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The fifth series of Love Island began airing on 3 June 2019 on ITV2, and concluded on 29 July 2019. Caroline Flack presented the series, while Iain Stirling narrated it. It is the fifth from the current revived series, but seventh overall. Singer Craig David made a cameo appearance at a Ministry of Sound pool party as a DJ performing his new single "When You Know What Love Is".
On 29 July 2019, the series was won by Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea having received 48.82% of the final vote. Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury finished as runners-up.Series five is also the highest-rated series yet; with a series average of 5.61 million viewers, up 1.65 million on the previous 2018 series.

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  1. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #29 She’s 20 months pregnant

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to my channulll thread recap, I hope you’re all doing very very well Soyyy I’ve literallyyy just woken up from a 12 hour nap ??? I’m soyyy soyyy tired you guysss. The tiredness is ??? On another level. Unbelievable. I could literallyyy sleep for 100 years. Being...
  2. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #28 They think they’re deep because Shrek told them about layers

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to a brand new thread recap, I hope you’re all doing very very well Soyyy it’s been a busy busy few weeks hasn’t it ??? We just revealed to you guysss a very very big secret, Tommy and I are having a little mini me, a Mini-Maegaret Thatcher, a baby girl 😚✌🏻 Can you...
  3. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #27 Timmy Fumbles has sowed his seed, it’s hard to believe they’ve done the deed

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to my channulll thread recap, I hope you’re all doing very very well Soooyyy you guysss, I’ve been hiding a little secret from you all. My biggest secret yet… I can categoricallyyy confirm that I have not had a boob job. BUT. Anywaysss. A little secret. Tommy and I have...
  4. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #26 As wild as a plain Nando’s and an early night

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to my thread, I hope you’re all doing very very well Soyyy I want to categoricallyyy say that I’m actuallyyy SO soyyy offended that you guysss think I would have a secret boob job and not tell you ??? You know I like to keep it super super honest and REALLL on my...
  5. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #25 Maeybe I had a boob job

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to my channulll thread recap, I hope you’re all doing well Soyyy it’s been a literalll minute, hasn’t it you guysss ??? I’ve literallyyy ran away from my channulll and social media becuzzz I’m soyyy busy and living my #blessed life ??? Soyyy what have I been up to ...
  6. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #24 There was an engagement but it wasn’t mine, hurry up Timmy it’s my time to shine

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to another videyohhh thread recap, I hope you’re all doing well, soOoyyy It’s my birthdayyy 😚✌🏻 We’ve come to Dubai and I cannot wait to show you guysss what Fran Timmy has set up for me 🥺🥺🥺 Definitely not a ring becuzzz he’s soyyy sick of me asking. You might be...
  7. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #23 Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most hardworking of them all? Miss 24hr Mae ofc

    Hellooo prettyyy darlensss! Welcome back to my channulll thread, I hope you’re all doing well, sOoOy What am I saying ??? I literallyyy don’t even care about how you guysss are doing becuzzz it’s all about meee ??? Anywaysss guysss, lots to catch up on becuzzz… OMG *shrieks* We literallyyy...
  8. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #22 Molly moves whilst Timmy… *crickets*

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to my channel thread. How are we all doing ??? Sooo Given everything that’s happening in the world right now I genuinelyyy feel it’s impossible to carry on with life as normal… *Uploads Youtube video of MY brand new £2.5 million house* I don’t even know how to even...
  9. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #21 Pretending to be at London Fashion Week, the cheek!

    *waves* Hey guysss! Welcome back to my channel, I hope you’re all doing well SooO, can we PLEASE please talk about how literallyyy ✨ UnREALLL ✨ *screams* How unrealll my first ever PrettyLittleThing x Molly-Mae catwalk show wasss ??? Omg you guysss I literallyyy can’t believe I did that...
  10. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #20 I Mae or Mae not be sorryyy?

    UGH! Hey guysss Welcome back to my channel thread and as alwaysss I hope you’re all doing well *rolls eyes* UGH I just cannot believe that I’m doing this again ??? I literally just did WUN video recap and it’s been what ??? A few daysss ??? I just have NO idea what day it is since I’ve been...
  11. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #19 Molly-Maegaret Thatcher

    *sigh* *sits on the floor in the empty room of my mega mansion* Hey guysss… I can’t actuallyyy believe I’m writing this thread recap ??? Alreadyyy ??? It’s not the wun. But anywaysss. Hey everywun, welcome back to my thread. I hope ??? You’re all doing well *sniffles* As you guysss know me...
  12. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #18 Molly-Mae FROM LOVE ISLAND

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to another vlog thread. I just want to wish you all a Murry, Murryyy Christmasss and as alwaysss I hope you’re all doing well ✨ Hellooo everywunnnn ✨ Good morninggg guysss x *bursts into song* Omg guysss what am I doinggg ??? Anywaysss 😚✌🏻 SO, as you guyssss know...
  13. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #17 Timmy your career is over, how will you afford a ring & a Range Rover?

    Hey guysss! Welcome back to my channel thread. I hope you’re all doing well. I’m categoricallyyy not. I’m literallyyy FURY-OUS There’s just one thing I categoricallyyy don’t want to talk about and that’s Timmy’s dad. It’s literallyyy shocking to me that he said that about Timmy doing Jake...
  14. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #16 I was robbed! Not for meee! How will I show off my £10K jewellery?

    … … *sigh* Hey guysss, I hope you’re all doing well. Honestlyyy, I didn’t know whether I was going to make this video recap becuz I reallyyy wanted to keep the social media silence going for as long as I could for more sympathy ??? It’s been an overwhelming week. As you guysss know, or you...
  15. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #15 Timmy won’t accept £1 mil but can’t afford his boozy bill

    HEY GUYSSS, welcome back to my channel thread. I hope you’re all doing well. Here we are again, omg I’m SO excited for this WUN guysss, literallyyy I’ve literallyyy been sitting on my sofa for the past few days… weeks ??? Who knows at this point because that’s literallyyy all I do. Anwaysss...
  16. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #14 CD of FleaLT, they don’t pay their workers but at least they pay me!

    Hey guysss, welcome back to my channel thread. I just want to say thank you SO much for 6 mil of youuu 🤍🤍🤍 I honestlyyy can’t believe there’s 6 million of us ??? I feel SO lucky it’s insane to meee. I just knew that this is the life I would manifest for myself. Literallyyy Love Island had...
  17. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #13 Nappy-Mae’s pics have more blurred lines than Robin Thicke

    Hey guysss 😚✌🏻 Welcome back to my channel thread. I know I’ve been so MIA recently, I’m so sorry guysss I’ve just been so busy it’s actually unrealll. I have such a cray-zee, CRAY-ZEE schedule I just can’t even talk about it. I’m honestlyyy so busy until, literallyyy next year. Fran literallyyy...
  18. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #12 Mrs M Fury is my name, errr Tommy where’s my ring? Is Beka to blame?

    Hey ganggg - I say gang because my manager Fran told me you were giving me SO much hate for saying guysss all the time. Anywaysss welcome back to a brand new thread. Honestlyyy I categorically can’t believe how fast these threads are going. I don’t even do anything wrong but you guys just loveee...
  19. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #11 Errr Tommy! What’s that yellow thing on my car?

    Beep beep! 1 Minor-Mae here 😚✌🏻 Hey guysss, welcome back to my channel thread. It’s crazy, CRAY-ZE to me how fast the last thread went, love that for meee 😚✌🏻 Since I’m sooo busy doing absolutely nothing I just wanted to say that I honestlyyy feel like Ellie Belly has become even more popular...
  20. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #10 Mirror-Signal-Maenoeuvre

    Beep beep! 1 Minor-Mae here! A recap since the last thread, you guysss just love to hate on me it’s literallyyy what keeps me relevant 😚✌🏻 It’s my birthday aswell. Honestly so blessed for this life that I manifested ✨ Sooo I passed my driving test - love that for me, I don’t know if you heard...
  21. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #9 My 100k hands bring all the Fiat 500’s to the yard

    New thread ✌🏻 Wow guys we categoricallyyy deserve to buy ourselves our favvvourite Starbucks drink - delivered of course because we actuallyyy have nothing better to do and don’t know how to use a coffee machine, love that for us 😚✌🏻 Anywaysss grab yourself a pre-made, rotting salad and a Diet...
  22. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #8 A salad a day keeps Moron-Mae away

    New thread for our au naturel, super healthy and super wealthy Molly-Mae/Money-Mae/Moron-Mae/Molly J’mae and Mother of The Fiat 500’s ✌🏻 WIKI LINK HERE ✌🏻 Created by yours truly. No manifesting needed *chefs kiss* Title by the one and only...
  23. lozzapaloozza

    Molly-Mae Hague #7 Coke and lettuce because I’m healthy, I’ve no banter but I’m wealthy

    Hey guysss ✌🏻 Welcome back to my channel thread. There’s SO much to recap on so I’m going to talk really fast and high pitched and sqeal omg it’s going to be unREALLL. Can I just say that Tommy is categoricallyyy *chefs kiss*, just my dream man child, honestly guys stick to your manifesting...
  24. calmyourritas

    Molly-Mae Hague #6 Every little helps, pair of absolute melts

    Title by @lozzapaloozza!
  25. whatstheteab

    Molly-Mae Hague #5 It’s a hard-knock life for Money Mae

    Title creds to @lozzapaloozza!
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