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    Katie Price #307 Remember, remember the 14th of September, marching powder, reasons and Tik Tok. | Page 49 | Tattl
    Firstly, thanks to skank gobbing off at the Judge on the 14th September about "Tattle twolz" more people are becoming enlightened

    Seksi Foters -
    16.9.23 - Using P now to get her invited to "events", otherwise NOBODY would have her would they? Looking well-clarsy there skank in yer gardening shoes and luggage strap belt :ROFLMAO: It's quite funny really how she is now attaching herself to P to go to these things thinking it makes her look good when in reality all it does is show up how old and butchered her looks are! Doing Pointy Toe as well LOL
    It also had J & B there so obviously SB will have been lurking about the place too but is it not rather odd that Jett is so "terrified" of being outside yet he’s made to go to a so-called "red carpet event". (and he does'nt look happy about it either)
    No words necessary.................

    and just for a larfff (although skank is more suited to being the back-end of a pantomine 'orse with her actin' skills & singing)

    Smouldering at the camera - yes it does look like a bonfire waiting to be lit ! Look at it using it's 25 years of moddlin' experwientse in these unironed, jumble-sale-worthy rags. And it wants a small fortune for these floorcloths too.

    Speshul Bancrupsy Eddishun - Bankruptcy here we come AT LAST! Woo Hoo!! (including The Unravelling) -
    11.9.23 - Ok so this topic is going to pretty much dominate this page of skank's wiki considering it is supposed to attend Court on the 14th when this lot kicks off FINALLY, yet strangely enough another listing has appeared on the bottom of the Court Directive :unsure:

    "The bankrupt star paid £1.3m for the home nine years ago. It is now worth more than £2m and her creditors – including two lenders against the house - want their cash back. Trustees handling her bankruptcy have the power to sell Katie's Mucky Mansion to meet her debts if they see fit. "
    The deflections are coming thick-and-fast now though - here comes 'Arvey followed by her ONE & ONLY attempt at charity (the Harefield 'orspitawl event), plus photos of MEEEEEE with J&P. Expecting a deluge today :)
    13.9.23 - Here we go again - its looking like the thing has pulled another one out of the hat to get this farce changed from Compulsory Appearance in front of the Judge to another Teams job over the internet, just like it did with the Maldives fiasco - it all smacks of her demanding to do it via Teams so that masses of Krusties won't be able to attend Court to watch. And of course its already been dropping HUGE hints recently about the terrible internet connection from SB's rental place in Essicks so its a fait accomplis for it YET AGAIN :mad::mad::mad:
    If the worse does happen today and it doesn't get what it's rightly due, it’s still far from over.
    * She still owes HMRC a fortune nor will they give up trying to extract it from her.
    * IF it still has her MM, how long can she seriously run that?
    * Plus it still owes others who aren’t on the creditors list and have been wating far too long until AFTER this farce is dealt with.
    * It still can’t take the kids abroad and is at great risk of losing them.
    * It is still a druggie and an alkie - anyone could clearly see her drinking last night with her meal, besides which she protests far too much about not doing both.
    * And then theres the Wild Card - SB waiting in the wings for his chance to tell all and get his fame he so craves.
    * AFP & SFP both moving further away to distance themselves from skank's shitshow life.
    * it is still wrecking it's distorted freakish body with needless surgery and procedures.
    * https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-bankruptcy-hearing-held-30938343.amp
    14.9.23 - a let down again after it cried "Wolf" against beastly Tattlers/Twolz then got this fifteen minute farce changed to a Private Hearing - hell it even switched its camera OFF apparently such was it's "Anxiety". Boris Becker was never allowed such things and he's a million times more Faymuss than skanky! So ,now we await the drubbing it's gonna get from the media :)
    Taken from the Sun - " she logged on to the webcam link, she launched into a rage against other people on the call before the hearing could even start.
    Katie claimed members of the public were taking screenshots of her to "Slag me off on tattle sites". She hijacked the entire thing before the Judge had even tidied his papers in front of him - a big clue is her saying 'I'm trying to protect you guys too', you know just like when she 'helped' a young woman to report Kieran or 'helped' Alex Reid's ex stop him from seeing his child. She's so helpful out of the goodness of her heart. Cameras are not allowed in court regardless or anything and screenshots of online hearings are also banned with anyone caught doing so facing potential jail time.
    She told the judge: "Your picture has already been put on this tattle site and they are talking about it".
    NB. It wasnt even him!!! KP ambushed proceedings before they started before the Judge could record and do the usual court business of reminding the public of The Rules- thats what got her the Private Session today she wanted but its changed NOTHING in real terms
    * How to sabotage your own Court Hearing - maybe she can do it as a Masterclass instead of the Plasterclasses? https://uk.yahoo.com/news/katie-price-bankruptcy-hearing-thrown-122022074.html
    * We can but hope that today’s judge is informed that within hours of "Being petrified in court by haters watching and filming MEEEEE" she’s on TT live to anyone that wants to watch and comment. She conned the judge today and he fell for it. Being on a live TT to the nation is beyond arrogant and disrespectful to the court system and the general public.
    17.9.23 - heres a comment from one of it's Braindeads. It seems this berk is unaware that its ANYBODY's Right to have access to an Open Court Procedure so no it was not actually ILLEGAL - what skank did in hi-jacking the event certainly is though :ROFLMAO: That's either her or Edna posting in a vague disguise trying to carry on the BS. She is a dog with a bone like she is over hanging onto the children even when its clear they are nothing but a nuisance to her glammeruss lifestyle. It does not dettract from the FACT this farce was an open hearing until the judge decided otherwise after her shreiking at him - no one 'illegally logged on' - this was just another deflection to 'poor traumatised skanky', she so croolly persecuted by Tattlers/Twollz/Stalkers/etc. Never forget that SKANKY was the one in the dock & nobody else. https://tattle.life/attachments/img_8759-jpeg.2453573/
    18.9.23 - Next episode in February 2024 🤬 https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24003171/katie-price-dodges-bankruptcy-hearing-again/
    *A rather infuriating fact within this article though - it seems skank has not even been paying it's instalments towards her enormous debts which was said to be a staggering £12,000pcm we understood it was obliged to pay. In fact it was in fact just a paltry £1,200pcm and she's simply not paid it anyway!!!! That fact is absolutely ludicrous when it owes literally MILLIONS of £s in debts over a huge range 🤬
    "Mum-of-five Katie has failed to keep up with her monthly repayments of £1,200 to clear the hefty sum owed to multiple creditors".
    * Checking back its obvious there were NO SCREENSHOTS whatsoever of that hearing on Tattle - it proves she concocted this Plan to get it abandoned; I trust the Judge will have done his homework and realised he's been made a prat of by the skank. Furthermore what she and the media fail to mention is she was screeching like a banshee at the judge before the hearing started, when she told him if the public were to remain, she could not tell the truth. Basically skanky blatently admitted she was going to lie if the public remained! Good luck on your next hearing skank when you will be in an open court, face to face, where you will have to swear on oath - and thats not an Oath with F & C words in it either
    20.9.23 - https://katiepricemerch.com/ - "Also noted 23 July another company been reprieved from being stuck off - KATIE KP LIMITED. Cause has been shown why the above company should not be struck off the register and accordingly the Registrar is taking no further action under the Companies Act 2006, pursuant to the Notice dated 27/07/2023"
    21.9.23 - The Unravelling - Finally! Are things stirring in the background? We've been watching this for a very long time in disgust yet now maybe theres a glimmer of hope that her LIES are unravelling? AFP's Mattress Fund beware :) "A new team has been assigned to the ex-glamour model’s case and is looking to find any hidden income streams. The bankruptcy unit is examining if she has secret bank accounts to funnel her earnings and deals with photographic agencies. A source said: “There is going to be no stone left unturned, as they try to ascertain what is going on with her finances.” Particularly galling as skank FAILED to meet the paltry agreement of £1200 pcm repayment scheme she was offered last time round (one of her weekend 'olidays would have met that monthly cost) :mad: But note the "photographic agencies" bit - has Backgrid dropped the thing in it?? :ROFLMAO: The good news is that finding out Forensic Investigators & Accountants are now on the case could very well mean that skank's dilemma has grown a whole lot WORSE for her, ie Forensic investigators = Fraud. It has to be turning into a criminal case at long last!!
    *"Forensic investigators are probing how bankrupt Katie Price funds her lavish spending sprees.
    A new team has been assigned to the ex-glamour model’s case and is looking to find any hidden income streams. The bankruptcy unit is examining if she has secret bank accounts to funnel her earnings and deals with photographic agencies. A source said: “There is going to be no stone left unturned, as they try to ascertain what is going on with her finances.”'
    The Forensic Accountants should start by looking at Black Sheep company for a start & into accounts under Harvey’s name because we know Mummy uses them. Finances are being transacted & paid into somewhere. Where did Channel 4 MM fees get paid into & the Harvey shows? Where are the bills being paid from although it now seems she not bothering to pay her utilities anyway? What about all the 'oliday spending on flights, hotels etc?Then theres the income from her bullshit stories that come endlessly in daily stories she drip feeds to RedTops, the hideous photographs, the gruesome OF pictures.................... the fees are going somewhere. Its an endless, bottomless pot of cash skank has set-up to dip into as and when she wants. It certainly won't have helped her case for leniency saying ‘I’m minted’ ,bragging all the time and her living like a lottery winner, but these Forensic investigators will open a huge can of worms, not just her laundering & hiding money, but also any ❄❄ dealings, the trips to the back-end-of-beyond etc. Anyone around her - Clan Grifter, Crawl, Jeyda, Slymi - will be looked at in depth by implication 👍👍👍👍
    This is long overdue & about time if true - a full forensic financial investigation should be launched and with luck this is what is happening NOW! Woo Hoo!!!!
    Just think though, the Skank will never have peace of mind again.
    Plaster Class - is there a Forensic Accountant or two even masquerading as a “fan”?
    Crapcast - how many FA will be in the audience?
    Tik Tok - how many FA are buying your shite for research purposes?
    Panto - "Where’s that FA? He's behind you!"
    Any and every grubby, grifting, sad little scheme she comes up with will be noted and investigated. She's being watched like a hawk. Her whole shabby, shameful existence is being scrutinised by professional people who no doubt already have her number, nor will they listen to any of the horse shit that constantly falls out of her rancid gob. Be afraid skanky - be very afraid. This is long overdue
    * And yet who is skank going to lay the blame for this on? Will it be Pete, Kieran, Alex, any of the Exes or just Men in General ("Fuck 'em all), or any number of the Twollz & Stalkers or Tattlers? 😂
    21.9.23 - This was obviously the beginning of it all so its no wonder SB was trying desperately to deflect the serving of skanky's latest edition of Court Papers.
    He must be bricking it with the prospect of a forensic accountants delving into his and Daddy Wood's grubby business dealings. Daddy has hated the skank for a long time and justifiably so :LOL: It has'nt helped her case grandly announcing ‘I’m minted’ and bragging all the time either when it lives like a lottery winner. Forensic investigators will open a huge can of worms, not just laundering & hiding money, but also any ❄❄ dealings. Anyone around her be it Clan Grifter, Crawl, Edna, Jeyda, or Slymi will be looked at too by implication 👍👍👍👍

    * A possible reason for the delay? A new Trustee was appointed, perhaps needed time to get up-to-speed? https://tattle.life/attachments/cef6bacb-868b-4f6e-a2c0-e0b9553cddf6-png.2462938/
    21.9.23 - and the shit hurtles onwards for the skank https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24061943/katie-price-company-kp-merch-shut-down-bankrupt/

    13.9.23 - The Night before the Court Thing. Its gone Live to get itself some more publicity for the occasion -
    * Its got H, Jett, P & her bloke plus SB at TGI's in Cheltenham, stuffing its gob with food, spitting it everywhere. Court does not seem to be bothering it at all - but she's had her nails done for the occasion though. So important.
    * Skank sagely advising P to not have her teeth interfered with LOL
    * She says she's "Got American' in her. Hmm yes, it's not as if the US was founded by immigrants from Britain and Europe - in any case that won't get you a Visa skank - they don't allow criminals in :)
    *Also the idiot MM producer is there - he's no doubt paying for this farce.
    *She’s doing the "I really really really love you Harve"routine He doesn't look impressed. "I love you Harv, I really love you Harv" followed by the goading "Tell everyone what you say when you swear Harv". Skank there's only one cunt and it's you .
    * She wants to start a TT page for H - to utilise him more fully of course
    * Heres SB now - devoid of character and personality apart from his snarly nasty one
    * Its now encouraging H to use the C Word
    She kissed Harvey. He wiped his lips and then looked pissed off. Then he said 'Fuck me' or something.
    *She just said 'I loooooove you Jett & I loooooove you Carl'. SB said he loves her back, he looked thrilled :sick:.....then he admitted he has no personality.
    * Harv has just said SB is a 'Fucking cunt' when KP asked him 'What do you think of Carl?'. 😅
    * Heaven knows what this banquet will cost but no doubt that mug producer with them is paying for it
    * H is splatterred in mayonnaise now
    * She's spent ages filming Harvey. He gets no dignity. She keeps saying - "He'll eat it like this....... he'll spill it", she tells him to ask for the mayonnaise, so then he spilt mayonnaise on himself. He tries to eat a massive burger all in one piece and she films that, he has it all round his mouth and she wipes it off. She asked to pinch a chip which she knew would wind him up and he said 'Oh mum' in a pleading way. It seems very calculated to look like the doting mother (minus every other word being 'cunt') She knows this stuff will get picked up by the Red Tops to deflect from the BH. :mad:
    * Showing off her bruised lips where she had the re-inflated again
    * It looks like she's filtering her comments - as soon as negative ones pop up they disappear - but not a single mention of her BH which is suspicious to say the least
    *"She's deffo doing a college course with P" she says. P can't seem to do anything without "mum" muscling in and using her. Does P even realise she's being exploited by her "mother"? Who is paying for this Private Bewty Course anyway? Will it be "Minted" Mummy?
    Another drink in-hand though. She doesn't drink nor do drugs you know...................:ROFLMAO:😂
    * She's done a Noo Fotershewt for JYY crap this very morning! Woo Hoo!
    * Oh and she's interviewing her Noo Murderer Fwend on Friday too!
    * On Twatter - (7) Katie Price #318 Tickety Tock get the witch in the dock | Page 17 | Tattle Life

    Clan Grifter Gossip -
    15.9.23 She really takes such notice of AFP you know...... What a load of crap! 🤣:poop:

    "Isss Awll Abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Innit!" & "Projects Awwwlll Abahhhttt MEEEEE!"
    16.9.23 - Better start grifting now eh skanky? Three Pot Noodles and a bottle of Tizer will just about cover it for the number of guests who will willingly attend your party
    18.9.23 - a couple of years old but nevertheless :LOL::ROFLMAO:😅😂
    Theres a few excellent comments contained in this lot about skank's dodgy behaviours including these where they also mention how she'd endorsed a forex scammer as a friend, (lies as usual), then when it came out what she'd done she did a runner to St Lucia. (That was the 'oliday H allegedly paid for). One of the scam's victims was an nhs worker & KFP didn't even reply to her😡
    19.9.23 -
    Some more garbage its involved itself in.
    No doubt its SCAM SCAM SCAM all the way
    19.9.23 - Feeling sorry for itself I guess - even then it had a face like a bag of spanners!

    and more - slagging off Loose Wimmin for being "Crool to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" - she seems to forget she called the panel "Twats" and far too OLD. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24029852/katie-price-lashes-loose-women-panel/
    Oh and her liking for Murderers is not a new thing either. Check this out
    25.9.23 - heres one "Awlll Abaaaahhhht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" that it won't like at all! Her ex- manager (and Pete's long-term manager) has written an explosive book in which there are certainly going to be some Doodies about the skank over the years. Peter Andre excitedly shared the CAN announcement about the book and said how “Finally, THIS will be the one to read!” - as opposed to AFP's Book of Lies. Its unusual for PA to get involved in public spats but it does definitely feel his post is pointed slightly at Clan Grifter, Especially in light of all this love bombing between KP and princess ! :ROFLMAO:

    Spend Spend Spend!! -
    17.8.23 - it went to that rubbish Diversity awards looking like a sack 'o shite itself but dressed the kids in Burberry to grovel around the event's sponsors undoubtedly, ie "Let MEEEEEEE be your brand ambassador!!" The cost of these horrible garments would have almost repaid the debt it still owes to Harvey's old school :mad:
    18.9.23 - as of tonight's Twat Tok, it wants to BUY two ponies for J&B - not grift this time but BUY! :unsure:

    Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap -
    One from a couple of years ago when skank was on a "Ize a Gwate Enterappanner inn I?" scam-fest setting up yet another dodgy enterprise to flog cheapo rubbish at vastly inflated prices to her cretinous "fans". She makes Ali Express and Wish look good in comparison. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5592759/amp/Katie-Price-accused-ripping-fans-inflated-prices-new-fashion-website.html
    20.9.23 - Starting an early grift for her 50th birthday in five years time - that is assuming it will still be around then :ROFLMAO:

    22.9.23 -As regards the Barf Bums & Max Welts scam, If these fools are actually gormless enough to think they'll get a decent return for their money from the Queen of Scams, well they thoroughly deserve to be ripped off. Countless times she's advertised these things and got complaints but the idiots still buy them, some have complained to skank before but then bought another lot hoping for a different outcome then complain again! Skank has done "raffles" for cars, holidays, memorabilia, even a day at the Shitty Shack with her but there's never ever been a winner of anything. She's a grade A scammer and rip off merchant. She's a caveat emptor alright.
    23.9.23 - Flogging "MY noo 'ooodies"................ And this is a Moddle with 25 years experience eh?? :ROFLMAO:

    That jumper thing is a weird garment to begin with but you'd think they might have cleaned the mirror of all the hand prints and snot marks before they did this fabberluss foter eksloosiv eh? Theres a few negative comments sneaking in on FB though despite someone removing them as fast as they can
    "Who said you are a angel? don't make us laugh...................."
    "An angel in disguise ?
    more like Katie"

    "Id think youre more likely the devil. Scamming people out of their hard earned cash .! complaint 24/4 11844"

    More Shite on Twat Tok & Flogging More JYY Crap -
    14.9.23 - and another Live. Notice that it switched off the camera for Court due to being "Petrified" yet here it is with the camera ON for a shitty live flogging Barf Bums to the morons! Yes this is the "Petrified" person itself. (Maybe she actually means "Putrified"?
    She's hamming-it-up like nothing happenned earlier in the day of course. Heres a review of her Barf Bums & crappy "Gift Boxes"

    * Getting prices wrong and talking shite over Jeyda, sniffing all the stuff like she's done previously then rubbing her scabby lips and nose up and down the wax melts 😬
    * Ignoring comments asking about the MM - cannot imagine why that would be so.......................
    * Its Barf Bums today - there it is sitting underneath a row of Louis Vuitton boxes to underline the myth that she's "Minted". It wants a tenner for a box of the bath stuff. Barf Bums anyone???
    So you Court people, maybe you should be watching her TikTok activity? You know. She turned you onto us to distract you from all this cheap old garbage she is selling. Are they paying tax even?
    * People are calling her out for flogging shit you can get everywhere cheaper. 😆
    * The vanity of the distorted old baggage knows no bounds - Someone said "You used to be so beautiful" & the skank replied "Think you need to go to specsavers because I still am" 🤣🤣🤢🤢 She doesn't like to be reminded that she's lost/destroyed her looks. It's her Achilles heel. :ROFLMAO:
    * P is staying there still 🤢
    * Bunty is also back & the dogs are just barking
    * Now Bunty and Tank just burst in the room & B is now ordering Fenella the Flunkey to make her an orange squash!!!!!
    * Skank then orders Bunty to "Go and make me a cup of tea!" when the girl was trying to tell KP about her homework
    * She's been out for dinner for a Turkish with Cole
    * As a result of that its farting again :sick:
    * She's naming a Sarah Ransom (the one who was allegedly responsible for "Petrifying her" earlier online. She said "Sarah Ransome badly messed up" & she looked very smug when she said it. She continually refers to her case as "A court thing’ but won't say Bankruptcy. Then the screen went blank so maybe someone shut her up. Basically she's doxxing people now and accusing them outright of possible contempt. With luck that person sues her but IF this is a real person who attended the online hearing, is KP not in contempt of court now? She's the one giving details of what the judge made private at her demand. NB - Sarah Ransome is one of the Epstein victims
    * It appears P's bloke is another desperado seeking fame on the Skanky Bandwagon - She said "Ed make me tea!" and he said "If you get your followers to like my tik tok 150 thousand I'll make it". He's desperate for fame that one, begging for "likes" Skank says this bloke is only 16 years old :unsure:
    * Skank said she has been in a designer shop earlier so not too "Petrified" to stop her going shopping eh?.
    * Boasting that The Guardian are interviewing her next week! And she's got a "MASSIVE interview" next week - the biggest she's ever done. She can't tell us.......but surprise - it's a murderer! How can you be too scared to appear in court due to the anxiety of trolls watching but for money she’ll interview a convicted murderer?. :unsure:
    * P is now going to be doing the plaster classes with her and the kids can come too 🙄😡 Peter must be thrilled
    * Oh and she's doing another panto in January now..................... Really? Sounds like more BS :poop: - just wait till people see the one she's supposed to be doing in December and then see if she gets this other gig :ROFLMAO:
    * Screeching at Bunty ordering her around all the time - 'Make me a cup of tea!'. She's NINE years old & Bunty is her slave
    * Made a point of saying she's been filming again today - not "Petrified" then?
    * Someone's said she's skint - she's having a moan. She insists she's Not Skint, "Far from it!
    "How much money do you need to be a millionaire? (EH????)
    I'm definitely not skint. I'm in a 9 bedroom house with dogs and horses so how am I skint If i pay all the bills and stuff to run my house this big? .. " - How about that then Bankruptcy Judge? And you HMRC!!
    * She’s rattled now someone has asked how her anxiety is - she’s looking for Their name says she’ll look at them later. Going Twolling again are we skanky ?? She'll be able to hunt that person down alright and get them in trouble for asking a completely innocuous question, whereas she goes on line and accuses people of being 'Saville'....... and that's fine of course.
    * And "People who Twoll MEEEEEEE" - it says had trouble today in court talking about trolls & referring to Tattle. She says 3 more trolls got kicked off, one called bubs
    *Her and jayda are 'Twowll hunting' in her comments.
    * She thinks she's a 'detective'! 🤣🤣
    *She has "Bad twolling" on her 'Court thing' so she is hunting them and screen shotting names in her comments 🤣🤣 She just told a completely made up version of what happened today and all the sheep are lapping it up 🙄 Skank sez she had "horrendous twolling and der judge chucked dem awl off"
    * Won't say the word Bankruptcy just kept saying 'Court thing'. Avoidance of saying the word usually equates with trying to avoid said thing. She is rattled. Trying to get her narrative out there for the sheeple to repeat
    * Blow dry in the morning though then back on Twat Tok again
    * Up pops SB to tell her one of the dogs has Pee'd on the floor; Does he expect HER to clean it up? 😂
    * Latest brainwave? It wants to do a Plasterclass in a big field so people can watch it in their cars - says she should do it in her fields at MM:ROFLMAO: Is that so people are so far away they cannot see the furrows on her face? 😇
    * Reckons she'd do well on Mastermind answering questions on Horses (not on previous showings earlier when it had'nt a clue!)
    And off it goes................
    The only reason to do this TT tonight was to stick 2 fingers up to everyone. She can’t help herself. It’s what she does, attack is the best form of defence to distract at all costs then blame anyone for anything to distract from Her. We can only hope that it allows authorities to gather more evidence from the shite she spouts daily online
    17.9.23 - Back to flogging the JYY crap - dear God its grim, not to mention the price of these rags 🤣 (34) Katie Price #319 No contempt of court for the Skanky Liar … but give it time , it will backfire | Page 8 | Tattle Life
    18.9.23 - Some More Lies Back on Twat Tok
    * Obviously she's cold so JETT is lighting the fire at the Shitty Shack - asks him if he has matches or a lighter!!! He is TEN YEARS OLD! Is he one of the Climbing Boys from Tom & The Water Babies????
    * It was asked earlier what she thought of Russell Brand but didn't want to say too much, just that he was nice whenever she's met him. Not jumping on that particular bandwagon YET eh?? One might have thought she'd be all over this bandwagon seeing as she is red-hot on Sexual Deviants, ie remember how she was shouting about Alex from the rooftops and how she 'helped' that young woman report Kieran...you know, to get the girl some justice ( and more importantly, dump a nightmare scenario onto K&M).
    * It seems it did not get invited to Burberry's show just like the Barbie lot avoided her so decking the kids out in that ghastly Chav-Wear did not do the trick for her :LOL:
    * Jeydas there with her kid & Bunty is cooking the egg sandwiches again
    * It doesn't sound like Bunty has been to school either but who knows?
    * P is still there too
    * Someone’s asked does she have money? It replied angrily with ‘Come visit my house then you’ll know what money is!’. So inviting strangers to visit her as well as Murderers now eh?
    * Jett is using her kitchen knives to cut the firewood!
    * It will be in Liverpool for Xmas 🤣
    * P will be doing masterclasses with her
    * Its recording anuvva song on Monday wiv dat Scarlett. A cover version of whatever to be destroyed 😂😂😂😂
    * Song will be recorded Monday and released on Tuesday on TT 🤣 (Next year's bird-scarer Moosic for the region's Airports)
    * So professional - the kids are screaming everywhere. Jeyda's one is giving it large too!
    * £28 for a really cheap and nasty, saggy shapeless jumper FGS!!!
    * Arguing with Jeyda over whether the earth is flat or not!!
    * She wants to buy two ponies, for B & J - she wants people to message her. BUY??????? That's 2 of her talons firmly up at the creditors isn't it?!
    * It says J was told not to mention her on LW 🤣 She’s disappointed she says. (She thinks they still love her over there LOL) Says LW were told not to ask him questions about Her & it was all about Pete instead. She blames Claire for that 😅
    'It's so cruel.......Jnr and Pete's management have to remember I am not a Background Mother and no matter how you try and keep me out of their life it won't happen, end of'.
    'Some people try and make him not exist to me' They don't like me.....People around him and I'm sick of it.
    'There's a lot of twats around him'..........................they are there for the money................Me and my family are always in the background'

    Has she just done a big libel there? Maybe it's because YOU will damage his life skank?.
    She can't stand not to take attention away. Get the hint KP, Junior doesn’t want to know you
    *Still has to mention Pete constantly.
    * "Some people try to make her/MEEEE not exist to Junior" - it’s all in her mum's Book of Lies of course! Funny isn't it that everytime skank has a dig at someone she always says "it's in my mum's book", this being the book that she hasn't read, doesn't know its contents, didn't give any input to and certainly thinks that if she says "It's in my mum's book" before slagging anyone off it means SHE is not a troll! . That way shes not at fault in any possible way and can't be taken to Court over it because she's repeating that she hasn't read, doesn't know its content s& certainly didn't give any input on. 😂 She’s rattled though :)
    * Her and her family are always left in the background re Junior - one cannot imagine why eh??
    * Screaming for P then demanding if she is going to her dad's? P says yes 😂
    * If she doesn’t like being pushed out of Junior's life how does she think K feels with her removing B&J out of his life? , It shows it’s all about her & punishing K for leaving her
    * Still banging-on about Loose Wimmin - telling P she’s disgusted in LW regarding J not mentioning her. 'Our whole family are left out because they hate me' So all she had to say about her son being interviewed on tv was negative. How lovely. Isn’t he lucky to have such a supportive "mother"?
    * It adds that the LW panel are all too old!!
    * Wants blonde highlights now
    * P and her bf have just gone - skank says she’s only going to her dads for a day then she’ll be back - said that with such relish, ie she only ever spends a day at her dad's. She's so possessive.
    * These fans of hers eh? Someone in the comments asking if the barf bombs are edible............. Another one " “Harvey is so cute I want to adopt him he makes me cry actual tears’ 🤪😁
    * Someone asked has she got a cleft lip 🤣 Maybe thats why it cannot say Wax Melts, instead it says "Max Welts" 😂 It replied 'However you see me is not a problem'. So she can cope with 'trolls' then contrary to everything else it comes up with?
    * "Am I broke? Definately NOT!"
    * Washes her bed sheets 3 or 4 times a week 🤣
    * "Interpretated" Does it mean interpreted? Who knows???
    * Someone keeps asking in the comments ‘Where is grumpy Cole I miss his death stare’
    * Told B she’s can’t come on camera as it’ll end up in the papers and she’ll get slated again 🙄
    * May do a live tomorrow with them packing the rubbish they've sold for despatch, but needs Jeyda to pick her up. SB not willing to chauffeur her maybe?
    *Lashes being done again tomorrow - didn't that Noir lot do them the other day
    Drifted off to sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    24.9.23 - Its back on Twat Tok talking about itself and flogging the JYY Crap again.
    * P is back apparently
    * Boasting how wonderful the "Interview with a Murderer" was. I somehow doubt the victim's poor family share the sentiment. Lets hope the Birmingham Mail pick this up and shred the thing over it followed by the rest of the Media
    * And YES! There will be another series of that shite about the Shitty Shack! She seems pretty confident she'll still have the place then :unsure: Yet did we hear that bit right though? It says Channel 4 didn’t pay for her house makeover she had to pay for ALL of it Herself? Yeah righty-ho skank!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 However if thats the case how does she explain the £45k they paid her for the programme?
    * She looks a right bloody state though, all crumpled & half-asleep. Thats just her face
    Scary innit? It really looks like her parting and hairline have been filled in with a permanent marker pen.
    * Following on from all the important updates about her periods, it announces it's NOT pregnant but wishing she was.
    * Someone is looking to get banned on this rubbish - they've just reminded skank she "Can't sell from a cell!"
    * Trying to make out what a Gwate Pawent she is so obviously something is afoot (another Court Thing this week, maybe about the children?) They had a Pyjama Party last night. Said she got everyone pyjamas from Tescos for pyjama night and then P comes down with Pretty Little Thing pj’s on. P cooked pasta and they played Monopoly. Woo hoo! Hope it landed on Go Straight To Jail Do No Pass Go numerous times just to get in some practice for when it finally happens :)
    * Recording tomorrow wiv dat Skarlitt - Acoustic style. OMFG!:eek:
    * She will graciously post the resulting earache on Twat Tok for everyone's listening pleasure...............:eek::eek::eek::poop:
    * Wants more lip-filler now
    * Skank doesn‘t think she’s funny, she thinks she’s "quite dry". It's 50% right though because she's not funny, but neither is it "dry", indeed the thing is basically downright offensive, crude and odious. It talks constant bollox and lies, that’s what it actually is
    * Wants to do plaster classes in Australia 🤣 Like they'll let her in eh? 🤣
    * Told Bunty to go get a lighter and light the wax melts then SB intervened and said "Get your mum to do it !"
    * She’s still going on about how few people she’s slept (she can count on both hands apparently)and no one night stands. Theres too many to bother listing here and those were only the Eggs we know about (fifteen plus, but theres a comprehensive list on wiki page 1) "I don't have one night stands" it states arrogantly but the best of the lot has to be the guy who banged skank in her kitchen the night her then boyfriend didn't turn up to a party she was having and she had to look on CCTV the next day to remember who it was. It was then it realised that she'd actually doinked TWO random blokes, not just the one! Yes she can count on her hands the men she's slept with, thats if you happen to be Lord Krishna or maybe its a case of if she doesn't know the bloke's name then he doesn't count? :p
    * SB moaning about another broken door handle
    * P is now arguing with the skank
    * Jett is now lighting the Max Welts, wrongly, as she tells him off :) Bunty says she now has a new lighter but it tells her she's lit enough - it even thanks her!!
    * Back on Twak-a-Twoll bandwagon again - she doesn't like Bullies & Twolz, ironic when skank is actually BOTH itself!
    * Its still vaping
    * Now Telling everyone to "Eat humble pie today". Pity she doesn't take her own advice innit?
    * She just loves it when she calls someone out in the comments and others jump on them to defend her -but she doesn’t like bullies eh?
    * Giving advice how to write ECHP’s - she’s had to write many she says. (Paperwork for claiming extra support in schooling)
    And off it goes....................... cooking a Woast maybe ? :ROFLMAO:
    25.9.23 - Its back!
    * It sounds pissed. Giving everybody stick, can barely string words together.
    * That "song"..............😱
    * Shreiking abuse at comments she doesn't like about her "singing"
    * Some cretins are telling her she "Sounds like Kylie...." -in her dreams!
    * Effing and blinding constantly - telling people to "Fuck off" now
    * The auto-tune packed up - OMG! 😱😱
    * Apparently her Christmas hit last year never got released because AFP "survived" her operation. Maybe sank might have preferred it if the old hag hadn't?
    * Its murdering A Howell Noo Wurrrrllldd" - off her head.
    * She hates Pete.
    * SB is there. He says Pete carried her - Pete sings it better. He tells her he doesn’t think she can sing 🤣 Ooooh a domestic live on air…
    * One of her braindead "fans" is posting clips from the old Katie and Peter shows, to show how abusive and narcissistic they think he was 🤪
    * It sez SB can sing Mysterious Girl. Skank wants to release Mysterious Boy. Saying she can record Mysterious Boy as Pete didn’t write it - she hates the song anyway because "he shagged that girl" (the woman in his music video).
    * SB is saying she cannot get over Pete. "Let the man go" sb says. Her ridiculous lips snarl a bit when she's having a go at Cole
    * "I let him go with my bank balance" she says Isss awwwwwllll Pete's fawlt innit. WTF was she on about saying that Peter had gone off with her money? He needs to go legal again - but then The Book of Troofs is en route innit......................... 😂
    * Slandering Pete right left & centre
    * P obviously isn't there - she's texting SB asking him what’s shes doing on this live! Obvs she's watching her lovely "mother" slandering her dad
    * SB says P has messaged him, "Why is this on Twat Tok? "
    * Still launching abuse at Pete! (Must have heard about That Book!)
    * Just called SB a wanker
    * What an absolute mess she is - Vaping on live 😡
    Suddenly this Live ends - did someone pull the plug on it?
    Heres a clip of this debaclé https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2472/2472140-7f45615e086df08d5faa9b9497c38b33.mp4
    It's back again - manic & raving
    *Vaping on camera again, seems drunk/drugged
    *She's as high as a kite slurring her words, drunk, slow-blinking again ..... a load of jumbled up nonsense spewing out of that vile cakehole ... just word salad, trying hard to come across as Sober, which makes it worse .... 🙄
    *"She's beautiful, really good, be kind ` ....... Ohhhh do FUCK OFF Scarlett👊👊👊 get that tongue out of her manky arse, she wont even remember you by tomorrow🤷‍♀️
    * Out comes Pete again for another drubbing
    *Tried to hang herself and survived 4 years ago and now wants to be a singer...how do you go from that to that? 😅
    *Looks like she's been chucked off Twat tok for mentioning hanging
    * SB disappeared, loads of randoms - was in the room with her just laughing at her not with her
    * SB's gone home - he's had enough
    *She wants to get to 500k likes...she's on 2000 lol
    *She's humble apparently 😅
    *They're all pissed as fuck and she's vaping like a steam train
    * Out comes discussing Harvey 🙄
    * Recording a song tonight and releasing it tomorrow 🤣
    * Scarlett saying if she can’t get home cos SB has abandoned her she can go to her mum's house with her
    * She’s so drunk or high she is repeating herself. She dragged in that poor lad who said he is a producer to say she can sing then asked him to say it again!
    Ask yourself - does this thing look like it knows where it is or what it's doing??
    * Why has it even taken Tank the puppy to a recording studio??? 😡 Tank chewed through something, she said I’ll buy you a new one.
    * She doesn’t care if she’s out of tune. But she can sing right? 🤷🏻‍♀️
    * Apparently 'recording is mentally draining'. 😂
    * Comments - 'What you on?' "'Your eyes look effed up" and off it goes again 😂 Edna or Jeyda busy on the night shift perhaps?
    * OMFG!!

    Off it's trolley!

    So professional when it can’t even go and record a few songs without getting shitfaced. Just a total embarrassment. Wonder if Junior is like that in the studio? Nope
    OK trollied on just booze then?

    These Twat Tok lives really are going to finish her. There is no one to shout out "Cut"or rein her in, no one to sanitise her 'image' plus she is nailing herself legally regards the BH and custody of the children, quicklymaking herself even more unemployable on TV or Media and alienating anyone who cares about her. Even Clan Grifter appear to be distancing themslves from tyis train wreck. Skanky is the very same rough & nasty, crass, vindictive, drunk & drugged-up piece of work she was in the '90s before Clare cleaned up her image, repackaged her and gave her a mainstream 'career'. Its the End of Days for the skank :)

    Podcast Garbage -
    14.9.23 - Oh and this week's Crapcast has hit the decks :)
    * Edna has sold her flat for asking price, with no chain. Skank has invited her to stay with her at MM if she can’t move in time, she’s looking at a place Kent way. (Lucky old Kent) Its highly likely Edna would rather live in Cardboard City than go to the Shitty Shack for any amount of time and I doubt her husband would agree anyway after all the shite skanky & SB dropped him into re Certain Habits:oops: ❄❄❄
    * KP a got a letter to get her chimney swept. 🙄 Gosh thats such thrilling info - didn't the Post Boc thieves nick that letter like all the others then?
    * She had an hour in the car listening to J’s music and freestyling. She’s pushing him to go on tv programmes.
    * Panto launch, going on about how old she looked. (Raddled as well luv!) She’s shitting herself about learning the script. And, the costume is a bit tight for her as she’s put on weight.:ROFLMAO: Time for some Lipo in Turkey then eh skank?
    * SFP said she gets called Edna all the time on Tattle 👋 Proving she reads here :)
    * Skank sez she has 2 court appearances this week, one with socials (the SS), one with the bankruptcy. Bet she knew then she didn’t have to go into to court but "Thank God it will soon be over because "They" are going to try and ridicule her and it’s mentally, mentally draining".
    * All her court stuff has been going to the Felstead address too because someone tried to deliver court papers there and SB turned them away! She has had a stressful week, (GOOD! because your creditors have had stressful YEARS.)
    * Sounds like they will be staying in a hotel.
    *All the kids love to stay in her room in the MM. Really?
    * She’s not renting her MM out now as C4 are going to do another MM programme (despite the channel's denials). Who will buy the garbage then if they even make it? This was the rental she completely DENIED of course
    * She hates the fakeness of Instagram so not on it at the moment. LOL
    * Begging for nice reviews on the podcast. (Figures are falling then eh skank?) :ROFLMAO:
    * Has a lot of people who want to put her down, cancel her etc (y)
    * Begging to go back on the JL podcast. (probably wants to recruit him as the next The One #3698)
    * Talks about Junior now understanding her Mentawl 'Elf Ishoos 🙄🙄🙄
    * Oooh it said something about "Having MH but shouldn’t get away with everything...." when reading a comment out towards the end.
    * Jett has MH problems 😡
    * These idiots really are like a couple of kids. ie KP has a strop and leaves the family WhatsApp group again.
    * Princess is a mini me. OF COURSE!
    * She didn’t vape through the podcast this time so must have been gagging for a drag afterwards.
    * She doesn’t know about full moons and airspace 🤦🏻‍♀️
    * Talks about her & Pete's wedding. She had to get that in there 🙄 It wouldn't be the same without Pete getting dragged out would it?
    * Her hair is going grey. Now she’s thinking of going blond yet again. Was getting roots done and nails.
    * Next crapcast she is going to update everyone on court cases and will have a special guest. (P no doubt)
    * She CAN sing........................ Like fuck she can - we've heard it often enough https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2457/2457104-245723e41195dd3afe089e18c49f6ccd.mp4 🤣😅
    19.9.23 - No matter how many categories in however many countries skank puts this bollockfest in, one thing is for certain. Its going further DOWN ⬇ rapidly, with every crappy episode. And "Comedy"?????? :ROFLMAO: That alone is the funniest thing of all!!!

    19.9.23 - Heres the latest offering of BULLCRAP for ya - (3) Katie Price #319 No contempt of court for the Skanky Liar … but give it time , it will backfire | Page 29 | Tattle Life - summised to save you the mediocrity of it
    * On the other hand what you get on her crapcasts are virtually verbatim rubbish that she's spouted when "guesting" on someone else's pod. Narcissists do that though :) Basically it consists of "Me me, me, me, me, me, me, trolls, me, me, I'm 45 did all my modeling natural, me, me, me, me, trolls, me, me, going to report someone else to the police for impersonating Harvey, me, me, me, me, the press are all horrible about me, me, me, me, me, I had a breakdown, me, me, me, me, me, me." Incidentally, the last time skanky tried to sue (on behalf of H apparently) she failed

    Back again with some woman called Laura who is leaping about excited to have skanky & Edna guesting! WOO HOO
    * She even answers questions directed at Edna now! Make it about MEEEEEEEE of course;
    * Skank announces she almost had a "Drenny Poo" because she is so excited to be there!
    * Laura announces her topic as being "Bag of Dicks", ie people or things that have pissed you off this week - skank instantly screeches "EDF" after what they've done to her in wanting to be paid!! She's been forced to go direct debit now so basically she cannot avoid payments but she's "Pissed off with EDF"
    * Edna is "Pissed-off with estate agents" - "Game players" she says. Well she'd know having the skank as a sister eh? Laura adds that estate agents are all "Sacks of shit......."
    * As to The Katie Price Show, Edna says "Its just me and Kate catching up......" to which skank says "Yeah well I don't know why people are interested but yeah people can relate to us..................." 😂 "We like having a moan an reading wot Twolz have said......." Edna pipes up with "Yeah dass funny........"
    * "We abserlutely love it when a twoll slags off our podcast saying its "like watching paint dry" Mastermind skank then adds "Well don't watch it then - listen to it!" It then says "I personally thank them for wasting their time typing their message"
    * Its just the same old rubbish its always spewing out
    * "The media think they OWN MEEEEEEE"! :ROFLMAO:
    * I'm still having therapy after my breakdown four years ago"
    * Here comes AFP's mention - she was in a coma dontcha know.......... the press made up loadsa lies..........
    * "I put up with so much stuff"
    * Harvey suffers so much racial abuse; "I am going to "out" this latest twoll" despite saying that "Yes this bloke does look and sound like H."
    * "We all like to take-the-piss but this is too far" Compo? Even H thought it was HIM when she showed him this offensive video!! Why would you show H anyway? She told H it was someone being horrible to him - H replied "What a dick!" H is not bothered it seems
    * "I am crazy and nuts............. but I'm NOT a bad person" 🤣 "Too honest"
    * Laura sez "You have "Hate followers" True enough :)
    * Surgery - yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzz
    * Laura "You are honest and genuine....." FFS!
    * "I do surgery because I CAN now!" It sez it's Muvva finks skank does surgery when she's been Hurt by MEN of course :)
    * "I am a typical Gemini - if I want it I want it now!"
    * "I don't do enough Self-Care!" Really??? lol
    * Envies the TOWIE girls;
    * Skank can't be arsed with face care etc
    * She apparently doesn't wear make-up!!! It makes her look OLDER so doesn't wear it!!!!
    * "Surgery doesn't make you look young!" sez skank! LOL
    * "I think I look better now than I did when younger!!" FFS :ROFLMAO:
    * Looking at old ladies who've had facial surgery and saying "Fucking Hell! look at her!!"
    * "I'm starting to look alien.........." 😂:alien:
    * "Soph what am I like on a shoot?" Edna - "Yeah very good!" 😅
    *Asked where her insecurity comes from. "Yea iss men!" they all agree - "Fuck 'em all" - strange I thought skanky already had done that
    * "They put me down"
    * Edna admits skank doesn't listen to her
    * "I don't go out with my tits on a shelf any more because I want people to look at MEEEEEEEEEEEEE now!" "I had them done for MEEEEEEEE and nobody else"
    * "I'm actually really shy............"
    * OF now - "I only do underwear shoots!" :ROFLMAO:
    * "Less 'ave a Night out Woo Hoo!!!"
    * "I don't go out..................."

    * "Sometimes I want to have a night out but I always have to do photos and things & it ruins it for everyone......."
    * Its admitted that Jordan and skanky are ONE & THE SAME - like we didn't realise that fact :poop:
    * Gets so pissed they load her into the car to go home by lying that they're going somewhere else - it falls asleep in the car
    * "I wanna dress-up, put make-up on and go outttttt! Please!!!!"
    * "Drenny poo! Get so excited you wanna shit yourself" :sick:

    * Revenge - "Put fish under their sofa or shit in the microwave" NICE
    * My House! - historical documents found in the attic; Edna says they should be donated to the Imperial War Museum but skank shreiks "Fuck that! I want MONEY for them!!"
    * It sez Edna's been watching that Hiking prog on telly - skanky means Vikings
    Its just the usual old bollocks basically and if reading this crap doesn't demonstrate that skanky is a low-life, crass, common POS then nothing will
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24024545/katie-price-furious-hit-energy-bills-fuming-home/ Its having a right ol' screech about some energy company wanting to be paid what she OWES them! How exactly does one run up a £28,000 Bill anyway because I'm damned sure Joe Public would have been cut-off long ago before the debt reached such epic proportions?
    This nonsense is getting a drubbing on the reviews though and deservedly so

    21.9.23 - this week's tedious crapcast from it
    * She has nothing in her name, ie Katrina Alexandria Amy Infield (The Forensic Accountants don't mind)
    * Rambling on about some TV programmes. 🥱see note below ⬇
    * Repeat of the another podcast walking out of a film, so took the kids to another film.
    * She wants to be Pretty Woman.😂 That bus left the depot a LONG TIME AGO!
    * Were meant to have a guest they have not shown up
    * Court update. "OMG!" she says. There were 22 people on the court hearing call- she got told on the Tattle site they were saying "I’m in on the case." So she told the Judge all this was being said, "How they abuse MEEE and my anxiety is up with it all, they are just going to destroy MEEEEE", so it ruffled the judges feathers a bit. They went round saying the names, one from Daily Mail, asking why they needed to report on it. Katie thinks Tattle is Tattler. Then the Tattler was asked to show themselves. "So out of order." 5 people left on call. She was shitting herself. "Something is happening again in 28 days" she said. "I’m destroyed as it is................." (y)
    * "Nightmare".
    * Called the Police about that guy on TT breaking into her house. Her address is apparently on high alert as usual. The guy contacted her. She was disappointed with the police so she made sure she wasn’t at home in case he turned up. 😁 Cried Wolf once too often eh skank??
    * NDAs, - she gave out an award!
    * Another Panto in January, an adult one. Dick Whittington. That’s just a week in Newcastle. She sounds more enthusiastic about that one because she can get away with not bothering with lines and just be disgusting. Will it even go ahead in view of the latest news breaking?
    * She’s drained.
    * Telling the creditors to "Back off" as she’s trying....."it’s a lot to deal with". YOU’VE HAD FUCKING YEARS TO CO-OPERATE.
    * SFP house was sold for not the right price, estate agents fucked up. Slag off estate agents now
    * Katie likes having paper copies of things. (plenty for the forensic accountants to sift through then eh? Cue a big bonfire at the Shitty Shack later then))
    * Has a lot of evidence on past emails, but can’t remember passwords to get into them.
    * Always changing her phone number.
    * Mentioning going to studio to record the song for TT on Monday. ( Not sure if that was Monday just gone) Then recording some other stuff for her to release. 😂
    * Apparently she can hear if she’s out of tune and take criticism. Seriously? :LOL:😂 Note- as of the Twat Tok 25.9.23
    "Katie Thursday on her podcast: "I can hear if I’m out of tune and take criticism"
    Katie Today: To SB…Whaddya mean I can’t sing? I can sing! Evveryone I can sing can’t I? "(Everyone too scared to tell her the truth), "Yes Katie you can sing!" 🙄🙄🙄
    * She doesn’t like Lady Gaga. (The feeling is undoubtedly mutual)
    * Was in her local Tesco with Bunny and Princess and 2 girls called her a slag. She challenged them, she said how dare you say that when I’ve got kids here (We will just forget she uses the C word all the time in front of them) 🤷🏻‍♀️ She was "fuming" as usual.
    * Admits she once parked in a disabled bay in her pink RR at Toys R Us. As she was getting the kids out, a couple got out of their car and said to her, "Who do you think you are, you think you can park in a disabled bay?" She was livid - she followed them into Curry’s with Harvey and started shouting at them, "He’s blind, this and that". She was livid, yes she said that twice. There have been times she has parked in a disabled bay when she’s going to pick Harvey up. (Plenty when H has'nt been with her too)
    * KP sounded well chuffed when someone shouted to SFP in Morrisons, "I prefer Katie".
    * They are both angry and off loading.
    * Her proudest moment? "Twak a twoll" - it cackles.
    * She's surviving the press despite being judged and misunderstood.
    * She’s been in the Priory a couple of times - never been in there for addiction though, only PTSD,:unsure::LOL:
    * Mentions her mums book - she knows too much of what’s in it to have not read it much less dictated most of it to the ghost writer
    * Then she just gets filthy replying to a question - Someone asked about relationships and how to get a boyfriend..
    It said "Open your legs to quarter to three........................."
    * "If you have low confidence, it’s all about self care, go for a blow dry, lashes, nails etc." 🙄
    * Edna says you are so good at your self care, in itself completely contrary to what Edna said in that last crappy podcast with that Laura (see above). KP says I’m shit at it (Really? She has something done every week)
    *Therapist mentioned.
    *Doesn’t wear underwear
    Oi oi saveloy. The End 😴 It grows progressively worse every week

    NB - it was banging-on about the TV show, My Mum Your Dad. No doubt she'll be wanting P to sign her up to find her a Noo Egg when SB finally grows a spine and fucks off across the horizon? :ROFLMAO:
    " Speaking to sister Sophie, Katie said: "It goes to show, when you’re older, you are damaged goods in a lot of ways. A lot of the women have gone through men who have cheated on them, same with the men. There’s a man on there who lost his wife 18 months ago and he’s been with her 40 years and she died of cancer so he feels like he’s cheating." Mum-of-five Katie also revealed she's so invested in the show she feels it's going to send her over the edge. She added: "I think I might cry tonight, I think I might well up, especially as I’m on my period." BARF :sick: Why does it need to tell everyone this anyway? Does it keep harping-on about being 'on her period' to prove that she's still young and fertile? This the 3rd time she has mentioned it. Nevertheless still nobody has manage to knock-it-up regardless of her crude announcements :)

    Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries, Crap Tattoos & FILTERS! -
    18.9.23 - Advertising Russian Lashes now (whatever they are FFS) The only lashes this things needs are from a Cat 'o Nine tails.
    Jeez its a bloody state though :LOL: "Stunning"? 😂😂😂😂
    This photograph is close-up and unfiltered so it won't be happy with this horror being published, unless she's touting for a gig at the London Dungeon what with Hallow'een on the way
    Simply horrendous
    18.9.23 - In view of the bad news that skank's Bankruptcy Hearing is again delayed until February 2024, The Sun are going for the jugular on it with a comprehensive list of how much skank has spent to achieve the Butchered/Botched "Look" she's saddled with now. An UNFIXABLE Look as well :ROFLMAO: They estimate around £500,000 - what a bargain to look so dreadful!!!
    20.9.23 - Its had the rubber-lips re-inflated again
    :ROFLMAO: One might also ask what the naffing-hell is wrong with it's snout too?
    25.9.23 - its looking to pump-up the rubber lips a bit more then https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24109450/katie-price-bigger-lips-fillers/
    The video is amusing though :)
    "She then placed her finger above her top lip before making a kissing motion to her army of followers".
    shes done that to stop the lips hitting her nose when she pouts, shes realised its beyond ridiculous when they merge together all scarred and lumpy. She's hiding this
    Scams and Bizzniss Opertewnities & Rebuilding The Empire :ROFLMAO: -
    21.9.23 - Suddenly last week there was a rush of "Announcements" from the skank saying she was going back on-the-road again doing Plasterclasses but this time using P! So far these glorious events appear to be in back-of-beyond places in back-rooms-of hotels - none of her previous "prestige salons" appear to be climbing over themselves to be grifted by the skank again so theres every chance this lot will get cancelled too as she did last time, for no reason whatsoever (just that hardly any tockets were sold or she couldn't be arsed basically). I wonder if any if the idiots who'd already paid their benefit money over will get a refund considering nobody did last time she cancelled out? https://katiepricemerch.com/pages/contact-us
    and here it is, the first of the Tour Dates, tthis one set in a grotty backstreet pub (15) Katie Price #320 Though clad in velour, Skank has no allure, she smells like manure, no comeback for sure | Page 9 | Tattle Life (16) Katie Price #320 Though clad in velour, Skank has no allure, she smells like manure, no comeback for sure | Page 8 | Tattle Life
    Take this as a warning of what butchering surgical & non-surgical practitioners do to you
    The vanity of it!!
    24.9.23 - promos for the Plasterclasses featuring MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Its all a bit of a downgrade from the glitzy international travel show she was going to do with P though, instead she will be dragging her to the arse-end of the UK's industrial estates. :ROFLMAO: How exciting for P!!

    25.9.23 - we now await the grand announcement of what dodgy scam it has entangled P into.

    25.9.23 - The "Exciting News" it was banging on about is just about the Plasterclasses - its got P involved as planned. Posting for clicks again - no surprise there seeing as she announced this rubbish earlier in the week https://tattle.life/attachments/img_0844-png.2472225/
    26.9.23 - Using Princess kicks off!
    Odd though howP hasn't mentioned these plaster classes once on her socials, so if anything I think she's just doing the odd date to keep her mum off her back. If she was really into them, she'd be pushing them on IG surely?

    Trampy Towers aka The Shitty Shack -
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-bankruptcy-hearing-held-30938343.amp What a dump! She wanted £6k a month for that hovel!! :eek::oops:
    19.9.23 - Here come Birmingham Live, seemingly one of the few media operators who actually speak the Truth about skanky! They have highlighted how on its recent crapcast it is screeching about the energy supplier for the Shitty Shack who has had the absolute GALL to want paying for the energy skanky has used in her hovel and she's now kicking-off about it! £28,000's worth of it!!! I wonder how long it is since she paid them ANYTHING?
    Welcome to the Real World of paying your household bills but it’ll be ok Skank because you keep broadcasting (with your words out of your mouth) that you’re "Not broke &, you are MINTED", because if you were broke you wouldn’t be living like you do - would you????

    The Ex-Husband Squad & Assorted Escapees - fighting back against the Gorgon
    15.9.23 - another of the Escapees and what a tawdry tale accompanys this "relationship" - truly revolting :sick:
    His brief, very unfortunate "association" with the skank nearly destroyed this lad when she sold the sordid details to the media but at least he's not having any of it now.... He's all grow'd up and knows better than doink predatory old boilers...!
    This was a few years ago:-
    "A source told The Sun: “Katie’s always had a crush on Gareth and can’t quite get him out of her system. It was actually quite a sweet message. But then she appeared to have had one drink too many and started calling him at gone 4am, clearly after some flirty banter. Gareth was a bit taken aback and doesn’t want to engage.
    From his perspective, he has been there, done that . . . and never again.” Funny though - thats virtually what Danny Cipriani said as well 😅😂🤣
    16.9.23 - well it didn't take long before being "Petrified......................" wore off and it's normal service as usual for the skank. Yes its back to arguing with K about her allowing Bunty on social media yet again, using her in her Twat Toks and as a personal Teasmade & servant. Its not a positive one for the skank though because they’re going in on her like a laser in this article mentioning both the dogs and PETA!
    And here comes The Sun now on it - https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.2-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-318-tickety-tock-get-the-witch-in-the-dock.41648%2Fpage-45&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F23974701%2Fkatie-price-furious-row-ex-tiktok-ban-dangerous-parenting%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=5bbfbae684def7a63d4c4c99c9901ef8&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    18.9.23 - Kieron has joined forces with Father 4 Justice with this article

    Vintage clips. Its Always the Fault of Men though- they all abuse her and hurt her every time.

    20.9.23 - and updated today - "Its all the fawlt of MEN! They are Crool to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" - https://tattle.life/attachments/img_2236-png.2461209/ and the Mail - the comments are crucifying the skank :ROFLMAO:
    20.9.23 - It mentioned on a crapcast about storming out of the cinema dragging the kids in her wake. This is what its all about & considering she's already had a Big Fat Greek Wedding herself maybe she saw too many reminders of Pete Ya Cunt? :ROFLMAO:
    "Speaking on her podcast The Katie Price Show, she said: "We went and watched Big Fat Greek Wedding part 3. But I started watching it and thought get me out of here. It just reminded me of times where you know one Greek says ‘oh I’m related to such and such’ and they are like ‘you must be my cousin then, or my third cousin, or you are married to my great great… oooo we are family."
    She added: "I was like I don’t need to see all this, I have been there, done that. And we were all bored of it so ten minutes in we went back to the ticket desk and said ‘so sorry we just found it boring, can we watch another one." Katie and Peter left viewers of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here mesmerised by their connection while in the Austalian jungle in 2004." :ROFLMAO:

    She's gonna implode if she's still around when P has a Big Fat Greek Wedding herself LOL
    23.9.23 - Its gonna blow a gasket over this! Pete has been asked to do Guest Performances in a West End show!!

    "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    24.9.23 -
    Proof enough by its own admission.

    Slamming & Swiping - its wot she duzz innit? -
    20.9.23 - Got the hump with Loose Wimmin so diving in for a bit of "Slamming" because they did not act respectfully nor with great reverence towards "MEEEEEEEEEE" when they grilled Junior on the show. In other words they did not make it "Awwwwllll Abaaaahhhhttt MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" as she'd assumed they were obliged to :)

    Twolls, Burglars, Vandals, Stalkers, Kidnappers & 'Orsham's Own Banksy etc -
    15.9.23 - here we go with the Bullshit Quotient! Out comes another "Stalker threatening to break-in". Well don't they always contact the victim for an appointment skanky? Either way, not to worry about it because your Tame Murderer can see him off sharpish eh? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23975469/katie-price-police-stalker-mucky-mansion/
    Oh and said "stalker" threatened to give her a book :LOL: - you can see why she was terrified (or Petrified) since that would be vicious attack on her ignorance. This Book Bandit deserves 25yrs for trying to give skank a book for all the emotional and psychological distress he could cause - especially if the book has no pictures or colouring-in for her to do. 🤣 The man in question has put up TT’s about this plus there was a video posted previous to this about him giving her a book but he has deleted it. https://media2.tattle.life/data/video/2451/2451282-9103df729b2f5d3d6babc9356bc147cf.mp4
    Frankly I'm more inclined to believe this bloke than the skank ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, in fact she has latched onto him to accuse just like she did the Tattlers to get her "Court Thing" made private. NB: It appears this bloke 'threatened' to come through the hedge from a party he was attending next door to give her a copy of his book - he was obviously blutered to think that was a good idea! But giving someone a poxy book? Thats really scary, especially when you aren't even living there, but nevertheless inviting a convicted murderer who wrote you a letter from prison round for a cup of tea and a chat is perfectly fine?! ... Book Guy is probably an egg that wouldn't crack for her :ROFLMAO:
    Incidentally, in the the last paragraph of the article why has the Saaarrrff Afrrikka Ordeal now gone back to "3 thugs attacking MEEEEEEEE" when it has previously been "3 with sticks", then "4 with guns", then "6 with guns that dragged her into the bushes and waped it". :unsure: Another article, another version of this Lie Fest
    16.9.23 - The Mirror now running with the beastly stalker who's left skanky "petrified" :ROFLMAO::poop: (Possibly they actually mean Putrified?)
    Incidentally, for someone who's so "petrified", didn't she let her 9 year old LITTLE GIRL answer the front door at night-time at SB's rental to a stranger whilst she was busy gobbing-off on her live the other night?? :unsure: Ps boyfriend eventually went to the door because skank was too busy screeching and farting on Twat Tok to be bothered with the kids, (it sounded like the bloke was looking for another house on the road not another of her "Stalkers"), nevertheless skanky just carried on flogging the tatt whilst yelling from the sofa that they "Weren’t from round here". I am sure the entire neighbourhood are aware of that hideous fact.
    * Poor skank is The Victim of all this Twolling and she is entirely innocent throughout - yeah righty-ho. Heres just a few examples of her handiwork https://metro.co.uk/video/katie-price-goes-ballistic-emily-atack-2054860/

    https://tattle.life/attachments/screen-shot-2023-09-18-at-10-03-18-png.2456814/ https://tattle.life/attachments/screen-shot-2023-09-18-at-10-03-09-png.2456815/ Katie Price #319 No contempt of court for the Skanky Liar … but give it time , it will backfire | Page 16 | Tattle Life

    As regards to all this utter rubbish about Stalkers/Twolz etc, one only has to look at the list of the things she's done in the past, the long history of KP calling people "Stalkers and trolls" when she doesn't want their attention or when someone speaks the truth. She also demands police arrest people on Her Word! It's just so entitled. She has also slated police for 'doing nuffink' in the past although they take her calls and do actually respond as they are obligated to do in such circumstances. So when someone takes photos of her in a public place out come the stalker allegations......but she's always doing pap shots and she didn't mind someone coming up to her to get photos of Harvey when they were eating last week plus it has also branded people "Trolls" for saying she shouldn't be naked in bed with her 22 year old son :rolleyes: Any comments or attention she can't control instantly become "stalkers and trolls"
    20.9.23 - Lets call the Police out yet again Woo Hoo!!! Last week it was the "Stalker with a Book" threatening her and this week its been "forced" to call them about H. Who next week eh? (possibly its hoping for another Compo Bonanza like last time to spend on Meeeeeeeeeeeee?). Either way, the irony of it is that this seems to be a blind disabled person being made to say 'You C***' à la Harvey on videos for likes, however skank wants it to be a Police Matter to protect H (not the other lad) this occasion even when she herself has done far worse to Her Own Disabled child! She was even doing it a matter of days ago - 13.9.23, details above ⬆ - in a crowded restaurant when she asked H to tell the viewers on her shitty Twat Tok what he says to "Twollz", ie "You C***". It seems its OK for her to encourage H to do this but nobody else of course, and if she was that outraged on behalf of the other lad why did she feel the need to advertise this particular posting anyway to be found by millions of other people now? Why not just report it? It's a carbon copy of what she does with her own son.
    * In fact its certainly NOT averse to some twolling and bullying itself. Take this as one example when not only does it still hound and persecute Keiran over his alleged Millions of Affairs (whilst she was sitting at home like Mother Teresa no less), but she even ensured to take a camera crew along to capture her confrontation and physical attack on Jane P whom she says "Doinked My Husband" & doing it all in front of Jane's young children too. She never misses the opportunity of slagging the woman off even now. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3813900/I-knocked-tooth-Katie-Price-reveals-Jane-Pountney-s-kids-watched-attacked-catching-pleasuring-husband-Kieran.html
    20.9.23 - "Its all the fault of MEN! They are Crool to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" - https://tattle.life/attachments/img_2236-png.2461209/
    25.9.23 - Katie Price defended over backlash to family snap and fans say 'it's unfair' - Birmingham Live (birminghammail.co.uk)
    The Birmingham Mail have put this out for an airing. Lots of videos to endure (if you can without barfing or hurling the screen out of the window)
    but its essentially about "Dem Crool Twolz wott az ago at Meeeeeeeee innit!"
    One remark is epic "Nice to see a photo of you with the Grandkids!" Touché skanky :ROFLMAO:

    Those Poor Kids & Crooly Mum-Shamed -
    https://www.hellomagazine.com/celebrities/502483/junior-andre-talks-relationship-with-parents-peter-and-katie-price-and-reality-tv-futre/ Skanky barely gets a mention! :ROFLMAO: Junior also squarely rubbishes skank's claim that "He lives with Meeeeeee" - he lives with Dad and Emily so stick that in yer vape skank!
    18.9.23 - Heres OKrap magazine sticking the knife in now https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-price-peter-andres-warning-30951327
    * As per its major whinge-athon on yesterday Twat Tok over not being mentioned AT ALL by Junior or the panel on that Loose Wimmin thing, one thing is plain as her bulbous nose :- shes jealous even of her own children & if its not about her then she throws a wobbly. She's insanely jealous of her own children's youth and opportunities. Do not forget how she snatched that pointless Guiness Book of World Records "award" out of that bloke's hands when he was awarding it to Harvey, how her eyes lit up when she intercepted it and grabbed it off him. That was for H and his mates for drawing a picture of a bloody train ffs, but she couldn't even let her disabled child accept this award could she?
    * 21.9.23 - word has it that Bunty is still at her old school in West Sussex so skank has been unable to shift her over to Essicks as she'd intended to do (y)
    25.9.23 - and some more "Croolly Mum-Shamed", this time for hawking the kids out at seedy "awards" do's but not taking H even though he is some sort of an ambassador for this lot.
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24110671/katie-price-cruelly-mum-shamed-harvey-kids/ As usual the dickheads are defending the thing though
    These comments. "Harvey is very sensitive to noise - it would be unfair for him to be there."
    then a second leapt to her defence, writing: "Harvey has disabilities and sensory needs......... he struggles with events such as this. So you'd rather her drag him there and make him suffer just for a photo to please the likes of you?"

    All very well this time around but it didn't stop her pimping him out in nightclubs, did it...?!! Or screeching woooohoooo in his ears all the time.

    Using Harvey for Publicity & Sympathy, "Pimp My Child" -

    15.9.23 - https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/katie-prices-son-harvey-hospital-27717487 How does this even get to be A Story anyway? He only had his ears syringed after all, something normally done by a GP so nothing whatsoever serious to any degree & just another pile of rubbish designed for the Sympathy Vote!
    23.9.23 - the Sun are gunning for it now! Heres another one they've lifted from it's crapcasts about how "Innercint MEEEEEEEE!" gets accused with using H's special Blue Badge.....................perish the thought! There is already evidence on earlier Wikis of it using H's Blue Badge to park wherever it likes in Brighton when H was actually back in his residential in Cheltenham - so these people accusing her of this are just Twolz causing her twubble aren't they??
    H looks really happy being grappled by "Mummy" :ROFLMAO:

    The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her -
    13.9.23 - Heres the Sun sending out one of the 12 year olds to create this pile of drivel in which they've got the thing's age wrong and the BH date wrong, nevertheless they're kind of highlighting whats going on inside the Shitty Shack that skank has allegedly tarted-up. (The idiots at C4 did) https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/21456714/katie-price-mucky-mansion-makeover-revealed/😂

    14.9.23 - Yes. The Sun are waiting just like the rest of us:cool:
    And there they are waiting, stake in hand ready to thrust it into the skank - they lust to see blood today…..
    "Katie insisted last month she "isn't broke" during question time on a TikTok live with her followers.
    She said: "I live in my own £2.2million house, I own it, nobody can ever take it away from me.
    "I wouldn't call that broke, would you?"
    Katie later addressed the subject again, saying: "I'm not poor actually, totally the opposite, but thank you."

    She's doing an excellent job at hanging herself :)
    www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23954464/katie-price-petrified-hauled-court-debt/ Putrified more like :)
    15.9.23 - The tabloids comment sections are damning her because everyone (except the Court) saw through her little games yesterday nor can they do anything but wonder how long she can continue to side step all of this? So much for Justice eh??
    Heres the Metro now -

    A selection from a random Google
    17.9.23 - heres The Sun sniggering behind their hands at skank's velour trackies ad for JYY with those two medicine balls stuffed down the front. One can only add that the zips in them must be bloody brilliant to hold those things in! :D https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/23990221/katie-price-velour-tracksuit-models-new-outfit
    17.9.23 - the Mail get in a few snarky remarks about the thing's hideous embonpoint :ROFLMAO: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12528575/Katie-Price-shows-surgically-enhanced-assets-models-black-velour-tracksuit-sizzling-snap.html Theres an interesting comment on this article though - lets hope there some truth in it

    21.9.23 - Heres the World's Best Media Outlet - The Birmingham Mail - they're sticking it to the skank over the revelations she's in deepest doo-doo over her dodgy accounting and hiding money away! TKU Birmingham Mail! You never let us down :)
    and now heres The Sun who of course have enough axes to grind on her already:- https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24054760/bankrupt-katie-price-faces-secret-probe/
    The Sun again, this time about another of skank's companies suddenly collapsing with a whole £1 in-the-bank, the Sun noting with this remark "KP Merch was used to process income from the star's make-up masterclasses"
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24061943/katie-price-company-kp-merch-shut-down-bankrupt/ Perhaps the "Front Man" to a lot of these dodgy enterprises (Jeyda JYY) is up for doing a moonlight flit to Turkey before it all implodes?
    22.9.23 - the media are watching her SMs and her crapcasts like a hawk because out with this one now, lifted directly from the last crapcast. The best thing is that skanky cannot demand a solitary brass razoo for these "stories" because they were put out BY HER onto a public platform and therefore freely available for anyone to sample - so not a bean to grift by the skank LOL. Ironic though that skanky was doing exactly this to MP in the school playground that earned her the Restraining Order that she continually violates, yet two girls call her similar names and its a World Event! The media ought to have reported that Katie herself calls other women "slags and whores" regularly, and as for Edna - she is so full of shit in her pretending to be shocked that this still happens! She knows exactly what her delightful sibling is like and fully aware the thing is as bad as those she is trying to highlight as wicked people, indeed, Edna was happy to try and deflect for Kipper when she abused M and other women in the school playground. She was quoted as saying it was "All made up because Michelle was jealous and it wouldn't go to court!" How wrong the sagely Edna was in the event eh?
    So skanky demands justice for someone calling HER "A slag" but its perfectly acceptable for her to use the same vernacular innit?
    Yes, what are these eh skanky? ?
    "Katie Price faces up to five years in jail TODAY over ‘gutter slag’ text to ex-Kieran Hayler’s fiancee"
    "Katie Price dubs Katie Hopkins a “boring old slag” in Celebrity Big Brother
    " Incidentally, how come La Hopkins was defending the skank in the media as little as a week or two ago when it said this about HER?
    and this - "I’m not a slag I NEVER slept around being called a slag is infuriating and cruel. There isn’t many guys that would be able to handle the life changing injuries I have," [sic] she said.
    Time to rethink that comment KP, after all you admitted to cheating on SB, Kris, Charles, Kieran, Leo, Matt at least... 🤷‍♀️ 🤥
    22.9.23 - and another pile of manure lifted directly from it's crapcast. She won't get a penny for it either :ROFLMAO:
    23.9.23 - this is not even a New Story they've lifted but note skank has got "Luscious tresses and a bouncy hairdo". FFS what absolute RUBBISH. The pair off them look like they've been through a holly hedge backwards once or twice