rebecca lamb

  1. Rebecca Lamb #20 On the 9th day of Christmas, LJC gave to me, some more content to copyyyyy

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  2. Rebecca Lamb #19 Fanny lips, shopping trips, all those mince pies are going straight to her hips

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  3. Rebecca Lamb #18 LJC wannabe, duck off with your slow cooker “recipe”!

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  4. Rebecca Lamb #17 life is a shambles, hair is like straw, dog’s passing ain’t as sad as a broken car door!

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  5. Rebecca Lamb #16 Chuckney in food, Over processed hair, Never peels bitatoes, she’s a lazy mare

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  6. Rebecca Lamb #15 Throw it all in the slow cooker and match any outfit with boots like a hooker

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  7. Rebecca Lamb #14 Disgusting looking stew and world’s lowest IQ

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  8. Rebecca Lamb #13 It's Woodehs parteh i'll have my nails lashes & lips done if I want to

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  9. Rebecca Lamb #12 Boys sleeping on the floor, babestation becks is crying troll galore!

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  10. Rebecca lamb #11 An NHS drain because she's hasn't got a brain

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  11. Rebecca Lamb #10 We say potato, Rebecca says bitatoe...potato, bitatoe, potato, bitatoe.

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  12. Rebecca Lamb #9 Rebecca 'to be' Hobson get yourself a job'son!

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  13. Rebecca Lamb #8 Block/Delete and my hard work day is complete

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  14. Rebecca Lamb #7 Dancing pratt who's contents crap

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  15. Rebecca Lamb #6 Forever showing the gram her hanging ham!

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  16. M

    Rebecca Lamb #5 Steve's cocktail sausage fan club

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  17. Rebecca Lamb #4 Genuinely happeh

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  18. Rebecca Lamb #3 Blue milk, sorin and chicken for Steve, Steve likes chicken, would you believe

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  19. Rebecca Lamb #2 When Steve is on the lash, Ellie shows her gash!

    She had stooped to the ultimate low with the crotch shots in the gym gear!
  20. Rebecca Lamb

    Does anyone watch her videos or Instagram? I just had to unsubscribe from both. So up herself it’s unbelievable, always posting pics of herself knowing exactly the type of comments she’ll get ? clearly loves herself too much.