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Sarah's Day is an Australian fitness YouTuber.
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    Sarah’s Day #25 All that shredding, and the cows became the highlight of the wedding!

    Thanks to @Stickygecko for this title suggestion that got over a 100 likes! The last thread went by rather quickly, in the run up to the bYrOn BeAcH wEdDinG, which as it turned out was actually a farm wedding complete with cows, rust flowers and cut fruit (!!!) as decor. For over 3 weeks now...
  2. P

    Sarah’s Day #24 Wedding filler is a mess, what happened to the “holistic health princess”?

    Thanks to @Tulip2 for the title suggestion! They posted three suggestions, of which the second was the most popular. As it didn't quite fit, I went with their amended version. The last thread was largely uneventful as Sarah has been busy getting ready for her wedding next week and keeping off...
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    Sarah's Day #23 I'm such a loser, just like you guys!

    Explanation for the title differing from the top voted suggestions: For those just tuning in, Sezzy and her squad have returned home from a week of bland food and overuse injuries healthy and holistic fun that was totally worth the $3,500 price tag. After such a demanding week, Sez obviously...
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    Sarah’s Day #22 Sponsored wedding, restricts for shredding, sleeps with urine in her bedding

    Thanks @gudetatami for the thread title! I’m nowhere near as creative with the summaries as some of you - could someone please provide a summary 😅
  5. W

    Sarah's Day #21 Red Bull gifted, app ratings drifted, challenge is free except for the fee

    Time for a new Thread. Thanks to @Gecko7.7.7 for the title :) Our fragile baby bird ballerina had to drink instant coffee this morning. Such a tragedy. Could have been a professional ballerina, but now she is stuck trying to scam her fans to afford a new coffee maker for her million dollar...
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    Sarah's Day #20 Haters make me whine, cashews all the time, oi that almond latte is mine!

    Thanks to @swiftie13 for the title, it had the most votes by far :) And thanks to @Antisarah for the shorter version. Sunee hasn't even been out for a month and it's already down to 2,5 stars. People are not happy. And Sarah doesn't seem to be either. But don't worry, she already has another...
  7. A

    Sarah's Day #19 CheesEcake is runny, bad reviews for Sunee, just a scam for money

    Thank you @WhyDoIEvenCare for the title! The last thread flew by after Sarah unleashed on an adoring fan who dared to ask a legitimate question on the cheesecake instagram post. You can check out the Wiki for the full run down of Sarah's antics. Make sure to add your own relevant and...
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    Sarah's Day #18 Sunee is a flop, food is all slop. I made the app, that's why it's crap

    Already time for a new thread :) Thanks to @Cookie626 for the title and for all the other suggestions from everyone. Please head to the Wiki for a full summary of Sarah's past behaviour and scandals as well as a list of problems related to her Sunee App. It's been two days since Sunee has...
  9. N

    Sarah’s Day #17 Son gets a drill, lips get a fill, I cry everyday, I’m an empath okay?!

    Thanks @Cookie626 for the thread title suggestion! @Cookie626 your suggestion got the most likes from what I could see ☺️
  10. 2

    Sarah’s Day #16 bAbE I can’t even deal, botox and lip fillers, so far from raw and real

    Happy Sunday Sissy bAbeS! I have so much to catch you up on! Where do I begin? Sorry I’ve been quiet on my instastories, but I held a Christmas party which is against the latest Covid regulations so I had to keep it on the q.t. All of my employees friends were there and they lOvEd my super...
  11. N

    Sarah’s Day #15 Box gap faked, fails to vaccinate, ew I’m an XS not size 8

    Thanks to @Alphabean124 for the thread title! There have been some amazing recaps the last few threads, looking forward to reading this one 😀
  12. Spicy_bananas

    Sarah's Day #14 Critic banning, stan scamming, wedding planning & fake tanning

    Here is the last thread's recap if any new member wants to get up to speed with all her scandals and despicable actions: Let me know if you prefer I paste the whole text for next time...
  13. Spicy_bananas

    Sarah's Day #13 Small business defamed, lips inflamed & won't take any blame

    Here is a recap of Sarah's actions/behaviors (the bold is the most recent controversy): Promotes and encourages disordered eating habits; shames family, friends and fans who do not eat according to her self-proclaimed 'healthy' plan. Restricted her diet and over-exercised during her pregnancy...
  14. 2

    Sarah's Day #12 BIPOC disrespected, dog neglected, face injected & possibly covid-infected

    Thanks to all those who voted! I'm not following enough to be able to give a proper recap. Would really appreciate it if someone else does. A couple of things that are worth reposting: Anonymous Youtube videos pointing out many of her issues that we do deep-dives on: Also, my disclaimer...
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    Sarah's Day #11 Self-promotion, accountability not a notion,my sPesHuL kid loves the ocean

    Good morning Sissys! I have such a bUsY day ahead! Durt and I were up into the wee hours planning our super busy schedules. Here’s a sNeAkY peek into a typical cRaZy week in Scuzzy-land: Mondays are for Moaning Tuesdays are for fake-Tanning Wednesdays are for extra Workouts Thursdays are...
  16. N

    Sarah’s Day #10 Tokenistic campaign, sunnee app leaks, Kurt gets no treats

    Thanks @B.Bop (I think!!) for your suggestion:) Please can someone give a recap of the previous thread! This title seemed like the most popular, thank you for the suggestions :)
  17. 2

    Sarah's Day #9 She's full of crap, her SuneeApp is just another Munee trap!

    # Sarah's Day new cooking app exposed # Overpriced subscription service with bland recipes that have barely been tested # Unsubstantiated health claims to be attached (as per her CIN 3, SIBO, PCOS claims in the past) # Teasers have included ridiculously unattainable, unnecessary and overpriced...
  18. Spicy_bananas

    Sarah’s Day #8 Overhyped PeAcHy locks, comments deleted and blocked, coffee for Focks

    Thanks to @FoxxyCleopatra for the title suggestion! Unfortunately I had to remove "and protein" because it was too long! When we left off the last thread we had just found out that our eco-friendly Scuzzy wants to trash a plant because i'M oVeR iT... She so wastefull! But in my opinion the...
  19. Spicy_bananas

    Sarah's Day #7 Turned 28, look how much I ate, too lazy to get a baby stair gate

    Thanks to @peridoe for the great title! Anybody up for a quick recap?
  20. Spicy_bananas

    Sarah's Day #6 House of white, always right, boyfriend can’t go out at night

    New thread! I won't try to outdo @2xblended's last thread intro because it just can't be beat! Thank you to @yikessarah for the title! So... Let's do this!
  21. 2

    Sarah’s Day #5 Sour Nappy, Dog Crappy, Never Happy!

    hApPy MoNdAy siSsYs Did you know that Mondays are my favourite days of the week? On Sunday nights, Kurtimous and I lay in bed discussing our goalz for the week and I get giggly thinking about how much of a milf I am when I make lists for the week. So hawt! Then on Monday mornings and tuesdays...
  22. PiesAndLattes

    Sarahs Day #4 Photos Snapped, Boyfriend Trapped, I Get Bullied, Campaign Scrapped

    Thank you @yikessarah (sorry the requested title wouldn’t fit so I shortened to what I thought was appropriate. We can amend if this doesn’t suit the majority!) The last thread zoomed by with the same mundane shenanigans from Scuzzy - stuffing herself into exschra small clothing to go to the...
  23. 2

    Sarah's Day #3 Racist comments greeted, BIPOC deleted

    Let us forever remember that she culturally appropriated in her latest (plagiarized) product launch, deleted all comments from BIPOC politely pointing out the cultural appropriation, left up and 'liked' racist comments, and then cried about being called out for her willful ignorance because she...
  24. 2

    Sarahs Day #2 Cultural Appropriation x P.E. Nation

    #SarahsDaysAreNumbered Credit for title: @Saltyprincess Credit for hashtag: @Holtzmann From the last thread: Dear Sarah Reddit (@sahsan)
  25. 2

    Sarahs Day #1 Filthy Sezzy, Absent Kezzy & Exploited Fezzy

    She's one of the absolute worst 'influencers' I've ever come across! Nobody, not even LEM, has me raging the way this obnoxious brat consistently does! Please join me in uncovering her constant lies, but be warned, entering this rabbit hole will raise your blood pressure! :LOL: Her Insta page...
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