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  1. Rebecca Lamb #41 Homeschooling is a breeze, she left school with nothing more than 4 E’s

    New thread. Suggestion from @Chitterchat with 91 likes (edited by mod to make it a bit more internet friendly) Just leaving this tweet here to refresh everyone’s memory
  2. Rebecca Lamb #40 When Tattle says Jump, Rebecca says how high

    New thread! Well done Eyup89 for the thread suggestion!
  3. Rebecca Lamb #39 Shes got that poorly disease - egocentricity.

    Thread name suggested by @Kaywree continue here huns. you know, if you’re all ok..😐 ⬇️ All Becca’s threads in one chicken pen. ⬇️
  4. Rebecca Lamb #38 If you copy my workout you must be crazy, I’ll remain a size 10 because I’m so lazy

    Here we go again thank you to @Guesswho for the title of this one !!
  5. Rebecca lamb #37 The Tik Tok Tit

    Thanks to @Apple In My Pie for the straight to the point suggestion !!
  6. Rebecca Lamb #36 Magic mirror makes her slimmer, but when will Steve get a decent dinner

    Thanks @Truthspeaker for the banging title. Get comfy guys, grab your Oreos and custard! Little tip so users don’t need to “mark their place” on a thread... Hit watch (without email notifications), you’ll get a notification behind your 🔔 when the thread has new messages then. 😊
  7. Rebecca Lamb #35 the blurring tool to improve my figure, all we eat is spam and sugar

    Thanks to @PeachySher with 52 likes 👏🏼 @admin I’ve spelt took instead off tool, please change it
  8. Rebecca Lamb #34 Bought her way to 50k, why Steve not realised his witch is cray

    Thanks to @heidilouxx with most likes
  9. Rebecca Lamb #33 Try my recipe, it’s yummeh but not mine, can’t get through the day without a bottle of wine

    Thank you to @PeachySher for the thread title suggestion with 45 likes.
  10. Rebecca Lamb #32 Happeh Groundhog Day Beckeh, Cheers!

    Not many suggestions (at least ones that can be used in a title!) so I went with a classic line from @Lars Guinard hope that’s ok 😂🤣 continue here huns, hope you’re all ok 😉 works with Arla...... eats Brookfield 🤷‍♀️
  11. Rebecca Lamb #31 Covid-19 is fake, let's all copy my recipe for banana cake!

    Thank god she’s done the weekly shop, all is right with the world.... But only one Knockieee and 3 bananas, How will she make banana bread huns??? 😨 Thanks to @Barbs89 for the title. continue here! no you didn’t hun, you wanted 3 plates, 2 bowls, some clothes pegs, some flip flops and an...
  12. Rebecca Lamb #30 we’re fine thanks hun!

    New thread huns... Hope you’re all ok 😐 Rebecca’s previous threads thumbnail photo:
  13. Rebecca Lamb #29 DM me if you’re in a slump, i wont reply, coz im a Jeremy Hunt

    off we go previous thread
  14. Rebecca Lamb #28 Find me on YouTube flaunting my hoof, I need cash for a hole in my roof

    Thank you @ChubClubThug for the suggestion with 80+ likes. Had to shorten to fit but original was Rebecca Lamb #28: You'll find me on YouTube flaunting my hoof, I'm in need of the cash there's a hole in mah roof. ❤️
  15. Rebecca Lamb #27 Mah Steve loves mah corn beef hash and hub...

    Thanks for the new thread title with 90 likes @heidilouxx for anyone who missed the camel toe that featured on pornhub 😩😩😩😩😂😂😂😂 Admin edit: removed the second part as a bit too vulgar
  16. Rebecca Lamb #26 Im Rebecca Lamb, i know who you are, ill come to your door, no matter how far

    The last thread moved quick now can we all stop thinking about steves d*ck previous thread
  17. Rebecca Lamb #25 Mugged off by Jet2 for my beg, don't you know I'm a local celeb

    Thread title suggested by @Bellaboo83 🙂 Previous threads.
  18. Rebecca Lamb #24 the holiday begging begins, whilst Elleh stuffs her face from the biscuit tins

    Thread suggested by @Barbs89 Grab a packet of digestives and a cheesecake #balanced and continue here!
  19. Rebecca Lamb #23 Slippers are grim, education is thin but we’d quiet like more time travelling

    Thank you @Sunshineblag for the new thread title with 40 likes. I had to shorten it slightly to make it fit 😊
  20. Rebecca Lamb #22 I do my hair toss, flash my gash, baby how’d you feel? Embarrassed!

    I don’t even know if this was the winner but it’s too good not to have! Thank you @Jambojambo for this banging title! 😂💃🏽 Now let’s all be positive and embrace our bodehs, coz we’ve all got a bodeh and we should embrace it and stuff. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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