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  1. Kitten458

    Gabriella Lindley #72 They tried to make me gew to reham I said new new new

    I looked for thread titles and this was the most liked from @Fillyjonk Same old Gobs, same old shite. She has a fringe now. It was cut too short by the ‘hairdresser’ but she showed pieces of hacked off hair on Instagram. She’s waiting for it to grow out and will get it ‘fixed’ She’s planning...
  2. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #71 Festering at Janes morn to noon, socials as dead as Jewniper Mewn

    Searched 10 pages for a thread title but couldn’t see one so went with @jackolantern ’s suggestion on the last page of the last thread. Congrats @jackolantern for winning thread title 🥳 Please can someone do a recap of the slowest most boring Gabbeh thread ever 🥱
  3. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #70 Little Miss Bitter Butter B****

    Congrats to @judgejohndeed for the winning thread title suggestion! Had to edit it slightly as thread titles can’t contain swear words, original suggestion was “Gabriella Lindley #70: Little Miss Bitter Butter Bitch“ 🧈 Recap: Same shit different day. Gabby is hot. Thermostat pics. Nelly is...
  4. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #69 Buttergate, Summer-hate, making her period a personality trait

    Congratulations to @kuzcotopia for the winning thread title! A tub of M&S’s finest butter is on its way to you 🧈🥳 Please can someone do a recap?
  5. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #68 sew much pain, help me Jane, faking birthday cards but can't spell her own name

    Congratulations @sonnenschein8 with the winning thread title suggestion! Tewlips for yew 💐🌷💐🌷 Anyone able to ✨recap✨?
  6. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #67 Total nutter, snacking on butter, career down the gutter

    Well done @areyoujoking for the winning thread title! Breadsticks in butter as a special treat for yew 🥳🤩 would anyone like to do a recap, instead of spending all their time taking care of their man? 🤭
  7. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #66 iWork (iPromise)

    Thank yew and congratewlations to @Kitten458 for the winning thread title! 🥳 as your prize you get to share a snack jar with Gobs 😋 Anyone able to recap? 😘
  8. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #65 Doesn't vibe with Aries. Calls vaginas fairies

    Winning thread title by @Swamgwam. Congratulations, you get a box dye of your choice and a lasagne bath with Gobs as your prize 🥳 anyone care to recap?
  9. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #64 Salt

    Thank you @Kitten458 for the winning thread title suggestion! Anyone care to recap what our lovely salty Gabbers has been up to over the last thread?
  10. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #63 risking her life for a £3 movie… cewt

    Thanks to @kkdo for the inspiration and to @freshgossip5 for putting it forward as a thread title suggestion! Well done both, you shall be awarded a packet of ham each as your prize. Please can someone do a ✨recap✨?
  11. Kitten458

    Gabriella Lindley #62 I got 99 sewfas and an obese son

    Hey guys, thought I’d get a new thread going. Winning title with 84 likes is from @Elle - Gabriella Lindley #62 I got 99 sewfas and an obese son Our dear Gobs has been busy, not doing much of anything. She’s repainted her front rewm, done ads for a plant milk and Baileys and has continually...
  12. strawb

    Gabriella Lindley #61 The one where she finally leaves the house

    hiiiii guiseeeeee time for another thread title by @freshgossip5 with the most votes! 🙌 had to include this honorable mention: and a nice little poll for yew. not sure if i covered the @mindlessness bingo well but please feel free to add: as always the wiki is at the top, just above the...
  13. M

    Gabriella Lindley #60 Flippers are out, bolognese is congealed. Who’s that? It’s Phillip Schofield!

    Title thanks to @HotTea though had to shorten it a little due to title length restrictions. Original: Gabriella Lindley #60 Flippers are out, bolognese is congealed. Who’s that in the background? It’s Phillip Schofield! Happy 60th All! It's our diamond anniversary 💎 Remember your mantra for...
  14. M

    Gabriella Lindley #59 moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan.

    Welcome back tattlers! Title with the most likes thanks to the ever funny @Albi We've be revisiting our potential court looks. Meanwhile Gabriella has been moaning about everything and dragging her granny trolley out on the occasional walk, George has been locking down his socials after his...
  15. JellyDonut

    Gabriella Lindley #58 album: done hair: in a bun friends: still none

    Winning thread title by @strawb anyone fancy doing a recap?
  16. Gossipgirl92

    Gabriella Lindley #57 100k richer but everyone's ditched her

    Thanks to @bruised for the title with the most likes- if someone else can do a recap- the last thread went so fast!
  17. Gossipgirl92

    Gabriella Lindley #56 Fairytale of New Pork

    Thanks to @Albi for the name! Gabs is currently creaming her pants that there might be another lockdown over Christmas. Since the last thread she has been to the hairdresser 54 times. Her hair is still the same colour. She went to London and being the legend she is wore a mask the whole...
  18. Cyclophage

    Gabriella Lindley #55 The best way tew spread Christmuss cheer is with a surgery at the end of the year!

    Had to get rid of the tactical part for length but amazing thread title from @snowfairy17 ! Continue here 25+ haterz xoxo
  19. Cyclophage

    Gabriella Lindley #54 This tweet has been deleted

    New thread! Thanks to @areyoujoking for the title suggestion! Short summary: • Gabby has been messing about with her hair trying to go blonde for ages. It hasn’t worked. • Jane has been toing and froing from her house and Gabbhas meltdowns everytime she’s gone. • Her shop is not doing so great...
  20. Gossipgirl92

    Gabriella Lindley #53 hewcus pewcus, your launch is attrewshus

    Thanks to @snowfairy17 - I think it was the post with the most likes!
  21. M

    Gabriella Lindley #52 Who is gonna tell her? Grandad’s secret ingredient is salmonella

    Title thanks to the ever witty @Doc but edited for length. Full title is: Gabriella Lindley #52: Masterchef Gabs, who is gonna tell her? Grandad’s secret ingredient is salmonella Currently we're in a sweepstakes to guess when Gabriella puts a box dye over her new 'blonde' hair. Barmj- 3rd...
  22. Cyclophage

    Gabriella Lindley #51 Live, laugh, lasagne bath

    I couldn’t find any other thread title suggestions in the old thread, and this one was too funny not to finally use (thanks to @Tom_Nook )! Recap: she’s as boring as ever, she had a shit balayage job and is manically posting crap on her stories now Jane is gone. As you were.
  23. Gossipgirl92

    Gabriella Lindley #50 Flop shop, too much stock, did you know I had an Op?

    new thread with the most likes that I could see was from @Kitten458. As with the previous 49 threads nothing has changed - same shit different box. As you were
  24. judgejohndeed

    Gabriella Lindley #49 Grace? All the Grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on

    What a sad little life Jane! Unfortunately didn't fit. Title by @Doc We could probably copy and paste an overview as nothing changes in Gabby land but anyone fancy doing one?
  25. BananaPenguin

    Gabriella Lindley #48 Mirabell, Mirabell on the wall, Gabbys the biggest twot of all

    Some great suggestions for the title - most liked was this one, thanks to @jackolantern So what is going on in the land of Gabby? - Finally got her first Covid jab, despite her many many super serious health issues. Poor little Munchy didn't seem to have any side effects to moan about - Has...
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