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Ex-Fitness Instagram girl who turned to massive Primark hauls once fitness fell out of fashion
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  1. evoway13

    Elle Swift #66 no-trouser outfits are back, get ready for cosy Christmas tiny crack

    Thank you @mediocrehouseplant for the brilliant thread name with most votes :love:
  2. evoway13

    Elle Swift #65 Exploits her sister, cheating Mr, goodbye Angelle, we won't miss ya

    New thread name with most votes goes to @Fu&urmum
  3. evoway13

    Elle Swift #64 married in beefa whilst flashing her queefa selling her house for something cheaper

    Thankyou to greenkween20 for the thread name with most votes - I had to shorten it slightly to fit
  4. evoway13

    Elle Darby Swift #63 The Weddings done, didn't look like fun - But we are asking where is MY SON

    Thank you to Sarah90 for the brilliant thread title!
  5. B

    Elle Darby Swift #62 Elle’s got a new Instagram handle, hoping people will forget the scandal

    Thank you @laylochika for the thread title!🤍 The new and approved Elle Darby Swift angle boos😘
  6. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #61 If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends (literally)

    NEW THREAD ANGLE BOOOOOOS 👼 ✌🏻 Title courtesy of @Fishflakes with 92 likes!!
  7. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #60 Never a swift, always a racist

    NEW THRREEEAAADDDDDDD!! Title courtesy of @saweetie with 167 likes!! Over to you angleezzzzzzz ✌🏻
  8. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #59 Tiny crack has been exhibited, comments on this post have been limited

    NEW THREAD ANGLE BOOS ✌🏻 Title courtesy of @poohwooh17 with a whopping 107 likes!! 👏🏻 Now……. Anyone care to do a recap!?
  9. D

    Elle Darby #58 return of the crack

    Winning title goes to - @mfd 😂😂😂 Recap anyone?
  10. Kat5998

    Elle Darby #57 Back home, Cons Catfish Exposed. Spotted running 10ks but still looking decomposed.

    New thread title by @WordsFromReuben Who wants to recap the absolute chaos from the last one? 💀
  11. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #56 Moved to the states swerving the hate, J355 still house sitting while we await nosey Dave

    YO YO YO ANGLLLEEEZZZZZZ NEW THREAD TIIIIMMMEEEEE Title courtesy of @Fu&urmum with a WHOPPING (unlike EDLs crack) 127 likes!! Anyone care for a very boring recap!?
  12. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #55 Followers Still Low, bought a Bungalow and definitely not invited to Molly Mae's Show

    Title thanks to the wonderful @WhiteOrchid she may not have one her love honey voucher but she did win the most likes for title thread...does that make up for it? :') Elle appeared at a fashion show without appearing at the fashion show. I don't blame people for the mix up tho all influencers...
  13. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #54 Sis spills the tea, Followers flee, 'just buy them back', says Lips McGee

    🚨 🚨 NEW THREAD ANGLEEZZZZZZ 🚨🚨 Title courtesy of @Bobby Orange with a whopping 93 likes! And you can just take a look at their PP if you want to see what colour Elles face used to be. Anyways, anyone care to recap!?
  14. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #53 Count Drac and Tiny Crack, is their relationship still on track?

    Title by @guccigang with over 200 likes! The rules from the last thread still apply. Last thread https://tattle.life/threads/elle-darby-52-dropped-by-gleam-no-followers-seen-elles-now-wishing-for-a-time-machine.26109/ And word from @Oohthedrama
  15. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #52 Dropped by Gleam, no followers seen. Elle's now wishing for a time machine

    Is there anything to actually recap? Other than Elle is nearly 100k followers down. Read the wiki Link to the old thread https://tattle.life/threads/elle-darby-51-under-700k-tattles-having-a-takeaway.26057/ And title by @happyvelvet123 Also word from the mod @Oohthedrama in these screenshots
  16. Oohthedrama

    Elle Darby #51 under 700k, tattle’s having a takeaway.

    Wiki; https://tattle.life/wiki/elle-darby Previous threads; https://tattle.life/tags/elle-darby/ title suggestion by @isitlunchtime 👋 Wonder how the dogs are 😐 no I don’t 😂 Totally off topic when there’s a bigger issue but…. “Heckiee” like I feel this I karma on its behalf..fucking god awful...
  17. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #50 No respect for anyone, not even my sister. This New Year I'll be finding a new mister

    Recap - read the wiki - gleam seems to have dropped them And I can't think of anything else since we have to recap the threads like 100 times a day at this point :') And title @someones.nan previous mod post; Stop the sassy posts to others, Stop engaging with fans, Stop clapping back, Stop...
  18. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #49 if you’re unsure if your screenshot has already been posted it has

    I don't even know if this can be a thread name but it was the suggestion with most likes. Mods please change if necessary 💖 The title was changed a bit cause it was too long the original title was Elle Darby #49 if you’re unsure on whether or not your screenshot has already been posted in… I...
  19. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #48 Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

    - we got an ''apology'' (lol) video Anyone else wanna do the 10048 recap of today? Title thanks to: @WordsFromReuben
  20. WordsFromReuben

    Elle Darby #47 No apology seen, Losing the dream, How long until they are fired by Gleam?

    Another new thread Anglezzzzz Thank you to @Tina0893939 for the new thread title winning with 97 likes Elle Darby #47 No apology seen, Losing the dream, How long until they are fired by Gleam? RECAP - please read the WIKI for a recap of what has happened. WIKI...
  21. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #46 Cheating Con, Racist all along, 29K followers gone

    Title thanks to this tattler vv And also: WE DON'T CARE WHO UNFOLLOWED and READ THE WIKI
  22. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #45 Grab a chocolate biccie and read the WIKI

    NEW THREAD!! Courtesy of @Clouisem with 93 likes!! A FEW LINKS TO HELP ANY NEWBIES: WIKI: https://tattle.life/wiki/elle-darby OLD THREADS: https://tattle.life/tags/elle-darby/ PLEASE ALSO NOTE: To ‘park yourself’ please use the ‘watch’ button at the top of the thread. Please check...
  23. spillthesass

    Elle Darby #44 EDeLle Darby

    Anyone want to recap? Thanks to @xSMJx for the most liked thread title! (I’m p sure, there were so many top liked posts!) feel free to change.
  24. Mr Paul Barry John Allen

    Elle Darby #43 EDL Darby

    Continue here 🤣 Soz no tittle, someone let me know and ill update ⭐✨
  25. WordsFromReuben

    Elle Darby #42 Starting year with a racist scandal can’t delete the evidence from her old Twitter handle

    NEW THREAD AGAIN ANGLES 🚨 🚨 Thank you @saweetie for the new title winning with 91 likes elle darby #42: Starting the year with a racist scandal can’t delete the evidence from her old Twitter handle - had to edit slightly to fit it in You can find more info on the Wiki page linked below for...
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