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Ex-Fitness Instagram girl who turned to massive Primark hauls once fitness fell out of fashion
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  1. evoway13

    Elle Darby-Swift #76 'The Texas Chain-Store Ambassador'

    Elle, C*nt Dracula, and the boys have all reunited in Texas with Hector & Herbie .......
  2. evoway13

    Elle Darby #75 The US move is a big facade, but her ✨️braggy b era✨️ has now been a decade

    Thank you to @WhiteOrchid for the brilliant thread name with 47 votes!!!!!
  3. evoway13

    Elle Darby #74 Racist Elle Swift moves to the states & won’t be making any black mates

    Thank you to @Telly Fanatic for the thread name with most votes. Sorry @WhiteOrchid - we aren't allowed to use curse words in thread titles
  4. theoneandonlylife02155

    Elle Darby #73 Great Mums aren’t racist

    Saw this on the thread and someone put thread title anyone. Two years on and she’s still a racist cow. She’s kind of boring now though nothing major is happening. Let’s see if we get money maker no3
  5. theoneandonlylife02155

    Elle Darby #72 It couldn’t glow and grow any clearer, she’s in her racist era

    Thanks for the suggestion put both names as they were the ones who both got the most reacts on the thread. @ggukxo @PutConbeforethehearse Once a racist always a racist she should know that in terms of conjob cheating. Anyone else wanna recap:)
  6. evoway13

    Elle Darby #71 Tiny crack and her 9 ounce son, you'll always be a racist hun

    Thank you to @Sparkledarmer for the brilliant thread name with 74 votes! :love:
  7. theoneandonlylife02155

    Elle Darby #70 tiny crack and her failed comeback

    Well done @Smileyouroncamera who got 46 reacts on their suggestion Baby Number 2 is due this week , her podcast is failing , her husband is still cheating, she is inconsiderate to people who can’t conceive and tells people to manifest it anyone else wanna recap
  8. ImaLeoooo

    Elle Darby #69 Tweeting and Cheating

    thread title by @Smileyouroncamera -anyone care to do a recap?
  9. evoway13

    Elle Darby #68 Tone deaf with her baby moon chat, did she manifest being a racist twat?

    Thread name winner is @Sparkledarmer with 67 votes!
  10. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #67 Who needs gestation when you’ve got manifestation

    Thread title courtesy of @InfluencingIsNotAJob with a whopping 100 likes! 👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉 Anyone care to recap on this car crash!?
  11. evoway13

    Elle Swift #66 no-trouser outfits are back, get ready for cosy Christmas tiny crack

    Thank you @mediocrehouseplant for the brilliant thread name with most votes :love:
  12. evoway13

    Elle Swift #65 Exploits her sister, cheating Mr, goodbye Angelle, we won't miss ya

    New thread name with most votes goes to @Fu&urmum
  13. evoway13

    Elle Swift #64 married in beefa whilst flashing her queefa selling her house for something cheaper

    Thankyou to greenkween20 for the thread name with most votes - I had to shorten it slightly to fit
  14. evoway13

    Elle Darby Swift #63 The Weddings done, didn't look like fun - But we are asking where is MY SON

    Thank you to Sarah90 for the brilliant thread title!
  15. B

    Elle Darby Swift #62 Elle’s got a new Instagram handle, hoping people will forget the scandal

    Thank you @laylochika for the thread title!🤍 The new and approved Elle Darby Swift angle boos😘
  16. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #61 If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends (literally)

    NEW THREAD ANGLE BOOOOOOS 👼 ✌🏻 Title courtesy of @Fishflakes with 92 likes!!
  17. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #60 Never a swift, always a racist

    NEW THRREEEAAADDDDDDD!! Title courtesy of @saweetie with 167 likes!! Over to you angleezzzzzzz ✌🏻
  18. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #59 Tiny crack has been exhibited, comments on this post have been limited

    NEW THREAD ANGLE BOOS ✌🏻 Title courtesy of @poohwooh17 with a whopping 107 likes!! 👏🏻 Now……. Anyone care to do a recap!?
  19. D

    Elle Darby #58 return of the crack

    Winning title goes to - @mfd 😂😂😂 Recap anyone?
  20. Kat5998

    Elle Darby #57 Back home, Cons Catfish Exposed. Spotted running 10ks but still looking decomposed.

    New thread title by @WordsFromReuben Who wants to recap the absolute chaos from the last one? 💀
  21. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #56 Moved to the states swerving the hate, J355 still house sitting while we await nosey Dave

    YO YO YO ANGLLLEEEZZZZZZ NEW THREAD TIIIIMMMEEEEE Title courtesy of @Fu&urmum with a WHOPPING (unlike EDLs crack) 127 likes!! Anyone care for a very boring recap!?
  22. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #55 Followers Still Low, bought a Bungalow and definitely not invited to Molly Mae's Show

    Title thanks to the wonderful @WhiteOrchid she may not have one her love honey voucher but she did win the most likes for title thread...does that make up for it? :') Elle appeared at a fashion show without appearing at the fashion show. I don't blame people for the mix up tho all influencers...
  23. longtimelurker86

    Elle Darby #54 Sis spills the tea, Followers flee, 'just buy them back', says Lips McGee

    🚨 🚨 NEW THREAD ANGLEEZZZZZZ 🚨🚨 Title courtesy of @Bobby Orange with a whopping 93 likes! And you can just take a look at their PP if you want to see what colour Elles face used to be. Anyways, anyone care to recap!?
  24. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #53 Count Drac and Tiny Crack, is their relationship still on track?

    Title by @guccigang with over 200 likes! The rules from the last thread still apply. Last thread https://tattle.life/threads/elle-darby-52-dropped-by-gleam-no-followers-seen-elles-now-wishing-for-a-time-machine.26109/ And word from @Oohthedrama
  25. Disney_Wolf

    Elle Darby #52 Dropped by Gleam, no followers seen. Elle's now wishing for a time machine

    Is there anything to actually recap? Other than Elle is nearly 100k followers down. Read the wiki Link to the old thread https://tattle.life/threads/elle-darby-51-under-700k-tattles-having-a-takeaway.26057/ And title by @happyvelvet123 Also word from the mod @Oohthedrama in these screenshots