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Lydia Elise Millen is a blogger that lives in Northamptonshire and is married to Ali Gorden. During the COVID-19 pandemic she faced a backlash over selling a £50 exfoliating glove and fake tan mitt set as primark sell very similar for £10 and her Chinese made products were 100% plastic despite regularly claiming to be reducing her wastage.
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  1. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #44 Hangers are too good for peasants, gotta fund the wallpaper of pheasants

    Thanks to @Magee for the new title (edited to fit). Well, it seems like it was only last week that we started the last thread...wait, it was! Since then Lidl has been buying 'followers', 'buying' Louboutin boots, 'stealing' jewellery, scribbling her name on artwork, blocking comments...
  2. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #43 Wonky coffin bed whining, bunga-bore redesigning, insta bots declining!

    Thanks to our fabulous @Elle Belle for the thread title with 50 votes! Well, we rattled through that last thread thanks to the raised bed debacle, Karen Millen edit, FROW dinner party and acne! We also saw off a glittery spy and now have a complete house redesign to look forward to! Still...
  3. M

    Lydia Millen #42 Karen Millen “couture,” Globy’s dead for sure.

    Thread title c/o @janedoe24, who had the most votes for title suggestion when i sorted by most liked. Feels right to couple this title with this image from our beloved @Muffpuff We're deep in half-buried raised beds, a collaboration of sale items with Karen Millen and the usual endless room...
  4. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #41 Beauty expert extrordinaire, is the cost of followers too much to bear?

    Thanks to @Angeoudemon for the new thread title. I had to edit it for length.
  5. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #40 Top lip disaster, Lumi in plaster, lilies again so cat gets sick faster

    New thread title with thanks to our talented @Oops... A total of 56 votes! Continuing the sage saga of our Lady Millen of the wannabe aga! Raised beds are a go go, let the veggie growing commence! Guess how many they have.....not one, not two.......6!
  6. AmaliaLana

    Lydia Millen #39 Sickly cat, Ladyship stays in bed, Globy 404 not found

    Good morning! The hair drama continues whilst Lumi moo is sick. Threat title is a mix of @Xeryfurty and mine creation. (I hope this is ok?) Please can someone give a tl;dr Lumi finally got her indoor toilet but has to drag herself 300km to it Ali tried to fart a moebius strip Lydia...
  7. Yel

    Lydia Millen #38 Say it with your chest, sage everything is best! Got a pimple so needs a blood test

    Thread title by @cpockw can someone do a tldt for the last one?
  8. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #37 Top drawer banter, so boogie and luxe, but Globy team don't give a f**k

    Thanks to @Newbieloubie for the thread title! Lidl continues to provide plenty of entertainment from the constantly changing bungalow and the Cotswold cabbage patch with her new friends.
  9. M

    Lydia Millen #36 A block of cheese and pomme de terre, verbal abuse and ginger hair

    Title thanks to @Littlemisadoughnut Happy 36th thread Tattlers!
  10. DandyTandy

    Lydia Millen #35 Poor Lydia, narcissist at best. Fools her minions, but tattlers knows best

    thanks @Jessie98 for thread suggestion quick recap -Globy flop--Lydia still hasn't addressed -Hairgate--Lydia went off on hairdresser Nicky Lazou, who was about to give birth -Noona--Lydia asked her followers for help to look after her noona who was just hospitalized. that post was taken...
  11. coconochanel

    Lydia Millen #34 Hair in tatters but out of respect it will remain a private matter

    Thanks to Elle Belle for the title suggestion original was Loves a cheese platter, hair in tatters but out of respect this will remain a private matter. Right quick update for newbies.... The shit has it the fan over Lydia's damaged hair as she tried to suggest her hairdresser Nicky was to...
  12. coconochanel

    Lydia Millen #33 take our sage advice, acknowledge your Globy vice, give the bees back their right.

    new thread thanks to @JMD for the title suggestion. quick update for anyone new.... Lydia has shown everyone how to have a shower and wash our hair she now wants a hot tub in the forest she has painted the gates sage green she wants bees she also wants a Hermes but doesn't want to pay for one...
  13. coconochanel

    Lydia Millen #32 Sitting on a sage green coloured throne of lies.

    Wasn't any title suggestions so just came up with this one as a new thread was needed. so quick update for anyone new... lydia has painted her kitchen island pigeon even though she only painted it black the other month she has put up 2 shelves in her kitchen - I say her but obv she didnt lift...
  14. coconochanel

    Lydia Millen #31 got flopitis, wants everything Sage Green, but Globy's nowhere to be seen

    new thread carry on. quick update.... she's just revealed shes been to visit Josie and Charlie darling claims she's suffering from really bad headaches-too much time reading Tattle I think! obsessed with sage green and if Ali stand still long enough she might even paint him sage green. :ROFLMAO:
  15. M

    Lydia Millen #30 Greenhouse tightwad, Ali's lil' tripod and the comment assassin squad

    My first ever thread I’ve created! Have I done it right? Will I accidentally delete it? Will I ever get my “well known member” title back? Who knows. Recap of last thread - Took some days off to lick her wounds after a pretty disastrous brand and product launch. Came back with a ranting vlog...
  16. coconochanel

    Lydia Millen #29 Dandruff eater, Globy restock cheater, Keyboard warrior deleter.

    New thread just a quick recap for any newbies... Lydia is going manic over a green house and raised beds She's 'restocked' her Glo kits -we smell bullshit And she is still deleting negative comments. also thanks to Ellebelle for the title.
  17. coconochanel

    Lydia Millen #28 My Globy sales & ethics are low, if you dont like just unfollow!

    Thanks to @Miscanthus for the title (y) quick update for those who are new etc.... Lydia released her Glo tanning kit priced at £50 for cheap tat made in China. But dont worry the first 500 buyers got a free bottle of 100ml of St Tropez so they can tan their chest and shoulders. fans were not...
  18. Wophie

    Lydia Millen #27 They threw me to the wolves and I came out selling a back mitt

    New thread - last one sold out 😉 Thanks to @matildaharrow for the title
  19. Yel

    Lydia Millen # 26 - 50 quid for a mitt, a glove and a backscratcher in a plastic bag - Genius!

    Using one of the most liked posts from the last thread as a title :) Continue here with the Glo by Lydia saga 2'300 glo by Lydia sets were put up for sale 490 sold in 19 hours 1'810 remain 850'000 people follow her
  20. coconochanel

    Lydia Millen #25 Obsessed with cress, wants a Cotswold address, no sign of Globy, what a bloody mess!

    New thread, thanks to Elle Belle for title suggestion had to change last part as it was too long. original was 'Obsessed with cress, wants a Cotswold address no sign of Globy shitfest
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