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Sali Hughes is a beauty influencer that's known for her book pretty honest and her weekly beauty column in The Guardian that she landed after activity on twitter against the previous writer.

Sali was given a platform by the BBC and Guardian about internet trolling but the radio 4 documentary was very one-sided and seemed to be based on options without evidence. Salis own activity on twitter appears to show she's been guilty of what she's accusing others of -
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  1. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #44 Unfathomably obsessed with the semantics of my hair

    Thanks to @Satisfying Click for the thread title suggestion! Sali said it about 'a small group of women'. (She means you lot 😂). Thread recap: * Sali has had a haircut. Bob/lob/bob/lob let's call the whole thing off. It was free by her dear friend Adrian. She wrote his book or something like...
  2. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #43 Where's Wali? She's a lot of a wally a lot of the time

    Thanks to @Gold_7 and @Disillusioned for a perfect mashup of suggestions for a thread title. Last thread recap: * Highlight! Former racist David Baddiel did a documentary about online trolls. Sali appeared trudging across Brighton's shingle beach. She talked about us again. There are 30 of...
  3. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #42 Fifty shades of not actually grey.

    Thank you @Jade Mitzi for the thread title! In case people have no idea what it refers to here is a handy visual aid 👇 (I mean wtaf 😂) Quick recap of last thread: * Sali seems to have moved into Hershesonsons. * Though there was a hiatus and brief flirtation with Sam McKnight (obviously...
  4. NotDumbNotBlonde

    Sali Hughes #41 Head and Shoulders above the rest

    Starting a new thread! Thanks to @SavetheDrama for the most popular title. Previous thread: Link to Wiki:
  5. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #40 The carbon footprint on that hair.

    Thanks to @Clovis for thread title idea and to @TriviaNewtonJohn for nominating it. 40 threads!!! 🎉🥳 Celebratory potatoes and side orders of your choice from Chilli Pickle all round! Just say 'Sali sent me'. (I'm afraid I'm off to bed to spoon the dog DON'T LECTURE ME so if anyone fancies...
  6. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #39 Four fridges? Still not as cold as a reply from Sali

    Thanks to @LyraBalaqua for the inspiration for the thread title. It refers to the fact that Sali has owned four skincare fridges 😂 Last thread recap: * Sali loves Closer magazine. She finds the bullying and trolling speculation and commentary about those in the public eye 'cheeky'. * She...
  7. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #38 True to size. Mine is XS

    Thanks to @Disillusioned for the thread title. Sums up She Here to perfection in her own words 😂 Last thread: * Sali caused a twitter storm by saying men leading other men on dog leads through Brighton was completely normal and unremarkable. So completely normal and unremarkable she felt the...
  8. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #37 Dark tortoise pantos women's frames

    Thread title thanks to @rosemarina by overwhelming popular demand. For those not in the know it refers to Sali's undisguised irritation and then response when anyone has the temerity to ask about her specs. Last thread highlights recap: * She Here IT'S SALI is to appear in an eagerly...
  9. Badabing101

    Sali Hughes #36 She irons her face, rather than her shirt.

    Thanks to @HattieJakes for the thread title. To recap: We talked a lot about perfume, nostalgia and Lisa’s lipsticks. She here still refuses to change her makeup to suit her greige hair. Oh an she’s donated 2500 quid from a presenting fee for an awkward advert. As you were :)
  10. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #35 She wore Vampire's Wife dresses when they were still Vampire's Girlfriend

    New thread title thanks to @Pixieboots. Last thread recap: * Sad news people. Sali still hates us 😥. She went on the wireless to tell the nation this. Poor old shakin' Becky was dredged up again. (Sali is certainly extracting her money's worth from that encounter isn't she?). Yet again she...
  11. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #34 Honestly, she missed her calling as a medical receptionist

    Thanks to @The Dowager for the thread title suggestion. This obviously refers to Sali's charming manner with people 🙄 Last thread recap: * The saga of Sali's hair rumbles on. She is very happy with it OK. There was trouble on her FB group when people innocently wondered if it was meant to be...
  12. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #33 Grifty shades of grey. It's a complex case.

    New thread title was a joint effort between myself and @Badabing101. * There was a Big Change and Sali has got a new hairdo. She has had it dyed grey. It had to be done at a special academy as it was such a complex case. PLEASE DON'T BE MEAN ABOUT IT HATERZ. * Hershesons at last relented and...
  13. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #32 Here's one moisturiser, now piss off.

    Thanks to @zcfthc5 for the thread title suggestion. Won by a huge majority. Your prize is a bag of baby potatoes to get in you at your leisure :sick: Recap. * As mentioned Sali eats potatoes in every form. I think it might be her *thing* * She has seen Lisa Eldridge's makeup series and was...
  14. The Dowager

    Sali Hughes #31 Here's 3 moisturisers, now piss off

    Hello and welcome to another edition of snippy, snide Sali, featuring everyone's favourite journalist influencer, Sali Hughes. Congratulations to @WinterSolstice for the thread title, and @Disillusioned for suggesting it, with a minor amendment as we can only say fuck off here and not in the...
  15. SqualorVictoria

    Sali Hughes #30 About as relevant as Microsoft Encarta

    Congrats to @The Dowager for the excellent thread title!
  16. Badabing101

    Sali Hughes #29 Expert content creator. Nope.

    Thread title by @Clovis and @Disillusioned (Nope)... it was a very close call with one vote in it, so I amalgamated the two. Where to start on a recap: Book Blurb and Title has been released. Lots of Hush ads #paidforobvs Brighton beach is shit according to a Sali follower Ermmmmmm owt else...
  17. M

    Sali Hughes #28 See thread

    This wonderful title c/o @SqualorVictoria Sali is the Guardian Beauty Columnist, active on Twitter and likes the singular (i.e. a good lip). We were previously discussing baked beans and 'weathery'. Click on the pink 'wiki' button above for background information.
  18. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #27 Because someone always asks

    Thanks to @SqualorVictoria for thread title. The last thread just ended on the bombshell Sali's eagerly awaited book (completely unique according to her publisher) will be out in Sept. Looks like the title will be 'Everything is washable and other life lessons' 🤭 (No don't laugh). She did a...
  19. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #26 Lipstick, lube and liberalism

    Thanks to @Curio and @TriviaNewtonJohn for the thread title. Recap of last thread: Tricky really as Sali hasn't done much apart from redoubled her efforts to sell stuff on IG. Possibly post hard-hitting documentary fatigue? There was a heartwarming and very natural scene under her Christmas...
  20. SqualorVictoria

    Sali Hughes #25 Gifted. I try very hard to pay but she will not have it

    Thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the title, this one got the most votes! Recap to follow, I need sleep! Continuing on from here:
  21. Jelly Bean

    Sali Hughes #24 She's gone totally QVC.

    Thanks to @Wolf359 for thread title with @TriviaNewtonJohn putting it forward. Well. Previous thread recap. Highlights include: - Sali's invaluable quirky take on cheap vs posh purchases including buying cheap coffins and pot noodles (no I'm not making this up). - An IGTV with rather odd...
  22. SqualorVictoria

    Sali Hughes #23 Swipe up Sali!

    Thanks to @Disillusioned for the thread title with the most likes! Much of the focus has been on the spectacular own goal of the documentary. We also learned that anyone who goes to lurk on Tattle is worse than the devil and destroys lives as they're furthering Tattle up Google search results...
  23. Yel

    Sali Hughes #22 pretty narcissistic

    Welcome to the new thread about the beauty influencer and writer Sali Hughes! Tile suggested by a few. Sali's long awaited documentary was on radio 4, it conveniently didn't mention any of her awful behaviour apart from a slight mention of her tracking down people and leaving...
  24. Badabing101

    Sali Hughes #21 A Sali by any other name would smell as sweet with pretty bitter topnotes

    Thanks to @Aude for the title with 13 votes, I had to change the title from “A Sali by any other name would smell as sweet (with somewhat bitter topnotes)” to the above for length. Little recap of previous thread - lots of Nuface chat, anti capitalist musings, Caitlin Moran’s book (she has...
  25. Badabing101

    Sali Hughes #20 Private Sali, always on parade

    I hope I’ve done this right! Summary of last thread. SH’s is on holiday in Greece, she announced she’d had breast reduction surgery in February pre lock down and made an informative IGTV about it. She has made reference to a documentary on bullying she is making. She’s also read her friend...
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