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  1. RandomAlpaca22

    Emily Canham #28 Six years on and she’s still in a situationship

    New thread thanks to @bellbells16 for the suggestion and @doodlebug for suggesting it as a thread title! Recap: That's all. Emily STILL loves Emily and only Emily.
  2. RandomAlpaca22

    Emily Canham #27 Still desperate for a spouse in her mismatched house

    New thread title thanks to @taniaxo for your winning suggestion! Whats new? Emily still loves Emily
  3. RandomAlpaca22

    Emily Canham #26 Ex-Boyfriends on high rotation, bloody awful home renovation

    New thread for the home reno QUEEN🥳 Thank you @boopthatnose for your winning suggestion! Recap: - house looks shit - no storage in the kitchen - still no sign of Cody coming back to live with EmLie - took her weeks to unpack and she milked it for vlogs (so exciting and wholesome guys) - was...
  4. polkamoon

    Emily Canham #25 Looking like a rake, back with Jake, is it fake? For goodness sake

    Well done to @taniaxo for the winning thread title with 64 likes!! Tiny recap is that she was maybe back with Jake, and now she’s maybe back with James? I have no idea just that she’s def buying her likes on insta.
  5. polkamoon

    Emily canham #24 honesty about her breakup is a no-no, but her revenge look; well, it’s giving momo

    Winning thread title courtesy of @jl1994 Other than finally to admitting to a break up, can anyone be bothered to do a recap?
  6. JellyDonut

    Emily Canham #23 I’m at my parents house forever

    Winning title courtesy of @friedeggontoast Please can someone do a recap?
  7. JellyDonut

    Emily Canham #22 Rollercoaster day forgetting her purse; there is no humanitarian crisis worse!!!

    Well done @jl1994 for the winning thread title. Can someone do a recap please?
  8. doodlebug

    Emily Canham #21 Makes more effort with her sourdough than her spaniel #justiceforcody

    Thanks to @Jesuschristo and @bellbells16 for the thread title! Recap: - Emily has moved back to Stratford into her #kindlygifted apartment - Insists on dragging poor Cody backwards and forwards between London and her parents’ house - Is going backwards and forwards herself between LA and London...
  9. G

    Emily Canham #20 Lips getting bigger, too much filler, looking like Michael Jacksons Thriller

    The recap is in the title. Her new lips and face look awful. Nothing else interesting going on in her life. James still ignores her and runs away any chance he gets. She's moved out of her parents house yet again. Her own house is still being worked on Winning thread title is by @Binx !
  10. C

    Emily Canham #19 the biggest bore, vloggings a chore, James doesn't want her in L.A anymore

    Thread title by @Binx 😁 Went with this one from the post, but just so it's said right at the start... Emily Canham #19: Boring
  11. D

    Emily Canham #18 The Sisterhood of the travelling Nespresso machine

    Winning title goes to @refriedbeans Recap anyone? (Hope I did this right!)
  12. JellyDonut

    Emily Canham #17 Her content is worse than her boyfriend’s music

    Thanks to @bellbells16 for the thread title suggestion (had to edit it as thread titles can’t contain swear words - original suggestion was “Her content is more shit than her boyfriend’s music”) anyone care enough to do a recap?
  13. A

    Emily Canham #16 Her content would put you to sleep, but it’s not that deep

    First time doing this so hopefully correct 🙏🏻 thanks @bellbells16 for thread title. catch up anyone?
  14. Lechat

    Emily Canham #15 He didn’t crash the wedding after all, but she flew to LA the second he called

    Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/emily-canham-14-no-ones-in-to-say-welcome-home-because-poor-old-emily-had-to-buy-her-house-alone.24445/ Can someone attempt a recap?? editing to add thread title thanks to @Folkevermore
  15. Stitched

    Emily Canham #14 No one’s in to say “Welcome Home” because poor old Emily had to buy her house alone

    Title from @Abbybabyyy 🙌🏻 Brief recap but someone can feel free to do their own, I try to block out most of her bull unless I read it here! - American borders opened up to the UK, no sign of EmLie rushing to see James - EmLie bought her “dream house” and is renovating it… Hinch style it’d...
  16. Stitched

    Emily Canham #13 Not her fault if you’re triggered, still no James.. who’d have figured?

    Shortened title from “Emily canham #13: not her fault if you get triggered, still no sign of james.. who’d have figured?” as it wouldn’t fit - title by @Lurker2867 👏🏻 Anyone want to do a recap? Also think this is suitable: TRIGGER WARNING: Possible(?) Eating Disorder
  17. L

    Emily Canham #12 Been to the year 3000, not much has changed and James is still in LA

    ✨✨Title suggested by @Dwightschrute ✨✨ anyone want to do a recap?
  18. 0cbxox

    Emily Canham #11 We are actually just worried about her health

    Succinct thread title by @StephenTJackson Emily appears to have lost a concerning amount of weight and hasn't really addressed it apart from these Instagram comments. If someone else has any other info they'd like to recap please go ahead. TW: We've been speculating that she may have an ED, so...
  19. calmyourritas

    Emily Canham #10 Abs are fake, boyfriend’s a flake, are her subscribers even awake?

    Figured we need a new thread to celebrate her birthday in style. Thread title by @Stitched 🥳💖 Anyone care to do a recap?
  20. calmyourritas

    Emily Canham #9 Been to the year 3000 and James is STILL in LA

    Absolutely hilarious thread title by @Stitched Can someone do a recap please?
  21. Oohthedrama

    Emily Canham #8 she has the personality of a really really thin.. cucumber

    Way over the 1000 posts so continue here! if there’s a title you want to add reply to this, I just made one up for the min. Who doesn’t love cucumbers 😐 They're not just for eating disordered hunger suppression kids, it’s a party in your mouth.
  22. calmyourritas

    Emily Canham #7 Imhereforever bein tall, will James return from LA at all

    Well done to @Libertine1975 for the thread title with 55 likes. I had to edit slightly to fit - original is Imhereforever being tall, Will James come back from LA at all? if someone could do a rundown that would be fab - I need to watch Boris and then Strictly is on!
  23. B

    Emily Canham #6 Busted breaking lockdown law all to get Botox in my “locked” jaw.

    New Thread! Thanks @bellbells16 Round up: - Same old boring life. - James has gone back to LA. - Drama over her post lockdown 'glow up' as it looked like she attended appointments before it was legally allowed. - More discussion about her height, is she 5ft 7 or 5f 10?
  24. B

    Emily Canham #5 Compulsive liar, maid service supplier, lockdown breach denier, relationship is dire

    New Thread! Had to shorten the name but thankyou to @Jesuschristo. Previous thread round up: - Embarrassing instagram lives with James and Emily. - Emily is now back in London or wherever, James has his family in Cornwall. - Emily redecorated his house only to leave after a few weeks. - More...
  25. Oohthedrama

    Emily Canham #4 She's that boring we can't even think of a title suggestion...

    Titles suggested by @gee_beth and SO accurate. So Emily. continue here.