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  • * Resumé
    * Seksi Foters and Rubbish about "How seksi wot I iz innit.................."
    * Moosik! plus Odd Odes etc -
    * Assorted Books of Lies & Accompanying Shite from AFP-
    * Bankruptcy here we come Again AT LAST! Woo Hoo!!
    * Legohead aka Kryten- The One # 3698 - Its JJ The Noo Plonker in Chief - The Media Showmance
    * "Isss Awll Abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Innit!" & "Pwojects Awwwlll Abahhhttt MEEEEE!" & The "Brunch"
    *"Iss MEEEEEEE Mentawl 'Elf Innit!"
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * More shite on Tiktok, Flogging JYY Crap and Lives
    * Podcast Garbage
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire" :LOL:
    * Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Dodgy Gnashers, Surgeries, Crap Tattoos & FILTERS!
    * The ex-Husband Squad & Escapees - fighting back against the Gorgon
    * Getting at the Exes Plus The Escapees
    * "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva. Nor dem vape fings!"
    * Animals Bought (or grifted) to Die at the Shitty Shack. Take Note RSPCA :mad: -
    * Slamming & Swiping - its wot she duzz innit?
    * Twolls, Burglars, Vandals, Stalkers, Kidnappers, Wapists & 'Orsham's Own Banksy etc
    * Breaking The Law - Court Cases for Bankruptcy, Driving & God Knows What Else
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy - "Pimp My Child"
    * Those Poor Kids and "Crooly Mum-Shamed"
    * The Mucky Mansion aka The Shitty Shack -
    * Only Grans and Suchlike
    * Lies, Lies and More Lies
    * Work aka 'Olidays!! Woo Hoo!!
    * The Broken Trotters
    * The Media Sticking It To Her

    Here is a heartfelt plea to everybody - if you are out and about and spot the thing driving, PLEASE get photos/video footage identifying it! Its pretty certain you can earn a few quid from the media for it but think of the great act of citizenship you are doing in removing this #criminal junkie from the roads once and for all!

    Resumé -

    23.3.24 - A Week In The Life Of A Spiralling Out Of Control Skank 🤦🏽‍♀️😁 She is in trouble, big trouble with flaming arrows firing in on her, left, right, and centre with few defences left & it really does look game over for her. After years of lavish reckless spending and financial mismanagement, skank now finds herself a double bankrupt, with heavy addictions and a butchered face and body, oh yes she's is in BIG trouble! 👿 Skank is now a double bankrupt, a rare breed, but then she didn’t even bother to turn up to court to hear her fate, she sent no legal representation & it appears sheactually owes a staggering £750,000 in unpaid taxes, VAT and fines.!!
    *She was bragging that 2024 was gonna be her year back in January, well it’s looking like it is her year after all - her year to finally pay for all her feckless ways - we are pretty damned sure its not the kinda year she was expecting. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    *After being declared bankrupt in her absence Skank took Legohead to an Ex on the beach party. She got drunk as usual, annoyed the bouncers and other attendees by vaping against club rules & behaving like she was some sort of iconic superstar who mistakenly thought she was down with the kids - in Reality it just looked like Mum had turned up thinking she was youthful and young then got pissed, :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Accordingly most of the young crowd tried to avoid/ignore her, Lego was visibly cringeing looking very uncomfortable when photographed by her side and still never looking at it directly, but later on as the night came to a conclusion poor Lego appeared to be rowing with madam which was confirmed later to have occurred. He has been MIA ever since. The Fauxmance is clearly dead, even Skank hasn’t pushed it this week but he has been spotted driving the pink RR today so is still on the scene at the moment, He must have achieved the status of Chauffeur Dogsbody :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Presumably he wants out ASAP but as to whether she allows him to end the Contract so soon is still debatable because it it will look very embarrassing for her when she was trilling about him proposing to her less than a week ago, so she may well force him to to continue it for a while. But we all know it’s over & we wait to see where this goes next 🤔
    * Skank turned up wearing the same outfit as a fresh-faced young girl at the party. Of course in Her Mind Skank looked so much sexier, she really was wiping the shit with that slim pretty looking upstart…..(no this wasn’t the case, that was Skank’s deluded mind speaking) 🤦🏽‍♀️
    * Its been a roller-coaster of Bullshit & Lies from the thing trying to deflect from the past two Court cases within a week, neither of which she came out of looking good. Likewise out come all the Get Out of Jail Free Cards blaming the Media for lying about her and of course blaming Pete Yew Cunt because ultimately everything thats happened is all His Fault, then theres her Mentawl 'Elf thats plummeted to the degree she certainly will not be attending the next Court date because she is so ill (but she will still be doing podcasts for anybody who'll have her, flogging crap, personal appearances etc - just not answering questions in front of a Judge. Every single trick in the Book is being utilised by her and Clan Grifter to attempt to derail the next hearing in April.
    * Wonder if it'll appear at the crappy Entrepeneur Brunch tomorrow? One things for sure, she didn't get the invitation to guest on the Big Brother show as she said she was doing :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Seksi Foters and Rubbish about "How seksi wot I iz innit.................."
    23.3.24 - this is about as close to Seksi as you'll get - posting pictures of it's browkern trotterz wearing hideous plastic shoes, presumably to detract from her serious ongoing Mentawl 'Elf Inshoos

    Dates wiv Lego is soooooo ecksytin' innit! :ROFLMAO:This is about as close as anyone will get to a Womantic Pikcha of Usssss innit
    Pathetic (y)
    25.3.24 - Cringeworthy and truly embarrassing. "Me an' my boo................." How old is she? Ah yes she's 45 not 15, or did she just miss the other B off the end of "Boo"? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    and this horror!
    More furrows than a freshly ploughed field LOL
    27.3.24 - TWO hideous munters! Notice how skanky has now been in The Bizzniss for 30 years though!

    Moosik! plus Odd Odes etc -
    25.3.24 - Ah this explains why it keeps "Singing" whenever it can grab a microphone - God help us all! We are are being prepared for a fate worse than death............... https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/12608152/katie-price-music-career-tour-dates-jedward/ Yep its a "40 date TOUR of the UK", ie a few random tinpot festivals, her crapcast lives and any other mug's podcast she can elbow her way onto! Really she ought to be doing Comedy with all the hilarious stuff she's creating
    26.3.24 - Heres one for Legohead-
    A slit eyed midget from Leigh.
    Who could get Kipper into parties for free.
    But after booze and some coke
    Her vape she did smoke,
    Leaving Lego thinking "why me??"... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    There was an old slag from Brighton,
    Who found a new egg called Kryten,
    His eyes they were slitty,
    His necklace was shitty,
    And his mind it appeared, unenlightened
    27.3.24 - So it appears people were not impressed with her singing at the "brunch" rubbish then? "Give me earplugs!" was the cry from the captives https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/26943093/erratic-katie-price-grabs-mic-serenade-crowd-boozy-brunch/

    Bankruptcy here we come Again AT LAST! Woo Hoo!! -
    *Back to 2020 for this where it declares it's "Lost everything...............................". OK so what about all the crap she has as of right now then eh, the horses, numerous cars, the Shitty Shack etc etc???
    23.3.24 - just to get this little note out there so it can be said "Told ya so!" when come April it is due to attend Court in a personal appearance in front of The Beak to answer questions about her financial disasters. Odds-on it pulls this little stunt. https://tattle.life/attachments/2831845/ She’s looking for any excuse to start playing the victim saying the red tops etc are bullying her and affecting her mental health, thus she’s laying the ground and setting the scene ready in time for the upcoming BH because skanky is a very cold calculating creature & it knows exactly what she’s doing; Yet it’s also interesting as to what old bollocks, lies and bullshit she will come out to defend herself against as opposed to what she will remain silent about then completely ignore. Speaks volumes as to the type of scumbag this is
    * A comment from the Daily Mail today "Believe me when I say she is not worried!!!! She’s just been into a store where I work & she doesn’t have a care in the world… don’t believe everything you read!!!!" :mad:This was in Chichester today
    * Don't be fooled though - all this crap "She is really worried, her mental health is deteriorating rapidly, and she’s spiralling downhill quickly", is all part of the act to dodge the the BH hearing. Closer to the actual truth is she is not bothered at all, she is still spending cash like water, she is still going to keep the MM, still employing 5 staff full time, still earning undisclosed cash, and finally still driving around without a care in the world. Do not be taken in by this "Poor Katie her world is coming to an end" nonsense, because unfortunately it is bloody not. She has some knowledge of what is going to happen at this BH hearing, and whatever she has been told she knows things are not that bad. :mad:
    * and another

    25.3.24 - as per yesterday's "Brunch" farce, it proclaimed that "Evvrywun is bankrupt!", just not HER! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: The response?
    25.3.24 - H allegedly suffers a horrific 'injury' so is "rushed to A&E". He emerges later on Mummy's Insta with a tube bandage and no doubt a sticky-plaster over the horrendous wound (which looks very much like Mummy has just done it herself or got A Flunkey to fix it). The point here is that skanky doesn’t pay her tax bills but happy to use the NHS at the drop of a hat! Won't be long before she's begging the NHS to attempt to fix all her surgical botcheries and Turkey Teef for her either
    * Neither is she averse to accepting 350k+ a year for H's residential even though she doesnt pay her tax and vat nor contribute towards his stay. 🤬

    Legohead aka Kryten- The One # 3698 - Its JJ The Noo Plonker in Chief - The Media Showmance -

    24.3.24 - someone is posting on SB's Insta about Lego driving about in the pink RR
    Look at SB's comment though :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    25.3.24 - he got dragged along to her "Brunch" rubbish along with Bunty - looks like he's enjoying the scintillating company and sparkling repartée
    Not that he had a choice seeing as he is now Designated Driver for the thing
    25.3.24 - off out with skanky tonight, you lucky laddie! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-13237765/Katie-Price-new-boyfriend-JJ-Slater-theatre-date-night.html Yet again this just proves our point about skanky and her BS about her fear of Being in Court, her citing the Courts are too public and she's "Has high anxiety about attending due to the public and media being there". Remember her tantrum previously that got it adjourned? Yet old muvva skank has no issues whatsoever about going on stage in public over past few months either in panto, doing assorted rubbish podcasts or doing events in dodgy nightclubs etc., cavorting about on podiums bein' awl seksi & even attending that Irish event, all of which is very bizarre considering there are both public and media there. She has absolutely NO issues with any of that of course so surely she can't use that as an excuse to evade appearing when it's highly documented she has no problems at any other time - only Court appearances ? Is it just Judges and Financial Experts from HMRC that she's afraid of? 🙄🤔 Not that this drip Legohead is a lot of use anyway :)
    27.3.24 - Here he is again - the proverbial "Spare **ick at a wedding.................", him stuck there watching her fawn all over her Noo Bessy Mate who is writing a play about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

    "Isss Awll Abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Innit!" & "Pwojects Awwwlll Abahhhttt MEEEEE!" & The "Brunch" -
    Wherever she is, whatever the event it's the same old shit ... me me me ... my life ... a bit more about me ... ring Harvey ... sing (screech tone deafly) ... me me me ... my life ... and finally ... MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Whats wit this "amazing mother/ woman" crap from her moronic masses?. What actually is amazing about her?
    They call her it but never explain the reasons for her amazingness, in fact the only amazing thing is anyone still thinks she is still amazing in any shape or form.
    Or amazing that the drink and drug addled cretin can remain vertical and get "work"
    Or amazing she's still not in jail.
    Or amazing she's still allowed to cling onto her poor children
    Or amazing she can get anyone to even have a fake relationship with her.
    When fate finally catches up with her, kids back to dad, all pets rehomed, she's jailed, creditors paid...now THAT WILL BE AMAZING 23.3.24 - Tomorrow's "BS brunch" fiasco still seems to be going ahead, ie skank hasn't cried off just yet. Comments are appearing and disappearing just as fast but this one was captured :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    * "Eere yew fukkin' wankas! Siddahn and lissen ter MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ize can tell yers loadsa stuff abaaaht not paying dem wankas at der tax ofice an' how ter gettout of gowin ter Cort an fings! Be liyk MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE an' pay der bastids FUCKALL! Woo Hoo!! In enny cays iss awl der fawlt of dat wanka Pete Yew Cunt - eee tuk evrryfink I 'ad - inclewdin dat ahse in Sypruss - dat's myne anawl - 'e stowel it from MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..."
    NB: it did rant and swear the whole way through this fiasco There. You don't have to bother going now :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    24.3.24 - Todays the day for "Brunch" at 4pm woo hoo! I guess it'll have gone up yesterday in order to get a night-out on the lash in as well so will it be off to LAStudio for her bouncy blow dry? Edna's Orders (to ignore):-
    *Remember the dress code, to wear something black, smart and classy, not look like you are about to do a PA at some grotty nightclub in a lurid sausage skin & make sure you wear your 6” heels on those poorly trotters.
    * Remember to get to the venue on time, as people have paid for meet and greets. LOL
    * Make sure you don’t consume too much free Prosecco and end up slurring your speech and calling everyone dicks and arseholes and embarrass JJ. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Please remember not to vape like a dragon 🐲 in people’s faces and definitely do not try to sing. :eek:
    * I hope they enjoy your speech on being a hugely successful entrepreneur over the years and they too could make million to then lose it all blaming everyone else (especially Pete Yew Cunt)
    * Remember to mention it’s all Pete, Alex and Kieran’s fault and also the media who constantly write shit about you.
    * Make sure you definitely tell people about your bad mental health
    * Explain to them who Jordan is and ask if them if you are like they thought you would be. 🙄
    I hope Backgrid can take a few sneaky shots of you arriving with JJ and definitely leaving pissed up without him 👍
    * Yes it turned up! Sober(ish) on arrival but that won't last as it's necking the Prosecco already. They've plonked it down in front of the obligatory crumpled toilet paper background board and a couple of balloons! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Max Wall is in da house!!

    * She mentioned something about "People trying to damage her on the bankruptcy thing…we all do it, I’m over it, I’m fine…." - also someone else has just posted about her talking about her bankruptcy- notice she talks in singular - ONE Bankruptcy not TWO!. Basically says she is ok with it , she has a payment plan in place and she went to therapy and she is ok now. Also just said she has a business!!!! Really skank? The investigators will be busy this week then:) And she says she has a payment plan in place? What she is missing is that you actually have to make the payments on the plan. If she was doing that HMRC wouldn’t have applied for a second bankruptcy.
    * From the video - she's still brazening it out, still being smug….
    Skank”…..The media really do try to damage you on the bankruptcy thing, we all could do it, I’m over it, I’m fine, I earn, I own it”
    Interviewer…”You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t fine, give it up for Katie Price
    Cue applause 🤬
    * Surely if she is well enough to do a Q&A here in front of an audience, she is well enough to do a Q&A in front of a judge? She’s shooting herself in the foot here regarding turning up for the BH. If she can talk BH or BS here in front of an audience she can’t use her Mentawl 'Elf as a valid reason for not turning up at the next BH.
    *She's got Bunty there too!!!! The kid is totterring about in high heels like Mummy FFS! :mad:
    Now Princess isn't playing the game she's using her youngest daughter. Junior is out as usual & she won't risk Jett so let's wheel that little girl out. Surely everyone can see she's an unfit mother. It's a horrible spectacle
    * Wheeling out Harvey now - She’s phoning Harvey but he’s not having any of it, so she starts telling him he she has got him carrot cake.....................................
    * What has exhibiting her kids got to do with "Bizzniss" anyway? The invite says over 18’s only but of course that doesn’t apply to its offspring who are literally pimped out at every opportunity, and there’s a burlesque dancer on as well so great entertainment for Bunty. Maybe getting her some pointers for her videos when she can next get her online :mad:.
    * The Lies just fall out of it's foetid gob. Let's hope it has truly incriminated itself with this lot https://tattle.life/attachments/2835008/
    * and out with this one again - the perennial LIE - 'I own my house, it's mine, no one can take it off me'. So it doesn't have a massive mortgage and charges against it anymore then? Twat.
    * Oh god, she’s grabbing the mic and trying to sing now :eek:
    No sound though thank God!
    *Apparently Princess said to her the other day Mum I hear you sing that song all the time (A Whole New World) and you sound really good, but there is that YT of it sounding bad. She reckons someone messed with it. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:Now she starts singing it.
    * Name drops Pete (and Claire)
    * She's saying that she has had therapy and is fine now so she definitely can't pull that one out for next BH, yet on this week's crapcasts she's been playing the MH card for all she was worth! Talk about can't lie straight in bed. Basically she tailors whatever she says to what she thinks the audience wants to hear! None of it is actually the truth.
    *https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2835/2835007-f00927faa6933fbfa78804c47589ffc0.mp4 Swaying about rat-arsed and talking absolute bollocks!
    * Oh she so is, off her tits as usual, slurring and swearing loads. She really believes she’s coming back - she says doors are opening to her & she’s turning down work!!. Surely she cannot use MH at the BH now when she is answering questions to an audience because if she can do this, she can answer questions in a court can't she?? These videos are destroying her MH rants, though it’s clear she’s a bloody addict.
    * This garbage is just another inception and outing for the Plasterclass Routine including dragging out H & Bunty as The Cabaret
    Transcription from the main ‘speech’ from it, dispensing it's Great Wealth of Knowledge abaahhhtt Bizzniss
    "I say it as it is. Yes. I'm in a bankruptcy , but guess what? I own my house and no one can take it off me. You own business as well? *Yeah, I am a mom and dad. I run the ship. Okay? (heres the kids as an exhibit)
    *Like, oh, I can't cope. I can't cope. I can't cope. And you hide away. That's basically what happened to me. So then I had therapy, got out of it. I'm like, right. It's not as bad as you think. Just start communicating. (Like she does to the creditors and legals??)
    * These people start it all up, and then you get out of it. Yeah. You have to do payment plans for whatever.
    *It doesn't matter. Never be ashamed of it. I'm not ashamed, but I've been there and I'm speaking about it. But I'm right from you. I just Is there anyone like me who competes for me? :LOL:
    * Do you know when I started, it was me and Kelly Brook? We we can't do this. We do a retreat. Kelly Brook. It's so different.
    We need to do a retreat. Then we can have longer or we can't do that. You know, there's so many I would love to do a retreat. I'd love to be in therapist. I'd love to do a disability. (EH???) :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    (Heres H on the phone) There's so much well, the things this There's so many people here tonight who really wanted to see you, and they love you. And they want to say, I love you, Harvey. What do you want to say back? I love to hear them now. And guess what?
    * Yes. When you leave college, what does Harvey want to do? You're not sure? Do you want mommy to come home? Do you want mommy to give you cuddles and kisses?
    * I think because when you get there, then there's enough opportunity or you you grow. You grow. You grow. You grow. You grow.
    The you just Yeah. In my eyes, I haven't made it. What I've gone from now, I'm just in the beginning again, and I'm gonna grow it again.
    * It witters-on about it's Double-Numbers claptrap as well - does it mean it's Double-Bankruptcy?? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    *And how does fame do that to you? See, I don't think I'm famous. Famous to me is when you're known worldwide. I'm just in that fucking agent celebrity ness, whatever they want to sound. Is there a history one day or might I've never been against a mister. I don't believe in all that shit. I just think you are what you are, you wear you are where you are, and you cope with what you do.
    If anyone wants to enter this bullshit industry, I went, don't. Every day. There's about 3 or 4 stories every day on me, and I'm like, where the fuck have they got this from? What the fuck is it? I don't know.
    * Doors are open. I'm I'm so I'm happy. I'm having to turn work down now at the minute because one thing you can't do is exhaust yourself. Yeah. You can't exhaust yourself, and that used to bring me all I know is what I used to be is a product.
    * I was a product for managers. I wasn't a product for media. I'm a product. They didn't look at me as a human being with feelings and a family, and it ricochets off to my family what they see. I'm a product.
    And I'm like, fuck you with your product. I'm a do what I wanna do, and that's it. And things have started to change. You've got to be positive. Yeah.

    We all have shit in our lives but be positive. Trust me. Trust me. I I know it works. I know it works.
    I know it works. Thank you" :oops:
    And she got paid for that????????????????? What a pile of no- coherent dribble Skanky
    "The eyes are the nipples of the face" - Well she's not got nipples anymore and only one and a quarter eyes :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    *People admire her honestly whenever she says things it always ends up being the truth :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    *So many things have happened in her life, she’s got rid of so many people (more like vice versa skanky)
    *Shes scarred by being a product, managers aren’t your friends
    *Sets up bikini shots on holiday herself , better to show cellulite they get more money(Really?What about all your filters?)
    * Gets followed by paps same 3 or 4 guys, police don’t want to know :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    *She only lost Eurovision against Javine cos she was pregnant 🤣
    * She can sing, now singing "A Howelll Noo Wuuurrrllld". That appearance with Pete on telly was distorted to make her sound shit
    * Been in court lately more times than hot dinners (What?.. have we missed these ‘appearances!}
    * She likes Emily Attack - so slags her off anyway??
    * Stood for parliament in Stretton and Urmston, something to do with the daily star, people were voting for her, she would have won but people didn’t know her real name :sleep:
    * What has any of that got to do with being an entrepreneur? Just more woe is me I'm so hard done by shit!
    * She said it she will do what she wants to do. Shes got no intention of stopping what shes doing and no intention of taking any responsibility for anything - all she wants to do is avoid her next BH
    * Listen to the thing waffling-on here trying to sound intelligent and Bizzniss-like :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2837/2837026-a5544ef78bd25b73349624cd680f6ca1.mp4
    "Double income streams................................" FFS :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    So , I gleaned this . We all need to start selling eyelashes , starting small . Small eyelashes .
    The we need to decide if we are happy with a small house and garden . This , that.
    Then we must look for Double Numbers . This that, "Yew knaaaa - wipe the shit wiv awal dem yunger gels , steer the ship being Mum and Dad , do my caweew Natrul .
    This time next year we'll all be a millionaires WOO HOO!!!
    With any luck this latest book of hers will contain all her sound business advice because she’s practically Alan Sugar & Richard Branson rolled into one.
    25.3.24 -
    Whatever happened to the tv series Derren Litten was apparently writing for her eh? A figment of her imagination and delusion of grandeur? :ROFLMAO: (For info Andy Brennan is the drag queen she shared a dressing room with and vaped over constantly at that panto rubbish in Liverpool).
    27.3.24 - oh yeah and her singing was about on par with her Bizzniss acumen. "Give me strength!" said one unwilling victim :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/26943093/erratic-katie-price-grabs-mic-serenade-crowd-boozy-brunch/

    "Iss MEEEEEEE Mentawl 'Elf Innit!"
    25.3.24 - so you will see just from on here that already skanky & Clan Grifter are already laying out the groundwork for her Non-Appearance at the next hearing for her Bankruptcy in a couple of weeks time stating her terrible Mentawl 'Elf Ishoos and all the rest of their BS. She is (according to them) quite unable to stand up there in the dock without collapsing in sheer terror you see, the twarmer of it all has made her so ill she doesn't know what to do with herself -you know all that utter CRAP! However at the very same time skanky is absolutely fine to go on various podcasts and TV then state unequivocably she's been raped numerous times from childhood right up to a serious Gang-rape by six-armed men IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN!!. This has to be most intimate, stressful, traumatic thing that could ever happen to anybody and yet here she is, she's completely happy telling the entire public, repeatedly. Un-be-feckin-lievable.
    *Her claiming she's been "raped and assaulted" on podcasts or in her books has NEVER been questioned.
    However when she goes to court, she'll get questioned and cross-examined and then her LIES will become wildly apparent to everybody & thats why neither she nor Clan Grifter want her dragged in there kicking and screaming "Wape!". Its because they know the thing will disintegrate under questioning and all her lies will come pouring out (y)
    26.3.24 - this clip is from the "Entrepeneur Brunch" rubbish the other day when it rattled-on "Awwwllll Abbaaaht MEEEEEE!" instead of imparting any useful insight into "Bizzniss" in any format. Instead it again "shared" fasinating stuff (LIES) such as it "Twiyd ter 'ang meeself......... wowkup wiv too blak eyes blah blah blah................................................" (Not painted-on black eyes that time then eh skank??). :ROFLMAO:
    *Yeah we are getting the full-on Poor Meeeeeeeeeeee tweetmint as the next hearing draws ever closer 💤💤💤💤
    * So, wait a moment - that attempted suicide story has changed yet again (what a surprise!). She has said previously that it was the thought of her kids that stopped her from doing it yet in this latest account, she "hung" (I think she means "hanged") herself and blacked out coming round later - so more LIES!!! Its pretty amazing though how the silly bitch "hung herself" then got herself down and carried on with her day without a mark on her, rather like shen she was "waped" in Saaaarrrrffff Affrikka by 6 armed gunmen! And yet despite all her advertising of this "fact" she was not immediately put into a mental health unit for her own safety AND she's deemed fit enough to hold J&B hostage?? What a load of shit. :poop:
    * Don't forget she has also "Done an overdose" to try to get Dane Bowers back & was going to drive into a wall at Harvey’s nursery :rolleyes: She did have people on 24/7 watch when she split with Peter as she was shreiking she’s going to top herself! He couldn’t take the constant call’s off her saying she was going to kill herself😡 Its apparent that this is her modus operandi but she quickly moved on & trapped another The One, thus here we are again with the same-old-same-old shite, her suicide threats & now since Caroline Flack, the MH old chestnut🤮😡. Professional drama Queen & liar. Details in her shitty tomes & on earlier wikis

    Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap -
    23.3.24 - heres another outright LIE! Its says this when in reality its out on the lash with Legohead, not doing Pointy-Toe-Pouty-Face wearing AFP's bestest tablecloth!!
    Why is she wearing AFP's best tablecloth anyway???

    Podcast Garbage-
    25.3.24 - and some more garbage its guesting on. This sort of crap must be all "the work" she was boasting about on last night's BS Brunch Bollocks because for sure mainstream media won't touch her any longer so its awwwlll abbaaahht unknown idiots podcasting the same pish just different podcast. It’s like fucking Groundhog Day . Surely she must know how mind numbingly boring this all is - even Edna must know it?? One has to think that perhaps the poor bloody "hosts" are made to have her as a guest by the organisers thus cross-pollinating them all with the same utter garbage, but why can't skank just change the bloody record eh? BORING!! 💤💤💤 . They must be sick of her and her constant, never-ending, eternal, same-as-ever "Poor Meeee!" crap wheeled out for every single performance. Skank is blisteringly unaware of what an absolute pariah she is that it’s almost funny. What a pathetic, deluded excuse of a human but its OK though. Once she’s been round thall these Z Lister podcasters, what next for her? What if no-one else will have her? 😫 - so be it! Woo Hoo!
    Jamie east is presenting it, blowing smoke up her arse saying there a dedicated desk at DM HQ just to follow her life (of course there is - its all lifted BS off the thing's own SMs you moron!!)
    *Just the usual complaining about the media, People who form an opinion don’t know her you see -she’s used to the vile comments.
    *She never sees anything nice about her (Could that be because there IS'NT anything NICE about her possibly?)
    *Talking about Harvey’s trolls and his swearing on Loose Wimmin- she doesn’t know where his language comes from (We do)
    *No girls liked Jordan (nobody likes YOU skank!)
    *They’re reading comments out from the DM starting with the nicer ones - she says they’re dangling the candle (carrot) 🤣 by starting with the good ones
    *Doing a gig with Jedward, (like WOW she's really arrived eh?? LOL) - She's got 40 dates over the summer "singing" songs, 3 of her own and 3 covers, Claire from steps is also appearing:sleep:
    *Had a breakdown & hit rock bottom but came out the other end and has manifested music 🤣
    *Been in the Priory twice for PTSD still goes back to Roehampton every 3 weeks, never been in there for addiction - it cost £8.5-9k a week when she was in there. (Interesting note for the BH there)
    * Dealing with stuff behind the scenes not about her. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: (fucking LIAR!)
    * She's had a shit 5/6 years, a breakdown (not dwuggs you understand) and stuff butThe Pwiowy works for her... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * She doesn't vote (never has) because she doesn't understand it
    * She's real, not manufactured. (even when made of 98% plastic?)
    * Oh yeah, the surgeries its had and how it misses doing Lad Mag stuff - picked up by the Daily Mail
    *You can earn a fortune on OF it proclaims, it’s a good income stream but she doesn’t do nude shots (thank fuck for that!)
    *This weeks Harvey’s home - she's doing all the cleaning and the washing and the cooking, shes had to find someone to deal with Harvey this week whilst she’s working and Jett, (no mention of Bunny)
    *Bankruptcy story just breaking says she’s dealing with serious stuff at home and can’t mentally deal with going to Court, theres no ADHD meds available (even though it has admitted it doesn't take them anyway)
    If she goes to court the media and public will be there she can’t mentally deal with it. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * House is safe, people,don’t understand what the bankruptcy is all about and why it happened, it’s mentally draining, she’s learnt to deal with it in the priory (Yeah righty-ho skanky! Just spend MORE woo hoo!)
    *Still works and earns good money, looks after her kids plays the mum and dad role :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: (She's never there FGS)
    *No one’s ever explained vat and tax to her, she talks to junior about the industry all the time 🤣 but isn’t involved in Junior's career as "certain people won’t let her......." (Pete & Claire) - They’ve taken away her mother instinct so she’s not respected as a parent:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    *Princess is her mini me, the same people try the same with her but that doesn’t work, she was going to call princess Duchess, she likes royal names like king, prince, lady *She’s a good mum , "Look at Harv..... just me that’s brought him up... no dads involved, can’t say much about that....."
    (Isss awwwwlllll abbaaahhhhttt MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE innit! woo hoo! Yes and look at Harv - you have nothing to be proud of there skanky. His life could have been so much better without YOU)

    *She's going to defy the doctors and run a marathon again, even if she runs in moonboots.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Still saying you will NEVER EVER see pictures of her in a bikini or underwear on her instagram....LIAR!!!!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    *Been the Oscar’s 3 times & thinking of going again next year 🤣 (You have to be INVITED - its not your option to go or not)
    *Went to a 3 day party with Boris Johnson - he was with his wife , Pixie Lott and Liz Hurley - NB July 2019 "The ex-glamour model is said to have bared her boobs at the boozy VIP gathering after she was flown to Umbria for the occasion by private jet.
    Kate Price is thought to have bared all for Boris Johnson at a VIP bash in ItalyCredit: Instagram
    Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson frowned uninterestedly at the sight of Price's boobs, it is reported. Stunned fellow guests said the whole table fell silent before Price was escorted away and was not seen again for the rest of the weekend." (Put everyone off their Foie Gras...............)

    * "Everyone is in a bankruptcy!" it shreiks! WTAF!!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    27.3.24 - Here we go with yet another repeat ad infinitum of her usual bullshit "Awwwwllll Abaaaahhhttt MEEEEEEEEEEE!" - and YES its all the fault of MEN! (14) Katie Price #370 Skank’s been fooled, JJ’s not her next breeder, he’s been outed as a wooden fame-feeder. | Page 16 | Tattle Life Not sure why we bother documenting this bollocks but so far these things have proven to be a wealth of info as per skanky dropping itself in the shite time & again with LIES and different versions of her usual sordid tales
    * Her bankruptcy, Its all the fault of men, all her relationships since Pete have all been 'rebounds' only that one was 'real' ... and it's not just any old ADHD that Kipper claims to have ... all together now its 'SEVERE ADHD', QUOTE from article ... she is innocent and gullible apparently... 😂😂😂😂
    "I've now been diagnosed, not that I believe in labels, but it makes sense that I've got severe ADHD," she said.
    "And it would make sense now, because I've made the wrong choices, done the wrong things, when really I'm just innocent (and) gullible."

    * She (Elizabeth) thinks she is great.
    * So skank doesn't like labels but she has SEVERE ADHD everyone! And she's made wrong choices, she's innocent but gullible :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * She loves being at home. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Always into horses, never into boys (Not what we heard ie BJs under the school desks). :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Swimming, gymnastics then family. She does dressage and show jumping,
    * You never hear of the charity work she does or her homelife. (Basically she does NO CHARITY WORK and she's never At Home)
    * Media wasn't like that in the 90s - it's now mental abuse. "Poor MEEEEEEEEEEE!"
    * She doesn't care if they don't put a picture of her in the press again (stop selling Backend pictures then)
    * The Press don't give her a break. She oesn't understand why they keep doing it. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * She hates the word "famous". (Really? Thought it was her Be All and End All?)
    * She's turned up on her own to this nonsense, no entourage, no Edna! Elizabeth is fawning over her. 💤
    * She started this when she was 15/16 - page 3 when she was 17.
    * Her life is a drama, it is real. (and all of her own making)
    * She talks about things, she's not manufactured you know (She's not a Product - remember that!) :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * She's learned through therapy not to retaliate, she has learnt to listen and uses her support group. She's so real. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Surgery is like shopping to her. (Shopping in Poundland presumably?) :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Chats shit about surgery. Had so many anaesthetics
    * She's photogenic. Asking Elizabeth if she thinks she is beautiful.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: FFS!
    * Her house is chaos, she had all the kids in the kitchen doing her pod, not sure when this was recorded as said her mum was there and Princess, think it must of been a while back as now talking about kids doing I'm a celeb and she told P she must have the braids in too.
    * P didn't know her and Pete (name dropping him lots) did an album together until about 4 months ago (bet that not one in Pete's collection)
    * Elizabeth thinks she is an amazing mother. She's caring. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Talks about trying to abort H. Never taken a penny off his dad EVER, EVER, EVER and his real dad doesn't want to see him, but the door is always open. (AFP took £35k a year off DY up until he left for residential though)
    * Listing H's complex needs. (Rubbing it in for the BH in a week or so)
    * The bond is amazing with H . All he wants is her, cuddles and kisses - no one else can calm him dontcha knaaaw.....................;
    * She is hardly taking breath whilst spewing this garbage out from her script.
    * The others (kids) who have dad's, "Their dads are a nightmare and I have therapy to deal with that".
    * Her successes have always been overshadowed by her failures, but Elizabeth is impressed by how she apologises (Really? When was that??)
    * T
    here's a new version of the rape at 23.56 :
    "Can I ask you about that assault in a park when you were seven? That sounds totally terrifying. Did it scare you at the time, did you tell anyone about it?"
    "Yeah, well my mum was there havin’ a cuppa tea at the café. I remember all the police comin’ an’ they took all my knickers and all of that to look at, yeah an’ I can remember what the man looked like now but they never found him. I can remember it as clear as day.
    " :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop: n.b. How come she wasn't taken to hospital, or will that be added the next time she gets some crawly interview?
    * More Men to slag off/ blame - Her real dad never came to anything she did, she calls it abandonment - she still sees her real dad now and again. Wants the fairytale family unit.
    * Exhausted with relationships and marriages, the first one Pete (name dropping yet again) "Read me mum's book!!" ie HER book!! She's been gagged!! It wasn't a real marriage she sez as she did it all on TV, magazines. The 2nd ones were a rebounds. Pete mentioned again. (Right so it wasn't a real marriage but she decided to bring two kids into it? Nice Kipper, nice.......then again we all know you called P. ugly on the baby scans.) She just can't help revealing her true character, to her everything in life is to benefit her & nobody else - not even her own children
    * Had domestic abuse. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Red flags. :sleep::sleep:
    * Never had a one night stand in her life. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * People don't know what Jordan did. 💤 When she went out she looked like a slag, a hooker, trash, little outfits. (Truest words spoken in this BS) (y)
    * Failures, she has chosen 3 Marriages, her choices.
    *Here we go...waped when she was 7, man tried to get her in the car (this is a new one she pulled from the bag), the photographer who was obsessed with her of course, well its moreorless word for word as per all her other interviews. First boyfriend beat her up, the next used to cut her clothes up, her mum used to have to pick her up when she was naked in the street, then the next one cheated on her. Blah blah blah, forever onwards it all goes.....................
    * If men hadn't been in her life she wouldn't have been in the bankruptcy thing she's been in, "I wouldn't be tormented in my brain, mentally abused, it's all to do with men". If this is the case then skanky the answer is simple - give up men, become a Lesbian (if they'll have you). Simples!!
    *"I have therapy all because of men".
    * PTSD.... sees a therapist every 2 weeks. Talking over Elizabeth, hardly letting her say anything. She was in the Priory for SEVERE trauma rehabilitation you know........... PTSD, all caused by MEN ....... 💤💤💤
    * The wapes never bothered her until the Piers Morgan show (convenient!) After the park episode, the police took her knickers away, she still remembers what he looked like, she doesn't mind talking about it.(Of course not eh skank?)
    * The people who did Celeb SAS said she was the strongest mentally and how matter of fact she was. (and heres her telling everybody she's a flake due to her Mentawl 'Elf & MEN??) Funny but others on here remember something entirely different, ie her being screamed at on Celebrity SAS for being lazy and not taking anything seriously then she was unceremoniously kicked off lol She only lasted a couple of days before they could take no more of it :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Reels off what she has dealt with in therapy. 💤💤💤
    * Boundaries getting a mention again now, "Why should a guy have the password to her phone?". (She had SB's and probably all the others too) "Why should a guy come to her workspace all the time, that is not normal? Why would someone stop her working to earn money as they think she might bump into an ex?" 💤💤💤
    *Name dropping Pete again.
    * Every time she has a drink and wants to do karaoke (that often???), she wants to do that song - then it starts singing "A howell Noo Wurrrld" & that causes problems - "Its not because I'm thinking of Pete, I love Whitney Houston".
    *Her exs all controlled her. They knew if they went out with her she gets attention, but she doesn't do it for that. She gets invited to all these things, she's normal. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    *Never had a same sex relationship & here comes the Playboy Mansion tale :rolleyes:
    * Never been with a girl. If she ever went for a girl, they would have to look like a pretty boy. Now she's asking Elizabeth if she is gay or straight.
    * Men turn it round to make it her fault. (That she's a slag that sleeps about? Naaaaah!)
    * NEVER, EVER had a man take her shopping, never had a man book a table for a night out, or book something to go away treating HER -, she is used to paying for everything.
    * Now mental health... "You want to die." it proclaims " Everything is noise black, don't communicate."
    *She was drowning, had 3 massive kidnap threats where they wanted to kill her, Scotland Yard used to take her kids to school.
    * Now Saaarrrrfff AffrikkaA...Neil still can't see properly now because he was knocked out in the car, blood everywhere, they were holding guns at us, she was on the front seat and the guy was doing what he was doing to her while the kids were on the back seat, inappropriately touching her, "thought we were going to die, then I had a pillow which I put over my head, as I thought they were going to shoot us, so I was protecting the kids, it was horrific". :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: LIES abounding
    *Princess had to have therapy, till this day, she doesn't like it dark, going out in the cars and stuff.
    *Asks, ED, do I exhaust you?
    * Back to Mentawl 'Elf again "You don't reply to bills, or communicate". Talking over ED again. "Just communicate with these people, don't ignore.!"
    * She knows what she wants, & picks and chooses work, "I don't have a manager, don't want one". All these doors open, podcasts, tv, people want to work with her Her kids are older but she wants more kids but has to check her eggs as she is older now. She has done IVF before twice and it failed.
    * "Do we have to end?" ("Iye aint finnishd torkin abaaahhht MEEEEEEEEE yet!") And it will positively say at some point "I will have to come back on..." then insist THEY invited her!!:rolleyes:
    * She's very misunderstood and completely different to what the public are seeing. She is very kind, chilled, laid back, patient and wants to do everything for everyone, always last to do things for herself. One of her weddings, made sure all her bridesmaids hair and make up was done and quickly did her own. (FFS what utter BS :poop::poop::poop: "Last to do things for herself?" She's forever getting things done for herself and it's always been that way. She actually believes her own lies!! It's just a constant repeat on every podcast/appearance she does.These crapcasters are only inviting her to events and podcasts because she's a car crash and that will bring them publicity. "Skanky - the Final Meltdown"
    * And a nugget of inspiration here from the thing "Don't judge a book by it's character" (???)
    * She's a survivor.
    * Finally, Failure...
    *Her glorious singing career. Eurovision, Pete gets mentioned again and again. Shewas pregnant in a pink cat suit.
    *She's on the beg for her record deal with Sony again (as she is in the building which is Sony)
    *Now on about her summer being fully booked, singing 6 of her own songs, 6 club classics. Her diary is fully booked. Can't dance, loves singing live.
    * Browken trotterz... those life changing injuries that have made fuck-all difference to her grim existence.
    * She thinks she can sing. Pete gets mentioned again.
    * Actually she doesn't care what anyone thinks, she manifesting singing, being bombarded.
    * She's Got some gigs coming up in Dubai - :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * She's done the Priory stuff, her deep depression, the bankruptcy noise, "It's a weird bankruptcy and I think the word bankruptcy it can mean all different things and my house is safe, no one can take my house, it's all to do with exs the bankruptcy".
    * She wants to come back on.... BINGO! Game set & match :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    She can talk a a glass eye to sleep........................... 💤💤💤 There is absolutely nothing here that it has'nt spouted in the last 50000 crapcasts or interviews its already done, plus the next edition of crap with that idiot James English will certainly be identical.

    Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Dodgy Gnashers, Surgeries, Crap Tattoos & FILTERS! -
    Look at the wonky norks - they're getting worse!!

    27.3.24 https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/other/katie-price-insists-she-s-no-hypocrite-as-she-issues-plastic-surgery-warning-to-young-women/ar-BB1kAyAU?ocid=msedgntp&pc=ACTS&cvid=e0d59640988b4390b319c4476d27854c&ei=45
    All very well coming from a thing that is 98% plastic

    :unsure:Slamming & Swiping - its wot she duzz innit? -
    27.3.24 -https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-13241107/Katie-Price-undergoing-plastic-surgery.html The embittered old bag pouring forth its jealousy onto Young Women

    Getting at the Exes Plus The Escapees -
    23.3.24 - See! Its all Pete Yew Wanka's fawlt - always has been and always will be :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Nevertheless in 2019 it was still dishing out the same old shite - https://closeronline.co.uk/celebrity/news/katie-price-peter-andre-marriage-reunite/
    Well that all worked out didn't it? Theres Pete in a loving relationship with his clever, articulate wife, four happy kids plus baby imminent, living in a lovely home, financially secure with a healthy career - yes of course he's going to sling it all away to go back grovelling to the skank to become her chauffeur / whipping boy again :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Righty-ho skanky!
    * EXCLUSIVE - The fall of Katie Price: How split from Peter Andre led the bankrupt star into a spiral of self-destruction - and now those closest to her are fearing the worst By Katie Hind12:10, 23 Mar 2024 , updated 12:36, 23 Mar 2024
    "Sobbing at the baggage reclaim carousel at Malaga airport in the summer of 2009, Katie Price told me that her life was 'over' following her split from her beloved husband, Peter Andre. Make-up free and dressed down in a tracksuit, she admitted 'things were never going to be good again' as she laid bare her heartache at their four-year marriage coming to an end.
    'Everything is so sad,' she confessed – even though, at that very moment, she was off on her first holiday to Marbella with a new boyfriend, Alex Reid.
    It was a statement that could not be more poignant today, as Katie – the glamour model formerly known as Jordan – faces losing her home and even criminal proceedings after being declared bankrupt for the second time.
    Last Monday, a judge at the Insolvency and Companies Court heard how she owes nearly £762,000 to HMRC, which issued a bankruptcy petition last October following her tax self-assessments from the years 2020-2021 and 2021-22.
    It's been revealed that she owes huge sums: £142,405 and £196,735 for the tax years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, plus £140,000 in VAT.
    She has also been charged with late penalties and interest on top of this and has now racked up debts of more than £3.2million.
    And this isn't her first bankruptcy - the same thing happened to her in 2019. Now, though, she could lose everything apart from the 'bare essentials' – including her £2million mansion in West Sussex – after owing the taxman money from her hundreds of thousands of pounds of earnings on OnlyFans, the online subscription service where her fans pay for risqué pictures of her.
    Price, 45, could even face criminal proceedings and jail time like disgraced tennis star Boris Becker, who too fell foul of tax authorities in Britain.
    On the surface it seems, however, that Price has had her head in the sand about the scale of her troubles. She has continued to have lavish holidays with her current boyfriend, JJ Slater, who recently starred on reality television programme, Married at First Sight. The pair were recently seen on a skiing trip despite her vast debts.
    It is quite the fall for Price, who shortly after her split from Andre was said to be worth £40million.
    But since they divorced in 2010, her life has spiralled out of control so dramatically that some of her closest friends and family members now fear for her wellbeing. One friend of the star said: 'Katie always feared that she would never get over Pete. He was the love of her life and when things went wrong she was heartbroken.
    'While she would often complain that he was strict with her and wouldn't always let her do what she wanted to, he kept her on the straight and narrow. He made sure that she was on top of her life.
    'But more than that, she was happy with him, she was content. (Didn't stop her shagging around though)
    'Yes, there were cameras in their house, filming their home life for documentaries but it was the most normal Katie had been. She was happy, totally loved up and she wanted to live like that forever.
    'Pete was her protector. He wouldn't see any harm come her way. Her life fell apart when they split up and it has gradually got worse and worse, into the biggest car crash.'
    Price could certainly have done with Pete by her side this week when, instead of being present in court, she learned she had been made bankrupt while appearing on the Mail's showbiz Straight To The Comments! Podcast.
    When told the news, she replied: 'Oh get lost... Are you actually serious, while I'm sat here? What have I done now?'
    She added: 'I know I had court, I think it was last week or the week before. Because of what's going on in my life, I've actually been signed off because... I'm dealing with serious stuff.
    'There's all different kinds of bankruptcy, I think they just use the word 'bankruptcy'. No one actually knows the ins and outs of everything.
    'And trust me, I don't get away with stuff either. Like, you can't, like tax, you can't ever run away from, you have to pay. Don't think I sit and don't pay stuff, because I do.' :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Some may beg to differ. Last week, she was fined £880 for driving without a licence or insurance in Northamptonshire in August last year. And she was visited by bailiffs recently who appeared to take a fleet of cars to recoup a £250,000 debt she owes her third ex-husband, personal trainer Kieran Hayler. (W
    asn't that debt to Alex, not Kieron?)
    It's quite a fall for Brighton-born Price, who shot to fame aged 16 when she began working as a Page 3 girl. Famous almost overnight, she quickly became the most sought after fodder for red top newspapers and was paid six-figure sums in return for endless interviews and photoshoots in OK! Magazine.
    Her love life gave her plenty to talk about: she would be seen falling out of nightclubs on a weekly basis, and dated a string of famous men, including singer Dane Bowers and Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke, with whom she went on to have son, Harvey, who has the condition septo-optic dysplasia which has left him blind and autistic.
    Then she met Andre on the set of I'm A Celebrity in 2004. A year later, they married in a fairytale ceremony at Highclere Castle. The bride arrived in a carriage, dressed in a light pink meringue-style gown.
    The couple went on to have son Junior, now 18, followed by daughter Princess, 16.
    Today, Junior, who strongly resembles his father, is said to have a 'strained' relationship with his mother, while Princess and Price are close.
    Following her split from Andre after a three and a half year marriage, she went onto marry cage fighter Reid less than a year later in Las Vegas. That marriage lasted little over a year.
    Next up was Brazilian model Leandro Penna. Despite his English being rather scratchy, they became engaged but split before walking down the aisle.
    Then there was a brief fling with rugby star Danny Cipriani before she met personal trainer Hayler, who she married in 2013. They had two children, Jett, 11, and Bunny, ten, before splitting in 2018.
    Since then Price has flitted between boyfriends and admitted to self-medicating by using cocaine. After this revelation in 2021, she checked into the Priory and has since insisted her drug use is behind her :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    Apart from filming her content for OnlyFans, Price spends her time pottering near her now rather dilapidated home in the tiny village of Dial Post in West Sussex. She's often seen driving her pink Range Rover and regularly frequents the café at the Old Barn garden centre across the road from her home, where she enjoys a cup of tea and a cake.
    Of course, it isn't just her heartache at losing Andre that has set her on a course of self-destruction. Price has spoken openly of being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has told how she was raped in a park, aged just seven.
    Then when she was 12, she says a photographer took indecent images of her when she started her modelling career.
    Add to this, were her fears that her beloved mother Amy would die after being diagnosed with the terminal condition idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Thankfully, she has since been saved by a lung transplant.
    However, as Price's life becomes increasingly chaotic by the day, it has reached the point where those who care for her have begun to fear the worst.A source close to those who know Price told me: 'Watching Katie deteriorate so much is devastating. She just won't listen to anyone. She thinks she knows best and a lot of the time doesn't appear to worry about things that are really very serious. It doesn't matter how many times she is told that she needs to address matters such as paying her bills, she buries her head in the sand and carries on'. It is very easy to get really cross with her but in fact, her friends and family are deeply concerned for her wellbeing.......It has got to the point where some fear that at any point they could get a phone call to say that something awful and tragic has happened. It is heartbreaking.' (
    Indeed, as I know, in the flesh Price can be more vulnerable than bolshy. When she wept openly to me in August 2009, I was struck by how frail she was and, more than that, how insecure she appeared: for example, she complained about a spot on her face that she hadn't covered up with make up. It was quite the opposite to the brash, loud and extremely confident woman I had met so many times before under her previous guise as Jordan.
    At the time, she truly believed she had reached rock bottom but almost 15 years later, she has sunk to significant new depths. As one friend puts it: 'How much worse is it going to get now? We dread to think.' :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    NO, we don't care!!
    * This bit though - "Apart from filming her content for OnlyFans, Price spends her time pottering near her now rather dilapidated home in the tiny village of Dial Post in West Susse x. She's often seen driving her pink Range Rover and regularly frequents the café at the Old Barn garden centre across the road from her home......."
    She’s often seen driving her pink RR…. said in the present tense. How long ago did she lose her licence?? :unsure:
    27.3.24 - "If men had not been in my life, I wouldn't be in the bankruptcy things that I've been in. I wouldn't be tormented in my brain or mentally abused like I have been." https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-blames-second-bankruptcy-32449558

    "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva. Nor dem vape fings!"

    * From back-in-the day but it shows her drug-taking is nothing new- its just got WORSE over the years to make it into the drug-addled mess it is now! She proudly brags about this FACT in one of her shitty tomes https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/7847534/katie-prices-motherhood-battles/amp/

    Twolls, Burglars, Vandals, Stalkers, Kidnappers, Wapists & 'Orsham's Own Banksy etc-
    23.3.24 - We’ve probably gone over Saaarrrfff Affrikka a million times and more on here, but seeing as she's now telling yet another Wape tale lets put these back on here - there are so many versions, tales from Neil Tawse and the police video statement is on the earlier wikis.
    Aftermath of Katie Price's horrific South Africa carjacking to be aired on TV
    The star will be seen describing the terrifying ordeal in scenes on her show, My Crazy Life
    Katie Price 'changes story' about carjacking as she claims she was punched
    Katie Price's convoy was attacked by thugs leaving them stranded after they stole the keys and demanded cash from her
    Katie Price hits back 'I don't make anything up' as she recalls 'horrific' rape
    Hitting back at trolls, Katie Price has said she has made nothing up in her Channel 4 documentary, after revealing how being raped at gunpoint in 2018 led to her being suicidal
    Katie Price's bodyguard thought she'd been shot in horrific car-jacking attack
    Neil Tawse breaks his silence over the terrifying South Africa experience, which landed him in hospital after armed thugs beat him
    A source has it on good authority that it never happened. So who is telling the truth? :unsure: We all know that in Skankland, there are facts, also there are alternate facts and then there are Katie's facts, aka LIES.
    * Word has it that this Neil Tawse was another of her Victims when she was married to Keiran 🤔. Her "Security Advisor "she said he was (and a crap one obviously) - but is that what you call his "job" these days? Quite a little mystery........
    * If you look at ITV's statement it's quite carefully worded like a legally drafted statement. A bit like the Queens 'recollections may vary'. They are not saying she lied categorically but they are saying there were witnesses whose story would be very different to one of her versions at the very least. This is presumably in case they ever need to defend themselves in Court against her scurrilous allegations, such as her insisting they let it happen by dereliction of duty which is a serious accusation. This statement is their side of the story in it's basic form which appears to be like the first legal shot being fired, 'We have witnesses...... so shut yer cakehole skanky!" IF it decided to sue them they are letting her know that her account and the witnesses' would be picked apart in court. As a renowned LIAR skanky has the most to lose of course.
    "All security protocols were followed and the robbery was investigated at the time by the local police and the production team. Extensive and long-term support was offered to Katie and her family following the robbery. Reported allegations of sexual assualt are most concerning. At no point, during the robbery or the subsequent investigation, did anyone involved or who witnessed this incident suggest that a rape had taken place."'
    * Does anybody buy into any of her rubbish?? Four kids see their "mother" get brutally abused and waped by six men at gunpoint but what the hell eh? Awwww let's take your mind off it by going Shark diving the next day! Theres not a single mark on her either for somebody who had been brutally abused, manhandled by 6 attackers and then waped by them, plus in photos and other footage it is seen laughing and joking with the crew both in the ambulance and elsewhere afterwards. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5981797/katie-price-shark-driving-bikini-south-africa/
    27.3.24 - on another crapcast its guesting on its digging all this out yet again! More devitions from previous occasions though - this version says that "Terrified Katie hugged them as the car was ransacked........................." How can she do that from the front seat?
    Also “I grabbed a pillow and launched myself in front of the kids, trying to protect them, waiting for a bullet to hit me. I thought I was going to die. Police said it was a miracle they didn’t kill us." :unsure: Oh yeah, a pillow over her head to protect the kids? How does that work? Its rather different from previous versions, in fact its altogether different from the version in AFP's Book of Lies where AFP / skanky said it was a female crew member in the back with the children - not the skank!
    I suppose in those distant days it had'nt cottoned-on to the idea of painting on a few broosis to sell the story to the media (cue Slapgate), but look, it was soooooooooo upset, nay devastated by the assault and wapes yet here it is off diving with sharks, laughing and joking. (Poor bloody sharks. What did they do to deserve that eh?)
    * Yet she still thinks she is so clever and has One-Up on everybody else :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Note we are getting The Crown thing again - she must have been doing her stickmen pictures again for der Pwiowy :coronation:
    * Oh yeah skanky. Contemporary evidence from her shag-partner Tawse states categorically that THERE WERE NO GUNS involved!!

    Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy - "Pimp My Child" -
    25.3.24 - It has H for a couple of days for Easter at the hovel (well the flunkeys do) and we get this! Gotta get some mileage outta him to make it worthwhile eh?
    So then, rushed Harvey to hospital but had enough time to take a picture of the blood and post it - he prob slipped on the dog shit she does not clean up and banged into the wall and floor. Maybe she should have left him at his residential where he's safe but no - its awl about publicity for MEEEEEEEEE innit? - but it’s just one thing in a long line of planned things her and the Clan have arranged to happen in the lead up to the bankruptcy hearing. We can see it clear as day. I just hope the judge does too. She knows exactly what she’s doing.
    * WOO HOO! "A Major Update"! H cut his hand - stop the world!!! Likely skank never took him to hospital at all - that tube bandage for a start doesn't look very porofessional as you'd expect from A Hospital. This is just more of her deflections he's being USED for :mad: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/26915120/katie-price-son-harvey-hospital-dash/ The fingernails in the picture re definately not hers as these are quite short and pink whereas skank's most definately are not
    Her exploitation of her children (Harvey especially) is sickening!

    Those Poor Kids and "Crooly Mum-Shamed"-

    24.3.24 - It turned Bunty out at the event dressed like MEEEEEEEEE, including these awful, inappropriate shoes FFS!! Why is a 9 year old girl wearing such things????
    Also this was supposed to be an Over 18s "event so why was the child there anyway???
    26.3.24 - Following on from it's pronouncement on one of the recent crapcasts that it is "both Mother & Father to those kids", even one of it's super fan / sock accounts has said it 'Plays mum and dad when she has them'. "Plays" says it all really but it does underline that in fact they're NOT with the skank 24/7 when even her grubby smear campaign employees/flunkeys have to admit to that little number! :ROFLMAO:

    The Mucky Mansion aka The Shitty Shack -
    26.3.24 - heres the Mail reminding everyone of the sheer arrogance of the thing when it comes to losing the Shitty Shack due to Her Collossal Debts (as she should rightly do). And all lifted directly from her latest Rent-a-Gob Entrepeneur's "Brunch" fing. No payout for YOU skanky! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/26911925/katie-price-rant-mucky-mansion-bankruptcy/

    Lies, Lies and More Lies -
    The Overturned BMW tale - another story that changed over different versions being spewed out. On the first outing (when skanky had gone out in the car in the early hours to "visit A Fwend" aka Dealer, the heroic knight-in-shining-armour who rescued her in a traumatised state was a middle aged guy who heard the smash and came running out his house to find skank sat on the grass verge. Very quickly the story was amended to "a middle aged man on his way home from a Nightshift who found her and rang plod but didn't want to be named", then for the TV documentary he became young heroic Lee Purkiss who was driving home from a nightshift but for some reason decided to take another longer route home and found the upturned vehicle with skank crying for help! Like Superman he heroically dragged her from the wreckage then sat consoling her by the side of the road until plod, the ambulance and fire service arrived.😉!!!! Good 'ol "Lee" read his script provided by Edna very well indeed - he was as convincing as any of the rest of Clan Grifter's Lies. Oh and let us not forget that skanky tested positive for both booze and drugs when the police turned up, in fact she admitted to both but has since denied all of it because The Media are telling lies about her and making it all up as they always do - plus who the hell goes to "visit a fwend" at 5am anyway eh?
    * The Saga of The Wapes - Funny Amy missed that details of skank having been abused by her dad's friend in her Book of Lies - the incident skank was on about to James English. She failed to say whether it was her real dad Ray's mate or perv stepdad Paul's mate??

    The Media Sticking It To Her -
    23.3.24 - The Sun have steadfastly refused to remove this article about H being booted-out of his current residential citing HER NOT PAYING as the reason for it. In fact the good ol' taxpayer pays for it all (so deffo not skanky who pays for fuck-all for Her Son) but she's got the right hump over it so is slinging her toys outta the pram in protest - this being the person who ALWAYS brings her son into it! Actually it’s only the headline that’s misleading because the article does say it’s "fully funded", however, that doesn’t tie into her victim mentality because now she can screech they are "Mentally abusing MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" too!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    25.3.24 - The Media are not being at all #Kind to her - heres the Mail about H. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-13235539/Katie-Price-reveals-disabled-son-Harvey-21-rushed-hospital-posts-shocking-picture-blood-spattered-bricks.html?ico=related-replace# - the comments are not in her favour either :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * Heres The Sun sticking it to her about this fake Womance with ol' Legohead. They cannot say it themselves but they sure-as-hell can get someone else to stab her one like a kebab on a skewer. This is top trolling from The Sun because they know they can’t just say it’s fake, so they’ve actually commissioned a Body Language expert to say it for them - truly inspired. Basically this Expert is saying precisely what we’ve been saying all the long, that it’s fake, fake, fake 😂 - and they liken skanky's blokes to Ox-pecker birds picking the fleas off a Hippo's arse :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/26814157/katie-price-jj-slater-mafs-bianca-ella-body-language/ :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    * and this one pointing out that she took Bunty out of school to go to this shitty Over 18s "event" and dressed her like a hooker!
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/katie-price/article-13235003/Katie-Price-sparks-concern-daughter-Bunny-nine-wears-high-heels-make-stage-18s-event.html :mad:
    26.3.24 - Heres the Sun sticking one to it over it going out on the razz when H has apparently been taken to 'orspitawl earlier in the day. "Twice-bankrupt Katie Price, 45, enjoys date with boyfriend JJ Slater, 31, after son Harvey is rushed to hospital"
    Twice-bankrupt Katie Price, 45, enjoys date with boyfriend JJ Slater, 31, after son Harvey is rushed to hospital | The Sun
    * and theSun again here regurgitating her BS lifted from the crapcasts about "A West-End show ritten abaaahhhhtttt MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Yeah righty-ho skank!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Note they use the word "claims" cos they don't believe a bloody word of this garbage & lies like the rest of us. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/26919818/katie-price-claims-west-end-show-writer
    * a double whammy for the Double-Bankrupt, compliments of The Sun naturally (y)
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/26934962/katie-price-buys-expensive-drinks-despite-bankruptcy/ Still got the cash to buy booze for her Z List cronies, and this belter from it which will go down like a lead balloon with the BH lot. Apparently she didn’t want to stay in the VIP area...... Translated - the other "VIPs" we’re not fawning over her as required (they were ignoring the drunken old granny), so it decided to ditch them in favour of the plebs who would feel honoured she can join them to massage her ego :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    This quote now has the added word(s) from what was originally reported - "claims she’s been ‘signed off court appearances’ because of ‘bad personal problems’ amid second bankruptcy"
    I'd like her to explain that as I can almost guarantee that she's imagined it! She has absolutely "claimed" it. LIES!
    Using the latest byword again though :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:😴😴💤💤
    27.3.24 - Quote from an article in the Daily Star ... tongue firmly in cheek methinks 😂😂😂
    "The Pricey, 45, never fails to dazzle the internet with her effortless beauty and stellar style. From eye-popping frocks to skimpy stage outfits, Katie knows how to get her loyal legion of followers hot under the collar". Its more likely people are hot-under-the-collar with homicidal thoughts having read the latest bullshit about the thing
    * GB News are discussing skanky coz of her ‘Katie Price warns women not to get fillers and boob jobs‘ crap…..all the blokes said how awful she looks and the best quote about her boobs was “it looks like a dead heat in a zeppelin race” only the bigger one is winning of course 🤣🤣
    * an excellent observation in the comments section in the Mirror