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  1. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #13 Will about three tshirts

    Title courtesy of @Its Got Flavur ! Ready for a new thread and more of the fun filled adventures lies and bullshit of the Willy and Dong Show!!
  2. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #12 Why Are You Donging Me?

    Title courtesy of @Its Got Flavur with a side thank you wink to @Boobzmagee ! Our latest list of YITS vlogs are basically the same ole Willy loving to hear himself talk. Dong spacing off and being....well, Dawn. They continue to not support or showcase local restaurants as they eat...
  3. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #11 I Can't Taste the Mustard

    Congratulations @Nate's Top Button Will is hard to hear way up there on his high horse. Knows so many people who have gone crazy (probably means that they started to not support Trump 100%) Claims he threw out some White Castle burgers (Sure, Jan) Not going to become a food channel (unless...
  4. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #10 The Last Thread Willy Can Count On His Fingers

    New thread time! Took me digging down to the 19th page of "most liked posts" to find a thread title courtesy of @Nate's Top Button
  5. Its Got Flavur

    Yankee in the South #9 Lord of the Flies

    Thanks to @Boobzmagee We join this new thread as Will is "fighting a spiritual battle" (in his fucking mind) Basically, Will is upset about Smokey Mountain Follies pointing out his stalking tendency towards ATW and JTC. In classic Will fashion, he tries to accuse people of things that didn't...
  6. scopeyscope

    Yankee in the South #8 Laugh it up folks

    Thanks to Crazy Squirrel Lady for the new thread title. To recap Willy says he’s going to do 30 things in 30 days which of course he doesn’t so that he just turns to 30 things all summer . He goes to a wax Museum act like an ass, goes tubing he is a jerk and let’s Dawn get burnt even though he...
  7. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #7 We will meet you Timothy Farmer. When Pigs Fly

    Title courtesy of @It's Fall Ya"ll Big tongue Willy is still a blathering idiot Road trip from the depths of boredom hell Willy trying to flex on how much he is spending on gas Dong has no idea to basically any question that is asked of her opinion Curious lack of stopping at any laundry mats...
  8. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #6 Paid for by Chris and Mindy

    New thread time!! Title courtesy of @Its Got Flavur Sorry I've been a little MIA, so I'm behind. Were they actually in Tennessee and didn't go to the annual hot rod show? Probably afraid of being called out in public again about how his channel sucks. He's a walking public embarrassment.
  9. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee In The South #5 I can't talk about it now, but I have people working on it

    @Furmingos had the most liked thread title! Congrats! Willy and Dong are claiming they are being stalked and threatened. Ole Willy has an overactive imagination if he thinks that a tattle thread and some satire videos equal that. Their Super Stan, Rhonda, is a nut job. I'm wondering if that...
  10. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #4 Fake Showers & Real Credit Problems

    You guys are too good with titles! I had to pick one that was the hottest topics in this thread as of late! A big "Thank you!" to @Furmingos for our title. Quick summary: Will is still full of shit Will is delusional Dawn has got some fight to her (Team Dawn!) A livestream twice a day now...
  11. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #3 Banning with glee, no winter coat for thee, but send gift cards so we eat for fre

    New thread time! This one was brought up in two different posts bringing it to the most liked title. Original courtesy of @esc2476 Thank you! Who knew that such an obsolete channel could be so cringe worthy for our amusement? Re-cap, let's see: Will tried briefly to be the "ah shucks...
  12. Firefly03-K64

    Yankee in the South #2 Do you see that, Dawn?

    Time for a new thread! Title courtesy of @Boobzmagee & @Its Got Flavur - Thank you for the title suggestion! Will and Dawn have been sick yet still able to make it to meet and greets with their grifters. They continue to show symptoms in their most recent live stream on Sunday night. Will...
  13. Firefly03-K64

    Yankees in the South

    I was asked to create a thread for Yankees in the South featuring Will and Dawn! Our friend @FloridaResidentEdits has created some amazing satirical videos of these two adventurers and you are welcome to come along as we enjoy fun discussions! For your viewing enjoyment: Will Gets It In Deep...
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