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Kate Heyes is a makeup teacher with a salon called ohdarlin in Liverpool. She also sells makeup lessons at khm online courses.
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  1. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #84 still not engaged

    83 thousand comments calling you out for acting the twat Kate!!!! I genuinely thought the bespoke proposal was coming well done yet again @Hereforthegossss 🔥🤣🤣🤣 girl you are on fire!!! How many is this now 👏🏻 also special mention to @Violetx just missed the boat ❤ eagerly awaiting the new...
  2. Eleanor Abernathy

    Katie Hayes #83 ft The Car Seat Kid.

    Well done to @RitaSueBobtoo for the thread title suggestion and @TheGhostofShirleyBallas for the inspiration. The shitshow goes on.. The Edinburgh trip continued with a very quiet Sunday. Maybe due to the fact she was hanging out of her arse after her pub crawl with Olive. Maybe because she...
  3. Eleanor Abernathy

    Katie Hayes #82 Loves the Scottish and canny not wait to get me some hagus

    Well done to @Moomin_mama for the thread title, had to alter it slightly to fit. The story so far - Asked on her stories would people like to see more of the background photos of the shoot for her Ali Express range then showed them straight away anyway without waiting for a response. Her dress...
  4. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #81 Planning for poppet's beay. Got to bum, beg & collab coz Momma won’t pay

    Thread 81🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for the title @Hereforthegossss how many have you had now 🤣 👏🏻 had to shorten it to fit soz Eighty thousand comments about you acting the twat Kate Continue here my trollz! Read the wiki 💋 Xoxo
  5. Eleanor Abernathy

    Katie Hayes #80 Kate is rattled because Wayne mentioned Tattle

    As if we’re at number 80!! Well done to @Rothsey who got over 100 votes for the excellent title. Quick catch up - The No Excuse for Abuse podcast was finally released with Predator-In-Chief Wayne Lineker at the helm, coming across like a slightly confused village elder and Kate confusing the...
  6. C

    Katie Hayes #79 Crying & lying to old man Wayne. Still editing photos she's got no shame

    New thread - thanks to @Hereforthegossss for the thread title. (Ps never done this before so hope it's set up right!) Actual thread title is Katie Hayes #79 Crying & Lying to Old Man Wayne. Still editing those photos she's got no shame. If someone cleverer than me can edit it to fit. It's...
  7. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #78 Still telling lies, eating Scampi fries with lashes hanging off her eyes.

    New thread thanks @Noteanoshade 🥳 I’m still not over fuckin SCAMPI FRIES! Not well 🤣 READ THE WIKI!!!! 💋 xoxo
  8. FoxyNasa

    Katie Hayes #77 The notorious P.I.G.

    I’ve waited long enough for my thread I took my opportunity. Ban me if it’s that bad. JUST READ THE WIKI Enjoy my trolls (Love you Blair x) I’ve fucked up how do I close the other one 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #76 drunk and disorderly on the train, wiki is evidence of the journey of shame

    Thread 76 Jesus wept trollz it’s been 4 days I think that’s a record 🤣🤣 she really is the gift that keeps on giving congratulations @Hereforthegossss yet again with a massive 87 likes 🤣🔥 soz I had to shorten it to fit as always new trollz please read the wiki at the top as you were xoxo
  10. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #75 Indiana Jones & Bison Fury-Read the wiki for their true love story

    Saturday night and it’s time for #75 @Wkdbird girl my thoughts are with you at this distressing time 🙏🏼 but the most liked suggestion came from @Hereforthegossss 🤣 👏🏻 congratulations 🥳 read the wiki new trollz!!! I’ve got 7 pages to catch up from the last one soz if anyone wants too do a...
  11. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #74 Going Dubai since she was born, doesn't need a filter thanks to Le Prawn

    Thanks @Bloomer for this thread title. These get funnier every time 🤣🤣🤣 read the wiki blah blah. For any newbies, kate was putting La Prairie lipstick on and the thick fuck couldn’t pronounce it so just called it le prawn 😭😭😭😭😭😭 is it just me or is she getting more boring by the day? ETA I...
  12. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #73 She is as fake as press on nails

    New thread thanks to my good self 🤣 my first ever Truff thread title. Feel a cunt congratulating myself think I’ll treat myself to some nails from y2k1 and some brushes which look like they’ll snap as soon as and blend my collection foundation over my lips. Let’s crack open the FIZZZ! the...
  13. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #72 Liar liar, Manuel’s size 12 pants on fire

    Thanks @Rothsey babeeee for the title 💋 Continue here trollzzzz read the wiki 💋 xoxo
  14. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #71 I am John Elton

    Thanks @Hamburglar for the thread title 🤣🤣 please continue here my trollzzzz can someone do a recap for the inevitable new trolls READ THE WIKI
  15. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #70 Don’t share pics of my proppet unless of course I’m going to profit

    New thread my trollz🤣🤣 Congratulations @the_moonins for this title... never a truer word spoken Read the wiki!!!
  16. Blair-Waldorf

    Katie Hayes #69 Beaten to the big revel by my trolls, Home Bargains make up brushes for little kids dolls

    Thread 69 and feeling fine🤣 New thread time ... we are fucking flying through these my trolls! Let’s see how long the social media break lasts 😴 thanks @yeahyouhun for the suggestion ❤ Any new members welcome to the thread ❤ please READ THE WIKI! can someone do a recap please
  17. JellyDonut

    Kate Hayes #68 dry your eyes mate...

    New thread title thanks to @yellowsocksisback READ THE WIKI
  18. Blair-Waldorf

    Kate Hayes #67 banter, body, face ya big disgrace all over the place. Delo singing we will we will panel you

    New thread .. tried my best to get it to fit @EnolaHolmes congratulations TROLL! 🤣 Original suggestion was Kate Hayes #67 banter, body, face ya Big disgrace, waving tyre tits all over the place. Delo singing we will, we will panel you I think I speak for us all when I say today has been a...
  19. Lurkymclurkinson1

    Kate Hayes #66 Egg in a cup has us more excited than Truffs makeup

    New thread thanks to @Poirotthepigeon 👍 READ THE WIKI TROLLS 😎
  20. JellyDonut

    Kate Hayes #65 Baby is a prop, life is a flop

    Never made a thread before so hope I’ve done this right! Thread title with the most suggestions was by @gigi_93 READ THE WIKI (pink button at the top!)
  21. Lurkymclurkinson1

    Katie Hayes #64 I am UJane Bolt

    New thread thanks to @Poirotthepigeon READ THE WIKI ✌️
  22. M

    Katie Hayes #63

    New thread, if you want to dip out of a thread that's fine. But members aren't allowed to tell others not to post. Announcing that you're not posting is still trying to shut down the conversation. There's no difference as to if fans come here to tell people not to post or if tattlers do it.
  23. yeahyouhun

    Katie Hayes #62 Cant afford “nursry” might ask the government for a bursary

    Congrats on the thread title @L.j.l.20 👏🏼 TLDR: READ THE WIKI (pink box at the top right of the page)
  24. Cindy-Lou Who

    Kate Hayes #61 Wash your hair, you dirty mare. You're a fright and your box is..

    Thanks @Doll-Parts for the very fitting thread suggestion. All information from previous threads can be found on the Wiki (top of the page, bright pink button). This is the first time I've created a thread so hope I've done it right 😬
  25. Lurkymclurkinson1

    Katie Hayes #60 Weaning expert who can’t spell lentil, Truff you're absolutely mental

    New thread thanks to @backtonosey I had to edit to fit & take swearing out 😘 hope its ok 🤞 READ THE WIKI 💋👀
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