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  1. E

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #9 No jab for Bleu, no mask in shops But Ocean’s had coco pops

    New thread for these delightful parents who still can’t stay in during a pandemic
  2. MrsP90

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #8 Bleu’s due a boy, she wants a Rox double SHOCK Chet’s got a wi

    Most like thread suggestion @ImoC, as we were ladies 😉
  3. R

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #7 Bleus up the duff, no sesh for Chet, his dreams of boozing in Ibiza won’t be met.

    New thread, thanks to @Em150 for the most liked suggestion... had to edit to fit original was “Bleugh’s up the duff, no seshing for Chet...he dreams of Ibiza, sluts, booze & ket” First time I’ve started a thread so hope I’ve done it right 😂 edited by mod; let’s keep thread names PC. please...
  4. S

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #6 Undeclared ads, conning everyone with their Herbalife fads

    New thread title thanks to @MissAnonymous with 46 likes! 🎉 Had to shorten to fit but original read as “Ket and Bleurghh with their undeclared ads, Conning everyone with their Herbalife fads” For all previous Bleuu & Sket threads: -
  5. G

    Helen Briggs and Chet Sket #4 Bleurgh Briggs and Cheat Sket

    Thanks to @varyingborders for the name!
  6. Q

    Helen Briggs and Chet Sket #3

    New thread :)
  7. Y

    Helen Briggs and Chet Sket #2

    Made a new thread guys my first one so hope it works 🙃 sorry didn’t see any suggestions on the old one x
  8. B

    Helen Briggs and Chet Sket

    What’s everyone’s opinion on these two??
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