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  1. Brummy Mummy #21 Pandemic Pimms with a splash of Plagiarism thrown in

    @MrsBriggs is becoming the Queen of Brummy thread titles!
  2. Brummy Mummy #20 can’t watch the news and hitting the booze

    Title suggested by @fred1998 continue here Full title was Brummy Mummy #20 can’t watch the news, hitting the booze, skanky bath water, favourite child is the daughter.
  3. Brummy Mummy #19 More crap rapping! Birmingham’s answer to Eminem - B’an’M!

    I suggested this as a thread title after @MrsBriggs posted it as a normal comment on the last thread so I've gone with it!
  4. BrummyMummy #18 Some are contagious, some are dying but BM, she just keeps on buying!

    Thread title courtesy of @MrsBriggs . I bet both her AND Stephen have taken 'my girl' to her appointment again. I'm sure just one of them can go seeing as we're meant to be social distancing?
  5. BrummyMummy #17 Tiktok tat, dancing like a prat, still thinks she’s all that!

    NEW THREAD: thanks to @MrsBriggs for the title suggestion.
  6. Brummy Mummy #16 Pre op, no time to shop, new book a total flop, don’t give Ste a wallop!

    Very close for title. Only a few votes in it. Congrats @Good Egg. @MrsBriggs was a tight second. Continue on. Full title Brummy Mummy #16 Pre op, no time to shop, new book a total flop, don’t give Ste a wallop!
  7. Brummy Mummy #15 Emma Conway is smashing the Amazon chart one minute and Mickey’s face the next

    Thread title is by @Noseybugger View all threads -
  8. Brummy Mummy #14 Better give Emma Conway a like or she’ll smash your face in!

    Full thread title by @manzagirl edited to fit Won’t stop with the cheap tat just coz she’s in Brooklyn, better give Brummy a like or she’ll smash your face in!
  9. Brummymummy #13 Full of bibbidi bobbidi bull

    New thread title thanks to @Lola123
  10. Brummymummy #12 so full of crap, we couldn’t fit it in a title.

    Credit to @Tookah for the title 👍 link to previous thread
  11. Brummy Mummy #11 Down in old Moulin Rouge, struttin' her stuff on the gram

    Full title by @Good Egg We met Brummy Mum down in old Moulin Rouge Struttin' her stuff on the gram She said “no like? , scream troll” the FAME is taking its toll, oh oh?!
  12. Brummy Mummy #10 Give the girl a break she’s clearly cooking dem waffles over candle flame

    Continue here Thread title by @Allusernamesiputinaretook
  13. Brummy Mummy #9 The Midlands answer to Judith Chalmers!

    Thread title thanks to @Doningal
  14. Brummy Mummy #8 She proper is Grandpa Joe with no content to show!

    New thread title name thanks to @LyndsayG84 Previous threads.
  15. Brummy Mummy #7 Instagram strops gives old Brummy the trots!

    New Thread. Thanks to @cushtybert Previous threads
  16. Brummy Mummy #6 Plastic crap and Disney tat, still not afraid of acting like a bowler hat

    New thread to get stuck into, thanks to @cushtybert for the title name!!! 😊 Now, what crap did she buy today?
  17. Brummy Mummy #5 Waynetta slob get a proper job

    Thread 5. Credit goes to @Whatyadoin’ and @Birdy60 by the looks of it. 😎 Close second 🤣
  18. Brummy Mummy #4 The Introvert in pants, inappropriate bantz & cringey takeaway dance

    Credit @minniemouse for title. Strange she's the kind of Mummy who brings Supermarket own brand ice lollies to school pickup instead of using the Ice Cream Van. Although this must be how she affords two holidays to Disney a year and another holiday to New York to buy her daugter an extortinate...
  19. Brummy Mummy #3 Criticism gets deleted and Disney hols get repeated

    Credit to @Pinko for the new title!
  20. BrummyMummy #2 Her morals are scummy and she’ll never replace chummy

    New Thread. Thanks to @Toppsie for the title 😂😂

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