solely (funded by his father DY), followed by a variety of husbands, nannies or anybody else she could dump him on, then into residential. Her and H, alone for 20 years and NEVER letting him down, MY ARSE! How many times has she actually seen him in person since Christmas?????
    Not that concerned when she shoves platefuls of garbage down his gullet "To prove wot a grayte muvver I is innit....."
    I'm so worried about 29st Harvey — eating is killing him, says Katie Price (thesun.co.uk)
    Not that worried eh skanks? https://tattle.life/attachments/e53e729d-55cc-4475-8747-54f3c9799d4b-png.1306203/
    "Out with Mummy" means eat whatever old shite he wants regardless of the diet he is supposed to be on thus undoing all the work put in at his residential
    Go on The Sun - rub it in! :) Make sure the world sees the sheer hypocracy of skanky and her "feeding" H with junk whilst bleating about his obesity.
    Katie Price's son Harvey tucks into GIANT double burger as his mum cheers him on (thesun.co.uk)
    1.6.22 - H's next show - the student night at some grothole in Portsmouth. In one respect it would be good if the lad loses it whilst being made an object of ridicule by his "mother", then Mummy's Nice Little Earner would cease forthwith. Poor H is just a performing circus freak for Mummy's purse because he will not be seeing a single penny of the fees she is charging for their presence :( https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18752775/katie-price-disabled-harvey-another-nightclub-appearance
    3.6.22 - H's exhibiton cancelled at the 11th Hour! "Illness" stated as the reason or was it that H decided he did not want to be exhibited and kicked off? We shall see........................ More to come no doubt. Mummy won't be getting her 6k for the 'oliday Fund now even though this exploitational "event" was allegedly Sold Out - "fans" were not impressed when they only found out on arrival that it was cancelled

    Take note of this photo then of H wearing his noise-cancelling headphones (no they're not DJ headphones!) and this Tshirt stating his fear of loud noises. In view of this Mother-of-the Century still sells his presence for £6000 a go at grotty, noisy nightclubs in the full and certain knowledge that it is never going to be a good place for Harvey - all she's interested in is the MONEY!

    Trying to justify exploiting Harvey now whereas we all know its purely about raking in The Coin for some more 'olidays
    8.6.22 - oh the sheer irony of it Just look at this posting from one of the charities working with SENS kids, here they're making a Big Deal out of Primark using these kids in a campaign and all the special lengths the company went to to ensure the children were not upset by the entire shebang ie; the noise, flasing lights etc etc. And by the same token this lot actively SUPPORT skanky who parades her vulnerable boy about in noisy nightclubs with flashing lights, shouting, drunks falling about and all to earn HER some cash! Born Anxious need to step back and really look what she is doing with H because its NOT the actions of a caring Mother is it??

    Another archive number from the Skank's Book of Lies regarding H's "father" https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/tv/katie-price-harvey-and-me-bbc-one-who-is-harveys-dad-where-is-dwight-yorke-now/
    23.6.22 - even stooping so low as to use H to advertise crap clothing at her sister's bloody wedding! There are no depths she won't trawl In Pursuit of Coin


    Only (Deranged) Fans -
    This shitshow is going to earn her enough to buy a manshun in Las Vegas where she and Sinkboy are gonna live 'appily avva affta with ALL the kids apparently. Not on these indications it ain't luv and Sinkboy's is doing even worse LOL 17.5.22

    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-steamy-onlyfans-shoot-26997117- thinking it is eighteen again rather than nearer to 50
    20.5.22 - https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-170-mummy-cant-see-you-this-week-harv-too-busy-living-it-up-in-the-algarve.30141%2Fpage-16&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F18626358%2Fkatie-price-selling-video-boobs%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=3ea1ce455a8ef29f6fd7b783c945302a&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D. Barnes Wallace would have been proud of these bouncing bombs especially at the bargain price of £7!
    28.5.22 - more nauseating crap for OF pervs with a fiver or so to spare; Plastic Patsy goes awl seksi
    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-spills-out-lace-27079459 :sick:
    Anuvva amaaaazin' 50% discount on OF - one might be forgiven for thinking that she is struggling to even give away her hideous images these days. What is 50% if nuffink anyways?? Katie Price strips off to sheer orange bra and slashes prices on her OnlyFans ahead of bankruptcy hearing (thesun.co.uk) Plenty of snarky little "digs" in there from The Sun though :)
    1.6.22 - Reduced to flogging photos of its plastic jacksie on OF. So the norks were'nt selling so now its her plastic bum eh?
    and "Peachy? ................." BARF BARF BARF https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18752072/bankrupt-katie-price-bum-fans/
    Well at this rate we all know she'll be off to Dubai very soon :)
    6.6.22 - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-slashes-onlyfans-joining-27151486
    7.6.22 -www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18807891/bankrupt-katie-price-flogging-topless-latex-fetish-onlyfans/ - exhibiting itself in fetishwear whilst posing in the horse's stables FFS :( Poor creatures - whatever did they do to deserve that? BARF
    20.6.22 - The latest gruesome offerings courtesy of The Sun who also twist the knife again by mentioning BANKRUPTCY in the title :) Check out the state of it's hair though, from the grease-laden 6inch rootline to the split ends fizzing everywhere. Delightful LOL Bankrupt Katie Price bursts out of leopard print top in latest sizzling OnlyFans pic | The Sun
    23.6.22 - she releases her naff 90's retro lesbo display on her sister's Wedding Day! Nice eh?
    It seems the tabloids are not impressed either but thats hardly surprising given the state of these two Horrors.
    Katie Price shocks fans as she teases OnlyFans shoot with Love Island's Hannah Elizabeth - Mirror Online
    24.6.22 - The Sun finally catches up with this shitshow featuring Plastic Patsy and Vinyl Vera on OF.
    25.6.22 - sickbags at the ready for here comes some more to turn your stomachs over https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18999528/katie-price-onlyfans-instagram-love-island-hannah-louise/
    29.6.22 - another batch from that sickbag jobbie with it dressed up as A Schoolgirly writhing aout Bein' Secksi wiv dat uvver bird.
    Not an album for those of a nervous disposition or a weak stomach BARF
    Katie Price KISSES Love Island Playboy model Hannah Elizabeth and sells pic for £6 - despite being engaged to Carl Woods | The Sun
    As if SB gives a shit! - he prefers Armitage Shanks sinks anyway
    4.7.22 - Well look at this! Could it be their porno filming 'oliday (aka "work") may be the undoing of these assholes? I hope the Thai police are watching :) https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-186.31348%2Fpage-15&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F19087582%2Fkatie-price-fiance-carl-woods-onlyfans-thailand%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=962c4a5f39a880f32eb12f53e2061d2e&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D