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    The answer? "Yeah wewl 'eees der Wun innee and 'eee paks a punch..........................."
    Skanks got a new pet -

    Top Frumps card game featuring skanky

    It cannot even manage to get the Get-Out-Of-Community-Service Boots on the right feet either

    14.7.22 - Look what the tide brought in!

    Look at the knees!

    Yep 2022 certainly is Your Year innit luv?? :ROFLMAO:
    Can we be sure this is all down to filters and photoshop???? Looks pretty realistic from where I am


    15.8.22 - This is how it turns up at a Polo Event to hob-nob with the Hooray Henries! I'll bet they were delighted to see it too
    15.8.22 - Take a tip Ace mate! This trash already belongs to The Bloke Downstairs :devilish:
    5.9.22 - Note the reappearance of the speshul boots - obviously it needs to Get Out of Community Service this week

    'Olidays - its not been on 'oliday for a couple of weeks so surely one is due? Will Sinkboy go with her or another victim??
    25.8.22 - and bang-on cue its off on 'oliday but with the kids this time to justify it. This is purely to show what a great mother she is in view of the NTA nomination (which she thinks she is going to win) Dream on doris! :)

    Note the addition of "Bankrupt" A nice little pointer to those who are supposed to be monitoring what it is spending money on that it allegedly doesn't have. Oh to be "Bankrupt" and have 10 holidays in less than a year eh??
    Viva Espana!

    26.8.22 - SB has appeared on the lukkshurry 'oliday plus he was also spotted lurking at the airport trying to avoid being photographed. So all the lies from SFP to the contrary are all out-of-the-window then??
    SFP here - A source told The Sun: "She's gone away with Harvey, Jett and Bunny for a bit of quality time as a family. Carl's not there. It's just a family trip." LOL. Well he WAS THERE eh SFP? However now just think about poor little Jett (particularly) and Bunny who were petrified of the rampaging SB on the night of Slapgate who now get to spend a week's holiday with him, also you have to wonder if AFP knew he was going seeing as she allegedly cannot stand him. The atmosphere in that villa is going to be toxic, undoubtedly with repercussions
    He cannot resist rubbing everyone's noses in it can he??
    28.2.22 - heres some of His Troofs that the press ARE interested in, the troof that he was in Spain with skanky and the kids despite all their lies to the contrary. They obviously also LIED to SFP to get her to pledge to the media that he was not going on 'oliday wiv dem, as well as lying to AFP who would certainly have had a lot to say about Biffa being around the children who witnessed him lamping the skank one last year. So they have lied to everybody, not least to Kieron, they've lied all round haven't they? Its highly doubtful Kieron would have allowed this 'oliday had he known Biffa SB was hiding in the wardrobe to "surprise" the kids dressed in his Barney the dinosaur costume :( Let's hope the SS are waiting to pounce on the arseholes for this blatent catalogue of LIES then Katie Price's fiance Carl Woods hits back at split rumours as he shows off their luxury Spanish holiday with the kids | The Sun
    Incidentally both the assholes are filming seedy content for their OFs on this so-called "Famli 'Oliday" - NICE :sick:

    The End is Nigh? -
    18.8.22 -Just filing this for future comparison because it won't be long now before it starts on it's Campaign Against This Version Of The One, on how he's treated her so badly and used her for fame and fortune, was a bully oh and some sort of a deviant pervert (as they all become at some stage according to skank). This must be imminent seeing as it already has The Next Egg/ The One already on the gallows awaiting execution. Get ready for it folks :)
    Gotta love that last paragraph too :ROFLMAO:
    A little reminder to SB as he muses over that footage when he made a complete exhibit of Himself the other week on Insta.
    Still yearning for that recognition eh SB? Have the last 2 years on the frontline all been worth that blue tick, being arrested, lowering yourself to having a w4n% in the sink, lowering Katie on to a sink to be pi$$ed all over (mind you, some like that sort of thing), being known as a woman beater, getting barred by SS from being around 4 children, getting chucked off a plane, parents probably hiding with embarrassment (don't think Katie met your mum after that initial meeting??), Katie texting other guys behind your back, giving up your mates, failed as a car dealer, unable to visit your 2nd home in Vegas, in the press for all the wrong reasons (driving whilst using a mobile, driving over the speed limit, allowing Jett not to be secured in your car properly), in trouble with the ASA for not correctly labelling your #ads, did FOREX scams, failed ticket sales for 'boys night in', ruined your own teeth, had her face (well, that's debatable) tattooed all over your arm, had to carry a Pregnancy kit, pretend you were shopping for a big posh house, sat for hours upon hours in nails bars, hair salons, at photoshoots and pretend to break your hand.
    The reality is that you were just "employed" by her as her driver and she didn't pay you either HAHA!

    5.9.22 - reduced to BUYING followers on TikTok now after her numbers plummeted. :LOL:

    7.9.22 - something is brewing for we are on Deflect Mode. Out come the photos of Pervy Paul and the Old Barracuda
    8.9.22 - and now Harvey and the other kidshttps://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1687268621644861

    Sheer Class! -

    Lets give The Sun its own section for its crafty little "digs" at it -
    3.9.22 -https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/19684068/katie-price-kids-mum-holiday/
    https://tattle.life/attachments/024182ad-7cd8-4ef1-88ac-fc220803314e-jpeg.1550220/ :LOL:
    Ulrika giving it to the skank via the Sun :) https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220903_154411-jpg.1551004/
    The are currently making No Comments about this latest crap about South Africa - that says a lot on it's own;
    7.9.22 - the Sun are giving her bullshit about alleged rapes in South Africa and everywhere else a wide berth but they have popped up with this little number, just to underline a point about how she lies continuously without turning a single hair from her wig. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/7420116/inside-katie-price-first-rehab-the-stint-priory/ "Not drug addiction!" it squawks "Iss me mentawl 'elf innit!" yet it's own words belie the truth on the matter. To that end here we have skanky itself at the time witterring-on concerning The Farewell Letter to Cocaine she wrote during her first stint at Hotel Priory - that being the one she has now denied all knowledge of because she "Was only there for 'Er Mentawl 'Elf an' not dwugs innit."

    Nah! - here we go with more lies and utter crap broadcast on telly;
    26.8.22 - another absolute pile of bullshit, this time about it's Trauma over Slapgate, driving offences etc. All somebody else's fault of course. https://digiguide.tv/programme/Documentary/Katie-Price-Trauma-and-Me/1418751/
    30.8.22 - The latest selection of bollocks about her mentawl 'elf mayte innit. ALL UTTER LIES. The only thing really wrong with her is that she's a raging narcissist pandered to by a mother who is unable to see the truth about the thing she brought into the world, the grifting sycophznts within The Family and idiots who seem to think skanky is some sort of an icon.
    That "demon" being cocaine. Oh and voddy of course - it all makes such a charming combo
    30.8.22 - this is what happens when she starts dropping hints (huge great LIES & wishful thinking). The media morons think its True so here we have skanky hinting that she's the new presenter of Big Brother - in yer dreams luv! :LOL::poop:https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/celebs-tv/katie-price-hints-big-brother-7523981
    31.8.22 - and more garbage. The thing is with this bullshit she needs to unload SB but can she? LOL
    This was some bullshit interview on the simpering This Morning programme in 2019 - lets see how much has changed when the next bucket of bullcrap airs then.
    2019 This Morning interview. She alleges her PTSD ordeals were from her being held at gun point in South Africa, AFP being told she is dying, her dog and horse being killed, Harvey's kidnap threat and Kieran cheating on her. Let us see if she gets them in the right order or invents a whole new lot of Syndromes to suffer from since having access to lots of leaflets, you know, her being such a regular participant at The Priory and all that bullshit. (Yeah haha!) She'll probably get them all wrong then completely contradict this lot of bollocks, to which she will blame This Morning for changing all her words around like they always do to superstars like her :)
    The next load of BULLSHIT begins "Me Mental 'Elf Innit - 7.9.22 -Yet again, everything is down to the Exes just like it always is and it causes her to "trigger". Well she makes me "trigger" but I'm not a fucking nutter like she is! https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.3.0-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-204-klatty-thinks-shes-cool-but-shes-as-popular-as-a-turd-in-a-swimming-pool.33259%2Fpage-23%23post-11604996&url=https%3A%2F%2Fmetro.co.uk%2F2022%2F09%2F07%2Fkatie-price-says-ex-husbands-are-triggers-for-mental-health-17313503%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=69d1e98156ece3f856caffaddca7b122&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D

    The South Africa Lie -this has been excavated as amongst the reasons for her being bonkers -
    7.9.22 -Her "version" of events in South Africa years ago changes as and when it suits her narrative bringing us to this little number.
    Strange how the South African authoritites knew nothing about all this nonsense aside from skanky deciding to take her entourage through an area they were told NOT to venture into because gangs would certainly rob you, stranger still that none of the kids present seem to be suffering PTSD nor any of her own current excuses for her activities had they really witnessed this all happenning to their "mother" in front of them. Instead this is ALL about skanky upping the ante for her crappy Mentawl Trauma show in trying to write-off her inexcuseable behaviours and LIES as being due to her hideous ordeal in front of the children and a husband who did NOTHING to defend her honour :( All everybody else's fault as per usual.
    Heres an article from back-in-the-day - no mention of 6 men with guns nor a "rape" but then she didn't have a Mentawl 'Elf Issho to plug back then did she?

    This was the day after her horrific ordeal with 6 armed rapists - still on 'oliday without a care in the world obviously. Its also been said that she tried to pull an insurance scam over a huge amount of items allegedly stolen but that failed too. So terribly traumatised as you can see.........

    Men just cant' help themselves when it comes to skanky (according to her)
    Now why wouldn't she name this person, especially when she could grift a few quid for the revelation? Could it be because (like all the rest of her sordid allegations) its ALL in her head?
    Heres an article from a local guy who rescued this lot after their "ORDEAL" His story is somewhat different to hers
    and the local media reported on it too -
    Police confirmed the incident to TshisaLIVE and said several items were stolen.
    "A British tourist was with her two children when they had to stop so one of the children could relieve themselves by the road. They were attacked by three men and items including cash‚ laptops and jewellry were taken."
    British tabloid The Sun has quoted Price as fearing for her life.
    "We are lucky to be alive. It could have been much worse."
    It's understood that one person was treated in hospital after he tried to intervene when the robbers attacked.
    It's unclear whether the star will continue filming in South Africa‚ but TshisaLIVE understands she is still in the country at this stage.
    Source: TshisaLIVE
    Presumably everybody in the world is lying except skanky then?
    Don't forget turning her car over whilst pished and off-her-face - thats another reason
    So its now a Statement of Fact according to the Mail. They are going to look incredibly stupid when they realise she's lied to them and then turns it all around to make it look like they made it all up instead of Her (like she did to The Sun regarding Slapgate) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11186501/Katie-Price-says-raped-2018-carjacking-South-Africa-ahead-new-documentary.html#reader-comments
    And heres it's statement given on-camera after The Incident. No mention of the 6 blokes with guns intent on raping her as she's now saying, in fact she's not even slightly purturbed by it apart from the inconvenience value of some bastard stealing her phone.
    and Neil's version (he being the only person actually hurt during this "ordeal") Somewhat diffferent to her version eh?

    So which Ex is she referring to here then? Is it Cole? Has anybody told SB he's joined the ranks of "Exes" to be blamed for everything? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-says-drink-drive-27894108
    7.9.22 - here comes The Knight in Shining Armour, the mysterious saviour who pulled it from the wreckage after she flipped the car off her head/face in a leafy Horsham lane. I wonder how much that paid this complete Hero Personified for this pile of bollocks??https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/katie-prices-car-crash-rescuer-27886520 Funny how there was a Lee in Court at exactly the same time she was...................... (The original Hero was an elderly man quoted as being "Mr Merchant")
    The court heard a witness to the crash, a Mr Marchant, had pulled Katie from the wreckage.
    He said she had fallen into the passenger seat and the car was on its side.
    Mr Marchant managed to remove a window and pulled her from the damaged car - police arrived soon after.
    However in "Trauma and Me" apparently he says
    "I came around the corner and saw this car overturn. It was eerily quiet............I was just like this isn't right. I parked my car in front of it and heard a woman saying 'help me, help me'..................Then you crawled out and I picked you up and helped you."

    Have we got another liar on our hands? You bet! I wonder how much that lot cost Team Skanky?

    7.9.22The Liyfe-fretninly Injurrd Feyt are now brought into play as part of the Poor Me charade, hence why the boots have made a reappearance this week. No doubt she's off on 'oliday today escape the firestorm and needed to skive out of her community service order
    The Ever-evolving stories from It - Running on a theme now - the numerous "rapes". Look how this story has changed over the years!


    "Iss awl abaht Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as usual -
    19.7.22 - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-shows-huge-new-27457853.amp?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=organic#amp_tf=From%20%251$s&aoh=16576585187161&referrer=https://www.google.com?amp_gsa=1&amp_js_v=a9&usqp=mq331AQKKAFQArABIIACAw== Discussing the revolting tattoos and her lack of raspberries thanks to the endless surgeries
    2.8.22 - are they serious? FFS C5 now employing the old Ho! :mad:
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19398647/katie-price-chaotic-life-exposed-doc/ Not that they are going to find it easy because look at this little quote / - https://tattle.life/attachments/8fc8c425-eb3e-4613-aff5-6cb0013699dc-jpeg.1466328/
    I hope they've got their Best Turd-Polishing Rags ready, ie all her luverly rancid JYY trackies strewn around the floors at the hovel.
    An oldie but it was foul even then - REIN IN JORDAN - Mirror Online https://youtu.be/GbbHQA5pHAk
    5.8.22 - the next chapter of shite is supposed to be a Tell-All about the old hag. The comments say it all though :)

    Back when it was allegedly training to inject Botox into victims. "Terrified of needles" so it says yet willing to stab other vain people for money (not forgetting that the thing itself is covered in gruesome tattoos and a keen advocate for having her own wrinkles stabbed with porcine toxins) https://youtu.be/ys-IHXQDEKk
    22.8.22 - out on it's own dressed in its Recruiting Outfit of course & MINUS The 50 zillionty pahnd Ring or SB. What a hilarious mess it truly is! Has Banksy been scribbling all over it?

    and some more bullshit hits the fan -
    The Big C storyline was used years ago but we must surely be due for a re-run seeing as she's fast running out of excuses for her behaviour https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-132849/I-fight-cancer-sake-son-says-Jordan.html
    7.9.22 - and some more Poor Me's - https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.3.0-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-204-klatty-thinks-shes-cool-but-shes-as-popular-as-a-turd-in-a-swimming-pool.33259%2Fpage-35&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mirror.co.uk%2F3am%2Fcelebrity-news%2Fkatie-price-claims-no-real-27918508&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=db9c938b25c3559c993b4a5adfd22eb6&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    Ther reason you have no real friends is that NOBDODY likes you skanky and why the hell would they eh??

    Bully and / or Troll -
    Sample List of People Katie Price has Unjustifiably Bullied- not including the Ex-husbands/Escapees
    Dane Bowers
    : She insulted the size of Dane’s manhood whilst being a judge on porn idol at G.A.Y. nightclub. (1) She turned down a contestant after looking at his appendage and said that even the show ‘Naked Attraction’ would reject him because of the state of it. If she had to say anything more, she could have just said “It’s okay, I’ve been with someone with a small dick, size doesn’t matter, it’s just the feeling”. But she just had to name drop and say “It’s okay, I’ve been with Dane Bowers, do you know what, it doesn’t matter about the size, it’s just the feeling”. Absolute cow.

    Danni Cipriani: KP insulted his manhood by calling him called him Danny Chipolata in her autobiography Love, Lipstick and Lies. (2)

    Apollo Hayler: Wished him dead or disabled before he was even born. (3) Having said that, here we are a few months later with skanky "acting" all maternal over a baby at some scabby event.
    Mind you, the stupid mother had to pay her for the photo

    Gareth Gates: In 2002, Gareth rose to fame as a shy, stuttering young man with an incredible singing talent. He was destined for a bright future in the music industry. Unfortunately, wanting to use this as an opportunity to bring attention back to herself after a failed relationship with Dwight Yorke, KP made it her mission to be the one to take Gareth’s virginity. She cornered him, seduced him, took him to a hotel room, and then the next day, sold a story about how he only lasted 3 seconds and how he was so nervous that he was shaking the whole time… (4) The poor boy suffers a stammer for god’s sake, what did you expect he would be like after only knowing you 5 minutes and not wanting to come across as rude?

    Gareth was only 17 at the time and she was pregnant and 27. He was so shocked by what she did to him as he naively thought things like this was private, it resulted in him shying away from the industry and never truly coming back. (4)

    More recently, in 2019, Katie Price whilst cheating on Kris Boyson with Charles Drury in Turkey (5), heard that back in the UK Gareth had broken up with his girlfriend Faye Brookes. KP managed to get hold of Gareth’s number through a mutual friend and began by sending him an innocent message of support. A few drinks later, despite being with Charles later the tone of her messages completely turned and at 4am and she was constantly ringing him looking for some flirtatious banter, which he refused. (6) She retaliated to this rejection by writing in her book ‘Harvey and Me’, that the only reason Gareth had a career was because he slept with her. Delusional cow.

    Any time she insults someone for selling a story about her, remember she did this to Gareth to make herself a bit of fast cash.

    Her own child Princess Andre: KP has called her daughter ugly on numerous occasions even though she was a defenceless toddler, and her own flesh and blood. In 2017, when Princess was 10, she not only called her ugly, but also whilst looking at a baby photo of her she said she looked like an alien because of her big eyes. (7) She defends herself now by saying that all babies are ugly and by insulting Princess it was actually ‘empowering’. (8)

    Kelly Brook – called her a heifer, even though the model was in beautiful shape and modelling swimwear for New Look. Katie Price wrote in her column that she was “FLABbergasted” to see how big Kelly really is. This hatred for Kelly came about when KP was dumped by Danni Cipriani, who later got with Kelly. Something KP could not stomach and so had to find ways to attack her for. She went on to tell Kelly that Danny Cipriani will never be faithful to her and that he was still sending messages to her! (9) Yeah, probably saying ‘if you don’t stop ringing me - I’ll get a restraining order against you!’

    Victoria Beckham: Katie Price fell out with Victoria in the 1990’s because she released the song “Out OF Your Mind” with Dane Bowers, one of KP’s numerous exs. Since then, Katie has just been jealous of everything Victoria has achieved. On an episode of Loose Women where the topic was ‘are you a confident smiler?’ Gloria Hunniford said that Victoria never smiles, Katie butted in and said “because Victoria has horrible teeth!”. (10) The studio audience all booed her at this point as it is was not called for and just a purely nasty thing to say.

    Philip Schofield – called him a ‘bully’ because he shared a light-hearted tweet from Sarah Harding’s dressing room after she had a haircut, pretending her hair extensions had fallen out. She tried to harm his image by saying “I never had him down as a bully, but that’s exactly what he is.” Phillip hit back with “Oh dear, not surprisingly you got that all wrong … People like you should be careful using the word ‘bully’, especially as you just called a woman a ‘heffer’ in the same column.’ (9) BURN.

    Emily Atack – Katie publicly uploaded a smeer video to discredit and harm Emily’s image in which she accused Emily of having a fishy fanny (11). This was in response to Emily being rightly repulsed that the shared water where they can cool down and relax in had been defiled historically by KP having sex in it. Emily was in her right to be disgusted that the water having a dirty history. Katie had no grounds to say Emily had a smelly fanny. Get your facts right KP before you start mud-slinging.

    Alex Reed: Katie Price, unable to accept that her ex’s can go on and have relationships after having one with her. Unable to leave him alone, she gave interview after interview insulting him, slagging him off to friends and family and kept indecent pictures and videos of him on her phone and laptop. Getting too much momentum and a high from insulting him, she shared a private pornographic video of Alex that she had taken without his consent in 2009 to a studio audience of 40 people, despite no one asking to see it. (12) At the same time shouting, ‘see he’s disgusting!’. KP said she never showed anyone anything, but thanks to multiple witnesses, Alex was awarded £25 0,000 in damages and a five-year injunction from a court case filed against her for this revenge porn incident. (13) Due to the constant bullying lead by KP, Alex has had ongoing therapy sessions for the suicidal thoughts he gets plagued with as a consequence. (14)

    Kieron Hayler: forcing him to say he is a sex-addict so his cheating on her wouldn’t damage her image. It would later come out that the sex-addiction diagnosis was all made up (15), Kieron was just desperately unhappy due to being treated as slave on her ‘farm’ and being emotionally abused by KFP throughout the entire relationship.

    She would go on to publicly call him a paedophile and tried to set up an arrest for him (16). Giving dates and times for these supposed incidences to have occurred in 2016, forgetting that she had gone on to renew their vows the following year 2017 (17). So, if she was so aware and horrified by what was going on and trying to get him reported even then, why would she renew her vows with him and give speeches about how she “loves him with all her heart and soul”? If any of the rape allegations were true, she would have run a mile back then.

    Jane Pountney: This woman was a confident for Kieron whilst he was unhappily married to KP. This closeness allegedly lead to them having an affair. KP was said to have caught them kissing and responded by punching and knocking one Jane’s teeth out. Finishing their friendship. But KP would not let it go. Constantly uploading photos where she either has distorted her face (18), or found an unflattering private one when they were messing around with makeup (19), being ageist and insulting her for being 50. Constantly calling her a slag and harassing her. She proudly boasts about this assault (for thats what it is) in one of her crap "books", laughing that she "Thought she'd killed her" and that she had knocked a couple of her teeth out.
    KP at 44, wishes she looks as good as Jane did then at 50.

    If KP is caught cheating, like she did on Kris Boyson, on multiple occasions, her response would be “yeah I did do that, but I’m not going to apologise or say I regret it because it was something I needed to do in life” (20). Kris, understandably was completely appalled by this attitude. The double standards of this woman are second to none!

    Michelle Hayler: despite going through the proceedings of a divorce and was seeing other guys, went to the school gates and proceeded to scream insults and obscenities at Michelle, all in front of minors, for having a relationship with Kiren – a relationship which later was disproven as cheating, as was found during the case for a restraining order was put forward, and approved. By law KP now is not allowed any contact with Michelle, nor is she allowed near the school gates (21).

    The law doesn’t mean anything to KP so she proceeded to break the restraining order by stalking, turning up unannounced at the Hayler’s household asking to speak to Michelle (22), more insults being fired, finally through the solid proof of a text message. An insulting letter and insults passed through innocent children (23). Michelle in the meantime has been doing nothing more than a wonderful job raising KP’s children for her.

    Jemma Lucy: Jemma said no matter what, because she is respectful, despite the snide comments KP keeps making about her, she will keep her thoughts to herself, and that was one of the reasons she is so successful in the industry, because of this level of professionalism. Despite this, KP still took it upon herself to say for no reason that she expected Jemma to flop in Big Brother and will out of the house pretty quick (24). She pretended to conclude her speech on a positive note saying “good luck to the girl. There’s room for everyone on the show”, but as soon as the camera moved off her, Rylan Clark-Neal was so appalled by a rude gesture that she made did that he shouted at her to “Stop it!” (25)

    Ulrike Jonsson: Ulrike Jonsson wrote in her column in the Sun about plastic surgery being a relentless quest for youth, adjustment and modification. Hoping that KP can find inner happiness and learn to love herself instead of believing inner peace and contentment exists under the surgeon’s knife. Saying this as KP has been having surgery since at least 1998. Publishing graphic pictures of her face in bandages, holding bags of blood and sporting a face so puffed up with bruises she can barely open her eyes. She was worried that KP was going too far in her quest for fame.

    KP did not read this article though as someone trying to protect the public from being tempted to risk themselves routinely for cosmetic surgery, as it is irresponsible, terribly traumatic for the body and borderline cruel to put a young family through the scares each time, especially if you are going to expose them to the raw and fresh slicing and dicing you have just had done to yourself. To put it in perspective, especially when rearranging your facial features, the first days afterwards you very much like someone who has just survived a savage attack from a rampant bear. Instead, KP decided to respond to this article by attacking Ulrike’s face. Calling her haggard and insulted her career. (26) The photo she chose to use though was unfortunately one that Ulrike had uploaded to her Instagram account in July 2020. Here she is showing herself in her raw unfiltered self, ironically something that if KP was to the same with, she would find to be just as “haggard” looking, that plus sting that KP is 10 years younger and has had 20+ years of facial surgery to still be looking as “haggard”.

    Holly Willoughby: Holly has never said or done anything to harm KP. Despite this, KP is viciously jealous of Holly’s TV success and thinks it should be her getting all these big roles (27). Believing Holly is purposely taking the lime light off her despite her KP believing she is more famous and has more of a screen presence than Holly. The fact that Holly is naturally beautiful, eloquent, charismatic and kind doesn’t even come into the equation for KP. In an attempt to dig at Holly’s confidence and to publicly put her down, on one clip when Holly is talking with Philip about the upcoming topics on the show’s agenda, KP uses her tiny bit of shared screen time to chime with a negative comment about Holly’s weight. Stating in a cold tone “Holly you need to eat some of this cake, you’ve lost too much weight” (28). Holly who was a healthy size 10 looked taken aback but remained composed and just neutrally said “thanks” after a small pause. KP at the time of saying this had just piled on 2 stone and had been gossiping to friends and colleagues about Holly’s figure in a bid to make someone skinnier than her undesirable.

    A few months later, when Holly was up on stage after winning an NTA award, KP was filmed stony faced and bored, pretending to be more interested in her phone, rather than congratulate Holly like what the rest of the loose women panel all around her were doing (29). Seems like her attempt to harm Holly’s image didn’t touch her in the slightest.

    Emily Andre: Katie Price has on and off throughout Emily’s entire relationship with Peter Andre made snide comments here and there about how boring she is. How boring her wedding dress was and how boring she is to look at. All of this fell on deaf ears and the relationship between Emily and Peter grew from strength to strength.

    The most recent outburst from KP came out of the blue on a lengthy, public Instagram post where she started by describing Emily as a “so called woman” (30). A disturbing insult in this day and age by a clearly out of touch and stupid person. She then went on to say that Emily “claims to be a doctor” – Emily is officially registered with a doctor’s license and practices medicine on a daily basis, even throughout the pandemic, and has saved countless lives. She has passed all her exams to a high standard, including the required doctorate part of the degree. Emily does not need to claim that she is a doctor. She just is one. So KP clipping this comment in exposed nothing more than KP’s disabling jealousy. She tried to link this statement with “because she doesn’t have a clue about mental health”. Throwing the mental health care at someone does not automatically make you someone who knows any better. KP is someone who time and time again has showed she does not even understand her own mental health. She unwisely has uploaded photos of the books that she claims to have read about her diagnosis and treatment, but these have shown that she has actually been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. Emily on the other hand has supported countless mental health charities and uses her platform to promote awareness of national events such as mental health awareness week and gives links and talks to varies aids and support. Something KP has never been bothered to do, despite been someone who could be marketed as relatable and have some front-line experience and advise to anyone who suffers any of the mental health problems, such as PTSD, which KP claims she has.

    KP goes on to refer to Emily as a “disgusting person” despite her being the person raising her two children for her.

    Please also note these other victims, Amy Willerton and Nicola McClean, plus theres also the ongoing Feud with Jodie Marsh. However Jodie is no shrinking violet because she dishes the shit straight back in spadefulls :)

    24.8.22 - More bullying from the skank - she's got the nerve to take the piss out of this woman's silly eyebrows when look at hers FGS!

    Sinkboy (aka The One mk. 34,795) 16.7.22 - Three weeks of being incarcerated with it in Thailand has taken it's toll. :LOL: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19212375/katie-price-carl-woods-rocks-drama/ 18.7.22- His latest offerring. It got a whole 11 likes before he deleted it LOL

    28.7.22 - Off with the zillionty-pahnd engagement ring again then :) LOL
    29.7.22 - here we go again on the crappy carousel; Here it goes trying to drum-up sympathy for herself yet again with all the rinse and repeat action that goes with that nonsense. Give it up skanky because NOBODY cares, least of all Boyson! :ROFLMAO:
    Off we go with the tsunami of utter shite then -
    30.7.22 - Chucking his toys out of the pram at the media now. Perhaps he's pissed-off that they refused to purchase his version of The Troof over Slapgate? Either way he's having a full-scale wobbly over it LOL
    Mr Angry being all 'ard for the camera!

    She's certainly got her desperately-wanted publicity though :)
    31.7.22 - https://metro.co.uk/2022/07/30/katie-prices-fiance-carl-woods-denies-split-rumours-17097008/
    And even funnier, theres this bullshit. "Self-made millionaire" eh? He who wanks in sinks for a fiver a time?
    30.7.22 - somehow SB gets an interview on a crappy little tv channel; What a joke! The interviewer has about as much personality as the cardboard tube from a bog roll, yet even he appears scintillating compared to the illiterate oik SB. Dear God its GRIM https://youtu.be/X9u9tK1VUeU
    They wanted comments on this shitshow? They got 'em alright!
    "Carl Woods???! Reality star, 5 seconds on Love Island
    Maybe you can ask him about his foul mouthed rant yesterday and why he’s not allowed near 4 of her 5 kids and why he thinks HE needs recognition for being in a relationship with her? You really are scraping the barrel!"

    "Katie Price’s fiancée? Feck me,is Biggins doing panto?"
    "Scraping the barrel if all you have got the bully boy Carl woods who only things these days is to dank in sinks for a quid on only fans on..."
    "Carl Woods? WTAF Did you see his foul mouthed tantrum on Instagram yesterday in front of his girlfriend’s son? Shouldn’t be giving him the light of day "
    1.8.22 - Deliriously 'appy innit! Downcast Katie Price puts on a brave face with fiance Carl Woods after telling friends and family they had SPLIT | The Sun but then theres this - skanks won't give him back the Christmas Cracker "engagement ring"
    6.8.22 - and thus this crap continues https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19436754/katie-price-carl-woods-split-rumours-christina-aguilera-concert/ Why do they imagine anybody cares?
    12.8.22 - It insists they are still an Item! LOL https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-197-my-50p-ring-you-aint-getting-back-unless-you-supply-me-with-a-years-worth-of-cr.32391%2Fpage-40&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Ftvshowbiz%2Farticle-11103733%2FKatie-Price-CONFIRMS-split-Carl-Woods-blunt-TikTok-comment.html&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=a8b512dee2adbad1daf167fac21872ec&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    15.8.22 - Out on the razzle wiv der fairmli getting pissed as a fart( as usual). Note absence of The Ring in the presence of AFP, SFP and PFP. Ring only goes back on when with SB. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-smiles-family-shes-27740778 - Just look at someone's comment to some bloke she latched onto though https://tattle.life/attachments/572fc9cd-5603-4c4e-84ed-48aa038b76fc-jpeg.1500404/
    🎵🎵 "A Howell Noo Egg"🎶

    5.9.22 - having not seen a single,solitary foter of the scumbags together in months, one mention of it on here yesterday and BAM! This crap pops up :LOL: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11178859/Katie-Price-Carl-Woods-spotted-time-splitting-month.html

    Sinkboy and "The Wedding" -
    10.8.22 - this is the FIFTH time this rubbish has been let out. Apparently it is concerned because its back in Bankruptcy Court in December so MUST GIT MARRYD B4 DEN! Who the hell will be guests seeing as even her scabby family hate him & they have no friends anyway.
    Heartbreaking my arse!!!
    10.8.22 - more rubbish about Weddins. When is the silly old bag going to twig that SB ain't gonna marry her EVER?

    No wonder SB got all mouthy - look at this little number!
    2.8.22 - it seems she already has a New Egg on-the-boil before she's even got shot of SB!! This comes from his Instagram
    https://tattle.life/attachments/71e028bd-3398-4e13-bc6a-400dd7b4a768-png.1466401/ Is this new Mug the one on a boat trip with it last week???
    16.8.22 - he is going to self-combust now /www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19524338/katie-price-naked-woman-male-fans-wild-night-out/

    Slapgate - the Event that didn't 'appen..................apparently - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/15956080/katie-price-police-battered-face-attack/

    and the latest rubbish from SB in denial of it all

    23.8.22 - on the 1 year anniversary of Slapgate let's have a comparison between skanky's life-fretning injurry ( a painted on one) and Lauren Goodger's (co-incidentally allegedly dished-out by a skanky-Ex)

    Lozza's certainly looks more Real, but then skanky has continually said that she painted hers on for effect so she could sell the story to The Sun and then blames THEM for writing "Lies" about her!

    Blokes - ie anything still in possesion of a pulse & preferably A Milyunayre.
    An oldie but a goodie! This poor bugger was being driven to distraction by It trying to recruit him as another The One but unlike others he got so entirely pissed-off with being hounded 24/7 that he & went launched into one at it via Insta! LOL

    and the response from it -

    Another one she tried to turn into An Egg whilst dragging Kieron about by the gonads. Hardly surprising he went elsewhere eventually.
    Aug 2017
    Tom zanetti has revealed he’s ended his relationship with Katie price after the pair became embroiled in a “sexting “scandal
    In July , Katie’s husband opened up about hid devastation about finding messages from his wife to the dj. Telling him she wanted to be his wife.
    kieron said” she sent lots of messages to Tom Zanetti describing how much she loved him, how much she wanted to change her name to his when they got married and had kids. She hasn’t even changed her name to my name being married to me!”

    Tom was not about to be recruited though LOL Tom Zanetti insists he’ll never work with Katie Price ever again after she sent him sexy texts behind husband Kieran Hayler's back | The Sun
    Note that everybody is a "Troll" along with her 'life-changing injuries", nevertheless she "Is not a s***" Pwwwaaahahahahaha :ROFLMAO:She has deserved and still deserves The Absolute Worst and more to come from SB - all imminent seeing as she is actively recruiting the Next The One all the while she's off out and about without him and meanwhile they both deny they've split up.

    17.8.22 - a passing comment on an article in the Daily Mail alleges that skanky "spent time with Dane Bowers in Stanstead at the weekend" raking over old coals or something like that ;) You'd think the twat would know better than Go There Again with skanky after what she put him through first time around, however him being newly-single again he was ripe for cultivation and she's just desperate. I wonder if she still thinks he's got a small willy such as she stated previously? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11116473/Katie-Price-enjoys-raunchy-burlesque-wild-night-pals-birthday.html
    22.8.22 - Is this the next MUG, oops I mean The One? Clearly he's a deaf/blind Wellness Guru if he really thinks skanky is "Stunning" or is that "Stunning" like a 50000 volt charge through his willy? It may as well be LOL
    and here he is denying it all, running scared of being lumbered with it!

    7.9.22 - check this little number out then. Hardly surprising Kieron went "over-the-side" seeing as she was at it herself.

    Its all folding up around her at last! Hopefully :ROFLMAO: 5.7.22 - Cancelling all her money-grubbing schemes so something is afoot. If you are stupid enough to have paid her for tickets then you have not got a snowball-in-hell's chance of getting your money back despite it being a Consumer Right to a refund. She is spending YOUR money right now in Thailand https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-186.31348/page-44&url=https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19095200/katie-price-cancels-ibiza-trip-jobs-speeding-charge/&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=51208598933777d962f04a658bb33f0c&xjsf=other_click__auxclick [2] 7.7.22 - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/mystery-katie-price-cancels-makeup-27418861 14.7.22 - The Sun are gunning for her now with an article about Boyson which they KNOW will send her potty LOL https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19183614/katie-prices-fiance-carl-woods-risks-insta-ban/
    Heres the Real Reason it has dived under the radar, its not sickness or anything else just the FACT this little number has emerged showing exactly what a hideous old gorgon it is INSIDE as well as outside https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19170137/katie-prices-abuse-ex-husband-kieran-haylers-fiance/
    Shame these journos couldn't even get the baby's name right though Her wishing death and misery on people who "wrong her" is nothing new either https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/10/katie-price-rages-in-vicious-rant-after-night-out-days-before-arrest-i-hope-your-fg-wife-dies-8025909/?ito=article.mweb.share.top.link https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-threatens-to-stab-a-clubber-400624.amp https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/celebrity/jordan-i-want-to-bury-hatchet-with-jade-1013382

    13.8.22 - The dearth of drivel being posted online by skanky means The Sun are dredging-up old crap and adding a few more pointers to stick the knife in a bit more, hence this little number about the crappy Range Rover that was repossessed some time ago. Oddly enough NOBODY seems to want to purchase this jalopy complete with vomit stained upholstery so now you too could own this junker for the princely sum of £10,000! Woo Hoo!
    7.9.22 - and some more heading skanky's way, this time over SB running his shonky 'car sales empire' from Trampy Towers. Of course they'll say "awl der cars is gorn nah innit" therefore it's not appropriate, however the more shit landing on the pair of them THE BETTER :)

    Off in Uber-Bitch Mode - more common than people seem to think considering this is a former Mother-of-the-Year and one that prides itself in "Empowering Women by showing off it's hideous norks on OF

    The Continual Surgeries & Tweetments - July 2022 - Currently theres a lot of controversy going on as regards Turkey Teef (of which the Gruesome Twosome have a set apiece), so heres a journalist being confronted by the hideous vision of skanky mid-way through the installation of her luminous gnashers. https://youtu.be/OrLbOZZS6qw 15.7.22 - she doesn't even have the good grace to Be There when the fool coming to do her ropey extensions for free turns up at Trampy Towers! No, instead she fucks off horse-riding leaving him sitting in the driveway surveying the rubbish and detritus of her scabby Life, stuff like like a random suitcase, the unkempt driveway etc..............................
    16.7.22 - pictured here with the lamoid Ozzy who gets to glue-in her barnet (unpaid obviously), the one she left waiting on the driveway like the suitcase whilst she went 'orseriding. Not sure which of this gruesome twosome looks worse really. Either way its Ossie's whingefest on Insta about having to wait for Her Majesty that brought us the Suitcase-on-the-Drive photos, so Cheers mate!! (y)

    4.8.22 - ol' Fishface is back! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19407903/katie-price-huge-lips-lumps-dissolved/

    Going back to 2016, here it is injecting it's own Botox. This being the one "terrified of needles................" & she who refuses blood tests etc when nicked yet again for driving offences, but of course its OK to get jabbed for more Botox and even more hideous, badly drawn tattoos; They are all perfectly fine
    22.8.22 - remember the Liyfe-Fretninly Injurrd Feyt? Looks like they're getting another outing in the media for here it is at Chessington World of Adventures having blagged some freebies "fer 'Arv" Note the special surgical boot is back on it's trotter so expect stories about the Liyfe-fretninly injurrd feyt being sent to the media over the next few days.

    plus this -
    She also revealed the liposuction she had on her legs a decade ago was unnecessary, and it failed to work because she was 'too skinny'. 'I was only about 20 at the time. But it didn’t work. I was too skinny. There wasn’t any (fat) to take. 'It was painful, and it is dangerous - I don’t think the surgeon should have done anything to me. Just because I flashed the cash… At the time, I was too lazy to go to the gym.'
    The Turkey Teef -She advised people against veneers, adding: 'They’ve just popped off before when I was eating a burger. They’re glued on, but it has happened.'
    She denied having a flat stomach, saying: 'No, it’s not amazingly flat at all. Anyone who has had kids knows that their skin’s not the same.'
    Despite all her surgery, she said she's "Not afraid of getting old" and would 'rather age naturally than have a facelift'. LOL

    Yep, nothing changed, still having unnecessary procedures. Still too lazy to look after her body by doing a bit of exercise, still going on sunbeds (no doubt skin cancer will be the next big story) and blaming the surgeon for doing the procedure because she flashed her cash at him when in relaity she knew her legs were skinny and didn’t even need to ask for it to be done.
    She comes across very blasé in this interview and even now still does when she is talking about her body.
    "Age naturally…." what a joke!!!! - thus sayeth Plastic Patsy itself

    Bankruptcy -
    Alongside the endless 'olidays and surgeries/treatments it has scraped together enough cash to get it's VW Beetle resprayed. Clearly her idea of being skint is very different to the rest of us not less the fact that actually she's still legally banned from driving and likely to be for a long time to come.
    Monies owed to Alew Reid - she got off lightly as it was, due to her alleged Bankruptcy they only clailmed a lesser amount from it Needless to add that to date it has not paid a single penny
    A freely available list of her CCJs from 2018/19 - imagine how many more she's gathered in the meantime?
    Roll on December :)
    17.8.22 - and heres another of her businesses (albeit as a BANKRUPT she is supposed to be unable to own a business), yet another one thats on the razor's edge of joining all the others surfing down the kharzi into the back garden at Trampy Towers. Apparently KP Ekwestryan owes over 10k in tax yet has less than £1000 in the bank so here goes another lot onto the Debt Heap with HMRC.
    It appears from this info that when it had to pay that emergency £12k to the Taxman to stave off her recent Court appearance what it amounts to is price gave herself a "company loan" to dodge that last minute bankruptcy hearing - and this taken from a company she allegedly has no control over? Helen (the idiot who allegedly runs this shitshow for skanky) will be The One to stand accused with all the debts when this debacle goes tits-up - as it inevitably will
    Will "Bucks Counties Show" be so keen to see her in a few weeks with all her crap in a van, her naff trophies and rosettes and an electricity substation's worth of prickly Nylon?? I just cannot believe NOBODY wants to buy all that lovely Nylon ekwestryan stuff that could kill your horse with a bolt of static electricity ;)

    Following the Finance line, welcome to Knocker Price who will shaft anybody for a few quid.
    A familiar pathway, ie use the services and then decline to pay because "not 'appy wiv der rysulks", hence why 'Ollywood's Top Salon declined her patronage
    "Miss Price says she was offered a 50 per cent refund and an invitation to return to have the work corrected. But she says that offer has since been retracted and she is seeking advice about getting her money back. Yesterday Miss Price’s long-time ‘colour technician’ at the salon, Alexandra Thomas, said: ‘None of us had any idea who she was when she started coming here. She’s like Britain’s answer to Pamela Anderson but not as pretty or successful, right? There was a big bust-up recently and Katie was making a stink.
    ‘I can’t really talk about it but let’s just say I don’t think she’ll be coming back. It doesn’t bother us and to be honest it’s a relief. We handle the biggest stars in Hollywood. She’s a nobody.’
    But another source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: ‘What is at issue here is that the hair was in poor condition when she came in. Miss Price had been to another hairdresser and she asked Lea to get it back to the condition it had been in. Lea had a team work with her over several days.
    The problem came with the bill. My understanding is that she felt she was being charged too much but Lea turned down other clients and the team turned people away to do the work and try to satisfy the client. They couldn’t simply write it off." Knocker Price strikes again
    5.9.22 - it has been alleged that Price even charged the organisers of some tedious horsey event she graced with her illustrious presence a substantial "fee" for her attendance - this being a fund raiser for CRUK. Waiting for confirmation but it sounds perfectly in-line with all her other grifting ways

    The Mucky Mansion aka Trampy Towers -
    Once-upon-a-time in West Sussex there was a lovely old house with beautiful grounds, that is until the Wicked Witch got it's gnarled hands onto it https://docplayer.net/200315255-Platts-green-house-worthing-road-dial-post-west-sussex-rh13-8ns.html
    "What-ho! Anyone for tennis???" Yes this mess was the tennis court & now its a dumping area for more crap.
    heres the result of her vandalism - I'll bet she's not paid that fine either

    15.7.22 - yes the major works on the dump are progressing at snail's pace unsurprisingly. No signs of the septic system being replaced let alone any of the other major things needed to make the place habitable for anybody else apart from the hideous troll that currently abides there - maybe she's waiting for Channel 4 to cough-up again? Unfortunately theres no much televisual interest in septic systems so C4 or C5 won't be forking out 250k to put right the sewage problems for her https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-191-the-pricey-life-is-clearly-minging-whats-that-sound-fat-lady-singing.31628/page-10&url=https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19211454/katie-price-mucky-mansion-chaos-rubbish-suitcase-drive/&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=739cf8844103b233065aa6ad9523a6f8&xjsf=other_click__auxclick [2]
    6.8.22 - here we go again then - C4 DID buy another series of her bullshit! WHY?????????????????
    19.8.22 - The place is "Too Filthy" to film in! Why are they either surprised and/or shocked? The place is an absolutely disgusting, filthy rat-hole regardless of C4 chucking a fortune at it recently and thats down to the absolutely disgusting, filthy asshole that exists in the pit of excrement.
    24.8.22 - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19602038/katie-price-risks-fine-fly-tipping-row-council/ - whilst they're there they can check the filth coming out of the broken sewage system
    and this one https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/19561304/katie-price-filming-mucky-mansion-filthy/ Oddly enough another of C5's fantastic new show (????) is a pile of poo called "Filthy House Rescue" Perhaps thats what they were really filming there instead of the other shite???
    1.9.22 - the latest aeriel photo of Trampy Towers looking WORSE THAN EVER surrounded by crap, that is despite C5 doing their crappy "makeover" on the hovel. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19669128/katie-price-mucky-mansion-rubbish-mouldy-swimming-pool/
    Not only that but apparently filming her bollockfest had to be stopped because the STENCH from the broken septic system was just too overwhelming to continue working. Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion TV show filming grinds to a halt after ‘smelly’ septic tank leak | The Sun
    Why precisely are they carrying on like this is a New Phenomenom? That system has been broken for YEARS, skanky was told by the council to fix it a long time ago (or in her case replace because its beyond repair) and yet here we are years later and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. Why has she not been pursued and forced to act on her pollution? Mind you, how nice for the local folks whose tap water comes from the aquifers that skanky's FILTH pours into 24/7 :(
    I guess the fact that its going to cost an absolute FORTUNE to both put right the polluted mess in the grounds and to purchase a new septic system is a very good reason WHY it has not bothered itself about endangering the health of thousands of families around Horsham - she does not give a (the foetid contents of her garden) about anybody except herself :(
    2.9.22 - We are still waiting for this "Action" from Horsham Borough Council. Are they afraid of it as well??

    Court Cases - never-ending........................ ad infinitum 5.7.22 - A quote from the Campaign Against Drink Drivers (CADD) regarding it getting off with another criminal case
    and the limp excuse from Sussex Police -https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220705-230703_chrome-jpg.1395210/ https://youtu.be/Z81-WMuMLeM 14.7.22 - I bet the reunion with Kieron was fun for him having it crowing about her "success in Court" https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19200908/katie-price-tense-reunion-kieran-hayler-restraining-order/
    24.8.22 - Looking like she's going to be back in Court again but this time for turning Trampy Towers into a kharzi rather than another driving offence. We'll wait and see on this number seeing as Horsham Council have done bugger-all about the broken septic system thats been ongoing for YEARS now never mind the piles of crap and broken furniture littering the place :(

    4.9.22 - She must have some CS due because the "Speshul boots fer me cwippled feyt" are being given an airing again at this chavvy event, despite them not being required on last week's 'oliday and all the water-based activities she participated in.
    Odd that eh?

    7.9.22 - also new proceedings launched as regards her and SB using Trampy Towers as a used car business HQ. Probably will be in Court December sometime

    The Gathering Storm from the Media - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/kieran-haylers-fiance-blasts-katie-27409628 They are reporting plenty of negatives now :) https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/news/peter-andre-wife-emily-classy-inspiration-princess/ 9.7.22 - Heres the media praising Peter and Emily for inspirational parenting. She won't be at all happy with this LOL
    16.8.22 - An article about the crap it's flogging on Deeplop where they appear to be keeping tabs on what she's flogging and how much wonga she's raking-in along the way,(no doubt undeclared to the taxman or the bankruptcy lot either). 2365 items thus far so average out at say a tenner apiece meaning skanks has cribbed a nice slice of "entertainment monies".
    16.8.22 - here The Sun winding the key on the Clockwork Tosser's back LOL

    Mentawl 'Elf Along With Booze & Drugs Ishoos -
    Nah she's got no such "problems with booze or drugs has she? And oldie but still relevant
    An oldie (different hair / face / everything, but it proves that the Mentawl 'Elf Isshoo is not a new phenomenom by any means
    30.8.22 - out with this nonsense. A nutter like skanky would NEVER consider suicide unless they'd telephoned the police & ambulance first thus ensuring it was All About the Effect, a grand gesture.https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19650965/katie-price-kids-suicide-attempt-depression-ptsd/
    BUT its still everyone else's fault, so sez "loving stepfather" pervy Paul Price, the under-the-cosh servant of both skanky and AFP. He'd know of course.................................https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19651304/katie-price-peter-andre-split-depression-spiral-stepdad/
    1.9.22 - more bullshit from New Magazine, a rehashed load of old bollocks pinched from the red-tops.
    Heres PPP "tearfully" blaming Peter Andre for all it's lunacy, plus skank itself blaming Michelle Penticost (the woman raising Bunny & Jett) because she herself is incapable and downright USELESS. If skanky were anywhere NEAR a decent parent those kids would never have been taken from her by the SS would they??? What is the percentage of kids being raised by their fathers in preference to their mothers? Fractional!

    7.9.22 - amidst the explosion of shit preceeding her Poor Me stint on C4, out comes this little number, the Excuse as to why she was upside down in a ditch having turned her car over, off-her-face with booze and drugs. Mentawl 'Elf innit! Nothing to do with being a drug-addled old lush then eh skanky? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-says-drink-drive-27894108

    "I'm invincible!" it states - Katie Price ‘feels invincible’ as ex-husband Kieran Hayler reports her AGAIN | Closer (closeronline.co.uk)
    Still labouring under the delusion SB is going to marry her
    , here it is trying on some ghastly creation made of old net curtains in a bid to drum-up interest in her shitshow life. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/bedraggled-katie-price-tries-huge-27414818 - heres the real, unedited, unfiltered, un-backgridded version :)
    More Crap for Sale and Scams -
    15.7.22 - More garbage being touted for the dumb-ass idiots with money to waste. Why buy shampoo etc from someone who is clueless about hygeine to begin with, never does it's own hair AND wears wigs? 1657862853926.png
    This junk never materialised either
    17.7.22 - more cheap & nasty, truly hideous old crap from KP Ekwestryan. Who in their right mind is going to buy this tatt let alone be seen wearing it? Bet it'll be on sale at a concessionary stall at Bucks County Show where it is allegedly "sponsoring an event" ie

    5.8.22 - Speshul Offas on Crap! Must have a lot of leftover stock unsold :) https://tattle.life/attachments/51591150-c705-4969-a9d6-6bbe5e3643f1-png.1475101/
    10.8.22 - Hmmmm. How exactly does a bankrupt manage to continue flogging crap right under the noses of the very people supposed to be shutting this thing down once-and-for-all?

    18.8.22 - and look! Days AFTER its mentioned here on Tattle look whats cropped-up on the Sun today! One might think they lift ALL their stuff from Tattle rather than actually DO anything for themselves, ie research this scabby old hag PROPERLY instead of printing the bollocks she submits directly to them :( https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19545824/katie-price-flogging-dirty-sliders-bankruptcy-hearing/

    The Chavviest Old Bag on 'Orseback 1658063256368.png
    And here it is. Whether it will show up is another matter but look at this nonsense, "Her beautiful KP Equestrian range............" for which she will "happily sign any purchases" :ROFLMAO: FFS this hideous trash will scare all the equines not to mention anybody else who looks at it without sunglasses. :cool: Jeez How to scare-off potential visitors in one fell swoop

    9.8.22 - more rubbish from some illiterate praising the wonderful skanky for her marvellous contributions to Bucks Count(ies) Show. They are "grateful" apparently LOL:

    Now this fabberlus contribution it is making to be auctioned for 'charity' will consist of a collection of hideous nylon monstrosities that combined with friction from riding will deliver a bolt of static big enough to fell a water buffalo let alone some poor horse! Its probably all leftover stock that she can't sell anyway hence why more rubbish is allegedly going to be added over the ensuing weeks - BUT - please remember here that skanky has a history for making these magnanimous gestures "fer charriddee" and the charity in question never sees a brass razzoo of it! She did this with the Pink Jeep Farce she was flogging on Ebay 'fer 'Arv's charriddee" (she still has that jeep as far as we know) and when she went all Eco-Warrior some years ago she decided to flog all her revolting furs to donate the money to animal charities. We heard from a source that no cash was ever handed over on either occasion. I hope Cancer Research UK are not relying on seeing a penny from this scam
    The latest line on 'Orse Chavwear, compliments of KP Ekwestryan - aug 2022 (with a couple of additions)

    The Mucky Manshun -
    Now I cannot imagine why he would immediately want to sell up and move when skanky moved in nextdoor......... :ROFLMAO:

    Interesting to note - have C4 demanded their money back that they wasted on the recent shitshow they made 'renovating' this shithole? They've as much chance of getting a refund as a snowball in hell so join the endless queue C4! :)

    Diversionary Tactics in Operation -
    8.7.22 - 1657270391647.png
    "Iy iz sikk innit.......................... Carnt doo me SMs eeeeva"
    Gotta love that last comment though
    [URL='https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/19130748/katie-price-sick-thailand-quits/']Katie Price 'very sick' on Thailand holiday as she takes social media break | The Sun
    Sick with worry :LOL:
    16.7.22 - Its sticking its head over the parapet again so obviously thinks the worst is over with now and its safe to emerge
    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-breaks-cover-after-27497826 What a bloody state though :ROFLMAO:

    Not only does it look terrible but it sounds terrible too -
    This was when UK had absolutely NOBODY else willing to do Eurovision, so up rocks skanky thinking she's got both a voice and a talent. On this evidence alone you can witness the FACT she has NEITHER of these things.
    7.9.22 - amongst all the rest of the shit she's churned out this week theres this. Rick Dead has produced another album for the world's bird-scarers. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-price-teases-new-music-27930995

    Only Fans - LOL! Are there ANY Fans whatsoever?
    This is what they thought they'd be raking in from their seedy foters on OF - the Troof is somewhat different :)
    9.7.22 -Its removed itself from it's SMs due to "Persunawl Weezuns" and allegedly being ill yet is still able to post gruesome images on OF to rake in a bit of coin for spends in Thailand https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19133774/katie-price-strips-quits-social/
    20.7.22 - Doing one of her hilarious 1990 Seksi Poses wearing some cheapo number from Harvey's "fashun range".

    Why pay when you can see the true gruesome vision for free anyway??
    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/katie-price-love-island-beauty-27550352 - So they're promising more of same shite as last time eh? :ROFLMAO::eek: Luv - thats more of a threat than a promise :p(y)
    28.7.22 - Skanky's apprentice. They have the same (shite) vision when it comes to "Glamma" apparently. :ROFLMAO:
    24.8.22 - today's gruesome offerings. Bet they're flocking to see this rubbish :) https://tattle.life/attachments/screenshot_20220824-183119-png.1524715/
    25.8.22 - did any of us realise how Seksi kitchen units are? Well know we know :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    but look at this snippet of comments about her latest OF Shitshow - brilliant!
    26.8.22 - desperately trying to flog more of her revolting faux-lesbo action pix with the pair of these plastic munters frolicking about in stupid schoolgirly skirts "kissing" each other. BARF :sick:

    It's appalling reputation with Pets and Animals -
    An oldie but it demonstrates just what a shit person skanky is :(
    This is the same person who when the groom had the temerity to leave her employ having rarely been paid for her services promptly dobbed her in to the Taxman/Benefits stating all manner of crimes being committed. (Bearing in mind, just how many millions of £s does skanky owe HM Tax offices currently?) Nothing came of her allegations either proving it was done out of pure spite and malice
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/12520126/katie-price-war-neighbours-barking-dogs-immoral-activity/amp/ - Blade was suffering even back then :(

    This was another blistering success like Harvey's Law - https://www.fathers-4-justice.org/2018/07/katie-price-threatens-sue-fathers4justice-claims-crummy-mummy/

    The Children -
    Another piss-take obviously

    14.7.22 - finally back from it's three week 'oliday it manages to spare a little time to see the children, but of course they had to fit in around her poxy hair appointments. https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-190-kipper-alone-covered-in-ink-carols-gone-missing-last-seen-by-the-sink.31561%2Fpage-46&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F19203501%2Fkatie-price-reunites-princess-three-weeks-away%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=377494c6b08d021ae6ff729de01477d8&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    15.7.22 - finally back from Thailand so manages to see the children only what does this outing consist of? Yes they have a scintillating visit to a salon to watch it having it's hair done but just look at the face on it, clearly enjoying being saddled with the children :)
    21.7.22 - funny how everything becomes "taking a swipe" at skanky aka Mother of the Century, she who gets to see her kids for two hours a week (thats IF she's not on another 'oliday getting her norks enlarged again). https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19275011/katie-price-kieran-hayler-michelle-bunny-close-bond/
    Going back a few years skanky announced she was going to adopt a Nigerian child (because she'd been told how it easy it was to effectively 'buy' one), to do a Madonna or Angelina Jolie to give the lucky child the best possible life with her as the doting Mummy. Unfortuntely for her the Nigerian Authorities were on their game - this was the response.
    29.7.22 - Rules and Laws do not apply to the safety of her children because she'll just do as she pleases anyway, regardless of anything to the contrary. She's already been warned about not securing the kids in vehicles and heres another example of her not giving a shit :( https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19349962/katie-price-daughter-bunny-car/
    5.8.22 - How exactly is this "a swipe" at skanky anyway? If Michelle said it then actually its not A Swipe - its a statement of the Truth!
    Kieran Hayler’s fiancee takes brutal swipe at Katie Price after restraining order row | The Sun
    5.8.22 - Not even managed a mere "Happy Birthday!" to her own daughter! No doubt this is also someone else's fault
    12.8.22 - getting some mileage out of Bunny this time only it has backfired somewhat. Naturally it has now come forward to claim it's account was hacked and this video added without her knowledge - by whom? Is she blaming Bunny? Is she not supposed to be supervising the children on her TWO HOUR access? Apparently not then. Its shows admirably what a shit parent the Ex-Mother-of-the-Year really is though https://go.skimresources.com/?id=143714X1608376&isjs=1&jv=15.2.4-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Ftattle.life%2Fthreads%2Fkatie-price-197-my-50p-ring-you-aint-getting-back-unless-you-supply-me-with-a-years-worth-of-cr.32391%2Fpage-43&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Ftvandshowbiz%2F19487395%2Fkatie-price-warned-by-fans-dangerous-parenting-error-bunny%2F&xs=1&xtz=-120&xuuid=d2a9bc1a4fd9f6e87a734215ef837b11&xjsf=other_click__auxclick%20%5B2%5D
    13.8.22 - Kieron is rightly angry with the sludge-bucket for that video taken whilst on"supervised access" on Wednesday. 'Not me!" it shreiks, 'Is bin 'acked!", which is her stock answer to everything when she's been caught out doing stuff online that she shouldn't be doing. Questions also need to be asked of the imbecile supposédly "supervising" this access to vulnerable children who have suffered enough thanks to this creature that laughing calls itself "their mother"- is this AFP or SFP who are meant to be watching over the kids? Kieron luv - make the old hag see the children under the direct scrutiny of Social Services at a Contact Centre, along with all the other inadequete useless "parents"
    23.8.22 - OK so skanky posted a rather inappropriate video of one of the little ones on her scabby Insta-rubbish it being the perfect sort of thing to entertain a few perverts actually, but when people pulled her up on it the thing screeched that she'd been hacked and "it weren't me wot dunnit................" So today up pops this, one of her equally sleazy cronies witth an equally bad parenting rap actually defending her FGS!! Still its confirmation if nothing else that skanky DID post that video herself so she WAS NOT HACKED by anybody https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19585115/kerry-katona-defends-katie-price-parenting-blunder/
    30.8.22 - FINALLY admitting the kids don't live with her but no mentions of WHY though. Quite why she says it was "months" because in reality those kids were removed from her YEARS ago.https://tattle.life/threads/19920/
    The response from pissed-off Joe Public?
    and this after the recent debacle in Spain where Bunny appears with MORE make-up on than skanky has!
    31.8.22 - Kieron responds to her splurge in the media about how she "doesn'nt understand WHY the children were taken from her" when she's just an innocent, an emotionally disturbed one doing everything for her babies after her husband left her blah blah blah............... This is going to get ugly of that there is no doubt - uglier than skanky even! LOL - but who can blame K & M after all the shit they've put up with already from it? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19656822/katie-price-ex-kieran-hayler-hits-back-kids/
    2.9.22 - Nothing new contained here but this is The Media underlining the FACT it does not have joint custody, indeed it has a very limited access to the children. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/katie-prices-children-baby-dads-27881797
    3.9.22 - Go Ulrika!

    Another oldie here. Here we have J&B playing in the dirty animal litter trays that nobody has cleared away which of course will certainly be "Sumwun Elsis Fawlt", not skanky's. Mommy Dearest also allowed these two to play at catching frogs and toads in the filthy, slimy, infected green water of the remains of her swimming pool contents. Mumlmy thinks this is perfectly OK for her "feral" children

    Using Harvey -
    An oldie but a good demo of how she uses poor H for her own agendas. This episode is particularly grim as it comes with the implication this "injury" may somehow have been the fault of the lad. Below is a brief transcript of part of this vile video yet
    what sort of sick game were they playing on Harvey? We know that Cole hadn't broken anything so why were they taunting him? Harvey looks crushed. Cole was waving his plastered forearm in Harvey's face:
    Katie “Look what you’ve done Harv.................look what you’ve done, it’s like mummy’s feet, you’ve broken it”
    Carl “You’ve broken it in three places. Will you look after me?”

    You gotta love it when just as they switched off the recording Harvey screwed up his face and only just audibly, said Fucking cunt" to carl.
    Incidentally the plastercast was gone in a couple of days so his hand was not "broken" anyway
    These come from the annals of history, this being Skanky, arseholed, falling out of some London Club off it's head whilst pregnant with H - something she vehemently denies as she's allegedly the World's Best Mother.

    This lot dates back to when H was born, when allegedly DY "abandoned her because he was not interested in his son". Hmmmmm
    And oldie again but highly relevant to Harvey. She's good at "slamming" everybody else in the universe yet she's the worst ever shit parent ever created - H is better-off kept well away from it
    23.8.22 - Breaking her self-imposed Media silence to beg for votes in the NTAs, allegedly on H's behalf but its more for her own benefit (as always) https://tattle.life/attachments/ff8ef720-8884-4e22-9e6d-78fcea282ed3-png.1520799/
    also - whaddya know? Harvey is being "treated" to an 'oliday wiv Mummy (and the alleged Carer) to drum-up a few votes for the NTAs. She's showing what a kind, thoughtful and loving Mummy she is. I'll bet H's trust fund has paid for it all too. Perhaps she'll have one of the potential Eggs meet her out there by co-incidence? Have Rasputin or Slap Head been packing their bags?
    Some time ago it sold this codswallop to the media bemoaning how fragile her clinically obese son is
    (4) Katie Price #201 Och Aye Rasputin, lover of the Chavvy Queen… | Page 17 | Tattle Life
    then we get endless photos of this - her stuffing his face with ice cream and crap becausse she' "duz evryfink fer me 'Arv..."
    28.8.22 - Out come the photos of 'Arv on 'oliday to underline how wonderful she is with him (in view of the NTA nomination of course). You will note that in virtually ALL photos she takes of H he is always eating as its probably the only way she knows of placating him and consequently why he is obese - all holiday foters feature H with a gigantic ice-cream or a mountain of chips
    31.8.22 - Harvey is bundled onto a huge waterslide on this Fairmli 'Oliday wiv Biffa SB. Just look at him being thrown all over the place on it & banging his head as he descends at speed flailing about - not something you could say he even "enjoyed" is it? Understandably people are not happy with Mommy Dearest allowing this to happen - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/19663489/katie-price-slammed-cruel-video-harvey/
    It will be someone else's fault though, like always
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/image-db6808cb0e.jpg?w=660 - he really enjoyed that didn't he? :(
    An oldie here going back to Boyson Days - this was the 'oliday where she dumped H onto her hairdresser so she could bugger-off with him to film those gruesome images of her and him frolicking in the surf BARF
    Yep this is the hands-on, devoted, full-time Mother who does EVERYTHING for her disabled child. Yeah righty-ho skanky!

    Old Potty Mouth Returns! Slagging everybody off is what she does after all.
    An old one but nevertheless it demonstrates admirably the charming character of skanky