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  1. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Unpopular Opinions #31

    Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/unpopular-opinions-30.33426/ My UO: Marmite spaghetti/pasta is divine. Add a dollop of Philadelphia cream cheese. 🤤🤌🍝
  2. Emmelina Ball

    Unpopular Opinions #30

    New thread… My unpopular opinion is I like Meghan and I think her and Harry have done the right thing moving away from the royal family.
  3. LittleMy

    Unpopular Opinions #29

    Carry on…
  4. watermelon sugar

    Unpopular Opinions #28

    The last thread was full of man hating, gaslighting, posh boy loving, pig haters/lovers. And everything else carry on party people 💋
  5. M

    Unpopular Opinions #27

    This is for unpopular opinions, not goading each other. We don't want to have to ban anyone so please keep it on this and the chatter stuff elsewhere.
  6. LittleMy

    Unpopular Opinions #26

    Last thread we had: Pop songs vs. Church bangers at the school assembly. 🙏🏻 🎵 The erosion of women’s rights 👩🏼 🪧 The return of the breastfeeding debate. 🤱 Whispers of fig rolls in the darkness 👀 A bunch of chocolate and fizzy pop chatter. 🍫 🥤 And much more… Continue sharing your...
  7. Saddlesoap

    Unpopular Opinions #25

    Number #24 seemed to go hugely off topic. Share your unpopular opinions (and prepare to defend that for 4/5 pages apparently).
  8. WilmaHun

    Unpopular Opinions #24

    New thread. Old thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/unpopular-opinions-23.31536/ Carry on discussing whether you wash your chicken/bumhole etc etc etc
  9. FenellaTheWitch

    Unpopular Opinions #23

    Last discussing loving other peoples children and babies being parasites. We got very close to calling a 'Fig Roll' time out. Continue here ....
  10. FenellaTheWitch

    Unpopular Opinions #22

    Carry on here folks. Last discussing coming out, weddings and not liking chocolate milk.
  11. Oohthedrama

    Unpopular Opinions #21

    Continue here. threads 1 - 20 https://tattle.life/tags/unpopular-opinions/ starting off, doesn’t matter how talented you are as an author, Stick a lesbian or gay man in your book and you’re onto a winner, Trans kid with mental health issues, TikTok will lose their shit and you’re an instant...
  12. FenellaTheWitch

    Unpopular Opinions #20

    This is a thread for Unpopular Opinons. Enter at you own risk. You may not like some of the things posted. Last discussing Rainbow Bridges .... and fig rolls obviously 😉
  13. FenellaTheWitch

    Unpopular Opinions #19

    Last discussing same sex schools, white goods and blocking/ignoring posters on tattle .... I have just had a guy here fixing my 8 year old washing machine. I half expected him to say it wasn't economical to replace but no, just wear and tear on a basic part and off we go again. Pleasantly...
  14. OnlyHereForTheLolz

    Unpopular opinions #18

    Go ahead make my day, post some really unsuitable UOs's
  15. Oohthedrama

    Unpopular opinions #17

    New thread. topics that pop up regularly and might offend; Chocolate and Biscuits. Cats and Vegans Trans gender/LGBTQWTF+ and BLM movements. Fat people and Rihanna. Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran Overrated films we’ve been forced to love. previous threads https://tattle.life/tags/unpopular-opinions/
  16. Oohthedrama

    Unpopular opinions #16

    Thread 16! Insult and be insulted here 😐 threads 1-15 https://tattle.life/tags/unpopular-opinions/
  17. LittleMy

    Unpopular Opinions #15

    Continue sharing your UO’s here…
  18. Oohthedrama

    Unpopular Opinions #14

    It does what it says on the tin… of condensed milk of unpopular opinions….. 😐 don’t be a dick, but also, you can totally be a bit of a dick if you want, I mean.. once it’s an opinion and not just a hobby/your personality 😐
  19. FenellaTheWitch

    Unpopular Opinions #13

    Thread number 13 ... unlucky for some.Carry on with the Unpopular opinions. Last talking about Molly Mae Hague and her inspirational rise to the top. ;)
  20. Purrrrrrr

    Unpopular Opinions #12

    Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/unpopular-opinions-11.25326/page-51#post-7646619 Come on don't be coy we know you all have something very unpopular to say, Say it and be damned If you don't tell people what your needs are you cannot moan when they don't guess and you are then...
  21. thegirlscout

    Unpopular Opinions #11

    Carry on here my lovelies!
  22. Oohthedrama

    Unpopular opinions #10

    New thread at the perfect time, Continue here. Probably best to keep the covid chats to the correct threads. older threads;https://tattle.life/tags/unpopular-opinions/
  23. Oohthedrama

    Unpopular opinions #9

    Shiny new thread. “Thanks for the thread @ ooh” “Parking myself for notifications” “Annoying gif” “Oh yeay!! I’m here” “HERE” “🎉🎉 new thread, hi all, marking my place” ZIP IT BEITCH!!!!! 😡😬😂 Thread 8 consisted of - Fig rolls - Jaffa cakes, a bit like depressed Jelly, in a cakey hug. - More fig...
  24. Oohthedrama

    Unpopular opinions #8

    Time for a new thread, Anyone arguing or getting personal will be banned from the thread, you will read unpopular opinions, it’s in the title. If you’re going to need to carry in your mobile soap box to take part in the thread, it might not be for you, Report anything that breaks site rules...
  25. Oohthedrama

    Unpopular opinions #7

    Trigger warning ❄☃🌨 You will be offended. But secretly, you’ll probably agree. continue here. 🙂