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Jack Monroe is known for being a poverty chef and campaigner. She's released 8 cookbooks and is known for her outbursts on twitter. One outburst against David Cameron talking about the loss of his child lost her a deal with Sainsbury's and another set of twitter messages that targetted Jamie Oliver lead to landing a BBC One cooking show.
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  1. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #156 Super crabby ADHD faux vegan is mendacious

    Congratulations to @MaineCoonMama for the the words and @fauxpoor and @hollowhusk for the nomination! 🎉 Your prize: Jack’s sharing platter of ramen and accompaniments (and you must eat dressed as Mary Poppins in honour of your title) Recap of last thread She added ‘ex fire service’ to her...
  2. kachoochoo

    Jack Monroe #155 What a sad little life, Jack

    Thread Title thanks to me, I'm ashamed to say! 😖 but it was a long time coming! She's done bugger all for a couple of days, so please forgive the lack of a synopsis. or indeed if you have a good synopsis, please supply it 🙂 please see the wiki for all of her evil deeds/various origin stories...
  3. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #154 The book has furloughed itself

    A collection of congratulations to @Harrybosch for your dry wit, and @MarzBarzie and @Captainmouse for the nomination! 🎉 Huzzah. Your prize: VIP tickets to the book launch (don’t hold your breath). Recap of last thread She showed off the artwork that was both ‘bought in better times’ and a...
  4. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #153 I blended my pears specially

    Congratulations to @kachoochoo for the thread title! 🎉 I know it was kind of a joke, but it tickled me and got the most votes. Your prize: one of Jack’s tin can lanterns. (Safety disclaimer: Do not leave unattended or handle with bare hands. Or ... light. Ever.) Recap of last thread Move...
  5. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #152 Gorgonzola semi freddo with dessicated olive and grape

    Congratulations to @blurstoftimes for the thread title! 🎉 reminding us all that Jack can cook ‘nice stuff’. Your prize: a nice big bowl of the Eye of Sauron salad, with optional ‘dressing’. Special mention to @HotesTilaire for: This time next year, SB, we’ll be Patreonaires! Recap of last...
  6. HotesTilaire

    Jack Monroe #151 A morally destitute and blatantly mendacious fraud?

    Congratulations go to @DandyLion for the thread title nomination with the most votes although I’m not sure what the origin story of the words is.Please make yourself known, we have a juice bottle of diluted coal tar soap for you each. Or straggly fridge veg brown soup. IDK it doesn’t say on the...
  7. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #150 Haven’t you got peas to discuss?

    Congratulations to @Adayinthelife for the thread title! 🎉 and to @Walkdengirl and @Thank(space)you for the nomination. Your collective prize: a bottle each of Jack’s bubble bath (do not apply it to bare skin). Recap of last thread She’s telling her story AGAIN. This time in The House. Who’s...
  8. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #149 How dare you defile our oats?

    Congratulations to @hollowhusk for the sentiments and @Sideboard Bob for the nomination for thread title! 🎉 Your joint prize: you get to be brand ambassadors for Bécheval. Mmm, so creamy, it must be horse. Recap of last thread She appears to have been as sloppy as her food and MAY have...
  9. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #148 Ya prune

    Congratulations to @Ellabella for the thread title! 🎉 Your prize: You must eat these. Whatever the hell they are. Recap of last thread: 1. She called someone a prune. Hope she means the Del Monte type. 2. She made some prune buns that appear to be iced with sausage fat and bacon dripping. 3...
  10. HotesTilaire

    Jack Monroe #147 We honestly didn’t expect the backlash

    Welcome to thread 147 🎉 named by @TheDragonWithAFlagon who thriftily decanted the words of the PR dept at Linda McCartney (RIP) and with an amazing 119 votes! Your prize is an extension on your book submission deadline (again). In our last thread- 1 The canal still love a tune. Write some...
  11. HotesTilaire

    Jack Monroe #146 Can we see the Emin please, cos the rest of this is ugly af

    Congratulations to @heretoreaditall2019 for the words, and dear heart @Pocahontas for nominating them, over 60 votes! An exclusive never-before-seen video of how to make Linda’s meatballs in a dry yet sloppy orzo is on it’s way to you. In our last thread:- 1. Linda McCartney took a leaf out of...
  12. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #145 Mamapapa, why is all the food brown?

    Congratulations to @GoLando for the thread title! 🎉 your prize: you get to taste test Jack’s tinned mandarin dish. Did she submit her book? it’s a mystery. Some old Diva articles about Jack were shared by @discolisa It was a tense race, but mandarins took the lead in her hot poll. SB came...
  13. Pixieboots

    Jack Monroe #144 The man from Strictly, he say No

    Congrats to @TurnedUpInTipp for the title - your prize is a tin of pineapple chunks with the ringpull torn off. In our last thread... New to Jack's chaos? Check the Tattle wiki! Edit: Sorry @HotesTilaire, didn't mean to steal your new thread thunder!
  14. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #143 The viggles are all over Del Monte

    Congratulations to @MooBelle for the thread title! 🎉 Your prize: Jack needs a new admin assistant (preferably one with hands). She continues to anger vegans and she continues to offend with ill thought out posts on Twitter. Clock’s ticking for her book deadline, but bae still managed to catch...
  15. Switchstreetz

    Jack Monroe #142 Honorary Unt

    To anyone concerned about the title - it's a quote from a tweet she posted where she said one of her friends calls her an 'honorary Unt' (cross between aunt and uncle!) Edit: forgot to add credit for the title in a very meta twist. words - @Jack_M nomination - @Boyo @ComeForTheX StayForTheY...
  16. HotesTilaire

    Jack Monroe #141 Who dat?

    Congratulations to @Sideboard Bob for posting the viggle receipt and @lilamay for nominating the words! A brilliant prize for you both- I’ve named you and thanked you publicly on this thread, and I will probably never send you a signed copy once it’s finished. In our last thread, Jack made...
  17. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #140 This is not what Linda would have wanted

    Congratulations to @PoorPatrol for the words and @waffle maker for the nomination! 🎉 Your joint prize: you’ve got to eat those balls. Recap of thread #139 1. She knitted herself a shredded wheat big enough to feed everyone. 2. Welcome to Jack’s spa, where you will be treated to a bath full of...
  18. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #139 Paging Dr Monroe

    Another thread title for @SoulRebel 🎉 you’re on a roll! And credit to @ReginaPhalangee for the words. Your joint prize: a chance to submit your best frugal tips to Jack’s latest quixotic opus (fee/credit: none whatsoever). Recap of thread #138 She continued to be a point of contention on the...
  19. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #138 Jack Monroe MBE

    Congratulations to this trio of floofles: @jenny2603 @gracebevsescapingboobs and @SoulRebel for the thread title! 🎉 your prize: a bowl of the curried rice creation. It’s like gravel in a bowl. Recap of thread #137 Hot Take Jack says those tiktok quesadillas aren’t much cop. SB drew a...
  20. Pixieboots

    Jack Monroe #137 NarcLife by Bootstrap Crook

    Thanks to @colouredlines, @SoulRebel and @jenny2603 for the title components! Edit: And now @CabalofBolorneaise too! Mods changed the thread title 🤷‍♀️ In our last thread... - Jack told the Guardian that The Letter was a bit shit really - Letter-writing campaigns are only good when Jack...
  21. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #136 We lived in a house, it had a roof

    Congratulations to this terrible little trio for the thread title: @BobRob @SoulRebel and @kachoochoo ! 🎉 Your collective prize: a plate of Jack’s vegan sausage surprise. Recap of thread #135 Jack made a beautiful vegan meal as part of her Linda McCartney collab. Roadside Mum softly, gently...
  22. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #135 No measurable outcomes

    Congratulations to @Petelgeuse for the thread title! 🎉 your prize: a new job as Jack’s spin doctor. Do you possess hands? Recap of thread #134 She forgot about her Thunderclap. Not great for the founder. ‘I mean my god if I was contracted to do a job and only completed a quarter of it I...
  23. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #134 Suffer the little squiggles, for I am The Poor

    Congratulations to @TheDragonWithAFlagon for the thread title! 🎉 Your prize: Jack’s lunch. Recap of thread #133 Jack made herself something indeterminable on rice. She whatsapped Marcus so he didn’t have to pay to read The Times. She was ‘fucking shaking with anger’. Roadside Mum didn’t seem...
  24. Pixieboots

    Jack Monroe #133 Neither a celebrity or a chef

    Well done @TriviaNewtonJohn, thread title champion! In our last thread:
  25. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #132 Leader of the Slopposition

    Congratulations to @Terrible for the thread title! 🎉 Your prize: one used, slightly soiled Mary Poppins costume. Recap of thread #131 Inserting herself into Roadside Mum’s story made her so BUSY. She stayed up until 3am, had ‘hundreds’ of messages in her inbox and gained over 20,000 new...
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