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  1. Stacey Solomon #13 Sends her sheep to troll a designer, #bekind, do you need a reminder?

    I've never made a thread before so apologies if I get this wrong.... This was the most liked thread suggestion by Burgh gal Catch up- Still stinks. Still making crap crafts and snacks. Still letting Rex fall asleep 'drunk' wherever he lands. Did some stories about some hairclips she had seen...
  2. Stacey Solomon #12 Stacey is dipsy, lala and po and off to Wales with stinky winky Joe

    Congratulations to @Noseycow2020 for the winning thread title. (There was one with 3 more votes but it was unusable as it had swearing in it, sorry @Burgh Gal)
  3. Stacey Solomon #11 Stacey & Joe hatched a plan, but lied about their campervan!

    Thanks to @Scragbags for the new title - Winning with over 80 likes! Title had to be abbreviated to fit headline character spacing. Link to thread #10
  4. Stacey Solomon #10 You don’t give a damn, “you got this” is all for the ‘gram

    Well done to @whimsicalbadger for the winning title with 36 votes - edited slightly to fit As you were, ladies...
  5. Stacey Solomon #9 Stinky Stacey needs a wash, to improve her chances of becoming a Swash!

    Well done to @Mejustme for the winning thread title with 69 votes
  6. Stacey Solomon #8 Support for small businesses is fickle, proven by her Primark range for her little pickle

    Her support for small businesses is ever so fickle, As proven by her Primark range for her little pickle And for the love of god stop telling people what they can't post, the number #2 rule of tattle is to not attempt to moderate. Report if you think a comment is out of order and stop derailing...
  7. Stacey Solomon #7 Hippedy Hoe Hippedy Hey,pits and bits smelly and the food filtered grey

    Title thanks to @LooneyLuna Edited slightly to fit. hope I’ve done this right!
  8. Stacey Solomon #6 Stacey please enough with the laugh, for crying out loud, empty the bath

    Thanks to @whimsicalbadger for the winning thread suggestion with 37 votes
  9. Stacey Solomon #5

    Thank you @Selenophile for the thread suggestion with 23 likes! The full title was "Stacey you've got three kids, not just Rex; can't imagine "hoe" ever wanting sex" but had to slightly adjust to fit. Carry on as you were ☺ --- Mod edit title removed as breaks our rules.
  10. Stacey Solomon #4 Spacey and Hoe sitting in a tree Making crap for all to see

    Thanks to @Noseybonk for the thread suggestion with 49 likes! My first time doing a thread so big apologies if I've done it wrong 😬
  11. Stacey Solomon #3 Labels this and Susan’s that, Stacy get off the floor you silly prat

    New thread..only one suggestion but 20 likes.
  12. Stacey Solomon #2 Jingle bells, Stacey smells, swashy (ice) danced away!

    Thread title by Unicornishpastie, there was another but may be a bit too risque! Previous thread
  13. Stacey Solomon

    I'm not sure whether she's still classed as a celeb, or influencer nowadays but will pop it in this section for now.. Does she get on anyone elses tits or just mine?🙈 Everybody seems to love her, and to be fair she does come across as a nice woman, there's just something that grates on me...
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