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  1. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #23 cosy as can be, lacking in vitamin d, furloughed her one employee!

    Thanks to @Elle for title suggestion. A quick recap for any newbies since the last thread Zoe has.... Decorated her porch with hay bales, corn and a million pumpkins for autumn/halloween even though only her 3 friends and her postman will see it. The hostess with the mostess hosted Mark a bday...
  2. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #22 No strength in her core and still a total and utter bore!

    new thread, title suggested by @Elle round up for newbies.... Zoe had a Christmas day with Mark in August She harping on about conkers and autumn blah blah She went to a car boot and saw her books but had to seek out Tanya Burrs and Joey's and post it on IG just like the bitch she is
  3. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #21 Autumns coming Zoe's in her prime she's watching HP for the millionth time

    new thread thanks to @Kitt for the title suggestion.
  4. B

    Zoe Sugg #20 You can take Zoe out the not-mansion but you can’t take the not-mansion out of Zoe

    Thank you @Lilykins for the title suggestion. mod edit, Could someone provide a recap? 🙂
  5. LongishCat

    Zoe Sugg #19 Boring as feck

    First time starting a new thread! Hope everything goes well. Thanks @Kitt for the great thread title! 😂
  6. coconochanel

    Zoe Sugg #18 Joe Suggs irrelevant sister.

    So it maybe a new thread but shes still doing the same shit which is fuck all apart from playing Animal Crossing and making chocolate milkshakes with ice in :rolleyes: :giggle: . Strictly apparently want her on the show but NOWAY in hell would she do that! get off her sofa for more the 1 hour a...
  7. S

    Zoe Sugg #17 Her extensions match her relationship status: clinging on

    New thread, title suggestion from @bookish
  8. Yel

    Zoe Sugg #16 Borella the self isolating queen! She's been doing it for the last 3 years

    Thread title by @Tookah View all threads - https://tattle.life/tags/zoe-sugg/
  9. S

    Zoe Sugg #15 career increasingly dead, another ghostwritten book whilst she cozies in bed

    NEW THREAD: thanks to @overandunder for the title suggestion, unfortunately had to be edited for length sorry about that. Full title: Shampooella: £40 a head, career's increasingly dead, another ghostwritten book whilst she cozies-up in bed
  10. GossWhore

    Zoe Sugg #14 Hibernating, baths with Fraggle, my only popularity comes from Tattle!

    Late, but popular title. Thanks to @Apple In My Pie
  11. DoreenYadeley

    Zoe Sugg #13 no ring and 30’s near, stop it Zoe the neighbours might hear!

    Thanks to @disneys for the title!
  12. Oohthedrama

    Zoe Sugg #12 Still no ring, Niomi who?

    Title suggestion comes from @gloriouscheesecake 🤗 so whilst Alfie was in Tiffany looking for the perfect dog bowl for Nala. Joe was on his way back to the UK to wife Naomi up 🤨 Even Zoe’s elf’s we’re off the shelf by the time they returned from New York 🤦‍♀️ Poor Zoe.....Forever waiting for...
  13. Oohthedrama

    Zoe Sugg #11 Christmas is cancelled! Mrs Claus and Santa are staying in bed!

    New thread!!! Hope the title is ok, Continue here if so!!! now, if you’re not feeling up to it, just skip this thread completely!!!!! Don’t overexert yourself by commenting or reading comments if you’re just not feeling up to it. nobody wants ANYONE to feel like they’re under pressure, just...
  14. Oohthedrama

    Zoe Sugg #10 Consumerella: 9 days of ming, merch in the bargain bin & still no ring!

    New thread suggests comes from @btwizz94 I’ve just STRUGGLED through the latest Flog, edgy/cursing Zoe is painfully embarrassing...😂🤣 “fuck” “dickhead” talks of an unrolled condom. Zoe is like that 16 year old that thinks it’s cool to sound like she’s one of the adults. 10 days in between...
  15. DoreenYadeley

    Zoe Sugg #9: Orangella needs A new fella! #autumnal

    New thread - thanks to @Laughingforlife for the title suggestion!
  16. L

    Zoe Sugg #8 Slugella living her slug life and is desperate to be Alfie's wife

    New thread! I used my own idea! 🤭 Previous threads: https://tattle.life/tags/zoella/
  17. S

    Zoe Sugg #7 Doesn’t wash her hair for 10 days and will never be Mrs Deyes #gifted

    Thanks to @Wowwwwwwwww for the title suggestion. Link to Previous Threads: https://tattle.life/tags/zoe-sugg/
  18. Oohthedrama

    Zoella #6 It's just couch to 5k and some fake PDA

    New thread! Thanks to @isla sorna 😎 Previous threads: https://tattle.life/tags/zoe-sugg/
  19. Ken Adams

    Zoella #5 Biological clock is knocking on door but her boyfriend has the mental age of 4

    Just went with this title as I think it had most votes 😊 hope that's okay
  20. Yel

    Zoella #4 Nostalgic for the nineties, looks age nighty. Forever the gf, no engagement from Alfie

    Thread title from @GossWhore and @STJ_95 Get ready for the 90's party tattlers :D
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