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  1. Em_

    Stacey Solomon #72 not on her hols but back to her roots y’know; She’s at Disney the home of Pinocchio 🤥

    Thanks to @MyrtleRV for the thread title. There is a wiki so please read it if you’re new. A few things to note: The two eldest live in the annexe, it is a separate building right next to the pool. This is not a rave thread - The majority of...
  2. Noseycow2020

    Stacey Solomon #71 Joe’s taken Stacey up the aisle with bridesmaid dresses from In The Style

    This isn’t a rave thread No one gives a shit about hinch or her thread The ugliest gifted wedding that ever was is still being dragged out Her older boys (both under 14) live in a different building from her Joe has pubes glued to his head SSS has ruined her hair bleaching it from red to...
  3. bamboo98

    Stacey Solomon #70 The sheep think I'm just off for a wash but I'm already Mrs Stinky Solomon Swash

    Thread title by @Flabulous I had to edit it a little so it would fit.
  4. strawberrysunshine_x

    Stacey Solomon #69 New ring on finger, new hair on head, Will she trade Joe for a new husband instead

    Thread title courtesy of @MyrtleRV adjusted it slightly to fit in the box 😁 Recap ; claims she had her wedding ring swapped around but it’s clearly just a new ring Dyed her hair. Box dye ok then We think she’s getting married tomorrow
  5. Em_

    Stacey Solomon #68 Grab a cup of tea at my station, I use my kids for exploitation

    Thanks to @Redgirl81 for the thread title. I know it didn't say thread suggestion, but it was the most liked post and it sounded like sa thread title. Does anyone want to do a re-cap? A Polite reminder that this is not the Hinch thread and it's not a Stacey rave thread. There is a wiki...
  6. R

    Stacey Solomon #67 Joe’s on his stag and knows how to behave, shame the same can’t be said for her dad

    Thanks to @bagpuss17278 for the thread title! 🤩 Can anyone do a recap?
  7. L

    Stacey Solomon #66 Getting pushed in the pool by swash is the only way the sisters will wash

    Woohoo here we go again @MyrtleRV recap ?
  8. L

    Stacey Solomon #65 Worried about drowning in Stacey’s back yard? On standby is Mick the lifeguard

    As you were Had to edit the title slightly to make it fit and I managed that slightly intoxicated x
  9. L

    Stacey Solomon #64 Stacey and Joe both bring out a book, even though she can’t do DIY and he can’t cook

    Anyone fancy doing a fantastic recap @MyrtleRV ? X
  10. L

    Stacey Solomon #63 When your lie becomes a fun fact, make sure your boyfriend can actually act

    Here we go have I managed it ! If I have as you were ladies #turtlesaregreen @MyrtleRV please do one of your amazing recaps I love them x
  11. M

    Stacey Solomon #62 Stacey’s upset with her tits and doesn’t seem to care where Roess sits!

    Ok, first time doing this so I hope I’ve done it right! 🤷‍♀️ 🤞 Thanks to @bagpuss17278 for the thread title!
  12. WilmaHun

    Stacey Solomon #61 Bake Off filming done, still not washed her hair, insists on taking Roess everywhere

    Thread title by @Chriss71 shortened to fit. Old thread here
  13. Kmux

    Stacey Solomon #60 Wash your hair Stacey, it’s clear for us to see, it’s not natural oils but plain greasy!

    Thought I would start the next one off… I’ll be back with a catch up. Credit to @MyrtleRV for winning thread suggestion 😂 I will be honest I dipped in and out a lot the last thread but here is what I know… Stace is back at ‘work’ which includes being a new host on Bake Off The Professionals...
  14. WilmaHun

    Stacey Solomon #59 Send in SuperNanny Jo those slippy steps have to go!

    Old thread here Thread title by @Asparagus123 Anyone wanna do a recap?
  15. N

    Stacey Solomon #58 She’d rather play pool than take her boys to school

    New thread. Can someone do a recap? Thanks to @moreteavicarXoXo for the thread title 👏🏼
  16. Noseycow2020

    Stacey Solomon #57 Hinch’s alpacas are housed closer to the main house than Stacey’s boys

    Couldn’t see many thread suggestions but thought this was a good one so well done @Asparagus123 We are eagerly awaiting the predictable Sunday 7pm cluedo room reveal for maximum engagement 🙄 Read the wiki (pink button)
  17. Anotherdayanotherwalk

    Stacey Solomon #56 Stacey caught lying already over Mungo/Midge/Mary.. Teddy!

    Congratulations to @redstraw16 for winning thread title So after a fairly quiet few days where the highlight was seeing Stacey create the greyest room known to man as Joe's mancave, on Saturday Stacey started pondering whether they should get another dog. In what appeared to be a blink of an...
  18. Anotherdayanotherwalk

    Stacey Solomon #55 Stace tries to be relatable to other mums, don't we all have haribo stuck to our bums?

    Congratulations to @Rhiality on winning thread title referencing Stacey allegedly doing the school run with wine gums attached to her behind. So it's been a strange one these last couple of weeks. Stacey went unusually quiet over Christmas, Tattlers thought it was initially due to her working...
  19. Anotherdayanotherwalk

    Stacey Solomon #54 Filthy kids, scruffy hair, outfits from Build a Bear

    Congratulations to @Tamij for winning thread title. As we head towards Christmas, the Solomon Swashs have created their own grotto and had a visit from the big man himself. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but many of us think a completed new kitchen is on the cards ready for the big day...
  20. Yel

    Stacey Solomon #52

    New thread. Don't mini mod, if there's a comment that goes too far report and let us deal with it. Mean comments about kids are not allowed, stick to being critical about the parents who are the ones in control. Thanks!
  21. L

    Stacey Solomon #51 Squinting her eyes to relate to her huns, can someone remind her she still has 3 sons?

    OMG never done this before, but the more it went past 1000 the more I panicked, someone feel like recapping ?!?
  22. WilmaHun

    Stacey Solomon #50 The kids don't match, lied about the pumpkin patch

    Winning thread title @Tess_Tickles Old thread here Anyone wanna do a recap?
  23. Scragbags

    Stacey Solomon #49 A backwards accent might sound posh, but pickle is still called R Swash

    Can we all be upstanding for the arrival of 🌹 Rose 🌹 opal, esme Solomon-swash Except of course our stace who is still glued to her bed in her big tena knickers. Mick jr and the annexe lads are nowhere to be seen and are no doubt scraping the lids of their month old bombay bad boys whilst...
  24. WilmaHun

    Stacey Solomon #48 No privacy for the babies, can't get much worse, all they do is line your purse

    Winning thread title by @heretojudge123 - sorry I had to shorten a bit to fit! she's had Princess Pickle but yet to grace us with a name! She has spent most of the time in bed. Joe posted a (now deleted) video this morning of the new baby completely naked whilst being weighed. No respect at...
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