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  1. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #35 Car crashes and flowers from friendszzz, everything sounds better with zzs on the endszzz

    Well gewwwws here we are thread 35. I had to slightly amend the title as it was too long 🙄TLDR: Sasha is still a robbing, scamming, thieving, tragic cnut. Quiet on social media since the news that she ADMITTED stealing money from dying children and is attempting to pay it back by selling shit on...
  2. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #34 I’m very very lucky I didn’t break my Pinocchio nose…🤡

    New thread geeewwwllllllsssss and boyssssss. Winning suggestion from @rocksolidcrew with a nod to @Debs22 who suggested “battered and bruised, she’s not amused”. I tried to combine the two but it was too long. Still slow going at this point but she’s slowly creeping back on to social media with...
  3. poola

    Sasha Fontain Thread #33 Eviction looming, skint and bereft, in the words of Ian Beale“I’ve got nothing left”😭

    Wowser, these threads seem to come to an end quicker than a shite bizniz venture by Trashbag herself ;) Thanks to @MissSaffy for the most voted for title suggestion :D Lets go Guyz and Geeeeeewlz (y)
  4. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #32 Liar liar pants on fire, bizniz is booming but sales are dire 🥴

    Joint effort for this thread. Thank you to @sheebz2212 for the original concept and GIF, @rocksolidcrew for nominating it as a thread title and @poola for adding the finishing touches 🤌. Awesome 😎. Let’s go!!!!!!
  5. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #31 If you want thrush on your bush, buy soap from the dope!

    Here were are folks. Thread 31. Who’d have thunk it? Still here and not going anywhere until she gets what she deserves!!!!!
  6. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #30 Broken toe or camel toe she's still a hoe!

    Congratulations and thank you @Mrs.Wummin for the winning thread title 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼 Let’s go gewwwwsss!!!
  7. poola

    Sasha Fontain #29 The Erection Destroyer starring in Hi Hoe, Hi Hoe, It's Back To The Flat We Go!

    Congratulations to @slosher7777 (nominated by @Mrs.Wummin) and @rocksolidcrew for the inspiration for the thread title. Thank you to all contributors for all other thread suggestions.
  8. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #28 Gonzo’s latest holiday less Turkish delight more a Turkish Fright

    Well done @gatekeeper who got the most likes for the thread title. It was a close call but you won by a nose (hahaha)!
  9. poola

    Sasha Fontain #27 The ho banged it's toe!! Steve but we don’t believe.

    The winning thread title was from @Lucylocket19 with 10 votes. Thanks to all others that submitted suggestions.
  10. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #26 Goodbye June, Hello July, still on the run and Tattle made her cry.

    Never feels right using my own thread suggestion but we needed a new thread and this was the only one I could find. I’m so sorry if I’ve missed anyones suggestions ❤️. As you were gewwwws 😎
  11. poola

    Sasha Fontain #25 From Caravan To Cop Shop - If You Know, You Know

    Thanks to @rocksolidcrew and @Lucylocket19 for the thread title And in place of a TLDR I present to you: 'Confessions From Clackerwick'
  12. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #24 Gonzo is advised Denial is not a river in Egypt

    Here we go gewwwwwws thread number 24. Thank you to @Salale for the title. TLDRs welcome 🤗
  13. poola

    Sasha Fontain #23 Roof packed her bag & said goodbye to the circus, off Gonzo went, stomp stomp stomp!

    Some excellent title suggestions this time, congratulations and thanks to @gatekeeper for the most 'liked' entry!
  14. poola

    Sasha Fontain #22 Dear Steph, cancel that lunch. Things have changed, Love Gonzo.

    With thanks to Mrs BBC for the thread title. And so it continues.......
  15. poola

    Sasha Fontain #21 Off to Benners looking old and fat. Cries from the locals saying "Whose horse is dat?"

    Thanks to @MissSaffy for the thread title suggestion.
  16. poola

    Sasha Fontain #20 Porsches, Lies and Alibis with Heathy it's Meee, Fattee SB

    Thanks to @Salale and @Mrs.Wummin for the thread title combo. Feel free to add a TLDR or maybe share a memory from the previous thread.
  17. poola

    Sasha Fontain #19 Who's sorry now?

    Feel free to add a TLDR or, as previously, a few words each to summarize a memory from the previous thread.
  18. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #18 Skanky pics and candle dicks. 12 days in bed and things on her head

    Well here we are gewwwws. Thread 18. Feel free to proved TLDR 😀
  19. poola

    Sasha Fontain #17 Getting Minted With Vinted Whilst Flashing the Gash For Cash - A Covid Sob Story

    Thanks to @rocksolidcrew and @Diamonddaisy for the title inspiration. If anyone would like to write a TLDR then please feel free 👍
  20. poola

    Sasha Fontain #16 Miss 'StealAllThe' Moneypenny, if Wish sold Bond villains.

    Thanks to nanashaz68 post on tt and lordloui22 's response for the title inspiration. If anyone wants to, feel free to post a TLDR.
  21. MissSaffy

    Sasha Fontain #15 Spouting hate on TikTok lives and sent into a frenzy Fact Freak’s deep dive

    Done in a hurry 😊. It’s been a hot minute since last thread so not much recap needed! Was meant to say sent into a frenzy BY Fact Freak’s deep dive!
  22. rocksolidcrew

    Sasha Fontain #14 Destination Jaywick

    Welcome back to another week of A day in the life of a lady.🥱 It’s been like a roundabout that no one wanted to get off when you were 8,🤢 or there abouts. We’ve seen Trasha getting angry at everyone, but herself. She’s done a great big disappearing act from Tiketytok after proclaiming for the...
  23. Salale

    Sasha Fontain #13 the wheels on the sasha bus go round and round

    #13 the wheels on the sasha bus go round and round Well..what a week its been in Sashas world! Following her return from Chewnisia its been a frenetic and eventful few days! It appears she has a hotline to the PoPo ..she's almost on first name terms with them so it seems ..they probably do...
  24. allaboutthebling

    Sasha Fontain #12 Tattle tattle it's all lies, please believe me I don't tell porkie pies.

    If any of you guys want to do one of your amazing catch ups please feel free xx You guys are by far the best at that x
  25. rocksolidcrew

    Sasha Fontain #11 Chewnisia to Foodbank, I do it from my heart

    TDLR Well, This has come round unexpectedly fast. Holiday has come and gone, next one has been booked and we’re rallying the geeewwwlss up to go, put it in your diaries now 29th April 2 weeks booked this time. Still awaiting to see a headcount for those interested… Although we know they’ll...
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