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Kate Heyes is a makeup teacher with a salon called ohdarlin in Liverpool. She also sells makeup lessons at khm online courses.
  1. Katie Hayes #14 Shelly Delly soon to be here, at this rate she’ll be born in Ikea

    New thread hope I’ve done it right!
  2. Katie Hayes #13 Truffle hog momma telling lockdown lies, daddy DIY is texting on the sly

    Recap for the newbies as posted on the previous thread by another member with some additional points... 1. Editing photos so much that she is unrecognisable. 2. Using someone else’s scan photos. 3. Flaunting lockdown and asking ridiculous questions about others in lockdown. Putting herself...
  3. Katie Hayes #12 SHE DOESN'T READ HERE

    Thread title by @NoseyHole20.. simple yet effective 😂 All I can think of now is Catch up here - https://tattle.life/tags/katie-hayes/
  4. Katie Hayes #11 I only eat truffle oil, not kale, on the shelves next to Olivia Hale

    New thread thanks to @CareBear2016 not sure if I’ve done it right... flying through these girls! Had to shorten the name soz it wouldn’t fit This was the most liked one I think
  5. Katie Hayes #10 Should be buying nappies & calpol, instead its 6 hour car rides an alchol

    Had to amend it slightly for fit! Hope you don't mind @Yorkshiretea123 🤞😁
  6. Kate Hayes #9 loves her fillet o fish, Served with Placenta and truffle oil

    New thread. Amended slightly to take swearing out. First time I've done this so hope it's right 🤦‍♀️😂
  7. Katie Hayes #8 Lockdown rules never applied, still don't know the date for the birth of my child.

    thanks @Melmoo for the new thread name with 45 likes!
  8. Katie Hayes #7 Secret tattle user, sympathy abuser

    New thread! Thanks to @gigi_93 for the title with 28 likes! If you’re new to the thread or want a catch up, see https://tattle.life/tags/katie-hayes/
  9. Katie Hayes #6

    New thread. title removed, continue as you were.
  10. Katie Hayes #5 Jenkos trying to con the MUA masses and DJ Indesit loves the brasses

    Khm aka jenko aka boss babe aka truffle butt new thread 👌🏼
  11. Katie Hayes #4 Licking brushes, pterodactyl screeches, top secret slippers and beef with peaches

    Welcome to the new thread about Kate Hayes! title suggested by @Mrs_F_1986 (title changed to something more suitable)
  12. Katie Hayes #3 Always copies other bloggers, DJ indesit can’t keep it in his joggers

    Thanks to @Not Today Satan for most likes at 35. Hope you don’t mind we added DJ indesit as there was call for it.
  13. Katie Hayes #2 Her king can't keep it in his pants, Katie loves her insta rants

    Had to shorten suggestion name as it was too long. Hope this is ok.
  14. Katie Hayes @katehayesmakeup

    I have followed Kate for a long time and really like her make up tutorials and seeing her beauty buys but what's happened she seems to be talking about drama and haters all the time 🤔and is that a new man she has now?? X
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