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  1. Fathering Autism #35 Tinkerhog: the worlds only two ton tiktok Cilla! Get your tickets!

    Thanks to @WowMeowMeowWow for the title! Please continue here! 😊
  2. Fathering Autism #34 With each new vlog the lies get bigger, so do the rolls on P's figure

    Thank you to @Stripe69 for the thread title. Please continue here! 😊
  3. Fathering Autism #33 The Spanx are a Strainin' The Peloton seat starts the complainin'!

    Thank you to @Jigsy for the thread name! Please carry on here!
  4. Fathering Autism # 32 Dunkin and pool dippin', mention photoshop and she's a flippin'!

    Thank you to @Spilled tea-yes please! for the title. Please continue here!
  5. Fathering Autism #31 No social distance. We are immune. Photoshop'd pics allow P to consume

    Thank you to @Hotographer512 for the title. Please carry on here!
  6. Fathering Autism #30 Going RVing, we are able. Too bad we don't fit at the table

    Thread 30. Everybody get in the RV!
  7. Fathering Autism #29 Majestic Pig pushes kid in front of snake. No doubt her love is fake!

    I had to get creative with the title because of the character limit... lol Thanks to @Hotographer512 and @BloodyMermaid for contributing ideas! Please carry on here. 🙂
  8. Fathering Autism #28 Wet dog smells and laundry in a pile. Nose rubs & pool baths. Oh so vile!

    Thank you to @Hotographer512 for the title! 😁 Please carry on here!
  9. Fathering Autism #27 Lies, fake tears & flaunting. Look both ways and keep honking!

    Thank you to @Hotographer512 for the title! Please continue here!
  10. Fathering Autism #26 Over-buying & drinkin'.. What the hell are they thinkin'?

    😁 Hope everyone is cool with this title!
  11. Fathering Autism #18

    Thank you @Stripe69 for the thread title! Don't forget to help poor Cilla out so she can buy all the luxurious things! ;) Mod edit thread title was Cilla's buying shrimp and stuff and Asa’s filming Summers muff, but it needs to be U rated .
  12. Fathering Autism #17 Sidepiece Summer and her Hambeast Lover

    Thank you coreander for the title of Fathering Autism #17!
  13. Fathering Autism #16 Weenus for her. Moobs for him. Spanx for both. See? We're thin!

    Thank you RocketQueen for #16!!🤗
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