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  1. Emily Canham #6 Busted breaking lockdown law all to get Botox in my “locked” jaw.

    New Thread! Thanks @bellbells16 Round up: - Same old boring life. - James has gone back to LA. - Drama over her post lockdown 'glow up' as it looked like she attended appointments before it was legally allowed. - More discussion about her height, is she 5ft 7 or 5f 10?
  2. Emily Canham #5 Compulsive liar, maid service supplier, lockdown breach denier, relationship is dire

    New Thread! Had to shorten the name but thankyou to @Jesuschristo. Previous thread round up: - Embarrassing instagram lives with James and Emily. - Emily is now back in London or wherever, James has his family in Cornwall. - Emily redecorated his house only to leave after a few weeks. - More...
  3. Emily Canham #4 She's that boring we can't even think of a title suggestion...

    Titles suggested by @gee_beth and SO accurate. So Emily. continue here.
  4. Emily Canham #3 buying kids clothes in every haul, just to prove she’s soooo small

    Hey team, time for a new thread! 😬 ( inserts 12 mid roll ads and James Bourne’s voice to prove I’m still dating a member of busted) thanks to @charlie6578 for the suggestion, continue here.
  5. Emily Canham #2 constantly busted for my lies! imhereforever or until James send’s me home!

    New thread for the lovely Emily....... thanks to @Mac900 for the title, and we needed to got busted in there somewhere 🤣 continue here!
  6. Emily Canham

    Noticed she has a few threads on GG but none on here, so decided to make one :), I just find her insufferable
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