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  1. Sali Hughes #13 The best new products I’ve been using for years

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  2. Sali Hughes #12 This is not a thread. It is not paid for, not sponsored, nor required by Sali

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  3. Sali Hughes #11 A red lip, a pink tight, a leopard boot - how very singular!

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  4. Sali Hughes #10 Hiya! Am I in the wrong place? I came here to seethe about Sali.

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  5. Sali Hughes #9 I put myself online and people had opinions

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  6. Sali Hughes #8 The palpable absence of chill

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  7. Sali Hughes #7 Yes I threatened and yes I lie, but can I interest you in beauty pie?

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  8. Sali Hughes #6 Eric's at the cat flap, hide your side of beef with a shower cap!

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  9. Sali Hughes #5 Punched in the titters by all those lovely blue tickers

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  10. Sali Hughes #4 The Keats of foundation

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  11. Sali Hughes #3 Weak dilutes & boiled piss, if only! I invented the aubergine penis emoji.

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  12. Sali Hughes #2 Pretty Dishonest

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  13. Sali Hughes

    She said she’d never do an #ad and that anything she ever recommended was a ‘true’ recommendation. But, without explanation she’s suddenly started selling shit - in the last month she’s done at least six #ad on her stories and posts, plus a swipe up for Selfridges beauty. So I guess that means...