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    * Resumé
    * Troof or Lie??
    * Bankruptcy here we come! Woo Hoo!!
    * Find a Bandwagon and Jump Aboard! Woo Hoo
    * Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl
    * "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One mk 3498
    * Fwends abandoning ship & Collecting Noo Wuns For Useage - woo hoo!
    * "Isss Awll Abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Innit!"
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire":LOL:
    * Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries, Crap Tattoos & FILTERS!
    * The ex-Husband Squad
    * "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    * "Iss Me Mentawl 'Elf Innit!"
    * Getting at the Exes Plus The Escapees
    * Slamming & Swiping - its wot she duzz innit?
    * Twolls, Burglars, Vandals, Stalkers, Kidnappers & 'Orsham's Own Banksy etc
    * Breaking The Law - Driving & God Knows What Else
    * Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs
    * At least someone was pleased to see it though :ROFLMAO:
    * Those Poor Kids & "Cruelly Mum-Shamed" & #Bunty Gate
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy - "Pimp My Child"
    * "Ownli Nans" - for blind, deaf Mugs
    * How or WHY Even?
    * Dressed to Kill - LOL
    * Court Cases & Law Breaking
    * Lies, Lies and More Lies
    * Another Online BS Fest - Spot Der Troof in this Lot! -
    * 'Olidays!! Woo Hoo!!
    * The Broken Trotters
    * Animal Victims - take note RSPCA!! Yet Again!!!:mad:
    *Trampy Towers - aka the Mucky Manshun or The Shitty Shack
    * Driving Licence Returned?
    * The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her
    * Moooosik!
    * Fan Zone - yes there are a couple left that have yet to be locked up

    Seksi Foters -
    https://www.instagram.com/p/CpYCKziooEK/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=7120febd-db0f-4775-981b-a1344a102f2c Its The Kraken awakening :ROFLMAO:
    Its the Skanky Price Action Figure Woo hoo! Its only a trail run because they've yet to add the paint-rollered eyebrows, gigantic norks or hideous scribbly tattoos

    Skanky characature

    19.6.23 - Photo -

    Response -

    Resumé -
    * She has effectively kidnapped the children.
    * She is coercively controlling her youngest children and 'making' them accuse their father of wrongdoings he has not committed. Her reward is tantalizing, though - a hundred quids worth of roboblocks.
    * She is isolating Jett by not allowing him to go to school and misdiagnosing him with a mental illness he doesn't have
    * She is blackmailing Princess into feeling responsible so if she doesn't babysit her younger siblings (or spend time with Mum) KFP will take her own life
    * She has 'the worst driving record' Judge Kelly has ever seen
    * She is dependent on alcohol
    * She is dependent on drugs
    * She can't be single as she is the most desirable woman to walk the earth
    * She is a serial cheater
    * She is responsible for at least nine animal deaths
    * She is a compulsive liar
    * She is a fraudster and currently owes over 2.6 million pounds to creditors.
    * She commits crimes against fashion daily
    * She has ruined an arts and crafts house
    * She is a 'moddle of 25 years init experience' and can get away with everfink'
    * Fingers doesnt fancy her
    * Noo eggs are hard to come by despite dedicated grifting
    * She has to pay for hair and nails appointments - she has been brandished a grifter within a 50-mile radius of Dail Post
    * FFL can't decide if he is a friend or not
    * Her sewing machine has broken, and she can't make any more 'classy' bikini ensembles :LOL:
    * Her auto tuner has broken, and she can no longer release music to rival Witney
    * Her kitchen sink is blocked
    * Cole's dumped her (maybe)
    * Boyson 'aint' interested
    * Leandro Penna confirms shes 'fucking mental'
    * No one has bought the Peter Andre wedding dress
    * Hello and OK have both said no
    * ITV has blocked her calls
    * CH4 said no to Series 3
    * All IVF clinics this side of the equator have banned her
    * Shes a cunt WOO HOO!

    Troof or Lie ?? -
    20.6.23 - Pie Gate - Remember all the shite skanky spouted when she took the kids away from their father, when she accused M of hurling "A Pudding" at Bunty that somehow got recorded on video?

    It was proven to be utter bullshit and a LIE of course in that were it true K&M would have been charged long ago, and yet just as things start going wrong for the skank suddenly her Flying Monkeys appear out of the woodwork on here flinging about the Latest Version of skanky's spiteful LIES. This one seems to be alluding to "The Victim" was Jett not Bunty so yes, another different version that'll have to be investigated and those kids remain with the thing instead of going home, because now the narrative has changed to Jett ( how convenient for his MH excuse) and that it was 'online' this time. Pretty sure if it was online it would have been seen by either one of us or someone in the media before now - and yet NOTHING! However the grim irony of this rubbish is that if you remember a couple of years back skanky and the kids were throwing & spitting food at each other at some event at the Ashtead Rental - H's birthday maybe? She thought that absolutely HILARIOUS back then but now when someone else ALLEGEDLY does it its automatically "Discustink innit" and a hanging offence. The old double-standards in operation again with it pulling all the stops out now to keep its claws firmly embedded in those children

    More LIES - SFP aka The Source tried to spin it as SB unjustifiably accusing her of cheating but the 'welfare check' in the story, which is one of the only verified facts, shows this it was Kieran calling the police to go check on the kids for him. Why would Kipper's source want to admit it was likely to be "cheating" unless they wanted to cover up something far worse, ie she was keeping the kids from Kieran? Cole then quickly posted on his insta 'Unless it comes from me it's bullshit' which implies he didn't accuse her of cheating & it was actually a cover story for something else, basically she used SB as an excuse to try and cover up that the police were at her house again because they're are not going to do a welfare check on kids that they supposedly removed a week earlier in an emergency - why would they need to? She ran the risk of being exposed very early on in her bullshit but got away with it that time, unfortunately for her Kieran didn't stop trying to see his children so eventually on the 6th December, 2 weeks later, she gets him arrested on another made-up heap of LIES through which she could claim there was a reason she was keeping the kids away from him. :mad:
    26.6.23 - No love you look far older and more ridiculous that you'll ever realise :LOL: And all this to flog cheap and nasty JYY tat eh?

    AFP'S Catalogue of Lies -
    24.6.23 - yes The Sun bought this rubbish to serialise BEFORE publication so here we go with the avalanche of SHITE
    * https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22795555/katie-price-mum-amy-mental-health/ :poop:
    Nothing new then and still all about skank, ie Lies and Bullshit and how its everyone else's fault but the cover comes with the grim irony of old Sourface with her precious offspring draped over her using a photo of herself with said daughter, in order to push sales of this fictional diatribe! Is that not "using" my famous daughter?
    * https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/22795336/katie-price-wanted-kill-herself-after-car-crash/:poop:
    “We seriously thought about sectioning Kate under the Mental Health Act, but I just couldn’t do that to my own daughter.”' WHY NOT?????? :poop:
    Ahhhh hahh haaa. She is trapped in toxic relationships. Really? Is that why they all run a mile and you climb through their windows and bombard them with calls?
    Screen Shot 2023-06-23 at 21.39.01.png

    And she just wants to be loved?! well stop abusing your partners! ADHD has NOT made her insanely jealous and obsessive over all the men she's been with. :poop:

    Screen Shot 2023-06-23 at 21.39.29.png
    Amy you are the biggest swallower of her bullshit!
    * Some more LIES -
    A new one though! I am sure her multiple plastic surgeries would have been problematic with a hole in the heart.... WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS :poop:
    * Its the same old-same-old as expected - why bother saying this rubbish is about AFP when quite obviously it is not?:poop: Has the old bag not realised there is a (very) common denominator in all this shite, that being her shit-face daughter??? Indeed her medications must be totally clouding her memory claiming that old skank was a "timid vulnerable person" yet old Amy didn't seem to mind her at 15/16 living with an older man as it is well documented in skanks earlier books.This total garbage is what skank was alluding to last year when she say something will change the public opinion of her...mum's book of altered fiction.WRONG!!! :poop:
    * Hopefully every single one of KFPs numerous exes AFP has slagged off call out the shit written in this book because the only thing AFP has demonstrated by publishing this crap is that she’s more bothered about trying to repair her appallingly awful daughter's hideous reputation - for the money - than she is about any of her grandchildren. Also note that it’s the half price book itself where the proceeds go to charity, yet the money from the Sun serialisation is straight in their bins & the Mattress Fund. Disgusting creatures.:poop:
    * However, innit really heartwarming to see The Chief Enabler has had a second shot at life thanks to the lung donation and what does she do with it? Why Yes! AFP uses her new-found Health to spread lies and bullshit to try to save her twat of a daughter in a poorly written rehash of all skank's other rubbish books churning out the same vile invective as ever was, yet the pitiful proceeds from this Book of Lies is supposedly going to charity to repay those who gave her a second chance at life, all done by by donating money GRIFTED at the expense of decent men and fathers. Thats also bearing in mind they've already binned the cash from the Sun's serialisation of this utter bullshit, so who is going to buy this rubbish in paper form anyway having seen it already???
    The Sun though............. under every episode of this bollocks they add a rider "Read about REAL celebrities here" ➡, just not in this bollockfest eh :LOL:
    * The Mail comments are on fire over this crap - Katie Price #287 kipper price is off her chump, "But..." she cries, "at least I'm not an utter trump" | Page 32 | Tattle Life
    * Saint Amy the Apostle has somehow managed to forget about to mention The Real Reason Peter left the skank, her so-called "miscarriage" just prior to their split, the one price brought up in the piers Morgan interview. Yes the utter fiend abandoned her precious skanky even though she'd been through such a traumatic event, however Peter knew only-too-well it wasn't his baby she"lost" since at that time he hadn't been near her for months so just magine how gutting that would be as I think Pete truly did love her and was fooled by the 'idea' she loved him. It didn't take skanky long after marrying Peter and having a kid with him that she's off getting up the duff with some random bloke. It was soooo controlling of him to object though but yes Amy, you carry on with the LIES about how your daughter is the delicate one:poop:
    * 25.6.23 - Pete's turn again https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/22803031/katie-prices-mum-gaudy-wedding-peter-andre/
    "Katie Price’s mum has branded her ex-husband Peter Andre “manipulative” and claims he left her crying at home as she struggled with her mental health. In her sensational new book (hahahahahahaha!) Amy Price reveals she warned her daughter off Pete before they both entered the reality TV show I’m A Celeb in 2004. (Not mentioning that they'd already tried to get skank's hooks into Declan Donnelly but he polietely declined the offer), but Amy, 71, says Katie, now 45, ignored her and the pair entered a five-year relationship riddled with jealousy, where Peter manipulated rows on their reality TV series to make her daughter look bad. (Of course he did)
    Despite her concerns, Amy, who has the lung condition idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, (get that in for some sympathy), says Katie was excited about getting wed and fulfilling her childhood dreams of a wedding with a pink dress and Cinderella carriage. :ROFLMAO:
    A week before, Peter, now 50, took Junior to Cyprus to celebrate his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary leaving Katie, who was suffering post-natal depression, crying.
    * Amy, who is battling a terminal illness, says “building a brand” had come at a “high price” and the “pursuit of money and fame was taking precedence over everything”. :ROFLMAO: The only brand this bunch should have is the sort cowboys put on cattle's arses.
    * She says one of the worst examples was at her daughter’s so-called “surprise” 30th birthday party in 2008 at the luxurious Luton Hoo Hotel, Beds. Amy went into Katie’s bedroom to find her manager placing “sex toys and condoms” on the bed to “try spicing it up for the storyline .She writes: “I actually felt sick to my stomach. I knew that, due to the post-natal depression Kate was still suffering with, sex was the last thing on her mind." :unsure:
    * “To begin with, the reality TV editing process made Kate and Pete’s post wedding relationship look all lovey-dovey and nice.
    As the relationship progressed, there were clear signs of Pete’s fragile ego impacting his relationship, not least his continual need to rid himself of intolerable feelings by giving them to my daughter. :ROFLMAO: Time and time again, she was the one made to feel insecure and bullied, so that she became the one on the verge of breaking down. (Nowadays it BULLIES everyone else of course)
    * “The more insecure she became, Pete seemed increasingly repulsed by her vulnerability and cut deeper with his insults and passive aggressive mood swings. True, he did not beat her black and blue but his anger manifested itself in other ways. It chipped away at her self-esteem until she was a shell of her former self. Ultimately, he was and still is more skilful at separating his private and public self and presenting an outward facing Mr Nice Guy persona and it has served him well. Conversely, Kate has always worn her heart on her sleeve and it became an increasingly thread-bare garment.” (
    She's a ropey old sack just like her JYY crap then).
    * Amy says that towards the end of their relationship the editing of their reality show seemed to make Katie look moody and uncooperative and Pete look “the good guy”.
    * They went on to have another child, Princess, now 15, who was born in June 2007, but Amy says soon the marriage was in trouble.
    * "As the show aired (IACGMOH) I met Pete’s agent for lunch and she expressed an interest in managing Kate alongside Pete if they ever became an item. I thought it was an unusual thing to say and that it was highly unlikely they would get together."
    Now wa sn't AFP the one who encouraged KP to sign up with CAN because she didn't like KP's previous manager, Dave Reid? Now she's making out she was against the whole thing from the off. :ROFLMAO::poop:
    * "The final twigger for Peter were rumours of an affair between Katie and international dressage rider Andrew Gould but Amy says she"Was never aware of any affair". :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: "Rumours?????????" The final twigger which led Pete to call it a day was a photograph of Kate at the Badminton Horse Trials with her equestrian products manager, book agent and make-up artist. They were joined by the international dressage rider Andrew Gould and his wife Polly. They went on to a club where they were photographed.
    * Amy writes: “I was never aware of an affair between them". :ROFLMAO:
    Really?? LOL https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/katie-price-spends-2-nights-18238895.amp
    "Afterwards somehow, Pete remained the handsome prince while she became the evil snow queen. Those of us closest to her know this was no accident, because she was part of a publicity machine which had sucked her in and was now viciously spitting her out.
    SEE! Its ALL Pete's Fault!
    * And now another version of Old Lies - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22802204/peter-andre-katie-price-mental-health-wedding-mum/ and another lot getting a rewrite
    * https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22802614/peter-andre-used-katie-price-mum-amy/
    Whats most incredible is the skank itself promoting something as tawdry as this Lie-Fest that makes her look a right arsehole when actually it's got nothing left to shout about so she’s reduced to making "performances" with all her monumental fuck ups. AFP must be so proud :ROFLMAO:
    * 25.6.23 - Now OK rag are getting in on the game https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-prices-mum-says-star-30314103
    The Sun's comments are scathing
    But seeing the comments on social media this has really backfired spectacularly. The whole family are bitter and twisted and on the gravy train hanging onto the skank so off you go and spend whatever your advance was Amy and think about what you have done to ALL your grandchildren. No wonder KP turned out like she has with you as her mother. 😡
    * And Pete was "so controlling" of skanky eh? Was it Peter who forced her into a car to crash it? Was it Peter who forced drugs down her neck? Was it Peter who killed all her pets? :unsure: And as to skank idolising Pete and covering her bedroom wall with his posters, Pete released Mysterious Girl in 1995 so she would have been 17 at the time & how many 17 year olds put posters on their wall? It also proves Pete was in the public eye well before getting with her daughter so he didn’t need her any more than he needed a genital wart - keep pushing those lies Amy. :poop:
    * a quote from an interview shortly after Pete stupidly married it. "I was told to stay away from her," says Peter of their first meeting. "My manager said stay away from her, a man-eater, she'll spit you out." I expect Pete wishes he'd heeded that grim warning.......................
    * "a tireless campaigner for families of children with disabilities". :ROFLMAO:Since when has she EVER campaigned / LIED for anyone other than her own daughter? :poop:
    * "I always remember Alex referring to himself as Mrs Katie Price and that says it all. Kieran and Carl Woods [another ex-fiancé] are also men who crave fame and have used Kate as a springboard for their social media feeds." Much as we'd LOVE this garbage to be pulled before publication the chance AFP is going to use it crucify SB is HUGE - he is really gonna freak when that happens! Out with the 93+ Pages of The Troof! Woo Hoo! :ROFLMAO:
    * Dane Bowers' turn now (he of The Toe) - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22809237/dane-bowers-jealous-katie-price-mum-amy/ Basically its His Fault she resorted to "Coping Mechanisms" with his "Controlling" and cheating on the skank. "She has coping mechanisms......One that she developed very early on involved going out partying and it was being splashed across the tabloids." HIS FAULT she's a trollop & a lush?? Hold a minute AFP, didn't you say it was Pete the controlling cunt that caused your skanky cunt of a daughter's mentawl 'Elf Ishoos? :poop:
    'She seemed infatuated. My take on Dane was that he was good-looking and straight talking, but arrogant...........We got on well with him initially, and he and Kate seemed in love...... "I was at home when I received a call from her make-up artist and flatmate Sally Cairns, who told me that Kate had been taken to hospital after taking an overdose of sleeping pills..................Kate, now awake, was distraught and crying non-stop, saying between sobs Dane didn’t want her any more....." so yes it "attempted suicide" apparently but by some miracle she managed to OPEN THE DOOR and they found her clutching a photo of Dane 🤣 Did she have an out of body experience and open the door for the Paramedics then jumped back in? This part is truly laughable when it took an overdose yet managed to use her phone to ring Dane to tell him and 999 & when the ambulance arrived she got out of bed to let them in. Then when AFP got to the hospital, Miss Haversham was still clutching a photo of Dane and weeping. Ffs. :ROFLMAO: Then theres another alleged suicide attempt when it turned it's car over in the leafy lanes of deepest 'Orsham off it's head on drugs 'n booze desperate for a "Fwend" at 6am or is this another one when she tried to hang herself, passed out but miraculously managed to come round and decided to change her mind about Doing The Deed?. If you hang yourself enough to pass out ( and are on you're own) then you're not going to 'come round' and live! :poop:
    * "This is when we began to worry about Kate and her mental health, and the impulsiveness and unpredictability of her behaviour.'' Its the same with every single one of the Escapees - skank cannot bear to be elbowed and throws a wobbly for attention, the old "POOR ME!" thing - plus ça change! And check this out on how this story changes like all the rest do

    ''When I was younger stupidly enough, I wanted my ex Dane Bowers back and stupidly I took an overdose to get him back - you do these things for attention - she was so 'heartbroken' to lose Dane, who she was convinced was the 'love of her life' at the time.
    She added: 'I was so heartbroken and I used to say he was the love of my life, I used to say that without realising because I now consider Kieran to be the love of my life. (So was Peter and look how she behaves there too? It cannot bear to be sidelined but it said this about Kieran the same year she supposedly knew Kieran was 'grooming' a young girl. Moreof her filthy allegations:poop:
    *25.6.23 - Her Favourite eh? Nothing to do with the £30k a year he paid for her to look after H for him? :unsure:
    *"He had a reputation as a womaniser but of all the men Kate has dated in her life, Dwight will – perhaps surprisingly – always be my favourite because he gifted us this incredible child (that they denied a Father) Kate initially thought about having an abortion and visited a clinic three times, but simply couldn’t go through with it. Dwight did agree to attend scans and classes with her, only then to not show up -He told her his mates thought she was keeping the baby just to get his money. She has certainly proved them all wrong on that. (No. The govt / Tax payer forks out for H, not skanky) While she was pregnant, Kate refused to give up on Dwight and the dream that he might eventually settle down with her and their baby. One night she heard he was in London and went searching for him, but he didn’t want to know. (Stalker Alert ⚠.) I felt so sorry for her when she returned home, deflated, but all this paled into insignificance when she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, who she named Harvey Daniel Price. Kate called Dwight to inform him of the impending birth, and he made it to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton just in time to see her in the final stages of labour. After Harvey had been cleaned up, Dwight, Kate and their beautiful baby boy spent over an hour together, looking like a happy family.He seemed over the moon and was clearly delighted as he came out of the room with Harvey in his arms. Dwight continued to see his son and he and Kate went to register Harvey’s birth together. But on the way there Dwight took a call from his agent telling him not to go ahead because they wanted Harvey to take a DNA test to make sure that Dwight was the father, because Harvey was so pale. What should have been a lovely memory was spoiled by this cynicism. It seemed Dwight was having his life run by other people, and I suspect this has been the case for years. Despite this, Dwight did visit Kate and Harvey once a week to get to know his little boy. Harvey was diagnosed with a rare condition called septo-optic dysplasia – a disorder of early brain development which, among other things, affects how our body’s hormones are produced. As he got older, his needs became more complex.First it was his eyesight, then hearing, moods, eating habits, lack of speech and lack of emotions.This would later be compounded with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and pathological demand avoidance. (No Prader-Willi then??) Almost overnight, we had to adapt our whole lives to him. Deep down, Kate was devastated by Harvey’s diagnosis but she adored him and rather than hide him away, she set out on a mission to persuade the entire world to love him as much as she did.
    In 2002, when Harvey was about three months, I went on a work trip to Los Angeles with Kate.As far as I was concerned, the main reason for taking Harvey on this trip was so he could see an endocrine specialist we had heard about. As usual, Kate was doing it her way, though, so she invited the cameras.Kate had the opposite attitude to me about her son’s visibility in the media. Her attitude was, why hide him away because he is disabled? Kate had been invited to meet Hugh Hefner, which was a big deal for her career.While I checked in Downtown LA with Harvey, she accepted Hefner’s invitation to stay at the Playboy Mansion.
    One morning, I was woken up at 1am to a knock on my hotel door.When I opened it, I found Hugh Hefner with eight of his bunnies – including my daughter – standing on the other side.Hefner told me: “You know, your daughter is a very naughty girl, don’t you?” and before I knew it, Kate was snapping a photo of me and Harvey with Hugh and the other bunny girls. :ROFLMAO:
    ( So did she wake Harvey up at 1am to have his picture taken. Yeah, great mum right there. ) "I know my daughter and at this particular moment she was a proud mum wanting to show off her child.:ROFLMAO: But – on reflection – that was when I sensed the boundaries around her and our family’s private life were collapsing, and I didn’t like it. Despite our differences in opinion around Harvey’s public image, I couldn’t deny Kate was absolutely marvellous with her son. :ROFLMAO: With my help, she began fighting for Harvey from day one. :ROFLMAO::poop: She also had to deal with cruel headlines which insinuated her party lifestyle had somehow caused Harvey’s disabilities.Nothing Kate did could have caused these conditions, they are genetic." :unsure: I bet these genes are from DY's side too, not the skank side, however, look at this

    * "Abuse left her suicidal"..... So if she knows how it feels why does she continue to abuse people AFP when as recently as this week she slagged-off a woman in Vegas who was doinking SB, another EX? Why is that OK then? That's just one example because there are a whole host of examples of abuse - even against her own children for starters....

    Fwends abandoning ship & Collecting Noo Wuns For Useage - woo hoo! -
    12.6.23 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22660226/katie-price-reveals-new-best-friend-after-carl-woods - Noo Fwend!! Woo hoo!! Does it double as a Protection Vac & how's the talking candle going to handle the news when it realises it's been replaced as skanks confidante, emotional support, advice giver and best friend by a talking vaccuum?🤣 Since when have Hettys been "Huge"anyway and what are the chances this will never be used and on Deeplop within a week?
    12.6.23 - Noo Fwend and fellow coke-head Westcrack posts this for skanky :ROFLMAO: It comes to something when even Westcrack's "fans" are letting rip at the skank https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2233/2233844-c760cea9f6090f753c97fd75f5ce451e.mp4

    "Isss Awll Abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Innit!"
    23.6.23 - so this weekend The Sun are serialising AFP's dire tome about skanky, ie Der Troof (yet again) so standby for action with a full-on shitfest full of Lies!

    Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl-
    17.6.23 - SB is in his "Second Home". Veeguss with Daddy and his little mate. He's been posting pathetic pictures of him with random girlies to upset the skank undoubtedly, rubbing it in that she couldn't get the Visa because she's a Criminal, then up pops this response from one of the skank's mouthpieces

    19.6.23 - Hahahahahahaha! SB is "taking swipes" now ; Thats usually skanky's department :LOL:
    20.6.23 - Oh dear; Stand by for Meltdown as SBs been spotted with a girl! She's gonna go ballistic, cue all the insults about his small dick and how he couldn't even manage to get her pregint when she is A Truly Fecund Earth Mother ! (Thats "fecund" not "fucking" LOL) https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/carl-woods-heads-date-katie-30275247
    Awwww but he's being "mean" to skanky you know :ROFLMAO:
    21.6.23 - And it does look like it really is OVER after her disgraceful performances last night on IG for here we have this
    22.6.23 - ??????????????????
    Oh please! Crawl never shagged that Vegas girl- she's not his type as she's not a sink nor Slymi, but in any case it sounds like it is wrecked again. Look how she is saying he has come back to her - she has serious issues to be writing he has "Come back for Her" which means in her eyes she has won him over the other women - because thats what her whole life is about. Winning at whatever cost at everyone else's expense
    But just compare this latest shitshow to similar episodes back in 2019 with Boyson - history is repeating itself yawn......zzzzz
    2019 (these could be 2023 wiv SB)
    On/off with Boyson/SB
    Big displays of spending
    Getting pissed up/erratic behaviour/out of control
    Shagging other men (going after a footballer)
    Fury at the ex’s/ saying they are out to destroy her
    Revenge stories
    Friends saying she is having a crisis
    Stories about the MM being worse than ever
    Coke drama
    Kris/SB saying she caused him anxiety and stress
    Kris/SB seen on nights out with other women
    Reality show at risk of being axed
    Checking into rehab/therapy
    Not putting kids first
    KP goes on vicious rant
    KP accused of using her kids to get back at KH
    Calls in ghost hunters
    Vows to change her life
    Huge row with Kris/SB over texting other men
    So whats new then?
    22.6.23 - Now its slagging off that silly bint who slept with SB (allegedly)
    pots n kettles.png
    This sordid exhibition merely proves its on the attack with every woman an ex gets involved with. It believes once they've been with her they shouldn't ever want to look or be with anyone else, like she's something special. She's a knackered out old slapper with more miles on the clock than all of daddy woods' bespoke motors. She really does live in her own deluded little bubble :ROFLMAO:
    Meanwhile in the cellar at the Shitty Shack, skank has welcomed back SB (y)
    and this - why are those kids still at that dump with this going on???

    23.6.23 - Strangely though gossip seems to have it that skanky had been bombarding SB with phone calls that he ignored whilst away - 100 was it? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22786547/katie-price-called-ex-carl-woods-mystery-woman-vegas/
    Funny how she accuses some poor sap shopping for pansies at the local garden centre of "Stalking MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" yet here it is pestering the hell out of SB! :rolleyes: Has prospective Football Egg said "Fanx but no fanx luv"? Haha
    24.6.23 - It's reduced to begging SB to have her back now! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22789137/katie-price-ex-carl-woods-vegas/
    Posted on SB's own Insta - https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230624_183724_instagram-jpg.2262745/

    "Ize a Singul Gal now" - The Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs -

    Her Noo Best Fwend is undoubtedly grifted, but at least she cannot kill this one like she did Blade

    17.6.23 - yes its out on the piss and/or ❄ trying to get back at SB who only went to Veegus knowing she couldn't get a Visa! Hanging around Gatwick airport eh skank? What are you up to??? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22724905/katie-price-boobs-girls-night-out-split/
    19.6.23 - The Rocky Horror Show on a Recruiting Drive

    Notice the ol' trotterz seem to be absolutely fine stomping about in the Herman Munster footwear, and this ➡

    23.6.23 - Apparently it has snared some footballer from Wigan so another one she's thinking is going to take her and her psychoses on - rather like Polo Egg did haha! (He fucked off as soon as she made herself "single" meaning she had to go back to SB yet again.) She's always wanted to be a WAG though following DY, that Brighton footballer and God knows how many others, but this one was stupid enough to pay £12k for the privilege!
    This moron at Wigan will be uncovered soon enough then ripped to shreds by everybody like the Yorkshire Rimmer was - NOBODY wants an over-aged groupie aka Old Slag do they? Well maybe she'd have a better chance with Wayne Rooney? :ROFLMAO:

    Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap -
    11.6.23 - an amaaaaain' sale at JYBother crapstravaganza. The "moddle" looks entirely different in every single foter though :ROFLMAO:
    They must be struggling to shift this garbage eh? :LOL:
    20.6.23 - fucking horrible! The garment and skanky :ROFLMAO:

    23.6.23 - The foul stench of desperation:ROFLMAO:(y) https://youtu.be/_7Hsr0ArL8I Also includes it jumping down from the worktop onto those Liyfe-fretninly injurrd trotterz of hers

    Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire":LOL:
    11.6.23 - so the tv company that bought her shite regarding the Shitty Shack are struggling with funding so are axing popular shows? Maybe they ought to start with bullshit unpopular shows like the Mucky Manshun, but either way they'd have to be insane if they go ahead with more of that crap after the drubbing it received last time.
    Also her doclamentry about "My IVF Journey wiv Sinkboy" has also been axed. :ROFLMAO:
    17.6.23 - a few of her collapsed "companies" - not bad for someone who as a BANKRUPT is forbidden to hold directorship over a business - so how come theres all these (and more besides)? Katie KP LTD proposed to strike off 13th June 2023 Scented by Katie PRICE proposed to strike off 28th Feb2023 now strike off action discontinued (they got around to filing accounts £233 in bank)KP MERCH LTD accounts overdue 31st Dec2022 now a dormant company(so claiming not trading)Junior Jett LTD dissolved Prin Bun LTD proposal to strike off 5 companies(all to do with Katie Price) set up since 2019 all with the JEYDA YETER YILMAZ as the only director - all now or soon will be struck off all never showing any money in accounts so she is either not selling anything(even though on her Instagram she claims sold out) or the money is going somewhere else the only company JEYDA YETER YILMAZ is a director of that seems to have money in the bank(46k)is one she set up in 2013(so prob before she met Katie)she as been appointed as a director of 13 companies but only 5 are still active(seems like people just use her name to set up a company then when accounts are due it gets struck off) Then theres the Priceywood empire - wtf happenned to that then?? :ROFLMAO:
    21.6.23 - up pops Edna to promote these shitty podcasts she's doing with skanky; She's obviously shit-scared that last night's exhibition may have undermined this fantastic opportunity - just read that first line :ROFLMAO:
    Your problem with that statement Edna is that everyone already knows the 'real' katie pwice. Its a drugged up, loose legged pisshead, a convicted law breaker, a bunny boiling, revenge-porn-loving shit parent, an appalling animal owning con artist grifter who should have been banged up behind bars years ago.
    22.6.23 - Her crappy podcasts, ie Trash Has Got It's Trailer Out woo hoo!
    but this LOL -

    Early indications are right on-target
    23.6.23 - the Podcast crapstravaganza https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-fans-concerned-announces-30304227
    Gotta LUV this comment though "Nuts, was hoping it was Bungee Jumping minus the harness." :LOL:
    More comments -


    24.6.23 - One gets the feeling this podcast crap is going to kamikaze

    Oh dear, the comments on her podcasting career are not going well..................

    Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries, Crap Tattoos & FILTERS! -
    https://youtu.be/2d_Jew8ExZE Defending it's trips abroad for "surjery" during Covid lockdowns - who does she think she is? Boris Johnson??

    "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva" -
    22.6.23 -Deny it all you like skank but the evidence to the contrary is irrefutable

    Getting at the Exes Plus The Escapees -
    Going back three years, when the money for Harvey from his father ended it tried unsuccessfully to force him into paying her some more. Heres the tactic https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-demands-500k-dwight-13614292
    Dwight wanted to see his son but she made it impossible for him but he still paid a whopping £30000 a year directly to AFP to "look after him" because he didn't trust paying it to Skanky knowing none of it would reach Harvey to cover his expenses. Yet all it's dim 'fans' still believe her BS of bringing him up single handedly, "without any help". Its whole existence and 'career' has been built on lies. The mask is now slipping and its showing itself for what it really is.
    Going back to 2020 heres what it posted to Boyson after he'd said something about Harvey, then theres her buggering off on 'oliday without H when he was just out of ICU & dumping him onto the hairdresser

    Heres a little number posted on K's SMs - interesting details

    21.6.23 - on P's live TikTok from the Shitty Shack last night it HAD to make it all about MEEEEEEEEEE of course BUT it certainly could not miss the opportunity to have a druggy/boozed up dig at K too. It dragged Jett onscreen when he'd already fled once then demanded that he tell everyone "Why (she’s )just spent £100 on a game for him.............". The lad replied "I don’t know" so she announced grandly "it’s because you’ve been brave speaking to the police" 👮🏽‍♀️!!!
    * Clearly she is still running her campaign of arrest against K &
    * A new game costing £100 easily covers the loss of school & his mates in his life :mad:
    In it's raddled state it was also shreiking at P who looked embarrassed to be putting up with that when Mummy Dearest is smashed out of her face and telling P to go and get her tits done - saying that to a 16 year old girl!! It also demanded P "defend" her then having left that chat it went straight over to it's own Insta to have a go on there with more of same

    Look at the state of it FGS - Its in MELTDOWN MODE - Woo Hoo! She just threw a framed picture of Carl's name on the floor. :LOL: The house is an absolute shambles, she's raving about having proof the RSPCA have cleared her of wrongdoings then the link goes dead - has P pulled the plug and taken the wreckage to bed?
    https://tattle.life/attachments/img_9920-png.2254929/ She's played a blinder with this one - hopefully K can use it :)
    Heres where it launches SB's name sign onto the floor so he really MUST be in the realms of The Exes now and why she's in a completely inebriated, obliterated state. Also that naff PriceyWoods sign appears to have been doctored, ie she's taken the bulbs out of the Woods bit! LOL
    More rantings blaming her dreadful state on her adhd meds for her "drunk behaviour" & then it admitted she hasn't even been started on them yet using some bullshit excuse about having an ecg as has a hole in her heart so needs to check that out first. (This is a new one; A hole in her heart now FFS!!! :ROFLMAO:) She also kept harping on about her driving licence that she was going to show it to prove she had it back but went completely off track again. This is classic Alcoholic Drug Abuser behaviours and tonight she has confirmed more than ever that she absolutely IS one and just how unstable she is so now we can expect a statement from her enablers saying she has been checked in to rehab voluntarily or more likely she has been sectioned. SB won't be going anywhere near her now or anyone else really and as a consequence he is now going to be Number One on her Hit List instead of K which ought to make taking those children Home a simple task
    And theres more. Skank kept making a point of saying - 'there's a reason for him not going to school or seeing his dad, isn't that right jett, but I'm not saying what' So clearly Kierans video has worried her.. Good.
    She also kept saying how she's been through so much crap and she doesn't care that everyone slags her off. Yeah,it sure sounds that way skank and did anyone else pick up on the bit where the drunken wreckage almost blurted out that the "RSPCA had said she could keep her kids" ? She said "K" & then corrected herself. But hey, it must be so confusing for her RSPCA, social services, police, kids, animals, burglers, paps, kidnappers, dog murderers..... allllllll 1 big blur in her world 🌎 :LOL:
    Just one of the comments on it's IG after last night :ROFLMAO:
    It surely lust be due a visit to 'Otel Pwiowy for some ferraph wiv Dr.Ugsor Booze, some more colouring books and stickmen art - the last lot was so successful after all (y)
    Heres some more of it's rabid rantings https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2254/2254931-52296cac76934492a4b94a367a5d47a4.mp4
    Its always taking a pop at Dane Bowers over the usual small wiily/ Mum didnt like him / etc but heres his subtle retort to the thing "Shut up & Forget About It" written by Dane Bowers abiout the thing (Bloody hilarious!) :ROFLMAO:
    🎶Shut baby,forget about it
    Shagging many guys as you can
    You ain't nothing but a fake breasted slut
    Man after man after man after man

    Hope your silicone bursts
    You'll never get signed
    But I feel sorry for you
    'Cause your baby is blind

    Do you need some Liquid
    Course I know Jordan is your fake name
    If so wash 'cause your a dirty woman
    Celebrity status is your game 🎶🎵

    Slamming & Swiping - its wot she duzz innit?-
    The media have picked up skanky slagging off some bint SB allegedly doinked over in Veeguss LOL

    Twolls, Burglars, Vandals, Stalkers, Kidnappers & 'Orsham's Own Banksy etc-
    Heres a few of her allegéd kidnap threats/attempts, relevant now because of course since she got Blade killed she insists its these people coming back to "Get Meeeeeeeeeee" again" Its now got a bee-in-it's-bonnet about getting at Panic Room at the Shitty Shack (see below) ⬇

    19.6.23 - this will undoubtedly be an "Attak of dem Twolz Agen "- not the fact that the thing is universally HATED.

    Those Poor Kids, "Cruelly Mum-Shamed" & #Bunty Gate -
    14.6.23 - after tagging H's birthday onto her 2 year old nephew's birthday party at AFP's with a pink birfday cayke (having announced it was having a pay-per-ticket bash at whatever nightclub would accomodate a 21 year old, volatile Barney fan), Junior made himself scarce on his 18th by clearing off to Ibiza to avoid it therefore only meriting a cursory message from it - and now theres this. Its shit-stirring with regards to P's 16th birthday coming up as Peter has probably told her to piss-off
    Here's Mummy turning up for the boxing party, actually this is probably the last time she saw Junior (cannot imagine why!!!) :ROFLMAO:

    14.6.23 - Got her tame paps to follow her to drop the kids off at the SS so K can see them - there will be ructions over this. How are they allowed to get away with mentioning "supervised contact" in this nonsesnse? That's a serious breach of Bunty's privacy never mind anyone else's.....family courts are PRIVATE for a very good reason.....to protect the INNOCENT CHILDREN!!
    16.6.23 - here it is posting it's "Favourite photo of my kids" :LOL: Actually its not A Photo as such, its made-up from at least four separate images sellotaped together because of course skank NEVER has all her unfortunate brood together at one time.

    17.6.23 - Urrrrmmmm NO she does'nt thankfully :)
    18.6.23 - here we are on Father's Day. Its Kieron's first without J&B and he's decided time is right to speak out about what skank has done to him in snatching the children and ALL the false allegations its made against him so it can keep its claws in those little moneymakers.
    Katie Price #284 KP & H work-out 4 mental elf & mee. Subscribe today (but its not free) | Page 33 | Tattle Life
    So he's come out fighting. Accusing her of various lies and things. These are some of the things he said......( approximately)
    * it doesn’t matter how hard you fight they (skank) always comes back with more and that is what parental alienation is''
    * I don’t give up I will keep fighting for the truth not these false allegations
    * I managed to stop the press putting pictures out ( contact centre)
    * there was a plan in place and the children’s mother went against that plan ( so she is going against plans agreed in court!)
    ''Why the hell was there a photographer outside a police station at midnight? I have so much proof….''
    He also said Fathers for Justice have been helping him and will in the following weeks.
    He's rightfully had enough of her shit and come out punching!!
    Heres one that's appeared on his sms

    However just contrast the shite and accusations the lunatic has been throwing about in the past couple of years to this from before he left her.
    And skanky doing H's Home Schooling? What a piss-take! Thats unless you count coaching him to shout "Fuck off you cunts!"
    19.6.23 - FINALLY the daily fail gets around to casually mentioning Kieron's dilemma, probably because they're usually too busy grovelling about after the skank instead https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.2-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-285-kierans-finally-speaking-out-how-do-you-like-that-you-rancid-trout.39850%2Fpage-7&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Ftvshowbiz%2Fkatie-price%2Farticle-12209947%2FKieran-Hayler-holds-tears-claims-seen-six-months.html&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=5d24385dd082cafa7888e723ff157cbf&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    24.6.23 - this pops up on SFP's insta rubbish - https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230624_190848_instagram-jpg.2262799/ but just look at her response! https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230624_190909_instagram-jpg.2262800/
    K does not look like a man in deepest doo-doo despite these allegations by the Hillbillies, in fact Kieran was cleared of harassment, so what event left Jett needing therapy and Kieran going to trial?
    It can therefore only be the other allegations skanky made ( Gun & Neglect) or possibly Family Court & if it's family court has she just put herself in contempt the silly cow Also is this 'full evidence' the same as Kipper's so-called "evidence" that Kieran was harassing his own kids in a vain attempt to see them?
    25.6.23 - its still posting stuff under Bunty's name on youtube

    26.6.23 - Using Jett's crappy youtube now; Funny though but these do not sound like the words of a young boy, especially one that des not go to school and spends all day on his computer game. Apparently he is "too anxious to attend school", but no anxiety being on display for hundreds of strangers & weirdos on youtube? 😡 Is Auntie SFP running this too? https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230625_171349_youtube-jpg.2264790/

    Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy - "Pimp My Child" -
    16.6.23 - Out comes H for an airing being used to film some more crap for Insta; Look at it waggling those hideous norks at him as it grinds to some terrible choon, plus it looks like Harvey is being encouraged to swear, call a woman 'his bitch' and burp in her face. He's rapping along giving the finger to the other woman ( carer), then he says 'my bitch' or fat bitch or something in her face. She says 'yeah you too' and does NOT look impressed, in fact she looked pissed off. Skank is laughing.

    Katie Price #284 KP & H work-out 4 mental elf & mee. Subscribe today (but its not free) | Page 37 | Tattle Life
    19.6.23 - what an absolute waste of time. Another opportunity for skank to praise herself over 'arvey Bear though
    21.6.23 - H gets the blame for more broken trash at the Shitty Shack https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22762303/katie-price-harvey-smashes-lights-mucky-mansion/

    "Ownli Nans" - for blind, deaf Mugs -

    15.6.23 - Absolutely reeking of desperation :LOL: She's running at fewer than 50 likes a day at the moment and has dropped her price to $8.99 for a month to try to pull in some punters. That means she's only getting £5.68 per punter, that's a whole18p per day, and that's still more than she's worth. On top of that, just how the mighty have fallen. Doing PPV on only fans! Woo hoo desparate times!! What happened to the "Empowering women" rubbish and"My Choice" it was blabbing about when it launched into this grubby venture? When it did the initial press call for OF dressed in a Nun's Habit (yeah haha skank) it was all about how she is in charge, she shows and posts what SHE wants , it gives her all the power, well sadly skank PPV is the very opposite of that. In truth YOU are doing exactly what the customer wants and is paying you for therefore THEY are totally in charge of the situation and YOU get paid to do whatever grubby, sordid, seedy ,disgusting & tthoroughly degrading act they pay you for .
    Yep you have hit the depths skanky, rock bottom, & it couldn't happen to a better person :ROFLMAO:
    16.6.23 - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-offers-bargain-prices-30247778
    At least this article exposes that she hasn't been paying her creditors the promised £12,000 pcm.....
    'Katie previously agreed to pay £12,000 a month, but her creditors claim she has not been sticking to the deal. A considerable amount of the £3.265million is owed for mortgages secured against her “Mucky Mansion” in West Sussex.'
    19.6.23 - the latest gruesome offerrings at a cut-price deal - dressed in another cheap & nasty "bikini" made from one of SFP's Little House on the Prairie tablecloths.

    All blurred to buggery as well to hide the wrinkles and scar tissue

    Dressed to Kill -
    18.6.23 -
    Out on-the-piss again - who is looking after the children for the last two nights??

    Animal Victims - take note RSPCA!! Yet Again!!! :mad: -
    12.6.23 - let's hope this is the beginning of the thing's downfall
    And, on top of that theres word that skanky WAS directly responsible for Blade's death, not the Mexicans, Saaarrrfff Affrikkans or anybody else - just HER! It is believed that she was driving off-her-nut & ran him over so they then had to cover up his death & move his body, hence why he was dumped roadside and skank is blaming everybody else to deflect from her own guilt. :mad: Please God someone feels guilty enough over innocent Blade losing his miserable life to the skank to report the thing for it
    21.6.23 - on last night's drug/booze fuelled extravaganza the gob went into overdrive. Let us see how successfully it can shift poor dear Blade's death onto some other poor bugger then https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.2-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-286-her-fame-is-on-the-wane-so-shes-gone-on-the-game-were-sick-of-her-putting-kh-in-the-frame.39906%2Fpage-7&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mirror.co.uk%2F3am%2Fcelebrity-news%2Fkatie-price-vows-prove-people-30284331&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=ddf9d53b5648c9dad14bceabffa7fac9&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    and slagging-off someone who said she should never have another dog, this being during her drunken Insta rant last night

    Trampy Towers aka The Mucky Manshun or The Shitty Shack -
    12.6.23 - heres the latest BS from it; Now it'll be grifting a Panic Room at the dump because nobody will give it another Protection Dog to kill. Imagine it though - £100K on a panic room for a bankrupt? When its hardly ever there anyway? :ROFLMAO:
    Please remember that it's had CCTV in the dump for a long time (it reckons thats how it knew K was doinking the legions of Other Women), forgetting of course that it has admitted to having to check the kitchen CCTV to see if she'd shagged some random man the night before whilst off it's trolley on drugs and/or booze. The Sun's comment on it was excellent though "At least she'll know where the dogs are at all times!" SEE! Three years ago it was churning out this bullshit

    13.6.23 - some more about The Panic Room - no doubt this will all be scrounged too Nice quote from Edna too. "Katie is aiming to install a panic room, an eight-foot-high fence, state of the art CCTV and employ a top-level security team who will be at her beck and call and regularly visit the property." In her dreams........................ :LOL:

    Driving Licence Returned?? -
    14.6.23 - it's back behind the wheel again - but for how long this time? We shall see
    Yes its back driving again just four days after posting it was feeling "Suicidal". Reassuring to know eh?

    The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her -
    13.6.23 - Ooops! There goes another of her TV shows she thought she was doing following on from hearing its likely the Mucky Manshun on C4 is also heading for the U Bend. And theres her thinking she was going to get her swimming pool area & the jacuzzi all sorted for summer plus this new idea of a Panic Room :ROFLMAO: Keep 'em coming!
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/22677316/katie-prices-baby-documentary-faces-axe/amp/ - There was never going to be a documentary - it was just monkey tennis as usual, her chatting shit with zero interest from any production company or tv channel. There will never be a baby either ... not IVF, adopted, surrogacy, purchased online from Shein, Wish nor Ali Baba. Just more demanding & pipe-dreams from the embittered old husk itself
    15.6.23 - the Sun may have dropped themslves in the shite buying this set-up photo-op mentioning skank at the SS to take Bunty to see her Father. All sorts of reasons why this is a No No or are they just dropping it further into the shit?
    15.5.23 - Gruesome nudes for sale woo hoo! https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.2-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-283-so-kippers-now-right-on-the-beg-so-she-can-go-out-to-find-a-new-egg.39755%2Fpage-22&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F22706410%2Fkatie-price-nude-topless-bankruptcy%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=5c3a5a0b0ed53b11ad36eafe80a1e7e9&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    16.6.23 - the DM are clearly baiting the crowd by posting this bollocks with Comments open for business :LOL:
    18.6.23- The latest old shite from the Sun "Katie, 45, put on a busty display as she enjoyed a girls' night out on Friday. In a post shared to Instagram, the mum of five sent pulses racing as she posed for a sultry snap. In true Pricey fashion, she opted for a super glam look with long flash lashes and smokey eyeshadow. She pushed her long brunette tresses over to one side as she gave the camera a seductive look." :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
    What a load of bollocks! It must be cruelty to 12 year olds to expect them to churn out this crap on a daily basis, wholly damaging to their Mentawl 'Elf to be traumatised by images such as this
    They're taking the piss again :ROFLMAO: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22730165/newly-single-katie-price-top-glams-up-dinner/
    18.6.23 - here go The Sun with The Troof about how it has denied the little ones Their Father for more than 6 months
    Let's hope this is just the beginning of the end of its reign of terror over those children
    20.6.23 - An article about K's Gofundme raising £6k thus far (and probably even more now its out in the open). The thing will spontaneously combust, especially when it sees the quote from MP Ooooft! This bit is going to rile Kipper. How dare Michelle be quoted in The Sun!
    ''The TV personality was supported by Michelle in the comments, who wrote: “Stay strong don’t know how you haven’t given up but you haven’t you love them so much no matter what is thrown at you, your the best daddy.”'' :ROFLMAO:
    and not to be outdone this has popped-up in her local newpaper The Brighton & Hove Argus :ROFLMAO:

    21.6.23 - this comes amongst a half a dozen or so items gleaned from her shitshow on IG last night, all pointing directly to the fact it was a horrendous drunken mess in front of the kids YET AGAIN. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-rips-photo-carl-30288458#
    BUT The Sun have been circling the corpse like a vulture for a long time awaiting their revenge and here we go with Phase One - "Forced" being that old favourite adjective with the 12 year olds :ROFLMAO:
    Heres a few highlights :-

    23.6.23 - The Sun's FB page is being bombarded with negatives over their coverage of the skank's antics - is this blanket coverage part of Their Game with the thing, toying with it like a cat does a mouse??

    26.6.23 - The Sun provoking Fathers 4 Justice now with the shit serialisation of AFP's Lie-Fest :ROFLMAO:

    Moosik -
    This comes with a govt health warning! Its allegedly "Moosik" https://youtu.be/xL3nzj-oExg
    11.6.23 - Six months later this shite has still to emerge from the toilet pan https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/20212220/katie-price-first-look-christmas-single-x-factor
    21.6.23 - https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2254/2254179-71d08460888a09efe2e8859b2f0a6c93.mp4
    She really reckons herself :eek:
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/22759334/katie-price-princess-heartbreaking-duet-whitney-houston/ NO. This is ear-drum breaking. BTW this song by Whitney was skanky & Pete's wedding song so I guess thats why she chose to crucify it :)