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  1. Lydia Millen #10 so shiny, so smug, everything's listed as PR you mugs!

    Thread title suggested by @coconochanel Good. Morning. Everyone (looks at clock - 3.30pm) Welcome to vlogmas day 7! (looks at calendar - November 3rd) So my loves you have already seen me leave my LUX life behind and sleep on the streets of London!!! I did this with my annoying AF puppy...
  2. Lydia Millen #9 homeless (for 2 hours) with the MG’s! Woke Millen prepares 4 vlogmas cash grab!

    welcome to the newly decorated thread ladies!!!!!! we were SO excited that we might eventually have a visitor over here! so we’ve begged and hinted for Freebie online over the last few weeks and managed to completely decorate the thread YET AGAIN!! It’s fabulous and we’re SO happy we did it...
  3. Lydia Millen #8 desperate fan girl, constantly ignDiored

    New thread lovelies. Continue here. We HATED the look of the old thread so we’ve redecorated, We’re selling off the old thread on Instagram stories. A few cat scratches (Probably lynx, definitely not fan fav Lumi!) some cat piss, some foundation stains, some fake tan, some #gifted gin stains...
  4. Lydia Millen #7 Serial beggar no brand wants.If it’s gifted; I’ll shift it; An #ad, do I care?

    New Thread on Lydia Elise Millen! Our favourite not-really-in-Buckinghamshire beggar! Thanks to @PixelGirl @Bashandcrash and @HolyMamaYoutubeDrama for the title inspo! Our Lidl has had the most busy time lately. She has a wreath to make, people, and don't you know it takes so MUCH time, like...
  5. Lydia Millen #6 I'll promote my wedding '2 years later' because I'm irrelevant & jealous!

    New thread! Thanks to @dezign for the inspo! Tattle Life here, your one and only source into the tragic, proud, difficult life of influenza Lydia Millen. Lydia's October shenanigans have reached new levels of cringe! But which of her multiple IG personalities will shine on a new season thread...
  6. Lydia Millen #5 Inside Lydia Millen's twitter rampages, Dior envy, and YouTube meltdowns!

    New thread!!!! Most voted seemed to be @Gemma_NYC ! Ali might be nominated for an E! Award but Lydia is a strong contender for the “Best Newcomer” award in the Tattle life ‘19 ceremony 😎 Cawiee, get making an award!!!
  7. Lydia Millen #4 Who is Lydia Elise Millen in 2020? A freeloading, flatulent, brand beggar!

    New thread!! Character limit made the full title impossible 😬 @Gemma_NYC but hopefully the edited version is ok! Continue here... Massive thanks to @Gemma_NYC for “popping” a September summary below 😉
  8. Lydia Millen #3 Affiliate Lynx packs his bottega & flees the “dried things” dictatorship!

    New thread! A mash up of @Georgeeee ’s Affiliate Lynx and @Gemma_NYC ’s dried things 😂😂
  9. Lydia Millen #2 cat-ASS-trophy! The latest from the thong flogging, fake-youtube-trophy beggar!

    New thread! Title comes from @Georgeeee ! Slightly edited to fit! 😉
  10. Lydia Millen Gorden #1

    A thread to discuss the many filtered faces of her highness LEM..G ? The sponsored content, the begging, the blagging, and the goading of gossip threads. Her obsession with the haters, obsession with by terry, obsession with herself, her cats, herself, her overpriced home, Herself, her closeted...