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  1. RBN20

    SevdaEla #23 #BEG

    Not many thread suggestions, so thanks to @Hereforthehottea for something simple and straight to the point 🫡 still a narc, still exploiting her kid, still can’t do anything without mummy… continue twolls
  2. U

    Sevda ela #21 holiday number 5 surprise surprise, sedat stayed at home to watch Megan’s fick fighs

    Thread tittle goes to @ncc89 🍾 She’s still the same narc buying cheap tat on her holiday. That pink bag she got is the most ugliest tackiest bag I’ve ever seen.
  3. S

    Sevda Ela #20 #free Sedat #free Wocco there we go, if you know you know

    Thanks to @ishman for thread title
  4. Spanor511

    Sevda Ela #19 tongue always out, using Ewa for clout, looks like an old haggard trout

    Thanks to @RandomAlpaca22 for the thread title.
  5. RandomAlpaca22

    Sevda Ela #18 fake ads and free hols, Sev got a counterfeit bag to carry Sedats balls

    New thread for labia eyes! Thank you to @potatopotato2988 for your winning suggestion. Back in the UK and is so super staving basically emaciated and wasting away!
  6. U

    Sevda Ela #17 if you think simple sev is bad, wait until you see her hairy dad

    New thead suggestion thanks to @ncc89 m Still the same simple seagul as she’s always been so carry on as you where
  7. S

    Sevda Ela #16 Paid 11.99 for a blue tick, god Sevda you are so fick

    Most liked thread suggestion @jazzy22
  8. U

    Sevda Ela #15 Seagull Sevda won’t show Wocco’s Wieiad, but when it comes to her young daughter, it’s absolutely Ok!

    Thread tittle suggestion goes to @Hereforthehottea had to shorten to for the tittle. Now a blue tick wanker. So will be more insufferable.
  9. S

    Sevda Ela #14 trigger warning Sevda is extremely bland and boring

    Congrats to @uglybettybetty for most liked thread suggestion
  10. U

    Sevda Ela #13 The reason she is a few sandwiches short of a picnic is because she ate them.

    Most liked thread title goes to @LaughingCow She’s still treating tiktok like an only fans for food fetishes Still exploiting her daughter. The voice is still abnormally high Feel free to carry on as you where.
  11. RBN20

    Sevda Ela #12 Forget about Turkey, it’s all about me me me

    Thanks to @FoxyBingo for the thread suggestion. this is my first time making a new thread so sorry if I’ve done it wrong! I searched and I’m pretty sure that was the top liked title. anyway, Sappy Sev, still exploiting her child, neglecting her husband and deepthroating her food continue…
  12. Mrskane29

    Sevda Ela #11 Please free Rocco and Sedat!

    Second thread title win today @jazzy22 Anyone to do a recap?
  13. Gossipgirl92

    Sevda Ela #10 Exploiting her child for the gram, don’t try to warn her, she doesn’t give a damn

    I think this was the one with the most votes!
  14. Mrskane29

    Sevda Ela #9 Be kind… to Sedat!

    Winning suggestion from @LaughingCow 😁 Anyone do a recap?
  15. Mrskane29

    Sevda Ela #8 Got some cheap cowpole for Ela, always moaning about her poor fella!

    @Hinchydoyouloveme congrats on the winning title!
  16. xx3221

    Sevda Ela #7 Firty free, besties with nana bea, both have the personality of a flea.

    Thread name credits go to @hellomynameis88 🤪
  17. xx3221

    Sevda Ela #6 Forks, Fingers and Fighs

    New thread! Credits for the thread title go to @LaughingCow
  18. xx3221

    Sevda Ela #5 Kitchen paid for by moaning over food. If you don't worship Saint Sevda, her fans call you rude

    Thread title credit goes to @mcgee - had to condense it down as it didn't fit! previous thread: Can't believe we're on thread 5 😭
  19. Mrskane29

    Sevda Ela #4 Food orgasms, Turkish cheese and more, Saint Sevda is a big fat bore!

    The one and only suggestion :)
  20. xx3221

    Sevda Ela #3 Eats crap, Wears crap, Talks crap

    New thread! Thread title credits go to @Officedoor123 Previous thread:
  21. xx3221

    Sevda Ela #2 Sevda Ela looks like Cruella, eats all the Crolls while feeding all the trolls

    Full thread name is Sevda Ela looks like Cruella, eats all the Crolls while feeding all the trolls. Fifty carbs a day keeps the fans coming her way, Can’t cook for toffee with her good mawwwning coffee - but it didn’t fit Thread name credits go to @The Likely Lass