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Rebecca is Instagrammer and YouTuber living in the Yorkshire Dales whose content is a cycle of food shop hauls and banana bread. Notable for filming videos in poorly fitting clothes and ending up on a pornographic website.
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  1. I_Like_Tractors

    Rebecca Lamb #118 My Big Fat Greek Wedding - never gonna happen

    New thread chicken dogs! Thanks to @Just here for a laugh for the excellent and brutally honest thread title 👏 Begs who can't stop eating out every single day thinks she will be in her wedding dress (size ten bitches) by June 😂
  2. Jemi85

    Rebecca Lamb #117 PR trip to Dubai derailed, back home to bed where the tele is nailed

    The gift that keeps on giving. It’s new thread time guys! It was a very close call with @Bubsley suggestion but @Baddad just pipped you to the post!
  3. I_Like_Tractors

    Rebecca Lamb #116 Preggo Beggo and the saga with Lego.

    Can't believe how quickly we're getting through these threads! To recap: Beggy came back from a shit looking holiday in Greece and straight away packed the boys a crap looking flight bag with one lolly and a fruit roll each (at least they didn't have to share) for a smug "long haul flight"...
  4. M

    Rebecca Lamb #115 Steve's in the gym looking silly, while begs is in the sea pretending to be free willy

    Thought I'd make a new thread because the last one was over 50 pages, just in time for the Dubai holiday Thread suggestion thanks to @Cmj :)
  5. N

    Rebecca Lamb #114 Holiday nontent

    Thread suggestion thanks to @MissPrint half way through beggars holiday of a lifetime to Kos and a new thread already, What has she inspired me since she’s been there?, absolutely fuck all! I’d rather spend a week with my sister and I can’t stand her! as you were tattlers let’s see how many...
  6. N

    Rebecca Lamb #113 Alfeh is missing school so Beggy can flaunt her ass round the pool!

    Thanks @MycatiscalledLizzie for the thread title, a brand new thread for the holiday of the year! Predictions for day one anyone!
  7. I_Like_Tractors

    Rebecca Lamb #112 Everything is cute and stuff, like tricking Steve to get up the duff

    New thread for the shitshow holiday... Credit to @Baddad for the thread title Anyone got the energy to type up Begs usual shenanigans for a recap?
  8. MissPrint

    Rebecca Lamb #111 Permanently skint, thinks she's mint but in reality she's a nasty bint

    New thread. Well done to @D.W's Library Card for the winning title. Beggy is buying cheap books for an as yet non-existent child whilst her oldest (who owns just five) is babysat by a tv because he has no toys. Beggy with the bogging nails and dot-to-dot face thinks baybeh gurrrl Clemmeh Roma...
  9. N

    Rebecca Lamb #110 Don't need no education, didn't use no birth control, Tenners is Alfie's classroom, Beggy leave those chips alone

    Full thread title should’ve been Rebecca Lamb 110: don't need no education,didn't use no birth control, Tenerife is Alfie's classroom.Beggy leave those chips alone Thanks to @I_Like_Tractors for the winning title Just bringing this cracking image over with us!
  10. MissPrint

    Rebecca Lamb #109 Polishing turds for the Gram. Giving her kids kinder eggs despite the ban

    Thanks to @Belloboonew for the title suggestion. I’ve got some proper hot tea for you all. Beggy is pregnant and it’s a baybeh gurrrrllly. ☕️ She has been keeping it really quiet but those fat tits gave the game away. Also, what the fucking fuck is going on with this fireplace? It looks like...
  11. MissPrint

    Rebecca Lamb #108 Beggy, get off your varse and get a job

    Thanks @DozyDora for the thread title. I’ve had to edit it because no swearings and naughty words are allowed in titles. 😇 If someone would like to do a quick synopsis of the last thread, please do. It mainly involved a vase that was a glass that was a vase, and a rant/manic episode which...
  12. N

    Rebecca Lamb #107 Same old jumper & leggings becoming smelly, newborn baby Clemmie in a first-sized welly

    thread title thanks to @And_that's_okay! Link to previous thread
  13. MissPrint

    Rebecca lamb #106 Steve’s a mug Becky’s smug. Steve wishes he just had a tug

    @Stuffandsniff won the title votes (it’s fantastic 😂) Beggy is still a twat. Creating a nursery corner in a bedroom whilst shoving Alfeh into a draughty side room in a bed that has been slept (and possibly died) in by unknown others. *shudder* Flabber the Gut has her gender scan tomorrow and...
  14. ContentCrunch

    Rebecca Lamb #105 Chicken Nugget Beckeh - Cheap white meat. Went to Tenners for "all you can eat"

    New thread hunneh pots… congrats @Kiwigirl on the title Anything else to recap? 1. Suh suh pregnant 2. Primark haul nowhere to be seen 3. Took one suitcase between two to tenners 4. Crozzled herself stupid 5. Mocktails 6. Pasta 7. Lucky lucky man 8. Who wore it best green frock 9...
  15. MissPrint

    Rebecca Lamb #104 hundreds joining your tattle thread, no awards for Becky, your "insta career" is dead

    New thread! Title suggested by @WILTY 👏🏻 but I had to edit because the original was too long. Beggy is about to take her bikini on a four day jaunt to Tenners and we’re here for it. *Grabs popcorn and waits* 🍿🍿🍿
  16. C

    Rebecca Lamb #103 Beaver Steaver needs a breather, Tattle's still wondering when he'll leave her

    First Rebecca thread Iv created so apologies if I do anything wrong - like the title 😂 Thanks to DWs library Card with 72 likes - that’s Atleast 70 more likes than our Beggy gets on her Instagram posts. I’m not sure how to attach the wiki if someone could help me out x
  17. MissPrint

    Rebecca Lamb #102 Gun under the bed, photoshopping her bump she's not right in the head

    New thread! Thanks and well done to @NormaBates for the title. Recap: the woman is desperate. Beggy constantly refers to her pregnancy, has already begun photoshopping her belleh, she has begun emptying her ‘office’ to sell clothes because she is skint turn it into a bedroom for Alfeh, Gryn...
  18. MissPrint

    Rebecca Lamb #101 You might have trapped Walter but you'll never make it down the Altar

    New thread! Thank you and well done to @I_Like_Tractors on the title. Recap: Beggy lays in most days because she’s a busy boss babe juggling her bullshit. She manifested her ‘surprise’ pregnancy using an app and refers to it in nearly every single story she creates. The freebies are starting...
  19. I_Like_Tractors

    Rebecca Lamb #100 Giving Titanic a bad name. Went to dinner looking like she’s on the game.

    Time for a new thread! Well done to @bevhodges111 for the title prize! 100 threads of shit show, anyone fancy attempting the recap?
  20. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #99 She's got 99 problems and the baby isn't going to fix any of them

    A double whammy - @I_Like_Tractors got the thread title crown once more! Recap: - Rebecca’s three minutes of pregnancy have miraculously made it so that ’all that fits her is leggings’ and she has cravings for sweets, juice, Tango Ice Blasts… basically age now has an excuse to flash her gunt...
  21. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #98 All that she wants is another baby, Steve's gone tomorrow

    Congratulations to @I_Like_Tractors for the new thread title. We were way overdue a new thread. I haven’t checked in on Rebecca for months but given the news I flitted back over. Someone else will have to do a better recap than me, as all I can say is… Rebecca is about three minutes pregnant...
  22. I_Like_Tractors

    Rebecca Lamb #97 Call the ranger, my brows are running wild

    First time creating a thread and awkward because it was my title with the most likes... 😐 Hope I've done it right. I think this is a pretty good recap: mod edit: Please remember to link the new thread to the old, and report it to be closed.
  23. N

    Rebecca Lamb #96 Nailed it, The Dale’s Delboy

    I hope you lovely tattlers don’t mind but as suggested I’ve combined two great thread title suggestions. Nailed it was a clear winner by @I_Like_Tractors And @Clementine suggested the Dales Delboy As you were you lovely lot …
  24. N

    Rebecca Lamb #95 The buffet slayer

    I feel a bit like I’m blowing my own trumpet thread suggestion courtesy of moi with 78 votes! I’d like to thank begga for her amazing spread! let’s all take a moment to appreciate the absolute classic that’s beggas buffet , I’m all 😭 emotional
  25. N

    Rebecca Lamb #94 Carrots on Klarna but it won't stretch to a banana

    Cheers to @ChubClubThug what a Christmas cracker of a title, now where were we! We can’t wait for stories of your amazing crimbo dinner begs, bring on the roast bitatoes
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