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  1. Gabriella Lindley #12 she's gallstone-y, but we know she's a phony

    Title from @basic bree! oops - it was meant to say ‘she’s moany’ but that part didn’t copy over
  2. Gabriella Lindley #11 Caught breaking government guidelines, Jane’s hiding in the sidelines!

    Top voted thread suggestion by @Justwantotoseeattachments (Edited to fit) Gabriella Lindley - caught breaking government guidelines, with Jane hiding away in the sidelines
  3. Gabriella Lindley #10 lockdown perfection, no human connection, but got my b12 injection

    New thread, title thanks to @Hocuspocus10
  4. Gabriella Lindley #9 Nice one Gabby, that singing made my baby cry.

    Thanks to @Lobby for the new thread name suggestion! Continue here
  5. Gabriella Lindley #8 Crying on the loo, flat stinks of poo, sorry Gobbie Jane can't come to rescue you!

    Credits to @gee_beth with 64 likes! Had to edit because title was too long. All Gabriella Lindley threads: Welcome all old and new Tattlers (Alice are you here...
  6. Gabriella Lindley #7 Tweet deleter, animal crossing cheater, hoarder of Nelson's excreter

    Thanks to @Bexlouell for this title, which got the most votes 🎉 Could not fit bologonese reheater in the title All Gabriella Lindley threads:
  7. Gabriella Lindley #6 Social isolation, paint inhalation, check out my room transformation

    Amended to fit. Thanks to @storm_cloud for a stonking thread suggestion Gobby's other threads here: As much as Gobs irritates me, I have her to thank for bringing me to Tattle via a Mumsnet thread. Her upstairs neighbour (at the old flats) took...
  8. Gabriella Lindley #5 Tinned tomatoes and bacon fat, spent 395K on a flat full of tat

    New thread, continue slated Gabbie/Gabby interior design woes below.... Thread title from @storm_cloud with about 50 likes 🎊
  9. Gabriella Lindley #4 Painting obsessed, life is a mess, did I mention my PO box address?

    Created a new thread because no one else seemed to lol Thanks to @Mh2888 for the suggestion! Continue below... Someone correct me if I am wrong here because I haven't been following for a while... I swear she said she wasn't posting any content but she uploaded the other day?!
  10. Gabriella Lindley #3 Broken nose, paint fume woes, pooped in a box and everybody knows

    NEW THREAD Continue here Thanks to @Jesspeaches
  11. Gabriella Lindley #2 Gh0sted by her boyfriend, keeps moving flats, buys lots of tat

    NEW THREAD: thanks to @CW1994 for the first part of the thread title and thanks to @Steelerprincess for the second part (had to edit to make it fit). @CW1994 had the highest score, but also felt a bit out of date due to the slow way Gabriella’s threads move so made one from two suggestions. X
  12. Gabriella Lindley - Aka VelvetGhostedByAllMates

    Billy no mates deserves her own thread, wait she does have 1 friend - her mum lol Anywho, keep the convo going here - wonder what John Kuckian will dig up??? ---- Keep tattling bitches --- GossWhore (previously known as AmenAmen91) Straight Tea, No Milk
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