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Ex-Fitness Instagram girl who turned to massive Primark hauls once fitness fell out of fashion
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  1. Elle Darby #7 Give me fillers, I must have more, ignoring my haters & humping the floor!

    New Thread by @Seashellsshesells with a massive 62 likes! So... Elle and Conman have been visiting potential wedding venues. Elle has been in appropriate classy attire- trouserless, seemingly a jumper is enough to just cover her ass! She has been documenting Katie’s new apartment move putting...
  2. Elle Darby #6 Dreaming Of The Day She’s Wed, Size 8 -10 Just In Her Head

    Plastic-Fantastic Elanor Jane. Engaged to a man with no sign of a brain, Left a little blue box out to start a debate, While she plays her new song ‘Im a size 8’ 🎹
  3. Elle Darby #5 Finally engaged but her life is so staged, marrying a man who just wants to be paid.

    Title thanks to @Wowso33712 we are gathered here today, to celebrate the engagement of ConMan and Elle Darby. what’s hers is his, and what’s his is his, to have and to hold, joint bank accounts....for richer or for poorer....well scrap that... anyway 😐 you may kiss the bride. swipe up for...
  4. Elle Darby #4 No engagement ring from Con-Artist in Ibiza, so it's back home to eat pizza!

    Sorry, had to shorten it to fit! Just need a recap of thread 3 now! Thanks ChubClubThug
  5. Elle Darby #2 not to be confused with Gemma Louise Miles.

    We don’t really have any suggestions so I’ve gone with a comment that comes up a lot. It can be changed if necessary. continue here.
  6. Elle Darby

    New separate thread, please report any posts from the other thread that should be moved over
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