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Youtuber and social media influencer that's dating Alfie Deyes and is pregnant with a baby girl due in September.
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  1. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #63 Vlogust was boring, her fans are in mourning, Zoe's back in bed snoring.

    New thread thanks to @Yupyupyup for the winning title. Yes Vlogust is finally over, HALLELUJAH🥳:m👏 and what a borefest it was! if you missed any of it (not that there was much to miss) it consisted of 31 days of... Zoe moaning she is tired, vlogging is too hard etc etc Zoe sitting talking to...
  2. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #62 It's all happy Deyes over here, oh not you Zoe you're a Sugg!

    New Thread and surprisingly Alfie is to thank for this thread title :ROFLMAO: . Anyway update if anyone gives a damn..... We are 17 days into Vlogust and it is boring us to death! They are showing how little parenting they do but somehow they are run off their feet:unsure: Zoe has done her...
  3. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #61 Forced to do vlogust to get out of her pit, now her viewers are bored to sh..

    New thread! thanks to @Catherinebleck for the best title suggestion :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Yes Zoe has finally got out of her pit and is doing Vlogust as she wont be doing vlogmas this year due to the baby being due in December. We are only on day 4 and are already dying of boring from...
  4. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #60 Disappeared for 90 deyes, now she's back but still as beige!

    New thread thanks to @cj94 for the winning title 🤭 . Yes having announced her second pregnancy Slobella is back with the #AD's and the 'me, me, me' posts but unsurprisingly she is still as boring as before only more infuriating that she sat in bed for 3 months and couldn't even brush her hair...
  5. br0wser

    Zoe Sugg #59 Girl offline, it was a sign. She’s pregnant again, whine whine whine

    Well done to me for the title 😂 Slobella went off the radar for over 2 months. Now she’s back and …. she’s ✨pregnant✨. What a surprise said no one ever. Baby girl Deyes 2.0 is due in December and we’re already sick of hearing about it Stay tuned for a failed August of vlogging, more gifted...
  6. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #58 Alive but not living, Zoe are you gregnant or stagnant?

    New thread thanks to @Lilykins for the mashup of title suggestions 🤣 anyway recap for anyone who gives a damn... NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! Zoe has disappear from social media we think she is either pregnant or has retired from being an influencer because... She didn't attend Poppy's birthday meal...
  7. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #57 Festering in her pit, her parenting is not it, now tattlers think Alfie's fit!

    New thread 🙌 now here's a catch up if anyone missed anything.... There was nothing to miss! She has literally been in bed for the last month and its only been this last week she has upload a pic of Ottie, herself and some flowers. We think she might be pregnant either that or she is one hell...
  8. GossWhore

    Zoe Sugg #56 Turned 33, had honey on the bree, still no ring for Zo-eeee. Groundhog Day is all you’ll see

    New thread Someone recap Mrs Nostalgia
  9. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #55 She can't do it all, or do it at all!

    New thread thanks to @skratcha for the winning title(y) 😊 . Update for anyone who missed anything.... Well you haven't missed much! Zoe uploaded a vlog featuring an AD naturally (I know I was surprised as well as we all know she normally hibernates until March!) anyway she said in the vlog that...
  10. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #54 Vlogmas is such a bore, its just gifted stuff and naps galore!

    New thread(y) we got through the last thread quick, thats what a disaster of a vlogmas does to us! so update for anyone who may have fallen asleep after day 1....... Zoe has exposed just how much of a lazy, entitled, pathetic, idiot she is during this years vlogmas! Everyday consists of her...
  11. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #53 I'm dreaming of a beige Christmas

    New thread thanks to @Cloak for the winning thread title suggestion🤣 . So what has Zoe been upto recently..... She is still living her boring beige life with bad dress sense She is still not keeping an eye on her one year old daughter She is still blaming not being able to do anything on having...
  12. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #52 Alfie took his mum to France, did Zoe get that engagement ring? no chance!

    New thread everyone. So it was Zoe & Alfie's TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! and did Alfie finally propose? NOPE! they went away for one night in a country hotel where they looked bored and ordered room service. Who said romance was dead? 🤭 :rolleyes: She also celebrated Hocus Pocus 2 with Mark and...
  13. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #51 Nearly a decade and still no ring, her alibaba tat is just the thing

    New thread thanks to @jackolantern for the winning thread title 😊 update for anyone who missed anything... Zoe has come out of hibernation and went to TK Maxx with BFF Mark to buy more Halloween tat she doesn't need! She has gated off her lounge area so Ottie and Nala can't enter and have to...
  14. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #50 All alone in her non-mansion, why does she think everything beige is in fashion?

    New thread thanks to @jvalentine2189 for the winning title thread (y) So what has our slobella been up to recently?.... She finally got rid of those manky extensions 🥳 She is still reminiscing about her childhood:sleep: She has taken ANOTHER holiday at Wilderness reserve with the Deyes...
  15. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #49 Five go absolutely nowhere, unless it's gifted

    Recap for newbies.. Well much like the title suggests our Slobella has done very little... She uploaded a vlog but that was because it was an #AD for Hello fresh She went to a food festival and ate pizza and Churros :rolleyes: She went to Alfie's thug mate twins birthday party Oh and she went...
  16. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #48 No love from Alf on Mother’s day, never any hope of becoming a Deyes

    New thread thanks to @jvalentine2189 for the winning thread title (y) . So what has our boring Zoe been up to then? Had her nails done- she shouldn't have bothered they looked horrid Went to the office for a few days-what a busy #bossbitch she is :rolleyes: uploaded a vlog a month late and we...
  17. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #47 Roses are red, Papercuts sting, just like another year with no engagement ring.

    New thread thanks to @GossWhore for the title suggestion. (y) So recap... Valentines day has been and gone and no engagement ring in sight... hence the thread title😊 Since becoming a mum she has no time to shower, wash her hair or do her makeup and hasn't got into a routine yet but Alfie says...
  18. Disney_Wolf

    Zoe Sugg #46 Another year with no Zoe bling but #nodadbods bought little Pay a teething ring

    Title suggestion with the most likes goes to @Chilli pepper 19 Is there anything to actually recap from the last thread? Zoe came out of maternity to post 4 videos which is super hard work so girl boss is taking a well deserved break! She also cooked Dianne and Joe a #gifted (probably) microwave...
  19. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #45 No vlogmas for the stans this year, will Zozo ever reappear?

    New thread thanks to @roarke for the title suggestion (y) . So what has Zoe been up to? I hear you ask well... She has been too busy to change her dirty clothes, brush her hair or have a wash BUT She said she is filming a 'intro to Ottie' aka she wants the adsense ££££ She took the piss out of...
  20. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #44 Lets only parent for the gram by sticking a basket on top of the pram

    New thread thanks to @emjayx for title suggestion(y) So what has our Slobella been up to since the last thread? well... Her and her cronies aka Mark Ferris, Poppy Deyes and Dianne Buswell went pumpkin picking and Poor Pay got dragged along...for the gram obv She had a night off parenting and...
  21. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #43 Alfie's a insta d#AD, Zoe just looks b#AD making money from the baby they’ve had.

    new thread thanks to @Fillyjonk for title suggestion. So update for newbies..... Zoe and Alfie took baby Ottie out on a walk to promote the free £800 baby carrier they had been gifted and didn't read the instructions and nearly suffocated Ottie in the process but hey what's a suffocating baby...
  22. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #42 hashtag dadLife, look at me! I look after Pay more than mummy Zoe!

    New thread well what a few weeks its been in the life of new but best ever mum Slobella.... she has been out for walks in the supermarket posing in bed topless with only Ottie hiding her modesty alongside a load of dominoes orders had visits from BFF Mark (although he didn't stay long) and...
  23. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #41 Zoe's holding baby like she's caught a cod, Alf cant put away his dad bod!

    New thread, thanks to @Pheelin24 for title suggestion which originally was' Suggs holding the baby like she's caught a cod and Alfie cant put away his measly dad bod' Anyway update for newbies... Zoe uploaded a weird IG clip of her holding Ottie and walking two steps Zoe has been posting IG...
  24. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #40 Named her baby Ottilie Rue but we'll still call her Pay, thank you!

    New thread my title suggestion had the most votes. Yes Zoe has had her baby and a cute little thing she is. anyway heres a update in poem form.... Zoe's given birth to baby Ottilie Rue but she'll be forever called pay by us thank you how long will it be until alf uploads a topless pic we...
  25. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #39 Smug as a Sugg in a gifted rug.

    New thread thanks to @pickle.555.angry for the title suggestion (y) update for newbies.... Zoe has finally uploaded the vlog of the nursery and its a 60's disaster She has also uploaded her second trimester video-yes it was boring and a load of crap Poppy has been kissing her belly and weirded...
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