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  • Series 9 Australia
    The Couples

    Selin and Anthony
    Holly and Andrew
    Selina and Cody
    Sam and Al
    Olivia and Jackson
    Domenica and Jack
    Tamara and Brent

    Anthony - DILF/Daddy
    Andrew - Divorce Force/Yankee Doodle/Tex
    Cody- Niles
    Al - Wish Ronaldo
    Jackson - Shaggy
    Mitch - Action Man/Hoops
    Ella - Martha 2.0
    Holly - Miss Manifest/Baby Maniac

    UK 2022
    The Couples

    Duka and Whitney
    Chanita and Jordan
    Adrian and Thomas
    George and April

    Bitchney - Whitney
    Claire Balding/Curtains - Adrian