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Jack Monroe is known for being a poverty chef and campaigner. She's released 8 cookbooks and is known for her outbursts on twitter. One outburst against David Cameron talking about the loss of his child lost her a deal with Sainsbury's and another set of twitter messages that targetted Jamie Oliver lead to landing a BBC One cooking show.
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  1. Silver Linings

    Jack Monroe #200 Yes you can freeze glass jars

    Here we are, thread 200! Praise beans. Thread title by Jack herself. (Apologies @Veronicaaa I wasn’t sure if the b word disqualified it)
  2. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #199 Just mind-bogglingly, gobsmackingly stupid

    Congratulations for the thread title go to @kachoochoo for the sentiments and @onlysunshine and @MooBelle for the nomination. You all get front row seats to Jack Monroe: Mamapapa Mia, A Musical. Recap of last thread: There was a Jack-inspired musical theatre lyric-off. (Sorry...
  3. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #198 Marcus! Marcus! Marcus!

    For the thread title we must thank the triumvirate of @Peeky_Mink for the idea, @lilamay for the execution and @Hollaaa for the nomination. Your prize is a triple egg extravaganza: cod roe, quail egg and snake egg all mashed up to the point of indeterminance. Perfect spread on toast with a...
  4. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #197 Site currently unavailable

    Congratulations to @Emmapism for the thread title! 🎉 Your prize: a pair of Jack’s folded unmentionables. Recap of last thread: Not much. Jack’s website is down (hence the thread title) - she’s aware but it’s ... complicated. She popped up briefly last night to report she was too busy folding...
  5. Switchstreetz

    Jack Monroe #196 You know, I'm something of a poor myself

    Previously on thread 195! - While Jack was AWAY we celebrated the anniversary of her visit to tattle on thread 31 with cake and some of the best bits - we were treated to a "she SHAN'TY" here - Jack returned! The book still isn't done and appears to have gone back to the drawing board -...
  6. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #195 She basically writes fan-fiction about herself

    Thank you to a triumvirate for the threat title: @bowiethesdmn for the words and @Raker and @bladiesla for nominating them. Your joint prize is a jar of pickled beans and mandarins. I started them a couple of months ago so they've had plenty of time to settle and there's enough for a generous...
  7. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #194 She only came back cos we were about to put out an album

    Congratulations to @Vanelope for the words and @JuliaGulia for the nomination! 🎉 Your prize: one Mulberry bag, stained. Not with original strap. Recap of last thread 1. She came back like the maverick master, and with newfound wisdom: You Don’t Have to Rinse the Beans. 2. True to form, she...
  8. HotesTilaire

    Jack Monroe #193 Mama, pass the UNICEF statistics and the Hansards!

    Congratulations to @traumatised sideboard for the words and @Carmina-Piranha for nominating them! I’m just making some black bean and mole sauce sauce sloup for you overnight, I’ll bring it in tomorrow, yeah? My apologies but I took the liberty of changing the word “mother” to “mama”. Sue me if...
  9. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #192 Hoist with her own anchoïade

    I’ve made a new thread and these were my words. How gauche! Credit to @Falkor and @Eurgh for the nomination 🎉 Your prizes: a flower crown and a Santa hat for each of you. So, what’s happened? Not much - Jack is still Away. Good for her (?) There must be reasons. On the thread: there were trips...
  10. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #191 The sound of silence

    Thank you @Falkor for perfectly capturing the essence of JACK MONROE IS AWAY. Your prize is a pineapple hat with extraneous brine. The only thing Jack has done over the previous thread is retweet Delicious because her upside down Del Monte monstrosity was featured in the latest issue. Her...
  11. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #190 The sloppening

    For this thread title we must thank @Hollaaa for the words and @DrtCrl for the nomination, even if it was illegally early in the last thread. Congratulations, your prize is a year's supply of Mel Donte Sitrus Calad! In the previous thread: -we continued our internal chaos and tested some more...
  12. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #189 Food Crime Pie

    You've finally done it @Billybellend you irreverent and ephemeral smol pixie, your very own thread title after being the first person to nominate @BlendedSlop's words. We've run out of Yakult now but we do have Jackult which is Jack's new range of fermented gut-healthy drinks. It's probably...
  13. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #188 Jack sits on a train of lies

    This is (was, is no longer, it's pining for the fjords etc.) the thread title with the most votes suggested by @schmetterling, an homage to a minor in-thread chaos involving someone who appears to believe that Jack's books are 'good for camping'. Well, from a glance at the front cover they...
  14. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #187 Who does she think she is, flippin' Cher?

    Hello and welcome to thread 187. Please excuse my mincing of your oath for the thread title, @SweetTransvestite but it is considered TOO RUDE for Tattle (and thank you for nominating the words @ChocolateMuffin). Your prize is a six-pack of #gifted Yakult. In the previous thread: -Jack continued...
  15. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #186 The bromelain in canned pineapple is denatured

    Congratulations to @Rekyavikgirl for the words and @JuliaGulia for the nomination! 🎉 Your joint prize: this monstrosity. Rufus Hound bantz optional. Recap of last thread: Fack Monroe wrote a love letter to the inventor of the tin can. There was also a recipe for her pineapple chicken, which...
  16. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #185 Serves zero

    Congratulations to @Emmapism for coming up with the title ❤ Welcome to thread 185 slop avoiders! Wild Garlic. London. 2021 Jack found or bought some and photographed it for instagram. I'm not sure if the garlic has been facetuned however. The Diva awards (for which Jack has been nominated as...
  17. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #184 Jack Monroe's Big Book of Boak

    Congratulations to @kachoochoo for coming up with such a fabulous title. Also thanks to @Emmapism for quoting it and putting me right. Also to @HotesTilaire for nominating it. Welcome to thread 184 stalkers! Jack has asked for new friends and she is asking for a friend 😉 Manchester, you have...
  18. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #183 Someone's fewmmin'

    Congratulations to @Powershower Welcome to thread 183 cool caballers. Jack claims she was contacted by journalists about Bawsa's response to the football super league versus free school meals. The cabal says aye right! Her latest cosplay in the absence of Cooper is to deploy clown costumes...
  19. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #182 Extraneous brine

    Congratulations to @Harrybosch and @Hollaaa for the thread title! 🎉 Your prize: a sharing plate of this. (Heavy breathing optional extra). No excuses, Harry - it’s vegan! Recap of previous thread: 1. Jack found her lost Tile. She live tweeted various methods to retrieve it. She kicked it. It...
  20. Pocahontas

    Jack Monroe #181 Time flies when you’re judging slop

    Congratulations to @CottageWitch for the words and @Mel Donte for the nomination! 🎉 Your prize: a jar of (yellow-sticker) capers to share. Recap of last thread: 1. Jack ‘had a hunch’ about something and wanted Twitter to show its adoration. Over 145k proved whatever hunch it was and the tweet...
  21. traumatised sideboard

    Jack Monroe #180 Dildos, diatribes and diarrhoea

    Thankyou x to dear heart @colouredlines for the thread title and @Orphan_Black for nominating the words. Your prize is a delicious pear and buckwheat bun. Only one between you though, if you can manage to saw through it to share. We might be going to ICO court after the diggle reported Jack for...
  22. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #179 Emotionally charged and ends with the threat of a lawyer

    Congratulations to @TheDragonWithAFlagon on the thread title. Welcome to thread 179 cool caballers. More and more squiggles and our beloved journalist are on the case of Jack's latest pile on. People are waking up and smelling the BS. DKL episodes no longer available on iplayer but photos of...
  23. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #178 I am a human being and I make mistakes

    Congratulations to @Silver Linings for the thread title! Welcome to thread 178 least trolliest of trolls. In short Jack has been an unbelievable Unt! She came in all guns and gobby mouth blazing with the venom of a thousand bile suns, ready to do battle at high noon with a .....reasonable and...
  24. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #177 The vegan version is coming soon

    Congratulations to @Fruitjack for the thread title! Welcome to thread 177 cabal of very naughty people. Due to a last minute chaos Jack has forced me to prep and cram as she never does before a book submission, a conference or a live video. Once again Jack proves she knows absolutely nothing...
  25. People-huv-tae-know

    Jack Monroe #176 Autistics, gays, difference and success

    Congratulations to @Thank(space)you for the thread title! Welcome to thread 176 ninnies and dear hearts. So Jack is in a mystery location with a mystery house mate 🤔 She lauded the wonderland of Nisa Local another non chain independent local retailer. She seems to have recovered from the ring...
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