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  1. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #29 If it’s free, it’s for me.

    Congratulations to the @CrazySquirrelLady for the thread title. Did I tell you about the time I was attacked by a squirrel on a porch? I have? What's that? I tell that story every time? What about Odin Von Zero? Oh, him too? I make that joke every time? Oh. My. Goodness. I'm up to no good and...
  2. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #28 Keep Joyce DeWitt’s name out your f-ing mouth

    Congratulations to @Where's My Postcard? A moment of silence for the late, great Suzanne Somers. A breakout star in "American Graffiti". Who was probably overlooked as a great comedic actor because she was so beautiful. She also stood up for herself on the set of "Three's Company", made her...
  3. Hereforthesh

    Yankee in the South #27 Suzanne Somers passed away inside The Apple Barn when it closed down

    Yankee in the South #27 Suzanne Somers passed away inside The Apple Barn when it closed down Thanks @CrazySquirrelLady for the new title. If someone could do a summary of the last thread, it would be appreciated. Also, I realized I neglected to tag Yankee in the South to connect the threads. I...
  4. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #26 Dawn

    Congratulations to the Cinderella Boy @Murray9000. What an incredible Cinderella story! This unknown, comes out of nowhere, to lead the pack at Tattle. He's at the final hole. He's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about a 2-iron, I think. It's in the hole! The Cinderella Boy did the...
  5. Its Got Flavur

    Yankees in the South #25 Seattle, CA Where Dawn Listens to the Sun By the Specific Ocean

    Thank to @Nate's Top Button You have my favorite name of anyone on Tattle. Does your name come with a RSVLTS shirt, an obnoxious dalmatian and a sad apartment? We're gonna ride like one ride, eat a table full of food all by ourselves, get shit-faced drunk and try to pretend I'm not full of...
  6. Its Got Flavur

    Yankees in the South #24 Well --> Will --> Whale

    Let's hear it for @Where's My Postcard? for the very out of the box (but in the well) idea for a title thread. If I can offer you a bit of advice, gentle reader. If you ever find yourself unable to sleep, never start recapping the activities of two people who look like they were engineered in...
  7. Its Got Flavur

    Yankees in the South #23 Wrecks, decks and murphy bed sex

    Thanks to @Willsaprick for the descriptive, hilarious and disgusting thread title. Seriously inspired. A genius title. Are you ready, Dawn?!! "AHHHHHH! WHY DID HE DO THAYT?!?" No, Dawn. It's not time for histrionics, yet. We'll get to the traumatic event in a moment. But first: Are you ready...
  8. Its Got Flavur

    Yankees in the South #22 If Stupid Had an Emoji, It Would Look Like Dawn’s Face

    Congratulations @CrazySquirrelLady! For winning this thread's title contest, you win two tickets to see the new movie that's taking Gatlinburg by storm: "The Little Murdmaid"! A fine submission, CSL. I'm not going to lie. I'm disappointed that it wasn't "Mike Ox Long" but it would have been...
  9. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #21 Golden Corral on the High Seas

    Thanks to @Where's My Postcard? for the title. It's YITS "FIRST-TIME on MSC CRUISE'S" (Will's spelling) Why is there an apostrophe? Why is there a dash in "FIRST-TIME"? Because Will had some college, manage a factory and is a Wall Street genius. That's why! Had you asked me a month ago...
  10. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #20 "Dawn's done!"

    Thanks to @Furmingos for the new thread title. I know that this forum wouldn't be the same without Furmingos. Are you ready, Dawn? Let's do this! *sideways thumbs up* The thread title is the statement of a woman who was having a great time on her birthday week doing exactly what she wanted to...
  11. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #19 Will Works the Pole for Adam the Woo

    Thanks to the handsome, hilarious and intelligent @Its Got Flavur for the brilliant title. Oh, wait. That's me. Sorry, I didn't have my "professional glasses" on. Do my sunglasses make me look like I should be on "A Bug's Life"? Perfect. You ready? Let's do this! *sideways thumbs up* As you...
  12. Its Got Flavur

    Yankees in the South #17 Will's Got Friends in No Places

    Congratulations to our friend from Seattle @scopeyscope on the title. Good luck on finding a house! Maybe a relative can find a $60,000 repo and buy it for you. Er...I mean work hard and save after 50 years in business at age 35. There is always the Amish... Anyway, I digress.... Will seems to...
  13. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #16 Be pacific about pasghetti

    Never gonna give YITS up. Never gonna let YITS down. Someone sent Will and Dawn a Rick Astley joke card. It only took them about an hour to figure out that it was a joke. They didn't know Rick Astley or 'Rick rolling', the phenomenon that's been around for about 20 years. YITS got up in arms...
  14. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #15 The Pied Piper of Dumbasses

    Thanks to @Furmingos for the title The big news: Will and Dawn are terrible friends. They took over CATS house on NYE, talked about themselves, criticized their gracious hosts, only brought donuts on coupon and then left and didn't help clean up. - Dawn got a puzzle. It was Jabberjaw. Dawn...
  15. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #14 They are so predictable, we made a YITS BINGO card

    Yes, someone really did make a Yankee in the South BINGO card. @Furmingos gets the credit. Will is so predictable that you can play BINGO while watching a YITS Livestream. The latest lies from Will: - He showers once a day. - Dawn showers twice a day. - That is when she's not waving her...
  16. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #13 Will about three tshirts

    Title courtesy of @Its Got Flavur ! Ready for a new thread and more of the fun filled adventures lies and bullshit of the Willy and Dong Show!!
  17. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #12 Why Are You Donging Me?

    Title courtesy of @Its Got Flavur with a side thank you wink to @Boobzmagee ! Our latest list of YITS vlogs are basically the same ole Willy loving to hear himself talk. Dong spacing off and being....well, Dawn. They continue to not support or showcase local restaurants as they eat...
  18. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #11 I Can't Taste the Mustard

    Congratulations @Nate's Top Button Will is hard to hear way up there on his high horse. Knows so many people who have gone crazy (probably means that they started to not support Trump 100%) Claims he threw out some White Castle burgers (Sure, Jan) Not going to become a food channel (unless...
  19. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #10 The Last Thread Willy Can Count On His Fingers

    New thread time! Took me digging down to the 19th page of "most liked posts" to find a thread title courtesy of @Nate's Top Button
  20. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #9 Lord of the Flies

    Thanks to @Boobzmagee We join this new thread as Will is "fighting a spiritual battle" (in his fucking mind) Basically, Will is upset about Smokey Mountain Follies pointing out his stalking tendency towards ATW and JTC. In classic Will fashion, he tries to accuse people of things that didn't...
  21. scopeyscope

    Yankee in the South #8 Laugh it up folks

    Thanks to Crazy Squirrel Lady for the new thread title. To recap Willy says he’s going to do 30 things in 30 days which of course he doesn’t so that he just turns to 30 things all summer . He goes to a wax Museum act like an ass, goes tubing he is a jerk and let’s Dawn get burnt even though he...
  22. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #7 We will meet you Timothy Farmer. When Pigs Fly

    Title courtesy of @It's Fall Ya"ll Big tongue Willy is still a blathering idiot Road trip from the depths of boredom hell Willy trying to flex on how much he is spending on gas Dong has no idea to basically any question that is asked of her opinion Curious lack of stopping at any laundry mats...
  23. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #6 Paid for by Chris and Mindy

    New thread time!! Title courtesy of @Its Got Flavur Sorry I've been a little MIA, so I'm behind. Were they actually in Tennessee and didn't go to the annual hot rod show? Probably afraid of being called out in public again about how his channel sucks. He's a walking public embarrassment.
  24. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee In The South #5 I can't talk about it now, but I have people working on it

    @Furmingos had the most liked thread title! Congrats! Willy and Dong are claiming they are being stalked and threatened. Ole Willy has an overactive imagination if he thinks that a tattle thread and some satire videos equal that. Their Super Stan, Rhonda, is a nut job. I'm wondering if that...
  25. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #4 Fake Showers & Real Credit Problems

    You guys are too good with titles! I had to pick one that was the hottest topics in this thread as of late! A big "Thank you!" to @Furmingos for our title. Quick summary: Will is still full of shit Will is delusional Dawn has got some fight to her (Team Dawn!) A livestream twice a day now...