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Jack Monroe is known for being a poverty chef and influencer. She's released 8 cookbooks and is known for her outbursts on twitter. One outburst against David Cameron talking about the loss of his child lost her a deal with Sainsbury's and another set of twitter messages that targetted Jamie Oliver lead to landing a BBC One cooking show.
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  1. houseofhoop

    Jack Monroe #565 Demand 0

    Congratulations to @DinosaurSenior for the winning thread title. You’ve won yourself £250 worth of magnetic spice jars, and as an extra treat they will be pre filled with exclusive contents by guest herself. Another Frau or Herren will need to do a recap please?
  2. W

    Jack Monroe #564 What's a Greek urn? Around £11,000 a month from Patreon

    Thread title by @MavisBeacon from suggestion by @Kittypops. Cuz "What's a white English wannabe grift? Around £11,000 a month from Patreon" isn't quite as snappy. You each win your choice of supermarket mezze, just like her Cypriot Moumia (mummified corpse) used to make! Recap: After six five...
  3. W

    Jack Monroe #563 Danniella Guestbrook

    Thread title by @Geetbo from suggestion by me. I'm not going to award myself anything because I'm not guest :) but Geets wins the satisfaction that Danniella is still more relevant than guest will ever be again. RIP Audrey Chawner. Recap: Several frauen called out guest's past lies over various...
  4. W

    Jack Monroe #562 It's a calculator Helen, it's not cocaine

    Thread title by @Valiofthedolls from one of guest's old tweets: You win a calculator, not cocaine. No word on whether this was Dusty Aunt Helen, possibly of the toilet-based stash of More magazines. Recap: Katie Hopkins attacked recently widowed Kate Garraway and has been piled on by some of...
  5. W

    Jack Monroe #561 Me. I happened. You're welcome

    Winning thread title suggested by @Brian Butterfield after @rage naan brought up this old tweet of guest's: You each win a designer full length mirror to look in and admire yourselves, paid for by the Patreon cash of donors who think you're desperately poor. Recap: Still no guest but the...
  6. W

    Jack Monroe #560 Publication cancelled

    Winning thread title by @Emmapism. You win a book token so you can go buy some books that have actually made it to print. Recap: In the last thread, to much sorrow, we discovered the memememememoir has, in fact, had its publication cancelled :( which is a shame because I do love a good choose...
  7. fishyfishfish

    Jack Monroe #559 Untitled Jack Monroe Memoir

    Thread title by @Brian Butterfield! You win a Christmas eel. You’ll receive it when Guest finishes the school run. Jack is still silent on the hellsite but continues to gently, softly delete blog posts which several fraus believe is a sign she is planning to return. Wiki is the pink button up...
  8. Falkor

    Jack Monroe #558 I own a fridge! This is my cooker! Look at my rug! Look at my duvet!

    Thread title by @Valiofthedolls and nominated by @Hold my beans - had to be slightly edited down from the original, which was: I sent my shopping to the wrong address! I’ve got a rucksack! I’ve got a shopping trolley! I’ve got a skip! I’ve bought MUGS! I made a candle! I made bath salts! I’ve...
  9. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe The Sloppies 2023

    I'm late this year, sorry but would you all still like a sloppy serving of our annul prize-giving? If so, I'll deliver. Please help me though by reminding me nominating your favourite events. It might be post Christmas day but hopefully pre New Year. I'll do my best. The Eye of Sauron award...
  10. fishyfishfish

    Jack Monroe #557 The cookery equivalent of Michelle Mone

    Thanks to @hoopdedoo for our wonderful, topical thread title. May your pumbles by sloppy and your cashos be plentiful. Recap: Welcome to a chaos! Guest treated us all to some obesity mithering live on Times Radio, which seemed to amount to her googling ingredient terminology from the US and...
  11. W

    Jack Monroe #556 Cyndi Pauper

    Thread title by @griftalo, nominated by @Geetbo. You each win a recording of guest's greatest hits including "BOULEVAAAAAAAAAAARD" and "Girls Just Wanna Scam Funds." Recap: Much of the last thread was us mithering over the extent of her Patreon scam and bringing up other past horrors. But...
  12. W

    Jack Monroe #555 For JennyNumbers, wherever she may be

    Recap: It's thread number 555 And once again all hell has broken loose We know what she's grifted on Patreon. It's a lot, starting with almost £11,000 in January 2022. She still gets around £1200 a month so about the equivalent of 3 days a week at minimum wage for sitting on her...
  13. W

    Jack Monroe #554 Homeopathic levels of spice

    Thread titled by @malinky, nominated by @Day3TShirt. You each win a plate of guest's special peach and chickpea curry, followed by the world's first cake with a USB port. Recap: Guest has still been quiet as a Vineyard church mouse, and mitherings in the last thread included: Jacklemore and...
  14. Witchfinder Sargeant

    Jack Monroe #553 Fairytale of No Pork

    thread title by @MaineCoonMama as a tribute to Shane MacGowan (RIP) and Jack's brief foray into veganism. Jack is still locked and MIA, so the canal are mithering through some of her greatest hits appalling slops. I think I'm scarred for life by the thought of black pudding and carrot hash...
  15. W

    Jack Monroe #552 She's the cookery equivalent of termites

    Thread title by a squig, nominated by @SouthendRealEstate. You each win a can of anti-termite spray, unfortunately the equivalent for guest would be integrity and we can't bottle that. Recap: While we waited to see if a rumoured Christmas chaos will materialise we reminisced about such past...
  16. W

    Jack Monroe #551 Careless Wispa

    Thread title by @SweetTransvestite, nominated by @YerDa. You each win a multipack of Wispas to eat while you look at old posters of Big Dave from his Wham! days. Recap: We had some excellent tea when @mchops met Big Dave's old senior colleague in the Fire Service. He was good at his job but not...
  17. Falkor

    Jack Monroe #550 It was never going to be anything better than okay

    Thread title by @GladysMcHaggis nominated by @Powershower - congratulations, you win dinner for two at Big Dave's new museum cafe! Jack's still in hiding, the canal continues to flow merrily onwards without her.
  18. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #549 Two different one's in three's

    Thread title nominated by @Mrs Peel I don't have a recap so this will have to do instead. Go well my fellow and kumbaya.
  19. W

    Jack Monroe #548 Recipes that come with a side of electrocution and burnt down house for pudding

    Thread title nominated by @I'm not actually here from a squig on Jack's timeline. You, and the squig, each win a fire safety assessment of your home and the first thing they'll tell you is "don't pour liquid into the air fryer" Recap: Much was made, both by the canal and squigs on Xwitter, of...
  20. W

    Jack Monroe #547 Bung it in a Curry's

    Thread title by @Clarends, nominated by @Lazarus. You each win a printed-out copy of guest's slow cooker recipes stapled together. You don't get the actual slow cooker because she's donated it to a food bank :( Recap: While we all thought guest was sitting on her Mediterranean, she was actually...
  21. W

    Jack Monroe #546 Kerridge = fingers, Sir Matt = forearms

    Title by @Livia Fantasy, nominated by @MooBelle (slightly modified as emojis were not showing up properly) You each win a plate of guest's space curry followed by a spite meringue. Recap: Guest still being vewy vewy quiet on her socials, some have speculated on whether she might be back in...
  22. W

    Jack Monroe #545 A bongo, a plastic guinea pig and a penis wrapped in filo pastry

    Title by @RandomFishOils, nominated by @FourSeasonSoupObsessive You each win one bongo, one guinea pig (but no accessories), a disembodied penis, and a packet of Jus-Rol. Wiki, as always, is up there on the pink button. Recap: Guest is STILL quiet but we know she's out there, she appears to...
  23. W

    Jack Monroe #544 Expensive beige sideboards to match her expensively beige personality

    Title by @nothanksbabes, nominated by @Bootsy Sloppins You each win the opportunity to retroactively go halvsies with guest on one of her expensively beige Cotswold sideboards. Wiki is up there on the pink button for newbies. Recap: Guest is still being quiet so we mithered about many things...
  24. VeniVidiVicki

    Jack Monroe #543 All her pasta recipes scream ‘run to the bog’ more than ‘come to bed’

    New thread! Title by @SouthendRealEstate nommed by @Lazarus You both win a pasta dish of your choice from guest. Jack is being very quiet. Some might say too quiet. So we’re just mithering over her greatest hits. Or misses. Noobs - wiki up there in the pink button * Mod edit * Please keep...
  25. TrolleyParton

    Jack Monroe #542 A dullard talking about Vienetta

    Winning threat title (I think?) by @Foxvint and nominated by @rage naan. You both win a Vienetta, you can use it for Twitter engagement or simply just mither over just how much smaller they are than they used to be. Jack is still MIA aside from some possible 🧦 action over on Twittex or...