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  • * Seksi Foters
    * Resumé
    * Troof or Lie??
    * Bankruptcy here we come! Woo Hoo!!
    * Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl
    * "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One mk 3498
    * "Isss Awwwllll Abaaaht Meeeeeeeeeeeee & mentawl 'elf innit"
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire" :LOL:
    * Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries & Crap Tattoos etc
    * "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    * Getting at the Exes & The Escapees
    * Twolls & Burglars etc
    * Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs
    * Those Poor Kids & "Cruelly Mum-Shamed"
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy
    * Court Cases & Law Breaking
    * Lies, Lies and More Lies (including the Saaaarrrrff Affrikka Set)
    * "Slamming & Swiping" - beycors thass wot she duzz innit!
    * 'Olidays!! Woo Hoo!!
    * The Broken Trotters
    * Ownly Fans (for blind, deaf mugs)
    * Animal Victims - take note RSPCA!! :mad:
    *Trampy Towers - aka the Mucky Manshun
    * The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her

    Seksi Foters -

    Dunno whose face it's borrowed though cos its certainly not her own wrinkled one
    So let's remove the weapons grade filters she uses - et voilà! :ROFLMAO:
    This one is a Classic

    And this, using the "Mayke Meeeeee Luk Liyke Pwincess" filter

    It’s Worf from Deep Space Nine wearing a bucket of panstick, repeated many times over in a hideous finger-stutter.


    Resumé -
    Just when you think it cannot amaze you any further with it's incredible ingenuity & crafting talent, we get this little number as per "Wot to doo if yer traaasers is tooo longe" Bloody hell, how would we manage without skanky eh??
    Ten Reasons Why It Pissed Everyone Off - https://youtu.be/eBTiF4vGIXA
    There are thousands more reasons by now
    Lookin' good there skanky! :)

    Check out the wonky eyes, her uneven slug-brows over the wrinkled eyes, the moles and lumps, the smoker's lines around its gob from dragging on fags, luminous white mono-dentures and the lips off a sucker-fish. Well-worth all the thousands of £s spent eh? :ROFLMAO:
    Remember she's bringing her own magazine out? (Yeah righty-ho!) To save you the trouble skank, someone's made up the second edition for yers :)

    5.4.23 - Anuvver 'oliday?
    9.4.23 - and its tried to drop K into the shit again with more loony allegations whilst hiding away somewhere abroad & posting 25 year old photos of itself

    Troof or Lie? -
    24.3.23 - https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-price-says-im-ugly-29539718 TROOF! You ARE ugly, inside and out!!
    26.3.23 - On a previous visit to JV it categorically stated that it "Would NEVER drink /drive........" LIE
    This little number demonstrating the density of it. There was a wonderful moment on the Vine show when Jeremy was talking about the return of the drama series. Succession. As the theme tune opened for the show to go to the commercial break, Price quite clearly says, ‘Whassa succession?Troof
    - on last night's horrendous junkie interview it stated over-and-over again how it was forced to make all Harvey’s clothing herself, by her own fair hand no less, that is until UpYours clothing began donating stuff by the boxfull to him! These lies just get more ludicrous as the days pass:]
    TROOF undoubtedly. Cherry-picked from Dumbsnet of course :)

    Bankruptcy Here We Come Woo Hoo! -
    More of this I suspect :) https://www.sickchirpse.com/katie-price-declares-suck-my-dick-arrives-court-sentencing/
    24.3.23 - Having heard it again on JV reiterate that her debts "Don't matter at all" in Her Grand Scheme and that anybody wanting money repaid by her can "Join the back of the queue", then this pops up. How the eff can you run up a £25k bill for hay? How many horses has it got? What time period did this span? Either way just look at the terrible effects that offering products and/or services to the skank brings - and then it wonders why NOBODY in a huge radius of Trampy Towers will entertain her custom??

    * Being declared BANKRUPT, shouldn’t one be ashamed, mortified even to have created such a mess and ruined so many lives? Most people keep their heads down for a year and come out of it, yet what is it now? 4 years after the receiver more or less called you a crook but oh it’s not your fault is it? No its actually The Fault of two mysterious people from your past and mental health ishoos, (bet Boris Becker wishes he had known about that excuse before his hearing). And you struggle to leave the house??? The majority of time you’re not even in the same fucking country, so never mind take your house away. With her outgoings it must have a magic money tree as well as AFP's Mattress Fund because don’t forget it can’t get credit or loans unless it is using H's banking facilities. Also all the Bullshit she comes out with her business empire, for a start theres her taking out directors loans out of Her Dodgy Companies and not paying them back then collapsing the company, yet I don’t think we have even heard the half of her dodgy dealings.
    25.3.23 - after the fallout from the JV fiasco yesterday this pops up. The two people she is blaming wouldn't happen to be Peter & Alex would they? Two of her victims who won their cases against it and have yet to see a brass razzoo from the thing?
    Katie Price blames bankruptcy on 'two people from past' and gives Mucky Mansion update - Mirror Online
    It was also totally adamant that "they" won't be able to take her house from her, but nothing adds up in any of this fiasco. Horses are very expensive to keep, that’s a fucking big house, even her day-to-day living expenses & bills, & ok it doesn’t buy clothes because its all cheap Chinese or Turkish freebie shit, theres still vets bills & feed for all the animals she has. That fucking house must cost a fortune along with elephant in the room - the mortgage PLUS the second mortgage lt took out - plus paying off its bankruptcy debts, then add on holidays, surgery, etc etc! The fucking thing could get her business empire back by writing a book telling us how she does it or does it possess a kind of magic, money tree? Skanky’s got a magic money tree woo hoo!!
    5.4.23 - another set of ropey extensions etc before yet another 'oliday. Nice to see the journo mentioning the cost of these ropey things though, coming the week before BANKRUPTCY
    10.4.23 - Its back in UK though but its not for the bankruptcy specifically - this is all about crucifying Kieran & nothing else, as the plethora of grubby articles screeching "Eeeees disgustin innit!" hits the press.

    Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl; On or Off??? -
    25.3.23 -it states on JV shitshow that "We's togevva" and he denies it! Who cares??
    Back when they first split up this appeared - it might explain why she's hanging onto the berk like grim death even if they hate each other :)
    Quite weird though isn’t he? Belittled on TV by his mistress today, everyone taking the piss out of him, even the Red Tops having a pop, but on he goes with whatever these nonsense messages are he keeps posting 😁 He’s a bizarre one, zero self respect, no apparent shame or embarrassment but he really is an odd not very bright character when he hasn’t even got any fame to hang onto anyway. Is he happy to read so many comments today just referencing him as her insignifcant other, her lowly ‘boyfriend’? He seems to just live this pointless existence of lies and what appears to me a grand hatred of The Skank, and apparently her family and kids too. One strange individual is the sink-wanker.
    25.3.23 - on his SMs -
    28.3.23 - It's ON again apparently! Who fucking cares either way? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21857697/katie-price-carl-woods-huge-hint-back-together/
    The point is that skanky needs her chauffeur/errand boy until she gets her driving licence back (just for a couple of weeks until she gets nicked again), the salient FACT is that it's been unable to secure A Noo Egg to take over these onerous duties so its back to Sinkboy's services again. He really is the world's biggest MUG for being her doormat on-call 24/7 🔔🔚
    29.3.23 - and today's dig at Sinkboy is - www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21874031/katie-price-cryptic-swipe-carl-woods-narcissists/
    30.3.23 - Apparently they have "split up" AGAIN, in fact this break-up is the THIRD IN SIX DAYS! What a pathetic state of affairs presented by these two utter gobshites however word has it that he ended it and departed back to Essicks but its skanky doing all the grovelling wanting her SB back under her gnarled talons, although thus far he is resisting her efforts to lure him back with promises of 'olidays and grifted goods. The situation may well change considering there is anuvva 'oliday scheduled in a couple of weeks time (if he can stand the idea of being incarcerated with it again) so lets see how long this rubbish lasts then :)
    31.3.23 - "begging" sinkboy to go back to her! :ROFLMAO: Were it not so pathetically B O R I N G it might be funny :sleep:
    How many days with he withdraw his services from it this time (bearing in mind there an 'oliday scheduled) ?
    2.4.23 - Who is in the least bit surprised? This is skank after all!
    Perhaps old Polo Egg is still shagging it but has told it he does not not commitment to her, hence why SB is still be led about by his nose?
    7.4.23 - ON again, woo fucking hoo! The Ring is back!
    He really is a Grade A Berk in every respect. He's obviously got some sort of fetish for being dominated by women with giant lips, rock-hard bazookas, a body the shape of Square Blob Skankpants covered in dreadful tattoos, a foghorn voice that would curdle milk and the personality of Hitler. Perhaps he should get a medal for his services? 🥉 However, a Real Man wouldn't put up with her obsession with her ex because he'd dump her and find someone who would focus on him instead of mulling over vicious revenge so SB obviously has no self respect whatsoever. He really is a peculiar person who spends his life tagging along with a vindictive bitch who spends her life either admiring herself or obsessing over KH. What wonderful conversations they must have! SB is obviously as much of a low-life scumbag as her.
    11.4.23 - like anybody CARES! REALLY???????????????????? https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-prices-friends-cant-keep-29644942
    He looks somewhat different without the weapons-grade filters dontcha think? :ROFLMAO:

    "Isss Awwwllll Abaaaht Meeeeeeeeeee Innit" -
    30.3.23 - It posts this on it's SMs expecting to be deluged with "Yessssss! wee weeely doo wont yer ter pwesent Looows Wimmin beycors youse der besst innit!" Not quite the result she wanted though :ROFLMAO:

    7.4.23 - here we go then, let's make the tragic death of Paul from S Club7 "Awl abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEE" rather than the tragic loss of a talented young man.
    And, HER "Industry of work" - WTF is that? Skank is neither singer nor entertainer, indeed what exactly does it do considering it is entirely TALENTLESS? Does it even have an Equity card? Oh yes it will have grabbed onto this tragedy because of course it'll be down to Mentawl Elf Ishoos, thus it'll add that to the file for next week's Bankruptcy Hearing for the sympathy section. However, it continues to insist on telling all & sundry about her 'suicide' attempt but being a complete loser with no bottle she never actually does it! Those that can DO, those that cannot just talk about it, yet what a wonderful thing to continue repeating for your children to hear & read about. Iss awl abaaaht making someone else’s passing all about her again and this is exactly what she did when Caroline Flack died - it’s all about Price. Me, me, fucking me. And just when you think it cannot get any lower, there it is appearing from under a pile of snake shit. :mad:

    "Ize a singul gal now!" & Recruiting the Next The One, mk 3498 -
    24.3.23 - it posted this directly after reaffirming they're togevva on that JV shitefest. Biffa ain't gonna be 'appy! :LOL:
    *Word has it that there is yet another potential The One Mug lurking in the shadows although he's not willing to step forward to face the ridicule :ROFLMAO:
    Not sure of the timeline on this but look at it slavering all over this unfortunate young victim - the look on his face says it all

    11.4.23 - Potential Noo Egg hiding in the wings? No a lot of good for skank if he's off-the-sauce though

    "Iss Me Mentawl 'Elf Innit! -
    When you have mental health problems ( and some others) you cannot plan things in advance because you dont know if you are going to be well enough to do it at the time, so surely this alone asks how she can plan holidays with the intent to go well-in -advance then follow through by actually going? (It has already stated on the JV nonsense that its going on 'oliday again slap-bang on top of the Bankruptcy Hearing). It never uses the same excuse to cancel 'er 'olidays, ie as when she claims to be "Too unwell" to attend her BH. Therefore if she can pick & choose where and when she goes that means she does not have the Mental 'Elf Ishoos she claims to be sufferring surely ? Besides which shes always 2/3 hours late for appointments & functions yet miraculously is always is on time for her flights and so-called red carpet events amaaaaain' innit? This Mentawl 'Elf rubbish gives her the perfect Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card because she says her mental health is too fragile to be called out by the newspapers or tv shows or attend Court hearings, yet she's well enough to have 2 young children living with her who sadly are totally reliant on her 24 hours a day even if she is bonkers.
    8.4.23 - after the sad death of Paul from S Club 7 skanky insinuates that it was suicide then dishes out her own "Sewercyde attemps", ie her turning the car over, rat-arsed in a 'Orsham country lane was just ONE of her assorted attempts and this is exactly what she did after Caroline Flack took her own life. She also did the same thing when Keith Chegwin died from the same illness AFP had - "Iss awwlll abaaahhht MEeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Funny though, its like she pinches something out of other peoples upsetting times then fits it to herself in some way for attention and sympathy. She is the lowest of the low :mad:
    It achieved what she wanted though https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21978698/katie-price-suicide-attempt-setbacks-instagram/

    Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries & Crap Tattoos etc -
    28.3.23 - More on the grotesque norks https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-shows-biggest-boobs-29565475
    more pointless "pampering" - the trouble is it still looks like it's got a face like a bag of spanners
    Filtered-to-hell-and-back-again. :LOL:

    "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva" -
    Going back to Boyson's purgatory with it, this is how it deals with stuff it doesn't like - it gets rat-arsed again!
    6.4.23 - Rat-arsed again, be it drink or her other method of choice ❄. Bear in mind it has H and the two little ones with it or have they been dumped onto H's Carer again?

    Getting at the Exes & The Escapees -
    30.3.23 - it posted this snarky comment then quickly deleted it. Kieron it seems IS still top of her Hit List although she vehemently denies it. The only Narc in her grim existence is HER!

    However, going back to 2018 she already had it in for Kieron BIG TIME as this little number confirms. Note how it transfers ALL it's own hideous traits and behaviours onto him, projecting Herself and her ugly behaviours over to deflect & is this not exactly what its still doing right now? So YES skanky it's you yourself that you're slating, you silly cow because actually you were told you were a Narcissist in 2018. Is this latest onslaught aimed at Kieran because he's stopping her from taking the kids on holiday .....yet again.....at Easter? How evil of him actually wanting to spend some time with his kids having been denied for so long by her! Perhaps this latest onslaught against K is because it was intending to take the kids away again at Easter but after that last excursion where she took them away for a MONTH without permission has given him the ammunition to get a Court Order forbidding her leaving the country to spitefully deny his access to the children? Let's hope so :)

    31.3.23 - It posted these angry little notes so its safe to assume K has stopped her doing something or his Court actions are starting to bite hard. Possibly the SS are finally getting going on her :)

    Funny though, if you change the word Father to Mother you pretty much get the Troof of the matter
    1.4.23 - One that got away from it although one who truly deserves being skanked
    2.4.23 - Escapees - I bet they were pleased to see it. It was the easiest legover any if them had EVER had :)
    Is Boyson having a dig back at it?

    7.4.23 - Looks like Kieron is in the firing line again

    and again. Odd how it does not recognise itself in all this rubbish it posts directed at K
    8.4.23 - Natch skanky! K comes back with this one, straight between the slug eyebrows :)

    9.4.23 - Here we go again at Kieron which also explains WHY its lying low out in Turkey AND what a bonus to be able to slap this in front of the BH Judge this week too! Calculating, conniving, SLAG - it bears all the hallmarks of HER DOING!
    and it posts this, no doubt gloating at it's handiwork

    I hope the Police are now cataloguing every allegation she makes against him and it can help him get a restraining order because this level of harassment is unacceptable and criminal. She won’t ever let the man live in peace because it eats her up inside to see anyone who’s left her is now very happy. Kieran wanted nothing from her, just shared access to his children & that’s how done he was with Katie - he walked away from everything but his kids giving a complete rejection of her and now he’s with a woman that skank sees as inferior to her in every way & skank is eaten-up with rage. Its obviously not true apart from by Skanky’s warped metrics, and to top it all off not only is he happy with this “lesser” woman but so are her children! Skank cannot bear this thus it will continue until she is hit with a restraining order, she won’t leave Kieran alone because She Has To Win, she has to be able to keep feeling superior to her exes and their partners because she’s the fucking pricey! So this relentless campaign of hatred and harassment will continue until she is forced to stop - Peter achieved it eventually so it is possible.
    For anyone faltering on KH, if those allegations had any true substance he would still be in the nick waiting to see a Judge, but as it is he’s yet again “assisting with inquiries” as he did he did last October/November, last August, and the year before too. How many times is he going to be “helping with inquiries” followed by NFAs before people remember that a man is innocent until proven guilty”? It’s a rather important tenet of our justice system and it would also be nice if people remembered precisely how many times Kieran has been charged so far, because the tally is zero on last count. She's desperately slinging mud in the vain hope something will stick yet isn't it odd that back in December KP insisted Michelle was angry and threw something so was therefore A Child Abuser (Piegate)...but no charges against Michelle. Then there was Kieran's harassment charge was also dropped with NFA and now there's an accusation of neglect and a possible threat of violence charge against him a month or so after the first investigation dropped? Funny that. But this "Neglect" thing she's come up with this time is strange because the kids have not been with him since she stole them away, so it sounds like it has been interrogating them to try and get an 'incident' to report to police.
    Why can’t anyone in authority see a pattern in these allegations being made?
    9.4.23 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21988253/kieran-hayler-grins-police-arrest-child-neglect/
    Hopefully this is a good sign, that the police know its malicious bullshit from the skank YET AGAIN. Its high-tilme they nicked HER for her campaign of vitriol & malice against this family
    Sadly Skank is that thick she won't realise or care that she will end up alienating all her children eventually. such as she has already achieved with J, and P must be so fed up of her ridiculous way of life with the endless lies and allegations. Its a typical bully though with only going after KH all the time because he's an easy target leaving PA alone as he is stronger than her - she knows who to pick on of course.
    10.4.23 - Here we go then - skank on the attack. She is obviously livid that he walked out of the nick smiling so it says "He's disgusting..............................", one of it's favourite phrases. Pots & kettles luv :) It calls him a "disgusting human being" and says there’s a reason she’s had custody for the past 5 months. Ok so if we go by that statement, what was the reason he had custody for like a year then?
    Yeah if course it is! Its just another of her deflection tactics with the bonus of crucifying "Dat blowke Wot Dun MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Rong" This "Disgusting" phrase is one of her absolute favourites because its also been levelled at Emily André plus Alex was "Disgusting" too. (Even more so when she was obliged to pay him damages for the stuff she said and did to him).
    10.4.23 - and look! It was an air-rifle, not a Thompson machine gun nor an ICBM.
    The article says “seized” because they are obliged to do so as police were “acting on claims he threatened to use it?" Guess who will have invented that little tale then?

    The papers Claim she said she came back off her holiday to "protect" her kids....firstly, how brave of her to cancel a much needed holiday 🙄....... But surely if she honestly believes her kids are in danger from their father, they would be safer out of the country?
    10.4.23 - giving its views to A Pap at Stanstead airport. Jett looks happy enough until Kieran's name is mentioned and she says he's 'disgusting' then Jett's face drops and Bunny pops her head out from behind to look at what's going on, probably because she's heard her dad's name too.
    The footage seems to have been cut at a few points. I'm guessing she was saying worse stuff, probably not legal ( ie accusing him further) or swearing at these points. Then the kids are in the car, she tries to lower her voice but can't help saying 'He's a disgusting human being' loud enough for Bunny to hear and she looks round again from in the car. There's only one disgusting person here Katie!

    Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 13.49.37.png

    'Do you have any comment on Kieran?'
    'He's disgusting' ( video then seems to be cut) 'That's why the kids have been living with me, since November the 11th there's a reason' ( Video is cut/edited again)
    Just imagine what the press would say if SHE was called" disgusting" by any of her (man) exes? They would be all 'poor Katie being abused', but when she does it to THEM that's ok in their book. THAT'S what is disgusting - why different rules for skanky??
    11.4.23 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21998921/katie-price-ex-kieran-hayler-arrest-fiancee-michelle/

    Twolz & Burglars (and Vandals) -
    30.3.23 - Yes she's been "Forced" again, this time The Crool Twolz have been at it in her SMs :ROFLMAO::poop:
    2.4.23 - Out with the Stalker Allegations again then.

    Bear in mind "Stalking" is another if it's favourite allegations to slap on people

    4.4.23 - and now its VANDALS! Woo Hoo!! In truth they probably thought the place was derelict........................ :ROFLMAO:

    "Junkie Sl ag" & "Old W****" - true enough but there are plenty of more apt ones :)
    Breaking News: 3 Mexicans running through horesham holding spraycans shouting "Old whore...areeba areeba"
    Bloody Mexicans again innit, closely followed by six Saaarrwff Affrikkans with submachine guns in a Corsa... 🤣
    and theres no sympathy for it either -

    But look here! Phantom Graffiti Attacks are just another little number the skank likes to use in her litany of "Poor Me & Ize a Viktime Innit" for look at this little number from decades ago when it was whingeing about the same thing!
    So in the space of a few months skanks had attempted break ins, trespassers, a suspicious white car parked on her land, a guy going through her bins, mail and parcel bock's stolen and vandalised, a stalker who parks outside her house and follows her everywhere, this latest graffiti artist and skank has also claimed the house is to big for her.
    Now all these things have happened since Pricey Towers was handed back to the mortgage company (please correct me if i'm wrong) so is skank -
    1, the unluckiest person in the UK? ✖
    2, the most hated person in the UK ✔
    3, shitting bricks that Pricey Towers is going to be repossessed and is lying about these incidents and using them as deflection to cover her arse when she gets evicted? ✔
    5.4.23 - It seems we are not the only ones who do not believe her BS about the Banksy of 'Orsham scribbling on her front wall.
    This was a a few years ago so these visits from Dick Turpin, Banksy, Mexicans and Saaarrrrfff Affrikkan bandits are NOTHING NEW whatsoever. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-claims-police-foiled-20070640
    Notice also the recurring theme that The Police are constanty being called out to all her various "Plots" but they immediately become the scum-of-the-earth when they catch her doing own criminal activities red-handed :)
    Security? She has loads of it already hence how she gathers info on the goings-on at Trampy Towers that is kept for future use

    She also had Bunty recording stuff at home with her Dad which is presumably how she claims to have "evidence" of Piegate, but its OK for her to do it but K gets a slagging and accused with spying on her!

    Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap -
    25.3.23 - another company it's ripped-off then (taken from the comments in OKrap magaine)

    Worth less that a fiver in real terms of course :) Incidentally, don't go thinking you get all this crap in your box - you get a choice of TWO items from the selection, all with her ugly mush on a sticker to remind you who you bought this garbage from!!
    29.3.23 - Stop Press.......................... The next edition for her flogging hideous Ekwestryan crap to idiots emerges: Woo Hoo! Lots of lurid pink nylon to zap yer 'orse with 10,000 volts of static ☢⚡ Note the title "The beautiful Katie Price" OMFG!! :LOL:

    3.3.23 - Heres visit the strange mad World of Planet Skanky on Instagram flogging JYY crap, sound off obviously as the voice makes one's ears bleed. Its a "Lucky dip" session apparently, Now I don’t know much about instagram but surely you can review your post before you send it, I mean it’s going out to people , a normal person would check wouldn’t they??? Anyway as usual the wholly unwashed wonder didn’t let me down,
    It’s wearing some pink cheap looking romper suit and anyway , somethings wrapped up in wrapping paper, So subtitles came up , Bless shes so excited! “OMG , look what I got , my £20 Jyy London goodie bag, and you don’t know what you’re getting? Let’s see what I can see £20 for this, don’t you just love that ? “and she unwraps a parcel with beige clothes , "Oh my god oh my god I love this , I love these cowords (sic) Yew get the trousers and the shirt” It then it takes out another parcel with something that looked orange to me, “OMG look what I got my favourite colour this is!", then it reads the label “Yes the cycling short , hot pink set with the t shirt and short, see 20 pahnde but that didn’t know what I was getting so I’m happy!" Pathetic!
    Now I thought perhaps the subtitles had gone a bit mad, or one of the fellas from the king fu films was translating, so I turned the sound up, No 🤣 what you see above was the gibberish that came out of the deranged nutters gob, then I couldn’t go to sleep for laughing , "bargin for 20 pahnde" :ROFLMAO:
    7.4.23 - Flogging the UpTheir (aka UpYours )🖕 :poop: crap now on the BBC! Well that was a car crash! She was quite obviously wired and was spouting some bollox about having to make Harvey’s clothes before “UpYours” came along :ROFLMAO: like all her lovely bikinis and curtains at Trampy Towers- she couldn’t even get the company name right! Peter Levy, the presenter, started laughing and challenged the fact that she had ever made clothes but she insisted that it was der troof. Plus she looked fucking awful. This constant pandering to her is like the feckin twighlight zone, introduced as an 'anti bullying campaiger' and then asked 'why does online bullying go on'!?......she'd know of course considering she's gone online 5 or 6 times last year and threatened Michelle and Kieran, she is likely the one who used anonymous accounts to harass them. Why not ask the World's Biggest Troll about her own activities then, oh and revenge porn too BBC ??
    Note at the finish of this garbage when they switched back to the studio, it was still rambling on with it's bullshit, completely oblivious that the pressenter had effectively switched onto the next topic.
    8.4.23 - Using H to flog the cheap and nasty UpYours fashuns

    10.4.23 - its flogging cheap and nasty, flimsy sunglasses now.

    11.4.23 - Last minute cash grab before BANKRUPTCY HEARING tomorrow! WOO HOO!
    Dunno who this is though :)
    Here we go again with the "money-making" Plasterclasses.
    Of course they're "discounted" now! Nobody wanted to waste £50 a ticket on it!! On the other hand - oh yes please, especially if it gives me the skills to transform a raddled, warty old cunt like you into something vaguely human. However, that is not make up, it’s not alchemy, it’s a fucking filter you bastarding grifter!

    Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire" :LOL:
    30.3.23 - its been dropping massive hints about returning triumphant to Loose Wimmin, that is despite the question it posted on it's own Insta asking if she ought to return that gave her a resounding 100% Said NO! Does that rubbish show even want it back after all the trouble it brings with it plus it has all the stage presence of a used paper carrier bag anyway, and again, why would they take it back when it slagged all the Loose Wimmin off as well as blame ITV for abandoning her to be "waped in Saaarrrrfff Affrikka" by legions of crazed attackers in front of her kids?
    Hahaha :ROFLMAO:
    I wish these 12 year old journos would use the correct wording in these shite articles of theirs - its not "Hints".
    The word is actually "Threatens"
    Proof of what it said after they booted her off last time -
    So it's obviously hard-up now therefore on the beg for TV work again. Theres just a couple of small problems with begging for a panel slot on Loose Wimmin:-
    1, none of the panelists like skanky.
    2, the ratings dropped every time you were on.
    3, she blamed and slagged off everyone for treating her like a performing seal and damaging 'er mentawl 'elf.
    4, it is constantly slagging off and blaming ITV for the south African car jacking gang raped at gunpoint bullshit.
    5, ITV have already told you your not suitable for family viewing (when it begged for a place on I'm a Celeb)
    6, its totally unreliable because it always fucks off on holidays or for surgery or throws a Mentawl 'Elf incident
    7, constantly shitfaced on drink and drugs.
    8, it's got no screen presence whatsoever but a voice like nails down a blackboard.
    9, she can't string a coherent sentence together anyway, just garbled rubbish about "Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".
    10, she's a complete liability because at some point in the future she will fuck up again and be arrested for something.
    11, most importantly she's a SELFISH, LYING, NARCISSISTIC, BULLYING, CHILD EXPLOITING, ANIMAL KILLING, DRUNKEN DRUG ADDICT WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR REVENGE PORN, FRAUD and all manner of other crimes, furthermore 99% of the UK population hate her vehemently and don't want to see it on TV ever again. (y)
    NB. Heres a comment on a previous article about her attendance on Loose Women and why she was 'let go'... "Some assumed she's been fired as rumours of her constant lateness began to swirl. One ITV source told Mirror Online that Katie's diva behaviour is making her unpopular with the other Loose Women panelists.
    She will leave drivers waiting while she preens herself to "perfection", making them run late on the journey between her West Sussex home and the ITV studios in London's Southbank, says our insider. And once she's finally there in front of cameras, she's prone to making the conversation all aut her - especially when it comes to controversial topics like breastfeeding in public.
    This is making her unpopular with the other Loose Wimmin, who feel her contributions to the things they talk about are 'unintelligent' and tiresome.
    " You don't say? ;) Stuff like this doesn't help it's case either
    then inflicting it's "singing" on them https://youtu.be/Q_3zr-XOw5A

    Those Poor Kids -
    24.3.23 - contained in the shite from the JV debacle today;
    I particularly like this little chestnut in the DM, "Nothing that interferes with schoolwork, I'm pretty strict about that.' Because yes you care so much about your children's education don't you Katie? You would never do anything like take them out of school for weeks at a time much less stay home and not even go on another 'oliday now would you? 😂😂
    29.3.23 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21865267/katie-price-fans-spot-three-problems-with-photo/

    Using Harvey for Publicity & Sympathy - "Pimp My Child"
    This recent one month long 'oliday to Thailand which was supposedly "The longest (she) has been apart from Harvey". OK then - what about when she was supposedly in the Priory for 5 weeks years ago (her words in interviews) and 4 weeks in September 2021 after the car crash? Don't these 'olidays count?? :unsure:
    30.3.23 - Harvey's next airing. I wonder what she's wheeling him out to perform for her? Crayoned charicatures of guests? How many swear words in 30 seconds? How many holes can H punch in plasterboard?

    2.3.23 - Here comes H for an airing to bolster mummy's gigantic ego for her. She probably sent this to herself as it all seems rather too sophisticated to be the work of a mentally disabled lad who can barely see. He's just "so adorable" dontcha knaww

    Compare the writing of skanky to that H is supposed to have done on her Eyester Luv Mesidge
    Plus - has this message has come from Edna's account? Why would H be using Auntie Edna's account anyway? :unsure: You bin faahhn ahht shank!
    6.4.23 - So then potentially anuvva 'oliday fer 'Arve who by it's own admissions is usually drugged-up to the nines to stop him kicking-off on extensive flights.
    Heres what Mother-of-the-Year has to say about it : -
    "Katie Price has revealed the terrifying moment armed police were called after her son Harvey refused to leave a plane.
    The disabled 18-year-old sparked an airport drama when he "kicked off" because he wanted to stay on holiday.
    She explained that her eldest son then tried to smash phones off the wall when made to leave.
    Mum-of-five Katie, 42, opened up about the ordeal on the BBC's disability podcast Ouch.
    She said: "We had a bit of trouble on a plane not so long ago where he didn't even want to come off the plane because he wanted to stay on holiday.
    "Everybody had to get off the other end of the plane. Then he kicked off, then all the armed police came.
    "They didn't understand. I said it was fine, he's got autism, he doesn't want to come off the plane.
    "He was trying to smash the phones off the wall in the airport and tunnel. Oh my god it was a nightmare.
    "That's because he didn't want to get off the plane, he wanted to stay on holiday but he didn't understand that you have to get off the plane. He does have his moments."
    But thats all OK innit "Its fine!"? She cannot possibly take him anywhere in the UK on 'oliday of course & in any case she HAS to take 'Arv on these 'olidays because HE IS PAYING! Its a fine example of how yet again she refuses to do what would make life easier for Harvey - such as he can't cope with pets so she has loads around her home, he doesn't like loud noises so she takes him to nightclubs, he doesn't want to leave planes so armed police get called, but she could easily have just taken him somewhere in the UK that was easier to get to but no she won't & furthermore she doesn't give a frig about the other people and kids on the plane who witnessed the "Its fine" meltdown then have to experience the delays and the armed police arriving.
    6.4.23 - slobberring over H again; His expression says it all though "Fuck off you cunt!"

    and this one too having "sold" H to this dodgy company to flog poorly-made, crappy clothing; Yes they're UpTheir alright - more like UpYours 🖕

    Such a "Great Muvva" it is - thus speaketh her Flying Monkeys. Heres the reality of skanky's magnificent parenting skills and its something to be very proud of (I don't think) then add into this the eloquence of his cursing vocabularly, well we all know where it comes from. That right there is all you need to know about Skanks ability to parent.
    Skank ought to be be ashamed of herself over this. This language and behaviour is nothing to be proud of, it's abusive that his own mother taught him to be like this because she thinks it's funny, plus A Normal Parent would be embarrassed, not put it on SM as something to be proud of or laugh about. So typically skanky though.
    For when it denies DY has paid anything towards his son and this too
    But, it might have demanded £500,000 but wouldn’t have got it because. Dwight stated he paid
    £10,000 when H was born
    £5,000 for his first birthday party
    £1,300 per month to KP for Harvey's benefit which equated to £15,600 a year (it doesn't state for how long) once everything was formalised
    £14,000 for school fees
    £22,000 for presents (outside the agreement)
    £90,000 salary to Amy over a period of time for her role in caring for Harvey.

    Court Cases & Law Breaking, including Community Service -
    She lost two big Court Cases against her Ex-Husbands that escaped her grasp. The first was the big court case she had against Pete when she lost & was ordered to pay him damages, his court costs (a lot of dosh) plus her own solicitor, so that’s the 2nd charge on the MM & one of the references she makes to this current Bankruptcy being the "Fault of Two People". Then theres the case Alex brought against her for sharing personal images and Revenge Porn against him, but it's not paid him a penny nor his solicitor for the costs they were awarded & again she would of had her own solicitor costs too. She has spent so much in legal fees….so therefore her bankruptcy is all their fault. 🙄
    * Last June she pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order against her for harrassing MP and was sentenced at Lewes crown court to an 18-month community order with 150 hours of community service, with an additional 20 hours for breach of a suspended sentence for driving matters. She was also ordered to pay £1,500 in court costs. Its highly likely that most of these 170 hours at 'Orsham Matters are still outstanding, unless going away on many holidays counted, plus now it's got the excuse of having nobody to leave Jett with if she is 'forced' to complete her punishment; I doubt they got their £1500 either.
    4.4.23 - Giving this item an outing because of course she needs to be seen as being complicit in doing her punishments like a Good Girl, yet could this perhaps be because BANKRUPTCY is only a week off? Don't be fooled though because this is OLD news, you can tell easily because the giant norks are not in place although the face has more furrows than a freshly ploughed field. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11937551/Katie-Price-steps-community-service-breaching-restraining-order.html
    5.4.23 - Rubbing it in that its doing its CS by turning up in this monstrosity with SB! This is not even recent - its months ago because the hideous norks are not in place yet - but this is deflection from today's 'oliday and showing what a Good Girl she actually is :mad::poop:

    2020 -Remember this? H rushed to hospital very poorly and it fucks-off on 'oliday regardless; So good to see where it's priorities truly lie when Harvey was in hospital
    "Wearing a black T-shirt with a 'Los Angeles' emblem on it, Katie said: "So at the beginning of the week I was unsure of what was happening with Harvey. But he's still not coming out of hospital."
    The worried mum (LOL) then revealed that doctors have uncovered certain things about Harvey's health as she continued: "They've discovered things about him, but I'm not ready to reveal what they are. But they have discovered things, which is why he's still in hospital."
    The TV personality (LOL) went on to describe how she's been keeping busy while she's unable to be by Harvey's bedside during this time as she explained: "I need to stimulate myself as well.
    "So to make me feel good and things I do for myself is ride, I even walk my dog, go on the sunbed, got my hair done last night, got my nails done." A source close to Katie also told OK! that the stunning star (LOL) is smiling again after going into "robot mode" when her teen was first admitted to hospital.
    The insider told us: "Katie's relieved that Harvey is doing so much better now. He's not completely out of the woods...
    Bear in mind that it went off on holiday the second H was released from hospital when he was deposited onto the hairdresser for the interim.

    'Olidays Woo Hoo! -
    4.4.23 - yes its due to fly out tomorrow for this month's 'oliday. It seems the 12 year olds think we are concerned it might be having some more surgery when in reality nobody gives a shite :) Oh well

    Ownly Fans (for blind, deaf mugs) -
    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-teases-racy-onlyfans-29584098 Jeez thats REALLY gonna bring the pervos out of the woodwork to sign-up. Naked Rodney will be happy though :ROFLMAO:

    Animal Victims - Take note RSPCA!
    27.3.23 https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21845830/katie-price-fox-fur-animal-cruelty/
    28.3.23 - hopefully this is the beginning of something BIG to hit the skank at last

    Revolting Thing Wears Revolting Thing

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-models-270-real-29566163 - she demanded the comments be removed/moderated but instead they got even MORE of same, however it appears this is another previous client she signed-up with then summarily ripped-off which is a familiar tale . Good on them, hope they get their moneys worth :)
    This is basically why that fur company have got the hump with skanky-
    Again, its ignored all the legal letters - a familiar act n'est pas?
    An old article but it demonstrates exactly what skanky's attitude to animals consists of - her going fox-hunting for a start :(
    The article itself is comedy gold...
    * Katie has started her own pony club with two of her children as members
    * They will take part in equestrian events including a hunt:mad:
    * Said controversial pursuit will help children with riding skills:mad:
    * Glamour model said she has been excluded from equestrian circles before:ROFLMAO:
    * Told she couldn't go to the polo match as she 'wasn't the right kind of person' :ROFLMAO: (Skank likes a hooray polo boy of course. Remember SB's very temporary replacement?
    That also went well then she turned up late to a black tie dinner. She said the members of the Cheshire hunt were all very welcoming to her club although her late attendance to their black tie dinner the night before did not go down well.
    As well as interrupting the dinner by arriving late, she also shocked the diners by opting to wear a bridal gown over a cocktail dress.

    And YES as you expected it was a "massive success!"
    Note this too - it paid £6k for that table at the dinner! BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Jordan hits out at polo 'snobs'
    It also vowed to boycott Cartier after their dreadful snub which I am sure came as a great relief to the company :)

    Trampy Towers - aka the Mucky Manshun -
    https://youtu.be/hJwgTW8_A9Y - "Iss awl sumwun ewsis fawlt anawl..................."

    The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her -

    24.3.23 - so here we go with Jeremy Vine grovelling about after it. Apparently its "teasing" a wedding AGAIN :LOL: as if anybody gives a shite (especially AFP). Just look at the fucking state of both It and that room C4 created for it - hideous and horrendous, her and the decor!!
    Here we go then :-
    :poop: "Isss awl abaaaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and me boobs innit!"
    :poop: J
    ust said shes off on holiday in a couple of weeks. (Only been back 2 weeks) So she's already planned not to attend the high court, again?!
    :poop: Its blaming MH Ishoos for her bankruptcy. Fucking grifter.
    :poop: Its just said that the MM is completely safe. She's not ashamed of the bankruptcy, in any case she's at the end of it now & this bankruptcy was just to do with two people apparently. The house is safe, it can’t be taken - so she says
    :poop: Also saying she knows she’s had too much surgery.
    :poop: “I’VE got loads coming up for Princess”. All involving HER no doubt - Pete will be pleased
    :poop: She’s laughing at what young girls are doing to themselves with surgery and what will they look like at 40…honestly is she for real? Plainly there are no mirrors in Trampy Towers
    :poop: SB will be creaming his keks cos he’s just been on screen for 10 seconds. Woo Hoo!
    :poop: the bs spilling from the over inflated hole it calls a mouth is jaw dropping! Totally disregarding people it owes money to and rubbing it in the wounds that it's off on its jollys again. That its had "More boob jobs than men" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's the best corker yet!
    :poop: "Never rule out Marriages!" How many times does she think she is going to get married now ? But Crawl is there in studio & they're back together, haha she’s giving the impression she's not getting married to Errand-Boy, she danced around that question…. but that’s cos he’s not your boyfriend is he? He's just your Errand Boy & driver these days. Neither of the scumbags said they were together just “Well he's ere inne?” and then it zoomed in on his snarling face catching him off guard 🤣 When questioned he said “Well i’m ere ain’t I! ” or words to that affect. She then bangs on about all the weddings she’s already done. He looks a bigger cunt than she does at this point so I bet he’s kicked off. SB is simply a flunkey by another title! Wow Mistress Skankenstein just made him look the nothing we know he is, Pissing myself larfin' :ROFLMAO:
    :poop: Out comes "Harvey's Law" for another airing. She still hasn't got it in her Fick Ead that there is already a Harvey's Law legislation so even if she got this rubbish through she cannot have this as a title for it no matter how much she bangs-on about it! Apparently she’s going to be in court in April for the police thing with Harvey 🤣🤣🤣 yet it can’t turn up when its for its own misdemeanours. Strange that...................................... At least the Plods will know where she is to nick her that day :)
    :poop: Theres yet another shit edition of Mucky Mansion coming (according to her):LOL:
    :poop: Note she deflected the expert advice given on her enormous boobs by saying that they had confused her with her mother who has lung problems. No, you stupid thick cunt, they're talking about your enormous HH boobs. :LOL:
    :poop: Now it's trying to rewite the story about how her house came to be known as the mucky mansion. No, it wasn’t a fly tipping builder (aka The One Mk 3497 Charles Drury), unless that is he collected rubbish and threw it round in the house. It was Keith Lemon on Through the Keyhole who was actually appalled by the state of the hovel.
    :poop: Still laughing at the quick shot of "millionaire" Sink-Boy sat snarling in a dark part of the studio looking every inch the hired-help he is - he‘s so pathetic, but he’s comedy gold with his never ending desire to do anything to keep his minuscule level of blue tick fame
    :poop: It's "Proud" that it’s “always in and out of court ” & everyone laughing along. Yeah that’s really funny isn’t it when any NORMAL, decent person would be mortified? I’m sure its victims see the funny side. What a great role model channel 5 are giving air time to.
    :poop: Now the Browkern Trotters are being brought out for an airing. Apparently she had to learn to walk again 😂😂
    :poop: "I used to like doing marathons & stuff!" Like the one where she gave up & dumped the costume after about ten yards and went to the nearest pub for drinks and a ciggie? https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-clutches-cigarette-jumps-12433379
    :poop: Feet are still broken though. She's perpetuating the lie about a 20 foot drop, how she was in wheelchair for10 months, but wants to get back to marathons :ROFLMAO:
    :poop: Feet accident, "happened before COVID"....errr no, Covid was March, this 'oliday was July. That bloody wall is still 20ft. Another change to the fairytale though - It was "Wearing sliders & decided to jump over a bush". This is another new version of events.
    :poop: She doesn‘t walk the streets any more apparently! Only for backgrid eh? It depends on what you mean by "walking the streets" does it not?? :ROFLMAO: Also it didn’t even know how much she was charging for her subscription fee on Only Fans so she's really on top of her financials eh? 🤦
    :poop: Its talking over and interrupting everybody else on this shitshow. "Nothing wrong with wolf-whistling" says Skank, Storm saying it’s intimidating and no there’s no need for it. Go Storm! Tell that to the thick-headed-living-in-the-past biatchhhh, tell her that she’s wrong again, but at last somebody has challenged it over it's outdated ideas - it actually shut her up for 30 seconds 😁
    :poop: Skank had absolutely nothing to contribute in that newspaper headlines section other than “theres nothing wrong with wolf-whistling” which Storm rightfully destroyed. Skank was just all wobbly headed afterwards & not able to talk about herself so had zero to add, but actually it was was quite funny to see her shot down in flames. She really is a self-centred thick Twat who is only capable of talking about "Meeeee" or her boring anecdotes about herself because she’s so dumb 😁
    :poop: Adding it's two penneth about that other bonkers-bint Gwynneth Paltrow. Did I hear it right when they were talking about Gwyneth Paltrow and her wanting to take treats into court and they joked about her taking vagina scented candles in? KP said maybe I should do that? She could just take a couple of dead fish and slap e'm onto the Judge's Bench - same effect.
    :poop: Trying desperately to involve itself in proceedings it chimes in on the topic of a missing aircraft. O M G - Imagine asking Batnan's advice about the disappearance of MH370? She said, and I quote, "Fings like dat fascinate me because I like watching things like that, it mind-boggles me". Not too worried about the loss of 227 passengers and crew though, but just because it mind-boggles her...!!. "You've got all dem people (sic) and you've got the big plane and there's just nuffink where and it just disappears, like what is the answer...?" Epic! :ROFLMAO:
    :poop: She (Princess) gets asked to do stuff all the time, but she's just doing bits here and there. "Nothing that interferes with schoolwork, I'm pretty strict about that.' Because yes you care so much about your children's education don't you Katie? You would never do anything like take them out of school for weeks at a time or stay home and not even go on anuvva 'oliday would you? 😂😂 No of course you didn't completely remove your 9 year old son from education last November now did you? :mad:
    * Basically it's all gaslighting. She's pathological in her lying. If you are a KP "fan" and you watch this you might think she's doing well at selling herself, nothing is her fault,the press are all liars out to get her, she's on the up, police have (allegedly) trolled Harvey but she's sticking up for him, her noo MM3 programme blah blah blah BULLSHIT!!
    And here we go with the shitstorm following this debaclé -
    Looks like the feedback won't be what he was anticipating LOL
    Comment in the Dail Mail - Yer, Pulses racing? Mine was, I was so excited I coughed, broke wind and passed a little water !'
    " My particular favorite comment is this one, in reply to her saying she has had more boob jobs than men "Been rogered more than a policeman’s radio"
    The Sun are gunning for it now - remember they owe the thing BIG TIME over Slapgate :ROFLMAO:(y)
    She must have pissed-off the Birmingham Mail too :LOL:
    A comment from the Daily Mail :) "Come on DM, tell the well known truth for once…….he doesn’t even LIKE women, it’s well known in this part of Essex. We all know too the hold he has over that deformed, tattooed bike…….and what the business arrangement is. Why don’t you print the truth……that’d get people clicking!"
    25.3.23 - Yowzers! That smarts eh skank?? Heres the Sun sticking the blade squarely between her blokey shoulder blades :)
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21824427/katie-price-surgery-feels-ugly/ "Facing FACTS" :LOL:
    Its looking like millions of people feel the same way after this disaster JV allowed to broadcast featuring the skank. He's crucified his own career as much as hers :ROFLMAO:
    Now The Daily Mail are joining in.
    28.3.23 - They've really got it in for the Skank at long last WOO HOO! Here the Sun are pointing out the continual use of heavy-duty filters on it's wizened features LOL
    31.3.23 - The Sun are really going for the jugular on it now :) Serves her right for poking The Beast then blaming them for the Slapgate Lies https://tattle.life/attachments/1680252310642-png.2068243/
    1.4.23 - The Sun again! Woo Hoo! - they've spotted skank posting her snarky shite at K and him retaliating at long last! Methinks the skank doth protest too much so something has obviously happened to rattle her cage :) * See item in Exes category ⬆
    In any case she ought to recognise a Narcissist when she sees one considering The Skankarella is the BIGGEST ONE EVER!
    3.4.23 - The Sun again highlighting words to emphasise certain things, ie this is not "adorable" whatsoever!
    4.4.23 - The Sun are certainly on a roll now, here highlighting the Bankrupt having £500 worth if ratty extensions before yet another 'oliday. www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21941888/bankrupt-katie-price-shows-off-hair-makeover-extensions/
    5.4.23 - The Mirror now; Not "Glam Katie" but "GLUM Katie" instead :ROFLMAO: https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/glum-katie-price-pictured-arriving-29635169🥉