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Food and Drink is a British television series on BBC Two. First broadcast between 1982 and 2002, it was the first national television programme in the UK to cover the subject of food and drink without cookery and recipe demonstrations.

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  1. Orphan_Black

    Food and Drink #51

    Beep boop, new thread pals x
  2. zetta buttons

    Food and Drink #50

    Thread for discussions all things panda capybara music from our youth that we want. Chat away ninnies.
  3. Witchfinder Sargeant

    Food and Drink #49

    Mither on, ninnies.
  4. EddieBeds

    Food and Drink #48

    New thread - which Festive Duck are we? ETA for the thread sheepos:
  5. Witchfinder Sargeant

    Food and Drink #47

    Some champion mithering in the last thread, gang. Carry on.
  6. Orphan_Black

    Food and Drink #46 Sponsored by Primula

    I'd think of a witty cheese pun but I camembert.
  7. Orphan_Black

    Food and Drink #45

    New thread, y'all
  8. Orphan_Black

    Food and Drink #44

    Hello dear hearts, new thread for all our chatter. Here's Jupiter enjoying his new pillow to start us off, we're having a lazy Saturday watching the rain. (Please ignore the mess, still decorating!)
  9. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #43

    A shiny new thread for all your #facts, duckos and off-topic mithering (which I have today learned is not pronounced mithering but instead is mithering, who knew?).
  10. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #42 Cleopatra, coming atcha

    We have a thread title courtesy of Bubbly D via @MavisBeacon congrats to you both. You win a voucher for Shop4Ducks (not spon) where you can apparently buy lots of Union Jack tat as well as this cursed carnival fellow. Continue all off-the-clock mithering!
  11. Orphan_Black

    Food And Drink #41

    Toot Toot, new thread for all your facts and food
  12. HotesTilaire

    Food And Drink #40

    Here is the new thread, where nothing is off topic. Or on topic. Saturday is Caturday, but so is every day. It’s also Facturday but that’s not an actual rule. Butter your snakes and put your crochet frog bonnets on!
  13. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #39

    Continue all off-topic mithering here! Anything and everything goes. Cattos, doggos, sheepos, horseos, supportos, factos, we've got it all.
  14. PunkyMonkey

    Food and Drink #38

    Welcome one and all to the Lunar New Year edition of the legendary F&D thread, our slightly bonkers sanctuary. We've got food, drink, cats, horses, people avoiding other threads, intense mini egg chat and a slew of other daily struggles from health conditions to storage conundrums. Previous...
  15. HotesTilaire

    Food and Drink #37 Happy New Year

    Carry on talking about everything and anything, and occasionally food and drink kink 🥕to the last thread - saucy carrot
  16. Falkor

    Food and Drink #36

    New thread for Facturday :)
  17. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #35

    Continue all off-topic chat here, mendacious ninnies. Send better-first-post-in-new-threados.
  18. Captainmouse

    Food and Drink #34 Big Pea!

    New thread, the Nhs being in the pocket of big pea tickled me. carry on, it’s still national black cat day for a little while previous thread
  19. KebabGirl

    Food and Drink #33

    Fresh thread to enjoy! Not just F&D - all general chat. Pet pictures are always welcome.
  20. Orphan_Black

    Food and Drink #32

    New thread, pals. (If this one ends up as cursed as the MT then you have my permission to burn me at the stake.)
  21. Into_the_tunnel

    Food and Drink #31

    Thread 31 is upon us. Will anything happen? Who knows? Maybe a pantry moth (whatever a pantry moth is) will fly in unannounced and demand attention. Maybe a quokka will throw its young out of its pouch in anger. WFK. Anyway, we are here to discuss anything and everything and mainly be lovely...
  22. Into_the_tunnel

    Food and Drink #30

    Thread for people to discuss well, food and drink, cats, dogs, life stuff and everything in between. Occassionally we talk about the JM thread (termed MT) but not for long and soon get back on topic. Everyone is welcome. Pandas and things with paws and beaks are particularly welcome.
  23. Hollaaa

    Food and Drink #29

    Come on in, we have ice pops, fully eco-friendly fans and something warming for our upside-down contingent.
  24. Pocahontas

    Food and Drink #28

    The perpetual catatonic reprise (Monroe, J., 2022) continues here 🌸
  25. HotesTilaire

    Food and Drink #27

    Keep on gossiping about food, drink or anything else Saturday is #facturday