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  • * Ave Yerselves a Very Skanky Cwissmiss"
    * Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl
    * The Original Slapgate
    * "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One mk 3498
    * Fwends abandoning ship now - woo hoo!
    * "Isss mee mentawl 'elf innit"
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys
    * Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries et
    * "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    * Getting at the Exes
    * Twollz
    * Escapees, the Exes and the Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs
    * Those Poor Kids
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy
    * Deflect Mode in Operation - Using AFP's Transplant Story, Harvey, Sole Parent etc etc
    * Court Cases & Law Breaking
    * Bankruptcy & Flogging Crap to Fund it's sordid "Lifestyle"
    * "Iss awl abaaaht Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee innit!"
    * Lies, Lies and More Lies (including the Saaaarrrrff Affrikka Set)
    * "Slamming & Swiping" - thats wot she duzz innit!
    * 'Olidays!! Woo Hoo!!
    * The Broken Trotters
    * Ownly Fans (for blind, deaf mugs)
    * Animal Victims - take note RSPCA!! :mad:
    * Trampy Towers - aka the Mucky Manshun
    * The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her
    * Moooosik!
    * Playboy!!
    And here she is! It's Bat-Nan, woo hoo!!

    C U Next Tuesday

    7.1.22 - the latest image of it looking like it's wearing one of those rubber masks from the fancydress shop that bank robbers buy.

    "Ave Yerselves a Very Skanky Cwissmiss -
    22.12.22 - trawling the streets of the West End picking up Eggs dressed up to the nines in dirty JYY, the rat's nest barnet, Noo Nails and the speshul boots. Here its accompanied by Slymi Rymi in matching filthy JYY and festeringly grubby boots plus mr. A.Non - note the one behind who is trying to not be seen when they were unexpectedly photographed. This is apparently some "Olympic gold medal winner" Hahaha! Thats his street cred destroyed then, witnessed trailing after Kipper Price! :ROFLMAO: This grubby group were apparently furious that they were photograhed "Wivvout permisshun", ie they were captured in-the-wild MINUS "3000 levels of filters". LOL

    23.12.22 - here we go with the BS then

    23.12.22 - and this shite :poop: Get a load of that first paragraph where you can see where the priorities lie, ie cock, coke, partying oh and maybe an hour with the kids................................... www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-looks-partied-out-28803114?int_source=mantis_rec&int_medium=web&int_campaign=more_like_this
    " Katie Price is living her best life following her split from on-off fiance Carl Woods, as the former glamour model juggles fun nights out with Olympic atheletes and wholesome family activities with her children over the festive season ..................."
    WTF?????????????????? And incidentally - "Atheletes"??
    23.12.22 - "Katie is "not about to sit at home" pining for the car salesman to return, the source adds when speaking to The Sun."
    No SFP, in actual fact she ought to be at home with the children she stole from Kieron, not pissing it up the wall at grotty "clubs" off her head on coke, trawling about desperately for a replacement Noo Egg.
    Some years ago but this is how it behaves towards The Exes - this performance was presented for her shite tv show presumably

    Said "gift" was a locket containing a photograph of her illustrious self - just what he'd always wanted really............................ :ROFLMAO:
    24.12.22 - getting some mileage out of Harvey now
    it also surely filmed this to begin with :mad: Shame on her!
    25.12.22 - gorging it's "Delisshuss cwissmuss luntch"that it would have us believe it cooked itself (although it looks like pigswill slopped on a plate so it probably did). And whats this bollocks about "cute tattoos" as well? They're fucking shit like her dinnaz innit!! But on a positive note they mentioned "Turkey Teef" :)
    LOOK! You can get yerself one of them well-seksi outfits ready for next Cwissmiss Woo Hoo!
    It looks a million-times-better on this model that it ever did on the skank :)
    27.12.22 - More BS! https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-explains-hasnt-shared-28817372
    and this from her usual Flying Monkeys

    OR from some Anons which are nearer the Troof :)
    "There was no one to moisten the bird this year'
    'Because they are waiting for a big pay day deal for iron lung recovery story
    "Shame everyone knows about it and not interested since mr price was flapping his gums in the pub
    "I was wondering what happened to turkey teefs new song or will it be a released for mothers day or a new movie called ............iron daffodils ................a real breath taker'

    28.12.22 - more of it, bollocks from the tabloids
    30.12.22 - it looks like the Bot Farms are rebelling too haha!

    1.1.23 - this pops-up on the Mirror comments concerning her recent BS.
    "sandbag1 DAY AGO
    Ps she did not have all 5 at x mass. Only 2 and harv. The dog got loose scaring everyone else's life stock. Her yelling a cross the field in a drunken rumpage. Horse going mental when she tried to ride it, it ended up back in my stables."
    No wonder its had a face like a slapped arse in all the photos :LOL:

    So then in a nutshell Cwissmiss at the Skankhouse mainly consisted of this :-
    1. Dog escapes and allegedly starts attacking neighbours livestock.
    2. Kipper clearly off her face shouting in the field. Drunk, drugged up or maybe both?
    3. Attempts to ride her horse which ran off to a neighbours stables.
    4. Neighbour clearly pissed off and posts on a 'Comments Page'. (as above):LOL:
    5. Did Junior and Princess turn up then clear off rather sharpish when they see the state she was in?

    Gone AWOL!
    Its has diasappeared from sight apart from posting what it thinks are "insightful memes" - if only she knew what that actually meant to begin with - however, we all want to know, Where Is It?
    A) she's buggered off on holiday with the kids
    B) she's buggered off on holiday without the kids
    C) she's laid up in some clinic somewhere after a beautification procedure of some sort
    D) her tits have exploded & she's forever orbiting the universe like a deflating balloon
    E) she's got a noo egg & they're holed up in a romantic secluded log cabin spending quality time together
    F) she's being evicted from the MM & she's packing
    G) she's sold sooooo many barf bombs & JYY traccies that she can't keep up with packaging & is busy getting orders out
    H) she's filming top secret content for her eagerly anticipated OF show
    I) she's preparing to qualify as an esthetician so she's alllll ready for the opening of her noo business in the annexe of the MM
    J) she's getting ready for 'back to school tomorrow' & is prepping uniforms, getting bags ready, sorting out packed lunches
    K) she's plotting her 6457th come back as she's on the up
    L) she's preparing to rebuild her empire
    M) she's been slapped with legals from Pete you cunt, Kieran you wanker, social services, the police, courts or all of them & daren't do anything
    N) she's had an accident whilst demonstrating noo hair straighteners & melted her wig/extensions to her face & doesn't want to be see
    O) she's recovering from emergency life fretnin surgery to her poorly trotter
    P) she's decided to house train all her dogs & it's taking all her attention
    Q) she was busy looking for crap top quality items to sell on Deplop, fell into a pile of unwashed clothes & has not been seen since
    Or has it simply fucked-off on another "well-deserved 'oliday" after all the traumas of Cwissmiss and the hassles involved after kidnapping the children? No doubt we'll soon find out when the gruesome 'oliday foters show up on OF.

    Old Egg Alias The One #3497 -
    Despite it allegedly being all over and him posting this, it has not responded in it's usual venomous fashion which makes one wonder............................................ Is this another load of shite for publicity like all the other occasions of wash, rinse repeat??
    23.12.22 -www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/carl-woods-moves-out-katie-28792594 Who fucking cares eh??
    30.12.22 - Really? Why is he still hanging about with the odious skanky then? https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/fans-convinced-katie-prices-ex-28838329
    3.1.22 - certain areas of The Media are implying SB has moved on with another Plastic-Not-Fantastic clone (one not quite as old and raddled though)

    10.1.23 - Poor old SB is reduced to commenting on skank's latest hideous boob-job, trying to Make It all About HIM and keep him "relevant". In fact he's NEVER been "relevant" :ROFLMAO:
    and this one hinting that he and the thing are still An Item (exactly as Tattlers have thought right from Day One)

    The Original Slapgate -
    Heres what twiggered it - SB getting hold of these messages then going ballistic at his Dolly. One can see why he was pissed-off, him being the One On The Front Line and all that LOL

    "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One mk 3498
    23.12.22 - Katie Price’s ex Carl Woods takes a swipe at her after she partied till 3am with I’m A Celeb star | The Sun
    In the midst of this "Taking a swipe" rubbish from SB note the mention of Potential Noo Egg aka Diving Egg 🥇seen scuttling out of this grotty club at 3am with it! Talk about desperate - he'll need to be diving into a sheep dip at his earliest possible convenience :ROFLMAO: www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-looks-partied-out-28803114?int_source=mantis_rec&int_medium=web&int_campaign=more_like_this.
    24.12.22 - Woo Hoo! Scaffolding Egg! Bet his Mum is really pleased too yet his mates are going to destroy him over this ill-thought-out exercise in rank stupidity - getting skanked, becoming The One Mk 3498. Incidentally, it looks rough as a badger's arse in that photo :ROFLMAO::poop:

    26.12.22 - Metro - One recent accused Potential Egg is quoted here- "He said: ‘I messaged her on Instagram because I saw that she was struggling with everything that was going on in her life. (LOL) It was just one of them things where I’ve said that I know how much training helps me in terms of my mental health and going through a breakup in the public eye." This one couldn't wait to disassociate himself with the Recruitment Campaign either - a familiar story :) The ol' Mentawl 'Elf gets an airing too
    8.1.23 - Wot a larrrfff! All these blokes queuing up to ask it for a date!! :ROFLMAO: The thing is WHY has she had SB's dog with her this past weekend if SB is not there too (she's posted photos of Sid on the bed) - theres NO WAY he'd leave his belovéd Sid with it if he's not there too? So much for them as a couple being finished eh???

    9.1.23 - desperately Recruiting now by trying to insinuate she's been flooded with blokes wanting to "date" her! "Slide into her DMs" eh? I didn't thinks she could wear them on those liyfe-fretninly-injurrd-feyt :LOL:
    (2) Katie Price #238 Winepig's on a roll, $kank is still a troll but what on earth has happened to Cole? | Page 34 | Tattle Life

    Fwends Abandoning ship woo hoo!! -
    30.12.22 - having noticed yesterday that she's been unceremoniously "unfriended" by some bint she was out on the razz with less than ten days ago, this pops up on the woman's SM's, maybe explaining why skank is NO LONGER A FWEND :)

    3.1.23 - and another one; This was the girl skanky had looking after all the animals whilst she went out or got trashed at Trampy Towers - in fact she probably had the kids too.

    and another "fwend appears to have realised what she actually is and ditched the skank :)
    3.1.22 -

    3.1.23 -
    It won't be long now until Pringles Lloyd is on the Receiving End of a barrage of skank-abuse after her commentary on C5's shite documentary last week. Skank won't like someone earning off her back :) Oh yes, here we are!

    "Iss Me Mentawl 'Elf innnit!" -
    Who does this sound like then? She who drapes herself seductively whilst naked in bed over her 20 year old mentally handicapped son, or is this also the one who proclaims "Iff it werent fer me kids I wudave killed meeself innit................"

    10.1.23 - over the last few days since it got it's certificate in Life Coaching (£9.99 online) no questions asked, its been posting a long series of Inspirational Quotes that certainly are NOT from her own foetid gob. Heres one thats been adjusted more to herself

    Scrounging & Grifting plus Flogging Crap-
    29.12.22 -More scrounged blow-drys - four a week I thinkhttps://tattle.life/attachments/426dfe78-b6b2-4266-836e-7fe385b91e2d-png.1837234/
    6.1.23 - now she's flogging the remains of Sinkboy's stuff he'd allegedly left at Trampy Towers so Love's Young/Old Dream really must be over with :LOL: But "Designer"? A lot of the stuff is damaged anyway with missing buttons etc. They're taking the piss considering most of his junk is grifted rubbish from the likes of JYY and UpTheir - doubtless anything half decent will have departed with him not left behind for her to destroy in a drug/booze filled rage or sell to her braindead "fans"

    Scams & Bisniss Oppertewnities-
    23.12.22 - Slymi is getting desperate for business now hence this advert for skanky's services
    6.1.22 - Reposted TWICE today! Things getting tough? £3k for heating oil needing to be paid for in cash this week?
    24.12.22 - if you have ever wondered in disbelief how it can have so many devoted "followers", heres your answer! You purchase "fans" from a Bot Farm by the thousand, all with completely believable names such as this lot :)

    Going back years now this rubbish appeared. £5 million indeed! :ROFLMAO:https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20221227-214957_chrome-jpg.1836246/
    3.1.23 - getting desperate now!

    4.1.23 - heres the latest scam to hit the media. Skanky's Syrups.com
    All to be installed at the Lukkshurry Sarlorn sheys gonna 'ave at Trampy Towers perhaps? "Barrrby an' Kenz Innit"
    This company are being destroyed in the comments but seriously? What did they actually expect in associating themselves with this thing??

    8.1.22 - so this garbage raises it's ugly head again! IF its true and this rubbish has been resurrected lets hope the bankruptcy crew are aware of it, BUT seeing as the date is AFTER the hearing it's obviously confident its not going to prison again
    and this -https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11611477/Katie-Price-training-life-coach-ups-downs-left-wanting-help-others.html#comments
    It is now going to become a Life Coach apparently! "Send us a tenner and we'll send yers a certificate in Life Coaching!" Woo hoo! "Please show me how to direct my life straight down the shitter like you have oh belovéd skankmonster, show me how to grift and con for a living, be a crap parent yet the most bewtiful wumman evva!!!" Deluded or what??


    HAHAHAHAHAHA nope cant stop, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the absolute , sorry HAHAHAHAHA, Fckn cheek of the drinking, druggie, abusing, using, lying ,neglecting, scamming, tramp. LIFE COACH indeed! . Well one good thing, her MH must be under control if she's able to complete this and offer to help others , BH trustees please take note.

    8.1.23 - However it seems this company are every bit as dodgy as their latest recruit - quelle surprise!! :LOL:

    Heres what skanky really does have to offer potential clients :-
    9.1.23 - Yes the new career as a Life Coach has received some attention alright - it looks like nobody believes the bullshit that she's qualified to "help" anybody except herself to your cash for this bollocks.
    https://tattle.life/attachments/kp12-jpg.1868136/ https://tattle.life/attachments/kp13-jpg.1868137/

    Awl Dem Bewty Tweetmints, syrups & surgeries etc -
    30.12.22 - the recent beach-ball inflations https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20889825/katie-price-bandaged-boob-job-surgery/amp/
    1.1.23 - more gruesome images of skanky's monoboob
    5.1.23 - another media outlet questioning the Monoboob surgery
    9.1.23 - another set of caterpillar eyelashes. They highlight her wrinkles superbly :)https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230108_185052_instagram-jpg.1866541/
    and more 'pampering', - all pointless! You can see the painted on slug-brows perfectly as the gunk she slapped-on highlights the lack of hair follicles. If this is a strong "mask" will it remove the paintwork?
    Some more rubbish about the plastic whangers https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-prices-biggest-ever-boob-28892661
    Its bsically the usual 'New year, new me' bollocks. She constantly tries to change her body to change her life but sadly for her It doesn't work because she's still the same vile article inside the plastic carapace!
    9.1.23 - It has finally realised that YES! - those plastic whangers are wonky! Old Mrs Wonky Whangers is doing another favourite adjective of the 12 year-olds over it because she is "Fuming" about the beach balls being of different sizes, different heights under her chins as well as her having no raspberries either. As well she may "fume" over it (whilst everyone else laughs hysterically)

    "I downt dwink............Iyes sowber innit an' Ize nota dwuggy eeva."
    Last year she told FUBAR Radio: “Since I've been out of The Priory, I have not drunk nothing (sic) and now I've forgotten what it's like to drink and that's not like me because I'm quite sociable and stuff and then obviously I was into the coke because I was self-medicating.”
    “When I look at it all now I'm like, oh my God, I'm a completely different person now. What the hell? I'm actually embarrassed at how I've acted and stuff, but you know, that's part and part of mental health. You can't help it.”

    Blame it all on Kieron and Mentawl 'Elf :) Incidentally FUBAR - what an excellent description of skanky anyway woo hoo!
    22.12.22 - out with Slymi Rymi getting pissed again. Just look at how this pair of scruffy, chubby assholes "Go out to dinner" dressed in cheapo trackies, her looking like a bricklayer with those hideous tattoos on her Squareblob Skankpants body - oh and the Boots are getting another airing

    22.12.22 - photographed by a random falling out of a club or somewhere off it's face with the sleazy Slymi Rymi. First photo. Lots of strange little white smudges / smear lines on her phone. Second photo - skanky looking down at her friend who is leaning over ‘looking’ at something closely that skanky is holding with her other hand. …. No wonder they are pissed off & she's ranting - Their blatant coke use is public.
    She definately does NOT do drugs -EVER! Really? So whats this from one of her shite books then?

    And the answer to that last question is certainly "YES!" She did want to do it and is still doing it decades later!!
    Going back 20 years to the time it was in the Playboy Manshun for 6 gruelling weeks trying to persuade Hefner how damned seksi she was (he was not impressed). Yes it was certainly indulging in the columbian white stuff and admits it too!

    Getting at the Exes -
    Heres Pete back on her target crosshairs yet again - iss awl iz fawlt innit
    28.12.22 - now sniping at Peter over Cwissmiss https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-subtle-swipe-peter-28820808 - and yes it was one of her infamous "swipes" too :LOL:
    30.12.22 - its a "Dig" this time for the Exes, all 3496 of them :)
    31.12.22 - See what she's reduced Kieron to doing? Getting CCTV to protect his family from the prowling skankmonster! So thats Kieron and Boyson now with CCTV monitoring to protect themselves from it and I'd take a bet that Peter has it too
    Dating back to 2016 theres this. It accuses Kieron of "stalking" her and yet here we are - her doing what she accuses him of doing!

    2.1.23 - Heres Alex doing a TV interview - skip to 41.20. This bloke has sufferred horrendously due to skanky and her lust for revenge but probably incredibly grateful he never got it pregnant.
    He talks about her. Says he was a 'lamb to the slaughter' didn't know what was going on and didn't want to be famous when they got married. Then he said there were reporting restrictions on what he could say. He's also talking about family courts and suicides.....and how men are treated. * note - its also state she was also handed a five-year injunction preventing her from sharing any private information about their relationship.’
    and theres more :-
    She "befriended" Chantelle Houghton with a motive in mind, (the woman Alex had a relationship with and a child) and kindly 'assisted' her with her custody battle where Alex Reid lost access. So, Kipper was saying in her latest nasty tome that Alex was depraved, 'think of the worst porn x 10.' She's obviously trying to imply he's done something illegal and it wasn't just 'ordinary sex' it was something on another level. ( a bit like the Kieran Savile claims) Then she volunteers this information and footage to a family court dealing with Reids's case.
    ''Katie also revealed she showed a judge in court "footage" of Alex, during his custody battle with Chantelle Houghton over their daughter Dolly.
    She told Patsy Kensit and Perez Hilton: "I went to court for Chantelle to prove what [Alex] is really like. I went in there happy to show the judge what footage I had on my phone of him. I said to the judge, 'here it is if you wanna see it. I sat at the back of the court and told him a few home truths. In fact, I showed him the footage I had and he said, 'wow' - because it was so shocking."

    This was the footage that she claimed not to have but a judge found her liable for showing to multiple people and audiences, including the audience waiting to watch some crappy tv show she was going to be on (which she did) Piers Morgan had the decency to tell Alex she was happily howing 'guests' at one of her parties he attended some explicit footage, showing it to everybody to and laughing about it & he was still her husband at this time too. Another judge awarded Alex damages years later yet to date skanky has not paid anything.
    Heres a brief snippet where she talks about the "shocking video" that so appalls her, its understood that its a bit bizarre but it's definitely nothing illegal (involving inanimate objects). It just suits her purpose to say it was "shocking" but it was completely legal. You can probably work it out from her some of her comments. This one was broadcast on big brother,
    "I couldn't put enough up there," she admitted. "A lot of straight men like to have the pinkie up there, but Alex wanted it all. That's why I divorced him. Because I didn't want to be the man."
    This is coming from a woman who admitted using vegetables on herself on Loose women 🤦‍♀️ She was still meeting him for sex at hotels though for all her protests about her shock, horror & utter disgust.

    It's also a cookie cutter scenario of Kipper reporting Kieran for "grooming" on behalf of another woman and then this leaping onto Alex's case over CH and their daughter with the express job of destroying him and any relationship he should have had with his child ( how selfless of her!). She also cut CH dead once her destruction task was done having also boasted to AR in front of witnesses "That's what you get if you mess with me."
    ''The court heard that the images were disclosed and re-shared to complete strangers causing him to have his private sex life repeatedly revealed causing him to suffer a real loss of personal dignity and harm to his self-esteem.'' ......Judge Warby J viewed the nature of Ms Price's conduct as malicious, confirming:-
    "The defendant's conduct has considerably aggravated the harm caused by the disclosures themselves. Her behaviour has been persistent, flagrant, arrogant, high-handed, and inexcusable
    For a fuller version of the case check this link out https://www.casemine.com/judgement/uk/5e6f684c2c94e038e9f35f06
    She has used video of someone's completely legal sex life to try and stop him seeing his child, to simply to destroy him because she COULD. It proves she's highly manipulative even seeking out opportunities to abuse ex-partners directly to courts and will use illegal material in front of a judge without hesitating. It appears skanky could teach the CIA a few lessons in covert filming so God knows what she has tried to use against Kieran and Michelle!

    Twollz - The world's worst troll is quick enough to accuse others of Twolling her, for example over an ancient photo it posted of itself bein' awl seksi with poor Wallis the 'orse. Do these flying monkeys of hers not realise that photo is not even contemporary? Its about four faces ago!!!

    Those Poor Kids -
    25.12.22 - Kieron confirming at least a "shared custody" with the thing - NOT what skanky would have everyone believe that SHE has sole custody now. Her lies are beginning to unravel :)

    28.12.22 - using the kids of course - thats what they're there for :) www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20866767/katie-price-brands-daughter-sassy-insults-funny-video/
    Its not funny and B is not "Sassy" either, furthermore 8 year old girls do not need "Pamper sessions" whatever "mummy" says to the contrary & BTW Bunny, next time its not a mask Mummy needs - try a potato sack instead :)
    30.12.22 - following Mummy's lead of course, she having goaded them into sticking their tongues out at those beastly Tattlers :ROFLMAO:
    The big question remains though - will Jett get to go back to school after his extended 'oliday since November? As of 4.1.23 - Jett has not returned to school with his sister

    Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy -
    24.12.22 - Images of Harvey in her bed sleeping and itself alongside him - are they both naked? Either way its wholly inappropriate considering H is 20 years of age :sick:

    23.12.22 - the Sun obviously bought ALL the photos of her grotty night-out dressed as a tramp. :ROFLMAO: Hands-up who remembers the days back-when it used to dress itself up like a dog's dinner to do photo-shoots in the driveway at Trampy Towers to pretend it was off to Film Premieres, Award Shows or grand events? These days it dresses like a hobo going through the bins in the back alleys of the West End. LOL

    BUT they then release the 12 year old journos to write crap like this? I mean REALLY????

    Heres why it demanded H was put into a secure unit (at public expense).
    Katie Price has prevously said that part of the reason she needed to send Harvey to residential was that he was so strong, hard to handle and "The younger kids were scared of him". That Carer she uses for her visits to/with H seems to manage OK even with a phone in her hand 24/7.
    OK - so now with her declaration of having PTSD, ADHD (probably) plus every other mental health condition known to mankind, she's a known addict and a convicted Drunk Driver multiple-times-over, who the hell thought it was suitable and safe for her to have sole care of Jett, Bunny and Harvey, who in her words "kicks off" at any time over something as simple as a door slamming?. A brilliant idea!
    Heres another cracker it dreamt-up in order to utilise Harvey to the utmost. It probably thought it would make her into a global superstar like Bob Geldof and Live Aid :ROFLMAO:
    "What Is Harvey's Law?
    Harvey's Law is a proposed law which would make it illegal to troll or abuse others online. The movement, which also wants a registry of known trolls available to the public, aims to hold offenders accountable.

    The petition garnered more than 220,000 signatures back in 2018, demanding the Government takes action against internet trolls. Since, Katie Price has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the movement and pass the law through parliament.

    Online bullying has a lot to answer for as it can directly affect our mental health and wellbeing. As amazing as social media can be to keep us connected to friends and family, a lot of people experience negative comments that are personal or even threatening. We believe in rising above the hate and spreading positivity wherever possible. We welcome people’s differences, we celebrate uniqueness. We say "Uptheir to the naysayers". That’s why we 100% back Harvey’s Law and are fighting to get online trolls prosecuted.

    “We need to put an end to online bullying, by driving legislation to make it a criminal offence and hold offenders accountable. Thank you so much to every single person who supported this petition. It’s been a long road and we WILL make #HarveysLaw happen!” - Katie Price"

    Firstly as we already know, Harvey’s Law was for scanning dogs that are found by Highways etc. The irony of this farce is that this is precisely what she has persistantly done to Kieran and Michelle, even just recently by posting all their “private business” all over insta/tiktok/Facebook, shit-stirring with scurrilous accusations which go absolutely against what she insists she is trying to implement ? Obviously Harvey's Law does not apply to Mommy Dearest who can screech, write or spread evil, salacious gossip wherever and whenever she likes because she is exempt. To date her "Harvey's Law" has not happenned :)

    Deflect Mode in Operation - Using AFP's Transplant Story, Harvey, Sole Parent etc -

    5.1.23 - yes the Miracle Story is finally being released after AFP's transplant in November; The whole lot of Clan Skank have sat on this since then even though PFP did blab in the pub to let the cat-out-of-the-bag when he ought not to have done, neverthless here we go! DEFLECT DEFLECT DEFLECT Mode springs into operation with this crap from the skank itself

    6.1.22 - and some more of it
    11.1.23 - Out comes the Harvey Card again, all tools being pulled out of the cupboards now with the bankruptcy court hearing less than a month away. https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230110-195614_instagram-jpg.1872137/

    Court Cases & Law Breaking -
    Using H's Blue Badge to park where she likes and avoid paying parking fees

    Bankruptcy & Flogging Crap to Fund It's Sordid Lifeystyle -
    How the mighty have fallen eh? :ROFLMAO: The trouble is that it still spends like it's a billionaire even though they money is all long gone
    30.12.22 - lets get this straight here - these are not "fans" asking, its ordinary people who are struggling in this economic climate to even get-by yet here we are with this thing with £3k pcm on heating oil, countless hairdos and syrups plus more pointless surgery. If the bankruptcy lot don't at least query this then what hope is there that it will EVER face justice?
    Referring to the ast Bankruptcy hearing -
    Funny though, it "doesn't like talking about money (??????????)" but sure loves spending it and showing off the crap it buys with it's ill-gotten gains. It didn't bother turning up in person - nor did she send a lawyer to fight her corner. JMW Solicitors, who represented the insolvency practitioner overseeing Price's IVA, said: "She hasn't acknowledged the petition."
    She had submitted a payment plan in the form of an Individual Voluntary Agreement late last year to manage repayments of an estimated £250,000 of debt. A payment plan not adhered to unsuprisingly. Plus theres this farce when on a Zoom call from where it was hiding in the Maldives to avoid the hearing (work again LOL) it was shreiking "Ize carnt ear yew............. der loines awl crakkly............................. deyv cut me orf Cole!!" then pressed the off button!
    https://www.expressandstar.com/news/uk-news/2020/10/27/katie-price-apologises-at-bankruptcy-hearing-but-says-she-is-making-progress/ No "progress" there either - as if anybody is shocked nor surprised;
    12.1.23 - The Daily Mail providing a nice little synopis on skanky's debt situation

    30.12.22 - Oh dear............... has one or more of the Price Clan stepped out of line? On Facebook she has put up
    "Toxic family members are not entitled to forgiveness just because they are family..........."
    and another "fwend appears to have realised what she actually is and ditched the skank :)
    These clinkers and hangers-on seem to be lasting less and less as the months pass . So if this one was was last out with her on the 21st of Dec how in that short time did skanky do or say something to make her completely block it from her life? :unsure:
    31.12.22 - more crap from it's SMs.
    Unsurprisingly in these same anecdotes it is complaining about being tired of having the kids around (rooooooinin' me sowshul liyfe innit) but also getting Harvey to say 'shut up being a cunt' to people being horrible to mummy!
    1.1.23 - Rocking the "Look", ie that of an old Bag Lady

    4.1.23 - https://youtu.be/WQZc2OSx5kQ This young man has her measure! I have to say hearing it announce that it loves the smell of sweaty blokes yet cannot stand disgusting eating habits rather odd, seeing as she's a founder member of the No Wash Tribe and eats like a pig in a trough; Ah me!! :)
    Back to 2019 this was apparently skanky writing as a 13 year old. It seems little different to now, 30 years later, with the emphasis still on "blokes, money and MEEEEEEEE!!!!" /www.thescottishsun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/4830904/katie-price-teenager-man-money/
    An example of the crap it posts on youtube https://youtu.be/5gWhyIYdG74
    Here it is shouting constantly and at Harvey (for no reason) from across the room. No wonder Harvey gets angry at shouting and loud noises. There couldn't be a connection could there? 😬 :rolleyes: Is she thinking of the American term 'Preppy' when meaning people who are preparing for University rather than "Preppers" who are folks making readiness for the outbreak of WW3? Read some books or watch some classic films Kipper, you might learn something! Nah don't be silly! ;)
    Thirteen minutes into that grim, tedious video she is absolutely off her tits, screaming at the top of her lungs 'I always pay my bills'! - err no you don't skanky - in fact she's acting like she's been on an all-day drinking or other substance session.....in her kitchen.....in the day time.....in charge of Harvey....and the guy seems totally Sober
    We often get told by the Skank Clan that a lot of her Ishoos stem from the fact her "father" exited her life completely when she was small and has played no part whatsoever since. Really? How come she attended his wedding then?
    https://android.com; Frankly if her mother is anything like the vile creation skanky then its no wonder Mr Infield legged-it to leave AFP to it with the bloke she was having it off with behind his back (his mate) - none other than PFP himself
    7.1.23 - Bigging itself up online now :ROFLMAO:

    Slamming and Swiping - its what she duzz innit!
    31.12.22 - even though this so-called documentary was a total whitewash skanky still ain't 'appy :)
    Katie Price slams Channel 5 for documentary about her 'rise and fall'
    via MailOnline for iPhone & iPad
    The former glamour model, 44, claimed she'd had 'nothing to do' with the programme, titled Shameless: The Rise And Fall Of Katie Price, which featured interviews with so-called 'friends

    3.1.23 - taking a "swipe" at SB now www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20922561/katie-price-instagram-swipe-ex-carl-woods-quote-soulmate/
    In fact they are "trading swipes online............................" hahaha :)
    Another anecdote from it. I fail to see why it is slagging off people who go to Dubai for whatever reason because thats exactly where she is going to finish up, as a Dubai Port-Potty earning a few quid letting rich arabs defacate on her. (Thats IF they want to do it on a past-its-sell-by-date, raddled, plasticised old Moddle)

    11.1.23 /www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21004056/katie-price-disloyal-friends-danielle-lloyd/ Another of her "swipes"

    Ownli Fans (for blind, deaf Mugs)
    Heres your Christmas treat! Who is this BTW cos it certainly ain't the skank :) Filtered to hell-and-back wearing hooker's shoes :sick:

    28.12.22 - How they can categorise this as "work" is beyond hilarious 😂 www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-teases-racy-onlyfans-28828467
    Just look at the stretch marks and scars along with the hideous tattoos
    1.1.23 - The Sun bought this series of gruesome images for some bizarre reason. Are they doing a feature on dreadful plastic surgery or storing this crap up for when skanky implodes? :ROFLMAO: Either way, what a fucking state it is labouring under the misapprehension that she looks either Young or Seksi - you are neither skanky!
    7.1.22 - The DM have picked up on the Bat Nan photoshoot! This will be fun :) https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.1-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-238-winepigs-on-a-roll-kank-is-still-a-troll-but-what-on-earth-has-happened-to-cole.36443%2Fpage-9&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mirror.co.uk%2F3am%2Fcelebrity-news%2Fkatie-price-dresses-up-bondage-28896571&xs=1&xtz=-60&xuuid=7d1a7f11ce07341fccd9ad354796970a&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20967970/katie-price-bondage-rabbit-outfit-bunny-boilers/ - the comments are just beginning to ignite, woo hoo!
    and some more! Sporting "cute" kitty ears and a septic, pus-filled bandage on it's trotter; NICE :)

    Animal Victims -
    30.12.22 - At least this cat stands a chance at a Life now.
    10.1.23 - so heres what Cruella de Skank posts on it's Insta today :mad: What a joke and a complete piss-take considering she's the one neglecting animals! What about the cats and dogs she left behind when she moved house eh?

    The Broken Trotters -
    Heres a reminder of The Story of the Liyfe-Fretninly-Injurrd Feyt and how the lies keep changing (rather like the Saaarrrffff Affrikka Saga). The photo is where she reckons she "fell" adding that since her catastophic accident the area has been completely re-landscaped and altered so as to deny her version of Der Troof. Of course they have luv :) Theres also another version doing the rounds from one of her brain-dead followers, that skanky "fell into an empty swimming pool..........." - just as plausible as all the rest of her LIES then
    We Tattlers sleuthed over this and deduced that it was a wall that she "fell" over in an apparently out of bounds area of the hotel they were staying in at the time - NOT the theme park itself & hence why it never did hound Land of Legends for compensation as it certainly would ordinarily have done. She then on a return visit "To get over the twauma.........." posed outside said hotel going-on to claim there was no lighting or signs up at the time but that actually she shouldn't have been in this area at all! This wall was the edge of a lawned area but on the other side there was a drop onto a sloping downwards access road that led into an underground car park for deliveries etc. She then claimed that a new higher wall/railings had been put in place as shown in the pic below since her "accident". It was also suggested that she didn't fall at the exact spot where she's standing but much further up where the drop would only have been maybe 2 feet as she would have much more severe (including spinal) injuries if she really had fallen where she claimed. LIES again then. More info can be found in earlier wikis

    27.21.22 - yes they're still being used for publicity & sympathy but this time NOT in the Speshul Boots, instead a pair of really nasty plastic sliders with a bit of dyed cat fur on them (JYY specials undoubtedly). Incidentally, the photos at the doctor's surgery were taken the previous week (her waving her phone about in every single photo puts the mockers on her claims that it was right on The Cwissmiss Bwake because the date & time is visible).
    "For people who said I haven’t broken my feet or people saying I had a bunion operation (even though I’ve never had bunions)," she captioned a photo of her feet. (and they are such pwitty feyt afta orl innit LOL)
    "They still won’t admit they wrongly accused me and speculated again saying I’ve made it all up. They will now see I wasn’t lying to the point I’ve had MAJOR SURGERY to my life changing injuries. MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THE INCREDIBLE SURGEONS who have made it possible for me to be able to walk again in time and without them this wouldn’t have been possible!"
    Doctors had warned her recovery could take up to two years.":ROFLMAO:
    She is a massive bloody liar! Skanky has forgotten that she's been photographed for weeks (years even!) walking normally, doing events, 'sking', writhing about in seedy 'clubs' doing terrible karaoke and prancing about, or street-walking around 'Orsham on high heeled hooker-type platform shoes...?!! How the fuck does she think she can spout this absolute bullshit...?!! Out dancing after her 'serious operation'? Yeah, Kipper, you really gave them time for recuperation, didn't you. These open lies make everyone so angry yet the media seemingly go along with it all
    5.1.23 - here we go then; Crank it all up a gear with the bankruptcy hearing next month, first we get AFP and now this about it's Browkern Trotters https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11602413/Katie-Price-shares-gruesome-update-troublesome-foot-injury-stitches-removed The thing is, her face is far more gruesome after the countless surgeries :)
    An oldie but still relevant . She told The Sun: 'I will never be the same... I've got a limp when I walk now as one leg is longer than the other because of all the metal in the foot — I waddle like a duck. It does make me feel a bit paranoid. I'm registered disabled and have got letters from the doctors to certify me for a blue badge, which I've sent off for."
    Chucked out along with the Christmas Tree :)

    The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her -
    26.12.22 - Theres a show imminent about this sleazy old trogladyte, hopefully slating it as it deserves - but don't hold your breath. The over-riding Good Thing is that skanky won't earn a penny out of it! WOO HOO!

    28.12.22 - ahead of the shitfest show next week we are beginning to get nonsense popping-up such as this tripe
    Step back to 2021 where she certainly made this stupid journalist look a complete berk. Skanky must be laughing her socks off how she duped this nice trusting educated woman because this article is well written (not a 12 year old journalist this time) but by someone who is very, very blinkered & totally conned by skanky. Price is undoubtedly charismatic and those who meet her frequently turn a blind eye to all the people she’s damaged emotionally and financially, incidences where theres not a jot of sympathy shown towards AR and the sex-shaming she doled out to him, or the restraining order when a Court recognised how much harm KP was causing Michelle, no recognition of her abysmal driving record (both legal and illegal) when she happily puts innocent people at risk. Nothing. Its all so one sided it makes one gasp. Neither is there any mention whatsoever of her not paying her income tax, not paying her mortgage, not paying the fees of Harvey's school for the blind, not paying her staff, knocking countless small business for work or services they've provided to her as well as knocking countless veterinary surgeries and the stables where she liveried her 'orses - thus it goes on. However theres ALWAYS plenty to spend on Katie in the way of holidays, nails, extensions, clothes, shows, bags.
    If only someone as lucid as Katie Edwards would take the time to research properly and understand that ‘fragile’ Katie is a tough leathery orange carapace, a spite-filled wrecking ball who DOES NOT GIVE A FRIG ABOUT ANYBODY EXCEPT HERSELF
    She won't like this one though :) https://youtu.be/xAXHYZVzcgQ
    One might think this to be satire but its as if the writers actually met skanky somewhere along the line ;)
    30.12.22 - the documentary on C5 about it is already being bombarded with complaints
    Here's a follow-on to the Documentary -
    31.12.22 - www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11587687/I-way-Katie-Price-slams-Channel-5-airing-documentary-rise-fall.html

    The Documentary - a real Grovel-a-thon

    31.12.22 - yes the Tell-All documentary was a load of shite after all. :poop: No wonder it was'nt fizzing with rage at everyone, because she knew damned well it was another farcical heap of garbage like all the others have been that have glossed over the Real Troof time after time in the past.
    :poop: Once worth £50 million??? They’ve already called her a ‘national icon’, :ROFLMAO:
    :poop: Highlighting the countless boob jobs at the moment. The Sun fired her from Page 3 for having a boob job. Currently got to 32G. Think they could take up an hour just discussing the surgeries.
    :poop: They're saying she was still clubbing while pregnant with H, even mentioned people saying this could have caused problems - thought they’d pull any reference to that….interesting
    :poop: Perpetuating the myth about H suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome - I believe this has never been medically confirmed. He is not blind either - partially sighted but not "Blind"
    :poop: Talking about her being "invited" to visit the Playboy Mansion (a great career boost apparently) - no mention of her gleefully dumping her baby son with all his disabilities behind for 6 weeks of shagging and drugs, H being deposited onto her mother AFP for the interim. H spent a huge part of his childhood with AFP for obvious reasons
    :poop: She was "stoic and impressive" on I’m a celebrity. "An incredible personality" - by that do they mean VILE? They also said she was 'rude' then had a clip of her sounding like a dirty minger. That was the real Katie. Why celebrate that? Also she had no fear when eating animal testicles....well, that's just the measure of a "great" person innit?
    :poop: Meeting Peter Andre and falling in love . Everyone then "loves her" and it becomes the nations sweetheart. LOL
    :poop: Sold the rights to the tacky wedding photos for £1m
    :poop: One of the journos said - 'Katie is like box of fireworks, the whole series (Katie and Peter) is like Pete trying to keep a lid on that box but as we know KP can’t be controlled'
    :poop: Katie Edwards says "it hurts a bit to see this fairytale break up". I doubt Peter views it as a Fairytale either, more like a fucking NIGHTMARE he still cannot get rid of. What utter bollocks though, this woman has totally lost any street cred she might have had as a Journalist with this Arse-Licking Effort on the World's Biggest Scumbag. She needs to get writing Putin's biography now since she's proved her worth in creating this BS
    :poop: "28 and business empire worth tens of millions........................ the Being Jordan book - paid 1m in royalties" And wheres it all gone then Ms Edwards? Answer that if you dare :) AND "she wrote books and was a great role model". No she didn't write anything - she had decent management and hired ghost writers to sift through her rages and rantings to make some sense of ANYTHING out of it all. In Real Life skanky is fickas shit
    :poop: Heres a cracker for you "a business empire worth £45 million. " :ROFLMAO: So where is it all then? How come this Business Magnate is skint, hovering on bankruptcy, ripping off just about everybody who comes within an unfortunate radius of it, whose house will surely be repossessed shortly and who grifts or scrounges just about everything else? Sounds like someone with a 45 million £ Empire dunnit??
    :poop: Jeez she's even defending skanky's caterwauling! "Her questionable performance of whole new world . Katie can't really sing at this level but does it really matter ?" She cannot "sing" at any level luv so of course it matters if you don't want your eardrums split asunder by skanky crucifying songs because she reckons she can sing!
    :poop: " I’m the one who makes the money Pete”…..oh how funny! Pete won in the end in every possible way. 😁
    :poop: The rubbish series filmed in the USA when she thought she was going to be a Hollywood Celeb - " In it Peter says she's up her own arse and a pyscho etc. He's having a good sweary tirade (who can blame him?) but they haven't shown the other part of that episode where she has ignored him for hours and flirted with other blokes..so it makes Pete look a bit shit. All carefully edited out of course. No-one ever discusses her awful and extreme behaviour in those shows, ignoring Pete for days and then insulting him, extreme fanaticall jealousy like checking hotel phone records and then exposing herself to various men in public on various occasions. She was and IS out of control but to channel 5 It's all just a big laugh innit and they show just one clip of Pete losing his rag and calling her a psycho at the end of all this?
    :poop: "She broke down after Pete she wasn't the same after that..... " That is not the reason she has been a sociopath all her adult life! This begins the Mentawl 'Elf scenario as well as kick Peter in the goolies at every opportunity
    :poop: Now it’s Alex Reid’s turn & she’s just been called "a black widow spider." not mentioning her posting revenge porn on the internet, in fact its just a case of "she married him then it was over'. Then its quickly on to Kieran and his affairs which are also responsible for her frail mentawl 'elf of course. Chuck Kieron under the bus as per instructions all the while the tramp Lloyd defends her pal. No mention of KIpper's Drug use or abuse of people (particularly husbands and The Ones) either
    :poop: "She was broken by Kieran’s multiple affairs...... She hit rock bottom." Showing the video of her coke rap where she ended up in the apartment of two young German tourists off her head on drugs (they gleefully filmed the entire sordid event)
    :poop: Bankruptcy (even with her 45 million £s! ) Mental health card now wheeled out as per usual
    :poop: Saaaarrrrfff Affrikka - "and I was held at gunpoint at South Africa" . No mention of a rape here !!!!!!
    :poop: Basically the gist of this bullshit is that Nothing Is Her Fault EVER - her fall from grace is due to every man she has ever laid eyes on who has let her down, rather than her letting them and her own children down
    :poop: The excuses coming thick-and-fast now - Me mum is dyin and me 'orse died......
    :poop: "Banned from driving 6 times. 2021 car flip closest to going to prison but judge couldn’t give jail spell due to legal loophole "
    the animals have been mentioned, forgetting about how many she has unfortunately had killed. Will the puppy that died suspiciously be mentioned. NAH!
    :poop: "to 'Pricey bait' is a past time apparently 😅 So basically the lawless middle aged woman can behave however she wishes with no regard for the law and somehow it’s not her fault? It seems so
    :poop: The restraining order mentioned, thats the one MP was obliged to take against her after being continually abused by the skank - the one skank thought was directed at MP to which She was'nt allowed to do or say anything to "upset" her glorious self; Then they bang-on about Trolls affecting her MH when in fact skanky is the biggest one of all time! Somehow in the midst of this garbage they appear to have omitted 99% of her poor and vindictive behaviour against other people!
    :poop: And apparently according to Pringle Lloyd what people don't understand is that she is a real person. This being the Real Person who climbed into Boyson's house after he'd finally had enough of her to get her claws onto his then girlfriend, this episode is the one she took her daughter along to witness! She's Real alright - a real nutcase!
    :poop:Mentawl 'Elf again - "Seeing a Therapist every week for the rest of her life..... BULLSHIT!!! She's allegedly seen countless therapists on the numerous visits to 'Otel Pwiowy and they've made naff-all difference! She fills in a few colouring books, draws a couple of stickmen pictures of herself wearing a crown, "All men are beasts after her munney" and Job Done! Details of her 'Otel Pwiowy visits are available on other wikis
    :poop: Trampy Towers gets a mention though :) What a crock of shit that entire charade was yet the only shit that was actually spilled was the pics of the sewage edging towards the mucky mansion from the broken septic system. Yes the multi-millionaire business magnate won't pay to fix the sewerage system there! NICE :)
    :poop:Get this though -" she complains about the media but its really sour grapes because its the media that made her" However the likes of this gormless bint NOT doing a proper journalistic piece on skanky to expose The Real Truth of its vile existence are a large part of the problem - we need someone to do a real hatchet-job on her instead of this piffling-pile of steaming excrement
    :poop: According to Ms Edwards it seems that all she needs to do to redeem herself is go back to how she was at the height of her fame. So screw all her victims then., as per usual
    :poop: "Became a trailblazer for millions". "A feminist icon". "A national treasure". 🤣 Remember too that her getting her cacks off on OF is a strike back for feminists everywhere LOL
    :poop: Strange though amongst all this garbage is that no one knows where all the money went, all 45 million £s of it !!
    :poop: Crashgate - "she decided to share the astonishing levels of misfortunes and suffering of her private life in a typically honest daytime TV interview". No she was after sympathy for her plight as usual - the Mentawl 'Elf Card again
    But skank down cayr eeeva wayy innit
    in fact theres this from it

    And pissed-off as we are at this pathetic excuse for a programme, take courage from this missile from a Tattler
    "Stop, breathe & step back Krusties. Okay it wasn't obviously scathing & they haven't dragged her down but try & see it as someone who doesn't know as much as we do. I'm seeing it as a televised piss take of her. Look how the mighty has fallen. They clearly showed her campaigning about online trolling. Quickly followed by highlighting her trolling MP. That's taking the piss.
    I think they're laughing at her pathetic pity party, blaming everyone else.
    They know she's a cunt. The programme has shown a drunken, drug taking, law breaking, bankrupt sIag.
    And if the very best they can drag up to defend you is Danielle porta potty Lloyd, I think you know you're fucked!" Wooo Hoooo! :p:p:ROFLMAO:

    What this joke of a programme did do was get out there about the £3.2 million she owes, the confirmed drug taking, the number of court cases , and far from the media exploiting her - she uses them ! Lots of her crazies do not believe shes bankrupt or takes coke , they also believe she is a Grate Muvva and she is hounded by press, so whilst disappointing us it was still a Win. The other thing is, in all these accusations, the only thing she commented on was they said she couldn't sing. What an absolute narcissist :ROFLMAO:

    and yet here comes the fall-out!
    31.12.22 -https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/20902953/katie-price-branded-out-of-control-documentary/
    and heres it's pathetic response. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/20903391/katie-price-hits-back-at-cruel-documentary/
    Nevertheless the comments on the Sun's article are telling

    These comments are cracking though:ROFLMAO:
    4.1.23 - Here comes The Sun to skewer her Ambassador-ship to Yooneek Syrups! Woo hoo! They start off with the usual bollocks from the 12 year olds with it "donning a pink top" "the smokey eyes" and all the rest of the usual garbage, then BAM!!
    They smack it one (like SB does) with the comments lifted from Yooneek's FB page where they've been destroyed by Twollz obviously!! :ROFLMAO: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20936189/katie-price-fans-complain-hair-extensions/

    7.1.23 - Clearly the tame 12 year olds have been reading here as they refer to it's "trotters". :ROFLMAO:
    12.1.23 - it seems there are more mugs wanting to film rubbish with it! Step forward this lot
    Funny though, seeing as this travesty was filmed in November 22 it co-incides directly with SB being unceremoniously elbowed and her kidnapping J&B from their father. Now a cynic might wonder if the two incidents are somehow connected? You can bet your bottom dollar they're connected - its all to add to her wholesome image as a caring, wonderful, single parent coping alone against all odds and of course, its ammo to present to the Bankruptcy lot on why they cannot punish her, demand repayment of debts nor take Her House away from her :(

    Moosik -crucifying Christmas songs in a video where only Turkey Teef are visible; www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/20810110/katie-price-instagram-santa-hat-boob-job-sings/?rec_article=true
    31.12.22 -
    And if your ears can stand it, theres this! https://youtu.be/sDu9V2ZhCWw Skank is "singing" continually.
    Rick Doom "Keep singing we're recording it in case we get any good parts". Optimism in action. :LOL:

    Playboy - You can really see that Hefner was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo into skanky can't you! I bet he couldn't wait to get rid of it having heard about it's drug taking and pissing in his fairy grotto