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  • * Resumé
    * Troof or Lie??
    * Bankruptcy here we come! Woo Hoo!!
    * Find a Bandwagon and Jump Aboard! Woo Hoo
    * Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl
    * "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One mk 3498
    * Fwends abandoning ship now - woo hoo!
    * "Isss Awwwllll Abaaaht Meeeeeeeeeeeee & mentawl 'elf innit"
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire" :LOL:
    * Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries & Crap Tattoos etc
    * "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    * Getting at the Exes & The Escapees
    * Twolls
    * Burglars etc
    * Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs
    * Those Poor Kids & "Cruelly Mum-Shamed"
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy
    * How or WHY Even?
    * Dressed to Kill - LOL
    * Court Cases & Law Breaking
    * "Iss awl abaaaht Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee innit!"
    * Lies, Lies and More Lies (including the Saaaarrrrff Affrikka Set)
    * "Slamming & Swiping" - beycors thass wot she duzz innit!
    * 'Olidays!! Woo Hoo!!
    * The Broken Trotters
    * Ownly Fans (for blind, deaf mugs)
    * Animal Victims - take note RSPCA!! :mad:
    * Trampy Towers - aka the Mucky Manshun
    * The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her
    * Moooosik!
    * Fan Zone - yes there are a couple left that have yet to be locked up
    The Chamber of Horrors -
    A gruesome image that will haunt you forever more. Maybe Sinky should call the lifeguard because Batnan has passed out drunk by the pool again

    Just as a reminder of it's LIES
    What an absolute BARGAIN eh? :ROFLMAO: £100k to look like a freak

    :ROFLMAO:Dog the Bounty Hunter buys a new brown wig! Notice that in NONE of these gruesome images the presence of it's moon boots on the Browkern Trotterzz - another set of Lazarus Moments!!
    For reference - https://youtu.be/mQn9qiaw3_4 It was vile even then :)

    "Thar she blows Cap'n!"

    Meanwhile, filtered beyond recognition in Thailand we get this :ROFLMAO:

    Fake as fuck, from the ropey extensions glued-on it's crucified barnet, the paint-rollered eyebrows on that surgically massacred boat-race, the medicine balls nailed on the front & all those hideous tattoos - and thats only the top half of it!! Gruesome
    OMFG they just get worse every day!
    Oh the memories, Skank’s bringing back the old ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go at the end of the driveway’ photo-sets, except now she’s just popping out to the front of the hotel before popping back in again….we really are getting all the old hits on this Thailand trip, with the added bonus that she now looks incredibly grotesque 👍🏾
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21674223/katie-price-biggest-boobs-sheer-top-on-holiday/amp/ - what is there to say about this then? NOWT :sick::poop:

    Johnny Weismuller bought a bikini

    Gotta luv this one! "a stunning snap" with lips that look like they've been done with roof tiles :LOL:
    15.3.23 -Probably the most True-to-Life picture of it that we've seen in ages. Waiting for Wanky Cabs 🔔🔚 to pick her up at Heathrow yesterday
    It looks like some old wino on-the-beg under the flyover in Cardboard City :ROFLMAO:
    16.3.23 - Stunning......................simply stunning................. in a cattle-prod kind of way...........
    Is this the before or after photo because if its the after, she might as well give up now because the hair/wig looks greasy, the dress is horrible (even Edna wouldnt be seen dead in that), the shoes make her feet look like canal barges, the tits look stupid and the face (eyebrows, the gob, her Burt Reynolds moustache and sunken eyes,) make her look like a corpse. Who tf would want to look like that? 😂
    Woman (allegedly) these days
    20.3.23 - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-sends-fans-wild-29501617 I dunno about "Sending fans wild" but this comment says it all "I'd rather have a Tommy tank with razor blades .................
    21.3.23 - Today it reckons its a twin image of 15 year old Princess :ROFLMAO: https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.1-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-260-was-it-really-mothers-day-cos-kps-off-and-away-to-fix-its-turkey-teef-but-not-in-l-a.38108%2Fpage-2&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F21783900%2Fkatie-price-princess-instagram%2F&xs=1&xtz=-60&xuuid=cd4ba79d3db744c94114a34562ada18c&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    22.3.23 - out and about with SB and the boys having been hiding for some days. Wonder who took these awful shots?
    Looking terrible in JYY's worst offerings though :)

    and note the addition of the words "Playing" the adoring mother. LOL
    23.3.23 - gawping at Phil and Grant in admiration again

    Resumé -
    26.2.23 - Yes its still on 'oliday and its still got the kids BUT Sinkboy has fucked off and left her to it with RimMe and his little fwend. What did those children witness this time I wonder? :mad: She's dressing Bunty like her Mini-Me (now she's realised P is NEVER going to be her Mini-Me in a million years) thus she moves onto the next edition with Jett being lined-up as the next Sympathy Case as H is now too grown up to be "Cuttteeeee" any longer.
    28.2.23 - more ghastly tattoos

    4.3.23 - an even more hideous tatts - the knobbly knees this time
    9.3.23 - this crap constitutes A Story these days in the Mirror :LOL::poop:
    10.3.23 - It's all a bit of a mystery at the moment. Skank seems to be laying low, slymi Rymi is off on his jollies without her, sink boys being all cryptic in the Attic, Edna the source is deflecting like crazy and the press are printing days old bikini pictures waiting for the skank and the shit storm to hit when it arrives home. Could be a late night if she's on her way home because it'll be interesting to see who the first people are to get skank in for an interview when she lands.
    1, Police,
    2, Social Services.
    3, Bailiffs.
    4, School.
    5, Lawyers.
    Or will skank run and hide up somewhere until she and the clan can come up with a plan to get her out the shit and put the blame onto someone else.
    This month it's mostly been on 'oliday though where it's appeared daily showing off her biggest tits ever in cheap looking bikinis, doing nasty poses with dead rats and monkey arses. Skank and slymi Rymi went on a boat ride, skank dropped out of cooking school because she "Can't leave the kids day or night" as a SOUL Pawent, but same night was out on the lash dressed inappropriately as usual, at a beach party without the kids pissed and high as a kite. It took the kids bra shopping (like you do) then to a restaurant to where they were "forced" share a can of coke and an ice cream while she had a whopping milkshake. Next Skank claims to be princesses momager but Pete said no your not and the final highlight after a month away skanks on her way home and suddenly remembers she has a son called Harvey. Woo hoo!
    14.3.23 - it's back!
    17.3.23 -She’s been the gift that keeps giving this week. It finally landed back in the UK with kids and Slymi Rymi in tow with Cole the Mug picking them up and their luggage. Hoods went up when they saw the paps that Cole must’ve called to prove that they were a couple. It palmed the kids off somewhere for a Cardiff hair masterclass the next day when she appeared her usually late self with Slymi and Cole in tow. More fool the people that paid for tickets to see her but it looks like we’ll be getting Harvey pics rolled out as she’s seeing him this week and hopefully KH will get his kids back at some point. As you were Krusties!
    20.3.23 - Don't waste your time or sanity in reading any of it's books (even if you do buy them for a quid in a charity shop) This crap is only worthy of use as firelighters for the BBQ or emergency bog-roll, after all one of our Tattlers bravely took one for The Cause then posted this conclusion
    "The end. Thank f***!
    What did I learn? Not much I didn’t already know. (Its) A fantasist, narcissistic of the highest level. How she is a diva, moaned her whole way though every autobiography, had to be all about her constantly. One rule for her, one for everyone else. Bully. Liar. Bitch. Spiteful, revengeful. No manners, no respect towards anyone else. Expects diamonds and presents constantly. Drinker. Addict.
    Absolutely nothing down to earth about her in the slightest.
    Doesn’t ever learn from her mistakes. Has been in therapy all her life.
    Her life is definitely Groundhog Day."

    Bankruptcy Here We Come, woo hoo! -
    6.3.23 - Skank hits back at trolls who criticised her for having even more surgery to get those hideous bowling balls on her frontage.
    Her quote is "More people would go under the knife if they could afford it" (like her obviously)
    * Note - SHE can't afford it either and yet look at the state of it!! :ROFLMAO:
    8.3.23 - so the Mirror have been paying it for the horrendous bikini & tattoo foters after all. "0_PAY-PREMIUM-EXCLUSIVE-MUST-CALL-FOR-PRICING-WEB-EMBARGO-UNTIL-1310-HRS-UK-TIME-ON-070323-Katie" So then Reach Plc, just how much did those diabolical pictures cost you and why are you giving money to a criminal because I hope it is worth it? Alongside these vile images you have published an article about how many women were injured and "worse" by men, so how come when a female (allegedly) who has been in court and found guilty of revenge porn against A Man, she gets money given to her by your group for pictures of some dodgy knee tattoo? Double standards dontcha think???? :mad:
    16.3.23 - another hotel overnighter after the Yooneek Syrups do. No kids either
    and heres The Sun underlining that fact too :)
    19.3.23 - Notice in this rubbish all the highlighted comments to show this Bankrupt is still blowing through money like a Billionaire www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21751652/katie-price-harvey-reunited-carl-woods/
    NOTE -

    Will it try this stunt again? Surely enough is enough now?
    Sad for others that were affected by this but it was great to see skank being shafted as she's done to so many other people :)
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-loses-107k-perfume-21693966 Odd that its still marketing this type of crap under a company with Her Vile Name when she's not supposed to be a director nor have anything to do with A Business considering she's BANKRUPT :unsure:
    23.3.23 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21810003/katie-price-hint-holiday-bankruptcy-hearing/
    With the Bankruptcy hearing only weeks away here it is dropping large hints that it intends to take anuvva 'oliday soon enuff, in fact maybe it'll be "away werkin" doing more hideous foters of its mangled body & face on the Court Day again?

    Troof or Lie? -
    4.3.23 - This is most definately A LIE! FGS it is comparing itself to one of the nubile little girlies over on Love Island (rubbish in itself) & actually thinks she could easily be mistaken for one of them!! :ROFLMAO: No luv - you look like their Grandmother!
    4.3.23 - Troof? :LOL: No its just another LIE. Taken from today's rantathon at Kieron re the kids
    "Im a professional businesswoman..................... committed to my work" :ROFLMAO: Oh really skank, you mayke I larffff :p
    So then here we have "Mother of the century" who has her kids day and night, she takes her two youngest kids on a loving special family holiday for their"mental health". ❤ Mum and kid special time spent in tattoo studios with mummy doing stupid poses for photoshoots to sell her new fake boobs to the press. Mummy rants and raves on IG about the kid's Daddy while leaving them with fuck-knows-who as Mummy takes herself to a club on the loving special family time holiday. Mummy is stood outside the club, child free, looking like a freak with her boobs, new tattoos and a top giving her a full front and back wedgie, said top will be up for sale, unwashed on depop in the very near future. YUP!
    And what about all those plasterclasses you booked to undertake last- year at £50 a ticket then baled out on leaving the mugs out-of-pocket? Or the Valentine's Day raffle where the unlucky "winner" would receive £400 (?????)'s worth of old tatt from her barf bums etc? Another LIE then
    LIES! Just a reminder - Heres her justifiction for taking the children from their Father's Custody last November
    6.3.23 - definately The Biggest Ever Lie - https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-price-defends-boob-job-29362774.amp
    ''Really, I give myself a pat on the back because I know I’ve still got it! I still put myself up there – I know I can still smash it in a photoshoot. I think I can hold my own alongside any girl out there when they put me in front of the camera.”' :ROFLMAO:
    * NB - You're not a girl love, you're a middle aged freak who will probably die on the operating table simply because you have the 'right' to not stop butchering yourself even if it kills ya.
    8.3.23 - TROOF! Princess sticks it to her LOL :) www.thesun.co.uk/tv/21630616/katie-price-daughter-princess-career-warning/
    Katie Price's daughter Princess asks 'can your body actually move' in brutal surgery dig | The Sun
    LIE - 14.3.23 - A bit of a porky pie there skank - YOU left him for six weeks to go shagging and drug-taking at the Playboy Mansion when he was a little baby! https://tattle.life/attachments/2026854/
    LIE - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/14924367/katie-price-millionaire-friend-murdered/ ☕Take this cuppa tea with it.
    KFP is a compulsive liar as we know. Sue did a lot of charity fund raising & events at her restaurant in which she asked skanky many times to attend or offer some gifts for raffles & never even got a reply. Sue even asked AFP if she could get some gifts they could raffle - not a dickie bird - yet AFP quite often attended the freebie nights acting like lady muck. So NO KFP was not a close friend to Sue.
    16.3.23 - LIES The shite interview with the Aussies, heres what it said-
    :poop:Third series of Mucky Mansion being filmed in May.
    :poop:my boobs don’t get in the way.
    :poop:Would love to go on Australian I’m a Celebrity, even got producer on the phone who was bemused by the very idea! "I’ve never been asked" it states, (perhaps because they don't want ya skank).
    :poop:Would love to do Australian Masked Singer. it was all"blah blah blah & ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"! (Nah they've heard your screeching so thats also a NO)
    :poop: Oh and she has "perfick nipples anawl", contrary to wot dem twolz ave sedd abaaahht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :ROFLMAO:
    LIE - remember back to when it was on Loose Wimmin, when it announced it's absolute horror to discover AFTER she's married AR that he liked cross-dressing? (This being the cross-dressing that she just so happened to record and keep for later use) Well heres PROOF from one of her own shitty tomes that she knew right from the outset that AR had a penchant for it so her blabbering-off on one about it being a horrible shock to her on that rubbish Loose Wimmin was ALL LIES as usual
    LIE - it reckons its been mistaken for this Ekin-Su girl! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: By whom though? Stevie Wonder wearing noise-cancellling ear defenders??? it's more like Ekin-Su's embarrassing grandmother who gets drunk at family parties then gropes all the young men

    Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl -
    26.2.23 - He's thrown a strop then stormed off back to UK because he is not happy with her continually saying she is single & now he's supposedly keeping a low profile to give the impression that they are not together. Why? Then again, his insta posts have let the cat out of the bag seemingly on purpose although he's done this pathetic act before like when They went to Spain and it was "Singul", so what exactly is all this subterfuge for because We know - The Media knows, and surely clan Price knows? Even they aren't That Stoopid! It can’t be to pacify AFP, she is ill but she is not stupid, it can’t be to generate more coin as nobody believes nor cares enough about their crap "relationship" anyway, so it must have something to do with the BH or more likely the possibility of the SS intervening as regards J&B
    26.2.23 - and here we go with the denials and deflections
    "47" though! :ROFLMAO:
    She'll go ape-shit and demand compensation for the twarmer
    28.2.23 - Ooooh he's got his name in the papers, in His Own Article no less! Woo Hoo!
    7.3.23 - It seems he's back in the attic at Trampy Towers waiting for it to return. He gave himself away by "following" the jetwash company she scammed into cleaning all the dogshit off the front porch but he's lying low for a while then we'll get the "wonderful news" that they're back togevva agen, cannot live without each other blah blah blah.........................:ROFLMAO:
    8.3.23 - he's signed himself up to Slymi Rymi's ex partner's agency, the blurb contains all sorts of hilarious old nonsense about this megastar's iconic career in the medya such as his TV experieince. Yep his TV career is 39 minutes in total which includes 2 minutes of love island before being rejected, 7 minutes of some murder reality thing, a 10 minute interview and 20 minutes in the first episode of MM 2. But he forgot his most famous role that he's famous for world wide that he's a Channing Tatum look a like and body double. 🤣
    15.3.23 - Oh yeah. All the "We're finished" shit is exactly that yet again.
    Guess who was there to collect it at Heathrow yesterday?
    Guess who is there with it right now?
    Guess who is a total 🔔 🔚 ????

    "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One #3498 -
    Going back to 2018 the Daily Mirror printed this (extract of)-

    Well looking at the size of the latest set of medicine balls on the behemoth it looks as if SB has finally left it then LOL
    5.3.23 - Advertising it's availability AGAIN! Funny there have been no takers thus far though but do you suppose blokes have finally realised what an old skag it is nor do they wish to become The One Mk 3498?

    Fwends Abandoning Ship Now Woo Hoo!! -
    14.3.23 - another Fwendship bites the dust because she'll be Fuuurrrweeeuss! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21705672/aisleyne-horgan-wallace-kim-k-katie-price-plastic-surgery/
    19.3.23 -https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/inside-katie-prices-bitter-feud-29479026

    "Isss Awl Abaaaht Meee" & Mentawl 'Elf Innit..........................."
    28.2.23 - More photos incoming of her horrid tattoos which underline & prove she does NOT have ADHD. If she can sit/lay down for hours and hours and is not bothered by people touching her when she gets these tattoos, massages, hair, nails and makeup done then she does not have ADHD. End of. This 'oliday in Thailand is one endless procession of ghastly tattoos, fake hair and nails, all of which it has manages to sit through without a single Ishoo cropping-up
    7.3.23 - something is afoot obviously because it's Bigging Itself Up again :ROFLMAO:
    13.3.23 - and yet it still manages to make it Awl Abaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    13.3.23 - Bigging herself up again this time in apponting herself as P's "manager" LOL
    'I know when agents are taking advantage, so I would always step in if I felt something wasn't right for her. I'm a protective mother and I make sure my cubs are looked after.' Cubs? LOL
    'I'm very much like that too,
    so I think Princess gets that from me – her openness, confidence and honesty.' :ROFLMAO::poop:

    Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap -
    https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-pictures/gallery/katie-prices-pleasenotthem-national-lottery-14965133 An oldie but nevertheless LOL
    4.3.23 - still flogging the bonus boxes of crap Barf Bums etc - Speshul Deels! Look at what you are supposed to receive for your money then read the feedback - but then what do you really expect when buying from a crook?
    * Proof thats she's flogging her own hideous photos and those of the children to Backgrid for onwards sales. How can that be right??

    7.3.23 - scrounging wallpaper for H's bedroom now https://tattle.life/attachments/2009688/ * Note this is not even skanky replying, this is Edna on full PR mode trying to deflect from the incoming shitstorm by trying to make out skanky as giving a shit about anything EXCEPT HERSELF. It failed Edna - we noticed :)
    Scrounged some fool to come and jet-wash the dogshit etc off the front porch at Trampy Towers https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230307_091013_instagram-jpg.2010429/
    8.3.23 - A FREE Sined Foter Wiv Evvry Orda!

    12.3.23 - angling to get itself invited to this event (undoubtedly because its exactly the sort of thing Sinkboy likes)
    13.3.23 - heres some more old tat being marketed to the brain-deads. Since when did a barf bum, a scourer and a plastic duck become "Fun"? Whatever happened to doing stuff the kids enjoy doing eh?

    15.3.23 - so now we wait to see if it does drag it's plastic arse up to Cardiff for the Yooneek Syrups charabanc trip. Given it's history of Not Turning Up for crappy "events" its signed up for citing a variety of lame reasons, the odds on it arriving are very slim. Perhaps it'll be "A immergincey vissit ter see me Terminlly Ill Muvva", you know the one where she still fucked off to Thailand rather than visit her even when she was taken back into hospital a month ago? Natch! :)
    16.3.23 - back on the scrounge again https://tattle.life/attachments/7f9f0353-0baf-4127-99b0-e342ca7e223f-png.2032978/
    17.3.23 - the latest scam, rather like Ask Crawl innit?
    18.3.23 - an interesting bit of feedback as regards her shite on sale

    19.3.23 - Heres an extract from one of it's tediously boring, ghost-written, crapfest tomes stating categorically it NEVER promotes anything it doesn't believe it. My how things have changed over the years when now it'll "promote" anything for a few quid or a decent grift. https://tattle.life/attachments/93ade2c6-ab66-449d-8bff-7d5e42e091f9-png.2039307/
    If you receive a package which you might suspect contains Katie Price bath bombs, and/or whipped soaps please take the following action:-
    *Do NOT open the parcel. Use tongs and take it to an area far from yourself and others, the middle of your back garden.
    *Dowse the packet with anything that will carry a flame. If you have an abandoned BBQ that you no longer use, then this would be perfect. Immolate the packet immediately.
    *The whipped soaps which have been repackaged in a supermarket pasta sauce tubs may take longer to destroy.
    *DO NOT I repeat do not combine the contents of the packet with water. Do not throw them in the sea. Or donate to a charity shop.
    *Contact your local Royal Mail office immediately to make sure the postman delivering this packet has been checked for signs of thrush, or other genital irritation.

    The Yooneek Syrups Event -
    15.3.23 - arrived late of course but that in itself is something.

    It just walked in (approx 8pm), yelled something at everyone then ran to the back with her ‘entourage’ just ignoring everyone. Very rude. The place seems packed though and people looked a bit taken aback by her entrance. I wonder how much if her crap the flunkeys managed to shift for her?
    Doing the usual ol' Peace sign then................... yawn.....zzzzzz
    Its seems she is now charging £30 for her autograph! FFS anybody can do an X surely??
    Lookin' gooooood eh?

    Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire" :LOL:
    26.2.23 - Don't forget this is coming soon - thats if she can get her fat arse out of bed / doesn't have another hangover / can be bothered. Bear in mind she booked loads of her Plasterclasses then didn't show up nor have they been rescheduled as yet, so no doubt the mugs who spent £50 on a ticket have not had a refund.
    1.3.23 - Back with another of Slymi's Scams. No sign of the word "Ad" on it either
    3.3.23 - Well well well.... Theres more to this than meets the eye because theres NO WAY skanky would allow easy-pickings like this to slip through her talons - did C4 withdraw the offer having been bombarded with grief over it? :ROFLMAO:
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/21582914/katie-price-quits-tv-comeback/ Katie Price 'drops out of TV comeback last minute' causing 'major headache' with bosses - Mirror Online
    4.3.23 - and off we go with the excuses. Its J&B's Fawlt. She's a singil pawent innit wiv SOUL custiddy. "Wot elz woz I suposd der do eh?"

    So it’s alright to leave the kids to go on the razz out in London for days & nights to go trawling for Noo Eggs wearing very little apart from 4 strips of duct tape? Yet its certainly not OK to leave them for filming a tv show that would earn some money to pay your creditors what YOU OWE THEM? :unsure:
    Fact is that no one apart from her Flying Monkeys believes her. How on earth she can imply Kieran has Issues when it was in HER care that Jett & Bunny witnessed domestic violence against her from Sinkboy( and vice versa no doubt), that they've also witnessed the carnage in the house associated with the taking of illegal drugs? And that she thinks taking Bunny out of school for several weeks for an extended 'oliday is a good idea, quite apart from Jett who has been missing from school since she took him from his father's custody. And that she's driven illegally probably innumerable times without a licence (and therefore insurance) with the children in the car without being strapped into the required car seats? And that she left Bunny in a Thai hair place having wholly inappropriate braids put in which will ruin her natural hair and allowed her to have these ridiculous nail extensions at 8 years old, which will also ruin her natural nails? Shall I go on? Great mother, my arse. :mad:
    5.3.23 - Yes here we have "Soul parent" out in the lash yet again MINUS the children. A lovely unfiltered image of it captured in-the-wild though :) https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230304-185515-2-png.2004162/
    10.3.23 - publicising this rubbish now. Before you waste £50 on a ticket for this farce bear in mind most of these selling-points won't even be there, likewise the skank itself is allegedly not leaving Thailand until the 14th. Is she flying direct to Cardiff then parachuting in using one of those bucket-cup bikinis of hers? :)
    and having one of her monkeys cart a car load of her crap to flog to the muppets
    12.3.12 - is this another of her crackpot schemes? https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230312-101105-png.2022370/
    Maybe there is some Troof in it after all?

    14.3.23 - OK so its due to be hosting a speshul event at Yooneek Syrups in Cardiff in a couple of days (rather like the infamous Plasterclasses of last year) BUT, its still in Thailand! Looks like it'll be another spectacular event cancelled at the 11th hour - take a pick at the Excuse List and don't forget - NO REFUNDS!! :)
    :poop: Plane delayed
    :poop: Jet lagged - can't manage it
    :poop: Can't leave J&B - SOUL Pawent innit!
    :poop: Taxi didn't arrive (SB refused to drive her, Edna unavailable, Jeyda MIA. No Noo Egg on the scene)
    :poop: Can't walk, needs to rest her damaged feet. "Wheres me effing boots innit????"
    :poop: Tits exploded on flight home:LOL:
    :poop: Wallis the 'orse is ill again or AFP is terminal again
    :poop: Burglars have nicked her post boc full of dymunts again
    :poop: The Stalker has been seen pretending to change a car wheel by her gate but he's really after stalking HER
    :poop: Can't be arsed - :LOL: BINGO! Got it in one!!
    21.3.23 - looks like the non-delivery of her KP Memmerubilya crap is an Ishoo there too so its ripping people off there along with all the other rubbish its touting about
    23.3.23 - scamming again - Yooneek Syrups this time

    Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries & Revolting Tattoos etc
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11784897/What-Katie-Prices-100K-transformation-doing-body.html All that money wasted to end up looking like the back end of a bus :ROFLMAO:
    27.2.23 - just look at the scars on it though!

    28.2.23 - More horrid "artwork" on it's raddled carcass. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21539628/katie-price-new-tattoo-thailand/ Please bear in mind that this is the person who is "Terrified of needles....................." yet lays there squawking as yet another horrid scribble is put on it's plastic carapace. Here it is then - a mass of blue scribbles across it's gut What is it supposed to be anyway? More to come though apparently

    2.3.23 - "Looking flawless............................" :ROFLMAO::poop: It took THREE 12 year olds to "write" this rubbish as well :ROFLMAO:

    3.3.23 - She cannot help but admire these things https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21574184/katie-price-boobs-thailand-sunbathing/
    It looks like it's drowning in plastic

    5.3.23 - More gruesome images, same old 90s poses using the raddled body. Not seksi - not alluring - not attractive - just YUK!
    5.3.23 - more gruesome tattoos, now its to cover her knobbly knees :ROFLMAO:

    7.3.23 - you carry on luv! It just gets funnier with every nip and tuck :) https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-vows-keep-nipping-29392961
    BUT here it reckons it's trying to deter the girls from surgery and using copious filters :LOL:https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/celebrity/katie-price-reckons-shes-put-29391724#
    8.3.23 - "Gotta 'ave a tan innit!" even if you are incinerated. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-suffers-painful-sunburn-29395866
    and yet another revolting black tattoo - its a "tribute" to AFP who I feel sure is delighted to be represented by a swirly black blob
    The other knobbly knee has also been scribbled on although its open to debate what it actually is. I realise stuff is cheaper in Thailand, nevertheless this campaign of mutilation must still have cost this Bankrupt a fortune
    12.3.23 - and another one; God alone knows what this scribble is supposed to be let alone WHY?

    13.3.23 - www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21677845/katie-price-weight-gain-thailand-holiday-instagram/
    Thats the next 'oliday sorted then. Off to the Flab-Busters in Turkey again to add to the Turkish Fat Berg floating off Istanbul
    14.3.23 - just when you think it's achieved the Pinnacle of Naffness it triumphs with this monstrosity! Obviously she 20 years too late for the "Showing Your Drawers Over Yer Trousers" thing - she's always way-behind on any "trend" though :ROFLMAO:
    15.3.23 - So after a month spent in various Bewty salons and Tattoo parlours, guess where it immediately goes?
    16.3.23 - and heres what a Tattoo Fixer has to say about the cavalcade of hideousness it's had etched all over itself. LOL :ROFLMAO:
    They really are :poop: www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21719813/katie-price-tattoos-botched-underwear-new-thong/
    I mean, well, just look at it proudly showing off the scribbles that Harvey could have done far better with his felt-pens - not to mention the shape of it! Definately in Brick Shit-house territory these days

    "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva" -
    17.3.23 - https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/celebs-tv/polite-katie-price-cosies-up-26498219
    Yes Soul Pawent did not rush back to be with her children having been on an overnighter without them, instead it stopped off to stuff it's face and neck a few gallons of vino collapso first & no doubt a freebie too What a twat - doing that pathetic Peace thing AGAIN but it looks like H was collected from residential en route back for his Giganto Burger & four portions of chips

    Her being a piss-head is nothing new is it? This dates back to the Kieron Days but its been ongoing for a long time backed up with Other Substances too. This crap is from one of the Shitty Tomes series
    It's a hilarious skit. Every time she has 'just one little drink' she somehow ends up unconscious the next morning in the gutter outside some grotty club needing to be carried home by someone, it's like some sort of alternative-comedy sketch but naturally its all down to a case of her one single drinky-poo being "spiked" by some fiend. The catchphrase is probably 'Never underestimate the Pwicey' before it cuts to a scene of her rolling on the floor covered in fag ends and vomit, or in the back of her over-turned vehicle, her drawers in the glovebox and YES -covered in vomit again.

    Getting at the Exes & The Escapees -
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-furious-two-word-29296156; Why have they dug this crap out for an airing anyway? No body cares, well except Peter who got rid of it, the lucky chap :) In any case, we all know why your marriage ended skanky, it was very simple - you got preggers by Anuvva Noo Egg and then had an abortion. TRUE.
    5.3.23 - Here goes the first of her series of accusations down the crapper that she launched at Kieron to justify her stealing the children from his custody. :)
    and what she accused him of that she is STILL trying to force out there despite the police clearing him, ie what most people associate with that phrase "child abuse" is child sex abuse.....not stalking. Stalking charges are nothing to do with pervy messages to kids but skanky wanted people to think that, probably to build on what she has accused Kieran of in the past Nevertheless it cannot resist another stab with a serrated blade can it? She just can’t stop stirring the shit as in she’s ok to comment on this case yet wasn’t so quick to clear Cole’s name after Slapgate which just shows what a vindictive, nasty, old scrotum sack she is. Likewise here also we have it crowing and boasting in one of her crappy books about beating up the woman she blamed for stealing Kieron from her grasp, where it also admits in print to doing this in front of the assorted children involved and then depositing her kids with the hotel security guard and going back for another go at Jane P. It is a psycho.

    Just an example from the nutjob who would not accept Boyson was finished with her. Sad eh?
    When Boyson called her bluff over her so-called evidence she posted, the doctored video, it hits back with all the threats as per usual. Funny how Boyson then decided very unwisely to toe-the-line and perpetuate The Lie that some mystery person had been driving skanky's car rather than the pissed-up, vomit-covered, knickerless wreckage the Police found and nicked at the scene

    Heres another one. Oddly enough she hasn't been persecuting this fool though even though he DARED to elbow HER!!
    https://tattle.life/attachments/chrome_screenshot_1678985171605-png.2033344/ "But Ize not a slagg 'y knaaa........" :rolleyes:
    But its OK of course - Keiron sleeping with one person easily covers the Unlucky Seven she shagged during their marriage
    18.3.23 - lets hope this is just the First Step in getting those poor kids back permanently. Bunty pictured here by her Dad - hopefully he has J too https://tattle.life/attachments/158aa889-a4a4-41e7-a122-b9832fbf1d26-png.2036403/
    Then theres her revenge exercise on Alex when it blurted in print about his penchant for cross-dressing. 'It didn't for a second put me off' - until a few months afterwards when it suited the current narrative because then she is "absolutely disgusted and horrified by it" telling people it would 'shock them to the grave', after which she started showing a video of him to anybody who'd listen to her. It did not stop her being photographed posing for a fee alongside AR dressed as his alter-ego Roxanne though - not so appalled as to not do that eh?
    Yet another version from another of her crap books - https://tattle.life/attachments/65406231-3527-4878-bb2c-ad6e4716baeb-png.2038667/
    Blaming Leo (Leandro) for her being rat-arsed on 'oliday in Saaaarff Affrikka. Note loss of ring also which appears to be a recurring theme 3e23e95b-7d6c-48f5-a563-8144ed56f846-png.2039164 (675×900) (tattle.life)
    Heres Leandro's take on skanky snaring Kieron into marrying her LOL

    and another gem lifted from one of it's crappy tomes "Kieron will still love me and stay with me when im 50" 😂 Of course he does skanky! He despises you more than ALL the others in combo after what you've done to him and put the children through
    Now heres Charles Drury adding to the list of potential Eggs she shagged
    and you can add Frank Lampard to the list of Victims too following this quote from back-in-the-day -
    "Katie says she never went "all the way" with Frank (how charming), but claims the two had a fling earlier in their respective careers. In 2009 she even told Glamour: "There's actually quite a few little footies I'd do. I'd probably go back to Frank Lampard, finish what I started." Like Frank nor any of the other victims would EVER go back there now eh? :sick:

    Twollz -
    4.3.23 - Never forget what The World's Worst Twoll got away with (before the new legislation appeared). This is the very same one screeching about people Twolling HER!

    Car Crashes -
    They're nothing new with the skank; Heres one giving details in one of it's shitty books with Leandro driving (allegedly). Just as likely to have been her off-her-face yet again though https://tattle.life/attachments/bf489972-b12e-45a1-b8bb-e985ec4b743f-jpeg.2038941/

    Those Poor Kids & Mum-Shaming -
    Definately an Amaaaazin' Muttha innit - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-peter-andre-relationship-12977619?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
    Going back a couple of years Jett blurted this out on-camera. No wonder she's had it in for him since, all the while trying to make out he's a flake that needs sectioning. You must know that old saying "From the mouths of babes...." skanky LOL
    26.2.23 - J&B being dragged around by it out in Thailand still. Just look at the ghastly thing it's almost wearing, not to mention the state of Bunty with full make-up, eyelashes, false nails and that awful hair. Turned her into a Mini-Me which is exactly The Plan :mad:
    28.2.23 - the latest edition of what she's done to Bunty - she's had those dreadful extensions added to so the rat's tails are around the girl's knees now.
    She's 8 years old FGS!!! :mad: Skank has even got the girl commenting how "she" wanted this awful abomination done to her hair!!
    An entire family working on this abomination on Bunty's head! Well she's going the right way into making Bunty into a monster like her "mother".
    2.3.23 - Its no wonder its gone on a full-blown 'Turn Bunty into Mini-Me!' mode when this has emerged. It seems P is NOT her Mini-Me after all despite all that work she put in trying to turn P. Yowch I bet that stings eh skank? :ROFLMAO:
    3.3.23 - Unsurprisingly Bunty's father is furious over what skank has done to the girl's hair, and why not indeed.
    4.3.23 - So its off and running again digging at K&M obliquely blaming them for her pulling out of her TV Comeback on some Celeb Chef nonsense, but if course it would not be complete without some more barbs delivered via Insta
    And there we have it, the same-old-same-old rubbish, so predictable & transparent as always, in fact these illiterate rants of hers show clearly that her supposed "weekly therapy for LIFE " will never change the inside - it's True Self ` - which actually always has been ugly, vindictive ,jealous, vengeful, a seething cauldron of hatred, indeed a hateful viper thats rotten to the core. Oddly enough she seems to conveniently forget that it was a JUDGE ordered the removal of the children from her custody and not their fathers turning up out-of-the-blue to snatch them away due to due to concern over The Muvva's behaviour and lifestyle habits. Those were all her choices. She put the children in danger so just remember that a judge will only remove children from their mother for good reason because emoving children from their Mother is never done lightly & that in itself tells you how bad it was. However NOW lo and behold, scrub all her unacceptable VILE history which is well documented in the press in the public domain, NOT ONCE but countless times, because Skanky says she needs to be there for her children as she apparently has "SOUL care". She's certainly NOT the kind of "mother" they need around them because she's a Wrong 'Un, a deranged ,habitual, dangerous, drugged up, drunk/druggy CRIMINAL who has ZERO respect for anyone or anything. Least of all her own vulnerable children :(
    6.3.23 - Quote of the Week - " I’ve had a really good, uplifting year so far and I deserve it. It’s taken a couple of years to get here and sort myself out, but now I’m just concentrating on the kids.” Really skank???? :ROFLMAO:
    9.3.23 - She's getting the Flying Monkeys to post deflections that in fact " she's been back from Thailand for weeks....." Righty-ho she has - the proof is plain to see she's still out there holding those kids to ransom in seedy tattoo parlours

    10.3.23 - https://tattle.life/attachments/4dadc3fb-c4ce-4298-8db9-daeb6eaf48f2-png.2016640/
    All of this rubbish about abducting the children back in November for Their Mentawl 'Elf (Jett's specifically) comes down to this synopsis :-
    :poop: She has already tried to get him diagnosed before and it doesn’t appear that worked so new tactics were called for. You can see and from what people have said he’s very sensitive and he’s been through an awful lot for a boy of 9, so when she’s going on about his ‘mental elf’ it’s because in his short life she has majorly let him down time and time again but is now blaming M for it.
    :poop: She wasn’t thinking about Jett's education when she got herself banned from the school grounds
    :poop: She wasn’t thinking about Jetts MH when she left him with KB to go shag Charles
    :poop: She wasn’t bothered during the last 3 years of their education or birthdays when she was on holiday for every single first day back to school or birthday
    :poop: She wasn’t thinking about his MH when she moved them all in with CW and they witnessed DV and drug taking
    :poop: She wasn’t thinking about his MH when she took him to Brussels to watch her have a boob job
    :poop: She wasn’t thinking about his MH when she made a TV show slagging his dad off and got him arrested
    :poop: She’s not thinking about his MH now either - what's new there then??

    Going back to shortly after Junior was born we have this little number. Theres no evidence as such any longer because it mysteriously disappeared into the ether perhaps to protect Junior from ever seeing it, but it is remembered by some people from that trashy telly show the pair of them did, a shocking indictment of the parenting that was to come from The Skank itself.
    She was filmed saying, "Give me a girl next time Pete and I might bond with it." Calling her baby son "It" for a start but then it also proves that skank was already after lining-up the Mini-Me's for future useage.
    13.3.23 - Its already blatently obvious where all this Mini-Me rubbish out in Thailand has been heading - Bunty is now going to carry the Mini-Me flag seeing as P has made it plain its NOT going to be her! https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-reveals-hopes-diva-29441898
    and out comes P from the cupboard for an airing. Mummy is going to "look after her career.................". You can almost hear Pete mutterring "Over my dead fucking body doris!"

    "Very protective Mum" :poop: MY ARSE!!!!!

    Nearer the Troof is this, and so it begins - The Rehabilitation of Katie Price, best 'evva muvva, all round top bird.
    :poop: So protective of her 'cubs', always got their best (financial) interests at heart. Using the children
    :poop: Lucky, lucky Princess, going to have her mother by her side to guide her how to be a top moddle with her of 25 years of experience - all natural, no filters. :ROFLMAO:
    :poop: And to educate her in Bein' a Moddle, showing her the Pointy Toe and Trout Pout poses, preferably strutting the dustbins of 'Orsham or Brighton
    :poop: All the time insisting that they be photographed together because, after all, the fans are all saying the same thing, just how alike they are!
    :poop: Accepting challeges like being a brand ambassador for some shite hole in Wales so she can get Mummy a great deal on some extensions and syrups to fully match muvva's great young looks, then she can watch Mummy playfully fondle it for the camera whilst pouting seductively
    :poop: Visit Dr Plop of The Square Knockers clinic in Belgium who's been lined up to put in some new 5 litre norks and bash her face about a bit to match. This will guarantee the red tops falling over each other to guarantee daily coverage with 'excloosive' photo shoots round the back of some dilapidated buildings in a back alley where even the rats commit suicide after seeing skank.
    :poop:"Never underestimate the Pricey, the Pricey's back! Woo Hoo!! Now just let me stare at my tits before you take the shot. "
    :poop:"I'm there to protect and guide her" - what a laugh! Wasn't so protective when banging Charles drury and sniffing coke all night in the hotel room nextdoor.
    Of course we are all too aware that it was barely around when the graft needed doing when the children were younger and involved hands-on hard work, however with P. growing up and thinking about career options the vile, leeching, blood sucking parasite is finally there to - quote "PROTECT AND GUIDE HER!" If she needs protecting from anybody it'll be from Mommy Dearest who will behave in exactly the same manner AFP did with her when she was leaving her unchaperoned with randy old blokes pretending to be photographers and going shopping on the fee! Oh please do fuck off you rancid old dog!
    13.3.23 - Its Bunty's fault she got booted-off Tiktok as well. Yep blame the child for your own transgressions, why not eh?
    14.3.23 - following-on from her announcement that she's effectively going to run P's 'career' for her, Pete retorts with this little number. This will twigger it BIG TIME for sure ##########################################
    15.3.23 - back from Thailand at last but note that Bunty has got another set of those braids in. She won't be going to school then until after half term (if then).
    Her moustache is coming along nicely though :) Thus the shitstorm beginneth :)
    16.3.23 - Mum-shaming again! LOL Too frigging-right!! https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-price-hot-water-after-26474494
    Back to 2009 the epic Mother-of-the-Year was already in full-swing with a taste if things to come & ironically enough a matter of weeks after this Pete walked out on her for good I cannot imagine why..............................

    Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy -
    A little note regarding the residential Harvey attends. Its said that Mother of the Year is an absolute nightmare when it calls him from one of it's numerous 'olidays to wherever it is currently contaminating to show off, always says “I promise I’ll bring you next time” but never does, which sets him off every time. Obviously the staff are left to pick up the pieces, literally and figuratively YET AGAIN 😢 Poor lad. She could of course call staff for updates but chooses to ring him directly knowing how he’ll react. Some "Mother" eh?
    Such a good mother to H, she really is! Off it's trolley on whatever

    * She posted this on her own Instagram as proof of H's obvious problems, documentation from GOSH; Funny though, theres not a single mention of Prader-Willi nor of him being "almost completely blind.........................."
    Do you suppose she's LYING again??

    Not strictly true eh Skank? You'll see him "Evvri weykend" IF it fits in with your plans or 'olidays eh?

    as opposed to the crap in one of her shitty tomes
    14.3.23 - The "fans" are not happy it seems :) https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-suffers-backlash-fans-29451619
    When will the 12 year old realise that she does not have any "fans" apart from MoRon and Naked Rodney? Incidentally they also ought to be aware that H is NOT in "respite care" at all - he is in permanent Residential Care; Two very different things
    16.3.23 - apparently H is on his way back to Trampy Towers for Mummy to use for a while. He's being delivered because SB doesn't like having in him in his Lukshurry Veeeculs
    18.3.23 - time to wheel H out for an airing and some sympathy - its been a month since it saw him after all. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21751652/katie-price-harvey-reunited-carl-woods/amp/
    23.3.23 - Here are the 'Appy Famli" out posing fer foters in Soho London. Note here how the "Almost completely blind" Harvey is walking perefectly normally without guidance nor a stick, so either he is NOT "almost completely blind" or Mummy actually doesn't give a shit that he could walk in front of the hellish London traffic chaos or stumble into a pothole. No sign of the glasses he was prescribed either. Also take note that both boys are wearing shorts & tshirts - summery clothing - whilst it and SB plus the rest of the community who are igoring her are all suitably dressed for the rotten weather
    Taken from last year's bollockfest "Arvey and MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" - read it's description of H coping with new situations and then compare with him walking unaided in Soho the day before. :unsure:

    5.3.23 - Posting pathetic teenage shite now :ROFLMAO:
    Here we have it slagging off A Friend who rogered Kieron (allegedly), berating her for doinking A Married Man when in this very same shitty book she admitted she had done exactly the same! Double standards in operation again

    How or Why Even? -
    7.3.23 - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-dubbed-tragic-hero-29350193 There are still some imbeciles around then
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-labelled-tragic-hero-29399129#comments-wrapper The comments though :) LOL
    "Fedupoffalsers5 HRS AGO
    No! We're not rooting for her, because she's avoided jail countless times, left her kids fir a night out on white p owder, is a terrible role model for her kids, who she parades for the benefit of her wallet, including her heavily disabled son, which is abuse.
    She's responsible for numerous pets deaths in her care, and she's a monstrous looking 45 year old who thinks she's a star!! Ao, NO, We're NOT rooting for her lmao"

    8.3.23 - and this abhorrence. These surely are the End of Days for skanky https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21626201/katie-price-enormous-boobs-bikini-coconut-bar-thailand/

    Court Cases & Law Breaking -
    The problem is that actually it has NOT completed it's Community Service Punishment because in that garbage the Sunday Times printed it admitted it still has "many hours left" to serve. Indeed its doubtful it'll ever complete the Order, in fact its pretty much a foregone conclusion it'll have collected MORE hours before it's even anywhere near finishing this last lot

    'Olidays Woo Hoo! -
    "She holidays here
    She holidays there
    The skanky bitch holidays everywhere
    One tits in heaven
    The others in hell
    Don’t get me started on her god awful smell."
    27.2.23 - Currently on its latest jaunt to Thailand still with J&B incarcerated with it; SB fled back to UK so "Iss awll orf agen innit"
    2.3.23 - still showing off (oops I mean posing her enormous boobs) in Thailand; What a state it is too
    5.3.23 - Well indeed. Heres an in-the-wild, unfiltered photo of It taken last night at some teenager's Club in Bankok, but look who appears to be hiding his face behind it! None other than SB. So he did go grovelling back again after all and has accompanied Grandma to do her seksi twerkin' dancin' :ROFLMAO:
    or is this him with another couple of Plastic Bints back in London? Who knows? Who cares even???
    6.3.23 - The kids sure are having a fun 'oliday in the sun wiv Mummy Tattoo parlours & hair salons. See poor Jett here hiding under a towel playing his tablet when he ought to be playing in the sunshine

    "Dairy of Me Fab 'Oliday Wiv Der Kidz-
    So excited - a family fun holiday.
    Packing ipads for all the kids so dere fun beggins.
    Day one - Kids are going with me as i'm getting my nails done then we can spend hours laying around the pool. Iye mite tayke a few well filtered selfies.
    Day Two - kids are going with me to the tattoo studio as I want a sleeve done. (Must remember to take the kids chargers.)
    Spend the last couple of hours laying around the pool.
    Day Three - found sum 'airdresser wot can put extensions in, and it only takes 8 hours. Kids will love watching me get that done.
    Day 4 Really need to make time to spend hours laying cooking in the sun..Kids can wear their new primark swim suits.
    Day 5 Me and the kids are heading back to get my sleeve finished with all the finer details. My face is being tattooed in 4 different pictures of me. This is going to take a while, but the kids will be happy to watch mummy's getting done.
    Day 6. Heading to a festival with a couple of mates. Kids aren't allowed, so the hotel will provide a nanny. NoI haven't a clue who it will be but it downt matta duzzit?
    Day 7 will be hanging today, must increase my fluid intake and sleep it off at the pool but my tan should be coming along nicely, me skin should be looking like leather and wrinkles will be getting deeper. Love it. Dem kids cam spend the whole day on their ipads but iss a fab holiday, full of fun and bewtiful family's memries an full of fun each day. "
    and thus it continues ad inifinitum...............................
    7.3.23 - heres where they are now @ £300 a night! They haven't been there the whole 3 weeks of course but say on average @ £300 a night for 21 days is £6300, then add on the £12, 000 for flights, and say £50 a day minimum on food and drink at £1000, and all the internal flights island hopping....that's a £23,000 'oliday (give or take a few grand). And all this whilst bankrupt - not bad is it?? https://tattle.life/attachments/2010701/
    14.3.23 - and its finally OVER - the 'oliday is finished and its back in UK. Oh well, now onto sorting out the next 'oliday to Turkey to get all the blubber sucked out in lieu of A Diet - that'll be in a couple of weeks then right on the date of the Bankruptcy Hearing :)
    and seeing as nobody is allowed into Baggage Reclaim at the airports - not even the media! - I guess that means Rim-Me took the photos and they sold them again? https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.1-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-258-classy-bikini-showing-her-clunge-eggs-queuing-up-to-take-the-plunge.37969%2Fpage-15&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Ftvshowbiz%2Farticle-11862439%2FKatie-Price-touches-UK-kids-Bunny-eight-Jett-nine-Thailand-trip.html%3Fito%3Dsocial-twitter_mailonline&xs=1&xtz=-60&xuuid=e99918fe0ae3cb87c8071e7c4b30241b&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    15.3.23 - Another £9k to get back to UK then www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21719449/bankrupt-katie-price-splashes-out-business-flights-thailand/

    The Browkern Trotters -
    6.3.23 - Funny though. Heres a recent video it posted of itself screeching and "dancing" Those Liyfe-Fretninly-Injurrd-Trotters don't appear to be an issue, likewise no signs of the faymuss speshul boots for its crippled feet in Thailand either - I'd bet they'll be back once it returns to face the firestorm though
    (57) Katie Price #255 Skank feeling hearty at full moon party, B & J missing, will SS now listen? | Page 18 | Tattle Life
    10.3.23 - the ol' Browkern Trotterz appear to be doing absolutely fine out in Thailand clonking about in wedges with the thing sporting a wedgie and no raspberries It won't be long before its 'forced' to go back to UK and the Speshul Boots due to all the twarmer waiting this Soul Pawent

    Ownli Fans (for blind, deaf mugs) -
    26.2.23 - Does she still think her stilted, wooden "poses" are going to bring the Past back again? Have I got news for you skank, actually your Only Fans is another duffer https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-stripping-control-image-29305759
    9.3.23 - Her lucky subscribers are going to get the honour of seeing all her revolting tattoos, ie both of them, Naked Rodney & MoRon paying £4.99 a month (yes, only £4.99) so they will get an exlusive look at her new, knobbly knees tattoos and all the rest of her bpdy mutilations. The poor suckers only signed up to see her nips and snatch and are still waiting for a glimpse 😂
    11.3.23 - Remember way-back-when it signed up to OF wearing a seksi Nun's habit proclaiming it was doing this smut to :ROFLMAO:"Empower Wimmin Evvrywheare woo hoo!"? Well heres an update on the Kwean of Glammer. Since 5th March she's posted 10 times on onlyfans and had 500-600 likes, so equalling 50-60 likes per day. Seems to indicate 60 or so loyal perverts fans each paying around a max of $14.99 (currently $11.24) which means she's receiving about £450 - £500 per month once OF have taken their cut. How pathetic is that. So much for this venture clearing all her debts and earning her millions of £s per annum :LOL:
    18.3.23 - the 60 "fans" must be delighted eh? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11873933/Katie-Price-got-biggest-boob-job-boost-OnlyFans-sales.html
    Those are old photos......lacking all her recent manky tatts so the campaign is not working. From the start of her OF until 5th March she averaged 109 views per post, from 6th March to 11th March she averaged 108 views per post, from 12th March to 18th March (today) she's averaged 106 likes. A steady decline despite the grotesque hooters. :ROFLMAO:
    & tagging onto another of the old boilers to grift a few quid
    Hold on a minute! What's this? Is it doing a collab with Westbrook and Katona???? :ROFLMAO:

    Animal Victims (take note RSPCA) -
    10.3.23 - Even the native rat population at the 'Otel in Thailand are dropping dead in her presence :( (The poor rat is on bottom left of photo in the drainage gulley)

    12.3.23 - Notice the appearance of one of her Monkeys in this image https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230312-123201_gallery-jpg.2022637/

    Trampy Towers (including the crap tv shows full of rubbish & naffness) -
    26.2.23 - a cuppa :coffee: It seems that these crap shows are partly because of fascination with the “sheer horror show” of the skank and her slow motion self-destruction for all to see because the tv companies all know she’s literally finished and are probably just fulfilling past obligations and trying to wring the last dregs out of her. Its alleged that 75% of the industry totally despise her and refuse point blank to engage with her whilst to the rest she is just a laughing stock who behind her back constantly rip the piss out of her at every opportunity, indeed in the piss-poor shows she's done they were basically getting her all revved up on set encouraging her to show off, (as if she needs any encouragement) and behind her back just ridiculing everything about it . Its also said that as well as being as mad as a box of frogs, she is so, so deluded and arrogant she has no concept that people are just humouring her (and laughing at her) - its absolutely NOT because she's A Star. They didn’t seem to edit the Trampy Towers re-jig very well either- or did they? They certainly ensured they filmed the dogs pissing all over the house, they showed all the piles of her rubbish, the heaps of crap strewn about the place and her bad hair etc, thus it appears C4 are simply following through contractual obligations with it after which they will wash their hands of it once and for all. All of which goes a long way to explaining how they appear to have given it a budget of £10 per room for this past airing of her bullshit Home Ruination scheme.
    BTW ratings are showing that this utter garbage is floundering and struggling to get anywhere near the figures even the last lot of trash did

    7.3.23 - In view of all the Kidnapp Frets etc, forget Verisure and the likes because Skanky has found a very eco-friendly method of securing Trampy Towers from the legions of marauding Kidnappers, Burglars, Wapists, Bailiffs and all the rest of 'em. Its string, tied effectively around the window handle to stop these fiends gaining entry to steal her dymunts woo hoo!
    13.3.23 - Well then, as if we are shocked in any way heres the viewing figures for Trampy Tower's recent edition showing that YES it is a dismal failure! WOO HOO! :LOL::poop: C4 surely cannot sanction another lot after this drubbing?
    15.3.23 - this is just C4's top 50 weekly figures so feck knows where skanks MM would be on the table if all other commercial channels were included around 300 🤣🤣 only 393 thousand watched it live at 10pm and the whole weeks viewing figures with +1,catchup, online and repeats skank only managed 626 thousand for a full week. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Once upon a time Trampy Towers looked like this, a reflection of its heritage

    Now look at the fucking state of it, all cheap & nasty old tat - just like skanky itself

    The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her -
    https://youtu.be/eSG_0LzfcG4 - travelling back in time it was always a rough, ropey old slag - the signs were all in place. Imagine having to spend three years trailing after this thing when you're not even married to it FGS! :ROFLMAO:
    In this one her regular sychophants at the Daily Mirror were really sticking the barbs in - shame they dont' do it more often rather than praise the thing and its ludicrous norks;
    2022 - "Boozed up binbag, Poundland bikey, plastic-not-fantastic wench" Take that one skanky! https://www.thesteepletimes.com/movers-shakers/restraining-katie-price/
    5.3.23 - another lot perpetuating the Myth (Lie) that skanky looks good https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-shows-biggest-boobs-29373050
    7.3.23 - heres the Mail underlining her expensive Lukshurry 'oliday AFTER she bunked out of the bankruptcy hearing because of her Mentawl 'Elf Ishoos Ishoos
    https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.1-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-255-skank-feeling-hearty-at-full-moon-party-b-j-missing-will-ss-now-listen.37790%2Fpage-34&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Ftvshowbiz%2Farticle-11826907%2FInside-Katie-Prices-luxury-Thailand-getaway-ahead-3-2M-bankruptcy-hearing.html&xs=1&xtz=-60&xuuid=dc3396dad41c26486ed7241f2cc61780&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D What they have not mentioned is that this is the third week it's been there - the kids ought to have been in school two weeks ago a&ndeed J has not been to school since November. Yet this lot don't mention a single word about that fact! :(
    But heres The Sun chipping great chunks out of it over the vast expense of this 'oliday and her being BANKRUPT. I wish they'd just let rip at it all guns blazing and have done, instead they pussyfoot about rather than go for the jugular.
    12.3.23 - These "Fans are all saying the same thing................................." AGAIN Its one of their stock phrases of course and besides which - she has NO FANS anyway :) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11850733/Katie-Price-fans-left-saying-thing-posted-new-selfie.html
    More classic phrases from the 12 year olds doing their work experience in "Journalism" -
    :ROFLMAO::poop::ROFLMAO: "Her ample assets were on full display as well as her numerous inkings all over her body.....She took a dip in the clear sea before lying down on the sand and soaking up the sun's rays......Her long dark tresses were slicked back with seawater and she went make-up free, showing off her natural beauty." What absolute, complete and utter bollocks!
    14.3.23 - The Sun are digging again
    and this, underlining the absence of Junior in her Fammerly Foters in OKrap magazine
    23.3.23 - its got itself a gig on that Jeremy Vine show tomorrow morning to talk about Itself again (yawn..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) Will it get it's arse out of bed in time though? Watch this space :)

    "Cruelly Mum-Shamed............." They've twigged the absence of Junior from her grotty Fammerly Fotershoot! :LOL:
    Incidentally thats not cruel, its a Statement of Fact;) Actually IF the 12 year olds did not plagiarise their stories from here to begin with then they MIGHT just find something positive to say about it, but as it is...........
    14.10.23 - Nothing less than PROOF that the Media pinch a lot of their Stories from here, (this one was DC16's), thus saving the 12 years olds the bother of researching stuff for themselves in playtime. Its about time they used some of the other stuff we have uncovered to finally sink the bitch :(
    16.3.23 - https://www.kiis1065.com.au/shows/kyle-jackie-o/
    Word has it that this lot are interviewing it today. Word also has it that they don't take prisoners so with luck they'll rip it to shreds :)

    19.3.23 - but look what the Sun said about it begging for work in Australia on this crappy radio show.
    BTW skank, the days of Australia taking the UK's criminal population are OVER so you won't be getting in :)
    Now some Home Truths eh skank? No wonder you delete as many as you can however the comments on the Daily Mail are epic. I was especially taken with this one:-
    "Here comes Wayne and Waynetta Slob showcasing the casual look, designer jogging bottoms both from Primark. Wayne and Waynetta complete their look with false brilliant white emulsion teeth , both from Turkey. Waynettas hair courtesey of Wigs R Us!"
    19.3.23 - heres The Sun pointing out that people are "throwing shade" on Bunty having these ridiculous braids. I expect we'll be seeing "forced to remove" said braids soon enough, unless of course Bunty has also been removed from education like her brother has been.
    Not new but pertinent - another of her fiascos from a couple of years ago where she really thought she'd got it made. Her Moddle-finding show where nobody turned up (LOL) but underneath the news Peter was being recognised as A Great Dad as opposed to her as a Shite Muvva

    Back to 2009 - not exactly complimentary even then were they??