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  • * Seksi Foters
    * Poet's Corner
    * Assorted Books of Lies -
    * Bankruptcy here we come! Woo Hoo!
    * OUCH!! -
    * Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl
    * Clan Grifter Gossip
    * Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs
    * "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One mk 3498
    * "Isss Awll Abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Innit!"
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * More shite on Tiktok Flogging JYY Crap -
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire":LOL:
    * Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries, Crap Tattoos & FILTERS!
    * The ex-Husband Squad & Escapees - fighting back against the Gorgon
    * "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    * Fans? - :ROFLMAO: Yes there are still a few of the brain-deads wandering about aimlessly
    * Podcast Garbage
    * Animals Bought (or grifted) to Die at the Shitty Shack. Take Note RSPCA :mad: -
    * "Iss Me Mentawl 'Elf Innit!"
    * Getting at the Exes Plus The Escapees
    * Slamming & Swiping - its wot she duzz innit?
    * Twolls, Burglars, Vandals, Stalkers, Kidnappers & 'Orsham's Own Banksy etc
    * Breaking The Law - Driving & God Knows What Else
    * Those Poor Kids & "Crooly Mum Shamed" -
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy - "Pimp My Child"
    * "Ownli Nans" & Vile/Seksi Foters of It, for blind, deaf Mugs generally
    * Court Cases & Law Breaking
    * The Poor Sufferring Animals -
    * Lies, Lies and More Lies
    * 'Olidays!! Woo Hoo!!
    * The Broken Trotters
    * Trampy Towers - aka the Mucky Manshun or The Shitty Shack
    * The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her

    Before anything else, you must listen to this! Woo Hoo!

    Seksi Foters -
    Clearly it has no idea whatsoever how ridiculously pathetic she looks. This was shared on it's FB page :ROFLMAO:
    Top Moddle of 25 years there folks!

    And another one - this time with a gobfull of bacon after which it wiped it's greasy mitts all over it's tshirt. Classy :)
    and this!

    It's just crawled out of a skip somewhere............

    Poet's Corner -
    🎵"Cos we is awl Griftas, griftas, griftas............................
    We cud be griftin some more goodies, grifted......................
    We cud be grifting up today
    Grifting awl der waaaay
    Yew an Iy togevva baybeh
    Grifted, grifted hey?" 🎶

    🎶 Surprise, surprise, until crawl smacks you between the eyes,
    The unpredictable, that's the surprise you see,
    Surprise! surprise! 🎵 (Sung Cilla-stylie

    🎼 'Edna to the left of me Jeyda to the right, here I am, on TikTok selling fake Uggs'🎼 Dass Fuggs ter yews lot!

    "Wivverin' Hiyts" by skanky
    🎵"Owt on der wiyld an' winny mores
    Weyd wowl an' fall in gween.
    Ize gotta tempa like my jellusy,
    Too 'ot an' gweedy
    Ow cud yew leeve me
    Wen Ize neydid to persess yew?
    I 'ated yew but Ize wonted yew
    Dems bad dweems in der niyt
    Dem barstids tole me I woz gowin' ter lose der fite
    Leav behind me Shitty Shack
    Shitty Shack, me Shitty Shack
    Oi Cole! Iss me yore Skanky!
    Ize cum 'ome now, Ize so cowld
    Letuus in yer winder (like wot I dun ter Boyson)🎶

    "Baa Baa BLACK SHEEP have you hid her dough?
    Yes sir, yes sir, £45m bags full.
    One for my muvva,
    one for my sis,
    and I need the rest of it, to go on the piss."
    :ROFLMAO: Ask Big Bro Danny about Black Sheep ;)

    Assorted Books of Lies -
    7.8.23 "Then there's Katie Price, who as far as I know is famous for taking her top off and crashing her car, who has managed to churn out six of them. Books, that is".
    This one is Der Troof though :ROFLMAO:

    12.8.23 - heres the latest chart containing AFP's Book of Lies; Not doing so well eh skank? :ROFLMAO: https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230812_094734_samsung-internet-jpg.2374875/
    Furthermore since its not been shouting its gob off about last week's meeting wiv a publisher can one presume they were not fighting each other to get any more Books Full of Bullshit from her? Any book will just be another tedious pack of lies, is this publisher that dumb they’d want to collaborate with her lies ?
    Is this the Noo Buk its blathering-on about?
    * It's laughable though how AFP says in her Book of Lies that she "Just wants her (skank's) ex's to leave her alone to get on with her life........" yet skanky is the one who has to mention at least one of them in practically EVERY story she does! Especially Pete - she cannot leave him alone! Clearly she is very jealous of him over something. She really does seem even more obsessed with him these days for some reason but then it's probably cos she’ll get in shit if she mentions KH again so goes for the non-responding target instead

    Bankruptcy Here We Come! woo hoo! -
    9.8.23 - check out this bunch of LIES from it, ie "Ize 'appy ter pay ver ennyfink!" - sez the one owing MILLIONS of £s!!
    " I’m up for helping people out for their business”….you just can’t make this up
    BUT - FINALLY - D-Day is on the horizon! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23411749/katie-price-bankrupt-court-mucky-mansion/ " And the Insolvency and Companies Court clerk told us: “The next hearing date in the above matter is 14 September 2023. "
    Already we are getting the indicators for trying to wriggle out of it, mentioning her ‘therapist’ and the Pwiowy today now that her BH is imminent 🙄 Was this was the "Disaster" it referred to and why the new puppy story was leaked or told to someone so they passed it on, and the wedding nonsense too - to deflect & try to bury the bankruptcy hitting the news? :sneaky: Plus it seems The Sun have been proactive with Proper Journos (not the 12 year olds) then contacted the insolvency service themselves to find out & skank won't like that at all....she's not in control of the story! 😁
    and now this one - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12392373/Katie-Price-set-RETURN-court-fight-save-Mucky-Mansion-bragging-trolls-owning-2-5m-house.html
    I cannot wait to hear her try to tell the Insolvency lot that millions of people misheard her saying "I'm minted in me £2.5 million 'ouse innit!", plus, if they can pin down Boris Becker who was light years away from Price in terms of celebrity, cash and country- hopping then blabbing, self-snitched Price and her drag-along moron Carl Woods (blue ticker / small pecker) will be easy. :ROFLMAO:
    And this quote from it too from the Birmigham Mail-
    "Katie clapped back: “Have I run out of money? Totally not, I am making the bucks baby, make it rain. I’m a workaholic, I’m a mother of five and I work. I don’t take money from any man, I support them! -thus chucking SB overboard at the same time :) There you go Sink Boy.... or Kept Sink Boy.... or may be Gigolo the Jaffa Boy....! :ROFLMAO:
    * Big Bro Daniel must be bricking it too, Mr. Black Sheep himself
    Look what someone has stuck on it's page!

    14.8.23 - proof positive that skank is FICKAS - the dopey doris "thinks" that if she goes to prison she'll be let off the debts!

    Incidentally - a strange little phenomena has been noticed regarding some of the skank's SM accounts or KP Ekwestryan & her Deplop account. They have migrated to Spain - why should this be I wonder? The flunkey responsible must be on their hols.
    * Can you imagine the uproar when they break down all her debts in open Court and people realise she's ripped off normal everyday people and their families?. All those small businesses that have been closed down because of her non payment, her even knocking schools (for starters £500 owed to Harvey’s blind school), all the vets she's now blacklisted by, the garden or household suppliers? The list is endless. She's claimed every benefit going in the UK ie taxis to and from schools and hospitals while she's spent her #millyuns on Herself, the glorious MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    17.8.23 - She's "Excited" about her bankruptcy now but then skanky gets excited about jumpers and slippers too

    OUCH!! -
    A reminder from 2021 - has she been reading her old stuff possibly judging by the outbursts of Poor Meeeees? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-10318879/JAN-MOIR-Price-really-remorse-shed-begging-locked-up.html
    😂 Jan Moir goes for the jugular though " She was also driving while disqualified for the fifth time and — to sprinkle the croutons of disgrace on the soup of shame — she was not insured."
    "Quick, pass me the onion of empathy so I can wave it under my bone-dry eyes in a bid to look even a tiny bit compassionate".
    "What was she plugging? I can’t even remember, for over time she has launched a blizzard of total tat on her fans; hairdryers, posters, mouse mats, pink plastic hair straighteners, pony bridles, tell-all books, fitness DVDs, calendars, bikinis, perfume, the lot."
    "It was always, always all about the money with the Pricey. ‘It’s not like I’m getting any money for talking to you,’ she huffed, simmering away like an angry carrot, her orange forehead wrinkling with resentment as she snubbed the mildest inquiry. Afterwards, so scalded by the dreadfulness of the experience, I vowed never to write about her again. Not if I could help it!"
    "This was my own battle against her utter ghastliness, grasping avarice and the unremitting rudeness she displays in real life."

    Heres another belter as regards it's announcements of A Wedding the other day

    18.8.23 - Hahahahaha! https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.2-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-308-once-in-the-clink-life-will-be-frugal-no-nails-no-wigs-no-more-bugle.41093%2Fpage-39&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thetimes.co.uk%2Farticle%2Fkatie-price-the-implosion-of-a-reality-tv-star-k6p0kvmxr&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=48e228fbfabd3990cce7720fbea80d86&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D

    "Isss Awll Abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Innit!" -
    6.8.23 - Bunty's birthday.

    Nevertheless "Less mayke it awwwwlllllll abaaaaahhhhttt MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" then thrusting those God-awful bazookas over the child too. UGH
    8.8.23 - https://android.com/ - so all the assertions about Strictly wanting her were LIES! Quelle surprise!! :LOL:
    10.8.23 - Heres The Sun proclaiming her lies too https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23419739/katie-price-snubbed-strictly-peter-andre/
    12.8.23 - getting snippy at the Strictly rebuff - TKU Birmingham Mail :) https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-price-says-i-didnt-27505283
    15.8.23 - Incidentally, that epic televisual treat "My Twarmer 'an Meeeeeee" got absolutely fuck-all nominations. So no trip to the NTA's this year for you then skanky :ROFLMAO:
    And this quote from the thing is epic!
    "She's always been comfortable in front of the camera, explaining. “You’re either photogenic or you’re not …I’m just a natural.
    “People say when I’m in front of the camera, I’m like an animal. I don’t know how I do it but I do… My eyes change. I just know how to work the camera.
    “I love being in front of the camera posing. I would ‘say I’m the best-looking girl out there I just now how to do it."
    😅😂 Modesty knows no bounds with this thing
    17.8.23 -https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-became-animal-after-30714930 Or class either.
    The comments are brilliant though "The only animal she is.... is a dog" 😂😂

    Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl - It's Weddin Time again!! -
    7.8.23 - things must be desperate when it comes out with this pile of old bollocks - "The Weddin', hunneymewn and awl dat..." - YET AGAIN! SB must have signed a new contract to act-out this farce with the thing again 😂
    Clan Grifter won't be happy, nor will Daddy Woods though! 😂 "A lavish ibeefa getaway" - it was a one night working gig, Easyjet bargain flights and a sunbed on the beach! LOL
    Strange though that with all the shit homing-in on the skank as Karma drops ICBMs on the thing what with the bankruptcy looming, the driving convictions along with what she's done to those little kids - its all aligning now. The little ducks are assembling in a row rapidly & then suddenly up pops "Ize geytin' maryid! woo hoo!"
    It couldn't be more obvious could it? 'Look mister judge - I ze marryed now an' MEEEE an' my usbind iz commityed ter dem kids an' givin' dem a 'appy liyf wiv US. Dey iz My Werld innit " 😂 😂 😂
    How many times have we heard they are supposedly getting married?
    2020 https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/12973837/katie-price-marry-carl-woods-terminally-ill-mum/
    2021 https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/16712008/carl-woods-katie-price-vegas-wedding-rehab/
    2022 https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19137133/katie-price-wedding-dress-carl-woods/
    2022 https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-wedding-carl-woods-27693874
    2023 https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/showbiz-news/katie-price-announces-plans-married-27275338
    2023 https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/gallery/katie-prices-surprise-wedding-honeymoon-30627771
    SB doesn't want to do anything that has been done before with the multiple ex-husbands so maybe you could have a prison wedding....what do you say eh? Nice and private, no one needs to attend, you/Sophie won't even have to grift for free balloons and graze platters. 😂
    * But theres this from it a matter of weeks ago The trouble is it costs ME money to get married and it costs ME money to get divorced,...... I haven't really been in a good situation.” She went on: “For me to get married again they have to tick the right boxes or they have to have more to lose than me .7 Jul 2023
    ☝'Rekindled their romance during a lavish Ibiza getaway'? Did they really.............. 😂 There was a pair of scrotes dressed like chavvy layabouts. They flew into Ibiza for 24 hours in an attempt to generate publicity and grift a few measly quid, then during that 24 hours they longed on cheap plastic sunbeds and both looked completely bored and disengaged as a couple. Tattlers enjoyed their 'lavish getaway' though thanks to the infamous pussy-pelmet bikini and romper suit. And for that, Kipper and Cole, we thank you. We laughed until it hurt!
    8.8.23 - So then, when SB finally has enough if it now the thing has announced "My Weddin' "yet again, heres what it looks for in a Noo Egg - but what's in it for them? Mmmmmm.
    1. Must like a foul smelling "woman".
    2. Wants an initial period of love bombing to become The One mk. 3498
    3. Does'nt have the need for sex but like gigantic Spacehoppers glued onto Spongebob Square Pants
    4. Must like waiting around whilst it has hair,nails, Botox & surgery appointments
    5. Loves to be ridiculed by wearing fancy dress for parties and being openly mocked
    6. To be around an older woman, then be known as a Jaffa for not making her pregnant.
    7. To be ordered onto Only Fans.
    8. Be a fantastic "Daddy" to her assorted sprogs ???????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    9. To be disliked by Clan Grifter and know your family loathes her too
    10. To be on 24 hour standby as chauffeur
    11, To be forever known as the "Another ex of Katie Price"
    12, To be her cuckolded clean-up boy.
    13, Enabler.
    14, Pimp.
    15, her dealer.
    16, luggage carrier.
    17. to be made a fool of while she shags someone else.
    18. Must commit to the installation of Turkey Teef;
    Cancel all the above - it sez dis woz awl lies frum der medya
    11.8.23 - He's copping flak from all sides over skanky getting yet another dog and deleting as fast as his chubby fingers can manage. https://tattle.life/attachments/4e1c3cfb-27e2-4f58-afc9-2b9f64acfd44-jpeg.2372341/
    17.8.23 - an ace comment from its Crapcast today - brilliant!

    Here is some more shite dismissing The Weddin' idea; Obviously SB is not prepared to carry out this heinous deed then and actually what about these alleged Gretna Green rumours? No-one has printed any such rumours until Kipper 'rubbished them' so they're just more LIES aren't they? :ROFLMAO:
    https://uk.news.yahoo.com/katie-price-gretna-green-wedding-rumours-083425970.html "No chance!" says SB

    Clan Grifter Gossip-
    11.8.23 - It seems blabber-mouthed PFP confided to his drinking buddies that he's cashed-in a "Critical Illness" policy on AFP so they’re in the money! Woo hoo! I wonder if KFP knows that? She’ll be on the beg and AFP will be obliged to give her preshus skank whatever she wants to retain the Shitty Shack, but it does explain AFP's sudden rush to move to ANYWHERE a long way from skanky though :ROFLMAO:. 🤣 Edit: She’ll outlive KFP at this rate!
    * PFP already gave her £7k a while ago to stop another Court date which was for her unpaid parking fines but innit funny how suddenly they find the cash for such things? Well, PFP - you will need a lot more than the Critical Illness policy pay out on AFP to clear the bankruptcy debts, that's for sure.
    16.8.23 - Heres some more LIES from the skank regarding AFP. Were this bollockfest to be true surely AFP would have said as such in her own Book of Lies? What a load of old drivel! Especially this bit "She's 70. She had all the oxygen in, but she's found it hard to try to breathe [with her lung], because she's used to the oxygen being in."
    What the hell is she talking about? Presumably it means the fact that she was on oxygen but what a rubbish way of saying it! Fickas. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23502967/katie-price-mum-amy-coma-lung-transplant/
    "She was in a coma, out of a coma, it was like, 'Is she going to live?"
    More like this scenario though "She only had two weeks left to live, and they found her a donor.' So I booked meself a 'oliday..... I can't stand ill people, they're so needy." :LOL:
    And incidentally re AFP's Book of Lies - AFP says she had her transplant on the 7th November but KP says it was early December - So who is lying? In her Tome of Garbage and Lies AFP states she was sat having breakfast at home when the phone call came & NOT lying in a coma on death's doorstep as skank says, but in the meantime Devoted, Caring Daughter skanky was exhibiting it's plastic norks to all-and-sundry out in Thailand and still did not return to AFP's bedside for ten days afterwards! AFP was NOT in a coma before transplant. The transplant was 7/11 NOT December. KFP wasn’t even in the country because YES she was in Thailand with J & B & didn’t come back funtil 10 days after the op! However AFP was put into a surgically induced coma AFTER surgery as she had to go back in due to a bleed a couple of days after the transplant, & even then KFP didn’t rush back! Furthermore, knowing how ill her precious mother was in hospital she promptly fucked-off on another holiday for nearly FOUR WEEKS in February which makes skank's actions even more bizarre because according to AFP's Book of Lies she was more seriously ill AFTER the surgery than before! This is not a new phenomenom for skank though because a day or two after H was rushed into Intensive Care with breathing difficulties the thing fucked-off and left him to go on that fateful 'oliday to Turkey with SB and the kids - Browkern Trotterz Time!
    Well the book really is a pack of lies. AFP can't even get her own story correct & contradicts herself constantly ie. she DIDN'T go to Harefield in 'Price's' rusty old van (they have 2 cars). She states she got into the van on page 363, but by page 368, it was a CAR! As for stating that skanky once hearing the news about her having the transplant "immediately cut her Thailand holiday short." - NO SHE DIDN'T. She may have been planning on staying a lot longer than she did with the kids, but she DIDN'T come back immediately because it was ten days later! Its also rather odd that AFP somehow passed all the heart function tests necessary for this transplant when she has had heart problems for at least 10 years before being diagnosed with the lung problems! From this crappy Book of Lies it is also very odd that she has always called both her her ex husband Ray Infield & PPP by their surnames -its rather strange & somewhat rude but this is the malicious old crone AFP we are referring to. There are just so many lies & inconsistencies in this rubbish just like those in her daughter's garbage which kind of says something about the "author" of this bollockfest, but the most positive indicator shows that AFP & KFP are just compulsive liars who can't get their facts right. Liars need a good memory, which they clearly haven't. :ROFLMAO:

    Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap -
    7.8.23 - So with this bunch of Weddin' Lies making a reappearance yet again, ol' Edna had better get grifting all the stuff wot skanky demands

    More Shite on Twat Tok- its trollied again folks! https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2368/2368636-619ff3b545c9af4ea5e962ee255099bc.mp4
    9.8.23 - Here we go with more junk from JYY mixed witth Lies & Bullshit from it
    *She’s loud, she’s singing,
    * says she was in the hairdressers till midnight last night
    * had her tooth fixed, so must have found a dentist - that will have cost her £100s
    * Off we selling the Granny Boots, Jeyda is with her
    * No sign of the kids yet - no doubt they were up past midnight too
    * H is coming on tomorrow (considering he's blanked her three times already) LOL
    * Shes full of herself this morning.
    * BIG LIE TIME! She's "doing really well with the podcasts, she's number 1 everywhere,..," See for yourself, it’s dropped out of the top 200
    * She says her podcast is number 1 everywhere 😂😂😂
    * Now it's sniffing the boots its trying to flog - do they smell fishy like those JYY leggings do?
    * How can you sell these awful clothes holding them up while sitting down?
    *Starts telling a story then abruptly stops
    *Getting married is another fake story apparently - or has SB told her to eff 'orf?
    The marriage story is absolute BS it says - she wouldn‘t get married without her mother there & AFP hates him even more than all the others put together, so she’s done SB over again and back we go with no mention of him being The One anymore. He really is just an errand-boy to her 😂
    * She's at the Shitty Shack again with Jeyda doing this Twat Tok flog-a-thon
    * Got that vape stuck in it's gob permanently - its the only time it shuts up.
    * Shes still sniffing all the boots - is there ❄ in these boots or just Fish? She keeps calling the slippers UGGS…isn’t that against trade descriptions?
    * She’s now sniffing the (un)lucky dip bags - she can’t stop sniffing things! Now its taking a 30 sec break to vape,
    * MM is coming back, had a meeting, they still wanna do it. According to skanky anyway.................
    * Someone keeps asking if the dog story is true. Skanky is ignoring them
    * Awww she's gutted she didn't get an invite to the PLT event last night that J&P went to. They want PLTs there - not fucking ugly old bags skanky, thats why you did not get invited. Get used to it!
    * After she was vaping, Someone put in the comments vaping can cause problems with your septum and she went 'can it??? I believe that'🤣🤣🤣 Not as much as ❄ does though ;)
    * She's been busy this week and had a disaster. (Nicked again eh? lol) Or is being kicked out of the rental home her disaster, Carl refusing her 'marriage proposal' or is something else juicy brewing that's not floating her boat?
    * Here we go again with the surrogacy nonsense. Said she needs to catch up with Sheena (surrogate 😂)
    * Jett flicked her the bird off camera. 🖕 Dogs are barking loudly again
    * Denying that ITV have blacklisted her over Saaarrrffff Affrikka Gate and the slagging-off she dished out alleging that they did not protect her from Wapists. She's not blacklisted with ITV, but C4 and BBC have the deals. :ROFLMAO:
    * We already knew from previous Twat Toks that H wears a size 7XL. Today it has admitted he's put on more weight rather than lose any as was supposed to be the idea at this Star College place - Harvey was 26 stone last time, today she said 26.5 stone. Later amended to 27 stones!!
    *it's back again! - The house move is also Fake News.
    * it's more manic than this morning. She seems totally high on something, she wasn’t like this earlier…..she’s been out in Horsham with Jeyda. She walked out of the Barbie film, she thought it was 💩😁
    * Her panto dates are going ahead though woo hoo!
    *Some berk needs to get over to Specsavers pronto - they reckon the thing looks like Megan Fox! (Her grandmother possibly)
    *Said she had a blood test earlier, wonder how afraid of the needle she was? haha! Hope it was a blood test for drugs and she failed
    * Reeling off all the stuff she's going to bring back again, bras, perfume, pyjamas, BIG YAWN. She still doesn't get it that NOBODY wants her crap!
    * It is shouting so loud, keeps going on about her age and she’s "Not bovvad...." but oh my she is bothered…. :ROFLMAO:
    * Keeps having a pop at twolls
    * She just sang ROXANNE, she only knows that word from the song, my ears now bleed….
    * Getting arsey with someone saying she’s "Not skint in her £2.5 million house…."
    * Bribing Jett to make her a cuppa in exchange for money for his computer games.
    * She just said her boobs are heavy, a few weeks ago on a live she literally said the opposite, 'No my boobs aren't heavy'
    * But ... she isn't blacklisted by ITV and has contracts with BBC and Ch4 dontcha know - she will literally turn up to the opening of your back garden gate for a fiver
    * Ankle is playing up now. (The ol' Browkern Trotterz getting a mention) Went to her 'ferapist' on Monday - she's been told she can't run and her ankle is playing up......so she means physioferapist?
    * This morning she said she saw this ferapist yesterday, just now said it was on Monday
    * Convenient timing for this dreadful foot injury though - she has an excuse not to attend the fun run at Harefield 'orspitawl now - handy considering she never had any intention of turning up because she's not being paid!!!! Its called "Charity" skank
    * Bunty is cooking on this live FGS!! Egg sandwiches for their dinner it seems
    * it walked off camera for a bit, when she got back she's sniffing and wiping her nose. She also kept saying it was hot and she went and opened the window then she came back & screamed 'You've been tangoooooooed!' It was loud enough to distort the microphone.....then she sort of screwed her eyes up, opened them and looked dazed, trying to remember what she was doing!
    * She's just described the Triple Up deal as getting 4 pairs again. :LOL: Fickas!!
    * Said the kids don’t see their Dad. Bunty might for an hour a week but it has to be supervised and Jett doesn’t see him at all
    * H arrives tomorrow for ten days 'oliday at the Shitty Shack. Said she’s going JYY headquarters tomorrow for the live - she’s taking Harvey and will get him to do some Packing. Pimp my child again then
    * Sounds like she has'nt managed to grift a cake for Jett's birthday yet. Maybe the Cake Lady she grifted from for Bunty isn't playing ball on another cake??
    * Talking about Cakegate. The irony of it eh? The World's Biggest Grifter talking about a mere beginner!!
    * Wants to go back on BB. Would they even want it? :LOL:
    * Got to go and get a prescription -is that like the sort of prescription she collects at 4am?
    * Now Triple-Up has gone back down to 2 free, when she kept saying 3
    Back again - clearly intent of digging that hole for itself even deeper. Off you go blabbermouth :)
    * Finally admitting it now has SEVEN dogs at the dump!
    * The house is "Safe" by which presumably it means the Bankruptcy lot cannot touch it! We'll see about that won't we?
    * Harvey obviously is scared of the dogs…she told him to grow up! Nasty …..🤬
    * It just called Bunny "F***'ing sassy " What a charming way to speak to a child eh?
    * Troughing pizza into its gob, slapping it about and spitting bits everywhere as it blathers-on with its line in BS
    * H says he doesn't like Twat Tok. She stuck him in a corner out of the way but he is is proper pissed off with her as she hasn‘t bought him his Robinson’s orange juice. He ain’t happy,…..this is absolute chaos viewing! It also threatened H that unless he shut up she'd send him back to his residential!!!
    * How is it selling stuff with all this random family life around her, it really is mad, I’ve never seen anything like this? 😂
    * Poor Harvey, he just wants to get settled and he's got her shouting in his ear. He's already on the birthday cake.
    * Now stuffing a bit of bacon in its gob then wiping her hands down herself.
    * Edna is earning her crust today deleting everything in sight!
    * Harvey again. It seems her utilising him for ten days is not going well - already screeching at him & he’s clearly distressed about the song he wants to find and cannot do it. She’s just threatened to take his iPad off him instead of helping him!! Now its told him to "Grow up!!" Unfortunately thats something he will never do you evil old boot :mad:
    * Harvey has put his fingers in ears as he's fed up with her screeching. She's stuffing him with pizza though
    * She's getting very ranty about her house, that's twice so far, she says it's all hers and won't lose it
    * Seeing Junior at the weekend. Harvey doesn't like Junior's music. Harvey just told the dogs to get out. (Worrying as this is) He doesn't like her music either.
    * Poor Harvey, she's forcing him to sing he's said no 4 times & it looked like he wanted to cry, then sang "Barney" to get her off his case. Its now shouting at him to shut up and leave her alone !!!!! H is getting very upset now
    * Mentioned Harvey has gone through 6 iPads this year! ££££
    * She's goading Harvey, trying to make him have a meltdown on camera, he just threw his head back like when he headbutts the walls. It's awful, she's a nasty bully
    * Some one just said leave him alone stop aggravating him. So it's not just us, I hope whoever is in charge of his welfare sees this because its hard to watch her teasing him, poor lad
    * Harvey is upset and she’s just told him he’s "Going to upset mummy" - its awwwlll abaaaht MEEEEE as usual!
    * Told to stop rubbing her nose, said she can't because its itchy from the op, but she was always rubbing it loads before
    * Now its told H off for farting. Quite unbelievable when you listen to her trumping off on that last crapcast!
    * H's language is disgusting but it’s not his fault as he’s only repeating what he hears from her all the time. She clearly doesn’t try to dissuade him, he’s just sworn and she repeated it after him and laughed instead of trying to telling him not to say that word etc. Put it this way,If she speaks to Harvey like that in front of people can you imagine what she says to him when she’s home alone with him? 😡🤬😡🤬
    * Did anyone else pick up on the 'conversation' she had with Harvey when he read out the message he had written on the picture he'd made at college? When he read out something about loving his mum and Carl Woods she pulled a face and said to the audience "Don't believe everything you hear Harvey say - he loves everyone". It was a bit strange but saying that, Harvey wrote and read very well considering he is (in her words) "Blind". Can we assume SB has stropped-off yet again thus vacating the role of The One?? :LOL:
    14.8.23 - Obviously been to have the wigs re-organised cos here we go with flogging the extenshuns again - note the remark about "Needing a colour change soon"
    Another 8 hours stuck at the salon for the kids then
    16.8.23 - on the grift again!

    Yes the JYY Autumn Crap is going online soon folks! Woo Hoo! "Look at me rat's nest anawl!"

    and Granny's clodhoppers too

    Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire":LOL:
    8.8.23 - heres another scam operation. They are clearly after your details for some nefarious purposes by offering empty boxes or absolute junk, so here we go - Scamming her Insta -Huns again 🙄 Grift , scam , grift, scam, rinse & repeat

    "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"-
    11.8.23 - The Sun are going for the jugular! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23453786/katie-price-forced-deny-high-drugs-tiktok-live/
    Back to 2018 - clearly it was lying! https://closeronline.co.uk/celebrity/news/katie-price-drugs-nights-out/
    2.8.23 -Here come the Mirror now. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-shuts-down-claims-30684629
    13.8.23 - addicted to Vape now. i wonder what's actually in it??? https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2376/2376480-9bb5792cfbf6f0f7cfc668f4c46d7432.mp4

    Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries, Crap Tattoos & FILTERS! -
    Its not even a recent photo but just look at the damage from all the surgery it's had done - look where its face has been stapled back against it's ear!

    Not to mention the creases around the eyes like a furrowed field
    https://youtu.be/3Axu4DiIwrc Lydia Pwice :ROFLMAO:
    10.8.23 - Just as poisonous though https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-says-looks-like-30673207
    Listen to this! Diet tips from the skank on how she maintains that yoof-full figure :ROFLMAO:
    14.8.23 - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-branded-black-haired-30697286 :ROFLMAO: More like a BBQ - melted and burnt
    16.8.23 - Dem Turkey Teefs are falling out! 😁 https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23504569/katie-price-turkey-teeth-fall-out/

    Fans? - :ROFLMAO: Yes there are still a few of the brain-deads wandering about aimlessly -
    9.8.23 - The "fans" are getting a roasting over the new puppy shame - Their only valid answer appears to be #Be Kind - as if skank is FFS??! Easily destroyed :)

    11.8.23 -Heres one slagging off K&M - definate tones of the skank in there https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230810-214659-2-png.2371666/ The first post was 6 days ago on that account, bio claims to have gone to a prestigious uni yet the post is extremely poorly written :LOL: And what a strange thing to post about from over a year ago, on a new FB account. All the hallmarks of the skank................
    11.8.23 - that Facebook account has posted again, this time complaining about 'trolls' who commented on her page and saying they should be "Stopped and outed" ...Sounds familiar? Undoubtedly The Gob itself! The thing is various people on here have challenged the thing to "Out them" and NOTHING HAPPENS! That says it all.

    Podcast Garbage :poop: -
    8.8.23 - Stand-by for incoming! 🚀:poop: More farting & screeching plus Noo Vershuns of Old Lies
    It seems this exciting episode is all about whether she prefers McDonalds to KFC - yep its earth-shattering stuff folks :LOL::sleep:
    9.8.23 - the latest podcast charts. Oh dear skank, it seems people are not interested in your sordid existence nor your opinions on ANYTHING after all :ROFLMAO: A few more tedious episodes and it be all over..........

    9.8.23 - boasting about "Beeein' Numba Wun" on the podcast charts 😂😂 https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2369/2369109-395858154d62508a19ac814404d666bb.mp4
    10.8.23 - :ROFLMAO: Here we go then:-
    * Just had a curry, tooth fell out. but giving up vaping 🙄
    * Ibiza trip was "a favour". It was a disaster. She did a "favour" for someone who does PR and stuff (does she mean Rymi?) - shit flights, flights kept changing. Probably was obliged to do this gig as its already binned the money for i.
    * The Monday she had an OFs shoot and a meeting with the book people. Flight was at 9.30, then 11:30, then 12:30, then 2:30 then 4am, so meeting was at 10:30 next day, so they stayed in a hotel, one flight home the next day at 8:30 am so had to fly to Barcelona, wait there an hour, so got home at 1pm, had to pick the kids up, then go to her shoot at 5:30 didn’t finish until 9:30 then had to drive home. She’s "Not doing it again after the way they treated her there, it was like she was a robot, do a picture here, here."
    * If she does meet and greets, she likes everyone to queue up, (like the kween she is) so it’s all done, in fact she doesn’t like every Tom, Dick and Harry keep coming up after the meet and greet. "I always treat people as I want to be treated" it says 🙄 It was just a shit trip basically and it was really pissed off 🤣 & then it costs her missing out on shoots and stuff and the book meeting was now tomorrow at the time this was recorded (sometime last week).
    *Her kids names are very American…Harvey named after his grandad, who was American, she has Canadian in her, Spanish, Italian and English. Jett, she liked the name after John Travolta’s son. Doesn’t like names you can shorten, but calls Harvey Harve :LOL: Junior is quite American and could be shortened to J, he was called that as he was a mini Pete (had to mention Pete) Didn’t want to call him Savvas after Pete’s dad as she’s not Greek and there were lots of arguments about it. She likes names like Princess, Duchess, Beauty, Royalty. Bunny is cute and old fashioned. :ROFLMAO: *(see below)
    *Talking about her modelling career & this Panto fiasco…she just wants to sing in it. :eek: 7th November doing a live podcast show in Manchester, excited she is going to sing on stage.
    * No airbrushing when she was modelling. Still on about doing the modelling agency school, as she can teach girls to pose and do pointy toe 🤣
    * She’s just a natural. (of what though?)
    *People love watching her model. 🙄 She’s obviously good at it. She turns it on and comes alive in her eyes :oops: FFS
    * All girls were jealous of her.😂
    *First English girl on cover of US playboy 🙄
    *Reeled off a few celebs she met, but she’s not a name dropper. (Bet they don't do likewise though)
    Repeat, repeat, repeat. Same shit, different day
    *The kids are like "Who is Jordan?" (Except she asks them that on camera now and they go “You” ) They don’t know about the awards she has won though, you know, Best Mum of the Year, blah, blah, blah. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Not true now though is it?
    * People don’t really know what she has done…, really! (Considering she tells everyone constantly in interviews).
    * She loves being on OFs. Born to do it. 😁
    Another incredibly interesting crapcast then all in all................................. NOT!
    * Note - according to this article compiled before J&B were born, Junior IS called Savvas Andreas. Could it be she's lying again?
    A Google search confirms this as FACT. Pants-on-fire skanky!!
    12.8.23 - "Iye is Numbaaaa Wunnnnnnnnn Woo Hoo!" Errr no you're not, actually down 18 places on last week :)
    and this week's Crapcast Edition 17.8.23 -
    * Talks about scrounging Bunny’s freebie party. "She was happy to pay" apparently but naturally she didn't
    * When she gets married next, (LOL) her mother and family will be there.
    * Farted 🤢 Such class eh?
    * Dentist cost just under £1000 as kids had a check up and one needs a couple of fillings. (Fascinating podcast material here)
    * This was recorded just before Harvey came home. Said she had got to do community service and then was going to get a motor home but something was happening on Saturday (just gone) so it will have to be the following week (means this weekend)
    * Slagging off Kady from that Love Island rubbish re her podcast, - Pots & Kettles skank
    * She’s an open book. :ROFLMAO:
    * Reading from a script re sponsor Beducate. That used up about 5 minutes of the podcast.
    * Seen her therapist today? Sounds like this was recorded on a Sunday though 🤔 Talks about her feet/running again; Like as hell!!! :LOL:
    *She really tries to confuse the captured listener with the days. 😂
    * She immediately states kids who have special needs are"Naughty".
    * Pays for other kids sweets if they are in the queue with not enough money. ( awwww. Like we believe that skank - bet you snatch 'em back outside the shop eh?)
    * Farted again 🤢
    * Her therapist read about her in the press (Times) 🙄 who cares???
    * Rattling-on about the night P& J went to the PLT night, she wanted to go with them but so was not invited - things like that hurt her. :ROFLMAO:
    * Talks about Bunny and Jett- they argue but she’s soft on Jett. Bunny wants to be on TT, and keeps setting it up(of course she does)
    * Said Jett wanted to go to shop to get some drinks, but she had been out all day so just wanted to chill
    * Re MM she is looking for another house, looking on Rightmove, it’s too big for her and wants to rent it, she’s always in Essex, more excuse for the kids to make a mess. (Setting up her imminent departure when the Shitty Shack gets repossesssed soon)
    * Craziest rumour about her? too many…sounds like Danny gets media enquiries from the red tops.
    * She's not having any ribs removed(but then she dies lie a lot)
    * Bunny is sassy. That one again
    * Carl doesn’t seem to like her talking to other people. (Only cos he knows she's on a recruitment Drive for Noo Eggs) :p
    * Old reality shows on TT, and how PA treated her and how she put up with that. :ROFLMAO: He tolerated far worse!
    * Manager edited her tv shows, now everyone can see what went on 🙄
    * SFP doesn’t read the negative stories about KP. KP just looks at the pictures of (mentioned the spot picture as leaving cs)
    * Asked if she thinks kids are embarrassed by her. Said Junior is. SFP trying to make excuses, Katie says therapy has helped 🙄 Mentioned about if Junior has a drink with her he lets loose with her! Errr I’m pretty sure J said he doesn’t like drinking much. He drank loads at the wedding and then sick on the way home in the car. Bet he will love that. Junior asks why she acts stupid. she says it’s banter. Don’t think PA will be happy with this episode.
    * She can take the piss out of herself. Really?????
    * "Are there any major secrets she has left out of her books that she will never tell?" "Many" it replies. Righty-ho skank - if theres a quid going she'll sell it:
    * Wants to do a reality show on the Price family 🙄🙄🙄 "Living with Clan Grifter Woo Hoo!"
    Proudly boasting about her "dry sense of humour" ie. having digs at people when she calls it "Bants" or whatever when it will bitchily snipe about what they're wearing or other pathetic targets which in itself pretty rich coming from this chavvy old skank. These actions are somewhat akin to it's actions towards people who piss her off when she apparently shits in a box then microwaves it for them or does a "dirty protest" jobbie on their bathroom towels. In truth it just sounds mean and unpleasant-that being exactly what the thing is. This whole nasty narrative appears seems to have been created, aided and abetted by her sycophantic family so that that the thing actually believes she is the "life and soul of the party" whereas in truth she's just embarrassing to be around, like the drunken old auntie who does the Okey Cokey at weddings then shows her drawers before collapsing pissed on the dance floor. Sounds exactly like the skank TBH
    Yes yet another BORING load of old repeated tripe that'll see this podcast garbage heading down the kharzi at a steady pace. 🚽
    The comments are epic though. :ROFLMAO: An interesting comment she made about editing after her and Pete split on her next reality show. She also said she never watched the show back in the latest podcast, this says different…
    She told the latest episode: "I never watched it back, I didn't really get involved in the editing, so I didn't really care, hence the last series I did with an ex husband [Peter] it was the management who edited it and made me look like a cow." Like they had to try hard to make that happen???

    Animals Bought (or grifted) to Die at the Shitty Shack. Take Note RSPCA :mad:
    8.8.23 - Another poor baby that'll end up as a statistic in her Death List; FFS why is is still allowed to have ANY pets at all?
    Sadly it won't ever reach the age to be the thing's Protection Dog. 🤬 And she was "heartbroken.........................." Yeah righty-ho

    Oh yeah..... Going to have some safety fences put in, is she...? 'Grow into her new protection dog'...?!! FFS. That poor dog is the one that needs protection from her FFS.. How is she going to afford to get him professionally trained...? It can cost anything from between £6K to £10K.
    "She was heartbroken after and is determined to keep Tank safe....... In time, it could grow into her new protection dog and fill the void left by Blade".
    Also, two statements from it here.
    1) The German Shepherd died after being hit by a vehicle on the A24, and
    2) Blade has been killed by"somebody", he wasn't just run over. He was killed.
    Do not forget that skank had'nt even noticed Blade had been missing for many hours overnight and furthermore his microchip was not even registered to her! He had a Louis Vuitton collar but not microchipped! Caring owner eh??
    But do not forget the others that have died at her Shitty Shack - there are two dogs and a horse that have all been killed in the A24 & another dog killed on her driveway. Coincidence...? I think not - its just total negligence.
    "The German Shepherd died after being hit by a vehicle on the A24, which is close to Katie's East Sussex home.
    She said: "Blade, my guard dog, unfortunately, it upsets me to talk about, but has been killed by somebody, he wasn't just run over. He was killed. There is a police investigation about it."
    There was no "investigation", likewise theres no bit of paper from the RSPCA commending her animal husbandry skills or declaring her innocent of Blade's death. I just hope these scumbags don't think its funny and turn his name into rhyming slang... What rhymes with Tank and is a favourite pastime for Sink Boy...?!!
    8.8.23 - and now the DM. Note how they put "ANOTHER" in capitals :(
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12385375/Katie-Price-buys-puppy-death-protection-dog-Blade-petition-ban-owning-animals-signatures-pet-deaths.html and the comments are not favourable to the thing either

    "Tanks in Ukraine have longer life expectancy....""Why has she not been prosecuted for having an un chipped dog? It's been mandatory for years now""Whoever sold her the dog should be neutered." "It is quite telling most of the Deceased Animals died while desperately trying to escape from this creature - and understandably so !!"" Says it all (re poor Blade) no microchip but wearing a Louis Vuitton collar ! "I have not found one single, solitary comment defending the thing! And more incoming - gotta love the comments because most folks know skanks a killer“Does the new dog come with a free tombstone “, But it’s getting past funny because the skank doesn’t respect anyone, even her grifting family & hasn’t got any friends,*1000s of people calling her out and she does not give af, nothing will ever stop her doing what she wants. She thinks 8 weeks is enough grieving time to pacify everyone, and she is so deluded she thinks everyone buys her explanations. Seeing as this little pup is only just 8 weeks old that means she'd already ordered him just after Blade's untimely death!!! :mad:10.8.23 - Heres the Sun just letting everyone know that skank has another dog https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23416359/katie-price-reveals-new-puppy-tank-before-tiktok-ban/* There are now whispers that skank actually has TWO puppies FGS!12.8.23 - even the journos can't be bovvad to proof read her shit any more; That poor puppy :mad:
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23463020/katie-price-cuddles-new-puppy-pets-die/14.8.23 - https://metro.co.uk/2023/08/13/katie-price-plays-with-new-puppy-tank-despite-petition-against-her-19326578/This dog was lucky enough to escape her with his life - she sold him!
    'Olidays! Woo Hoo! -12.8.23 - its been spotted at Gatwick supposedly heading off on 'oliday. Or has it?? It must really need an 'oliday because its been so long........................it's over a month :mad: Marbella apparently - perhaps Recruiting The Next The One #3498 to which it sure appears that way because it was alone, no kids nor SB in tow so God help any bloke with a pulse in Marbs :sick: Seems pretty weird to leave her son at home on his birthday ( but then again he's a boy and has no value to her apart from winding KH up).The thing is, this has all the hallmarks of being another of her little fantasy trips where she plays highly amusing games then screeches at the media for making stuff up about her when in reality she's been directing it from the word GO. We shall see.

    Getting at the Exes Plus The Escapees -
    10.8.23 - Can't resist having a dig at Pete can she? https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-price-says-i-made-27494809

    Slamming & Swiping - its wot she duzz innit? -12.8.23 -" How to win friends and influence people" skanky stylie.https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23461676/fuming-katie-price-swipe-celeb-after-snubbed-from-strictly/
    17.8.23 - No wonder Junior has distanced himself from it. She also took a swipe at her own son in the podcast by saying that Junior drank a lot at Sophie's wedding and let his hair down "Which he can't do with Peter as he's too strict" (or words to that effect). Mummy encouraged him to get pissed like her no doubt. However it really does seem to revel in the trailer-trash upbringing she provides for those kids - the shit food, feral behaviour and loud noise everywhere, contrasted with what Peter and Emily provide. Yet where have those kids chosen to be eh Skank? Shame J&B are not old enough to decide for themelves innit?
    18.8.23 - taking another swipe yawn zzzzzz https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/23538839/love-island-feud-katie-price-kady-mcdermott/amp/
    and its nothing new either https://youtu.be/hWF6gjKmfEA

    Breaking The Law - Driving & God Knows What Else -14.8.23 - Awww bless it! It's "fed-up with going to Court..................." Well stop breaking The Law then Skanky, its very simple!https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-says-wants-go-30696760 And in nick it won't have to pay for anything either of course :mad: She's 'fed up with going to court more times than she's had hot dinners" but it ain't her fault you must understand, no its somebody else's doing as usual, yet in this vomit-comet from the thing theres not one mention of the children so only good thing IF it goes to clink is the kids will be away from it :) She "Wants to go to prison". Lol. Yeah it's to make it look like it was her decision and she's cool with it, however the bankruptcy people can still do her Public Examination while she's in a prison cell… . it won’t just disappear. Tick Tock, one month to go! ⏰
    One of her recent visits
    * “They keep threatening me. Just do it" . ‘If you do this you could go to prison so go ahead’ Just do it.”''
    First of all, it's 100% victimhood with some nasty person threatening her 😭 Its nothing to do with her actions at all :rolleyes:
    Secondly who is 'They'? If it's solicitors, the police or courts that just shows that she's been made aware of what her actions will lead to, therefore If she's just ignored the warnings and escalated her behaviour, there's absolutely no excuse for her.
    * Back to 2010 here when it was again driving without insurance and stopped by the plods filming for a TV series. It demanded the footage not be shown LOL

    Those Poor Kids & Crooly Mum-Shamed-An archive number for you from 2010 as regards "Fammerly Liyfe wiv der skank" - My family values: Katie Price | Family | The Guardian (archive.ph)14.8.23 - It had to come. Someone has twigged that Jett's birthday passed without a single mention from it following the massive grifted party etc Bunty got just last week. BTW that ain't Crooly Mum-shamed - thats called The Troof innit!https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23480639/katie-price-mum-shamed-trolls-hair-jett/
    15.8.23 - another IVF failure. SB must be relieved but its devastating for skank who esperately needs a new money-maker scheme https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23489703/katie-price-failed-ivf-baby-carl-woods/
    and this one - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12407969/Katie-Price-failed-IVF-baby-number-six-Carl-Woods.html
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-says-i-need-30703266 - looking to replace J&B for when she LOSES THEM FOREVER.
    18.8.23 - and she's surprised after turning up at that boxing event like an over-stuffed black pudding with four strips of duct tape?
    18.8.23 - up pops the footage of Bunty's grifted Birfday party - not a single mention of any of this rubbish being "Grifted" or an advert either https://v19-web-newkey.tiktokcdn.com/f614238c09bd688592841fee9e19c917/64dfa231/video/tos/useast2a/tos-useast2a-ve-0068-euttp/oEtObpbh0BIyQELI2AfyAbTzogna1h96tzZCHI/?a=1988&ch=0&cr=3&dr=0&lr=tiktok_m&cd=0%7C0%7C1%7C3&cv=1&br=3166&bt=1583&cs=0&ds=3&ft=Ee-In1SmvjVQ9_zBeJTsdGBhUjnZ7uwQAJEeF_l1JE&mime_type=video_mp4&qs=0&rc=OmRlMzk0ZmdpOWk0M2g2ZUBpM2c7ajs6Zmc5bTMzZjczM0AuMjYzMy9iXzQxXy5fNDUzYSNkY2JocjRvbzRgLS1kMWNzcw%3D%3D&l=20230818104930059092F82492C628E740&btag=e00098000. It does not appear she was able to grift even a cake for Jett though - poor little sod :mad:

    "Ownli Nans" & Vile/Seksi Foters of It, for blind, deaf Mugs generally -
    17.8.23 - watch out! More gruesome filtered images of it incoming because of course its "Been working!" Woo Hoo!

    Court Cases & Law-Breaking -
    16.8.23 - here comes The Sun with a nice comprehensive list of skank's outstanding criminal agenda along with the sheer arrogance of it nicely demonstrated too.

    The Browkern Trotterz -10.8.23 - lest we forget - "Liyfe fretingly injurred feyt innit!"
    This wouldn't have anything to do with skipping-out of that charity fun run at Harefield hospital would it skanky?? Incidentally, what exactly do the shrinks at 'Otel Pwiowy have to do with diagnosis & treatment of Browkern Trotterz anyway?

    Trampy Towers aka The Shitty Shack -Look at the state of the kitchen ceiling - how long has it been like this eh?(6) Katie Price #306 Skank can join schmooze on her crooze to escape grifting and bankruptcy blooze | Page 8 | Tattle Life
    17.8.23 - its now saying that the place "Is too big fer me!" and that she's "Thinking of renting it out"! Its probably a cover story for her eviction but that place is such a state NOBODY would rent it from her what with the leaking roof, dodgy electrics, the smashed doors & holes in the walls and thats not even mentioning her decor! Then theres the gardens with the tsunami of severage layered over it! Just another LIE

    The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her -7.8.23 - here comes the Sun with a swingeing little number as regards skank grifting Bunty's entire Birfday party hot on the heels of another so-called "star" being caught grifting for England! Tyldesley however has nothing on the skank when it comes to professional level grifting! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23378266/katie-price-scrounging-freebies-after-catherine-tyldesley-row/"TheersonalityeerionBunny’s reaction at the end, we transformed my living room into a mermaid themed party in just ONE HOUR for Bunny’s 9th Birthday today."She went on to thank a string of companies for the goodies, along with "#gifted" aka #GRIFTEDbut some followers were left unimpressed by the post:-One fan commented, "It's not actually katie that deserves the credit for this. She's done bugger all apart from scrounge a freeby. She sits back and takes all the glory."Another added, "Wow all the grifting is hard work eh Katie?" :ROFLMAO:Actually what the pathetic video showed was skank having it's wig reorganised whilst everybody else rushed about like blue-arsed flies to get this Grift ready, furthermore it doesn't appear any of Bunty's schoolfriends were present at this bunfight, just the kids of those being grifted and a couple of skank's mate's sprogs.https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-carl-woods-planning-306492298.8.23 -Heres the Mirror getting in on the "Secret-Wedding-that skank-has-told-everybody-about" routine8.8.23 - Here come our friends at the Birmingham Mail regarding the crappy podcasts. These shitshows can't be doing so Amaaaaaazin' when skank is being obliged to "push" them like this."She (skank)continued: "Listen to the full pod by following the link on stories." (No fanx)In reply, Harry Hayes sniped: " Stop shouting." Hiller said: "Take your teeth out you are spitting everywhere." And A Parker cruelly said: "Still waiting for the episode where she gives me pet care advice." Cruelly - LOLDefending Katie, Maye fumed: " @aparker1982 get a life." But he fumed in reply: "Ironic.. As its what I wanted for her dogs." Maye shot back: " @aparker1982 I'm sure commenting hate is going to help." Bling said: " @aparker1982 you need muzzling, there ya go." :ROFLMAO: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-price-fans-issue-warning-274778369.8.23 - Presumeably they mean its a knackered old wreck with a busted engine and bodywork stuffed with filler and fibreglasshttps://www.the-sun.com/motors/8794596/katie-price-pink-cars-reveal-personality-trait/10.8.23 - Heres the Sun on their article about her BH date 14th Sept. They are revelling in it!
    10.8.23 - They're running with it - Go On My Sun!! This is priceless!( oops pun not intended 🙈) Keep on dropping yourself in it Kipper - 'everybody' is listening!;) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23414781/katie-price-says-not-broke-despite-debt/10.8.23 - The Krustie's Favourite Newspaper, the Birmingham Mail, are going for the jugular on it! Woo Hoo!https://wBirmingham Live really seem to have it in for her.... Odd really considering they're part of the Reach Group. Still, gives us a laugh anyway, They actually print the negative comments...."Krystal said: "Why say your podcast is number 1 everywhere when it clearly isnt?" Fred said: "@krystalglitter1 She's so used to lying about everything it just rolls off her tongue now. She keeps claiming she owns a 2.2 million pound house, that's untrue too." Jules said: "@krystalglitter1 In her world where ever that is!!!!""krystalglitter1 I'll also add - the reason she doesn't post on Twitter anymore is because she gets called out on her BS and people can back it up with evidence, which they can't on here," said another.and the Strictly snub for it too www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-price-says-totally-not-2749198212.8.23 - Gloating about the new puppy brought-in-to-die at her hands; Bad enough yes? Now we find out its possiblyfucked off on holiday leaving all 7 dogs and depriving K of seeing Jett on his 10th birthday. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23463020/katie-price-cuddles-new-puppy-pets-die/14.8.23 - she's found some twat to grovel about after her though https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.2-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-307-remember-remember-the-14th-of-september-marching-powder-reasons-and-tik-tok.41047%2Fpage-28&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.co.uk%2Fsounds%2Fplay%2Fm001pvcv&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=c4583fa3bfbc147e0ed713018a9176bf&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D In this bullcrap (sounding exactly like the crapcast garbage) it statesAFP's lung transplant was done in December 🤔 & apparently AFP "only had 2 weeks left to live when she had transplant" Now has AFP not said it was Monday 7th November in Her Book of Lies and if she had so little time left, why did skanky F off on holiday to Thailand if she was on the poiunt of carking-it? 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s just a repeat of her podcast, talking bollocks at a million miles an hour.
    and some more following the grovelling from above idiot; Today The Sun ran an article & they're gunning for her. They used the term 'Sink Boy' so now they've put that name out to millions now who will be wondering why he's called that! Some of the Sun journos must know why we call him that, we know they read stuff here :sneaky: LOL A big chunk of the article is Kieran's post to Jett....people will also question why she hasn't posted anything akin to what Kieran did when only last week she grifted a huge party for Bunty and went completely OTT over her birthday.. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23480639/katie-price-mum-shamed-trolls-hair-jett/
    15.8.23 - Heres the Sun pointing out skank's wailing over Prison. For some reason this cretin seems to think if they lock her up for a couple of weeks then it'll void all her debts
    Oh dear - somewhat deluded LOL
    16.8.23 - The Mirror commenting on skanky and her "Send me to Pwison Woo Hoo!" plea. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-says-shes-happy-30710651
    "When she says ha, ha, put me in prison then, I don’t care, she either seriously believes it, or she’s making yet another outrageous statement for attention. Not sure which option is sadder. After being famous for 25 years, Katie knows exactly what kind of soundbite will make everyone take notice. Her star is waning, so they have to be even more over the top than ever, but that’s no problem.

    It seems to be irrelevant whether she’s being praised or criticised – as long as people are talking about her, it doesn’t matter what they’re saying. To Katie, being sent to prison is just the next episode of her reality show, another chapter of her book, a new storyline to be reported and discussed now the relationship/surgery/messy house angles are stale. This is the currency she deals in, understands and values.

    Katie Price in 2023 brings to mind that old adage about the swan gliding serenely on the surface of a pond, while paddling madly underneath. Above water, she’s bold, brazen, unrepentant, shocking, tough as old boots. Underneath, she’s sad, small and scared. Broken. Empty. Lost.
    " BAH!