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Kate Heyes is a makeup teacher with a salon called ohdarlin in Liverpool. She also sells makeup lessons at khm online courses.
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  1. reCAPTCHA

    Katie Hayes #195 She’s a dupe of an influencer, and not a very good one at that!

    Thread title created by @WhatasadlifeJane and suggested by @Whatwouldyoudo. Carry on trolls……..
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    Katie Hayes #194 From Gaza to lip blush and Christmas wear, watch out Wirral she’s renting a chair!

    Shiny new thread for you lovely trolls. The title was the brainchild of @Not_A_Troll and I.
  3. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #193 it’s time to put the phone away, how else has Olive ended up in Alderhey?

    @gossip29 came in strong at the end of the last thread and wiped the floor clean with this thread connection *chefs kiss 🤌 We where treated to a gender reveal video in the last thread and what a treat it was. Shaky drone footage, Matts pink coloured smoke being visible within the first few...
  4. P

    Katie Hayes #192 Is she off her nut? That's not a bump, that's her gut!

    New thread guysss thread suggestion by @BirkenheadTranny 🥳 anybody fancy doing a recap?
  5. TaylorMomsen

    Katie Hayes #191 She’s up the duff, she’s still a scruff, here comes Geg 2 from our big Truff!

    Winning thread title from @Noseyscouser82 honourable mention to @Delstar with the option of " Greggnancy woes and the return of the nose" She's now pregnant, Tattle knew as soon as it was conceived as her inner circle isn't as inner as she likes to make out We're all excited for the wild ride...
  6. Wkdbird

    Katie Hayes #190

    Trolls I got to page 10 looking for the most liked thread suggestions and could not find one😭 so gone with this one! She’s one boring fuck but as she posted the other day she’s got the brat going to school and a holiday to Greece ! So strap yourselves in trolls hopefully we will have plenty to...
  7. reCAPTCHA

    Katie Hayes #189 Tattlers suspect Truffs up the duff. Thought Matt was avoiding her muff?

    Thread title courtesy of @BettyBeau. Carry on Tattlers. Can someone do a recap?
  8. Wkdbird

    Katie Hayes #188 Is she having a laugh? There's no water in that bath

    Well in @BirkenheadTranny with another fabulous title! Keeping it simple She’s a medf He’s a cheat The geg is one spoilt brat!
  9. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #187 Olives a top kayaker, Truff looks like a linebacker

    Well done to our @mchammerr for our latest thread title 👏 It's been quite a frugal time for the Makeups this June compared to last year. Truffs birthday celebrations weren't quite in keeping with those of previous years and we suspect that has everything to do with her being unable to scrounge...
  10. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #186 Got a blue tick on tick

    Hate to do it guys, but a big pat on the back to little old moì for the winning thread title And it's pretty self explanatory. Kate alongside a bunch of other desperate begs where offered the chance to BUY a coveted blue tick and Meta where laughing all the way to the bank. Because these begs...
  11. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #185 Desperate Dan & Gerry McCann, bumming round France, just for the ‘Gram

    Well done to @Retro80s for this very fitting and splendid thread title Indeed, Madame and Monsieur Delamere and their petite fille Olive jetted on over to the south of France to prance around venues in the hopes of finding their dream venue to hold their wedding. And it seems money was no...
  12. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #184 Delos swimmers being tested on tick. TTC? Truff’s taking the mick.

    Well done to @longtimelurker1992 for the winning thread title with the most votes Not much of a recap to add as the thread title says it all. Apparently fertility treatment is now available on klarna, unless you're an influencer claiming infertility and then it's #ad instead. Fertility...
  13. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #183 giving credit to father Nick Nick, why not sort out Mez’s wiper quick quick

    Well done to @longtimelurker1992 for the thread suggestion with the most votes. Love it 👏 👏 👏 Well, Easter has been and gone with the usual display of frivolous and needless pomp and ceremony, all for the purpose of keeping up with the other insta bums 🙄 But during the countless stories and...
  14. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #182 John Truffolta, stayin’ (only for an hour) aLive

    Well done to @Delstar for the cracking thread title Too drunk for a recap so, proceed 😁
  15. Wkdbird

    Katie Hayes #181 Are Caramella friend or foe? Letting her model her camels toe

    Thanks to @BirkenheadTranny for another hysterical thread title! Just in time for fat Fannie’s engagement pictures 🙌
  16. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #180 The “other girl” with the tommy tit tattoo

    Well done to @Rothsey for the winning thread title which is an absolute cracker 🎯 Kate still appears desperate for content and with the announcements of babies all around her and her being unable to fall pregnant within the first 2 weeks, she's decided on a 🌟 fertility journey 🌟 Of course, her...
  17. H

    Katie Hayes #179 Every weekend spent on the beg, drink driving and neglecting the little Geg 🫒

    Well done to @BirkenheadTranny Our Queen 👑 of the Thread titles another cracker 🤣🤣 I can't even bring myself to say anything other than what a sick fucker she is... Fertility issues are the latest subject that she is abusing for her Instagram engagement. She was a homeless child with mental...
  18. H

    Katie Hayes #178 Bond Skin (graft)

    Well done to our @BirkenheadTranny for the thread title... HILARIOUS !! One of my fave titles ever 🤣🤣😭😭⚰⚰ #BondSkinUkMeltFaces ⚠️⛔️ #KateHayesIsABum #WashYourHairYouDirtyMare #StillNoApology #READTHEWIKI⬆🟥
  19. H

    Katie Hayes #177 KHM has a poo kink and a one seater sofa that’s next to the sink.

    Well done to @Violetx for the thread title 👏🏻👏🏻 So the latest is apparently famous Kate has an Agent - who watches all her Instagram lives , moderates the comments & keeps a record of who is watching them 🤣🤣 We are awaiting confirmation if the agent is working with the Police on KHMs Big...
  20. H

    Katie Hayes #176 Big O keeps on earning Proud Momma keeps on gurning & she's scrolling down on Tattle 🎶

    This belter had to be in the next thread title didn't it ! Brilliant @BirkenheadTranny !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Recap: Talking about Farting , Shit , Poo, Wanking, Trolls, More Poo- another miscarriage (but not a miscarriage) Chemical Pregnancy thrown in.... Greasy hair, Grey Hoody... then some more Shit...
  21. H

    Katie Hayes #175 The Bison and Delo went to bed, the Bison rolled over and Delo was dead

    Well done to one of our fave trolls @Rothsey for the AMAZING thread title 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 We go again trolls.... Here's Kate Delo 2nd Fiancées shit blag engagement ring that she's hiding.... just because....We can 🤣🤣 #ReadTheWiki ⬆🟥🟥🟥🟥
  22. H

    Katie Hayes #174 two mums in a pod. The laughing stock and the sharpei fod

    Well done to Our @BirkenheadTranny on the boss thread title.... it got there in the end girl haha !! #KateHayesIsAScruff #ThePodcastWasShit #StillSkint #StillEditsHerPhotos #StillNoApology #ReadTheWiki ⬆️🟥
  23. BirkenheadTranny

    Katie Hayes #173 says hiding her ring as not to brag.. truth is tho..her rock is blag

    Fuming that my thread title got beaten by a mere 3 votes so begrudgingly I must congratulate @Hereforthegossss You won, Goss. Enjoy the win, I hope it makes you very happy' Anyhooooo, our truff monster still hasnt revealed her fake ring for fear of people saying.... well... its fake 🙄 as one...
  24. Wkdbird

    Katie Hayes #172 Kate no one is jealous of you, we just like rubbing it in, your Delos fiancée number two

    Massive well done to @Hereforthegossss on another hysterical thread title! What a year 2023 is going to be for fat tits!! please please please can we have a recap from @Eleanor Abernathy’s Cat 🙌 as always read the wiki
  25. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #171 Congratulations Matt on your second engagement.

    What a day trolls!!! Happy new year to us all 💍 🥂 kickstarted 2023 with the return of the SCRIPTS from everyone’s fave OG @QueenBarb2 💋 thanks @OkTinkerbell for the title 👏🏻 absolutely hysterical and so apt please @Eleanor Abernathy’s Cat recap or we riot!!!!!! read the wiki xoxo 💋 (been a...