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Jack Monroe is known for being a poverty chef and campaigner. She's released 8 cookbooks and is known for her outbursts on twitter. One outburst against David Cameron talking about the loss of his child lost her a deal with Sainsbury's and another set of twitter messages that targetted Jamie Oliver lead to landing a BBC One cooking show.
  1. Jack Monroe #44 Spoiler

    Thanks to @Silver Linings for most popular thread suggestion. Recap for last thread. Nothing amusing I'm afraid. Just deeply upsetting behaviour re her kitten. I'll leave it at that :cry:
  2. Jack Monroe #43 the devil('s herb) works hard but Jack works harder

    Welcome to thread 43, can someone write a tldr? Thread title by @TriviaNewtonJohn Can I also just ask memebers to stop doing a few things, I know some like it but others are complaining and we do our best to make the site run well for all. Only post if it adds something to the thread, don't...
  3. Jack Monroe #42

    Recap of thread 41: Her Twitter tirade against David Walliams continued. She is not backing down, despite it being made evident that she assumed that a book character was black, when in fact said character was white. It is unclear as to whether or not she has taken the kitten to the vet. She...
  4. Jack Monroe #41 No one else gaslights or fights for 'likes' like Jack Monroe. Oops.

    Thanks to @HockyRorror for the thread title. Last thread recap. The one where Jack: Kept up her Twitter attack on David Walliams. Said one of his characters was a racist stereotype but rather embarrassingly it turned out the character was white. Oops. Said she was off to school her son, which...
  5. Jack Monroe #40 Implies David Walliams takes coke, jumps bandwagons to stay woke.

    Thanks to @NoseyParkour for thread title. Last thread recap. Well. Where do you begin. She went on a Twitter rant about David Walliams saying he didn't write his own books, takes coke, is racist and transphobic. And she wants to throw tea at him - JOKE! Says she was joking about the coke bit...
  6. Jack Monroe #39 Cat's in the bathroom with silver spoon,this is real life not Mills & Boon

    Thanks to @ChickenPorridge for the popular title (slightly shortened for length). My memory is getting worse. I'm thinking of a thread recap for #38 but all that stands out is her fondling her kitten in a manner which has traumatised a lot of Hausfraus. She seemed to be quite a Happy Jack tbh...
  7. Jack Monroe #38 Will she call her next cat Sue Purrkins?

    title by @EnglishRoseIrishRover , I haven't kept up to date to picking on of the most liked posts from the last thread. :D Can't do a TLDR as I haven't read the last threads, can someone else?
  8. Jack Monroe #37 Don't f*** with cats.

    Thanks to @colouredlines for the thread title. Quick recap of last thread:The One Where - We were all still worried about her new kitten. Jack got blue eyes. She lost 60 books. We were treated to a series of insta photos in grey vest to celebrate something probably momentous but I've forgotten...
  9. Jack Monroe #36 Drawers of toys, drawers of pills, she needs 5 sideboards for all the lies

    Title thanks to @PoorPatrol (sorry had to be redacted for length and a rude word). The last thread saw our Jack: • Get a disabled kitten we are all worried about • Post ridiculous manipulated photos to show how thin she is •Congratulate herself on the success of her Hellman's sh.....(no sorry...
  10. Jack Monroe #35 This tweet is unavailable.

    Thank you @Silver Linings 69+ votes
  11. Jack Monroe #34 Medicine won't lift her gloom. Lady doc says Facetune!

    Thanks to @colouredlines for the title (massively bastardised to fit!). (I note the title seems to involve a bit of duplication. Soz guys! Hopefully a modmin can sort it (y))
  12. Jack Monroe #33 Jack’s back on twitter, what a surprise. We roll our eyes

    Thanks to @Silver Linings for the excellent thread name, with 42 likes.
  13. Jack Monroe #32 Shan't!

    New title by me (oops, embarrassing). But there weren't many suggestions given we were BUSY!
  14. Jack Monroe #31 Grunka Lunka dunkety doo, we came for Jack but stayed for you!

    New thread title courtesy of @lipsticktaser with a total of 68 reactions!
  15. Jack Monroe #30 Heroic Jack back to save the day, what shall we eat with our venison paté?

    Thanks to @Silver Linings for thread title.
  16. Jack Monroe #29

    A new thread because the last one kept going offtopic and the vast majority of the conspiracies we know are not true from what we can see and the rest we don't have enough information to know either way. Report any posts you have a concern with and let us deal with it. Now back to the topic at...
  17. Jack Monroe #28 Mayo’s for dunking, threads are for Grunk(a)ing

    Congrats to @choccydigestive on the thread title, and to @GrunkaLunka for achieving true infamy x Edit to say I think I probably "did a chaos" making this thread so my gratitude to @admin for sorting out my JM-inspired ineptitude.
  18. Jack Monroe #27 Jack's career move after cooking with cans? Who’d have thought it would be OnlyFans?

    Thanks @Britney Spiers Morgan for most popular suggestion (slightly changed for length).
  19. Jack Monroe #26 Jack be bitter, Jack be quick, Jack stop being such a dick.

    Thanks to @Blurp for the thread title. Sorry if i’ve done a chaos, hausfraus. I thought i’d have a go at doing a new thread when it’s not zooming past at a rate of knots. Followed all the rules and while Blurp’s suggestion technically didn’t say thread # it was the most liked. Night, gang...
  20. Jack Monroe #25 Worst paid advance, posing in her pants, at least Hellmans gave this 10 yr newbie a chance.

    Jack Monroe #25 worst paid advance, posing in her pants, at least Hellmans have given this 10 year newbie a chance Had to edit title to fit so here it is in full. Thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the title.
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