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Rebecca is Instagrammer and YouTuber living in the Yorkshire Dales whose content is a cycle of food shop hauls and banana bread. Notable for filming videos in poorly fitting clothes and ending up on a pornographic website.
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  1. Georgeofthejungle

    Rebecca Lamb #53 Ortominal vibes and coseh

    Thanks to @Each_peach Rebecca Lamb #53: ORTOMINAL vibes, coseh and stuff, if I don't get enough likes I'll just flash my muff
  2. S

    Rebecca Lamb #52 Hun please size up your jeans by a few

    Here we go.... Again 🤣
  3. BettyCrocker

    Rebecca Lamb #51 promise I am a W30 look at my teeth GRYM & dirty

    Thanks to @PeachySher for the title, had to edit slightly to make it fit 👍 Rebecca lamb #51: Promise guys I’m a W30 L30, look at my teeth they’re GRYM and dirty
  4. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #50 Swipe ups & ads 27/4, the Hobsons don’t care the kids sleep on the floor

    Thread FIFTY for our favourite PHub Princess, should I crack out the sloooooooh coookeh cookie dough and twix cheesecake? That’s your breakfast lunch and dinner for the duration of the thread now Tattlers, eat up! Perfectly healthy balanced diet 🥴 Title suggested from @Mum24 - runner up title...
  5. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #49 tight trousers giving her thrush, you have a different opinion? Hush!

    Title from @Barbs89 edited to fit. During the last thread... - Rebecca went photoshop mad. Either that or her bag floats in midair. - she had her brows ‘ELuminated’ cough that would be ‘lumination’ to me and you, you know how eyebrows should be sisters not twins? hers ain‘t even cousins 😳 - her...
  6. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #48 Doggehs ran off, unsure when. Still convinced I’m a size 10

    We were well overdue a new thread, thank you @MutyaBuena for the new thread title with 34 likes! Recap: Both dogs ran off this morning - Oscar returned earlier today and Mabel not long ago, Rebecca seems unsure as to when exactly they ran off. rebecca and Steve went on a date night at 2pm...
  7. Unknown5

    Rebecca lamb #47 Magic mirror on the wall, am I the biggest size ten of them all?

    First time doing this so hope I’m doing it right!! With thanks to @Hachos with 55 likes I think! Fantastic title!! Quick recap from our wonderful lady in the Dales: Flashed camel toe on porn hub had it removed then it was uploaded again. Flogs anything for £5 (despite being £1.99) on the...
  8. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #46 everything five pound, like a basset hound!

    New thread. Title from @Sorrybutno censored just in case! 😆 What happened in the Dales recently? - We were treated with an ‘everything five pound’ haul (hence the title) - fanny, flab and flammable clothes galore. - driving without her seatbelt on, got caught out but ignored it - Rebecca made...
  9. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #45 predictable - went for a bob, new haircut won't stop her being a slob!

    Thread title adjusted a wee bit to fit - @Poosh thank you :) Continue here every wuuuun, let’s make this a supah cute and loveleh thread. and stuff. sniff.
  10. H

    Rebecca Lamb #44 constantly flashing a thigh or boob, but had to buy her way to 100k on YouTube.

    thanks @Noonoosanne for the thread title, had to shorten to fit! But here’s to another thread 🥂
  11. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #43 greasy, grubby, house is the pits, no time to parent I’m flashing my tits

    New thread, title courtesy of @Cooper123 edited a wee bit to fit. Continue talking about everybody’s favourite dumb & dumber of t’dales here...
  12. Oohthedrama

    Rebecca Lamb #42 The guuurls attempted a Chicken Run. Beggy, are you otaaaaay hun??

    Hello every won... Happy Fridayh, make it a positive won every-won, just get a notebook and a cute little pen and stuff, And write down why you’re happyh, even though like, right now it’s hard to be happyh, but every-won can be happyh, You just need to have a cute notebook and condensed milk...
  13. L

    Rebecca Lamb #41 Homeschooling is a breeze, she left school with nothing more than 4 E’s

    New thread. Suggestion from @Chitterchat with 91 likes (edited by mod to make it a bit more internet friendly) Just leaving this tweet here to refresh everyone’s memory
  14. ldmgk124

    Rebecca Lamb #40 When Tattle says Jump, Rebecca says how high

    New thread! Well done Eyup89 for the thread suggestion!
  15. Oohthedrama

    Rebecca Lamb #39 Shes got that poorly disease - egocentricity.

    Thread name suggested by @Kaywree continue here huns. you know, if you’re all ok..😐 ⬇️ All Becca’s threads in one chicken pen. ⬇️
  16. R

    Rebecca Lamb #38 If you copy my workout you must be crazy, I’ll remain a size 10 because I’m so lazy

    Here we go again thank you to @Guesswho for the title of this one !!
  17. R

    Rebecca lamb #37 The Tik Tok Tit

    Thanks to @Apple In My Pie for the straight to the point suggestion !!
  18. H

    Rebecca Lamb #36 Magic mirror makes her slimmer, but when will Steve get a decent dinner

    Thanks @Truthspeaker for the banging title. Get comfy guys, grab your Oreos and custard! Little tip so users don’t need to “mark their place” on a thread... Hit watch (without email notifications), you’ll get a notification behind your 🔔 when the thread has new messages then. 😊
  19. Starisborn1

    Rebecca Lamb #35 the blurring tool to improve my figure, all we eat is spam and sugar

    Thanks to @PeachySher with 52 likes 👏🏼 @admin I’ve spelt took instead off tool, please change it
  20. Starisborn1

    Rebecca Lamb #34 Bought her way to 50k, why Steve not realised his witch is cray

    Thanks to @heidilouxx with most likes
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