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  1. kbjhguih

    Gabriella Lindley #24 copycat art, lasagne bath, blocking to deal with the aftermath

    Thank you sewww much to @Randomlyorange! TLDR: - Gabby stole designs, people have started taking notice, she can't VelvetBl0ck the world. - She ate lasagne in the bath, dropped some in, proceeded to tell the world.
  2. snowfairy17

    Gabriella Lindley #23 Loving lockdown, closed her shop down...

    Thanks @Fillyjonk for the title! full version: Gabriella Lindley #23 Loving lockdown, closed her shop down, now it's time for velvetbl0ckdown Sorry if I’ve done it wrong, it’s nearly 2am and I’m shattered x
  3. chandlercheesecake

    Gabriella Lindley #22 See you sewn Jewniper Mewn, off to eat bacon & sleep until newn

    New thread title from @Fillyjonk , as it had the most likes :)
  4. S

    Gabriella Lindley #21 There’s Margot, Celeste & Gavin the ghost...

    NEW THREAD, title from @Albi, had to shorten for length full title: There’s Margot, Celeste & Gavin the ghost, which one of my stolen designs do you love the most?
  5. BananaPenguin

    Gabriella Lindley #20 made up fella, using Nellie’s anus to contact Zoella

    We had two excellent title suggestions for this thread but @HotTea won out with over 200 reactions. Shortened from "same old shit, made up fella, using Nellie’s anus to reach out to Zoella" Honorable mention to @lira and "Gabriella: Jewniper Mewn, sleeping in till newn, winter baby born in...
  6. S

    Gabriella Lindley #19 juniper moon, business tycoon, don’t follow her account too soon

  7. L

    Gabriella Lindley #18 This little piggy cried until Jane drove all the way to Hove

    Thanks to @Alrighthunxo for the amazing thread name. Sadly it wouldn't all fit, so here it is in all its glory: Gabriella Lindley #18 This little piggy went to Starbucks, This little piggy stayed at home, This little piggy cried wee wee wee until Jane drove all the way to Hove. So what's...
  8. BananaPenguin

    Gabriella Lindley #17 brat overfeeds her cat, eats like a rat and marches round her flat

    Full thread title: Gabriella Lindley #17 Acts like a brat, overfeeds her cat, eats like a rat, while marching around her flat Thanks to @TeaAddict Recap of our Gabs: - designing her own merch and threw shade on twitter that someone is ripping off her designs. Said on Instagram that she has to...
  9. BananaPenguin

    Gabriella Lindley #16 I delete my tweets, I’m SO neat, have you heard I HATE the heat?!

    New thread title thanks to @Kangaroope, amended to fit but original posted below: workah0licgh0st #16 - i delete my tweets, i’m SUPER neat, have you heard: i HATE the heat !!??!
  10. S

    Gabriella Lindley #15 She's a phoney, She's a fake, Jaw as sharp as a Jaffa Cake

    New thread, thanks to @Alrighthunxo for the thread suggestion. Want a catch-up, fuck knows if she is ill or not, god knows where the pain she was experiencing went and she is moaning and being a massive hypocrite about lockdown by "working" in Starbucks. Oh, and is having surgery that is...
  11. E

    Gabriella Lindley #14 Hambags and gobblestones, balayage and insta moans

    New thread, continue on 😘 I have only recently noticed just how big her forehead is, this style really makes it stand out
  12. L

    Gabriella Lindley #13 eat what I like and deal with the pain, that's right I'm insane

    I thought I'd make the new thread since the old one has gone beyond page 50 😂 @Elle yours got the most votes so thanks for the title, sadly had to shorten it a bit! TDLR of recent events: Munchy finally had her scan yesterday, followed by a Starbucks (shout out to whoever predicted that one!)...
  13. C

    Gabriella Lindley #12 she's gallstone-y, but we know she's a phony

    Title from @basic bree! oops - it was meant to say ‘she’s moany’ but that part didn’t copy over
  14. OliviaPope

    Gabriella Lindley #11 Caught breaking government guidelines, Jane’s hiding in the sidelines!

    Top voted thread suggestion by @Justwantotoseeattachments (Edited to fit) Gabriella Lindley - caught breaking government guidelines, with Jane hiding away in the sidelines
  15. S

    Gabriella Lindley #10 lockdown perfection, no human connection, but got my b12 injection

    New thread, title thanks to @Hocuspocus10
  16. Oohthedrama

    Gabriella Lindley #9 Nice one Gabby, that singing made my baby cry.

    Thanks to @Lobby for the new thread name suggestion! Continue here
  17. boredjess

    Gabriella Lindley #8 Crying on the loo, flat stinks of poo, sorry Gobbie Jane can't come to rescue you!

    Credits to @gee_beth with 64 likes! Had to edit because title was too long. All Gabriella Lindley threads: Welcome all old and new Tattlers (Alice are you here...
  18. GossWhore

    Gabriella Lindley #7 Tweet deleter, animal crossing cheater, hoarder of Nelson's excreter

    Thanks to @Bexlouell for this title, which got the most votes 🎉 Could not fit bologonese reheater in the title All Gabriella Lindley threads:
  19. String Man

    Gabriella Lindley #6 Social isolation, paint inhalation, check out my room transformation

    Amended to fit. Thanks to @storm_cloud for a stonking thread suggestion Gobby's other threads here: As much as Gobs irritates me, I have her to thank for bringing me to Tattle via a Mumsnet thread. Her upstairs neighbour (at the old flats) took...
  20. U

    Gabriella Lindley #5 Tinned tomatoes and bacon fat, spent 395K on a flat full of tat

    New thread, continue slated Gabbie/Gabby interior design woes below.... Thread title from @storm_cloud with about 50 likes 🎊
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