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  1. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #124 Pigzilla posing and perched on her barge, will soon be sinking cuz she’s too large!

    A huge THANK YOU to our fellow Tattler, @that1lady , for a fabulous new thread title. #124 guyth! WooooHeeeew! Also…Welcome all you new Tattlers. Glad to see some fresh faces.😻 Tattle On! 😛
  2. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #123 #HeyPriscillaYouKnowWeCanSeeYou,Right?

    Hey Tattlers! Can we give a great big THANK YOU followed by an AMEN 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 to our friend @SCCOct66 for our new and very catchy thread title… Yes we can Pig..we certainly can see you…ALL of you. Unfortunately! You guyth are the bestest! Lets Tattle Loves!
  3. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #122 Jr’s in Distress. P is a hot mess. A tries to impress. Sweet Girl will regress.

    A loud and proud round of 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 to our Tattler, @Cardinal Rule for another superb thread title. 😻 Get your scooters ready y’all! We have a whole new thread to see how many lives Pig changes with her new collection this week. 😹 🫥 PS. Had to shorten the names a bit to make it fit. Hopefully...
  4. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #121 Assa is Dumbo. Abbie eats Gumbo. Percillerpotamus is Jumbo.

    Can we all give a huge THANK YOU to @Hotographer512 for this outstanding and incredibly truthful new Thread Title! 🤩👏🏼👏🏼🤩 Tattle on Guyth! 😘
  5. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #120 Pig gets a beating gettin’ Ab out of the car. Sweet girl sure has come so far.

    A Big, Maassive Thank You to our @Sweetums for creating our new thread title. ❤️ It is faaaantastic ❤️ 🥳Party Time!🥳 🎶🎵LEAN WITH IT…ROCK WITH IT…LEAN WITH IT…ROCK WITH IT🎵🎶
  6. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #119 Pass the Martini, Big P is in a bikini, Asa still has a tiny weenie.

    ❤️A big THANK YOU to @What10001 for our new thread title. A perfect title to start our Sunday snark off on the right hoof!❤️
  7. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #118 Piggy’s jogging. Asa’a vlogging, all the food they’re both hogging.

    Thank you @SCCOct66 for our new Thread Title. It is a beaut! ❤️ May this thread bring much needed laughs, distractions, love and prayers to all of us here that may need it. You guys are THE BEST! ❤️
  8. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #117 Abbie Will Honk Big P Will Toot Asa Will Lie for Humper Loot

    @PlumBlossom Thank you Tattle Sister for providing us such a superb new thread title!❤️ Happy New Thread you Guyth!😜
  9. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #116 Trying homeschooling? Who are they fooling?

    A new thread just in time for a weekend full of snark. Wooooooheeeew!🤩 A huge Thank You to @renwick for our new title. ❤️
  10. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #115 Mirror Mirror tell me true, Will Pig ever weigh less than 402?

    Thank you so much Tattle Sister @Sweetums for our amazing new thread title! #115 guyth! Yippity Yay!🥳
  11. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #114 Mirror Mirror on the Wall. The slimming app is her favorite of all.

    Yippity Yay! A fresh thread for this fabulous Friday! Thank you so much @that1lady for our new thread title. Another masterpiece!😻 Plaaaaay Ball! 🥳
  12. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #113 Oompa loompa doopity dee Priscilla is as large as large can be

    @derr1117 Congratulations to you, sir! 🥳Thank you for providing such a lovely and accurate thread title. 🥳 ❤️Tattle On Tattlers!❤️
  13. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #112 The slimming app really does work when you can’t put down the fork

    Thank you so much @Trahnier172 . An excellent thread title to lead us into the New Year. 🥳Tattle on Guyths!🥳
  14. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #111 Marshmallow fail and resembling a whale

    💝Thank you @Noir Fan for a creative and very fitting new thread title. 💝 Tattle on Ladies and Gents! 🎅🏼
  15. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #110 Asa’s vlog content is running out while P continues to powder her snout

    Thank You @that1lady for the fabulous thread title.🤩
  16. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #109 Please be kind to Asa's poor wife, Next stop for her is 600 lb life.

    Thank you @Sweetums for the fantastic title tattle away!
  17. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #108 Farm! Guns! Abbie runs. Muckbang trip for Pig and her huns!

    Congrats @RocketQueen with an assist from @Sweetums
  18. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #107 Full-size candy from small-size minds

    Congrats @Noir Fan Tattle away Mod edit, adding tag
  19. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #106 Big P tries to twerk, Abbie eats paper & Asa’s a jerk

    Congrats @GuntsNmoobs Tattle away
  20. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #105 Abbie already has a job, supporting three delusional slobs

    Congrats @PlumBlossom Tattle Away
  21. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #104 You can’t tell P’s back from her front,because she has so many gunts

    Thanks @Exposingfor the new title. Happy Tattling
  22. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #103 Jr gets a new truck, all the Maassives still suck

    Congratulations @GuntsNmoobs Tattle away everyone
  23. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #102 Asa tries to be whimsical, but really he's just an imbecile

    Congrats and thanks to @Sweetums Tattle away Reminder new thread https://tattle.life/threads/fathering-autism-102-asa-tries-to-be-whimsical-but-really-hes-just-an-imbecile.22847/
  24. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #101 Pigcilla needs to photoshop, so she can keep eating all that slop

    Thank you @Trahnier172 for the new title Tattle away
  25. Kermy

    Fathering Autism #100 School Daze, SlimeLife Haze, A and P won’t change their ways

    Tattle away...thanks to @Cardinal Rule for the new title Happy 100th thread Have fun
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