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Jack Monroe is known for being a poverty chef and influencer. She's released 8 cookbooks and is known for her outbursts on twitter. One outburst against David Cameron talking about the loss of his child lost her a deal with Sainsbury's and another set of twitter messages that targetted Jamie Oliver lead to landing a BBC One cooking show.
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  1. Geetbo

    Jack Monroe #433 Let them eat copies of Thrifty Kitchen

    Congratulations @Shimmering for the thread title. You get to choose one of the slops from the slopalong to eat. Jack is still lying low after the roasting she got when she last returned to twitter. She didn't show up for her lecture to the Welsh poors but has just reactivated twitter. Go well...
  2. VeniVidiVicki

    Jack Monroe #432 From £7.92 no refunds

    Thanks to @Hollaaa for the banging thread title. You win a single roll of expensive wallpaper and a roll of sellotape. Quick recap: Jack is still off twitter after her weekend chaos. She briefing reappeared this morning in a blink and you’d miss it way to update her days sober (after the...
  3. Geetbo

    Jack Monroe #431 Close your begs, woman!

    Congrats @Bugger13 and @Ooointitot for the banging new thread title. You each win one of SB’s roller skates. Jack had LEFT Twitter again and the canal awaits her appearance in Wales on Wednesday with bated breath. Go well tender ones x
  4. D

    Jack Monroe #430 Keep strong, good Turkish haircut

    Ohhhh Lordy Shes LEFT! Before we address that, congratulations to @Brian Butterfield on title nomination, words provided by Jack Stan. Brian you win a tester pot of farrow and ball sloppipe and a pair of dupe Tiffany earrings for your scabby ear. For any newbies please have a look at the Wiki...
  5. Sideboard Bob

    Jack Monroe #429 Jack, please stop pretending to have friends. It's embarrassing for all of us.

    Yaaay new thread! Just in time for Jack’s new hairdo 🥱 Congratulations to @jenny2603 and @Geetbo for the thread title! You both win a haircut from a Turkish silver fox💈 Would anyone like to recap please? Newcomers, check out the wiki, it’s the pink button, somewhere up there up there ⬆
  6. Orphan_Black

    Jack Monroe #428 Hold me closer, tiny grifter

    Toot toot new thread amid a chaos. Well done @Geetbo and @heretoreaditall2019 for our new thread title, you win subscriptions to the Daily Mail, erm, congrats! The Daily Mail printed an article on Jack and AM, chaos ensuing. That's all I got, pals.
  7. Falkor

    Slopalong #3 She doesn't understand beans

    Thread title by @MavisBeacon nominated by @traumatised sideboard - you win your choice of any of the slops cooked in thread 2. For those who've stumbled on this thread by accident, it's a spin-off of the Jack Monroe threads where Tattlers are cooking their way through Jack's seven cookbooks in...
  8. Smol Pixel

    Jack Monroe #427 Frugal home cooking based on lived experience (now contested)

    Thanks to random squig for sharing a newsletter and gifting us this thread title, nominated by @Jelly Bean Jack has been pretty quiet so a chaos is probably imminent. She hasn’t moved house yet or refunded Patreon squig. She did post a “covertly filmed” video of her wrestling with Content...
  9. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #426 Slop in a shoebox

    Roll up, roll up, it's that time again. Another ride on the Monrollercoaster of chaos, get your tickets here! I hope it's ok that I have modified the swear and length of the thread title by @Lucky Escape and nominated by @Lucy Aeroplane. The original is a thing of beauty. Jack is still...
  10. Pocahontas

    Slopalong #2 You can’t polish a turd, but you can cover it in parsley

    Congratulations to @OwlChampagne , nominating @NobblyBobbly ’s words for the title. You both win a slice or spoon of a dish of your choice from the last thread, washed down with @That Forensic Man ’s choppy egg. Brava/o for all your efforts. Hardly surprising that none of Jack’s recipes aren’t...
  11. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #425 Looking gormless in an egg chair

    Welcome to thread #425, the superbly apt title was created by @traumatised sideboard and nominated by @Fruitjack. Chapeau dear hearts, bowls of slop with dead pets or pet semitaries for you both of you (may the vegan Gods forgive me). To be honest I don't have much of a recap as Jack has been...
  12. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #424 She’s as Greek as Prince William

    Thank you to @Lumpyspaceprincess and an unknown second frau for the thread title. You both win a Harvester mixed grill with salad bar option, so step forward to claim your prize. The last thread closed with Jack waxing lyrical over the joys of a large mixed doner with all the trimmings when...
  13. Pocahontas

    Slopalong: Cooking with Jack Monroe

    A thread to document and discuss the challenges and chaos of making one of Jack Monroe’s many ‘recipes’.
  14. Falkor

    Jack Monroe #423 The only TV show Jack Monroe needs to be on is Crimewatch

    Thread title by @Whaa? nominated by @Brian Butterfield - your prize is an advance copy of Grifty Kitchen each. Jack is in the middle of the mother and father of all clean-up acts. She's written a Patreon post apologising to her backers and put up an explanation for the Teemill money on her...
  15. Jelly Bean

    Jack Monroe #422 Is there no beginning to her talents?

    Thanks to dear hearts @MrsFawlty and @Geetbo for thread title suggestion and nomination. Your prizes are Pumble flavoured Viennetas. Go well pals. Yes Jack has now made Vienneta her thing. Quirky smol pixie that she is. She went to Asda and there was an hilarious anecdote about a Schrodinger's...
  16. Orphan_Black

    Jack Monroe #421 Why do you need a lottery win, you’ve got Patreon?

    Toot toot, batten down the hatches; a chaos may be brewing. Well done dear heart @Geetbo for winning the thread title with a Squig quote. You win a Tory as a friend. Fingers crossed it's the haunted coatrack, handy! Right, so Jack is back and being a overly namaste guru or snarky mare on...
  17. Geetbo

    Jack Monroe #420 You're not an economist. You're a smart price fantasist.

    Congrats to @Falkor and @Emmapism for the marvellous thread title. You each win one of Caroline's hands. Well, in the last thread, Caroline herself may or may not have turned up to dish the dirt on the slops. Canal consensus appears to be that it was not Caroline at all, but possibly the slop...
  18. Falkor

    Jack Monroe #419 Get stuffed, I've got a Chesterfield Sofa

    Thread title (slightly edited to remove swear!) by @colouredlines nominated by @Valiofthedolls - your prize is a trolley dash around the nearest Cotswold Co showroom. Jack went to a Counting Crows gig on a VIP ticket which a friend 'happened' to have going spare. The Canal has been...
  19. Falkor

    Jack Monroe #418 Jack's the only person not all up in her niche

    Thread title by @jenny2603 nominated by @Valiofthedolls - your joint prize is tickets to next year's Pink News awards. Jack didn't win the award she was nominated for at last night's ceremony. She's not yet given us her hot take on the current political turmoil, nor have we seen her response...
  20. Orphan_Black

    Jack Monroe #417 Hard to play the victim when you’ve ripped people off.

    Howdy y'all, it's another new thread. Well done @Hollaaa for nomming @Lazarus for our new thread title, you win Jack's sense of honesty, no stealing required. Jackie came back snarky, but has since vanished again. Who knows what Smol Pixie is up to. The Frau's continued their FORENSIC stock...
  21. Orphan_Black

    Jack Monroe #416 Food Hero? LMAO, should be in the dock for crimes against pasta.

    Toot Toot. It's Saturday night with a shiny new thread. Thank you @jenny2603 for nominating this Squig quote for our new thread title, you get Jack's goodie bag, yoink. Jack attended the Observer Food Monthly awards and the readers voted her to be their Food Hero. Nice. She wore her Diva suit...
  22. Orphan_Black

    Jack Monroe #415 Her campaigning amounts to her talking about being a campaigner

    Bing bong, it's another Jack Monroe thread. Well done @Brian Butterfield for our new thread title, you get to choose one piece of Jack's Viv's (RIP) collection. You'll look fabulous, darling. Jack is still MIA. THAT man got in her niche by going on Radio 4 and he went viral with his...
  23. Orphan_Black

    Jack Monroe #414 Catch Me If You (Tin) Can

    Toot Toot! Jack is back. Boo, I guess. Well done @MavisBeacon for nominating @Smeghead 's words for our new thread title. You both win a night out in Southend with Jack, Russ and that other internet weirdo, I forget their name. Spoon's O'clock! Anyway, yes Jack is back, and she's turned a...
  24. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #413 The flying monkeys are more like limping chimpanzees these days

    Thread title by a perceptive squig on twitter and nominated by: @Brian Butterfield. Your prize is a Saturday Is Treat Day plate with slop on it and a handy bin near by. The recap is limited. As usual there has been suspected sock activity. Jack updated her bio but is otherwise behaving the...
  25. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #412 Chiz on Tiz

    Mod edit, so this stays somewhat on topic can the offtopic threads be used for the offtopic chats. --- Thread title by a ridiculous squig on twitter and Nominated by: @Hollaaa, you win a portion of green eggs and slop. As for the recap - get fucked! Not really dear hearts 😘 Jack has been...
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