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Jack Monroe is known for being a poverty chef and influencer. She's released 8 cookbooks and is known for her outbursts on twitter. One outburst against David Cameron talking about the loss of his child lost her a deal with Sainsbury's and another set of twitter messages that targetted Jamie Oliver lead to landing a BBC One cooking show.
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  1. D

    Jack Monroe #336 Her writing style makes me wish I’d never learnt to read

    Thread title nom @Griftymcgriftface words by @Brian Butterfield. Congratulations both, your prize? Anything, literally anything from any isle in any supermarket, just help yourself we will all turn a blind eye. Wiki is the pink button above 👆 for those watching in black and white it’s the...
  2. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #335 Boob, I guess

    Thread title courtesy of @Pocahontas a nice little riff on one of our previous thread titles. You win the bed soup of the day. Or night. Wiki is the pink button for newbies. When nominating a thread title please use the words 'thread title' and no swearing allowed in them. In the last thread...
  3. Sideboard Bob

    Jack Monroe #334 Wafting around Asda like a Smartprice Ghost

    Welcome to thread 334 everyone! Thread title congratulations to @TheDragonWithAFlagon for the words and @BlendedSlop for nominating them! Your prize is Not Chard. In the last thread Jack tweeted a lot. If anyone can manage to recap it I will be eternally grateful! For newcomers, please have a...
  4. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #333 Bootsnack crook

    Congratulations to @Boyo for the thread title, words from a squig. Recap of last thread: Jack wants to sell her clothes, who wants to buy them? Err, no she doesn’t want to donate them to a charity shop, wash your dang mouth out. And, of course she was planning on splitting it 50/50 with a...
  5. Captainmouse

    Jack Monroe #332 A doctor, a teacher and a ceramicist walk into a bar

    previously https://tattle.life/threads/jack-monroe-331-safe-word-pumble.31196/page-52 not sure who the creator of the winning thread title is, but you get a front seat at the lorraine gig somebody please do a recap, as there was so much chaos wiki is pink button above please highlight thread...
  6. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #331 Safe word - pumble

    Thread title by @Veronicaaa nominated by @PowerliftingOtter thanks lads. You win a trip to the kitchen of doom. Remember the safe word! Wiki is the pink button up top for newbies. When nominating a thread title please use the words 'thread title' and no swearing allowed. To save bookmarking and...
  7. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #330 Boo, I guess?

    Thanks @Jelly Bean for the thread title, words from Jack herself. Your prize is avocadoes, yellow sticker nightmeat and tea boiled egg paste. In the last thread: Jack told a DHOTYA anecdote about going to Asda to buy a £3 vest. The cashier asked for her name to send her an email receipt and...
  8. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #329 Pooroboros

    Congrats to @BlendedSlop for the words and @jenny2603 for nominating the thread title! A framed, signed print of Jack being as heckin adorable as her puppy is winging its way to you both as we speak. Recap of last thread: Full throttle last night with photos of Laurie, complete with every 🌟dog...
  9. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #328 Something went wrong. Try again.

    Congrats to @bowiethesdmn for the thread title! You win a weekend pass to Glastonbury (catch is, the only thing you’re allowed to watch is Jack) Recap of last thread: After tweeting that she’d been carrying Laurie the puppy around and likening her to a new baby, Jack then made reference to...
  10. Falkor

    Jack Monroe #327 Three and a half stars on Wikifeet

    Thread title courtesy of @Mr Krabs In the last thread it was confirmed that OH had indeed LEFT and Jack also announced that today would see the fulfilment of a 10-year dream. Various suggestions were made by the canal as to what this could be, but no one guessed the correct answer, which...
  11. Pavlova

    Jack Monroe #326 You absolutely reek of bitterness, fantasy and too much time on your hands

    Welcome dear ninnies one and all, to thread #326 where a few days and hours is like being in some kind of weird Jack Monroe warped space and time continuum. The thread title was nominated by @Orphan_Black with a brilliant 110 votes. Our fave smol pixie took time out of her 120 hour working week...
  12. Switchstreetz

    Jack Monroe #325 She facetuned THE SKY

    Title by @Froggies nominated by @hydeist and @Walkdengirl Congratulations! You all win a framed print of Jack's legs against some radioactive foliage and a facetuned sky! I've got Jack's crack team on the case, and your prizes will almost certainly be ready for collection by the year 2344! (We...
  13. Yel

    Jack Monroe #324 How many times can one newspaper publish what is essentially the same bloody piece by the same author

    Thread title by the food writer of the year 2022 at the Fortnum awards. Went through pages and pages of most liked with no thread titles and a few of us thought this would be good 😬 but report if I've missed one! Full title: How many times can one newspaper publish what is essentially the...
  14. Into_the_tunnel

    Jack Monroe #323 Two mini breaks in two months, what in the Budget Jones's Diary is going on?

    New thread everyone. Thread title suggested by @NomDeGuerre and altered for use by @jenny2603 . Recap in shortened form. 1. Jack went away after posting Coops’ Big Mood. 2. Jack reappeared. 3. Jack has been whisked away on a mini break, apparently to the Netherlands (a city-adjacent break no...
  15. Jelly Bean

    Jack Monroe #322 Mr T Roll and the Mitty Bungalow Mystery

    Thanks to @BlendedSlop and @jenny2603 for the combined brilliance of the thread title suggestion. Your prize of a rancid, sentient Pumble is being softly, gently, anonymously left on your doorsteps as we speak. Last thread recap: Weeeell it is a strange one. Jack has not made a personal...
  16. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #321 It's just that Jack wasn't especially cool or well liked

    Thread title words from one of our newest frauen @Lucy Aeroplane nominated by @hellosailor⚓ you both receive a free tour of the Southend Museum of Artillery. Wiki is the pink button for newbies. Please use 'thread title' in your thread title nominations and no swearing. In the last thread...
  17. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #320 Guns N' Roses

    Congratulations to @Sideboard Bob for the words and @HotesTilaire and @HansThatDoDishes for nominating. You each get a ride on Big Dave's big gun. That's right, Jack likes big guns and she (still) 'cannot lie'. She proudly posted a candid photo taken of her relaxing next to her dad's cannon...
  18. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #319 Belle Du Poor

    Thread title courtesy of @Mr Krabs nominated by @Rekyavikgirl you both get an all-you-can-eat ticket for the slop buffet at Jack's Marxist platinum jubilee street party. New readers please check out the wiki which is the pink button above. For thread title nominations please include the words...
  19. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #318 I lie - for a living!

    Congrats to @Smeghead for the words (part of a Take a Breakathon about Jack’s exciting life) and @Brian Butterfield for nominating. You both win a generous dollop of Jack’s Peasants Pudding trifle, fit for the queen she has mixed feelings for. (vegan version for BB, no excuses!) That’s right...
  20. Brian Butterfield

    Jack Monroe #317 Poverty Contrepreneur

    Welcome to thread 317 of our favourite poverty contrepreneur, Jack Monroe! Thread title from Frau @Hunsgraveyard and nominated by mithering ninny @Boyo. I could do a thread recap but I SHAN'T because I am so very TIRED. Send sleepos. Wiki is the pink button at the top for any new lurkers...
  21. HotesTilaire

    Jack Monroe #316 Bizarrely, Jack seems to have misread the research

    Welcome to a late night new thread. Jack has just started tweeting, after going to bed two hours ago. Our winning title was from a newspaper article and nominated by @Nottonightbabe your prize is a bottle of lemon juice, opened and unrefrigerated BUT it is famous and has been on the BBC News-...
  22. Thank(space)you

    Jack Monroe #315 The man from the mortgage broker, he say No

    Well done to @Shimmering for the thread title suggestion, with 81 likes. You win first pick from Jack's next big sale! In the last thread: Jack claims she spends 30 minutes (10% of her day) on twitter a day, which must be true as she is actually autistic & cannot lie. The canal did some...
  23. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #314 Take care on the stairs you pretend to fall down repeatedly

    This thread title comes courtesy of a legendary squig, nominated by @HotesTilaire I hope you both have a lovely evening. For new frauen, the wiki is the pink button up top. Thread title nominations must be in the latter half of the thread (over post #500), include the words 'thread title' to...
  24. veryfondoftea

    Jack Monroe #313 You people are weird

    Thread title by squig, nominated by @MistyWindows, squig screenshot by @Veronicaaa. What a collaboration. No idea how to close the other thread down or add all the important info that everybody else does. Helllpppp. Hope I did the thread title right, please feel free to correct if I didn't!
  25. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #312 She just throws adjectives at a page and hopes for the best

    Thread title words by @Nottonightbabe nominated by @Valiofthedolls you both receive a free visit to a literal angel dentist who will caress your cheek and gaze longingly into your eyes. New frauen check out the wiki which is the pink button up top. Thread title nominations only in the latter...
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