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  1. polkamoon

    Sophie And Dave #60 Daves back at the gym but he ain’t getting slim

    Well done to @EIC for managing to make a thread title out of this boring bunch! Anyone have it in them to do a recap?
  2. cushtybert

    Sophie & Dave #59 Soaf's off in Disney praying for clicks, while Dave's in the West End swiping for d

    New thread with an amazing title thanks to @daveybrownsburiedpeen Recap - Dave is living his best life on the West End and Soph took a giant plastic shark in a Jiffy bag for Chucky to play with on the plane 😂
  3. Polkadot123

    Sophie & Dave #58 The Less & Less Magic Club

    New thread Well done @deejvillage Current patreon members : 94!!! Who are these losers (besides the tattle members) Daves weightloss +80 pounds Nothing to report as they have done nothing. Had sickness and diorhea. Booked trip to dlp, in 3 weeks. Soafs sis is going too Apparently also...
  4. Polkadot123

    Sophie & Dave #57 Dave's not getting thinner but join their patreon so they wont have to share a dinner

    Well done @CrinkleCut88 for the thread suggestion. Had to edit slightly for length
  5. Polkadot123

    Sophie & Dave #56 Avatar ride lies, toddler filled with fizzy and fries, such pathetic little lives

    New thread! Well done @Donald73. Whose up for a recap?
  6. E

    Sophie and Dave #55 Barnstormer Brown, Disney shoe throwing champion 2022

    Thought I'd best start a new thread ... Thanks to Chadders312 for this title! So our favourite beige family have somehow managed to get themselves to WDW despite having no (declared) jobs and a fast declining YouTube channel. We are looking forward to the vlogs because what she posted from the...
  7. Polkadot123

    Sophie and Dave #54 dollars to spend at Disney

    Well done @JessieB with 62 likes and our winning thread!!! This is a very exciting thread as its going to take place whilst they are in Disneyworld.... Or is it...
  8. Polkadot123

    Sophie and Dave #53 what's the point anymore?

    Well done to @Chorizzo for the winning thread! Seems a very fitting title for what's going on with Sophie and dave at the moment....which is absolutely nothing. Recap anyone?
  9. Polkadot123

    Sophie and Dave #52 Sophia the worst

    New thread Well done to @Fishflakes for the winning title. With 52 likes (think that's a sign haha) Anyone want to round us up? I have added a poll with regards to their upcoming 'trip'.
  10. Lala22

    Sophie and Dave #51 F me, they're in DLP!

    As we were... Anyone care to do the recap? Congrats to @Gem_woody for the thread title!
  11. hereforthetea543

    Sophie and Dave #50 weeks off a year

    Thanks to @Hurrah54 for the new thread title! Anyone care for a recap?
  12. Polkadot123

    Sophie and Dave #49 Lying 9-5, what a way to make a living

    New thread! Well done to @deejvillage for the winning title! Who wants to round us up
  13. E

    Sophie and Dave #48 We're going to need a bigger pebble Dave

    Thanks to @Cleagh for the brilliant thread title! Just putting this out there now Sophie & Dave #49: Weeks since the last vlog. To be fair they did go to Scotland during the last thread and Dave managed to make a complete tit of himself twice at his mum's festival. Once by appearing on a...
  14. E

    Sophie and Dave #47 Vlogs not made, Bills not paid, Return of the Turkey Baster Crusade

    Thank you to @Lizziexo for the thread title. Have they done ANYTHING since the last thread?!
  15. E

    Sophie and Dave #46 Shop is poo, no Disney for you, time to make baby number two?

    Many thanks to @Disneylifeonly for the title. Who wants to recap on the latest instalment of life in the boring beige bungalow?
  16. Lala22

    Sophie & Dave #45 little house of tragic

    New thread! Thanks @disneys for the epic title! Does anyone fancy giving the recap a go?
  17. Lala22

    Sophie and Dave #44 flogging tat, daves still fat, secret project, wtf is that?

    Congratulations to myself, after almost two years of solid tattling I managed to manifest my own thread title. Go me! I will celebrate by writing down three things I’m grateful for today: 1. Thank god I’m not Sophie and dave 2. Thank god I’m not Sophie and dave 3. Thank god I’m not Sophie and...
  18. Lala22

    Sophie and Dave #43 Sproutfit seeks Blinking Beard for Beige Bungalow boredom.

    Welcome to thread 43 of the sOAF and oaf shitshow. What’s been going down with the browns? (I’ll let you have that one for your podcast title Sophie) -Soafs secret project IS STILL not released... Tattlers have many theories about the reason behind this but the general consensus is that she...
  19. Lala22

    Sophie and Dave #42 The end

    Welcome to the new thread of our favourite 30 something neglectful wasters. Congrats to @Yorkshiregirl2019 for her winning title. There are no winners in sOAF and dave land however, only mediocrity. To briefly recap the goings on of the beige bungalow on the last thread : .... and that’s...
  20. Winners_Song

    Sophie and Dave #41 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 vlogs a week

    Congratulations to @Jess89 for this very popular thread title! All is not well in the beige bungalow, but what do you think is the cause of the current “crisis” between Soaf and Oaf and the flamily? Continue here.
  21. goofygirlDLP9999

    Sophie and Dave #40 Soaf’s a liar and dressed like Mrs Doubtfire

    Congratulations @Jess89 - Absolutely hilarious title and really does sum up the fashion sense of our Sophie Bellend Brown! Also, special mention to @Hurrah54 for this EXCELLENT photo, thought I would repost it here as it really does go with the thread title. Tattle on Wolves.......who wants to...
  22. Polkadot123

    Sophie and Dave #39 coachingwithSophie - how to get 39 threads on tattle

    Well done to @Hurrah54 with 63 likes. It was actually a tie but this one appeared first when I clicked most liked posts. @disneys we are ready for your round up. Number 39!! Let's go!
  23. Mable912

    Sophie and Dave #38 There’s no buisness like Soaf’s buisness like no buisness I know

    Welcome to a new Soaf and Oaf thread! Congrats to @Jess89 on a great thread title (misspelling intended!!) This is my first recap attempt so I’ll give it my best shot… So, what have the gruesome twosome been up to this week? By nothing short of an early Christmas miracle, they uploaded 3...
  24. goofygirlDLP9999

    Sophie and Dave #37 That's not my brother, that's a ducking dog!

    ✨An excellent thread title by @Drdolittledotomuch ✨ Other Children's books are also available such as; That’s not my mummy, her eyes are too small. That’s not my house, the floor is too clean. That’s not my nursery, it’s mums filming office. That's not my WDW booking, we're faking it for...
  25. Polkadot123

    Sophie and Dave #36 Don't sing to me Dave, I've got a migraine

    So wasn't technically a a thread suggestion but it was still liked a lot. And is very fitting !! So well done @goofygirlDLP9999 Vote in the poll!