Emily Canham #13 Not her fault if you’re triggered, still no James.. who’d have figured?

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So overdramtic as if not going to LA was that big of a deal…

But sounds like she’ll be on the first flight out!

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She acts like James didn't spend nearly 5 months in the UK last year during the first lockdown and he has been back to visit twice since. He could have been here more if he CHOOSE to be here. He's also still currently here and yet she's back at home with her parents? You'd think that they'd at least go down to Cornwall to spend a bit of time together. James really seems keen to keep her away from there. How nervous do you think he got last year when she started "renovating the crazy room" and making herself at home?

I'm calling it now, she'll get over to LA and she still won't be happy and will be home very quickly because reasons.

"Longest year and a half of my life" oh shush Em please 😴 Working on a covid ward with no annual leave, no holidays (oh sorry my bad 'work trips'🙄), nothing except work, yes longest year and a half of my life (i aren't complaining as i love my job and am very fortunate to still be employed considering the job losses through covid). I would love to claim that sitting at home being paid to film myself clear out my closet for the 10th time in a year, wander round Bicester village and be paid to go on a Disney cruise for a change of scenery was the 'longest year of my life'. She is so so out of touch with reality and completely oblivious to actual, real struggles people have experienced this past year. She needs to get off her high horse and get back to reality, that comment on her story almost comes across sarcastic 😒


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How nervous do you think he got last year when she started "renovating the crazy room" and making herself at home?
Still makes me laugh how they did that big IKEA trip and she bought so much shit for the house including fancy outdoor furniture and the literal NEXT DAY or so she was sent packing and James’ family moved back in. You just know she’d be seething considering how tight she is with money. Spent a load on decor and furniture and didn’t really get to enjoy it herself! 😂


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I actually hate her so much. Try having cancer and being too scared to leave your house Emily, that’s long.
Yea this just come across so wrong….all those people that have been on the front line, that have lost loved ones, jobs, homes etc and all Emily is worried about is her lack of holiday for 18mths? She has has it SO easy and doesnt even seem to acknowledge that! Also, I haven’t been on holiday for years not just because of covid but because I physically can’t afford to, but I don’t constantly moan about it to people and feel sorry for myself! She has the funds to basically go anywhere she wants whenever she wants, she should think herself bloody lucky!!!


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She’s a horrible person. She has no awareness of the world and her posts like this are tone deaf to say the least.

Imagine thinking that not going to LA for a year was the end of the world.. selfish cow.

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Came here to post the same. I could understand where she was coming from (to an extent) say had James been solely trapped in the US this whole time. The fact she got to see her boyfriend more than a lot of other couples got to see each other due to restrictions, and the fact that she’s acting like she’s been through this life-altering thing by not being able to go to Catch LA and Nobu and whatever else the fuck she does, is pathetic. She’s so shallow it’s a joke. It’s not about being with James. It’s the image she portrays by being able to be this jet setting glamorous travel girl. She’s so beyond vapid honestly, it’s nauseating.
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