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  1. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #148 Secret Sisters and a Brand New Truck, Doesn’t Matter Cilla, The Jags Still Suck

    Let the tattling continue! Wooooheeew! Thank you so much @MizBeaverhausen for hopping in the drivers seat and hauling us into another thread with such a magnificent thread title. ❤❤❤ Please guyth give our Tattle Sister a maaaaasssive amount of love! Y’all are the best. Happy Thursday!😘 Yeeeehaw!
  2. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #147 Liquor, burgers, pig’s nasty gumbo. All the thingth for two jumbo dumbos.

    A jumbo sized THANK YOU and a maaaasssive round of applause to our frand @Hotographer512 for creating an absolutely puuuuurfect title to keep us doing what we all do best! Snarking baaaaby…Snarking. 😂😹😂 Give her a little lovin’ guyth! ❤️
  3. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #146 Itchy Snout…Snotty Sleeve…That Maassive Pig Makes Us Want to Heave!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TATTLERS! Let us celebrate and bring in the New Year with a brand new thread. A Maassive Congratulations and Thank You to our girl @Hotographer512 for providing us with just the title we need to kick 2023 off on the right hoof! Give her some love guyth! ❤❤❤
  4. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #145 Asa Claims Abbie Can Read and Big P’s Decorating Makes My Eyes Bleed.

    Merry Christmas to You. 🎄 A big THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS to @Monkey1651 for a perfect and hilarious title to keep us snarking along. Please give our fellow Tattler some love!❤️❤️❤️
  5. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #144 Selfie wrld was such a bust so we blame it on everyone but us.

    Step right up! 🎪🎫🎟🎫🎪 Get your tickets to The Maassive Show #144, compliments of our Tattler @What10001 . 😻😆😻 A fantastic title for what is destined to be another fabulous thread. Thank You @What10001 ! 😘 Y’all please give her some love for her magnificent creation.
  6. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism#143 A Knows Nothing, P Knows Less, Can’t Mother or MakeUp, Can’t Stop Eating, Can’t dress.

    Here we goooooo! Everyone give your love to our Tattler, @Mz BW , for a puuuuurfect thread title to lead us into another 1,000 posts of snark!❤ ❤THANK YOU @Mz BW ‼❤ 🥳🥳🥳🥳CONGRATULATIONS🥳🥳🥳🥳 😸I had to shorten your suggestion a little. Hope you are okay with my edit.😸
  7. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #142 Lymphatic Drainage? Or Lack of Brainage?

    Yippity Yay! A fabulous title from the one and only @What10001 ‼️‼️Give her some love guyth! ❤️ Thank you so much for giving us a perfectly fitting title to keep this tattle train rolling down the tracks faster than an electric cart with new batteries! Woooooheeeewwww!😂❤️😂
  8. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #141 Coffee, 2 Sugars, Just Don’t Mind Sweet Girls Boogers.

    Coffee Anyone? 😂😂 Date Night for Sir Ciller and PawPawLovesPork? 😂😂 I hope so! Can we give the biggest Congratulations EVER to our Tattler @Hotographer512 for supplying us with such a spectacular thread title? Many Thanks and Much Love, Critter!😘
  9. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #140 There’s No Place Like Home, Unless You’re Priscilla.

    What a great title @sparkle&glitter1 ! Thank you so much!❤ Please guyth, give our fellow Tattler some love for giving us another perfect title to keep us snarking along.😍
  10. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #139 Hello! My Name is Dunkin’. Goodbye!

    This is going to be the best thread in the history of Tattle. Has to be. 😂 It was a great fight! A very well deserved round of applause for our Tattler @SheSo.SporttFL98 for providing us with such a perfect thread title to keep us werking and twerking up in here!😂 THANK YOU!
  11. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #138 Friend’s House is Gone While Piggy Scams On.

    A big round of applause and a huge Thank You to @renwick for providing us with another great thread title. The teacher is gone y’all.😂😂😂
  12. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #137 Honking, Flailing, Pull Up Full of Poo, On the Floor Squeezing as Becca Says I Do.

    😍A fabulous title compliments of my Sister from another Mister! ❤ Please give our @Hotographer512 a huge THANK YOU and a gunt sized round of applause for getting us going with another Maassive, fun filled thread.🥰
  13. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #136 Asa Was Stricken by Knock Me Up Chicken.

    Bok Bok Bok! Gitmo baby! 😂 A great ❌⭕️❌⭕️ and Thank You to @Noir Fan for crafting such a perfect thread title to keep our Tattle train rolling on down the tracks. 😻 Perfect Timing, Moobie! Vlog posted just in time for our new thread. Tricksy Dickydoo.😂
  14. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #135 Missing Teacher, Missing Mole, Dusty Peloton and White-Board Goals.

    A MAAAAASSSSIVE round of applause and a huge Thank You to our Tattler @RocketQueen for providing us with a thread title that is nothing short of sheer puuuurfection!😻😘😻 Tequila Tuesday Ladies and Gents….🐽wee🐽 Tattle on! 😍
  15. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #134 Don’t Tell Pig Her Skin Looks Like Salami. If You Do She’ll Tell Her Mommy.

    A huge congratulations and a Pig Gunt sized Thank You to our Tattler @SCCOct66 for a puuuurfect, hilarious new thread title. ❤️😻❤️ Happy Sunday! Happy New Thread!
  16. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #133 Humpty Dumpty Sat by the Pool, Snorting and Chortling Like a Salami Skinned Fool.

    A big round of applause to all of you Tattlers. ❤️ Another successful thread in the books. With Home Daycare in full effect, as well as Pig woofing down ice cream cones in one tusk numbing bite, I have no doubt this thread will prove to be an absolute hoot.😍 TATTLE ON YOU THUPER CUTE TATTLERTH!
  17. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #132 Can Isaiah Put Mommy on his Shoulders? Hell No! She’s as heavy as two boulders!

    Thank you @Sweetums ❤❤❤ Thank you for giving us such an amazing new title to tattle on with.😻😍😻 Everyone give some love to our Tattle Sister! 👏🏼😹👏🏼 Well done, Sweets…Well done!😻 (I had to shorten it a smidge Sweets. Hope you don’t mind.😍)
  18. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #131 “PMFM” all the Huns Yelled, Tattlers Cringed as Pig’s Head Swelled.

    A huge round of applause to @SCCOct66 for kicking ass with another fantastic thread title. Thank You so much, Fellow Tattler. 😍 …and we are off on the fast track journey back to Jacksonville. I bet y’all a dollar Pig already has an appointment with the jeweler to get that watch fixed with some...
  19. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #130 Pig at HunFest Isaiah Her Date-Huns Won’t Believe How She’s Gained the Weight

    Hungry Hungry HunFest! Who is tho exthited? ❤️ Everyone please give a great big Thanks to our tattler, @SCCOct66 , for presenting us with another superb thread title!❤️
  20. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #129 Honking, Hail, Hiking Shoes-But We Know The Pigs Just Want the Booze!

    A huge congratulations and a big THANKS to @pixelfox for our fantastic new thread title. 😘 Tequila Thursdays at the tin can…without a doubt. WoooHeeeeew!
  21. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #128 The Hambeasts Feast as Leaf Springs Break. How much more can that camper take?

    Yippity Yay. Can we all give a huge Thank You to @Hotographer512 for presenting us with such a magnificent, perfectly described thread title? ❤😹❤️ Congratulations Critter.😘 The Honking Tour continues…..ehhhhhh ehhhhhhh!
  22. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #127 The Maassives are eating their way through the US of A!

    ⭐️Honk! Honk! Honk! Stinky Tin Can Tour…Week 2⭐️ Thank you a ton @Monkey1651 for setting the stage with a magnificent new thread title! ❤️ Congratulations Fellow Tattler! 🌷 Taaaaaatttle On Lovelies! 😜
  23. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #126 Honking Across America Part ll hits the road,sign on the back reads “WIDE LOAD”

    A huge thank you to @SCCOct66 for providing us with the perfect thread title to kick off another RV trip with The Maassives! 😻 HONK! HONK! HONK! 😁
  24. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #125 Turning MLM tricks while Abbie gets sick. Somebody better call CPS quick!

    #125 Guys! A great number represented by another kick ass thread title.❤️❤️ Thank you @bready .❤️ ❤️ We all know how hot a good CPS call gets Assa. 😹 😹
  25. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #124 Pigzilla posing and perched on her barge, will soon be sinking cuz she’s too large!

    A huge THANK YOU to our fellow Tattler, @that1lady , for a fabulous new thread title. #124 guyth! WooooHeeeew! Also…Welcome all you new Tattlers. Glad to see some fresh faces.😻 Tattle On! 😛
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