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Sarah Day (born 1958) is an English-born Australian poet and teacher. She was also the poetry editor of Island Magazine for several years.

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  1. Sarah's Day #3 Racist comments greeted, BIPOC deleted

    Let us forever remember that she culturally appropriated in her latest (plagiarized) product launch, deleted all comments from BIPOC politely pointing out the cultural appropriation, left up and 'liked' racist comments, and then cried about being called out for her willful ignorance because she...
  2. Sarahs Day #2 Cultural Appropriation x P.E. Nation

    #SarahsDaysAreNumbered Credit for title: @Saltyprincess Credit for hashtag: @Holtzmann From the last thread: Dear Sarah Reddit (@sahsan)
  3. Sarahs Day #1 Filthy Sezzy, Absent Kezzy & Exploited Fezzy

    She's one of the absolute worst 'influencers' I've ever come across! Nobody, not even LEM, has me raging the way this obnoxious brat consistently does! Please join me in uncovering her constant lies, but be warned, entering this rabbit hole will raise your blood pressure! :LOL: Her Insta page...
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