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  1. quinzel

    Talia Oatway & Aaron Chalmers #3 Sex toys, puppy farm, covid can do no harm

    New thread suggestion winner was armyofone with 3 votes! Recap - Aaron's somehow managed to blag a deal with Sky to promote a fight he has coming up. Which I am sure will result in world domination a trip to A&E. Talia is continuing to ruin her face with new teeth and cheeks so full she...
  2. Eyeofthetiger

    Talia Oatway & Aaron Chalmers #2 traps him with babies galore, bet he wishes he was on GS

    New thread, title goes to @Shamelesshorse Talia’s trapping Aaron with babies galore, bet he wishes he could run back to Geordie Shore. She had her baby early by emergency section and Aaron has been ‘Amazing’ just being a normal dad instead of spending all his time away at fight camp. 1...
  3. S

    Talia Oatway & Aaron Chalmers (Geordie Shore)

    I’ve had to unfollow him and his girlfriend talia on Instagram. Constantly Ads Dull as dishwater. Didn’t they split up recently?
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