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I wonder how she’d have reacted if that picture had been taken by a fan excited by the fact Helen and Chet lived near them and actually walked past their house...Pretty sure she’d have been like “Ohhh my angel, you should have shouted hello - it was 11:11 when I walked past so you should have made a wish to meet me and it could have come true”


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Guyzzzzzzzzzzzz 😉 I see Helen does not really post on her story’s much anymore... I feel like it’s ever since she’s discovered tattle life! The only time we see her miserable chewing on a wasp looking face is in the background of Chets story’s...

On the subject of Chet - Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s vagina literally drys up instantly at the very sound of his voice... “Faded man, yh man, great fit man, listen man it’s all about the fit man, shock more trainers man, yh man, can’t believe it’s vegan man, all about the fit man, listen man, back in stock man, I’m a little beg man, OH MY DAYZ MANNNNNN:


I know they wanted a boy for their first, however, the sheer excitement, tears, and celebrating that they’ve got a boy made me SO sad, the reaction at oceans gender reveal was no more than a smile - they were clearly devastated to be having a girl. I get that people really want a certain gender etc but the difference in reaction between the gender reveals is disgusting.
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