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Lydia Elise Millen is a blogger that lives in Northamptonshire and is married to Ali Gorden. During the COVID-19 pandemic she faced a backlash over selling a £50 exfoliating glove and fake tan mitt set as primark sell very similar for £10 and her Chinese made products were 100% plastic despite regularly claiming to be reducing her wastage.
  1. Lydia Millen #32 Sitting on a sage green coloured throne of lies.

    Wasn't any title suggestions so just came up with this one as a new thread was needed. so quick update for anyone new... lydia has painted her kitchen island pigeon even though she only painted it black the other month she has put up 2 shelves in her kitchen - I say her but obv she didnt lift...
  2. Lydia Millen #31 got flopitis, wants everything Sage Green, but Globy's nowhere to be seen

    new thread carry on. quick update.... she's just revealed shes been to visit Josie and Charlie darling claims she's suffering from really bad headaches-too much time reading Tattle I think! obsessed with sage green and if Ali stand still long enough she might even paint him sage green. :ROFLMAO:
  3. Lydia Millen #30 Greenhouse tightwad, Ali's lil' tripod and the comment assassin squad

    My first ever thread I’ve created! Have I done it right? Will I accidentally delete it? Will I ever get my “well known member” title back? Who knows. Recap of last thread - Took some days off to lick her wounds after a pretty disastrous brand and product launch. Came back with a ranting vlog...
  4. Lydia Millen #29 Dandruff eater, Globy restock cheater, Keyboard warrior deleter.

    New thread just a quick recap for any newbies... Lydia is going manic over a green house and raised beds She's 'restocked' her Glo kits -we smell bullshit And she is still deleting negative comments. also thanks to Ellebelle for the title.
  5. Lydia Millen #28 My Globy sales & ethics are low, if you dont like just unfollow!

    Thanks to @Miscanthus for the title (y) quick update for those who are new etc.... Lydia released her Glo tanning kit priced at £50 for cheap tat made in China. But dont worry the first 500 buyers got a free bottle of 100ml of St Tropez so they can tan their chest and shoulders. fans were not...
  6. Lydia Millen #27 They threw me to the wolves and I came out selling a back mitt

    New thread - last one sold out 😉 Thanks to @matildaharrow for the title
  7. Lydia Millen # 26 - 50 quid for a mitt, a glove and a backscratcher in a plastic bag - Genius!

    Using one of the most liked posts from the last thread as a title :) Continue here with the Glo by Lydia saga 2'300 glo by Lydia sets were put up for sale 490 sold in 19 hours 1'810 remain 850'000 people follow her
  8. Lydia Millen #25 Obsessed with cress, wants a Cotswold address, no sign of Globy, what a bloody mess!

    New thread, thanks to Elle Belle for title suggestion had to change last part as it was too long. original was 'Obsessed with cress, wants a Cotswold address no sign of Globy shitfest
  9. Lydia Millen #24 Running slowly towards Globy launch in white linen

    It’s your girl. That time of the week again, no not PMT, a new tattle thread. So as you all know, I’ve made the life-affirming decision to beg to have my boobs replaced. My fauxtique bust gave me such inspiration. So pert. So regal. Your home is an extension of yourself after all. Steve will be...
  10. Lydia Elise Millen #23 Linen is my jam, I'm Steve's no1 fan and Glo is just a scam.

    'Morning haters, have you heard I'm redoing a few rooms in the 'not a' Cotswold mansion? Im starting in the lounge, my slave aka husband Ali has painted the walls black I ordered a hideous Moroccan light fitting, switched up the chairs from my office, put some bits of twigs in a vase on my new...
  11. Lydia Millen #22 Ms Milton Keynes, no Glo products to be seen she's now the Antiques Queen!

    New thread needed to be made so I quickly started this. 'So guys hope you are all well its great down in the old folks home. Since I last spoke to you, well me and tiny tears thats my husband if you didnt know we've become keen Gardeners we've swept the patio, taken down the fence and cleaned...
  12. Lydia Millen #21 I'm a copycat, a bit of a tw*t, I'm no fox but I'll copy your Glowbylydia beauty box

    Thank you again to @Muff_Puff for the fabulous new title suggestion!!! 🥰🥰 GROUND BREAKING MERCH DROPPING SOON!!!.... continue here!
  13. Lydia Millen #20 Antiques & Art are now my thing, I have cement tits & lots of free bling!

    Thanks to @Muff_Puff for the new title!! continue here!
  14. Lydia Millen #19 Tweedle Dum with Tweedle Dee, duck off Coronavirus, it’s all about me!

    New thread title suggested by @Elle Belle continue here! Let’s kick the thread off with @Georgeeee ‘s portrait 😂
  15. Lydia Millen #18 All dressed up, nowhere to go! Still flogging stuff, I'll stoop that low

    Title suggested by @PixelGirl 🥰 Let’s start a new thread with the one comment she can say to every single member of tattle life... Because no, we don’t “follow” you girl, but we see you, we see you!!! 😂🤣😂 and obviously the bag that she needs for moving between the kitchen and the living...
  16. Lydia Millen #17 another virus to contend with. Lydiot -19

    Ok I usually try to be funny, and even if I miss the mark I try 🤣😂 In my own head I’m fucking hilarious!!! but it doesn’t really feel right, if someone else wants to inject a bit of banter feel free. We’ll definitely get back to it on the thread for sure 😉 But for now I’m gonna quote @Lola...
  17. Lydia Millen #16 Over-staffed so she can do f*(k all graft.

    Thread title suggested (via the tattle life shed) by @Georgeeee Good. Morning. Everybody...... (8.30pm 🙄) Well if you listened to my 3 hour podcast you’ll know it’s not morning, as much as I tried to make everyone think that 6am was my favourite time of the day it was a lie, because I revealed...
  18. Lydia Millen #15 Fur couture to entrepreneur! Its all about Chanel, wearing gifted REAL fur...

    And sending FROW to hell!!! top voted titles were @Lola Faith and @Georgieee but characters are limited so i tried 🙈 Good. Evening. Everyone.... And welcome back to the thread **eyefucks one self** 🙄 I’ve had a few days off “work” due to my really, really shit skin 😑 **But remember to use my...
  19. Lydia Millen #14 The one with the beg, the Smeg & the wee man who’s clearly underfed.

    Good. Morning. Everyone. So you’ll appreciate by now I like to redecorate, a lot. Well my last thread was only 3 days*lie old 🙄 so I’ve decided to sell it on Facebook marketplace! Even though it was gifted to me by tattle life I see nothing wrong with making some cold hard cash by selling it...
  20. Lydia Millen #13 missing parcels and being an assh*le!

    thread title suggests by @Georgeeee 😎 Good. Evening. It’s a little bit of a belated welcome to 2020, I mean I usually don’t start back to work until mid March so for me, I suppose it’s not that belated. I’ve been doing a L O T of thinking (hurt like a bitch) and a lot of self reflection...
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