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  • * Troof or Lie??
    * Resumé
    * Bankruptcy here we come! Woo Hoo!!
    * Find a Bandwagon and Jump Aboard! Woo Hoo
    * Old Egg alias The One # 3497, Sink Boy Crawl
    * "Ize a singul gal now!" Recruiting the next The One mk 3498
    * Fwends abandoning ship now - woo hoo!
    * "Isss mee mentawl 'elf innit"
    * Scrounging and Grifting plus Flogging Crap
    * Scams and Bizznizz Opertewnitys, ie. "Rebuilding the Empire" :LOL:
    * Awl dem Bewty Tweetments, the Syrups, Surgeries et
    * "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    * Getting at the Exes & The Escapees
    * Twolls
    * Burglars etc
    * Recruitment Campaign for Noo Eggs
    * Those Poor Kids
    * Using Harvey for Publicity and Sympathy
    * How or WHY Even?
    * Dressed to Kill - LOL
    * Court Cases & Law Breaking
    * "Iss awl abaaaht Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee innit!"
    * Lies, Lies and More Lies (including the Saaaarrrrff Affrikka Set)
    * "Slamming & Swiping" - beycors thass wot she duzz innit!
    * 'Olidays!! Woo Hoo!!
    * The Broken Trotters
    * Ownly Fans (for blind, deaf mugs)
    * Animal Victims - take note RSPCA!! :mad:
    * Trampy Towers - aka the Mucky Manshun
    * The Media Sticking It To Her or Grovelling After Her
    * Moooosik!
    * Fan Zone - yes there are a couple left that have yet to be locked up!
    https://tattle.life/attachments/baa5a376-7386-4d9b-8438-42e4c70b88ee-png.1950210/ Simply gawjus :ROFLMAO:
    Dem Buttafloy Lipps innit! https://tattle.life/attachments/1979611/
    Look at the extra-long left leg on it :ROFLMAO:

    The deadly Blow-Job Fish

    Troof or Lie? -


    Just in case you are in any doubt that skanky & wanky ARE on 'oliday togevva with J&B, despite her protests that it was a completely mind-blowing co-incidence that they were at the same airport, on the same flight, the same day, ended up in the same resort, visited Slymi's mother at the same time.................. well heres your proof that she's LYING AGAIN! The circled image shows the reflection of Bunty in a window behind SB but the even bigger giveaway to this Immense Lie us the photo of "the stray dog" in which Sinky inadvertently photographs his legs and lower half standing there in his undercrackers! How amazing is that for a coincidence eh? 😉
    And her major league LIE - (just for those 12 year old journos printing the crap on a daily basis). And those norks! :ROFLMAO::poop:

    22.2.23 - and this from Princess :ROFLMAO: What a pity they didn't add the sub-heading "Just look at you now Muvva!"
    Resumé -
    * another let-off from Justice. Enjoy your salad days skank because it won't last :)
    * 'Oliday or more deflections? 'Oliday Woo Hoo!!! Yet what a charmed life it doth lead, a thing of great envy to all the Haterz out there! Just look at it in graphic detail:-
    * She is shit on a horse despite being proclaimed 'so good' that the UK dressage team were begging her to join them. lol
    * She has well and truly fucked her looks - unquestionably facially, and let's not even go there with the monstrous tits and knees.
    * She is stuck with a moronic boyfriend who is a happy slapper (and possibly a happy camper to boot)
    * She is practically bald.
    * She is habitually dependent on drugs and alcohol
    * She looks like a quarterback playing for a non-league American football team.
    * There is a real possibility that she might be imprisoned over her financial affairs. Bring it on!
    * She calls her home a house that is sinking in its own cesspit.
    * The mother is in 'orspitawl again so it can't access the magic mattress fund, plus the "loving daughter" has fucked off to
    Thailand just like she did when AFP went in for her transplant on November
    * The press have turned finally; Lots of snarky comments and "digs", especially from The Sun 😁
    * She has lost all hope of earning big money as in bygone days.
    * Junior hates her. P will realise soon and that'll be another lost child.
    * Harvey doesn't need her. He's happy & learning in residential until it comes along to wreck all their hard work.
    * Princess is in Dubai, living her best life with her family without a second thought about her mother.
    * Jett and Bunty are undoubtedly badgering her every second as they are bored and desperate for child-friendly activities,
    scared of Sink/Attic/Deck boy, and are increasingly vocal they want to go 'home'
    * All her ex boyfriends are happy and content with their lives away from her.
    * She has no work coming in
    * Back onto H being "Twolled" again

    Anyone that's feeling cross that she has escaped justice just read above - the ramificatons are clear and its just going to get WORSE. She is FUCKED. This simply HAS to be archived, a post from a Tattler who has summed-up the entire thing regarding the police and their alleged "Twolling of Harvey" very succinctly.
    "I just fucking can't deal with it all 😡 I am beyond rage 😡 How can that fucking piece of scum call for consequences more serious than losing their jobs? When has that cunting fucking trolling criminal whorebag faced any consequences for anything?? And the absolute bollocks about the other 4 kids "my family"...oh do just fuck off. I wouldn't think the others give a shiny shit about it. And "your family"....the kids that haven't lived with you for years because you're a cunt? The youngest 2 only with you now because you're a lying sIag who has reported lie after lie & you've basically kidnapped them. They look like they don't want to be anywhere near you!!
    And you're soooooo bothered about the case & Harvey that you've fucked off to Thailand? So bothered about Harvey that you fucked off & left him the day after he came out of hospital so you could go on holiday? And let's not forget how much you love your dying mum...yup, soooooo much that you fucked off to Thailand when she was having a fucking lung transplant. And again now while she's back in hospital!!
    You can shove your "brilliant mum & brilliant daughter" act right up your fucking fat arse. You are fooling literally no one at this point. Pretty much the whole country is sick to death of you & your constant lies. You are hated. Read all the comments on the media articles.... really not many in your favour are there? So while you've earned a few quid & a headline from more lies, just remember you ARE hated, detested, despised by many many people.
    Take away the filters & you're a butchered, fucked up mess. Wonky tits, no nipples, scars all over, 4 eyebrows pulled so high from failed facelifts, joke shop turkey teef, nose sliding off your face, lips cut & fillered so much they're sliding off your face in the opposite direction of your nose, a fabulous moustache, lumps all over your face, basically bald from fucking up your own hair, shit wigs, shit extensions, wrinkled saggy knees, square body, nasty tattoos, chavvy, scummy, dirty, grubby, classless, bitter, twisted, jealous, revenge- filled, poisonous, ugly, rotten to the core, lying old sIag".

    WOO HOO! Take that Skanky! Stick it in your crack-pipe and smoke it - with knobs on!!

    Bankruptcy here we come skanky! WOO HOO! - BH is taking place - 12pm on 12th April. Yes D-Day at long last :ROFLMAO:

    Sad to say that the bitch has achieved an adjournment at the 11th hour due to its Mentawl Elf Isshoos. The skank walks away laughing yet again so no wonder it was preaching "its sorted" to Nige and the Scumday Times recently when it knew all the while it had cooked this up with her paid liars at 'Otel Pwiowy. Another triumph for British Justice,
    Praise be, the skank is free,
    Free to rob forever more
    So screw the debts
    And screw you all
    8.2.23 - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/katie-price/article-11727357/Bankrupt-Katie-Price-dodges-court-hearing-FOURTH-time-3-2million-debt-repayment.html
    9.2.23 - Heres the Mirror pointing out that she was too "disturbed" for Court but perfectly OK to go and have a bit more surgery on that disfigured boatrace of hers. In fact this must have been booked in advance so she bloody-well knew she was going to slither out of the Hearing :mad: hence "Iss awl sortid innit!"

    Another item to note - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10664685/Katie-Price-avoids-paying-174-000-tax-bill-insolvent-cosmetics-company-went-bust.html
    10.2.23 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21342736/bankrupt-katie-price-money-elebrity-cooking-school/ - the fee to do this crap can be taken from it perhaps?
    13.2.23 - Bankrupt eh? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21368373/katie-price-bankrupt-thailand-flights-business-class/
    and "splurged £12k" from the DM; The cost was probably more than that for two adults and 2 kids in Business Class but this is SFP trying to keep the true cost down (and hidden). How is she paying for the flights? She can’t have legally cards nor would she hand over £12k in cash so she has credit cards to use clearly. Would BH not be answering these questions? She said she’s not with Crawl, so he can’t be named as paying now. What a cunning grifter she is, but she’s opening a Huge can of worms. Let’s hope this is alerted to bankruptcy people
    15.2.23 - The Bankrupt goes shopping in Thailand Acres more crap, & dodgy fakes to adorn the floors at Trampy Towers
    19.2.23 - in this bullshit interview it confirms that mentally it's in a great place now! Less than a week ago it was a raving barmpot, indeed so bad that it's Court Day had to be cancelled. Read into that what you will :mad:
    22.2.23 - not bad being BANKRUPT is it? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21480983/inside-katie-price-luxury-thailand-hotel/

    Find a Bandwagon & Jump Aboard, Woo Hoo! -
    9.2.23 - Yes here we go, showing how fortfuwl she is abaht uvver peepul innit. I wonder if she knows just how many other people are donating to the Gofundme to to Save J&B from HER?

    18.2.23 - sending Sinkboy out to publicise the latest BS for 'Arvey's Laww. When is it going to realise there already exists a Harvey's Law so effectively theres nothing she can do about it?
    OId Egg # 3497 - Sinkboy Crawl -
    18.2.23 - so then, heres the proof that despite all the protestations from her that she's a "Singul Gal innit", heres proof that they are together still and in fact he's never been off-the-scene, just hidden in the attic at Trampy Towers. He has if course been posting little cryptic asides regularly over the months pointing out this fact since they allegedly split up due to skanky "cheating" - how unusual - but heres the proof that he has been with her the entire time making a cuckolded FOOL of himself :ROFLMAO:
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21431848/katie-price-carl-woods-thailand-boob-job/ What a ridiculous looking thing it is too
    and yet skanky is denying it despite the evidence! Here its says basically that they "just so 'appened to be in der same place, the same 'otel, at the same time!" What are the odds on that? Silly cow! :ROFLMAO::poop:

    "FORCED" to admit it now having been caught LYING AGAIN :)
    23.2.23 - and more of this garbage re SB turning-up on the "Fairmily 'olidday", right out-of-the-blue etc.

    It seems he's fed-up with being made to pretend she's Singul and coping alone with the children when in truth its probably Biffa they are left with (the bloke that terrified them). As to "Fans fearing the engagement was over............."Pwwwaaahahahahaha :ROFLMAO:
    23.2.23 - It just gets funnier! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/21483023/katie-price-carl-woods-couples-therapy/ :LOL: This will be about as helpful as when she forced Kieron to go along then completely disengaged Herself from proceedings (because none of it was Her Fault anyway)

    "Ize a Singul Gal Now Innit!" -
    19.2.23 - Of course you are luv! Have we not ALL seen the photos taken out in Thailand where your mates at Back End forgot to edit Sinkboy out of the shopping photos? Or even the one with him taking a picture of a dog showing his legs and lower torso wearing blue underpants plus J & B's shoes strewn about the room and that hideous fake sequinned handbag thing of hers chucked on the floor? And then theres even the ghostly image of Bunty reflected off a window in a selfie he took? Its all a bloody amazing set of coincidences innit? :) Like as hell it's Singul when SB is certainly wherever it roams!!
    In fact the whole charade she puts up in lamely pretending to Not Be With SinkBoy is to prove that she can survive without a man and doesn't put them before her kids like us Twollz have accused her of. She just fakes a breakup and he comes along on holiday with her pretending that they accidentally met up and he stays over. What a pair of losers. :LOL:
    23.2.23 - Nobody believed any of her bullcrap anyway - they've been in cahoots the entire time she tried to run this garbage up the flagpole and Sinky just stood aside watching her make a complete BERK out of him yet again, especially over Polo Egg. It'll take more than bloody Counselling to sort out Psycho Lil the Scrubber-in-Chief
    24.2.23 - and another bucketload of BS! They've split AGAIN and he's back in UK leaving it in Thailand with the kids!
    Like anybody cares, however what does that say about the "relationship counselling" they were doing and all that crap about making it work? HAHA. Give it a week and it'll all be hearts and roses YET AGAIN, specifically as they know too much dirt on EACH OTHER
    Katie Price and Carl Woods spark rumours they've split AGAIN as he leaves her in Thailand and they unfollow each other | The Sun

    "Iss me Mental 'Elf Innit" -
    This excerpt was from The Mirror-The Mark Dolan Interview on 20th January, not even 3 weeks ago. Incredible how her Mentawl 'Elf plummetted to such a degree in a couple of weeks that she got her paid-for Get Out Of Jail Free Card from 'Otel Pwiory just in time to get the BH adjourned at the 11th hour, indeed it was probably what she was referring to when she told Farage that "Evwyfink iz sortidd innit". She already knew she was playing that Ace.
    "During the candid chat, mum-of-five Katie told viewers that she is now putting her controversial past behind her as she spoke about what the future holds, her mental health journey and being a positive role model to those who also find themselves in dark times.
    Throughout bankruptcy, arrests, marriage breakdowns, and a suicide attempt, Katie has managed to work through her trauma and has now found herself at one of the most positive stages in her life as she concentrates on her family and career.
    During the candid chat, mum-of-five Katie told viewers that she is now putting her controversial past behind her as she spoke about what the future holds, her mental health journey and being a positive role model to those who also find themselves in dark times.
    Who the fuck would ask skanky for advice in "dark times" seeing what a disaster she's made of her own life??
    9.2.23 - Interestingly it seems she pulled the "I'ze sooeyciydal............................" card to get out of the BH hearing today, knowing after the Caroline Flack incident nobody would want that landed on them. It did the job of course, however in view of that surely K has even further proof she's UNFIT to have those children?
    19.2.23 - Yet according to this she's absolutely fine and on top of everything now!

    24.2.22 - https://youtu.be/zyY2YLsW-Hs Skanky the Narcissist
    Scrounging & Grifting + Flogging Crap -
    Look at the Mono Boob, her cellulite legs and that barnet! Woo Hoo! :LOL:
    14.2.23 - Like who would buy ANYTHING endorsed by this deformed walrus, I mean really???? They'd be better off getting Sam Smith to model it
    Flogging more of her crap scraped off the floors at Trampy Towers
    17.2.23 - Doing illicit ads on Insta for those ridiculous Fish Lips. https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230216_223045_instagram-jpg.1965637/

    Scams & Bizniss Oppertewnitys, Rebuilding The Empire & Failed Business Enterprises -
    You can also add Priceywoods & Jordan Trading who went down the kharzi a matter of weeks ago, they who flogged all her crap like perfumes etc. Oddly enough said perfumes are from a defunct company of skanky's that presumeably were taken by the receivers yet have somehow found their way into the gigantic carboot sale of crap she has some idiot running from Trampy Towers. Et voilà! Her offensive chemical weapons grade perfooms and rancid old underwear are being flogged with an autograph (one item reached a heady £4 in an online auction :ROFLMAO:
    10.2.23 - She's not averse to doing free ads for her mates for companies that she is "somehow" heavily involved in, ie that crap-peddler JYY or KP Ekwestryan. However look up the company out of interest , like JYY which looks like it’s going out of business & now with the Fish Lips lot Lift Aesthetics whose accounts are overdue. Fuck having a business and being mates with her, the Jonah of the business community :ROFLMAO:
    10.2.23 -c urrently she's flogging all that weapons-grade Perfoom that she hijacked from the "warehouse" when the company went sailing off round the U Bend - selling it autographed no less! Well look at this comment that popped up on the web

    When it was New it was £20 but now its old and rancid (like her) she'll generously write an X on it and you'll owe her £95 for the privilege!! Bargain! Putin is buying as much as he can as its more deadly than Ricin
    11.2.23 - A Valentine's Raffle at a fiver a go to "win" this garbage worth £400 apparently! Should it even be running this "raffle" considering its BANKRUPT? Not heard anything more about this so I guess nobody was unlucky enough to "win"?
    It looks like more of the Receiver's collection of shitty Perfoom has been magically conjured-up from lurking in a mouldy container at Trampy Towers.
    Heres one of it's companies that went down the shitter, coincidentally its THE SAME registered address as KP Merchandising. (Not bad for someone who ought not to be trading because they're BANKRUPT)
    "Petitions to Wind Up (Companies)
    In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)
    Companies Court No 6499 of 2016
    (Company Number 04746234)
    Principal trading address: Platts Green House, Worthing Road, Dial Post, Horsham, RH13 8NS
    and in the Matter of the Insolvency Act 1986
    A Petition to wind up the above-named Company, Registration Number 04746234, of ,272 Regents Park Road, London, N3 3HN, presented on 11 October 2016 by the COMMISSIONERS FOR HM REVENUE AND CUSTOMS, of South West Wing, Bush House, Strand, London, WC2B 4RD,, claiming to be Creditors of the Company, will be heard at the High Court,Royal Courts of Justice, 7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1NL on28 November 2016 at 1030 hours (or as soon thereafter as the Petition can be heard)."

    * 2 Directors Loans out of 2 businesses, one for £153,000 and one for £10,000 neither of which he been repaid.
    14.2.23 - it was supposed to be addressing the Cambridge Union bods on the 18th to share its wealth of knowledge but - surprise surprise! - its cancelled, largely because its away in Thailand
    17.2.23 -"Get yer yer sined an' fwamed lipp kissis "ere innit! Woo hoo! Get yer 'erpes infektid lipstik pwints naaaaaaah - speshul offa wen yew buys sum of me old nickas.............." WTF would anybody want them for anyway?

    Twollz, Stalkers & Burglars -
    9.2.23 - yes some more Twollz and "kidnap threats"
    "Katie also opens up about threats she’s been receiving on social media.............................."
    Oh FFS what now! Another kidnap threat? Is that 5,4 or 3 🤷🏻‍♀️ What about all the threats she has dealt out over the years….

    13.2.23 -
    Here we go again with this old chestnut from The World's Worst Troll itself! What about comments on trolls who threaten people online with releasing videos Skanky, you know, like YOU did to Alex and were subsequently CONVICTED of doing so? Nah I thought not because such things only apply to Other People don't they?
    17.2.23 - It doesn't like it when people do this to Her - it makes them into Twollz - but its perfectly alright for her to dish it out wherever and whenever she wants to. In any case skanky, YOU have a disabled son yourself plus you and Madge share a liking for being plasticised don't you? https://tattle.life/attachments/1966226/
    and another one :-
    She's posted this same thing THREE TIMES now! It was SO OUTRAGED about this that she still went and booked her current Thai 'oliday knowing that she could have attended but kept the priorities on Herself like the norm. She's really upset over it all of course (as usual) but then this is merely a little "Fly my pretties!" message to the Flying Monkey Squadron sending them out to harangue the Met Police yet again whereby she remains on the side smirking like she always does. Yes what the cops did was bad of course yet its worth remembering that this was on a PRIVATE whatsapp group whereas things skank has done herself regarding her exploitation of Harvey are far worse and have caused him genuine harm. Videos of Harvey being coached into swearing at the media, flogging crap, wheeled-out for nightclub appearances, feeding him shit which could give him a heart attack and definately doesn't help with his diabetes, etc etc etc and all filmed by her then stuck on her SMs! Pots 'n kettles skanky.
    Basically she either took that letter with her (which means she had it before she went on holiday OR she photographed it to show while she was on holiday) ,which also means she had received it before she went on holiday ! She adds that it was hand delivered, which means it would have been sent when the post office were having spot strikes (and the police wanted to make sure she got it in time for the hearing), or it was sent by tracked/signed for in good time for her to get it, therefore the post office (if sent by them ) would have date it was delivered OR police would have date if it was hand delivered by courier. Either way,if shes had it before her holiday therefore shes sunk in her lies, plus shes accusing the police of mismanagement when shes just made herself to be a proven liar YET AGAIN!
    Check out the highlighted bit - skanky has identified the "Victim" of this heinous crime all by herself. So much for privacy and protection when you have Rentagob on the scene, however, with this police letter she has now got herself another Get Out of Jail Free card since the police will not go near her as she will say they are persecuting and victimising her. Yet again this woman will never face the consequences of any of her actions
    18.2.23 - and there you go! She got what she wanted out of the exercise - PUBLICITY for herself, not for H
    19.2.23 - Nevertheless,"Iss Awwl abaaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE innit!"

    One of her Flying Monkeys presumably.
    Lets hope that the Police round this one up and sack them unceremoniously like they did to the whistleblower who opened the lid on Slapgate last year.
    Well would you look at that though - It's another miracle - another Lazarus Moment! 'Metuncovered' account only seems to have been in existence for one day & co-incidentally happens to follow a PR agency both SB and KP are/were involved with.
    That's an amazing coincidence isn't it rather akin to Sinkboy turning up on Skank's 'oliday wiv der kidz like he did, with an account set up within 24hrs then publically sending KP messages that she can have 'all the details' of the people involved. This is reminding me of when she somehow knew the details of all the women Kieran 'sent' the sinister video to enabling her to contact them all.
    These photos the officers were taking the piss out of had to come from somewhere though did they not? However its not as if H has access to her photos and he decided to share them with The World and nobody else would have personal photographs of H naked, therefore it stands to reason that these officers like everyone else obtained said "Disgusting" pictures FROM HER to begin with so it all comes down to skanky as per usual :mad: Remember only recently she proudly posted photos of her starkers in bed with the lad. She was quite obviously naked apart from the 3000 layers of camera filters in operation in bed alongside H (like all mothers obviously do with their 20 year old sons) and she proudly stuck those vile images all over her SMs.
    The answer is simple - don't post stuff that "offends you" skank then other people cannot access it, well unless they're on yet another piece of tech that gets "stolen" from you rather conveniently, like the Ipad containing the videos of Alex and all the rest of it. As a side note, look at this then - https://courtnewsuk.co.uk/cops-who-mocked-harvey-price-were-not-being-racist-by-mentioning-uncle-bens-rice/
    Another of her classics -"I hope your wives die' to some paps she hadn't organised herself & 'I hope your baby dies'. Directed at Kieron & Michelle. Quotations from the skank itself. They should probably be hashtags for her own anti bullying campaign!
    "Respect" is a mutual thing dontcha think?
    Mummy (aka Twak-a-Twoll) set this up and proudly posted it
    22.2.23 - Here we go again then. "Sumwun" has posted her address and details on SM so the burglars, stalkers and trolls are queuing up for access to Trampy Towers.
    "Sumwun" eh? So who posted this THREE TIMES the other day then before they removed all the personal details? Oh........

    and this garbage too https://www.itv.com/watch/news/katie-price-says-something-has-to-be-done-after-officers-sent-derogatory-messages-about-her-son/pgytwkb
    This is not a complete list of her own Twolling obviously but you'll get the gist quite readily:-
    https://tattle.life/attachments/2760fb22-d848-44f9-862b-4c223d27d42c-png.1977529/ https://tattle.life/attachments/0832a708-7cc0-48b3-a058-2d66d66b36f0-png.1977528/ https://tattle.life/attachments/488ece58-a0fe-47b7-8420-ea7e6c80f861-png.1977530/ https://tattle.life/attachments/ee325132-51c2-4f43-98b7-8a1bdce92ca0-png.1977531/ https://tattle.life/attachments/ee325132-51c2-4f43-98b7-8a1bdce92ca0-png.1977531/ https://tattle.life/attachments/8d343cbe-67dc-4e1e-8f94-fb2e5b2cbe15-png.1977533/ https://tattle.life/attachments/5895e5b0-7f6e-4749-8925-63dc0110d290-png.1977534/ https://tattle.life/attachments/6fc81173-8ba8-44ce-8f03-ed1049e5af60-png.1977535/ https://tattle.life/attachments/cb996b43-05a0-4ced-9449-25af0bb93329-png.1977536/ https://tattle.life/attachments/663fe7fb-e60c-44e3-852c-e1237d54c858-png.1977537/ https://tattle.life/attachments/a15f9725-5918-41c0-a81c-4e9ad8de0d76-png.1977538/ https://tattle.life/attachments/2e7b9ae7-4e63-4371-bd81-f2973e4a03ee-png.1977539/ https://tattle.life/attachments/53a7086d-8559-46d8-9110-c5a8875b757d-png.1977540/ https://tattle.life/attachments/cb996b43-05a0-4ced-9449-25af0bb93329-png.1977536/ https://tattle.life/attachments/663fe7fb-e60c-44e3-852c-e1237d54c858-png.1977537/ https://tattle.life/attachments/23eb040f-23d0-45df-8668-279923456e97-png.1977543/ https://tattle.life/attachments/3ba37b20-9566-4ba0-bc83-5dfc6f75d181-png.1977544/ https://tattle.life/attachments/3275285c-3b31-4cb8-9a2e-f863a7d3fd36-png.1977545/ https://tattle.life/attachments/3d9fa484-365c-446d-9320-dcf116fc42c2-png.1977546/ https://tattle.life/attachments/b510c5bb-2f2b-4ec8-afc3-c2b624e81d3a-png.1977547/ https://tattle.life/attachments/e8b092c0-aa2e-4547-ab43-d9cf754d567f-png.1977548/ https://tattle.life/attachments/0170cf99-52e5-4ad3-8159-71a87feb0c17-png.1977549/ https://tattle.life/attachments/bf99aea5-7d83-49cd-9014-14e9a6b57a71-png.1977550/ https://tattle.life/attachments/8f4c04a2-7fe1-4dad-b933-c69d45722d41-png.1977551/ https://tattle.life/attachments/1beb82a6-ab22-4a0e-80e2-fa3993c1fcd7-png.1977553/ https://tattle.life/attachments/0170cf99-52e5-4ad3-8159-71a87feb0c17-png.1977549/ https://tattle.life/attachments/bf99aea5-7d83-49cd-9014-14e9a6b57a71-png.1977550/ https://tattle.life/attachments/8f4c04a2-7fe1-4dad-b933-c69d45722d41-png.1977551/ https://tattle.life/attachments/81092a10-57cc-4458-8637-216c9fc73688-png.1977552/ https://tattle.life/attachments/aacf25a0-fb36-45ea-868a-202d7a0e5e45-png.1977554/ https://tattle.life/attachments/16e72ca1-4ed5-486e-a468-947f91231d19-png.1977555/ https://tattle.life/attachments/581cfc0f-68fb-4265-a445-22cd7e774b1b-png.1977556/ https://tattle.life/attachments/2b5d6b40-13d2-46b1-95d4-9e8224c4314f-png.1977557/ https://tattle.life/attachments/5b91e2b1-d96e-4a72-854d-cfdf63395eba-png.1977558/ https://tattle.life/attachments/4809cf1c-bd0c-4ee6-ba1a-740e8a9cd525-png.1977559/ https://tattle.life/attachments/29daeca1-b0d8-48ee-968a-5a8a4176d860-png.1977560/
    22.2.23 - and YES! Even after she's slagged off the police endlessly, caused all manner of problems, accused them of all sorts AND evaded justice, she still thinks they're going to run about at Her Command! We shall see eh skank?
    Katie Price reveals she’s been targeted by ‘men in balaclavas’ who come to her £1.2m mansion at night | The Sun
    Incidentally, are these the Mexicans or the Saaarrrfff Affrikkan geezers in balaclavas seeking to invade Trampy Towers to steal all her crap?
    22.2.23 - Dragging Mencap into it now :(

    23.2.23 - here we go again, putting H up again to agitate the Twollz into action
    24.2.23 - having another dig at the Police of course; She knows how to endear herself to them eh?? :LOL:
    https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20230224_103711_instagram-jpg.1983959/ Theres definately a whiff of Compo about this though but she's afraid to mention it in case anyone says she can use it to pay off a fraction of what she owes - and we know that won't happen. It'll also be HER compo, not H's, seeing as she dibs in as and when she wants to.
    In 2020 she called the police (even though she despises them as she continually says) because she said there were 3 men in one of her fields, she says how it "Must be personal because they have a 'vindetta' against her". A year before that she had said burglars broke in and stole 'hard drives'. She regularly alleges people are going through her bins, theres the Christmas stalker at the local Garden Centre, the Audi she photographed on the main road by the end of her drive she stated was 'spying' on her and of course the stolen post bock. We must not forget the regular burglars who break in to turn on taps to flood the dump either.
    She's clearly paranoid....or she's pissed so many people off and engaged in things (allegedly) like passing blackmail footage to third parties, there could be people who want to retrieve said blackmail footage? Or maybe drug dealers coming after debts? There's also the possibility that the thefts are to cover up some evidence or assets in her house and she can just say they were stolen.
    One from the archives - Skanky BULLYING somebody else for doing what SHE DOES!

    Awl dem Bewty Tweetmints, the Syrups, Serjeries etc.......................
    9.2.23 - getting even more fillers despite the fact she should be in Court today
    They're good eh? LOL These are apparently Butterfly Lips although oddly enough she looks more like a Grouper Fish

    9.2.23 - Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm what "natural beauty" are these fools referring to? This thing is 99.999999999% recurring of PLASTIC, especially with today's latest dose of Botox and Fish Lips
    11.2.23 - Moddlin' rag and bone material for JYY but look at the split ends on that syrup plus the hilarious eyebrows! And this is BEFORE the Noo Buttafloy Lipps anawl.............................................

    112.2.23 - look at the state of it! Noo Syrup or not, she can't alter the knobbly knees
    However it seems the brown barnet is 500 strands of someone else's hair stitched into her stubbly rat's nest by the mugs at LA Studios with this being the final hint that it was off on 'oliday again

    19.2.23- LOL

    19.2.23 - the revolting tattoos. https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.4.1-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-250-katies-arse-is-in-first-class-and-her-tits-are-in-the-cockpit.37412%2Fpage-48&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ok.co.uk%2Fcelebrity-news%2Fkatie-price-shares-princess-andres-29234811%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3GN0r96eaqLhtL2_NJWbwq-q7a4X1LyExv_Ik6VQ0bf5O-qdS0AhheHho&xs=1&xtz=-60&xuuid=227892310771fdfb15381b7885d809aa&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    P was hardly likely to say "Fuck me Mam thats bloody horrible!" She's been raised better than Price Stylie :)
    24.2.23 - Comments in the Mirror about the photos of her gigantic medicine ball frontage. Well what a surprise! Just look at the remarks https://tattle.life/attachments/d0d87f26-04bf-401e-9bbf-a7c90fe857fd-jpeg.1982538/

    "I downt dwink..............................Ize sowber innit an' Ize not a dwuggy eeeeva"
    An oldie but a Goodie :)

    Getting at the Exes & Escapees -
    13.2.23 - heres one directed at Kieron, an "Up yours! I've got them" if I'm not mistaken :(
    18.2.23 - heres a little resumé as regards to the incidents leading up to her taking J&B from their father.
    November 2022 -It starts at the NTAs when she announces to somebody that she has a little something lined-up that will "Make everybody love MEEEEE again...................." That's just about a month before the fake Jonny and Susie accounts start spreading rumours of a video of events they've seen along with accusing Kieron of all sorts of things with his lady clients, after which she takes the kids "for their own safety". Just recently someone else said she was trying to sell the video and was hawking to the media. Very interesting!
    It all shows a pattern & level of her abuse to Michelle/Kieran escalating. She had already broken her restraining order and narrowly avoided jail so planting rumours of a video seems like she's tried to think of a way to get around the restraining order; She has accused Kieran of 'grooming' and being like Savile, taking it upon herself to act for the alleged girl in question
    then is arrested at her home in Horsham on suspicion of breaching a restraining order. She is held overnight ' She claims she tried to 'save' this 16 year old from grooming and abuse by Kieran in 2016 but was happy to leave all her kids with him meantime, not just J&B; Kieron was house-husbanding ALL five kids at one stage.
    25th May 2022 - Breached restraining order against Michelle
    June 2022 - a nasty comment left on Kieran's insta under a family post, loads of people say it's KP. Michelle responds they have a stable dad who will never give up on them.
    27th June 2022 - Letter sent to K&M possible restraining order breach again.
    30 aug 22 - KP says kids haven’t lived with me for 7 months - ‘Recent events have meant I’m seeing my youngest children less and the relationship between me and their father has broken down.’
    October 22 - NTA awards where she is heard to state there is something coming that will ‘make people love me again' and is over heard saying she will ‘shock the media with revelations’
    Nov 11th 22 - J&B are suddenly back with KP and rumours circulating on Tattle about a video. KP makes accusations of abuse against K&M and says she's seen the video thats she's tried to flog to the media unsuccessfully.
    As yet the children are still with it
    19.2.23 - posts this on Insta having been found out that actually she has Sinkboy there with her on this Thai 'oliday; Basically its awl about the "Kid's mentawl 'elf ishoos" and having a massive great dig at K&M again

    1. Its the old Mental Health card played again, this time involving the kids!
    2. If the holiday is for the kids mental health why is she setting up staged photos?
    3. If the holiday was genuinely for the kids, why not pick a destination closer to home with more kid focused attractions, like Disneyland? Especially for a 'quick getaway'?
    4. If your kids had mental health issues why would you splash that on social media, surely that would be private medical information?
    5. Single? Rubbish, who goes on hols with their allegéd recent ex? She's not on holiday alone, she's banging Carl. Proof elsewhere on here
    6. Digs at Kieran and Michelle again 'two individuals being investigated' She just cannot help it can she?

    This has emerged from the annalls of history - DY talking about the fateful collision with the skank that resulted in poor Harvey. That must be one night he wished he'd stayed home with his Mum drinking cocoa
    DWIGHT YORKE: Jordan is wild in bed, Katie Price is tender (socawarriors.net) Its effectively a nice bit of parental alienation she pulled with not letting Dwight see him much, or Dwight's mum....she even encouraged Pete to say he wanted to adopt Harvey and used it to wind Dwight up. Maybe people think he didn't do enough but look what he was up against? If he didn't care at all he wouldn't be asking for updates and paying for his son's care (money straight into AFP's bin for looking after her grandson whilst skanky shagged her way around the world )
    Pete got treated the same way when he escaped from purgatory. Her actions against Kieron are nothing new

    23.2.23 - In her dreams! :ROFLMAO: Leandro got away from it before he got contaminated - I bet she wishes he'd phoned her up desperate to see her again! LOL https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/katie-price-back-contact-ex-14470934

    Those Poor Kids. Life with Mother-of-the-Year -

    It posts this meme having stated that Jett has "problems" (all caused by his father of course). Does she even think this is funny furthermore is she referring to Jett or Harvey with this??
    Going back to SFP's wedding last summer, this is how it turned Bunty out as a bridesmaid with a complete three inch layer of make-up caked-on her little face. She reposted this yesterday expecting accolades and compliments but got quite the contrary however that of course is only from all the "Haterz an' Twollz innit"
    13.2.23 - And this one of Bunty being turned out in full make-up being called a "Madonna" lookalike! LOL Skanky won't like being pulled on her bounteous "Parenting Skills" AGAIN
    14.2.23 - The Daily Express have written a vaguely different article, mostly going over old ground. However, this is a remark from skank:-
    "She continued: “They should be having their mum in their life. At the moment I’m stuck in this rut with Jett and Bunny and it is frustrating for me.
    "You know, seven months, how has it even got to this? It’s heart-breaking and I just wish it wasn’t like this.
    “All I can do is hope that this won’t be forever," she added." Its a direct quote from that bollockfest "Twarmer an' MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
    History shows that she later hi-jacked the children from their father.
    It seems it is getting fed-up with having the little ones cramping her style so hopefully that means they'll be off back to their Dad soon
    Katie Price splurges on business class flight with kids after missed bankruptcy hearings | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk
    Going back a few years heres a few anecdotes about this fantastic mother skanky:-
    This being the self-same mother who fucked-off on 'oliday to Turkey with Boyson leaving H with the hairdresser on the day he came out of hospital.
    16.2.23 -well, I wonder........................ https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2023/02/blind-item-8_13.html
    17.2.23 - she must be peeved at the Andrés 'oliday snaps because out comes this one to remind Herself as much as anybody else that she does have other kids apart from those she stole from their Father. https://tattle.life/attachments/1965264/ Its also another little part of the old "Dow't I mayk bewtiful kids? Evywune agwee wiv MEEEEEEEEEEE!' routine.
    17.2.23 - look what she's done to Bunty now! Shades of Bo Derek from 40 years ago.........

    20.2.23 - Using the rest of the children now in her Using Harvey Scenario, how "upset" they are by those fiendish policemen, the same rozzers that victimise Their Wonderful Mummy by continually nicking her........................................
    And going back to when she removed J&B from their father having refused to hand them back after she made her ville allegations against K&M, in fact SHE's the only one saying "Social services 'gave' them to her". She said this happened on the 11th Nov, Kieran was arrested on the 6th December and police had been called to the MM on the 22nd Nov, I think that was Kieran trying to see them. It sounds like she just kept them and then Kieran was desperate to get them back. All Kieran can do is go to court to get back residency. Kieran's rep has denied she has 100% custody and said .....'Miss Price had expressed her personal belief on the status of childcare responsibility, however this is not the agreement in place with social services'..... Lies from skanky again then :(
    20.2.22 - the series of crap tattoos of the children it plans, starting with P's monstrous picture https://tattle.life/attachments/fe734efa-f1c3-47eb-bcc5-d917d6d35254-jpeg.1973117/
    * note this BS - "The mum-of-five has now insisted it's not a matter of favouritism - it's because the 15-year-old's artwork is the most painful. Katie told OK!: "The reason I started with Princess is she’s got the long curly hair, so hers is the most painful and takes the longest. "It’s not because there’s any favouritism! Princess loves it. She was like, ‘I’m your favourite!’ I was like, ‘No, I love you all the same." Yuh righty-ho skank
    24.2.22- Its Jett's turn now https://tattle.life/attachments/1984463/

    Using Harvey for Publicity or Sympathy -
    The Flying Monkeys are suggesting she SELLS these amaaaaaazin' werks 'o art innit to earn a few more quid fer 'olidays and serjurry out of H then :mad::poop:
    In a snippet from one of her crappy tomes its stated that actually DY did try to get access to his son in 2004 but it was stopped. SO then - Dwight took her to court for access after all. I wonder what happened? So many people think he didn't want to see his son as per the vindictive BS spouted by skanky to anyone who might listen, but clearly that was not the case when skank has put precisely that FACT put in her Monologue of Lies
    19.2.23 - it didn't take long for it to get the publicity it needs to try to deflect being caught out on 'oliday with SB - here we go with this rubbish, courtesy of the Met Police
    Basically its this BS from the gob of skank:-
    * Katie Price says she feels betrayed by the scandal-hit Metropolitan Police as officers are investigated over allegedly making callous jokes about her disabled son Harvey.
    * The TV star and ex-model (LOL), 44, told the Sunday Mirror of her fury after learning eight policemen face a gross misconduct inquiry. They are accused of using a WhatsApp group to exchange jibes about brave Harvey, 20, who has severe disabilities.
    *Katie said: “These are the people who are supposed to be protecting us, people we are supposed to trust. It’s pure betrayal. I was in shock at first, then I felt sick, heartbroken and angry.” (Yeah righty-ho)
    *She went on to call for a criminal probe, and stormed: “It’s not enough for these people to just lose their jobs if found guilty. If this has happened to a vulnerable adult like Harvey, it will be happening to others.”
    *The claims are the latest in a string of damaging episodes for London’s Metropolitan force, which was last year plunged into special measures. (Jumping onto a Bandwagon which is of course one of her strong points)
    * Today we name the officers alleged to have exchanged discriminatory messages about Harvey, who has a condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome, between 2016 and 2018.They are: Police Sergeant Luke Thomas, PC Glynn Rees, former Acting PS Luke Allen, former PC Lee South, former PC Carlo Francisco, former PC Kelsey Buchan, former PC Darren Jenner and another listed only as Officer B.
    * Katie, who breached a restraining order last year, said: “I have obviously had dealings with the police in the past, and I can handle the abuse people want to throw at me. I can stick up for myself. When it comes to my son, it’s different. Harvey is so vulnerable, so innocent.He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body – all he wants is to love people and be happy. He doesn’t deserve this from anyone.”
    *She claims officers appear to have gone out of their way to set up a WhatsApp account dedicated to laughing at him and abusing him. She said: “I’m just glad he doesn’t know this has happened, because if he did, it could do him serious harm. The impact has already ricocheted through our whole family. My children Jett and Bunny, who are very protective of Harvey, have both been in tears and Princess and Junior are furious about it. They are old enough now that you can’t keep things from them, because they are asked about it at school.”
    * The officers’ WhatsApp group is alleged to have included “discriminatory content attacking the protected characteristics of race, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation and sex, in the forms of messages, memes and videos”.
    * The gross misconduct hearing into the allegations will take place on Monday in West London. Katie shared the letter she received about the hearing on Instagram yesterday with a note for her followers.
    * She is unable to attend
    (because her holiday was more important and she needed to distance herself from the Bankruptcy Hearing she bunked out of) but hopes to watch it remotely. And she told of her hopes that, if guilty, those involved would face “severe consequences”. (Like she has??)
    * "What they have done is disgusting, and if they are allowed to get away with it, then our system needs a complete overhaul." (Thus sayeth The World's Worst Troll) "If they aren’t punished, what’s to stop it happening again to other vulnerable people? As far as I’m concerned, no punishment is enough. I want there to be severe consequences for them if guilty. If I was face to face with one of them, I’d want them to meet Harvey and see how innocent he is, to see the person they are said to have targeted. For all of the online abuse he has had, no one has ever bullied him to his face because everyone loves him. He is kind and respectful.”
    (Quite unlike his "mother" then?)

    Incidentally, is Harvey not inclined to call people "Cunt" regardless of anything? Is that "respectful"- or maybe it is in Skank's Orbit? Heres proof that Mummy actually goaded H into using foul language when SHE TOLD HIM about this episode, so that effectively detonates her claims about "IF" he knew about it because he DID know - Mummy made a point of telling him and what to say to them, that being a litany of "Cunt Cunt Cunt"!
    Respect is a mutual thing is it not? Not where skank is involved
    Gotcha skank! Massive hypocrite alert ☑
    21.2.23 - undoubtedly by video link from Thailand because - don't forget - she "will be away when the case comes up........" This was such an important Ishoo that she couldn't possibly interrupt her 13th 'oliday in a year could she?
    Its apparently NOT about compensation (YET), however its absolutely unbelievable that she demands an apology for something that affects HER (Yes HER, not H), bearing in mind she didn't even turn up to court to face Alex Reid after she'd been showing footage of him around for 3 years. At least these police officers kept their abuse private between the 8 of them rather than broadcast it around to anybody, including TV audiences. Where's Alex Reid's apology?

    'Olidays! Woo Hoo! -
    11.2.23 - having squirmed out of the BH on Thursday waving the MH Card and having seen that it had already booked sum arsefetiks Tweetmints on its Grouper Fish Gob on the day it was supposed to be standing in front of a Judge, it comes as no surprise that it was potentially spotted at Heathrow Airport with SB and the kids yesterday jetting off for a well-deserved 'oliday. Awaiting the deluge of hideous photos of it demonstrating it's wonky knockers in a cheap and nasty, grifted bikini trying to convince everyone that everyfinks OK innit.............................. It may possibly be Thailand for a bit more serjurry, perhaps to rebalance Phil & Grant? Or is it a bit more deflection from it? Who knows with this LIAR??
    12.2.23 -https://media3.tattle.life/data/attachments/1953/1953873-4b94fbfd5613ea59d32d10abff343965.jpg
    Yep the Scansters are off to Thailand- business class no less! Imagine spending a fortune on a ticket and ending up stuck with SB and skanky for endless hours? As a by note AFP is back in hospital after her lung transplant in November- not only was her lovely daughter on 'oliday when she had the op but she's now fucked off again with lovely AFP back in there! She weally luvs 'er Muvva don't she? Lol
    15.2.23 - The last two times the gruesome twosome have been to Thailand on holiday they were only pictured together 3 times. A bar when they first arrived, the staged walk from the clinic when skank was told "You're too beautiful for surgery" :ROFLMAO: and the famous condom walk, but the rest of the holiday nothing because the last two times skank was laid up after having surgery or tattoos done. They've been there a couple of days now with nothing posted except her glorifying herself as a fantastic ekwestryan with old photos, so has skank already gone under the knife and is laid up while sink boy baby-sits those poor kids whilst looking at the swollen, bruised, full of stitches face and norks of his future missus. Or have they started arguing again? 😎 And what about those poor bloody kids left with the ogre that frightens then??
    21.2.23 - Here we go! Cruelty to bikinis time again with this one struggling to contain Phil & Grant and her wonky arse Get that pose though. "Breathe in Batnan! Hold that gut in place and thrust Phil and Grant outwards..................................... Oi Grant, stop pushing in front!!!!!!

    The Browkern Trotterz -
    11.2.23 - Not so badly Browkern that it stops her riding etc. Think of all that weight being put on them when she gallops off on poor old Wallis

    Court Cases & Law Breaking Etc -
    This lot was back in 2017 and as we know she has upped-the-ante since then -
    "Katie Price first burst on the scene as the 32EE glamour model named "Jordan". She was loud, obscene and a tabloid dream, as she was constantly linked to a different famous footballer or D-list celeb almost every week. When she wasn't falling out of nightclubs, she was modelling for a new annual calendar or appearing on reality shows. She shockingly revealed in her autobiography Being Jordan, "By the time I was 13 years old I knew I was destined to be famous, and even though the first photographer to take glamour shots of me turned out to be a paedophile, I was determined not to let anything stop me from becoming a model and a pop star." It was this kind of honesty that made her "Jordan" persona a household name. She is now considered a successful businesswoman with an estimated net worth of $45 million. (LOL)

    Nowadays, she makes headlines with her controversial parenting skills. Her unconventional family is made up of five children from three different fathers; her eldest son Harvey is now 14-years-old, then came Junior (11) and Princess (8) from her first marriage to Peter Andre, followed by her youngest Jett (3) and Bunny (2) from a third marriage to former stripper, Kieran Hayler.

    Never one to hold back from "saying it how it is" these have been the most savage and scandalous moments Katie Price has given the world over the past 15 years.
    * Lashing Out At Her "Vile" Cross-Dressing Ex. Katie married professional cage fighter Alex Reid in 2010 and the couple spent two years together - although it was far from married bliss. Alex confessed he was a cross-dresser who liked to be named "Roxy" in the bedroom and Katie revealed he would demand that she perform "obscene" sex acts on him. In her autobiography, she wrote, "Think of the most disturbing **** you could imagine, and times that by ten. Only then are you getting close to what I witnessed and what Alex wanted me to join in with." She added, "By the time we split up his sleazy, sordid behavior had left me feeling disturbed, vulnerable and frightened." There's no such thing as a private life when you're married to Katie Price unfortunately.
    *Launching A Brutal Twitter Rant At So-Called Friends In 2014, Katie revealed via a series of Twitter rants that her new husband, Kieran Hayler, had slept with two of her best friends - Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas. She called Chrissy out online and even mentioned her place of work to add to the disgrace, tweeting: "Hope WALLS ice cream keep eye on Chrissy s*** Thomas she is also s*****ng a married worker whom got married within past year and has a child." Katie also told her 2.1 million followers, "There is a lot about Chrissy s*** Thomas (the) media would love to know about with celeb married men." Then she took a swipe at Jane with another tweet that read: "I hope anyone who still wants to be friends with Jane w**** Pountney now realizes she is not loyal who will open her legs to your husbands." It's safe to say that the ladies are no longer friends following this event.
    *Leaving Her Former Best Friend With "Nothing". Don't cross Katie Price - a lesson her former best friend Jane Pountney has learned the hard way. Following the cheating allegations that Jane slept with Katie's husband Kieran, she was banned from using any hairdresser, make-up artist or gym trainers that was connected to Katie. A close friend of Jane told Now magazine, "Things couldn’t be worse for Jane. She’s lost everything just because of her stupid obsession with Kieran." Jane also lost her husband who was left "publicly humiliated" by the whole ordeal. Did Katie care? Not really. She told Fabulous magazine, "Jane has nothing. Her marriage is over and she’s hated by the man she actually thought loved her and wanted to marry her - Kieran." Another source added, "I’m sure Katie’s really delighted Jane’s looking a mess now. She’s piled on the pounds, she’s had a bad hair job and she’s looking knackered. It makes her laugh." (Ironic really when you look at the state of skanky itself these days)
    * Insulting Everyone At A Corporate Party - Most of us have made drunken mistakes but not when we have been paid £15,000 to do a job. Katie appeared at a Christmas party for a large British company but she launched a foul-mouthed rant at the guests after too many drinks. She was supposed to hand awards to the company's staff but instead she grabbed the microphone and called them "f****** little s***s" and "disrespectful b******s." She told another guest to "go and have a w***." Another guest also filmed the former glamour model stripping in the ladies bathroom on their mobile phone. They told The Sun, "She was outrageous. She blew her nose on a tablecloth thinking it was a napkin." They added, "Katie didn't seem to mind who saw her topless. She's always showing off her body in public and was happy showing her new boobs to complete strangers." Katie publicly apologized following the event and vowed she would cut back on her drinking. (Yeah righty-ho she has!)
    * Repeating The N-Word Several Times On Live TV - Katie has fought tirelessly over the years against cyber bullies (LOL when she's the biggest Twoll of all), who "attack" her 14-year-old son Harvey. Her son suffers from blindness (pqartial), he is on the autistic spectrum, has weight gain issues and difficulty walking. In 2007, she successfully sued Heat magazine when they printed a sticker that read: "Harvey Tried To Eat Me." This month, she appeared on This Morning to discuss the online abuse directed at her son and fans were left shocked when she repeated the word "N***a" several times on air. She later defended herself on Instagram when she wrote: "So I’ve just been on This Morning and I’ve made the headlines everywhere cos I used the word n*****. Yes I did use the word n***** because that’s what people call my son. They call him a blind n*****, black s*****c. They call him a g******g. So I’m glad I made headlines using that word because I can get it out there that it’s not acceptable."
    * Forced Off Air Due To A "Spit Joke - "Last year, Katie was forced "the journos favourite word) off air during the daytime show Loose Women when she made a disgusting "spit joke" that left the audience in shock. The panellists were discussing adult toys and Katie revealed she "was the proud owner of a b*** plug with diamonds on the end." As if that wasn't going far enough, she also added a joke that the best lubricant is "spit." Katie was asked to leave the studio and her co-host Ruth Langsford told viewers, "We're sorry if we used some language you didn't like." The hashtag "#Spit" started trending on Twitter as fans found Katie's savage honesty hilarious. One tweeted; "Just found a new love for Katie price "spit" never laughed so hard in my life." Well at least some people found it funny.
    * Hiding Her Ghostwriter From The Public -There's no denying Katie Price hasn't lived her life, she has had so much drama of the years that five autobiographies have been published under her name - although that's not quite accurate. Her autobiographies, along with 14 further fiction titles, that show only her name on the cover were actually written by Rebecca Farnworth. In 2014, Farnworth sadly passed away aged 49-years-old following a long battle with cancer. Katie's management revealed posthumously that Farnworth penned all the books. They praised the author, stating, "Katie's books broke a mould, creating a new genre that went on to spawn countless other celebrity memoirs. At every turn, Rebecca was totally professional, with a journalist's ability to get to the heart of the matter, always delivering on time a near-faultless manuscript." Katie is now considered a best-selling author who has never actually written a thing. (Stealing someone else's artistic licence then)
    * Stealing Gareth Gates' V-Card - areth Gates was on top of the world after winning British talent show Pop Idol and he went on to sell more than 4 million records in the UK alone. Then Katie Price stole his virginity and his public image went from squeaky clean pop star to the victim of a well-known seductress/slag. He was splashed all over the tabloids as he was only 17-years-old at the time and Katie was not only ten years his senior but she was also pregnant at the time. It was Katie who leaked the story to the press, as she revealed the whole event lasted "three seconds" and "(He was) shaking so much his trousers practically fell off his legs." Gates told New magazine, "I was bemused as to why she went to the press with it as I see relationships as private." He added, "It wasn't too long after that I decided to take a break from the industry." The curse of Katie strikes again.
    * Brutally Slammed Her Son's Father Over Twitter - Katie fell pregnant with her eldest son Harvey following a brief relationship with professional footballer Dwight Yorke. Since the birth of her son, Yorke has never been around, which is something Katie was not shy about revealing over Twitter. When Yorke was denied access to the USA following Donald Trump's Muslim Ban earlier this year, she tweeted him: "Why don’t you fly to West Sussex, Dwight? The door is always open. It’s been ten years Harvey has been waiting #d**k." In her autobiography Reborn, she also writes, "(Yorke) is unable to accept Harvey for who he is and seems unable or unwilling to work within his limitations. I have always said that if Dwight could see what a courageous and talented boy Harvey is then he would enjoy being with him so much." (We have heard a lot thats contrary to this rubbish from price)
    * Ruining Her Best Friend's Wedding Ceremony - Katie horrified guests during the wedding ceremony for her two best friends and personal hairdressers, Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner, when she became so drunk she tried to fight with other guests. According to The Mirror, Katie became aggressive when she mistakenly misheard reality star and model Nicola McLean. A source revealed, "One of Katie's friends mistakenly thought they overheard Nicola slagging off (Katie) and reported back to her and she was livid. (Katie) came over, stood in her face and it got quite nasty. She was screaming abuse and pointing her finger violently towards Nicola." Another added, "(Katie) drank so much that at one point, she sat on the dance floor and started crying. She also made a speech but got lairy and started saying the c-word. Someone had to take the microphone off her. It was incredible."
    *When She Called Out Kelly Brook's Bedroom Skills - Glamour model and actress Kelly Brook felt the wrath of Katie Price when the pair feuded over the same guy they were both dating, Danny Cipriani. When Kelly when on a panel show to bad mouth Katie, she tweeted: "(Kelly Brook) pick up the phone if you have a problem instead of hiding behind a TV screen." In another tweet she wrote: "Ask Danny about his emails and texts sent to me behind your back which will show you he will never be faithful."Just to land one last final blow, Katie also tweeted: "I'm sure Kelly wouldn't be laughing if I said the things Danny said to me about her in the bedroom when I was with him haha."
    *When She Destroyed Jodie Marsh In A Rant Online -One of the longest ongoing feuds between glamour models is that of Katie Price and Jodie Marsh. The one-time rivals have still got beef and neither of them is quiet about it in public. When asked about Katie, Jodie tweeted, "'Who?' Oh yeah, her - the one who’s famous for having loads of different kids with different dads!"
    An unimpressed Katie fired back, "Jodie gone quiet digging my name up for a headline! For someone who use to say 'I'm natural' followed me having boob jobs (vile ones) now wanting them out like me! Your nose done like a builders elbow." She added, "You're the most vile thing I've ever seen, your no model just look like a man in drag. Remember the fiver I paid you for dancing for my ex ha! Get back in your box you'll never be me but keep trying."
    * When She Let Princess Speak For Herself - Over the past year, Katie has been strongly criticized for allowing her 8-year-old daughter Princess (her eldest daughter with singer Peter Andre) to wear a full face of makeup and post selfies online. One commenter wrote, "What the hell is wrong with this girl’s mum, this is over sexualising a little girl." Another added, "It’s awful making a beautiful child look like an adult." Katie then decided to let Princess film her own video titled "Princess firing back", which addresses the controversy, and she posted this online. Princess said to the camera, "By the way, I wanna do my makeup. Not my mum, I do. And anyway, it’s none of your beeswax, so oosh!" She was clearly following in her mother's footsteps when it comes to rudeness
    * When She Attacked Victoria Beckham's Teeth - During an episode of Loose Women, Katie Price took a huge swipe at Victoria Beckham over her dental hygiene. The panelists were discussing why Victoria never smiles and Katie revealed, "That's because she has horrible teeth. I'm sorry but she does." (They're probably her own teeth though) Katie has always had a strained relationship with Victoria, as she believed her ex-boyfriend, Dane Bowers, was having an affair with the former Spice Girl - although he was actually having an affair with one of Victoria's friends instead. Katie revealed on the show, "Well he worked with Victoria Beckham, and I thought something was going on. Is he obsessed with her? It ended up being her friend. And I was right, my paranoia was right. I was so heartbroken." Although Victoria was an innocent party, it's clear Katie has never forgiven her involvement.
    * Her Entire Wedding - In 2005, Katie Price became Ms Andre after she married Mysterious Girl singer Peter Andre in a lavish $2.5 million ceremony. Katie was the ultimate diva as she arrived at Hampshire’s Highclere Castle in an enormous pink princess gown complete with a huge crown. Throughout their four year marriage, they created a string of reality shows based on their marriage which included: When Jordan Met Peter, Jordan & Peter: Laid Bare, Jordan & Peter: Marriage Mayhem?, Katie & Peter: The Baby Diaries and Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter. Sadly after five years, the marriage was not meant to be and although the "lawful reasons" which caused Peter to walk out on the marriage have never been made public, the allegations Katie cheated has still to this day been the most popular theory. (Now who would be surprised; One day Peter is going to let rip at her once and for all)

    Remember, skank is no stranger to Courts at all and lying her arse off to them. This is regarding the case her ex-husband Alex Reid took out against skanky for character assassination, her lies, publishing and sharing intimate photos and videos and all the rest of it in a case HE WON but has yet to see a brass razzoo from it! Of course she likes to exaggerate anything that did happen, just like when she insisted Kieran had "groomed a young girl" then went to police 'on the girls behalf' taking it upon herself to state moral outrage then demand "Justice" be served. (In earlier stories it was stated he sent friendly texts but skanky blew it all up into all sorts) She also tried to make out the footage she had stored on her phone of AR was something verging on illegal when in fact it we all know it was a solo, consensual, private act - yet skanky seems to think she can demand anything be investigated as a crime unless its something SHE'S done. This is exactly what she's done with hijacking J&B to "rescue" them from the Phantom Flan Flinger and refusing to hand them back to their Father - presumably she's either somehow accessessed Kieron's home security system or had Bunty leave her phone on 'record' every waking hour in the hope of catching something to use as ammunition. She has a history of recording stuff to use at a later date, ie that video of Alex. So who else does she have embarrassing videos of eh? In any case, I'm guessing Her Flying Monkey's stating they'd "seen the video, honnist I ave" on Tattle was an attempt to cover her back for the video ie. "It werent ME, Ize innercint innit!" because this entire situation is very similar to Alex Reid's case when she said she mysteriously found footage of him online somehow. Yeah righty-ho skank! Indeed it's a way to distance herself from the collecting and copying and distributing blackmail material by stating that she "just so 'appened to find it on der internet................" She also went on to have another excuse in the Reid case - the stolen ipad which presumably contained the video which "The Blackmailers" used to torment AR. Jolly convenient eh?
    Reid's barrister Philip Williams read his client's statement to the court, saying: "I was absolutely horrified by the fact Katie was holding onto this footage. I was also blackmailed in 2013, they ended up being prosecuted.
    As to how that footage actually came into the "Blackmailer's hands ", the only feasible answer was that it could only have come from Ms Price." It was then Price denied leaking the footage and said her iPad was stolen.'' Convenient

    13.2.23 - https://tattle.life/attachments/1676232774372-png.1955206/ Its supposed to be attending a debate at Cambridge University this week - like thats gonna happen considering its sauteéing its plastic hide in Thailand currently!
    19.2.23 - Make some mileage out of H - but "Its still awl abaht MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE innit!

    19.2.23 - some more over-filtered rubbish.

    Ownli Fans -
    Where are those missing raspberries???
    16.2.23 - It cannot resist breaking the rules even on it's shitty OF rubbish. Check out this revolting spectacle though :eek:

    Animal Victims - take note RSPCA! -
    18.2.23 - just to make it clear that skanky's demand for her "Harvey's Law" is not going to happen because there already is a Harvey's Law concerned with animal welfare and she cannot change it!

    22.2.23 - Another little victim arrives at the House of Horrors :(
    22.2.23 - and whats the betting the RSPCA does bugger-all as usual? https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-mucky-mansion-viewer-29284303

    The Media Sticking it to her (or grovelling after her) -
    8.2.23 - In the grim light of day with it sidestepping bankruptcy proceedings today by waving the Mentawl 'Elf Card, The Sun are gunning for it with a very unflatterring article containing some very sharp Home Truths. Bring it on the Sun!!
    and yet heres another lot actively grovelling about after the criminal. They obviously know it cannot cook at all after that Masterchef Fiasco where she served raw steak and incinerated mashed/lumpy grey spud with the skins still on, so she's presumably there as the Comedic Interlude? Why in hell are they even employing it though?? No doubt her Mental 'Elf will get better in record time to film this garbage but I hope E4 will drug test her and do a full evaluation of her MH because we wouldn't want her complaining that she wasn't looked after by the tv company, your know like ITV did when they abandoned her to be "attakkd & waped by awl dem Saaarrrff Affrikans wiv guns an evvryfink" All she wants is "to be treated like dat 'Olly an' Fill geezer innit"
    11.2.23 - Who is this berk anyway? DOI needs this thing like a fish needs a bicycle
    16.2.23 - oh dear, the skank is getting it's nylon knickers in a twist over The Sun's campaign to bring it down. :ROFLMAO: They are not going to stop you know skanky :) "Mum & Kids Holiday" it says - dragging the kids around shopping malls looking for old crap and fakes to buy then sticking them in a corner at some dodgy bar/restaurant whilst you get rat-arsed really IS quite a good place for kids to be eh? Especially when she has Sinkboy in tow who terrifies Jett

    19.2.23 - heres another lot grovelling after it
    Lady Muck alright - Piles of it :poop::poop::poop::poop:
    21.2.23 - the Sun here commenting on the Trampy Towers makeover crap. They really are gunning for skanky with stuff like "the festering sofa............................"
    22.2.23 -

    Moosik -
    11.2.23 - oh bloody hell! Not more of her thinking she can sing again? And that silly moo Skarlitt is mentioned too :LOL:

    12.2.23 - "Teasing a new moosical career!" I'm sure that the 12 year old journos actually mean "Threatening" more of her terrible Moosic!
    But Skank trying to "resurrect" her music career?
    1. music?
    2. what fucking career?
    3. what happened to the release of this latest "resurrecting single" that is 3 months overdue? Still waiting!!! :)

    Trampy Towers -
    9.2.23 - the next in the series of shite due out soon :mad: I guess they were waiting to see if it got incarcerated today before announcing this shit https://tellymix.co.uk/tv/653908-katie-prices-mucky-mansion-start-date-confirmed-for-new-series-on-channel-4.htm
    16.2.23 - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-prices-mucky-mansion-tv-26071007 Its an old article from the last bollockfest when it signed to do two lots of this garbage and of course it was a dismal failure, BUT this failure is also the reason that this series is only 3 episodes and being shown in the 10pm Graveyard slot wheres its been hidden away due to embarassment. When will these fools realise that skanky is NOT a bankable commodity though?
    * It was beaten by BBC Two’s "Inside The Factory with Gregg Wallace" – which focused on how tortilla chips are made – which scored 1.2million. Thats infinately more interesting than any shit about skanky so basically a King Edward Spud beat the ratings of a lying washed up old $lut - what a surprise :) People are so tired of her arrogance and the bankruptcy excuses which was perfectly apparent on that Farage programme when she was blasé about owing money (Join the queue!" it said laughing), people's smiles dropped and they looked pretty pissed off.
    19.2.23 - Here we go again - it's after a third series of this bullshit, tarting up that dump for her so she can turn it back into a squalid hovel as soon as the film crew are out of the gate
    Just read the accompanying garbage
    "I’d let them design more. (bet you would!) I might get them to do a gym for me. I really want to start working out. (Yeah righty-ho!) Because I don’t drive [due to a driving ban], I’m trying to make it a home that I don’t have to leave. (Why are you on holiday every month if thats the case skanky?) I want to turn one of the rooms into a gym and properly kit it out. We can do that for the third series.” "We? Some mug you mean surely??)
    Opening up on her mum’s health, Katie says, “She’s taking each day as it comes. She still nags me every day. The more she nags, the more I know she’s alright!” (Makes no difference though does it,)
    Katie’s children are happy with the house, too. Junior, who Katie shares with ex-husband Peter Andre, couldn’t be there but Princess, her daughter with Pete, Jett and Bunny, who she shares with ex-husband Kieran Hayler, and Harvey (the kids she stole from their Father's custody), her son by ex-footballer Dwight Yorke, looked thrilled as they posed for pictures. LOL

    In this rubbish she says Junior "couldn't be there" - more like he had no desire whatsoever to be wheeled out for crap photo-ops for the old bag, especially after it turning up dressed like a Ho to that boxing fiasco!
    The Mirror also have the H police story as a front page headline, they strangely appear to be all-in with her lies, trying to fool their readers, quite unlike The Scum who are slyly exposing her BS. :) WTF are The Mirror playing at, they know the truth, this article is a pack of lies. Its truly sickening, this pandering to her which begs the question, whose gonads is she crushing at Mirror HQ eh?
    20.2.23 -showing off again. However it won't be long before its filthy and manky again, strewn with detritus and all-the-while-ever-anticipating another series of this bollocks where she wants them to build her a gym! What a waste of money :(
    Of course all this work on her behalf comes down to this BS initially “And then I got burgled and someone turned the shower on, so it leaked and my ceiling collapsed. It looked like a building site, so that’s where it got the name Mucky Mansion.” Actually skank it had the name long before then because Keith Lemon christened it that having viewed the hovel Through the Keyhole, but Yes she was targeted AGAIN by the gangs of Mexicans and Saaaarffff Affrikkans (they who still nick her Post Boks regularly), hoiwever back then they just broke into the place to "tidy up" (oops I mean Vandalise the Place!). Note she has also stated also that Burglars also "stole" an island unit and other fittings from the kitchen :unsure: which in fact sounds more like contractors she knocked for payment simply came and repossessed whatever they could of their work then skank got some of SB's dodgy mates to pop over to do the vandalism so she could say the fiendish Burglars did it all for a bit more "Poor Meeeeeee!" in the papers :( Thats nearer the Troof of the matter
    21.2.23 - "Tacky" hardly covers it!

    Katie Price makes major change to her Mucky Mansion - but star is warned she's asking for trouble | The Sun
    The chances of skanky keeping anything "Pristine" are about ZERO
    22.2.23 - and there it is recently denying there has ever been any problem whatsoever with the septic system at Trampy Towers - Liar Liar Pants on Fire Skanky! These are your own words :) https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-mucky-mansion-build-23056965
    23.2.23 - PROOF (if it was even needed) that C4 were obliged to engage a cleaning hit-squad to fumigate and get rid of vast tonnages of CRAP before they even set foot in the dump to film their rubbish programme! I bet they all had to wear Haz-Mat suits for fear of catching Denge Fever and a myriad of other nasties in the hovel :)
    https://www.walesonline.co.uk/lifestyle/tv/katie-prices-mucky-mansion-welsh-26302712 And a firm from Wales going to 'Orsham? Could it be that no company in the South of England would entertain her?
    23.2.23 - The Makeover. Seemingly completed at the cost of a tenner per room. Naff & Trashy like skanky

    The Fan Zone - those that are yet to be locked up for their own safety -
    13.2.23 - Naked Rodney has competition
    24.2.23 - They're all saying the same thing again! Strangely enough these cretins have only just realised its got a gob like the Channel Tunnel https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/21494640/katie-price-fans-complaint-habit-mucky-mansion/