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  1. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #154

    We discussed loads in the previous thread, Taylor, Michael J fox, beyonce, paloma faith, Jess Glynn, Gregg, the BAFTAs, Christian Horner. most liked post by @petitspois https://tattle.life/threads/secret-celebrity-gossip-153.44047/post-18404824 This thread is dedicated to Steve Wright...
  2. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #153

    153 folks. It was the Gregg Wallace thread after his Saturday review. Gregg must be getting a good night’s sleep as we speak in preparation for his gym session. The gym opens early just for him so he can’t let them down. Most liked post was by @artnouveau...
  3. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #152

    Carry on gossiping if there is any gossip…. We talked about Saltburn , Taylor Swift, Epstein, Barbie‘s lack of nominations for Margot and Greta and what a rat Kyle Walker is along with Lauryn Goodman Special mention to @Mancunian with the most liked comment...
  4. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #151

    Here for 151. We discussed Barry Keoghan, Vogue, hot men, Cillian Murphy maybe working in Tesco. Ioan Gruffudd got engaged Shane Duffy has split up with his wife Lisa Kate is in hospital and the King is awaiting treatment, Lorraine, Cliff made an appearance We loved the Have you seen a...
  5. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #150

    Today is blue Monday so enjoy We have reached #150 gang. In the last thread we spoke Jennifer Aniston, where Geri may or may not have gone to school and some of us are transfixed by Kyle Walkergate drama Carry on ❤
  6. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #149

    First week of 2024 and where is the gossip? Most liked post in the last thread was this one about George ❤ from @Fisharr https://tattle.life/threads/secret-celebrity-gossip-148.43428/post-17863462 There was mention of Dermot o Leary in a 🧀 way And these notable highlighted pictures from...
  7. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #148

    Carry on gossiping. No thread patrons as the majority have spoken 🥲 As this is likely to be the final thread of 2023, We lost amongst others, Tina Turner, Paul O’Grady, Sir Bobby Charlton, Sinéad O’Connor and Matthew Perry. RIP. We chatted about the Huw Edwards allegations , Philip Schofield...
  8. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #147

    Carrying on pouring that tea. We discussed a lot in the last thread such as Cliff, Tess Daly, the Pogues, the Beatles, Eric Cantona, the list goes on. As Christmas is a week away our patrons are all set for the season. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas ❤
  9. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #146

    Our thread patrons to see us off on our way. Keep pouring that tea.
  10. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #145

    New thread. Our patrons blessing us below. Us praying for some gossip so we do not need to talk about names, locations etc
  11. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #144

    New thread. Please keep pouring that tea. Our patrons as always to bless us on our way. A thread related to current experiences related to schools / university right here so this thread doesn’t go off-topic : https://tattle.life/threads/experiences-at-school-university.42882/
  12. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #143

    As you were.
  13. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #142

    Another new thread Six thread patrons Hope it is ok to dedicate this thread to Matthew Perry who tragically passed away last weekend. Rest in peace Matthew and thanks for all the laughs. .
  14. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #141

    Six thread patrons - it was quite rightly pointed out that we didn’t have any female patrons. Welcome Kylie, Julie and Dolly to the tattle hall of fame. In the last thread we discussed loads but it could be summed up with polenta chips.
  15. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #140

    In the last thread, we discussed Cliff, celebs who we have a soft spot for, James Haskell, Matt Lucas, David Williams amongst other things. Three thread patrons as is tradition And if you don’t mind, dedicating thread 140 to Sir Bobby who we lost today RIP ❤ As you were
  16. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #139

    Carry on gossiping. Yes this actually happened. Live from Jerusalem. Three thread patrons to send us on our way.
  17. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #138

    Carrying on gossiping plus our three thread patrons As you were.
  18. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #137

    Carry on gossiping. Three thread patrons as per tradition.
  19. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #136

    As you were. And as per thread tradition now with 3 thread patrons.
  20. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #135

    New thread right here: George and Keanu. As you were ❤
  21. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #134

    As you were. Apologies to anyone who doesn’t like George. ❤ If you want to nominate another thread Saint feel free.
  22. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #133

    The countdown is on 9pm channel 4. As you were George as always ❤
  23. caroleffinbaskin

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #132

    Carry on tattling! ---
  24. BiffasBeemer

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #131

    Here we are some more celeb gossip! Here is the link to 130 https://tattle.life/threads/secret-celebrity-gossip-130.41312/ As you were get gossiping - starting now!!
  25. HaloGirl

    Secret Celebrity Gossip #130

    Carry on as you were. And here’s a traditional picture of George.