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Sali Hughes is a beauty influencer that's known for her book pretty honest and her weekly beauty column in The Guardian that she landed after activity on twitter against the previous writer.

Sali was given a platform by the BBC and Guardian about internet trolling but the radio 4 documentary was very one-sided and seemed to be based on options without evidence. Salis own activity on twitter appears to show she's been guilty of what she's accusing others of -
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  1. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #26 Lipstick, lube and liberalism

    Thanks to @Curio and @TriviaNewtonJohn for the thread title. Recap of last thread: Tricky really as Sali hasn't done much apart from redoubled her efforts to sell stuff on IG. Possibly post hard-hitting documentary fatigue? There was a heartwarming and very natural scene under her Christmas...
  2. S

    Sali Hughes #25 Gifted. I try very hard to pay but she will not have it

    Thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the title, this one got the most votes! Recap to follow, I need sleep! Continuing on from here:
  3. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #24 She's gone totally QVC.

    Thanks to @Wolf359 for thread title with @TriviaNewtonJohn putting it forward. Well. Previous thread recap. Highlights include: - Sali's invaluable quirky take on cheap vs posh purchases including buying cheap coffins and pot noodles (no I'm not making this up). - An IGTV with rather odd...
  4. S

    Sali Hughes #23 Swipe up Sali!

    Thanks to @Disillusioned for the thread title with the most likes! Much of the focus has been on the spectacular own goal of the documentary. We also learned that anyone who goes to lurk on Tattle is worse than the devil and destroys lives as they're furthering Tattle up Google search results...
  5. Yel

    Sali Hughes #22 pretty narcissistic

    Welcome to the new thread about the beauty influencer and writer Sali Hughes! Tile suggested by a few. Sali's long awaited documentary was on radio 4, it conveniently didn't mention any of her awful behaviour apart from a slight mention of her tracking down people and leaving...
  6. B

    Sali Hughes #21 A Sali by any other name would smell as sweet with pretty bitter topnotes

    Thanks to @Aude for the title with 13 votes, I had to change the title from “A Sali by any other name would smell as sweet (with somewhat bitter topnotes)” to the above for length. Little recap of previous thread - lots of Nuface chat, anti capitalist musings, Caitlin Moran’s book (she has...
  7. B

    Sali Hughes #20 Private Sali, always on parade

    I hope I’ve done this right! Summary of last thread. SH’s is on holiday in Greece, she announced she’d had breast reduction surgery in February pre lock down and made an informative IGTV about it. She has made reference to a documentary on bullying she is making. She’s also read her friend...
  8. S

    Sali Hughes #19 When Harry met Sali (I'll have what she's having)

    Thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the thread title! Recap: Sali is now flogging Missoma glasses chains that she received at a 40% discount She refuses to say where she's going on holidays in case some "arsehole, mad people" speculate that it's for free Many people still haven't recovered from...
  9. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #18 No valid criticism, just endless speculation about her height and glasses.

    Thanks to @Aude for thread title. I'm afraid @Mselvista Sali Hughes #18 Prick 😂 could not be used as against title rules! I've had a scan of the previous thread for recap: We found out Sali takes instruction from the sea 🌊 She doesn't like flipflops but loves a clog or a Birkenstock Sali and...
  10. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #17 So shady she doesn't need an SPF.

    Thanks to @Jade Mitzi for thread title!
  11. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #16 The sell-out who couldn't sell out, and that is a legal fact.

    Thread title is a joint effort this time - thanks to @Aude @Mselvista and @AmberSpyglass (Bumper amount of good quotes from Sali to chose from this time though 😂) Btw just noticed the Most Liked button, top right, orders posts in, erm, Most Liked ranking. Brilliant.
  12. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #15 Ugg slipper, a red lip, when dressing for Leonard don't let standards slip

    Thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the thread title. As also suggested by others we have moved to 'influencer'. (Thank you @zcfthc5 btw!)
  13. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #14 Went to the pub during a pandemic, for real! Never mind, feel as you feel

    Thanks to @Satisfying Click for thread title. Stay at home people.
  14. Yel

    Sali Hughes #13 The best new products I’ve been using for years

    New thread, not sure who suggested it but please do step forward for your applause 👏 View all threads
  15. PineappleQueen19

    Sali Hughes #12 This is not a thread. It is not paid for, not sponsored, nor required by Sali

    Definitely not a thread 😂 Definitely not any other threads:
  16. Mselvista

    Sali Hughes #11 A red lip, a pink tight, a leopard boot - how very singular!

    Title by @Aude . I hope I've done it right.
  17. T

    Sali Hughes #10 Hiya! Am I in the wrong place? I came here to seethe about Sali.

    I hope I'm doing this right. Old thread Thanks to @Loulou de la Falaise for the thread name!
  18. H

    Sali Hughes #9 I put myself online and people had opinions

    Thread title by @Aude view all threads
  19. GTL Old-Timer

    Sali Hughes #8 The palpable absence of chill

    Mod edit New thread, guys. by @joancrawford Please see this admin post concerning some of the recent activity -
  20. Jade Mitzi

    Sali Hughes #7 Yes I threatened and yes I lie, but can I interest you in beauty pie?

    thanks to @Carryonnursing for the thread title (y) @Yel first thread and not sure I did it properly, could you intervene for me?
  21. AmberSpyglass

    Sali Hughes #6 Eric's at the cat flap, hide your side of beef with a shower cap!

    Thread title: Eric’s at the door, hide your side of beef with a shower cap!
  22. Yel

    Sali Hughes #5 Punched in the titters by all those lovely blue tickers

    Thread title by @Jelly Bean view all threads:
  23. Yel

    Sali Hughes #4 The Keats of foundation

    New thread for Sali Hughes. Thread title by @BettyDoodah I also would like to take this opportunity to say no posts have been deleted that correspond to what she said on her video. Messages of that nature have just never been posted here. But hey being pretty honest wouldn't get a viral video...
  24. A

    Sali Hughes #3 Weak dilutes & boiled piss, if only! I invented the aubergine penis emoji.

    Carrying on from thread #2 thanks to @splitpea for the title
  25. SavetheDrama

    Sali Hughes #2 Pretty Dishonest

    New thread! Thanks for the witty title :ROFLMAO:
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