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But you DO like to hate things people like

those sausages fingers wow
'I just hate rap'. Incredibly ignorant to write off an entire genre of music IMO.

Gabby rapping:

My name is Munchy
Hear me rap
My mum's my only friend
And my dad's a racist twat.
If you like something
I definitely hate it
I'll go on Twitter
And absolutely slate it.
I'm a sad lonely girl
Who wears orthopaedic shoes
I paint my walls
To alleviate the blues.
Don't ask about my diet
It's triggering for me ok?
I've lost this much weight
And here's a what I eat in a day.
To be honest with you
I'm an absolute disgrace
When Jane disagrees with me
She gets an elbow to the face.
I monitor my Twitter
And block all the haters
Gonna go shit in a box now
See ya laters
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I mean it literally says at the bottom how to make a new thread. As a VIP member, you should probably know that by now. If you’d checked the most liked posts it was litterally on the first page. Next time I’ll make the thread and just pick whatever I fancy. See how that shit goes down 😲😝
Chill out. The poster apologised for missing it. It's not that big a deal.
Ahhh I don't want to get slaughtered for this but I feel like these twitter accounts might be going a tad far. I know the majority of us are all just about constructive criticism who want to see her be a better human and will call her out on dumb shit but something about that poo lady account kinda irks me. I of course know the reference (good ol' shit in a box) which she put out in the public in the first place however from an outsider perspective it does come off a tad dare I say bully-y like saying she's comparable to poo, same with the moonpig account (unless she made that herself I'm unsure feel free to correct me) we know the pig is in reference to the extreme amount of pork she eats but she could very easily misinterpret it or twist it as us calling her a fat pig. AGAIN I know the references and nothing we do is really meant in malice but as a dose of reality but I must say I wouldn't blame her if she felt hurt upon finding those accounts and could easily claim the B word.

However I will say the blocking anyone who requests a follow is the dumbest thing possible in fact her general approach to this business is truly baffling but ultimately I would like if it went well for her as maybe it could teach her what real work is.

Also to add I know shes been a horrible person at times and a bully herself I'm just saying I'd hate for her to have any ammo against us saying we're harassing her or causing her business to fail etc.
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Wow the copying really couldn’t be more blatant.. even down to the hairstyle, the blush on the cheeks, the “plant lady” phrase that she put on the tote as well


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