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Food and Drink is a British television series on BBC Two. First broadcast between 1982 and 2002, it was the first national television programme in the UK to cover the subject of food and drink without cookery and recipe demonstrations.

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  1. KebabGirl

    Food and Drink #33

    Fresh thread to enjoy! Not just F&D - all general chat. Pet pictures are always welcome.
  2. Orphan_Black

    Food and Drink #32

    New thread, pals. (If this one ends up as cursed as the MT then you have my permission to burn me at the stake.)
  3. Into_the_tunnel

    Food and Drink #31

    Thread 31 is upon us. Will anything happen? Who knows? Maybe a pantry moth (whatever a pantry moth is) will fly in unannounced and demand attention. Maybe a quokka will throw its young out of its pouch in anger. WFK. Anyway, we are here to discuss anything and everything and mainly be lovely...
  4. Into_the_tunnel

    Food and Drink #30

    Thread for people to discuss well, food and drink, cats, dogs, life stuff and everything in between. Occassionally we talk about the JM thread (termed MT) but not for long and soon get back on topic. Everyone is welcome. Pandas and things with paws and beaks are particularly welcome.
  5. Hollaaa

    Food and Drink #29

    Come on in, we have ice pops, fully eco-friendly fans and something warming for our upside-down contingent.
  6. Pocahontas

    Food and Drink #28

    The perpetual catatonic reprise (Monroe, J., 2022) continues here 🌸
  7. HotesTilaire

    Food and Drink #27

    Keep on gossiping about food, drink or anything else Saturday is #facturday
  8. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #26

    More off-topic discussions about anything and everything that has nothing at all to do with 5' 1.7" grifters.
  9. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #25 Collaborative coconut chaos

    Let the off-topic conversation continue. It's #Facturday every Saturday so bring your best facts, unless like me you're an idiot who doesn't know any facts and then you can constantly be astounded by facts. Did you know snakes have toenails? That's just one of the many facts we have learnt.
  10. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #24

    May this thread provide a safe haven from lunar chaoses, praise beans 🙏 Regular sending of cattos, doggos and rattos is appreciated but not enforced.
  11. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #23

    I couldn't think of a good thread title, send helpos! Continue here with anything that would threaten to derail the MT including but not limited to our favourite songs to serenade our cats with and the best food to entice Terrys into your garden.
  12. traumatised sideboard

    Food and Drink #22 Off-topic Jacktivities

    Thank you @Pixieboots for the new thread title! Feel free to post about anything off-topic. Send cattos, doggos, sheepos or weatheros.
  13. HotesTilaire

    Food and Drink #21

    Nothing is off topic here!
  14. Captainmouse

    Food and Drink #20

    New thread time cocktails are currently being served
  15. Sardine

    Fast food, what do you order?

    Being a fast food fan and very hungry, I'm wondering what everyone's go to is 😊 not sure if Taco Bell is everywhere now but there's a few in London. I visited the wendys in reading recently too. McDonald's - Big Mac Meal, Mcflurry, sometimes I split 3 selects with my bf & also buy a triple...
  16. Grigiogirls

    Ninja Foodi UK - recipes

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has a Ninja Foodi multicooker? Can't seem to find many UK recipes online, all seem to be American. Would anyone like to share their recipes/dishes that they like to do in theirs? Looking for some inspo, TIA. 😋🥘
  17. Pocahontas

    Food and Drink #19

    Toot toot! All welcome.
  18. EddieBeds

    Food and Drink #18

    I couldn’t see any thread suggestions, nor engage my brain to think of something witty! Welcome one and all for all things food and drink and all things not food and drink related. Recap of last thread: @Falkor provided beautiful lambing updates. 🐑 💕 Thanks Poca for your Food and Drink for...
  19. Pocahontas

    Food and Drink #17

    A new thread for food, drink and most other things 😂 There were no thread title suggestions and I couldn’t think of a snazzy name, so we just have the number. All welcome 🌸
  20. Pocahontas

    Food and Drink #16 Liedown larder

    Welcome to the new Food and Drink (translation: life, the universe and everything) thread! There were no thread title suggestions, so I have named this one in honour of @Alansbigplate patent pending #alansliedownlarder. When sailing the rocky seas of lockdown, we all need a lie down from time...
  21. TheRoyalHousekeeper

    Anyone get ‘sore skin’ after over eating ?

    This is a weird one but does anyone get a large appetite and graze all day (usually on a hangover) and get terrible sore skin as though your whole body is bruised (painful to put even a bra on and to touch) feeling foggy and hazey in the head, puffy face and body, bad digestion/gas etc that...
  22. 265

    Branded foods or shops own Brand?

    It's "holiday" season and what most people do is buy a tub of sweets. Quality Street, Roses, Heroes and so on. I personally love the Sainsbury's "Chocolate Treats, cheaper but very nice and my Mother likes them too. My Brother on the other hand will not eat them because they are not "the...
  23. Pocahontas

    Food and Drink #15 Christmas time, here’s our toes and wine

    Well, well, well ... done! To that ruddy lovely @Alansbigplate 🎉 Will this thread bring us to all the way to Christmas? Going to kick off a Christmassy discussion and put to the floor the topic of mince pies. I’m currently trying the Lidl deluxe mince pies. Verdict: Not too deep with the mince...
  24. 265

    Alternative to Turkey (because you might not get one)

    Bad news, can't order a Turkey for xmas, according to my branch of Sainsbury's they haven't taken orders for 2 weeks. Other supermarkets have the same problem. So if we can't get one by the 22nd Dec it will be a Roast Lamb on xmas day.. If you can't get a Turkey, what will you have instead?
  25. TheRoyalHousekeeper

    Over drink on Sat/Binge eat on Sun/Groggy and bloated on Mon 🥴

    This is a bit random but just wanted to see if anyone else does the same ? I watch my calories all week from Monday - Friday and live an active healthy lifestyle but then Saturday for me is treat day, I cook delicious food, drink delicious drinks (with my partner) listen to music and thoroughly...
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