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Rebecca is Instagrammer and YouTuber living in the Yorkshire Dales whose content is a cycle of food shop hauls and banana bread. Notable for filming videos in poorly fitting clothes and ending up on a pornographic website.
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  1. ConsuelaBananaHammock

    Rebecca Lamb #67 Swipes galore whilst the kids STILL sleep on the floor

    New thread! I'll try to recap.
  2. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #66 Selling on Vinted but reckons she’s minted

    New thread, we were way overdue one! Title by @EnolaGay was the most liked post, although please try and post thread suggestions from about page 40 onwards as per tattle rules. 🥰 If anyone would recap that’d be grand, all I remember from the past thread is her awful running 😆😆😆
  3. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #65 Her clothes look cheap, up her flue they always creep!

    Thought we were due a new thread. I ordered the thread by ‘most liked posts’ and looked through five pages, I couldn’t see a thread suggestion so I took this one from the lovely @Bloomers with their amazing poem: Magic mirror on the wall! Loads of shite in that haul! All them clothes look so...
  4. ConsuelaBananaHammock

    Rebecca Lamb #64 pretending she’s rich, kids look like extras from Oliver Twist

    Thanks to Ruby's Mum for the new thread title! I haven't started one before, I bloody hope this is right. 😬😬😬😬 Mod edit, thread title is flagged as derogatory so updated to the 2nd most popular A recap: YES, REBECCA HAS FEATURED ON PORNHUB. She posted an obvious camel toe gym wear try on on...
  5. BettyCrocker

    Rebecca Lamb #63 Scrapyard Porsche, spam for tea, doesn’t look like #goals to me

    Thanks to @Bobbiewilson for the thread title
  6. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #62 Swipe up for the next thread title

    Title with most votes was from @Jxxx 🥰 Where do we begin... oh yes!: THE BOYS ARE FINALLY GETTING DECENT BEDS! Yes she caved and said the boys are getting bunk beds. Quite frankly I think we all deserve a slice of slow cooker kinder bueno cookie pie, we have successfully parented those kids...
  7. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #61 you buy once, you buy twice. Sand your face off with my scam device!

    We were well overdue a new thread - title with an amazing 100+ likes was from @virgofalls :) Recap of Begga’s life in t’dales recently: - she took Alfie to the (PRIVATE, guys, PRIVATE) dentist at long last! His two teeth, the ones that tattlers theorised were rotting, have miraculously fallen...
  8. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #60 only plays with her kids for the ‘gram, swears Lumi isn’t a scam

    New thread as the old one was getting a bit long. Title taken from @Stuffandsniff - needed a bit of cutting to fit within guidelines or it would have been removed. Begga lamb only plays with her kids for the gram . I swear lumi isn’t a scam. Head to pornhub to look at my ham 😅 Runner up thread...
  9. BettyCrocker

    Rebecca Lamb #59 it’s 2021, MLM Hun, does anyone see a chicken run?!

    New thread! Thanks to @Primrose2 for the title, it was shortened to fit but the original was: New thread title suggestion: twenty-twenty-wunn, MLM hun, did someone say chicken run?
  10. S

    Rebecca Lamb #58 New bangs, pregnancy pangs; start flogging Lumi to be part of my gang

    Thanks @ConsuelaBananaHammock for the most liked thread suggestion. quick recap She is now a fully fledged MLM boss babe #huntrepreneur. Herself and channel Mum have parted ways aka she got dropped. The bathroom still isn’t finished Alfie’s teeth are falling out and are in bad way Had a fringe...
  11. Oohthedrama

    Rebecca Lamb #57 a cute little vlogmas day 4, uploaded on the 7th, and stuff.

    Didn’t seem to be a new thread made so here it is! i just grabbed the last comment on the previous thread and turned it into a title 🤷‍♀️ can be changed if there’s anything better. jesus the singing 😳 I really think her life is so shit she’s obsessed with food, it’s really quite sad.
  12. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #56 her insta has turned into QVC & she can’t get her legs out that PVC

    Thread title from @PeachySher inspired by @Bubbles85 I only skimmed Rebecca this week, can someone provide a recap? :)
  13. Each_peach

    Rebecca Lamb #55 loveleh DM from ma bestie Eden, in reality it's from 2 sausage Steven

    Thanks to myself @Each_peach for such a super cute thread Suggestion 😂😂 Don't even know where to begin with a recap so if anyone wants to do that please feel free!
  14. B

    Rebecca Lamb #54 Covid denier, follower buyer, bad mum & dirty liar

    New thread. Can someone please summarise the last one 👍🏼 Last one is here As you were...
  15. Georgeofthejungle

    Rebecca Lamb #53 Ortominal vibes and coseh

    Thanks to @Each_peach Rebecca Lamb #53: ORTOMINAL vibes, coseh and stuff, if I don't get enough likes I'll just flash my muff
  16. S

    Rebecca Lamb #52 Hun please size up your jeans by a few

    Here we go.... Again 🤣
  17. BettyCrocker

    Rebecca Lamb #51 promise I am a W30 look at my teeth GRYM & dirty

    Thanks to @PeachySher for the title, had to edit slightly to make it fit 👍 Rebecca lamb #51: Promise guys I’m a W30 L30, look at my teeth they’re GRYM and dirty
  18. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #50 Swipe ups & ads 27/4, the Hobsons don’t care the kids sleep on the floor

    Thread FIFTY for our favourite PHub Princess, should I crack out the sloooooooh coookeh cookie dough and twix cheesecake? That’s your breakfast lunch and dinner for the duration of the thread now Tattlers, eat up! Perfectly healthy balanced diet 🥴 Title suggested from @Mum24 - runner up title...
  19. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #49 tight trousers giving her thrush, you have a different opinion? Hush!

    Title from @Barbs89 edited to fit. During the last thread... - Rebecca went photoshop mad. Either that or her bag floats in midair. - she had her brows ‘ELuminated’ cough that would be ‘lumination’ to me and you, you know how eyebrows should be sisters not twins? hers ain‘t even cousins 😳 - her...
  20. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #48 Doggehs ran off, unsure when. Still convinced I’m a size 10

    We were well overdue a new thread, thank you @MutyaBuena for the new thread title with 34 likes! Recap: Both dogs ran off this morning - Oscar returned earlier today and Mabel not long ago, Rebecca seems unsure as to when exactly they ran off. rebecca and Steve went on a date night at 2pm...
  21. Unknown5

    Rebecca lamb #47 Magic mirror on the wall, am I the biggest size ten of them all?

    First time doing this so hope I’m doing it right!! With thanks to @Hachos with 55 likes I think! Fantastic title!! Quick recap from our wonderful lady in the Dales: Flashed camel toe on porn hub had it removed then it was uploaded again. Flogs anything for £5 (despite being £1.99) on the...
  22. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #46 everything five pound, like a basset hound!

    New thread. Title from @Sorrybutno censored just in case! 😆 What happened in the Dales recently? - We were treated with an ‘everything five pound’ haul (hence the title) - fanny, flab and flammable clothes galore. - driving without her seatbelt on, got caught out but ignored it - Rebecca made...
  23. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #45 predictable - went for a bob, new haircut won't stop her being a slob!

    Thread title adjusted a wee bit to fit - @Poosh thank you :) Continue here every wuuuun, let’s make this a supah cute and loveleh thread. and stuff. sniff.
  24. H

    Rebecca Lamb #44 constantly flashing a thigh or boob, but had to buy her way to 100k on YouTube.

    thanks @Noonoosanne for the thread title, had to shorten to fit! But here’s to another thread 🥂
  25. Apple In My Pie

    Rebecca Lamb #43 greasy, grubby, house is the pits, no time to parent I’m flashing my tits

    New thread, title courtesy of @Cooper123 edited a wee bit to fit. Continue talking about everybody’s favourite dumb & dumber of t’dales here...
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