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  1. Rebecca Lamb #28 Find me on YouTube flaunting my hoof, I need cash for a hole in my roof

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  2. Rebecca Lamb #27 Mah Steve loves mah corn beef hash and hub...

    Thanks for the new thread title with 90 likes @heidilouxx for anyone who missed the camel toe that featured on pornhub 😩😩😩😩😂😂😂😂 Admin edit: removed the second part as a bit too vulgar
  3. Rebecca Lamb #26 Im Rebecca Lamb, i know who you are, ill come to your door, no matter how far

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  4. Rebecca Lamb #25 Mugged off by Jet2 for my beg, don't you know I'm a local celeb

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  5. Rebecca Lamb #24 the holiday begging begins, whilst Elleh stuffs her face from the biscuit tins

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  6. Rebecca Lamb #23 Slippers are grim, education is thin but we’d quiet like more time travelling

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  7. Rebecca Lamb #22 I do my hair toss, flash my gash, baby how’d you feel? Embarrassed!

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  8. Rebecca Lamb #21 Pup for the gram and the boys had pox, what’s going on with the ginger locks?

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  9. Rebecca Lamb #20 On the 9th day of Christmas, LJC gave to me, some more content to copyyyyy

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  10. Rebecca Lamb #19 Fanny lips, shopping trips, all those mince pies are going straight to her hips

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  11. Rebecca Lamb #18 LJC wannabe, duck off with your slow cooker “recipe”!

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  12. Rebecca Lamb #17 life is a shambles, hair is like straw, dog’s passing ain’t as sad as a broken car door!

    Let’s keep it simple and to the point guys! Everything she does is a shambles!
  13. Rebecca Lamb #16 Chuckney in food, Over processed hair, Never peels bitatoes, she’s a lazy mare

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  14. Rebecca Lamb #15 Throw it all in the slow cooker and match any outfit with boots like a hooker

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  15. Rebecca Lamb #14 Disgusting looking stew and world’s lowest IQ

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  16. Rebecca Lamb #13 It's Woodehs parteh i'll have my nails lashes & lips done if I want to

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  17. Rebecca Lamb #12 Boys sleeping on the floor, babestation becks is crying troll galore!

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  18. Rebecca lamb #11 An NHS drain because she's hasn't got a brain

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  19. Rebecca Lamb #10 We say potato, Rebecca says bitatoe...potato, bitatoe, potato, bitatoe.

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  20. Rebecca Lamb #9 Rebecca 'to be' Hobson get yourself a job'son!

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