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Sali Hughes is a beauty influencer that's known for her book pretty honest and her weekly beauty column in The Guardian that she landed after activity on twitter against the previous writer.

Sali was given a platform by the BBC and Guardian about internet trolling but the radio 4 documentary was very one-sided and seemed to be based on options without evidence. Salis own activity on twitter appears to show she's been guilty of what she's accusing others of -
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  1. SqualorVictoria

    Sali Hughes #60 I will put you in a folder

    Well Done to @Stillwater for the 60th thread title! Anyone feel like doing the recap?
  2. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #59 You don’t need this and neither do I

    Thanks to @Leonard and @Mselvista for thread title suggestion. In honour of Sali recommending numerous products that do exactly the same thing. As we speak Sali is reporting from the front line at Glastonbury. We are all hoping her fanny is OK πŸ™ (She mentioned it first). She's brought out some...
  3. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #58 who has always been open about her own use of Botox

    Thanks to dear skidder @TriviaNewtonJohn for thread title suggestion. This was a direct quote from an article in The Times about Sali's famous championing of Botox going back years :rolleyes: She's been very busy with very busy important engagements. Sam Mcknight gamely wafting trays at her...
  4. HotesTilaire

    Sali Hughes #57 Sali Antoinette

    Thread title by @Stillwater nominated by @Gold_7 Sali has had a great year, but needs some time off in future. She just never stops!
  5. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #56 Spite for sore eyes

    Thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for thread title suggestion, in honour of the cleansing balm from Sali's brand that definitely doesn't burn eyeballs. This had to be brought over from the previous thread πŸ˜‚ Sali almost elbowing Jo Jones out of the way to an accept an award. In her jimjams
  6. SqualorVictoria

    Sali Hughes #55 Very preachy and shouty

    New thread beefies! Thanks to @Whatevesmate for the title!
  7. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #54 average life experience of a provincial forty something

    Thank you so much to @I'veloveditforyears and @Brian Butterfield for the thread title suggestion between you. Quote is from a review of THE book. Last thread brief recap. Sali's new book 'Everything is Washable' was released. Apparently, according to Sali, there was an orchestrated campaign...
  8. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #53 Everything is Washable, but apparently nothing is ironable

    Thanks to @VeeJayBee for thread title and @Grizzlybear for nominating it. Well this has been a busy month for Sali. * Honorary honour for services to being Welsh or something like that. * Exciting trip to New York. As usual she painted marvellous pictures with words of her travels. We saw...
  9. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #52 Been there, seen it, done it, knew about it first. Always done it.

    Thanks to @Stillwater for thread title and @Gold_7 for realising the potential and suggesting it. A prize of eye burning Sali balm is winging its way to you both now. Good luck! A new thread on Tattle's 4th birthday πŸ₯³ How appropriate as Sali single handedly brought more new subscribers here...
  10. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #51 Was Sali on the bus?

    Thank you to @mindlessness for thread title and @Rekyavikgirl for suggesting it. Also an honourable mention to @Brian Butterfield for the most popular title, which was sadly unusable - Sali Hughes Bus Wanker πŸ˜‚ As we remove the streamers and confetti from our Hersheshesons hair for the...
  11. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #50 She's an influencer first with a dull column in The Guardian

    Thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the excellent thread title suggestion. Happy 50th thread everyone πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸ‘―‍♂️ Let's all wear a bold red lip and oversized swamping trench to celebrate πŸ‘„πŸ’„ Sali commemorated it by going to Paris. Brave! As she has previously speculated about lurking Tattlers following...
  12. SqualorVictoria

    Sali Hughes #49 Sali Hughes: Lost herself, #founder self

    New thread! @Jelly Bean please do one of your famous recaps! πŸ™Œ Thanks to @Valiofthedolls for the title! Continuing on from here
  13. NotDumbNotBlonde

    Sali Hughes #48 "One should not bob rashly"

    Most popular suggestion courtesy of @Margery Ledbetter πŸ’ Previous thread:
  14. Brian Butterfield

    Sali Hughes #47 Learning to coexist with criticism

    Hi guys! Welcome to thread 47. Title thanks to @anais750185 with 44 votes. Wiki is the pink button at the top for newbies. @Jelly Bean please can you do one of your fabulous recaps? xx
  15. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #46 From journo to influencer, Pretty Ironic

    Thanks to @Crem' and @melfish for the thread title 😊 Last thread highlights: * The creme/cream battle rages on. Prompted by a lovely video of Sali gazing adoringly at herself a pot of Estee Lauder overpriced gloop overlooked by a stuffed owl. And no it wasn't Leonard 🀭 * For some tedious...
  16. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #45 Old School Influencer - Shades of slurry and Weetabix

    Thanks to @SqualorVictoria and @HowardMoon for the title mash up. Also thanks to Adrian at Hershesons for the influencer quote 🀭 Last thread recap: * Sali privately messaged a Tattler on IG. She said the Tattler 'needed help' and was 'a mess' amongst other things. She also said a psychologist...
  17. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #44 Unfathomably obsessed with the semantics of my hair

    Thanks to @Satisfying Click for the thread title suggestion! Sali said it about 'a small group of women'. (She means you lot πŸ˜‚). Thread recap: * Sali has had a haircut. Bob/lob/bob/lob let's call the whole thing off. It was free by her dear friend Adrian. She wrote his book or something like...
  18. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #43 Where's Wali? She's a lot of a wally a lot of the time

    Thanks to @Gold_7 and @Disillusioned for a perfect mashup of suggestions for a thread title. Last thread recap: * Highlight! Former racist David Baddiel did a documentary about online trolls. Sali appeared trudging across Brighton's shingle beach. She talked about us again. There are 30 of...
  19. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #42 Fifty shades of not actually grey.

    Thank you @Jade Mitzi for the thread title! In case people have no idea what it refers to here is a handy visual aid πŸ‘‡ (I mean wtaf πŸ˜‚) Quick recap of last thread: * Sali seems to have moved into Hershesonsons. * Though there was a hiatus and brief flirtation with Sam McKnight (obviously...
  20. NotDumbNotBlonde

    Sali Hughes #41 Head and Shoulders above the rest

    Starting a new thread! Thanks to @SavetheDrama for the most popular title. Previous thread: Link to Wiki:
  21. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #40 The carbon footprint on that hair.

    Thanks to @Clovis for thread title idea and to @TriviaNewtonJohn for nominating it. 40 threads!!! πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ Celebratory potatoes and side orders of your choice from Chilli Pickle all round! Just say 'Sali sent me'. (I'm afraid I'm off to bed to spoon the dog DON'T LECTURE ME so if anyone fancies...
  22. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #39 Four fridges? Still not as cold as a reply from Sali

    Thanks to @LyraBalaqua for the inspiration for the thread title. It refers to the fact that Sali has owned four skincare fridges πŸ˜‚ Last thread recap: * Sali loves Closer magazine. She finds the bullying and trolling speculation and commentary about those in the public eye 'cheeky'. * She...
  23. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #38 True to size. Mine is XS

    Thanks to @Disillusioned for the thread title. Sums up She Here to perfection in her own words πŸ˜‚ Last thread: * Sali caused a twitter storm by saying men leading other men on dog leads through Brighton was completely normal and unremarkable. So completely normal and unremarkable she felt the...
  24. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #37 Dark tortoise pantos women's frames

    Thread title thanks to @rosemarina by overwhelming popular demand. For those not in the know it refers to Sali's undisguised irritation and then response when anyone has the temerity to ask about her specs. Last thread highlights recap: * She Here IT'S SALI is to appear in an eagerly...
  25. Badabing101

    Sali Hughes #36 She irons her face, rather than her shirt.

    Thanks to @HattieJakes for the thread title. To recap: We talked a lot about perfume, nostalgia and Lisa’s lipsticks. She here still refuses to change her makeup to suit her greige hair. Oh an she’s donated 2500 quid from a presenting fee for an awkward advert. As you were :)
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