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  1. emerald

    Gabriella Lindley #86 Lewk where yew made me pew (Nashville version)

    Title from @November_again The gruesome twosome are in Nashville, living with a roommate. Gabby is currently decorating the residence with little input from Cak. They started an advice podcast together called Stay at Home Girlfriends. This appears mainly to consist of Cam giving morally...
  2. emerald

    Gabriella Lindley #85 Clapping clams, eating ham, give me free furniture, all part of Cam's plan

    Title from @Gimjamalam Recap: Gabby and Cam are back in the EwEsAy. Gabby posted a story suggesting that she and Cam have moved in together and begged for free furniture. An announcement is coming soon. This is speculated to be an advice podcast with the gruesome twosome and guests. *Kristen...
  3. Doc

    Gabriella Lindley #84 Vewlewz vewz cewchez avec moi ce swoir?

    Thank you to @capriallie for the most liked thread title with 104 votes! ❤️ Last thread recap: Gabs went with Alan to watch Barbie, predictably regurgitated The Eras Pink outfit. Wonderful Tattler @sugarbumfairy1234 spotted Gabs in the wild and snapped our desperate duo mid argument, with...
  4. emerald

    Gabriella Lindley #83 Alan's Toes, Gobby's pose; which is worse? Nobody knows.

    Title from @Juststopit Recap: Roland Schitt/Cak/Alan is currently in Brighton with Ar Gabs. Gabby spent approximately £2700+ on 4 Taylor Swift tickets for a concert next year. Cam doxxed herself by accident revealing her real name to be Cam wore some truly offensive toe shoes.
  5. emerald

    Gabriella Lindley #82 My surgeries were free and the ASA are on to me!

    Thread title from @RandomAlpaca22 Recap: Very quiet on the Gabby front as she is back in Brighton sans Cam/Cak/Alan. She hasn't uploaded a video in a month. Still waiting on "Eras content". IG stories are back to Nellie and what Netflix programmes she's watching.
  6. emerald

    Gabriella Lindley #81 Oh, Gabbeh.

    Thread title by @Doc and a few others who wanted it to be the thread title! Honourable mention to "this thread slaps". Recap: Gabby and girlfriend Scam are back in Brighton after the EwSA trip. They went to Cam's parents' lake house and saw Taylor Swift live in Chicagew in the worst seats in...
  7. emerald

    Gabriella Lindley #80 In the US ignoring mum, instead she's doing Cam up the bum

    There were no thread suggestions voted high enough so the title is as naked as Gabby is in her new video. Recap: Gabby is still in the USA with girlfriend Cam. Gabby just posted a Skims #ad. Lots of chat about Gabby and Cam's sex life from Cam on her tumblr. It doesn't bear repeating. 🍑
  8. emerald

    Gabriella Lindley #79 New Pork City

    Title by @strawb Recap: Gabby went to the city that never sleeps to hang out with a number of podcast weirdos, with a highlight being the fact they showed up to one of Taylor Swift's old apartments with a "6" balloon celebrating the end of Swift's relationship. Seriously. Gabby is currently at...
  9. M

    Gabriella Lindley #78 Mewlin Rewge, Tew much fewd, murder karaoke while I flash one bewb

    She's on her way to America to meet up with her girlfriend Cam for the second time. Title thanks to @WeezyG
  10. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #77 a hambidextrous, peek a bewb playing rascal

    Both @Fillyjonk and myself had the most highly liked thread titles, so I decided to combine the two of them to make this thread title masterpiece 👌 Please can someone do a recap? I have cewvid and feeling so pewrly I might need Jane to wheel me around Meadowhall
  11. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #76 hellew yew

    congrats to me for winning thread title 🥳 I was inspired by @Accionoodles comment, so will happily share my prize of a tub of butter Well. What a bloody ride in the life of Gob during the last thread. We’ve had more surgery on Gabby’s legs so that she can wear long baggy wide leg trousers, FULL...
  12. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #75 Operashun in Spain, fallout with Jane, talking to a catfish online again

    Congrats to @Randomlyorange for the winning thread title suggestion 🥳 please can someone recap? I cba to do it just like Gabby can’t be arsed with her weekly vlogs she was going to do xoxo
  13. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #74 That's just hew I ham

    Winning thread title originally came from @Elle, but put forward by @jackolantern as a contender 2023 has been a wild ride for Gabbeh so far - please can someone recap?
  14. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #73 I'm the Margot of the friendship group

    Winning thread title by @Elle, congrats 🥳 anyone able to recap what ya girl Gabby has been up to, the little rascal 🤪
  15. Kitten458

    Gabriella Lindley #72 They tried to make me gew to reham I said new new new

    I looked for thread titles and this was the most liked from @Fillyjonk Same old Gobs, same old shite. She has a fringe now. It was cut too short by the ‘hairdresser’ but she showed pieces of hacked off hair on Instagram. She’s waiting for it to grow out and will get it ‘fixed’ She’s planning...
  16. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #71 Festering at Janes morn to noon, socials as dead as Jewniper Mewn

    Searched 10 pages for a thread title but couldn’t see one so went with @jackolantern ’s suggestion on the last page of the last thread. Congrats @jackolantern for winning thread title 🥳 Please can someone do a recap of the slowest most boring Gabbeh thread ever 🥱
  17. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #70 Little Miss Bitter Butter B****

    Congrats to @judgejohndeed for the winning thread title suggestion! Had to edit it slightly as thread titles can’t contain swear words, original suggestion was “Gabriella Lindley #70: Little Miss Bitter Butter Bitch“ 🧈 Recap: Same shit different day. Gabby is hot. Thermostat pics. Nelly is...
  18. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #69 Buttergate, Summer-hate, making her period a personality trait

    Congratulations to @kuzcotopia for the winning thread title! A tub of M&S’s finest butter is on its way to you 🧈🥳 Please can someone do a recap?
  19. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #68 sew much pain, help me Jane, faking birthday cards but can't spell her own name

    Congratulations @sonnenschein8 with the winning thread title suggestion! Tewlips for yew 💐🌷💐🌷 Anyone able to ✨recap✨?
  20. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #67 Total nutter, snacking on butter, career down the gutter

    Well done @areyoujoking for the winning thread title! Breadsticks in butter as a special treat for yew 🥳🤩 would anyone like to do a recap, instead of spending all their time taking care of their man? 🤭
  21. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #66 iWork (iPromise)

    Thank yew and congratewlations to @Kitten458 for the winning thread title! 🥳 as your prize you get to share a snack jar with Gobs 😋 Anyone able to recap? 😘
  22. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #65 Doesn't vibe with Aries. Calls vaginas fairies

    Winning thread title by @Swamgwam. Congratulations, you get a box dye of your choice and a lasagne bath with Gobs as your prize 🥳 anyone care to recap?
  23. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #64 Salt

    Thank you @Kitten458 for the winning thread title suggestion! Anyone care to recap what our lovely salty Gabbers has been up to over the last thread?
  24. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #63 risking her life for a £3 movie… cewt

    Thanks to @kkdo for the inspiration and to @freshgossip5 for putting it forward as a thread title suggestion! Well done both, you shall be awarded a packet of ham each as your prize. Please can someone do a ✨recap✨?
  25. Kitten458

    Gabriella Lindley #62 I got 99 sewfas and an obese son

    Hey guys, thought I’d get a new thread going. Winning title with 84 likes is from @Elle - Gabriella Lindley #62 I got 99 sewfas and an obese son Our dear Gobs has been busy, not doing much of anything. She’s repainted her front rewm, done ads for a plant milk and Baileys and has continually...
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