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  1. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #176 FA Empire is going down faster than a jar of P’s okra after a long day of grifting

    Let’s party! A Maaaaassssive Thank You and Congratulations to @Bogey for keeping us snarking away…hacker free…🐽WEE🐽
  2. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #175 FA Stale; YT Fail; A&P Bail; What About the Quail?

    I have a feeling this is going to be a fun thread! ❤️ A Maaaaassssive thanks to @Cardinal Rule for setting us up for success with her magnificent thread title!😻 Tattle On Guyth! 😘
  3. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #174 Sour dough & sour feet, the tubberson’s RV trip is our sweet treat

    Thank You a million times to our fellow Tattler @MizBeaverhausen for providing us with a spectacular title to keep us snarking along. ❤️😘❤️ Honk! Honk! Tattle On Guyth!❤️
  4. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #173 Quails, whales, cocktails & fairytales is what fathering autism entails

    YeeeeeHaaaaw! Ol’ McMaassive’s had a farm…kinda…EIEIO With a Margarita here and a Shamu there… 😂😂 @Trahnier172 Thank You! Congratulations! ❤ Please give our fellow Tattler some love guyth. The snark continues…. --- Guess there needs to be some Maassiveness involved …just FYI
  5. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #172 Boring!

    Y’all give it up to @bready 🙌🏼🙌🏼 She has provided us with a thuper accurate title to start the first thread of 2024. Thank you, Tattler. Congratulations.😻
  6. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #171 Elf on a shelf, hands in a crotch, vlogs are top notch.

    Thanks Guyth. I appreciate y’all putting up with my tomfoolery. 😘 Give some love to @Bogey . Her title was incredible. ❤️
  7. sparkle&glitter1

    Fathering Autism #170 Gotta fly first clath so the seat fits her ath.

    Thank you @renwick for the fantastic title.
  8. sparkle&glitter1

    Fathering Autism #169 Off gallivanting living the life fat little tubby and his porcine wife

    @renwick came up with the tittle. There were no other suggestions and this is hilarious so congrats @renwick. I’m trying here because our thread creator is MIA. Shout out to @WowMeowMeowWow . We miss you!! Tattle on….
  9. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #168 The Poo Tang Clan. The IZA, Spamface Thilla & Ol’ Dirty Atha.

    Thanks to everyone that voted for my suggestion. You guyth all kick ass. 😘😘 Thank you to everyone that participated in creating suggestions for our upcoming thread. As usual, they were all fabulous. ❤
  10. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #167 Pigs on a Cruise,Overeating & Booze. Dysfunction abounds as they pack on the pounds

    A Maaaassssive round of applause to our fellow Tattler @renwick for hooking us up with a spectacular title for #167🙌🏼 Thank You and Congrats. 😘
  11. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #166 Piggy Robs You Blind to Reach Her Goal, She’s an Overweight Dimwit Without a Soul.

    @PugliaLiving ❤️👏🏼❤️ You nailed it ma’am. An appropriate title to send us off into #166. Ahhhhmazing! Thank You and Congratulations Tattle Sister!😘 Please give @PugliaLiving some Maaassssive love guyth.
  12. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism#165 Asa and Priscilla Like to Delete the Truth, Even Though We’ve Already Seen the Proof

    A Maassive THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS to our fellow Tattler @PugliaLiving for kicking ass and providing us with an exceptional title to keep us snarking along through #165. Y’all please give her some love. ❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️
  13. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #164 In Atha’s Garage Where Secrets Lie, a Treasure trove Trough of Things Gone Awry.

    Another thread donning a magnificent title compliments of our very talented resident poet @Billiarty . Congrats and Thank You! 👏🏼❤️👏🏼 Give her some maaassssive love guyth!
  14. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #163 A Jet Ski Built for 3 Barely Held Pig’s Knee. She’s Gonna Bust the Stage in DC.

    💗Title edited to fit💗 It is #163 for us Tattlers! Yippie! A Maaassssive Thank You and Congratulations to @Bogey for sending us into PaLOOZA week with a fantastic title. Please give her some Tattle lovin’ guyth!😻
  15. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #162 An Aujism Shirt for You and One for Me. Aujism Shirts for All. WeeWeeWee🐽

    Thanks so much for the votes guyth. ❤ I appreciate you! I suppose we could take this time to give our “thanks” to Atha Maassive for spreading Aujism Awareness the only way he knows how…shitty vlogs and equally shitty merch. Kudos to you, Aujism Papa! 😹 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  16. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #161 Naughty Corner is open ‘cause Kermy’s back! Lots to snark on so bring a snack.

    Lots to celebrate this fine Friday evening. ❤️ Can we all give it up to @SCCOct66 for providing us with one of the sweetest titles I have ever seen here on Tattle? Thank You and as always Congratulations! 😘 The Naughty Corner is open for business guyth! @Kermy is always welcoming. The drinks are...
  17. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #160 The Swine Are at Their Weight Gain Peak, Bathing in the Pool Just Once a Week.

    A Maassive Thank You and Congrats to @What10001 for leading us in to thread #160 with an amazing title to keep us snarking our pants off. 😂 Please give our fellow Tattler some love guyth!❤️
  18. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #159 Why does this AirBnB smell like Maassive PeePee?

    Thanks so much for the votes guyth! Let us all hold hands and skip right in to this new thread. 😘😆😘
  19. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #158 Asa wants to raise quail. Prissy the Centaur has a curly tail.

    Yippity Yay! Thanks to @SCCOct66 we all can take turns riding Prissy the Centaur and afterwards we can sit down to a delectable quail egg snack. Atha is cooking!😂 This is such a fabulous title. Thank you so much! You guys please give your thanks to our @SCCOct66 ❤️😘❤️😘❤️
  20. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #157 Sweet Girl’s NOT sweet, GB’s comin’ on home to suck Mama Sow’s teats!

    A great big Tattle ‘Neer THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS to @Srsmom for providing us with a hilarious and truthful title for thread #157. 😂🙌🏼👏🏼🙌🏼😂 Amazing! Simply ahhhhmazing! ❤️ Y’all please give her all the tattle love your teats have to offer! 😂
  21. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #156 Scamming the Feds and Humpers too. Karma’s a B@#$h, She’s Coming For You!

    Prison Bars Baaaaaby! 😂 Can we all give it up for the OG of all OG’s…our lady @RocketQueen for gracing us with a title of pure perfection 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Congratulations and a maassive THANK YOU! We love us some 🚀👸! Please give her some of your unconditional Tattle love guyth!❤️
  22. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #155 Darik’s life flashed before his eyes, nearly crushed to death by the pigs thighs

    Haaaaaay! How is everybody doin’? 😂 A huge thank you and congratulations to our @Monsterflaps for providing us with another aaaaaahhhmazing thread title. ❤️ Y’all please give her your maassive virtual hugs for our new thread. 😘 ✨Thread title edited slightly due to length.✨
  23. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #154 Uber eats & PeePee pants, Priscilla skips town whenever she gets the chance

    A great big CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to @SCCOct66 for providing us with a magnificent title to keep us going. May this thread bring you great joy and laughter…but not peepee pants. 😂❤️😂
  24. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #153 Explodin zipper, twerkin like a stripper, Prep 4 disaster as the redwoods shake faster

    ….modified it so it would fit….. A great big round of applause to @Monsterflaps for creating our new title. It is a masterpiece. I did not realize until today how much I would enjoy saying… Thank you very much, Monster Flaps. 😂 Say it out loud, it tickles the ears and belly.😂 Job well done...
  25. WowMeowMeowWow

    Fathering Autism #152 P in the sun, sizzling like bacon. Selling sunscreen that she has forsaken.

    And we are off to thread #152. 😜 Can we all give a big CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to our wickedly creative tattler @HoneySweet for hooking us up with a puuurfect title to keep us snarking along. ❤️