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  • Who is Jodie Marsh?


    Jodie Marsh is an ex British reality TV celebrity/glamour model (she would like everyone to know she has since left the limelight.) Born in 1978 in Brentwood, Essex to millionaires John (Parge) and Kristina (Marge) Marsh.

    From a young age Jodie proved to be quite the child prodigy by graduating school with eleventy-million GCSE'S and A-levels. She is very discreet and modest about her educational achievements at the exclusive Brentwood School. However, bullying at school led her to have her nose operated on to look like a builders elbow.

    Despite her billion qualifications, and a promising career in law (even though she never bothered to apply to university) Jodie decided to stong-arm Peter Stringfellow into giving her a job. How could he resist the best stripper EVAH! She started work straight away breaking men's hearts and getting paid to swig vodka at work. That would stick it to the bullies at Brentwood School. How lucky for Britain that Jodie preferred to show off her 32Ds instead of her 136 IQ!

    Her work at Stringfellow's lead her being featured in ITV's "Essex Wives" to modelling work with the Sun newspaper and magazines Nuts and Zoo. She had been trying for years to become a Page 3 girl but now that she had been on TV, Jodie blagged £30,000 from The Sun to be their Page 3 girl. That sure showed the bullies at Brentwood that she was smart, gawjus, and far too powahful for them.

    An obvious progression into Jodie's career was work in TV. Here we start to see the beginning of her animal hoarding when in 2006, Jodie appeared on the show "It's Me or the Dog" presented by dog behaviourist Victoria Stilwell. It soon becomes evident that her parents are sick of Jodie's 5 dogs; bulldog (Paddy ) and four chihuahuas (Bean, Baby, Teddy, and Tommy.) Jodie has moved out and left the 4 chihuahuas running amok, urinating and deficating all over her parents house and bullying Paddy the bulldog.

    An exasperated Victoria Stilwell sits them all down to discuss her training regime, when Jodie introduces a new bulldog puppy Lyla she has recently bought to the chaos, here we also learn her dad has agreed to getting a new puppy despite her other dog's wrecking their house.

    People involved

    •Jodie Marsh (angry ranter on Instagram)
    •Stephanie 'Steph' Burrows - general dog's body
    •Jack - farm lackey
    •Mark - Jodie's ex boyfriend and builder (probably imprisoned or drowned in the swamp)
    •Parge - Jodie's Dad and piggy bank
    •Marge - Jodie's late mum

    •Claire - ex best friend, one titted onlyfans model (left under suspicious circumstances but we can't talk about it.)
    •Vicky - the better looking onlyfans model, too pretty to hang around Fripp's now.
    •Nina - lucky fella. Jodie's ex-girlfriend now Jodie's hairdresser and onlyfans plumber.
    •Billy Collins - ex-boyfriend and Elvis impersonator presumed dead.

    Purchases whilst asking for donations for animal food

    No-one could begrudge someone from decorating their house and buying a few treats but when you are pleading poverty and rattling the begging bowl, whilst decorating your bathroom with expensive wallpaper, it does make you wonder.

    • second 5 bedroom mansion whilst still owning her first mansion
    • £150 per roll divine savages wallpaper
    • £140 per roll muck 'n' brass wallpaper
    • £145 picture from muck 'n' brass
    • air conditioning units
    • electric gates
    • expensive love bomb trip and meal for ex friend Claire
    • luxury bed RRP at £1500 with slight discount
    • various tattoos, including Mabel, Emoo, Rosie paw print. (Tattooist traveled from Gloucester for home visit.)
    • Botox and other aesthetic treatments

    Criticisms/signs of neglect

    • it became apparent in August 2023 that Gerald the goat was being tied up 24/7 because he kept breaking his shelters. January 2024 he was rescued by a goat sanctuary and seems to be behaving better.
    • June 2023 Jodie rehomed Zilla the monitor lizard, in a less than adequate shelter. December 2023 it was reported that Zilla was due to be rehomed by a lizard sanctuary (they had a large expensive enclosure specially made for Zilla.) Zilla then became ill, so ill in fact that Jodie could allow the vicious lizard to lay on her lap to warm up. The sanctuary then commented that Jodie had cancelled their rehoming and gave them an iguana and 3 chinchilla's instead.
    •January 2024 a video emerged from the Sun Showbiz YouTube page featuring Jodie's pigs and birds knee deep in mud.



    •January 2024 on Jodie's own 'filthy' YouTube channel a video was released showing graphic images of her genet Claudette with a tail infection, her tail is bloody and her skin is hanging off. The wound is treated in an unsanitary area filled with rubbish. Claudette is then stuffed into a tiny crate.

    Missing Animals

    •Tommy (Shetland pony)
    •Jasper (ginger cat)- died last year, never mentioned
    •Marcel (lamb)- she denied he existed and it's known that 1 other lamb (Kol) from his flock died, dog attack and a falling fence respectively
    •Zilla (monitor lizard)
    •Cadbury (skunk)
    •Cammie (chameleon lizard)
    •Claudette (genet)
    •Piebald pony
    •Roe deer

    October/November 2023 animals

    -2 raccoon dogs
    -Fox cub with mange
    -3 chinchilla's
    -ragdoll cat

    No December count as got in a discussion with Miss Marsh about her lack of grazing /room and was subsequently blocked for having a valid opinion.

    2024 animal additions
    X 2 cows 'saved' aka bought from slaughter
    X 2 new protection dogs? gifted
    X 2 miniature shetlands going to stay at a friend's?
    Another parrot
    X2 more cows bought to rescue from slaughter, Jerry with a J and Holly
    X1 Highland bull, Hamish was going to be shot rescued from 10acres. Cost £800

    Dumped SoulMates be completed

    Jodie always needs to have a Best Mate. They will be her SoulMate, her twin flame, the rhubarb to her custard, until they dare to venture an opinion, or do something she doesn't like, such as being with their family instead of filming Jodie twerking to yet another bloody Elvis record.
    They will be callously dumped: never to be spoken of or to again. Apart from Kyle & Dave, this cycle generally takes up to three years. While Jodie happily dishes the dirt on ex-boyfriends and alleges all sorts of nastiness, she ususally does not confirm if a SoulMate has been dumped. She never mentions them again and she will ignore all comments and questions about it on social media.

    School friends


    Pre-Fame / Stringfellows SoulMates
    Kim Banyard
    Kyle Kaine (1st to be called SoulMate). Met at Ministry of Sound and bonded over lipliner. Faded out after Jodie filmed Up The Aisle and when Jodie's brother married Kyle's sister.

    School Teacher Lauren (ST Lauren, STL)
    Dave Courtney The Famous Gangster
    Linsey Dawn McKenzie
    Sarah Eyebrows
    SugarEntourage/Sugar Hut posse
    Tony Trumpet
    Rusty Rockets
    Dave Morgan: originally known as the fireman ex of Jessie Wallace, and got famous of Jessie's back for a while through some reality shows. He moved in next door to Jodie.
    Ricardo from The Salon
    Max (The Boy in the Attic)

    Jodie filmed Up the Arse Aisle in 2007 and went silent for about a year. A lot of the soulmates disappear around this time and Jodie and her brother Jordan have a mysterious feud which lasts until this day.
    Dave Rainbird