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Lydia Elise Millen is a blogger that lives in Northamptonshire and is married to Ali Gorden. During the COVID-19 pandemic she faced a backlash over selling a £50 exfoliating glove and fake tan mitt set as primark sell very similar for £10 and her Chinese made products were 100% plastic despite regularly claiming to be reducing her wastage. Lydia created a private whatsapp group to try and ruin Nicky Lazou who coloured her hair a few days before giving birth and shouted at her because she was unhappy with the result.

Edit in 2022 the £50 kits (called glo by Lydia or globy) turned up in discount stores across the UK for £10.

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  1. coconochanel

    Lydia Millen #204 So borin, we're all snorin zzzz

    New thread thanks to @becky bloomwood for the winning thread title 🤣 . Not much is happening in the world of old money cosplay.... She is still dressing like Bunny Mac Dougal from Sex and the City Ali is still dressing like a prat She is still ruining the bung with her interior decor Her veg...
  2. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #203 F right off love it's a red brick modern bungalow!

    New thread for Lidl and Aldi Millen. Not sure where the Gordon went! The thread title is by @coconochanel and put forwards by @JulesWake :LOL: Not one to break with tradition I am behind, so cannot recap, other than to say Lydia is still a cosplaying lunatic with bad hair.
  3. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #202 The latest for the Cotswold’s wannabe is fake beams in the GP Surgery!

    A new thread in time for the vlog tonight! Thank you to @Milking Keynes for the brilliant title, which has made me cackle all over again. Beams in the bunga, we knew it was coming, but the reality is just too funny :LOL: I am, as usual, some pages behind so cannot recap. Perhaps another...
  4. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #201 She doesn't want to fit in, good cause your careers in the bin 🤣

    Another brilliant thread title by @coconochanel 🤣🤣 If we all had a quid for the amount of vlogs Lidl has filmed at the bunga recently we would all be able to afford that Cotswolds gaff she wants so badly 😁😁
  5. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #200 Still acting an old money phoney, while riding on a piss stained pony.

    Welcome to thread 200!!!!!! @coconochanel came up with a belter of a title for the thread :ROFLMAO: I am no where near caught up yet so please feel free to recap.
  6. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #199 Team MG A thousand bots bought each day and still no collabs that pay.

    A new thread in time for Monday's load of bollocks. @Catcher_In_The_Lie nominated @lucklady and her excellent post as a thread title and it was a popular choice ❤ Lydia is now a clean eating, UPF-free, sustainable influencer 🙃 It seems she now wants the GP surgery to be their forever home...
  7. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #198 Another Shed Talk leaves us snoring! Those rusty plugs and brackets? Boring…

    A new thread in time for whatever nontent Lydia comes up with tonight! @Oops... brings us the winning title ❤ Lydia is making her flower beds shorter to make the bunga look taller. She got pissed on the side of the road with Carrie. Ali bought her a card with cocks on (she is one so I...
  8. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #197 With all their ambience unwound they sniff and pout to earn a pound…

    New thread for Lidl! Thanks for the thread title @Oops... ❤ If anyone who is right up to date would like to recap that would be grand!
  9. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #196 A million robots did she buy - to start her New Year with a lie…

    New Thread! Thank you to @Oops... for the brilliant thread title ❤ If anyone would like to do a recap then please do, I'm not very good at them 🤣 Lydia is pretending 2024 is going to be different to other years. She claims in her latest vlog that it will be "magic". The only magic here...
  10. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #195 Girls just wanna have fun but I’ll spend Christmas wearing a greasy bun!

    Good morning and time for a new thread. Thank you @Milking Keynes for another fantastic title! If anyone would like to recap please do. @Oops... It would be fab if you could copy your welcome to today post to this thread to kick us off if you can ❤️ I have just seen that Nicky has reposted...
  11. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #194 Sprawled across three chairs at the NHS, perhaps you should consider drinking less

    New thread folks! Thank you @Milking Keynes for the thread title. Lydia has claimed she is not doing Vlogmas because she wants to spend some quality time with family. We all know this is a load of bollocks because she’s fully intending on spending Christmas Day alone with Ali, getting...
  12. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #193 Pardon the garden we‘ve no time to dine - busy with cosplay pretending all’s fine…

    I had a few spare mins so thought I'd create a new thread. I've yet to catch up on a few pages so prepare for spam later! Thanks to @Oops... for the cracking thread title! Lidl is still a twat pass it on.
  13. Wazabi

    Lydia Millen #192 Evergreen? More like Neverseen. Only 3 copies in her local Waterstones, Milton Keynes

    New thread is here y'all! Thanks to our precious @Milking Keynes for the best title!! There's so much to recap, who's taking the stage?
  14. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #191 Smug and vile she writes to shill and now she’s got more Gates than Bill...

    New thread to discuss the newest and most SPECTACULAR addition to the publishing world, NAAAAAAT. As you were Tattler's! Thank you to @Oops... for the brilliant title which could not be more apt ❤ Also also, if anyone wishes to add a recap please do :)
  15. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #190 Fell Off Her Pedal Stool

    Welcome to another thread created by me and not @Miscanthus who we fully expected to be back before the end of thread 189. Alas it was not to be, because just before this thread was created Lydia managed to create yet ANOTHER gate. I will not repeat the slur which has caused such outrage...
  16. muffintop13

    Lydia Millen #189 Liar, liar, dresses like Mrs Doubtfire

    New thread for the all shrieking, all lying Lydia Millen! Thank you @MrMiserable-Gordon for the thread title In the previous thread we had another poll and we strongly suspect RectumsMum is here throwing some votes about.
  17. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #188 Mildly fashionable, highly questionable

    Congratulations to our @becky bloomwood for the thread title with 28 votes! 🥇 :m🥂 Welcome to another thread for our "mildly fashionable (but only if you squint)", snarky influencer or half naked promotion girl in Ibeefa as we like to think of her. Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll...
  18. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #187 Luxury to minimalism, book cover plagiarism, even click bait can’t help your algorithm

    Timeless tweed v timed out twits Thanks to @JMD for the brilliant thread title which received 46 votes. Congratulations! 👏🎉🥇 * Yes, Lidl and Ali are embracing a "conscious (sic) way of consumption" , a "redefined minimalism" and a "sustainable lifestyle choice". Just don't stop sending those...
  19. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #186 'Rescue' hens have arrived, borrowed hair has departed, has the book been started?

    Thank you to all 43 of you for voting for my thread title, edited to fit. :m :m :m No preorders required, here is the actual recap..... Poll results.....thanks to everybody who voted. * After months of squealing, begging, pouting and wheedling, birthday riddles and crying, the long awaited...
  20. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #185 Two kitchens but she still can’t cook, instead she ‘wrote’ a booky wook.

    Thank you to all 51 of you who voted for my thread title 🥰🥰🥰 "The Author" * Yes, the secret personal money grab financial project that Lidl has been ‘working on’ for nine months is a debut book. “Viola!”, as @Rexysmum would say! * After months of hints we heaved a sigh of relief that it...
  21. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #184 Not a dolphin or a shark, let’s be real, she’s just a narc!

    Congratulations to @mmmmmmk for the spot on thread title with 77 votes.🍾🥂💥 (Excuse me while I set up two cameras and nonchalantly stroll into the garden in my dressing gown with my mug of coffee, frantically trying to memorise some long words and work out how to insert them in the recap. Any...
  22. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #183 The entitlement of a celebrity but the talents of a nobody!

    Thank you to all 70 of you who voted for my thread title 😊😊😊 and thank you to Sunday Times journo Hadley Freeman who coined the phrase (ref Meghan Markle). * Now fellow Tattlers, listen up. In the world of the MGs it's all a matter of proportion.... Glasses of wine are small, Sir Lips Poutalot...
  23. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #182 Never mind her face. We know she's botched it.

    Congratulations to @loisgriff for the thread title which received 21 votes (with thanks to @Sofie) 🥇 🍾🥂 * Thank you to all of you who voted in the poll. A grand total of 48% of votes went to Lidl's secret project being stationery inspired by her garden. This is not photoshopped. * Mystic...
  24. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #181 I can't upload during precipitation but I’m proud as Punch of my nontent proliferation

    Congratulations to our thread title queen @Milking Keynes for her alliterative suggestion, which received 58 votes 👑 :m🥇 * There was no vlog on Monday despite Lidl being ahead of her filming schedule.... * She was out of the office but blamed Mother Nature for bringing down the internet...
  25. Miscanthus

    Lydia Millen #180 North South East West her bungalow wings are always the best!

    Congratulations to our resident poet @Oops... for the thread title which received 45 votes :m :m :m * Yes, Lidl is now referring to the side of The Bunga as the "North Wing". According to Google it's actually the east end, but why be pedantic when we know it's where the Northamptonshire...