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  1. M

    Stacey Solomon #93 She’s a joker, she’s a smoker, she’s mediocre

    Well done to @orangehead for the new thread title. Stacey was papped smoking at the park with the youngest three at the weekend. Photos published in The S*n. Stacey & Joe took a campervan and five children to Scotland for a week. They failed to book any campsites though so stayed in car parks...
  2. M

    Stacey Solomon #92 stories full of ads from jewellery to clothes while posing with favourite child Rose

    Thread title from @loopylil My stories are full of ads from jewellery to clothes while posing with my favourite child Rose I don’t have time to do a recap if someone else could help with that please!
  3. M

    Stacey Solomon #91 She’s just one of us, she’s not a faker, but we don’t get free holidays to Jamaica!

    Stacey has surprised her family (well 20 of them) with a holiday to Jamaica gifted on Christmas Day. Isn’t that generous? She’ll be back soon though to clean her house along with the rest of us in January. She’s also got a new attitude to next year and is going to basically do what she wants...
  4. M

    Stacey Solomon #90 She tried to make us buy from rehab, we said No No No

    Stacey returned to Loose Women today after 11 months off and surprise baby Belle. A few of the topics seemed geared to discussions here including are you competitive with your friends (such as Mrs Hinch), do you have kids keepsakes (such as your son’s foreskin) and would you be angry if you...
  5. M

    Stacey Solomon #89 all lies lead to Rhodes

    Thanks to @TattelDoDonkey for the thread title Stacey has a big announcement but what is it?!
  6. Anotherdayanotherwalk

    Stacey Solomon #88 #gifted #ad, £47k free holiday for me & my dad

    So here we are thread #88 and congratulations to @crunkysnackzzzz for thread title. Stacey's back from her little trip to Turkey and tried to lay low for a week or so fearing the backlash as it became widely commented on in the media about her £40k. Joe dealt with it by immediately going...
  7. reallyloveagoodgossip

    Stacey Solomon #87 10 day Turkey stay, bingo and buffet only £37K

    New thread, thanks to @Asparagus123 😁
  8. Turmeric123

    Stacey Solomon #86 Stace & her sister gonna try make money, convincing sheep to become gym bunnies

    Thanks to @MyrtleRV for thread suggestion I had to shorten it to fit Stacey Solomon #85: Stacey and her sister gonna try make some money, By convincing the sheep to become gym-bunnies! Can someone please do a recap
  9. M

    Stacey Solomon #85 She's like a vacant horse, waiting for its next carrot

    Thanks to @VC10 for the thread title. Big news is she has a home range coming out with Asda but shhhhh it’s a secret, she not allowed to say that yet. Shame she forgot to crop that out of the photo she shared then
  10. M

    Stacey Solomon #84 Filtered kids in Primark tat, Joe's got naff hair under his hat

    Thanks to @PryingPenny for the thread title. Carry on here!
  11. Thank(space)you

    Stacey Solomon #83 Swashed up in Abu Dhabi for free, sat on Joe’s unwashed ginger rod

    Winning title from @barmj Stinky Stacey and the clan went on a gifted holiday to Abu Dhabi. Some tattlers have reported her to the ASA for lack of transparency. Dodgy dave took some "candid" shots of Stacey 🥺🥹😭 cheers hun whole world is crying now. Looks like kids got badly sunburned. Stacey...
  12. Ray_of_Sunshine

    Stacey Solomon #82 Stacey Solomon no S’wash

    Well done to @Lovethewayyoulie for the new thread title with 53 likes. Feel free to recap (hope I’ve done this right it’s my first ever try at a new thread 🫣) All I can think to add right now is that Gail Plait has had a new trim and seemingly moved into the annex 🤣 Previous thread...
  13. Blackjack2

    Stacey Solomon #81 Pickle number 5 is here & Joe’s nails give me the absolute fear

    Thanks to @jazzy22 with 104 likes.there was another but was a bit too long😉 Feel free to recap Pickle 5 is here and been named Belle. After an amazing surprisingly short birth to follow the surprisingly shortest pregnancy Stacey delivered a beautiful baby girl probably caught by Joe and his...
  14. M

    Stacey Solomon #80 Longest shortest pregnancy ever.

    Thanks to @FoxyBingo for the their second thread title in a row! No sign of baby as yet but there was a gender neutral baby shower at the weekend. Molly-Mae has announced her baby girl so just a waiting game now…
  15. M

    Stacey Solomon #79 is Stacey pregnant?

    Thanks to @FoxyBingo for the new thread title. Pickle number 5 landing any day now!
  16. Em_

    Stacey Solomon 78 #Pickle number five is pending and staceys lies are never ending!

    New thread title thanks to @jazzy22 Skanky is pregnant with cash cow number 5 and due this month or next month or it has already been born. A few points below for newbies to the thread 1) This is not a rave thread, somebow she does have one, so please search for that if you want to defend...
  17. BBC1HD

    Stacey Solomon #77 Pickle cottage annexe will need more rooms, Stacey’s apparently worried about her noon

    Thanks @marypoppins21 So, Stacey is pregnant. I am SHOCKED.....but not really. And neither were the rest of tattle. We got them mystic meg vibes
  18. raspberryjuice

    Stacey Solomon #76 Mould on the ceiling, kids are freezing, are Joe and Stacey still breeding?

    Thanks to @biglittlecat for the thread title. Anyone want to recap?
  19. M

    Stacey Solomon #75 Pregnant or not, when they’ve not got room for the kids they’ve got

    Carry on here! Had to shorten the title to fit
  20. Em_

    Stacey Solomon #74

    Please feel free to do a proper re-cap. Mod edit, title breaks rules. Always report any concerns or post in forum business rather than derail a thread.
  21. raspberryjuice

    Stacey Solomon #73 Forget H, we’re a family of Six. And here are my camel toe pics!

    Thanks to @HoneyLemonGinger for the thread title. Anyone want to recap?
  22. Em_

    Stacey Solomon #72 not on her hols but back to her roots y’know; She’s at Disney the home of Pinocchio 🤥

    Thanks to @MyrtleRV for the thread title. There is a wiki so please read it if you’re new. A few things to note: The two eldest live in the annexe, it is a separate building right next to the pool. This is not a rave thread - The majority of...
  23. Noseycow2020

    Stacey Solomon #71 Joe’s taken Stacey up the aisle with bridesmaid dresses from In The Style

    This isn’t a rave thread No one gives a shit about hinch or her thread The ugliest gifted wedding that ever was is still being dragged out Her older boys (both under 14) live in a different building from her Joe has pubes glued to his head SSS has ruined her hair bleaching it from red to...
  24. bamboo98

    Stacey Solomon #70 The sheep think I'm just off for a wash but I'm already Mrs Stinky Solomon Swash

    Thread title by @Flabulous I had to edit it a little so it would fit.
  25. strawberrysunshine_x

    Stacey Solomon #69 New ring on finger, new hair on head, Will she trade Joe for a new husband instead

    Thread title courtesy of @MyrtleRV adjusted it slightly to fit in the box 😁 Recap ; claims she had her wedding ring swapped around but it’s clearly just a new ring Dyed her hair. Box dye ok then We think she’s getting married tomorrow