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    A sack of shit tied up in the middle, with the Boots of course :)
    13.9.22 - And again, bein' awl seksi wearing the boots (no raspberries either)
    Who exactly is this because it sure ain't skanky?
    Three million levels of camera filters gives this image :)


    https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=sSCtDwAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=Katie+price+books+being+jordan&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwir_bisi8H1AhXGQUEAHdq-B6AQ6wF6BAgEEAU#v=onepage&q=Katie%20price%20books%20being%20jordan&f=false More lies!
    Bending John Bishop's earholes about her numerous "rapes" but this one contains another New Addition in that one guilty party was a "family member". How long before the Seven Dwarves are also accused? Its also been leaked that PFP's brother was nicked for molesting a young lad a few years ago so we get this from the skank's mouthpiece in answer to it
    "a spokesman for Ms Price said: “Katie has never heard of this man and has never met him.
    “He is a long distance relative of her stepfather and until Monday she did not know that he existed. Any action that harms any child is something Katie finds abhorrent."

    How the fuck does that fit in with wishing MP's unborn child dead or disabled then?

    A nicely compiled resumé of skanky's Lie Tariff - TKU to the contributor who endured acres of her bullshit putting this total crapfest together
    A Comprehensive Compilation of Contradictions to her stories:
    In this story:
    * 'I have never ever been in The Priory for drink, drugs or addiction. I have been in the priory for trauma rehabilitation for PTSD.'

    * She was admitted to the Priory in 2006 which she states in her own Biography
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/7420116/inside-katie-price-first-rehab-the-stint-priory/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowb...ly-destroyed-marriage-left-verge-suicide.html Yet another tale of her driving off and wanting to kill herself
    "The star (presumably Pete) relented - on the condition she got help - and dropped her off at The Priory.
    She wrote of the moment in her autobiography: "'You'll be fine," Pete reassured me, as I slowly opened the car door and climbed out. It was a cold, grey February afternoon and right now I wanted to be anywhere but here - here being outside The Priory'.
    " https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=kErq8GxFiVcC&pg=PA26&lpg=PA26&dq=You%27ll+be+fine,%22+Pete+reassured+me,+as+I+slowly+opened+the+car+door+and+climbed+out.+It+was+a+cold,+grey+February+afternoon+and+right+now+I+wanted+to+be+anywhere+but+here+-+here+being+outside+The+Priory%27.%22&source=bl&ots=FZiFyHh3to&sig=ACfU3U3P44sPAULPZdGW7XAt3hFhws7ugw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj8gui9sof6AhXSVMAKHTtOCnAQ6AF6BAgCEAM#v=onepage&q=You'll%20be%20fine%2C%22%20Pete%20reassured%20me%2C%20as%20I%20slowly%20opened%20the%20car%20door%20and%20climbed%20out.%20It%20was%20a%20cold%2C%20grey%20February%20afternoon%20and%20right%20now%20I%20wanted%20to%20be%20anywhere%20but%20here%20-%20here%20being%20outside%20The%20Priory'.%22&f=false
    She also wrote a letter to goodbye to cocaine, on her YouTube
    She's written plenty of others welcoming it back into her life though since then

    * In celeb SAS she said she had just had her 5th Kidnap attempt, words from her own mouth
    a year LATER on Steph’s packed lunch, it was FOUR kidnap threats
    and reported in the Daily Mirror interview 07.09.22 it was down to THREE
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-price-bravely-reveals-attempted-27924926 yet also she said on SPL she came off social media recently due to threats of holding her ransom?

    * She is quoting in interviews she is having therapy EVERY week for the rest of her life. She said this on SPL, but then says she is having therapy every other week…. So which is it?
    This version says every week https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/katie-price-see-therapist-every-27939637

    Speaking with presenter Steph McGovern, a clip of Katie's documentary was played which saw the star confirm she "needed help" and would begin weekly therapy in order to overcome past traumas. So this also seems to indicate she has NOT yet started that therapy? But she also said that in interviews back in March 2022

    This version says every OTHER week https://metro.co.uk/2022/09/07/katie-price-says-ex-husbands-are-triggers-for-mental-health-17313503/
    * The actual carjacking story while filming her My Crazy life. So many contradictions:
    So in 2018
    It was stated they were thrown from their vehicle by THREE men, who were travelling in a VW Polo. The authorities stated there were no weapons plus , police chief Brigadier Leonard Hiathi said in his statement “ Those involved did not wish to give statements” Strange that eh? Neil Tawse, her friend who was with her, also stated there were NO GUNS but he did say he was petrified when he heard his client screaming IN the car behind his. (Not on the ground being raped by 6 men)
    in 2020 it changed from a robbery to an horrific sexual assault with SIX armed men

    :unsure:‘It was like something from a horror film. This big man in an Adidas hoody was shouting in my face, swearing and demanding I give him everything. And he was touching me down below,’ she explained (LIED)

    * In 2021 she did a podcast with Annie Mac
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5946585/katie-price-and-two-of-her-kids-carjacked-in-south-africa-with-cash-jewellery-and-laptops-worth-tens-of-thousands-snatched/amp/ LOL Such a full report but how come he forgot to mention the 6 rapists with guns and blood everywhere?
    "Local tourist safety official Athol Stark said: “This was a group of opportunist robbers who saw people pull over and robbed them. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
    His team sent tow trucks to haul Katie’s vehicle to a hotel around 45 minutes away.
    He added: “We took them to a place of safety for the night. The next morning, when we realised she was someone big in the UK (LOL) and was filming, we moved them to a secure, private location. Katie and her children were still jittery. Once the gates were shut and security was on the door, they began to relax.”
    Although one member of Katie’s group is thought to have returned home, the rest continued on their trip to neighbouring Swaziland. Mr Stark added: “As they left on Saturday, Katie gave me and my wife a hug. She realised it was a regrettable incident but wasn’t the end of the world.” Until she realised the publicity she could scrape from it of course
    she said “Junior wanted a wee. We got out the car. And all I remember doing is saying… mum imagine if I jump down here.” So not thrown from the vehicle as stated in the original
    Things got even scarier as the friend they were with got knocked out, with Katie saying there was “blood everywhere”. No blood was on Neil in the ambulance, said he got beaten round the head, had a black eye.

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowb...and-laptops-worth-tens-of-thousands-snatched/ She also tried to claim on the insurance for "Diamonds" she just so happenned to be carrying
    She added: “A lot of the crew went home because they couldn’t deal with it. I carried on because I am professional
    “They did things to me in front of my kids in the car. They had a gun to my head................"
    One crew member actually went home after this (probably the one carrying all the allegéd "stolen stuff)

    * In 2022 she is now stating she was raped

    So IF, she had been raped and her children were terrified, would you not go home straight away, for THEIR sake, or would Pete and Kieran not be worried and go to get them, surely the kids would of spoken to Pete and told him what happened? In the My Crazy life episode, she is in the ambulance with Neil, holding her phone (not sure how they didn’t steal that) not a hair out of place, clothes all fine, no blood on her either.
    The next day (On My Crazy life) she took the kids swimming with sharks, yet Katie claimed on Celeb SAS in 2019/20 she has a fear of water https://www.channel4.com/press/news/interview-katie-price-recruit-3 why would you go and do this after you had just been in the most brutal ordeal of your life and then get in the water what you are also afraid of? She was also speaking to Kieran on the phone asking if he had done all the jobs round the house and pick the dog poo up from the paddock!

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-price-reveals-brutal-rape-27910891 yet she describes the ordeal as brutal/horrific. Her narrative changed from sexual assault to rape once she went in the Priory. I think the therapist has probably told her that the definition of rape is unlawful sexual intercourse or penetration. So if she was penetrated down below by fingers, that constitutes "rape".
    How can the stories have changed so much in 4 years?

    And onwards it goes -Also in this story https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowb...battling-anxiety-depression-major-trauma.html she talks about trying to end her life;
    * "The reality star, 44, admitted she hit rock bottom after she was raped at gunpoint during the ordeal then tried to hang herself, but after passing out she 'saw her kids faces' and realised she 'never wanted it to happen again.' So, did someone find her in time? As surely if you have reached that point of passing out while hanging yourself, it would be impossible to free yourself?
    Surely if you had just tried to kill yourself and admitted to the Priory, like she said she had, she would NOT be a day patient? Yet she said on Loose Women she said she wasn’t a resident in there so she could do the school run etc - has she EVER done The School Run? Well not since she started on Michelle at Jett & Bunny's school and got herself banned from the premises she hasn't. https://tattle.life/threads/19920/

    * (Notice how she constantly touches her nose, a sure sign of lying) She said she went to the doctors because she wasn’t feeling herself, no mention of trying to kill herself. Yet her documentary says She tried to take her own life at a time, she says, when "no-one knew how bad I was"."After years of neglect, I suffered a mental breakdown in 2018. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," Katie says during a voiceover on the show. LOL

    This interview says she booked in and didn’t want to come out. Before her 2020 visits to The Priory, Katie last visited the facility in September 2018 when she spent 28 days as an inpatient after her family urged her to seek help following wild partying antics in Mallorca.
    She explained: 'I went to The Priory and booked in and said, ''I don't want to leave here, I want to be an inpatient, help me to sort out my head, this is my last chance to do it, I don't want to die, I don't want to kill myself, help me.'' 'Everything just got to me. The only reason I'm sitting here now is because of my children. I've been to hell and back, but I'm starting to feel like me again.'

    So 2 years later after saying her kids had saved her in 2018 she was having suicidal thoughts again? Said exactly the same in 2018
    When she was 12 the photographer took photos of her - AFP happily left her alone with various "photographers"
    yet she told the audience at one of her shows she was 13
    https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/...o-drugged-models-drinks-when-she-was-just-13/ again…which was it 12 or 13? Why was her mother leaving a 12/13 year old with a photographer, who was getting her to stick her tongue out, she realised this was sell, yet does the same thing with her own children. Surely if you had such a run of bad luck with men, wouldn’t you do everything you could to make sure the same doesn’t happen to your own kids and to protect them and keep them safe, yet now rumoured (by her) that she is in talks to do a documentary on tearing into Social Services! Her rumours it has to be said and she does have a lot of axes to grind on the SS seeing as they removed the children from her some years ago.

    *Her car accident, the report at the time: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-pulled-out-car-25707004 as pulled out of her vehicle by a passerby who helped her to escape from the wreckage caused by her drink-drive crash in September, Crawley Magistrates court heard. Explaining the events that took place, the passerby said Katie had fallen into the passenger seat and her BMW was on its side.
    Mr Marchant (apparently) managed to remove a window and pulled the mother-of-five from the damaged car. Police arrived at the scene shortly after. Strangely enough this elusive Hero turned up in the nick of time to be "interviewed" for this garbage programme sounding like he was reading a script. His version here on "Twarma and Meeeee" as a bloke called Lee and the one given at the time by a certain Mr. Marchant are very different indeed.

    * 2022 https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-prices-car-crash-rescuer-27886520
    Says he "I was just like this isn't right. I parked my car in front of it and heard a woman saying 'help me, help me'. Then you crawled out and I picked you up and helped you. The first thing you said to me was 'you don't want to be here. I've had enough'. You were in tears and shock and quite hysterical."
    No mention of him breaking the window… Katie very rarely wears a seat belt, so was she wearing one the day she crashed! If she was, then it’s highly unlikely she was trying to kill herself. If she wasn’t why didn’t she have any injuries? No sign of any cuts or bruises (not even painted on ones).

    * 10.10.22 - In the new edited version of "Twarma & Me" we get another version of The Crash. "Mr Marchant" (the saviour who swooped-in to rescue skanky from the wreck, the innocent road-user tootling along the lanes at 6am, aka "Lee") gives an "interview", yet why didn’t it say his full name, how come it was a different way home, he won’t sell his story of course AND the account was definitely different to that read out in court by her solicitor 🤔 You might think he'd have had the decency to keep to the script supplied by SFP! However there is something infinately DODGY about this mysterious character, indeed its almost like he's one of the Skank Clan doing a spot of moonlighting pretending to be The Lone Ranger who saves the heroine skanky then rides off into the sunrise having done his wonderful deed! "No publicity mate! Don't want no publicity innit!" Its all highly suspicious as is everything concerning the skank :unsure: Then theres skanky itself bleating that she couldn’t remember anything about the crash (fair enough), but she was alert enough to be ‘worried about the press’ seeing her which is all that matters to her ultimately, oh and then blaming the policeman for putting the picture up of her crashed car! Actually the policeman never said who the car belonged to just that they had tested positive for drink and drugs, but despite all her whingeing and throwing blame everywhere else at the end of the day SHE was the one in the wrong driving whilst off her ugly face yet again.

    * Katie has claimed the dark reason why she got behind the wheel on the fateful night of her drink-drive crash was because one of her children allegedly said: "Dad won't let me see you".
    Speaking out for the first time on her motives behind getting into the driver's seat, Katie claims:
    "That night of the drink driving, (no mention of being off-her-trolley on drugs though) I only had about two weeks to get my licence. "With one of my ex-husbands I had one of my children on the phone saying; 'Dad won't let me see you now'. "That was the final thing for me. I live in the countryside and I can't go out. I needed to talk to someone, I had no outlet. There was a reason why I got in the car, why my head was like that." Mentawl 'elf again

    This must have been Princess, I highly doubt it would be Jett or Bunny saying that, Junior rarely sees her, so must be Princess.

    * The Restraining order:
    Katie claims she reacted after an Instagram post Michelle had put up with the hashtags "#restrainingorder #law #courts".
    She says: "I found hashtags really triggering. I reacted and got arrested. I know I shouldn't have sent that message but I lashed out. I'm just trying to deal with the traumas of my life. There's no-one in my life that I want to destroy. It's exhausting". LOL Theres nothing she enjoys MORE than causing shit and grief to other people
    So was Katie looking at Michelle’s Instagram, surely with a restraining order, you should not be doing that?

    * Says she sees Harvey EVERY weekend….A lie too. (she might see him on Facetime, but not in person, especially when she goes on holiday for weeks on end).

    * She lied about being hit last year (Slapgate), the bruise she later insisted was painted on to sell a story then theres the issue about how she broke her feet and got those Liyfe-fretninly injurrd feyt that 'force' her to wear those attractive boots (when she needs to get out of her community service or for a bit of 'Poor Me!").

    *Basically she didn’t really answer any of Steph’s questions on the show… just the usual ME, ME, ME empty, inane rubbish.

    LIE GATE - We are up and running on a new Wiki for It in view of the shitstorm incoming today. GMB then Steph's Crapped Lunch and the bollockfest on her Twarma later. So here we go then
    8.9.22 - Today we hear all the lies, untruths and severely altered stories concerning skanky and her multiple alleged "rape" ordeals that have made her onto the raving nutter we see today. When are the media going to query how these stories have changed over time? The "Ordeal in Sarff Affrka" went from a hold-up robbery by three men with sticks to SIX blokes with guns who dragged her from the vehicle and raped her. (More details on previous wiki no 4) One of the male entourage at the time said it was three men and no guns whatsoever, he being the only person injured during the attack, in fact there were NINE adults, ten including skanky, plus the kids in the Skanky Entourage. And they all stood by to let her be raped apparently.

    It was due to grace GMB with it's presence today but for some reason it bottled-it (more like couldn't get its collossal arse out of bed) or was she cancelled due to the backlash heading in rapidly. Will it show up for dear ol' Steph??

    This is an excerpt from her shitty tome Being Jordan concerning the pervy old photographer who pounced on her as a young teen (amongst other things that are no doubt also LIES). It seems she has never questioned the old barracuda (Her mother AFP) as to why she felt it OK to leave a 13 year old girl alone with a randy old geezer but instead went off shopping with the fee she'd just binned. https://tattle.life/attachments/1562224/
    " By the time I was 13 years old I knew I was destined to be famous, and even though the first photographer to take glamour shots of me turned out to be a paedophile, I was determined not to let anything stop me from becoming a model and a pop star". (Not a rape back then obviously nor did the "trauma" of it affect her greatly either it seems)
    However it then comes up with this lot - claiming to have lost her virginity at 17 - not when she endured multiple "rapes" at seven years old or when she was shagging some much older bloke in his car aged 15. Some more LIES then
    And here claiming "rape" when she was 7 years old too.

    Sadly its made it to Steph's Crapped Lunch with it's lies. First words? "I love it" followed by blaming the Media for everything; Nothing new then; More to come though ie " Not a big drinker 🤣 Kidnap threats 🤣 Trauma 🤣 Drama 🤣 Kids faces 🤣 The Priory 🤣 Therapy 🤣 Serious Trauma 🤣 Sympathy 🤣 Raped at Gun Point 🤣 Boundaries 🤣 Love it 🤣"
    Summed up beautifully by a Tattler who endured this shitfest in the interests of those not brave enough to do it themselves
    "Impossible to report though. Steff looking totally puzzled as though she could smell something and was trying to work out what it was, tuning out from the running drivel and having to pull herself up sharp to remember to ask questions. KP wearing a facefull of dark brown boot polish with her nylon hair pulled over her hideous bosom droning on and on glorifying herself and talking complete crap, oh....................it's no good, I can't be bothered to go on, she was as smug and self satisfied as ever and tedious beyond belief."
    Got her in one :)

    Two separate occasions talking about the SAME EVENT in Saaarff Affrikka - two totally different versions
    * https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/03/watch-aftermath-katie-prices-horrific-south-african-carjacking-almost-left-family-dead-7794739/
    * https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/14485189/katie-price-sexually-assaulted-gunpoint-princess-therapy/

    and this :-

    Picture 1 taken as they get in car to make the long journey when they were car jacked. They both have on snow white tops. Second pic, two of them in back of ambulance, allegedly after he was attacked, badly beaten with sticks , thrown to ground,, she was allegedly raped by 6 gang members , one after the other, thrown out car etc. Both still snow white tops, her hairs not even out of place . The 2 of them also had a full body massage 2 days later, not even a hint of a mark. Truly a miracle.
    Here's Neil Tawse's contemporary version of it, he was her "Minder", he who was apparently badly beaten yet sustained only a black eye for his troubles. He makes no mention of 6 blokes with guns either. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-bodyguard-thought-shed-12367240 If it had been shot he'd have heard it screeching all the blame at HIM!

    More garbage courtesy of Steph's Crapped Lunch -https://metro.co.uk/2022/09/08/katie-price-reveals-pain-at-upsetting-her-family-17326107/
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-price-hits-back-i-27939297 - Y'see! Its everyone else LYING as usual
    Yet the comments despite being heavily moderated as usual are crucifying it!

    A sad day in many ways marking the end of an era with the Queen departing after a long life. However the only good thing to come from it is that skanky's other pile of crap (Tworma & Me) has been shelved, she thinks till a later date but if this crap ever gets broadcast after the backlash over her LIES then I'm a Monkey's Uncle. Incidentally, her forts will only be about Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and stuff anybody else.

    Yeah she's really being tormented by her ordeal. Note also she tried the insurance scam too of "Dey nicked awl me diymunds anawl........................." https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5591487/Katie-Price-strolls-South-African-airport-amid-claims-shes-hired-SAS-soldier-bodyguard.html
    The Sun have put it down as "sexual assault" though - not "rape" https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/2599767/katie-price-sexually-assaulted-gunpoint-princess-therapy/

    A little anecdote as regards her return from Saarf Afrikka to a marriage already teetering on the rocks.
    When she came back from SA in 2018 after her horrendous rape/ordeal/trauma she was already in full bitch mode with the way she humiliated Kieran at his birthday meal. She was already chasing after Kris Boyson recruiting him as the next The One, sofa surfing at her former hairdresser buddy Lou's home for a month - even admitting in her show that she refused to go home during that length of time to see the kids for a month as she hated the sight of Kieran! But she nevertheless left him caring for all 5 kids! The only time she returned back to the house was with KB in tow..
    Not one thought about j&p's MH & wellbeing on return home after supposedly witnessing her alleged assault..
    More Lies -

    She said she DID hang herself, she somehow got knocked out in doing so but miraculously while knocked out and hanging she saw "kids faces" and somehow miraculously came round just in time to remember enough to sell the story to the media 🤔 How did she get black eyes from hanging anyway?
    16.9.22 - the South African press/media have latched onto her fairytale now. They may have problems out there like many other nations do but do they need this rancid old gargoyle sticking the boot in trying to smash out some more sympathy for Herself? Well if the Brit press are reluctant to destroy the thing maybe they will instead? https://www.thesouthafrican.com/lifestyle/celeb-news/uk-model-katie-price-raped-at-gunpoint-during-2018-sa-attack/
    17.9.22 - the re-emergence of this embellished "story" has led to the South African media pîcking up on it as to how it has changed so radically over such a short period, from a simple hold-up robbery to rape/guns/ threats to life/etc. Perhaps they'll hold her to account like the UK media has never done?

    It was also so traumatised by these events in SA that it got a guard dog (even though its incapable of keeping any pet safe and well) Here it is laughing and joking about the event in SA as it re-enacts a kidnap attempt to show off the dog's prowess. Poor Blade deserves so much better than this rancid old gorgon :(

    "Lying????? Meeeeeeeeeeeee?" - https://www-thesouthafrican-com.nproxy.org/lifestyle/celeb-news/katie-price-south-africa-rape-2018-onlyfans-trauma-and-me-latest-11-september-2022/
    2009 - another "rapist" apparently but this one was a "Celebrity" (so she's not naming him) Another Mr. X
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-says-the-man-who-418834 No action by the Police though
    Another of her legendary LIES - were this true she would have been qualified by now and Out There cutting junkies such as herself free from car crashes to administer medical help - but as it is? Nah! :) Just another LIE

    Another of her legendary LIES - how many kidnap/ransom threats have there been so far? Heres one of them where the perpetrators demanded 50k AND and Armani dress!
    Luckily this vile plot was foiled otherwise there would be some fiendish criminal built like a brick shithouse staggering about in high heels, stuffed into an Armani frock. Oh silly me - its already happened! Skanky wore the frock didn't she? :ROFLMAO:

    "Dem bastids 'ave nicked me dymunds anawl"
    The theft of all skanky's precious goods is nothing new at all, take this selection for example :) -

    Remember too that she tried to insist the "robbers" who broke into Trampy Towers to vandalise the place were there to steal her dymunds but in the event only got a crappy "I'm a Celeb" rucksack. She has a history of attempting to defraud insurance companies by reporting "robberies" to them with absolutely NO PROOF whatsoever such as the Saarff Affrikka event when not content with "raping her" multiple times they also stole phones, camera equipment and her dymunds (again)
    The Glasgow Dymunds Heist - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-sue-glasgow-hotel-9504533

    17.9.22 - supposed to be about Harvey and yet here it is, looking ridiculously PATHETIC in a teenager's dress and those fucking boots https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.3.0-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-207-lies-after-lies-she-thinks-were-mugs-meanwhile-her-eyebrows-look-like-slugs.33539%2Fpage-17&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Ftvshowbiz%2Farticle-11221187%2FKatie-Price-parades-incredible-figure-skintight-black-dress-National-Diversity-Awards.html&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=04f13cec08c6d1783fdb015fe690a602&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    17.9.22 - even H's award ceremony becomes Awl Abahht Me for the pair of freeloaders. She must be after getting out of CS again because the boots are out again therefore this must be a statement to the world about her undoubted injury (LOL) otherwise she would have worn a long dress.

    When it found out about Kieron's fling with her mate it apparently wanted to commit suicide (again) mentioning drowning or driving into a wall. Yawn.....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/1761997/i-wanted-to-ram-a-car-into-a-wall-and-kill-myself-reveals-katie-price-as-she-wishes-death-on-best-pal-who-bedded-hubby-and-tried-to-steal-her-life/
    It didn't stop her issuing threats nor her punching the woman knocking out her teeth though, the repercussions of which are

    With delusions of Grandeur - not a hope in hell skanky :)
    Katie Price reveals wish to be made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth | Daily Mail Online
    with some added "Poor MEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

    "An' dat Pwincess Anne, she wontid too bey my bessie mate anawl" -

    2018 - but nothing new because it still behaves like this given the opportunity (not around SB though because he doesn't approve of her pissed shennaningans). Yes here it is re-enacting all its faymuss moddlin' poses circa 1995 in sleazy blokey magazines, propping itself up on bemused students who actually paid a fiver a ticket to witness this shameful display! MUGS!!

    It couldn't bear it that there was someone more bewful an' gawjus than her, so it launches straight into Über-Bitch Mode the second the cameras stopped rolling. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-releases-statement-over-751432

    Heres a Review in the Evening Standard newspaper of a couple of her shitty books. Back then the reviewer who had the gross misfortune to have to read then write about this pile of bollocks seems less than complimentary, however check out the highlighted bit where It states that it always "knows what it's doing even when off it's face and when someone is trying to stick their dick in me......." Such class eh?? :ROFLMAO:https://tattle.life/attachments/343e2596-beb3-4d95-973a-2593933c3224-jpeg.1619852/
    No such worries now though when even The Current The One doesn't want to stick his dick in her LOL

    The Original Punchgate - her attacking Jane over Kieron. She's perfectly happy to announce to the world what she did to this woman (who I don't condone BTW. There are ways and means that do not involve violence). This is more of the Big I Am she flogged to The Sun showing more concern over breaking a nail or never being able to look at a Ford Focus ever again, nevertheless she had another child with her errant husband, renewed her vows and then ditched him for another model.

    "'Me Ome innit!" aka The Mucky Mansion or Trampy Towers - Heres the video of Through the Keyhole some years ago where it became apparent to EVERYONE that the place is a filthy kharzi, a fact noted by a certain Mr. Lemon at the time. Bear in mind that at the time she still had the children living there in that shithole. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1621196/Through-Keyhole-viewers-shocked-Katie-Prices-filthy-home.html

    The Making of a Monster - heres where it emerged from the primordial swamp to become the floating garbage it is today, ie. the original unsinkable turd

    Let's have a Massive Hypocrite Corner! -
    12.10.22 - Launching accusations at some bloke shopping- and all for the benefit of her camera crew! Note use of "Me Mentawl 'Elf" and more importantly the accusations that said man is filming children (rather like the accusations she levelled against Kieron some months ago.)

    "Ennyfink yews can doo I can doo's betta!"
    Woman admire her apparently because she's so stoic and wonderful................... Dream on doris!
    This would be her "Finger Cancer" ie a wart. Yes she was already informing the media that it was an amputation jobbie :ROFLMAO:
    Then after Footgate (her falling off a wall in Turkey paralytic) comes this little number, the prospect of double-foot-amputation because of course the NHS surgeons who had to sort out her Turkish mess had "never seen such terrible injuries before'. Needless to say she still has all her fingers and feet despite all the claims to the contrary

    Find a bandwagon - jump aboard! - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-shares-emotional-goodbye-28026519 Can't blame her though - dem Royals is persunawl mates innit lol
    The comments though LOL https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot-256-png.1590243/

    Blokes - another category that will go on & on ad infinitum - although It would probably be easier to make a short list of blokes she hasn't shagged.
    “Katie was talking loudly to friends and any fans who came up to her, saying ‘Oh, I hate him (Kieron), he cheated on me, he’s on borrowed time ’ although it is rumoured (and believed) that she actually cheated on HIM seven times over their marriage! She is always going on about how men have cheated on her....but let's take a reminder of her history....(that we know of) ;) Please feel free to add to this list
    Gary Bolingbroke - this is an interview with Gary himself ... interesting read ... she was 17 when they met (he was waaay too old for her at 27, but, I digress) ... he says he was her 'first lover' ... so, the guy she 'lived with in a car at 15' is just another made up Kipper story?
    Katie Price first lover: Jordan left me broken like Alex Reid - Mirror Online
    Scott Sullivan: Got with Pete
    Pete:. Got pregnant by Andrew Gould and had an abortion (yet she claims it was miscarriage) Took Coke
    Was seeing both Leandro and Riise at the same time, cheated on Riise with one of his mates (in her autobiography)
    Kieran: Was texting Tom Zanetti behind his back
    Alex Adderson: cheated on him with Kris and did the I Love coke video
    Kris: Stated on her TV program she had cheated on him twice (Charles Drury, Charles said she was seeing other men behind his back, took coke)
    SB: Texting Princess about wanting to get back with Kris and meeting/texting her new Egg.... Took Coke
    These are all her OWN bad choices to cheat on her man....she treats men just as bad as she says they treat her, if not worse.

    Another Ex here saying he "Prays for her................." Don't waste your breath mate - she already belongs to The Bloke Downstairs and has done for a long long timehttps://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/gladiators-warren-ace-furman-prays-28005150
    And another victim/escapee - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/katie-prices-hunky-wrestler-ex-28049197
    Slagging off the exes in one of her sleazy, ghost-written tomes -

    The ONLY ONE with the cojones to speak The Truth about it - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2222633/Leandro-Penna-reveals-broke-Katie-Price-driving-insane.html
    Leandro got away unscathed :)
    More victims -

    and actually what it all comes down to is REVENGE - ‘Don’t cross me, I like revenge, revenge is sweet, I don’t lose my temper, but I don’t put a time limit on my revenge’. On her Trauma and Me program said…her life wasn’t about revenge, but being happy and her family….🙄 Of course it is...........................

    And this. Undoubtedly there are legions of terrified blokes Out There wondering when they will be unmasked as Having Shagged It thereby destroying their Street Cred
    It might go some way to explaining HOW it gets away with all it's crimes that normal people would be locked up in a nanosecond for :mad:
    Back to 2016 promoting some more old shite. She calls one victim Mr X "Beycorse I downt do Kiss an' Tell innit!" and yet here she is dishing out the grusome details of her sordid, sleazy lifestyle

    Just a quick reminder about Carl Woods, current holder of the dubious title of The One, he being The One her family hate & the Millionaire Car Salesman who abhorrs fame...................... Yeah haha! :)
    * NB - Heres a quote from the knob-end himself
    " Confident Carl, who works out five times a week and owns over 30 cars, said of his chances against the other guys: "None of them look like Channing Tatum. Being a Channing Tatum look-a-like is a bonus to say the least. I get told I look like him a lot."
    Her youngest victim (that we know of anyway). https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/16559364/katie-price-gareth-gates-career-virginity/
    1.10.22 - so heres why it has spent a lifetime chasing TWATS (her word). Its all down to her being "raped at 7 years old".
    Skank doesn't want people to know it was giving hand jobs and blowjobs at school under the desks and also doinkin a bloke in his car at age15 (supposedly "living" with this bloke in his car, meaning she must have "left home") - now that would make her out to be a right old slag and terminal Amy a complete cunt as a mother. Wouldn't it?? 🤫🤫🤫
    Whether this is THE Mr. X or another Mr. X mk. 2975 is debatable - either way she insists she's NOT a Slag . :ROFLMAO:
    You must surely understand that?

    More crap being touted for TV outings & general Wishful Thinking -
    8.9.22 - Of course she's pissed off with Social Services! They took her kids away for their own safety! LOL

    Please note that they were not too "disgusting" when she managed to scrounge a fully-funded residential placement for Harvey at Star College (at a conservatively estimated cost of £300k per annum ), in a place thousands of parents of disabled children would dearly love to be able to send their kids too but are unable to secure the funding to do. How come this creature was able to do this? I don't begrudge Harvey his placement because the further away from his vile "mother" the better - but just how did she achieve this?? How did a Trust Fund lad get a totally free placement and skanky does not contribute a penny towards it?

    14.9.22 - And so then, after all her bullshit and LIES it wants to be "accepted"! FFS! Who by? The loony bin??

    Here comes Rick Dead to rescuscitate it's "singing career" LOLhttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11193317/Katie-Price-teases-music-revival-DJ-Rick-Live.html#article-11193317 Thats not a Tease luv - thats a Threat!

    15.9.22 - Brace yourselves for a HUGE laugh
    Anybody who saw the previous shots of it in one of it's hideous scrounged bikinis will be unable to control their mirth :ROFLMAO:
    Incidentally, the bloke who was supposed to be it's "personal trainer" mentioned in this bullshit has made a special point of not saying ONE SINGLE WORD about the unfortunate experience in his CV. I wonder why??
    and another money-maker for the skank too. Hands up who wants to engage skanky to "sing" at their funeral? She was flouting the idea of selling sparkly glittery coffins not so long ago too...............
    Do you suppose these Funeral Plan operators will have a special clause in their contract that anyone wishing to employ skanky to screech at their funeral will automatically have their Plan REVOKED? Who do you hate enough to send her along??
    28.9.22 - So the 15-strong line up for I'm a Celeb Celebrity special is announced and guess who did not make it despite her touting herself at every opportunity? She had already been told her reputation and her hideous OF made her "Not of family viewing material" but she thought she could win 'em over - WRONG!! No skanky in I'm a Celeb :) LOL

    Back in August 2022 this came to our attention - someone willing to expose all her crap at last! We are still waiting but she ain't gonna be happy about it when it does surface :) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19398647/katie-price-chaotic-life-exposed-doc/
    6.10.22 - the "Twarmer an' Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" bollockfest if finally getting an airing so get ready for massive Whoppers incoming https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/katie-price-trauma-air-after-28162146

    11.10.22 - She's got herself a Stalker at last (allegedly) so she really has arrived in Celebdom. haha The point is that this bloke might be a journalist or a Tax Inspector watching her profligate spending (irrespective if its for some shit tv show or not), OR he might just be some random geezer buying pansies for his garden! How does she know he's been following her for ages because frankly if he had she would have screeched at him long before now, or is it solely because she had a camera crew there to witness the poor sod then capture her "Twarma" to sell for coin and she's pissed-off because he has'nt paid for the priviledge? All mighty convenient but either way she's gone straight onto her phone to label this bloke as a stalker weirdo to her sad little psychotic nutty "fans" AND (as she did to Kieron) accused this bloke of being a paedophile who films children! Let us hope he goes straight to the police (or the Sun) since he filmed her filming him screeching accusations

    Its not the first time though because she's done this before https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-scared-shaken-after-13561853

    Bankruptcy - ongoing -

    Back in February 2022 it lied that it had paid for the recent batch of horrific surgeries itself from the money scammed from the idiots who bought the Trampy Towers Makeover show - now it seems they were scrounged "freebies" and she binned the money herself rather than use it to pay off some of her massive debts. I hope the Bankruptcy Lot are taking note
    1.10.22 - after her glorious appearance on that ITV2 shit fest we now have "Shopping wiv Keef Lemmun", where we have it splurging obscene amounts of money on "Ekwestryan stuff" and inflatable garbage, oh and boasting and laughing about it as a Bankrupt. What they did not mention is that this shop is the one belonging to her "Business Partner", ie the mug who does all the donkey work for that other shit enterprize KP Eqkestryan.
    For a start shouldn't she be using her own KP Ekwestryan Crap brand rather than buying other companies stuff, or is it that hers is such garbage she won't use it herself? Furthermore I do hope the Bankruptcy lot are going to ask her about the fee for this shitfest
    Perhaps the Daily Star are underlining the point for the benefit of the Bankruptcy lot? Most of this rubbish actually belongs in the category for LIES https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/katie-prices-jaw-dropping-shopping-28111641
    3.10.22 - heres a definate UP YOURS to the bankruptcy people. Check out this hideous chavvy jumper thats cost more than some folk earn - just rubbing everyone's noses in it again.
    Oh and yet again this story has been swiped from Tattle because these useless Journos are nothing more than Cut & Paste artists anyway
    6.10.22 - £175 for a chavvy hat!

    8.10.22 - Phase One, another collapsed company sidestepped leaving DEBT owed to many people - what a surprise! Its walked off smirking again. Next one will be KP Ekwestryan
    And speaking of the loans it takes out of ALL these "companies" it owns, check this out

    And here we go then - the avalanche of shite continues as it racks-up MORE debt every day
    8.10.22 - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11292745/Katie-Price-dodges-250k-bills-handing-just-21k-creditors.html

    The Numerous "Business Ventures", seeing as skanks is such an astute businesswoman LOL.
    16.9.22 - heres another of her enterprises heading off down the kharzi but let's face facts here - these ventures are there solely for her to take personal loans from to support her grubby lifestyle, just like she's done with that other amazing 'Biznizz Moddle' KP Ekwestryan.
    KP Ekwestryan - Check out KP equestrian at companies house.
    The company is owned by her neighbors.
    The last accounts are also available (for Nov 20-Apr 22) - none declared as yet for this year
    The interesting point:
    The number of Employees during the period: NIL.

    So does she get paid cash-in-hand for her glorious appearances at "events" & do her neighbors get the cash and leave it in envelopes in her Pink Horsebox perhaps? After they have paid tax on their income of course? Yeah haha! And what about the £10k LOAN this enterprise gave out then?? (Undoubtedly to skanky)
    Seems a dodgy deal - how can she get any cash if she isn’t even an employee of the umbrella company? Yes interesting indeed

    26.9.22 - Its been a scant weekend for Pricey Bullshit but the Daily Fail have cobbled together this pile of crap to fill-in a bit of webspace. :poop: It graced the International 'orse Show to sell some crap to the Hoi Polloi apparently. Note skanky looking "Downcast" - a favourite term these days - Sink/Wank looking a total tit in that trackie made for a 14 year old, Skanky dressed Worzel Gummidge stylie as per usual, and a stall full of old tat that nobody wants to buy anyway! LOL https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11250371/Katie-Price-appears-downcast-fianc-Carl-Woods-promoting-equestrian-brand.html Oh and the "RAPE" rubbish had to get a mention too :ROFLMAO:

    The Broken Trotters - Ever the gentleman here it is carting its own crap about because SB is walking the dog. This is the self-same martyr who would "never walk again, a lifetime of pain and surgeries blah blah blah" https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-left-carry-bags-27938629
    quote " “I can’t carry anything from the shops either or even walk up the stairs with anything. The heavier items, the more it hurts my feet.”
    It says on different occasions different versions of this debacle at Land of Legends in Turkey too. One occasion she admits she was pissed and arsing about on a wall then fell off to critically injure herself, another occasion she was absolutely Sober but fell off at 300 foot high wall regardless because nobody had put safety barriers around it for a twat like her, then on others the implication someone else was involved but thats been airbrushed OUT for the time being. A quote from the thing itself says that she was pished at the time of the accident but she then contradicts herself in another pile of old shit and Lies stating that at the time of the "accident" she had been "SOBER for a whole year" A good liar needs a good memory eh Skanky??

    10.9.22 - finished with all her media appearances (LOL) so off with the speshul boots fer me browkin feyt & back to skyscraper heels imminently.

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-feet-still-bent-27920892 - "broken and bent" now! All of the thing is bent/warped in some way so how would she tell????
    17.9.22 - it attends another Awards Ceremony dragging H along but just to upstage the lad she wears her Speshul Boots so show what a martyr she is dragging herself along even though critically injured! (H didn't win BTW) It looks like a bit of a dig is beginning on this twaddle though, the final comment.

    3.10.22 - still wearing it's Speshul Boots, this time to FPC's baby shower nonsense. She must have been positively green with envy over FPC having A Baby and theres her BARREN! Heres FPC's witty response to someone pointing out that these ridiculous boots achieve nothing and in fact they are only being worn to eke out a bit of sympathy for her terrible Twarmers on the Liyfe-fretninly Injurrd Feyt
    Incidentally FPC appears to have left school aged 10 judging by that illiterate garbage she posted
    11.10.22 - what a martyr! Here it is dragging itself off to a Pumpkin Farm in its speshul boots for a barrow full of pumpkins! WTF does it need pumpkins for anyway? Not like she was going to eat them is it seeing as they're not McDonalds or Plop Kitchen. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11299737/EXC-Katie-Price-hobbles-aircast-boots-family-outing-pumpkin-farm.html
    12.10.22 - Its still pushing the fairytale about the broken trotters, this time filming more crap for C4. This event may well explode in the thing's plastic mush after her outrageous outburst yesterday when she verbally assaulted a shopper who she caught taking photos of The Illustrious Her (and not paying). It'll all be on camera too so let's hope the bloke goes to the Police :)

    Skiving out of CS - 26.9.22 - Yes it must be time to actually do some of the pathetic "punishment" levied on her by the Court for her catalogue of driving offences because - whaddya know? - suddenly she's injured in a riding accident so undoubtedly will be unable to attend. How long is she going to be permitted to keep making up all these LIES to escape doing her CS? Anyone else would have been nicked and locked up LONG AGO :( You've missed a trick there skanky - best get the make-up box out and paint on a bit of black to make it look more authentic, you have the experience in that after all :)

    Breaking the Restraining Order - Heres her excuse for the vile messages she sent to Kieron's Significant Other; Yes its all about her being "triggered" again. Has she ever thought that Michelle has every right to be "triggered' far more than she has?
    Skanky claims she reacted after an Instagram post Michelle had put up with the hashtags "#restrainingorder #law #courts".
    She says: "I found hashtags really triggering. I reacted and got arrested. I know I shouldn't have sent that message but I lashed out. I'm just trying to deal with the traumas of my life. There's no-one in my life that I want to destroy. It's exhausting." All total bullshit as usual :(

    The Wedding (AGAIN) - Stink Boy is having to go along with the narrative again, "Heartbreaking" which is obviously because it'll be AFP's "Last Christmas" again (cue George Michael's song of same title).

    Those Poor Children- for some unfathomable reason it cannot understand WHY the children were removed from it and placed with their fathers, hence why it thinks the SS are "disgusting etc........."
    Trying to cash-in on how beastly the SS have been to her though https://www.atthewatercooler.co.uk/tv/katie-price-reveals-shes-in-talks-to-front-investigative-documentary-about-social-services-i-think-the-system-is-disgusting/ Could this be another vehicle for C4 to 'buy' from her or have they finally learnt their lessons??
    Still applicable now. Monetarising the children at every opportunity
    Harvey - "Iy seez 'im evury weykend dunn I?" This was January's offerings from it but bearing in mind it's had about TEN 'Olidays

    this year therefore most of these "Visits" it bangs-on about are actually over Facetime, not in person
    An Oldie but relevant - it dumps H onto her hairdresser to go on 'Oliday.
    and another one - already lining-up the dumping of H

    17.9.22 - dragging H out for a bit of an airing/publicity. Note the boots are getting an outing but nevertheless she still looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter in a frock. Also note how SB is gripping on H to involve himself in this shitshow to demonstrate his 'Fatherly intentions' towards the lad - shame H hates you though matey which is perfectly obvious to everybody :)

    20.9.22 -this little number has emerged today to which it will be going ballistic! Pete intends to move to Australia permanently with ALL his kids & she is going to go nuts! How dare he take her money spinners away from her not to mention how will they cope without her 2 hour input, not to mention how will she fit in all her 'olidays if she's expected to go to Oz to see them (like as not Australia probably wouldn't give the coke sniffing criminal a Visa) - and don't forget the terminally ill AFP of course ? Now whether Pete means for the Christmas period or FOREVER she ain't gonna like it one little bit so the media is going to be filled with her whingeing and bollocks now :(
    When it used to be invited to "guest" on that Coven show it couldn't even remember it's kid's names!
    5.10.22 - undoubtedly an Up Yours to Kieron as a follow on to having Sink Wank on 'oliday with her and the children. Here its telling its mate Katona how she has J&B in bed with her and Sinky which is ^pretty good considering he's not been allowed within a radius on them since Slapgate occurred.

    And heres the bullshit "story" lifted from its Insta - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-says-youngest-kids-28159812
    The good thing is that it won't get paid for this rubbish :)
    11.10.22 - Pete posts this, perhaps a little "dig" at the plasticness of skanky with all her fakery like the hair, those hilarious eyebrows, plastic surgeries galore and the fake norks that precede it's entry to any room etc. "Naturally beautiful................." rather than like their allegéd "Muvva", the original Vinyl Vera. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20068588/peter-andre-swipe-katie-price-princess-junior/
    Harvey - she's got nothing else to post so let's drag out Harvey for some publicity.
    2021 - an article detailing H's diet which demonstrates WHY the lad is clinically OBESE. Its not so much to do with any particular Syndrome skanky insists he has because generally she has self-diagnosed most of his problems and nobody has queried it - just look at the crap she feeds him! Is it any wonder he's the size he is with a diet of garbage???
    30.9.22 - Here we are with the old chestnut about his 'Liyfe-Fretnin' Obesity' because even though he's been at this public-funded college place for over a year it appears H has put on MORE Weight, not lost it. Maybe Mummy can explain why she persists in stuffing him full of giant burgers and enough chips for a family of four when she deigns to take him out, or why she stuffs him full of carrot cakes and rubbish when he stays at The Hovel during the holidays?? Its all very well bleating about it when she's the source of the problem to begin with
    1.10.22 - dredging-up some more old cojones re Harvey. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19972999/katie-price-emotional-interview-massive-void/
    5.10.22 - its posted this on Instagram, a truly cringeworthy photo of H wearing Bunny ears whilst showing a plate of carrots - proof of his 'Elfy Eatin' no doubt. https://tattle.life/data/video/1625/1625461-9d866a38c1537a5c3a6a864f55f5b8e6.mp4
    9.10.22 - Publishing H's alleged notes and pictures to her glorious Self - "Mummy Katie Price" indeed :mad: She probably wrote this crap herself

    Crashing Cars and Driving Offences - this one will run-and-run -
    9.9.22 - https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-prices-car-crash-rescuer-27886520.
    Funny how this "Lee" suddenly crops up sounding like he's reading a script from SFP's computer :unsure:
    As to Crashgate itself, it was the occasion she was so "lonely" she decided to go out driving at 5am off her face on booze and drugs then turned the car over in a ditch and had to be rescued by this "Lee" This is interesting. According to her own drivel she was "triggered" into doing this by a telephone call at 5am on the day of 'Crashgate' which made her drive off, it was allegedly from one of her children who told her that their dad had said they couldn't see her, thus they "triggered" her yet again. Kieron has denied it categorically, Pete has remained silent. What actually is the likelihood of any of the children being on the phone to it before 5am anyway let alone her being up bright and early to take the children out? About ZERO - this was a drugs call to her dealer as she previously stated to the police at the time.

    So yet again this story totally contradicts her previous statement about what happened. She said she went out to get more drugs. Now it's she went out to try and kill herself ( while wearing her seat belt for once) after a call from one of the children at 5am. Yeah righty-ho!
    March 2021 - https://tattle.life/attachments/chrome_screenshot_1662739747689-png.1566876/
    Like she actually gives flying frig about what she puts those poor kids through, ie shortly after this she turns the car over off-her-faces on drugs and booze
    Also note this little number as regards her getting nicked - let's not forget her refusing to give a blood test after her arrest on the basis of her 'fear of needles' yet she seems to overcome that every time she goes and gets more massive, hideous tattoos on her deformed, botched body!
    Heres where she got Boyson to lie for her, this coming shortly after Being Cured at 'Otel Pwiowy.

    "Twarma an' Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" - the bullshit aired 10.10.22 finally having be rudely interrupted by the Queen's death. Highly edited undoubtedly; So here we go then :-

    https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.3.0-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-210-disgusting-hair-and-a-warty-face-skanky-youre-a-complete-disgrace.34090%2Fpage-36&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraph.co.uk%2Ftv%2F0%2Fkatie-price-trauma-review-public-fascination-troubled-model%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=213691e281b80237284b380b8a536709&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D It seems not everyone is buying into the narrative skanky :)
    At the end of this shite-fest a few simple words; It says right at end in writing at bottom of screen that shes "Now back to 50-50 custody with b&j....................." Undoubtedly another of her fucking great LIES
    A still from this piece of televisual bollockfest - just look at the state of it! How bloody dare they not apply 3 million layers on filters before broadcasting this trash??https://tattle.life/attachments/1641561/

    Not averse to using the Police when it suits her purposes though - like she's got two ha'pennies for a penny to pay out a £1 million ransom anyway LOL. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/1516356/katie-price-horrifies-fans-as-she-sensationally-reveals-her-son-harvey-was-at-the-centre-of-a-terrifying-kidnap-plot/

    The Endless Pointless Surgeries -www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-price-fears-free-surgery-28101881
    28.9.22 - Daffy Duck? More like Elmer Fudd! I got so much free surgery I looked like Daffy Duck with huge lips - I regret it, says Katie Price | The Sun

    Hotel Priory and the Mentawl 'Elf Tweetments - (the ones she will have to undergo for the rest of her vile existence)
    Yes they've proven to be a raging success have they not? For example
    in 2018

    and 2022
    Pots 'n kettles dearie :)
    "I have never ever been in The Priory for drink, drugs or addiction. I have been in the priory for trauma rehabilitation for PTSD.' She was admitted to the Priory in 2006 which she states in her own Biography
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/7420116/inside-katie-price-first-rehab-the-stint-priory/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowb...ly-destroyed-marriage-left-verge-suicide.html
    Yet another tale of her driving off and wanting to kill herself. She wrote (or rather the poor sod ghostwriting this gibberish did) bleating about the moment in her autobiography: 'You'll be fine," Pete reassured me, as I slowly opened the car door and climbed out. It was a cold, grey February afternoon and right now I wanted to be anywhere but here - here being outside The Priory'. A work of bloody fiction
    Here it is with a couple of pages from her Hotel Priory Colouring Book logging all her "Triggers" for the world to see.

    PS - she's a crap artist as well :)

    Oh and notice on the bottom right corner she has "drawn" herself wearing a crown, I mean really? Is she three years old or what?
    Summed up rather nicely here by one of Our Own
    "KP denies it was for drink and drugs she was in there for, she was nowhere near anyone who was doing D&Ds... (she doesn't even drink that much, she does dry January every year, which usually lasts 22 minutes) so couldn't possibly be on an addiction treatment programme, she had just tried to hang herself (or was that 2020 🤷‍♀️maybe it was both) she had a mental breakdown and some traumas she doesn't do drugs but was self medicating on coke, she's never touched drugs in her whole career, apart from with the 2 Germans and Charles Drury and SB, once while with Pete, then she loved the coke. LOOK, I will say this only once...SHE WAS IN THERE FOR PTSD and no one knew how much she was struggling (apart from her loving family who she said she spoke to all the time) She has now got workbooks on it, done some stick men drawings of her triggers, filmed a documentary, which never gone shown on C4 and she is all better now. In fact, she's training to be a therapist (except her traumas will be far worse than yours) Did you know she suffered from traumas?? Did she mention that? But it's NOT HER FAULT, it's all the men in her life and those pesky 6 gunmen who gave her traumas and PTSD by just looking at her and managed to r4pe her.
    P.S Just so you also know, she is having therapy every week for the rest of her life, well, every other week, OK, she is having therapy when she is not on holiday or can be bothered, or the next time she is in trouble. Watch this space. ;)

    See! It walks in-and-out as it pleases - this is not someone who accepts nor wants any of their Tweetments. Its an excuse

    As we all know already, EVERYTHING is Sumwun Elwsis Fort - especially the ex-husbands who make a point of "triggering" her at every single opportunity (allegedly). This was Pete Ya Cunt's fault but could so easily have been Kieron.............. or Alex...................Boyson.................. or Dwight Yorke, the household cavalry or even uncle Tom Cobbly and all..............and uncle Tom Cobbly and all.

    12.9.22 - and another peeping over the parapet to pose questions as to The Lies spouted by skanky :) Its about bloody time too!
    https://www-thesouthafrican-com.nproxy.org/lifestyle/celeb-news/katie-price-south-africa-rape-2018-onlyfans-trauma-and-me-latest-11-september-2022/ (y)
    16.9.22 - heres a cracker from the Sun who appear to be trawling through the millions of her victims for even more dirt on it. Ex-Ace here but the headline says it all LOL bu theres noo doubt the steroid abuse is nothing compared to be saddled with Skanky with the title of The One - he's lucky to have got out before it wanted loadsa beybeys wiv 'im and nailed his scuplted arse to the floor .............
    27.9.22 -the Sun seem to be showing a lot of these articles since she dun the dirty on the them over Punchgate, articles where they are pinpointing things of interest regarding her flagrant wasting money for the Bankruptcy Cause :)
    Some more lies from the Daily Star as regards it's TWO completed Marathon runs! FFS it managed 6k of the one for the Lung Disease Charity before it ditched the costume in the gutter and headed off for a coffee and a fag. Pity these journalists don't fact-check her rubbish before the repeat it
    10.10.22 - the start of the fall-out from "Twarma an' Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee" - the Telegraph sticks it to skank :)

    The Exes - the ones that got out alive but are still suffering from assaults and blame from It -
    - Pete this time. Can you wonder why he left?? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-peter-andres-rocky-27953423 Bear in mind this is Skanky's Version only - Pete has not uttered a word about it but imagine the stuff he DOES KNOW that he's kept quiet about for the sake of his kids, they who suffer their "mother's" bullshit on a daily basis :(
    8.10.22 - Kieron and Michelle have set a date for their Wedding meaning Skanky is going to self-combust in jealousy and RAGE, not to mention this event "Triggerring awl me mentawl 'elf ishoos innit # # #"

    Strutting about scowling at a camera being awl Seksi - thats how she dealt with all her sexual abuse
    - so she says. LOL
    11.9.22 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/4768484/katie-price-suggests-she-turned-to-glamour-modelling-as-a-way-to-deal-with-sexual-abuse/
    Maybe if her mother had protected her precious daughter from a few perverts instead of proferring her about to seedy old geezers, that might have helped more?
    The alleged "Rape" when she was 6 years old. The police might let her get off with multiple driving offences but somehow I don't think if there was ANY ELEMENT OF TRUTH in this it would have been forgotten about. More LIES basically
    Version 1 - https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220919-144715_chrome-jpg.1590242/
    Version 2 - https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220919-144549_chrome-jpg.1590263/
    1.10.22 - Your'e damned right skanky! We don't want to see that and NO its not "incredible" either, actually its more BORK :sick:

    Then Came "Only Fans" - its not doing so well so next stop sleazy porn with her plastics on open display (along with all the rest of the goods (BARF)
    12.9.22 - Yes indeedy, the day after all the shocking admissions of being continually "raped" since she was seven years old by most of the male species, its off on another jolly! Ooops I mean "working"

    More Lies, Different subject - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/10183854/katie-price-reveals-she-was-chased-through-area-51-by-guards-when-she-went-looking-for-aliens/ They don't even want it at Roswell! No doubt the aliens sent the guards out to get rid of her like the rest of us would :) :alien:

    Her and Stink Boy are on/Off more than her drawers when she spots a potential Egg -
    13.9.22 - Here we go again, same shit, different day https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-carl-woods-spark-27978401
    20.9.22 - OFF again. How long this time? Does anybody care anyway???

    More 'Olidays, ooops I mean "WORK" -
    13.9.22 - this is a bloody good 'oliday though because its CURED all her Mentawl 'Elf Ishoos in a day. Screw you Priory with your colouring books!! Get yerself to Spain instead!! :)
    According to one Bog Roll 2 days ago skank was a basket case trying to top herself and would be in weekly therapy for life, 4 hrs ago the gruesome twosome were on the rocks and had split and now 1 hour ago skanks is healed and looking forward to a future with sink boy and her 5 kids. All this from the famous source AKA Sophie the enabler!
    Poor animals.........................
    Not contemporary but it demonstrates nicely the utter disdain it bears for it's "Pets"; Note it was "Pissed-off" & not heartbroken then went on to blame the people it had dumped the dogs onto whilst it fucked off elsewhere yet again. Never HER FAULT is it?
    and on the same note the Pizza delivery company fully disputed her accusation that their driver killed her dog - they had proof! Skanky insisted at the time she had PROOF on CCTV footage of the driver killing her dog and yet she never did come across with the details which is par for the course with her and her lies/accusations
    "Upon realising the error, GPS tracking reveals she went straight to the correct address. Our driver remained on public roads and had no access to Ms. Price's land.
    "Our driver holds a clean, valid EU driving license and maintains she did not hit an animal. She has voluntarily contacted the police but has been told no criminal charges are pending. We want to understand what happened and have asked Ms Price to share the CCTV to help our investigation."
    Like that would ever happen...............
    They added: "Unfortunately, despite repeatedly requesting, we’re still unable to get a crime reference number or sight of the CCTV Katie mentioned, to help our investigation." Its a recurring theme with her.

    Puppy Rolo who died folded up in an electric recliner chair - Princess knows the truth of it, just look at her face and yet Mommy Dearest drags her out to justify her claim that it was "Just an accident". Drugging the puppy with CBD Oil to stop it Being A Puppy has a lot to do with it https://youtu.be/_1Y74GmaD6Q

    23.9.22 - I hope this does not mean she's got her gnarled hands on some more victims. https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220923-153655_gallery-jpg.1599735/
    25.9.22 - Poor Blade gets sent for "retraining" which involves electric shock collars :( Why can't skank be forced to wear one instead of that ridiculous Community Service that she NEVER does anyway? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8326339/Katie-Price-collects-protection-dog-Blade-training-urging-Dele-Alli-one.html I see she's equating herself with Dele Alli though, really reckoning she's some sort of a Superstar (or is she after recruiting him Egg-wise?)
    27.9.22 - FIVE DOGS NOW! Why has it got five dogs when the thing is abroad more often than its actually at Trampy Towers? WHO cares for these poor creatures anyway since she is entirely incapable (proven time and again)
    and just look at it rolling about with the poor little things too :(

    Booze and Drugs - she does neither you understand and yet we have this boast from Loose Wimmin (before the chucked her out for good)
    In part 2 it admits to "Being a Binge Drinker......................." Denies it now of course.

    More recent 2018 - booze and violence from it!
    "PRICE IS FIGHT Furious Katie Price grabs woman’s head after she’s kicked out of nightclub for being ‘too drunk’
    • Sun Reporter
    • 19:29, 9 Sep 2019
    • Updated: 6:27, 10 Sep 2019 Nothing new really is it?
    A classic skanky performance -

    The Entire Price Clan are Scamsters - its NOT a new phenomenom -check this lot out!
    SHE LEFT OUR SON A WRECK. - Free Online Library (thefreelibrary.com)

    This is Scott who found out Skanky intended to dump him for Peter Andre via the TV show I'm a Celeb. She ripped them off chronically.
    Scams and Cons -
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/13694904/katie-price-hair-extensions-raffle-wig/ Just think, some "lucky person" got to own skanky's discarded, filthy, ropey extensions - lucky them!
    But at least they actually received their "prize" - unlike the "winner" of this scam. Nothing was ever heard of again as to who won this car, unsurprisingly. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/18582424/katie-price-fans-free-audi-instagram-scam/